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1, Report #1375090
May 24 2017
10:03 AM
Blue line crate BLATANTLY STEALS MONEY Internet
 I bought some stickers from this company which came with a 14 day free trial. I tried for better than a week to contact them. On the 14th day I was charged $69.99 for a one year subscription. I called my bank to see what could be done. Nothing, I was told. Since I was not able to contact blue line crates and cancel my subscription the transaction went through. So now I have to get a new debit card to prevent any other charges from my bank account. These people know what they are doing and how to circumvent your attempts to cancel and not being able to contest the charge. Do not order anything from these people. I learned a $69.99 lesson.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1372414
May 10 2017
10:53 AM
Blue Line Crate Vision MarketingConfederate-SuperstoreHistorical Southern Flag Unauthorized charges related to a fraudulent Facebook marketing scheme Texas
Greetings: I was the victim of a predatory ordering scheme by a company called Blue Line Crate, also known by various other names. A few months ago, I clicked a link from Facebook to the company offering a free initial order with a subscription that could be canceled prior to any charges, which would occur 30 days later. I did order, and then I attempted to cancel. I found that the phone number on their website did not work, the manage subscription link also did not work, and there was no way to contact them that way. I did send a message through their Facebook link and told them to cancel my subscription. On 05/04/17, I received an email from Blue Line advising me my parcel was on its way, that I would be charged $19.97 and now providing a phone number. I did not order anything from them! The email directed contact via text message only to (936) 224-7006. I texted them and said I did not have a subscription with them and to cancel anything they have in my name. I received a text message reply that they have now canceled the subscription and asking me if I wished to receive the two additional crates that were owed to me? I told them no and asked if they would be processing a full refund or do I need to dispute the charges. There was no reply to this or follow-up messages and no one answers this phone when I attempt to call. I did some research and found four charges attributed to this company, which go by several names: 04/30/17 Vision Marketing Inter Spring TX $19.9703/31/17 Confederate-Superstore 888-799-3068 TX $19.9702/28/17 HistoricalSouthernFlag 888-799-3068 TX $19.9702/02/17 HistoricalSouthernFlag 888-799-3068 TX $19.97 I note that the charges for February, March and April are all using different names, which I believe is an attempt to escape fraud detection. An Internet check reveals fraud reports for these companies, some of which have already been tied together.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1410069
Nov 02 2017
01:23 PM
Blue Line Crate Took money, never delivered what I ordered, kept charging a monthly membership fee Texas
These people are a joke.  I ordered something in January, 2017 - and never received the item.  I had forgotten about it, and just realized that they not only charged me in January, but they kept charging me every month for a membership fee on top of that!  Crazy!
Entity: Spring, Texas
4, Report #1414453
Dec 01 2017
07:42 AM
Blue Line crate BADGE-BUYS.COM 888-7993068 TX CONFEDERATE-SUPERSTORE 888-799-3068 TX Vision Marketing Internat Spring TX GETYOURFREEFLAGCOM 888-799-3068 TX HISTORICALSOUTHERNFLAGS C 888-799-3068 TX SPL*BADGE-BUYS.COM Simple order of Thin Blue Line bumper stickers. Spring Texas
I ordered 10 thin blue line bumper stickers and actually recieved them. The month after I also got charged $19.97 from the same company for a subscription that I Never signed up for. I went to the website and UNSUBSCIBED from what I never subscribed to in the first place. The next month I got another charge from a differnt company from the same city in Texas for the exact same amount. The next month the same thing happened but it was a different company. They change the company name every month so as to still be able to charge people. I never use the credit card they had the info for so I never paid the bill, then this month i get hit with all these late fees from different companies in the same city in Texas for the same ammount. Almost $200 and all I have ever got from them was 5 small stickers. The phone numbers for none of these companies work, the websites don't work and there is no way to get ahold of them. They sell themselves on being veteran owned to sell things like blue lives matter and back the blue. Then rip people off. I want my money back, my late fees for my credit card paid back and I want this company SHUT DOWN.
Entity: Spring, Texas
5, Report #1405104
Oct 09 2017
09:21 AM
Blue line crate They charged my account. I have been calling and the d*** numers dont work. No one ever answers. I dont want there rip off service. No ever calls back . i dont want to continue to be charged. Conroe tx 519 todd st 77385 Internet
 They took money out of my account and i didnt want the membership. One time order. They dont answer the phone. Im pissed and a cop! I called my bank fir the adverse charges . no help. They need to be stopped.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1015133
Feb 15 2013
09:13 PM
Cash Crate Why Bother? Scottsdale, Internet
Cash Crate reviews are a good example of why this website is useless. This website is saturated with positive reviews of cash crate posted by the very company initiating the scam. Some of the reviews are actually cut and pasted from their very own website. This company IS a scam regardless of what reviews they post here themselves. Beware!
Entity: Scottsdale, Internet
7, Report #1192290
Dec 01 2014
12:59 PM
Gizmo Crate Gizmo Crate Takes Payment Doesn't Deliver Los Angeles, California Internet
Gizmo Crate charged my card twice, once in October 2014 for $39 and a second time in November 2914 for $39 for monthly subscription boxes that I never did receive. Gizmo Crate is a monthly subscription box that you pay a set amount of $39 per month to receive a box of gadgets. On October 8, 2014 I signed up with for their monthly box subscription. They charged my card the $39 cost for the October box. I received their e-mails on October 8th confirming payment along with a welcoming e-mail and a statement e-mail. I have NEVER received the October box I paid for. I sent numerous e-mails which have all been ignored as I have not received any response from them. I have called them numerous times at the number listed on the Terms of Use page on their web-site and every time receive a failure message along with a fast busy signal. I have mailed them a letter to the address listed on their web-site and have not received a response from them. In order to cancel your subscription so they do not charge your card again you must send an e-mail - however they are ignoring the e-mails and not responding. After they deducted the payment of $39 for the November box, I received the same set of e-mails from them that I had received after they deducted the October payment. When realizing this company is a fraud I decided to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I noticed there were many complaints filed against this company as well. A few days after filing the BBB complaint I received an automated e-mail from Gizmo Crate stating they were no longer in business and would be refunding all October and November payments in the order in which they were received. I feel strongly this is simply a stall tactic. This company is knowingly deducting money from customers payment information and committing fraud. They knew in October they had no intentions of sending the goods customers had paid for but still went ahead and deducted payment for November. Their web-site is still up and running and has no message or indication of any kind that they are no longer doing business therefore accepting new customers. When doing on-line research I found a customer who had used Twitter to contact Gizmo Crate to find out if there was a different telephone number as the same one I had been calling was not in working order. What struck me was this was clear back in March of 2014. I also found number of people who claim the items they received in past boxes were counterfeit and they have the proof to back this up.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1108661
Dec 20 2013
03:11 PM
Cash Crate Phishing Scam On-line Internet
Cash Crate advertises free money for filling out surveys. I never reached the 20 dollar earnings to get a paycheck. That's because all the surveys take 10 times longer than rated to finish.The surveys are always plugging you for more personal information. Phishing?If you want unsolicited sales calls on your phone, this is the place to sign-up.If you want unsolicited mail in your mailbox, sign-up.If you want viruses and trojans, most notable so far is scorpion saver, feel free to sign-up.I was stupid, and entered my real adress and phone number, because the supposed cash check is mailed to you, please don't give them any real information.In other words-Cash Crate is a SCAM!
Entity: Select State/Province
9, Report #423883
Feb 13 2009
03:38 PM
Blue Mountain ECards On-line greeting cards Internet
I ordered a 30 day trial and I wanted to cancel before the end. It was impossible on-line. I found their 800 number and could not ever get to a customer service rep and cancelled on line. The ending message was thank you for activating your account. I called back and could not get a live person and the ending message no matter what I did said you have entered into a contract that is nonrefundable. They charged my credit card and I had the charge reversed and placed a complaint with my credit card company. They suggested I document it on this web site and with the BBB. This company is the worst I've ever dealt with and even though I have used them in past years, I will never do so again. Shame on Blue Mountain and their management! Upset customer Seaside, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1147654
May 18 2014
07:06 AM
David Hutchings Thin Blue Line reviews Scumbag Imoral lying thief Scottsdale Arizona
Stay away from a company called the Thin Blue Line. The owner David  Hutchings is a lying piece of crap private investigator . Just a total dirt bag ex cop, makes you wonder why??  I would not trust this piece of garbage!!!  Save your money and find someone competent unlike DAVID HUTCHINGS..  you have been warned!!!
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1376594
Jun 01 2017
02:28 PM
Blue Line Safety Surveys Dishonest in their intent Sante fe Springs California
Blue Line Safety Survey arrived unannounced at our business stating they were here to inspect our fire system.  Our security staff would not allow them in and they protested that it was a necessary inspection.  Security again refused to allow them in and recorded their unmarked van's license plate CA 7V22782.  To try and get work through dishonesty, is egregious.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #461544
Jun 14 2009
05:26 AM
Blue Fakes Blue Fakes stole from me New York New York
Called the number listed on their website to order a Swiss made watch that was advertised on sale with 10% off. They said they could not accept a credit card temporarily but preferred to send the watch COD. When the watch came I gave them the required $495 Postal Money Order, but when I opened the package, there was no receipt for my purchase, there was no waranty information, there was no packaging for the watch, and the watch was not anything like what I ordered. They do not even offer the watch they sold me on their website. I have been calling them for days but they do not pick up the phone and they will not return my repeated urgent messages. It is obvious that this was a scam to get my money. The watch they sent me is a piece of crap. So much for the 100% customer satisfaction they report on their website!!!! Brandi Colleyville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
13, Report #537421
Dec 10 2009
04:58 PM
Blue Star Direct Took money without Authorization Internet
This company has debited my account repeatedly and it took three time of cancelling to get them to stop. They put my account in the negative over five hundred dollars. I have been fighting with them for months for my money back. When I asked how they received my information they stated that I gave it to them. I never did this. I never even heard of the company before they started taking money from me. Finally they agreed to give me my money back. Now they are saying they are unable to put it into my account because all the funds are being returned to them. Originally when I asked for a check they stated they were unable to so this because they started the refund electronically. Finally I spoke with a manager who was willing to send me a check. This check was supposedly sent six days ago. I still have yet to receive it. When I called about it they told me the manager was unable to be found and would call me back. Yet to receive this call...
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #537197
Dec 10 2009
11:06 AM
Blue Dog Ink Takes money without sending produc Internet
Our company has been doing business with Blue Dog Ink for about a year now and we have purchase thousands of dollars worth of ink and specialty papers.  We never had an issue, always received our goods on time.We made a purchase over the internet in early November for specialty inks and paper, an order of several hundred dollars.  We received a confirmation email and as far as we knew nothing was backordered.  Two weeks later we still had not received our product even though our credit card had already been charged.We started phoning at different times of the day, leaving messages and sending emails.  Twice we actually had a live person answer their phones, we think the same woman both times.  We were told our case had been escalated up the ladder and that someone would be contacting us the same day.  Two weeks after that we still had no product, no answer to our calls and emails and a bogus charge on our credit card.It has now been over a month since we made the initial purchase.  We have taken the matter into our own hands, but this is a warning to others that do business with Blue Dog.  Beware!  There have been several complaints about them over the past few months!
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #408397
Jan 05 2009
06:17 PM
I was paying for a computer from bluehippo since 2007 and they promised to me that once I paid off half of the purchase they were going to send me my computer along with free gifts. They have sent me two documents to sign and return and when I called about my product they claim they haven't received a document. I looked on the internet and then called them and asked again where is my products and they kept lying and telling me four to six weeks.In October on the 3rd of 2008 someone had commited a check fraud in my checking account. I had to close my account for a couple of weeks so I contacted Bluehippo about the situtation. I don't know who do such a thing when they were the only company electronically taken funds out of my checking accout so maybe they did it. But after I closed my account and reopened it they still had my account for in a non-billing status and for me to update it.I tried to update online and it denied so I called again. They told me I had a balance off $490.00 and when I looked on the computer it said I owe $504.38. And when I looked up my documents they had the same two documents for two separate signed documents I already returned. So when I called them about updating my new account information they told me that I have to write a letter and request to put in my new info to accept it. I did write them on October 15th,2008 and I waited three weeks and called, they claim they haven't received the letter also. After all of this I still didn't think any suspicious of this company I just thought they were short handed. I really was worried about it because I have already paid them 1,428.62 and haven't received anything and I wanted my computer.So I felt I'm not just going to let them take all my money and no product ever. I contact them again and they claim it's because they don't have my new account number. That's why I don't have my products so I requested numerous of times to speak to a mananger or a supervisors they told me too that have to be in writing. So I asked for a fax number and an employee named Hugo talked to me and gave me his employee ID number and told me to fax my new account info and he'll set me back up for withdraws out of my account. I talked to that employee on December 26th,2008 and he told me when I do that I will not be in a non-billing status and he will be able to give me a shipping date after he receives that it will take 24hrs. So the next date I called and they claimed that employee was off and they haven't received the fax with my new account info and it will take appro. two weeks until they get faxes. Today on January 4th, 2009 I was going to fax again and I looked to see if they updated or received it and bluehippo fraud icon popped up and I started reading the complaints and realized they are freuds and they ripped me off over thousand dollars and I want to sue them ASAP. On December 26th,2008 I looked on the computer Aquarius Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
16, Report #368090
Aug 29 2008
08:47 AM
Blue Dog Online Inc Ripping off the Elderly San Antonio Texas
I am filing this on behalf of my elderly parents. This charge has appeared on their phone bill for the past two months. They are both 80 years old and have no clue as to what this service is. They never ordered it and everytime they call they are told to leave a message and someone will call them back. Of course they never do. They need to get these charges off their phone bill as soon as possible. Kim xxxxxx Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
17, Report #302067
Jan 21 2008
12:25 PM
Blue Diamond Candle Has not paid their past due amount Henderson Nevada
Blue Diamond Candle owes me money and they are currently over 740 days past due. Be careful. anonymous Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
18, Report #983816
Dec 18 2012
12:09 PM
Blue Mountain E-Cards Deceptive Practices Internet
The free trial period will end with an automatic charge to credit card which it does not clearly state. I knew when I put in my credit card info that this was a scam but the reviews were good for the company so I made a bad decision. They do not tell you what the cost is anywhere on the site. I figured it would be like 10 dollars or something but it is $29.99! The cards are not high quality (there are random ads attached to them and most are pretty crappy designs) and when friends receive them, Blue Mountain gets their email and tries to get them to sign up for a Free Membership. So now I am stuck with a year subscription that I can't use because I feel guilty sending cards with advertisements that might cause my friends to get ripped off. Stay away from Blue Mountain E-Cards! Personally I am going back to regular cards in the mail, none of these services seem legit. 
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #1140835
Apr 22 2014
01:46 PM
Blue Mountain Cards auto chasrge your credit card even though you canceled Internet
  The free trial period is only supposed to be exactly that Free they do ask you for a credit card number however I only tried it for the first year I then called and requested cancelation but that did not happen.  Then this year l had another automatic charge to credit card even though I canceled last year. The servis is not anything special and when friends receive them, Blue Mountain gets their email and tries to get them to sign up for a Free Membership. I tried to call them to ask why they recarged my card and they said they had no record of my request to cancel yeah right. They also told me they send me a renewal notice via email that I have not record of.  Then when I tried to call the 888 254-1450 toll free number the only person they want to speak to is if you are reqesting a new subscription.  I spoke to Chris who after a bitter conversation he agreed to refund my card for $19.99 I will stay away from using a service who does not have customer service phone contact.  Stay away from Blue Mountain E-Cards!  
Entity: Internet
20, Report #362311
Aug 13 2008
05:11 AM
Crate Furniture Company vanished from web Petersburg Virginia
Last April I came across Crate Furniture on the web. I emailed and ordered 9 swatches which were sent to me promply, as I was looking to replace my This End Up furniture cushions. I called and ordered the cushions in May and was told they needed a check as their credit card machine was not working properly. They stated they would waive the shipping cost and that they needed the full amount since these were custom cushions I was ordering. It made sense to me. I waited for 8 weeks (they said it would take 4-6 weeks) before calling to inquire about my order. I left my information on their answering machine. I did not receive a call back so the next week I got online to get the number to call again, and this time, there no longer was a website for Crate Furniture! Upon investigation I came across this website and notice others, too, have been ripped off. Total sum I lost was $565! I do hope these individuals are caught and justice and restitution is made for all of us. Traci Steubenville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Petersburg, Virginia
21, Report #1176886
Sep 15 2014
11:50 AM
Cash Crate SCAM! Screwed me out of money Nationwide
Hi, So ive been with cashcrate since june/july. Ive done over 25 surverys, ads ext. I never recieved a check the next month due to none of my payments confirmed. When I emailed the company asking why nothing has been confimered I recieved an automated email reply stating that When a user completes an offer through our site, advertisers report the completion to us and we credit your account. In most cases offers confirm within a couple of hours, but sometimes they can take days or weeks. Sometimes an advertiser may report completions slowly, other times there may be unexpected delays. For example: communication issues may occasionally delay the notifications. We regularly review our crediting processes to make sure that we identify and address these issues in a timely manner.Please make sure you meet all of the requirements for the offers, and that you are fully completing each offer with correct, truthful and clear information. Each offer should take at least a few to several minutes each to complete and the requirements will be stated in the offer's description on our site. Also, an offer may not approve if you have already completed it previously on another site.For more information about pending offers and possible crediting issues, please visit this page: I waited. It is now September and only three of my offers have been confirmed. WHen I emailed again I recieved the same automated message. This site is complete BULLSHIT. Am I suppose to wait a year until I get a check for $20 fucking dollars? Ive been getting cold called by hundreds of people because of the ads I did on that site. It was a waste of time. All those people that claim they make all this money are liars and just people from the website pretending to reel people in. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. You will have to give out information for some ads and surveys which you shouldnt. 
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #574123
Feb 24 2010
05:37 AM
Blue Line Properties and Tiffany Boswell SCAMMERS TIFFANY BOSWELL AND BLUELINE PROPERTIES ARE EVIL! Denver, Colorado
Do NOT Rent from Tiffany Boswell and Blue Line Properties! They are SCAMMERS and ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY! They have RATS in their apartments and LEAKING EVERYTHING HORRIBLE SERVICE and THEY CHARGE TOO MUCH for NOTHING. Forget these people and if you see TIFFANY RUN THE OTHER WAY!
Entity: Denver, Colorado
23, Report #1368749
Apr 20 2017
01:20 PM
Blue Line Safety Surveys Scam Fire Inspection Santa Fe Springs California
A man from this company wandered into our industrial building from the back door and told a junior warehouse worker that he was there to inspect our fire system. After 10 minutes, he asked our employee to sign his report which turned out to be an invoice. Several days later we received a formal invoice by mail requesting payment of $303. This is a scam! Phone number lookup shows various other scams perpetrated in multiple states by this operator.  We did not pay and have received two emails requesting payment to their PO Box.
Entity: Santa Fe Springs, California
24, Report #1377730
Jun 07 2017
04:11 PM
Blue line Auto Group, Matt Keller, Kim Gifford Kept money from a 3rd party service contract refund Phoenix Arizona
The biggest issue I've had with this fraudulent company is their ability to hold funds on extended service contract refunds. $250 charge for my money which was refunded by Zurich. This company claims they do this for lawful reasons provided by their attorneys due to racial lawsuits. I had a phone conversation with Matt Keller the owner telling me he cannot give me my full refund because their policy is to charge $250 for warranty cancellations. I did not cancel, I sold my vehicle and no longer needed the warranty. The money is my money, prorated I get the refund as promised by Zurich. Zurich charged me a $20 processing fee (this is reasonable) and Blueline charged me $250. All because writing checks to customers is a huge headache.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
25, Report #471587
Jul 20 2009
12:58 PM
HassleFreeCell - Blue Center - - Blue Center Inc Merchants selling defective items through Amazon Brooklyn New York
My wife purchased a BlackBerry Curve 8310 Unlocked Quadband PDA Phone (Red) recently (April 9, 2009). This was purchased as a NEW item. When my wife tried to use the device one of the features of the blackberry and the reason she bought it, she found out that the pin was already in use. In the blackberry, the pin is hardcoded. Obviously, this was not a NEW device but a used one. I contacted the merchant and explained the problem and request either a credit or reund. I provided them with information they claim they need to contach Blackberry and after that never responded. I sent them several emails but they never responded. I tried getting Amazon involved but since I had not purchase a guarantee, they did not provide any support to file a claim against this merchant. Rafael Katy, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York

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