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1, Report #411700
Jan 13 2009
04:38 PM
Bluegreen Resorts Fast talkers Bloomington Minnesota
About 5 years ago I was swindled out of $10,000 into buying a timeshare through Bluegreen Resorts. Four and a half years ago I put it up for sale. I have never used it and can't afford to. They give you the song and dance that you can sell your week if you don't use it. Don't believe it. The maintenance fees and membership dues are so high I can't afford to keep paying them. They call to get you in for owner updates, which I've attended only because they have said they can help me sell it. Lies, they try selling you more points because the 6,000 points that I originally bought was apparently just a startup sale. I apparently can't sell my week because it's not enough points and if I want to use it there are only a few dates I can because I don't have enough points. Oh shock, not the dates that I'd want to go on vacation. I've called them and asked if I can just turn it back over to them. No on that. You'd think if they got it back with no cost that they could go screw someone else out of $10,000. A win, win for them. These people are good talkers. If it seems to good to be true, it's to good to be true. Run away from these people! Lynne Richfield, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Minnesota
2, Report #1100433
Nov 18 2013
07:26 PM
Bluegreen Resorts Still Waiting Branson Missouri
 I purchased a Bluegreen points timeshare a few years ago and found that it did not meet my needs, couldn't be sold, was misrepresented to me at sale and was extremely hard to book.  I had paid in full for the points at time of purchase and had kept up my dues until about a year ago.  After trying to cancel my contract by talking with Bluegreen I found that they would not budge an inch in letting me out even though I had paid in full.The maintanence fees were rising every year and health problems forced me to stop paying the maintanence fees.  I tried to sell the points thru a company that Bluegreen suggested only to be ignored by the company and insulted by Bluegreen by being turned over to a collection agency.I contacted the Attorney General in the state where I purchased the points and after several months of waiting received a letter from the Attorney General stating that Bluegreen was willing to release me from the contract.I wrote to the person and address that the attorney general gave me stating that I did want to cancel and so far have heard nothing from Bluegreen.  Still waiting after a couple of months.My recomendation is to steer clear of anything related to Bluegreen.  They have lied to me, misrepresented information, denied things that they told me during the sale, threatened me with collections and foreclosure and now are ignoring me even after stating to the attorney general that they would release me from my contract.There is a lot more detail to this drama but it is enough to say, if you see anything from Bluegreen you better grab the wife and kids and run for your life.  It's a money pit and it will drag you down.  Maybe you have thousands of dollars to play with but I don't and neither do most people that Bluegreen preys upon.  RUN!!! 
Entity: Branson, Missouri
3, Report #1376326
May 31 2017
11:18 AM
Bluegreen Resorts RIPOFF Orlando Fl Nationwide
We purchased Bluegreen Resorts and have been paying for 3 years on time and paid our maintenance fees as well. We have had a career change and it has put us at a point where we can not afford this any longer. We have reached out several times and asked them to buy it back or just relieve us of the obligation as it has turned into a financial burden now. They are very rude and tell us it is legally binding and we can not do anything. So I guess they would rather us to take bankruptcy and ruin our credit than to help us. We have paid over 12,000 dollars in the last three years and that does not include maintenance fees that are due yearly. I would not recommend that anyone buy from this company because you cant even sell it without permission from them and they have to do all the paperwork or it is not valid. BEWARE do not listen to them in the meeting as they suck you in and they own you for LIFE. Even if you pay them off you will have to pay dues for the rest of your life.   
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1040779
Apr 04 2013
05:20 PM
BlueGreen Corporation Bluegreen The Bluegreen Resort Scam , Internet
The Bluegreen Resort SCAM is a very well hidden scam behind the timeshare industry all around the United States. You purchase your Timeshare feeling you are investing on a great Resort and that your investment will grow in time; without knowing that the same resort promotes the resale of their Timeshares with a partner (who they says has nothing to do with Bluegreen) who is in charge of marketing the timeshares between the 5 or the 10% of their original value. I wouldn't be surprise that once unhappy owners sell their timeshare to walk away from the magnificent maintenance fees; Bluegreen re purchases the timeshares for new resale at original price. The ownership is divided between 120 individuals. Maintenance fees for that 1/120th of the timeshare range around the $850 per year. $850 X 120 = $102,000 for pool, garden and unit maintenance; so they say. How many units conform a Resort? Make your own numbers. The Bluegreen Coorporation assigns membership points bi-annually and removes unused points annually ... nice! Isn't? Want a time share? Do not buy at full price. Call Bluegreen Corporation, say that you want to resale your timeshare and get re-directed to their non partner timeshare seller who sells them at 1/10th of their original cost or less! Beware buying a Bluegreen Timeshare. They are the first not to support their Customers Investments and they will be quick to tie you down to a annual maintenance fee for life! ... designed to be pass on to your Children! Do not buy Bluegreen ... and run away as far as you can from this hungry corporation that wants nothing else than to suck your hard work effort!   
Entity: Internet, Internet
5, Report #1065434
Jul 08 2013
10:51 PM
bluegreen resorts BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY....PONZI SCHEME Internet tennessee
Do not buy from this company... 90 min turned into 4 hours of lies .. All the remedies of being a  ponzi scheme.... BEWARE OF THIS PRESENTATION....
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #1045918
Apr 24 2013
03:10 PM
BlueGreen Resorts Telephone scam - You are a WINNER!!! Internet
My husband and I attended a home show a couple of weeks ago, and purposely did not fill out any of the win a vacation forms from these timeshare dweebs. Well I got a phone call just now saying congratulations, you have won a fabulous cruise vacation and you are going to the Bahamas! I told her we purposely didn't fill out their form and she said well I have it right here! I told her we weren't interested and would she remove us from her list. She hung up.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #458136
Jun 03 2009
11:58 AM
BlueGreen ,BlueGreen Vacation Club ,Bluegreen Another Victim of BlueGreen Salesman Lies Boca Raton Florida
Yes, I am another of victim of BlueGreen salesmen lies. All the lies previously posted, were told to me, too. I want out. I also want the lying salesmen to have to suffer some type of punishment, even if it's just unending GUILT for the lies they have told. If there is a class action lawsuit, please let me know! Sorryiboughtbluegreen Bernice, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
8, Report #238930
Mar 14 2007
08:45 PM
Bluegreen Resorts Bluegreen resorts scam rip off you can get out Boca Raton Florida
My husband and I were ALMOST scammed by Bluegreen resorts. We paid 20.00 (refundable) after we listened to their PROMISED 90-minute presentation on the company (SCAM). However, my husband and I ended up there 5 and a half hours. Needless to say we signed up for their sampler plan after not being able to afford the highly priced 25,000 plan they offered first...then, 13,000 plan...that was over our budget the next plan was 5,000 which was still too high...then them FINALLY offering us the sampler plan that was 1,000 more inour price range. We sat down to sign the paperwork that basically finalized this scam. The woman explained the details that were completely (omited) from the conversation with the sales rep. We quickly found out when speaking with this woman who was finalizing our plan that this one-year plan (sampler) was ACTUALLY only active for 10 months because you cannot book vacations for the first 40-60 days because it takes that long to get you in the system. Then we find out all holidays and June, July & August are out as well. People on the sampler plan cannot book during these dates. So in all reality there is only a small limited time (if any) that we would be able to use these points. The topping on the cake of this story was while going through these MAJOR details left out by the sales rep. my husband asks to talk to the sales manager. The manager tells him he can help us during those times we want to go in August. He then looks over the divider and makes sure no one else is in the room and says I'm not suppose to do this but here is my cell phone number. Call me in 3 days and we will work out the details on dates etc. Well...we left signing up for this plan. As soon as we got out of there we instantly called and told Bluegreen we changed our mind. We looked over the paperwork and saw that we had EXACTLY 3 days to write a letter to the headquarters in Florida to CANCEL THE CONTRACT. The interesting thing here is that the manager said to wait 3 days so convienently so that it would be TOO LATE to cancel. I'm glad we read the fine print and took action. Today, 2 weeks later Bluegreen credited our account the money they took 2 weeks ago. I hope this helps you if you read this in time. Paul & Heather Upset Customer NahU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
9, Report #324663
Apr 08 2008
05:49 PM
Bluegreen Resorts Rude and unprofessional Boca Raton Florida
My experience with Bluegreen Resorts can best be told by the letter I sent to the CEO after I had an appointment to view one of their resorts. Here are a few excerpts from it. My appointment was at 12:45PM... I arrived at 12:35 and completed the paperwork, got something to eat and drink, and sat down at the table... At about 1:15, a few associates came into the room and sat with other guests. I went to the check-in desk and explained that I had been scheduled at 12:45 and had been waiting for quite a while. I told her, in a calm voice, that as a businessman I judged others by their honesty and service and that I was not pleased by the service I had been getting. The receptionist brought a man to the desk, which I later identified as Mr. Steve Phelps, and I started to tell him what my problem was. He told me, Hush. When I tried to talk, he said I was creating a scene and that if I didn't sit down and be quiet, he would make me leave. I asked if I could tell him what my problem was and he replied, I don't have time to talk to you. I am the sales manager here and I am too busy. I asked him if he could tell me who his supervisor was, and he said he didn't have one because he was the boss of the whole place. I told more about my unpleasant experience and explained that the service I got did not coincide with what the corporation published on their web site. I also said that I did not desire or expect any additional compensation for what happened, but hoped that something would be done concerning Mr. Phelps' unwarranted and unprofessional actions. I sent copies of the letter to the President of Bluegreen Resorts, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and the Chief Human Resources Officer. The letter was sent a month ago and I have not heard anything back. The best thing about the experience is that the actions of the Sales Manager kept me from investing in the resort, although I had plenty of money to do that. After reading the other reprots on Bluegreen on this web site, I am glad I decided to have nothing to do with them. After all this happened my fiance, who is a management consultant, reported to me that she had a previous encounter with Bluegreen and noted that they were sadly in need of managment training. Obviously their unprofessionalism and indifference go all the way to the top. John Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
10, Report #1066409
Jul 12 2013
07:54 AM
Bluegreen Resorts Deceptive Liers Sevierville Tennessee
 After being ripped off by this company for the past 6 years I would like to know if anyone knows how to start a class action suit against these den of thieves. We have only been able to book a room one time over the last 6 years. Every time we try and book, they tell us nothings available. I'm also tired of hearing that we are lazy because we will not recommend new people to their resorts, which would take care of our monthly dues. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy! All they have done to us is lie. They need to be stopped and soon before anyone else has to go through what my husband and I have been through.
Entity: Sevierville, Tennessee
11, Report #1089648
Oct 05 2013
06:45 AM
Bluegreen resorts Do not buy Sevierville Tennessee
Do not buy into this program. If you do not have at least 11,000 points you cannot use RCI. You will not be able to get it financed through another bank. If you book a vacation 11 months out you cannot use bonus time. Bonus time is useless because everything is booked. Ask to see the point value for the entire week that is how many points you will need. RCI is useless because you can never get in. After maintenance fees club dues travelers plus you are better off just getting a hotel. If you buy into the program you have 10 days to bring it back you have to send a letter in writing to the main office in Florida Tennessee law you have 10 days to return it back. The financing is 17% do the math. Who really stays in their hotel room the entire time they are on vacation. Laurel crest Is their resort in pigeon Forge is an absolute dump. Roaches mildew in the bathtub's springs coming through the mattress it is a dump. They tell you you have to buy today but you can come back through the whole thing in 15 months blue-green is nothing but liars. The Better Business Bureau will warn you about this company.
Entity: Sevierville , Tennessee
12, Report #217066
Oct 22 2006
09:00 AM
Bluegreen ripoff Timeshare HELL!!! Orlando Florida
This was my first experience with a timeshare sales pitch, and boy was I surprised at the sleaziness of the whole thing. I was contacted about a year ago, after entering to win a free vacation to Orlando. They said that I hadn't won the grand prize, but had still won a free vacation, all I had to do was pay a $400 processing fee. I kept telling them I wasn't interested, but they kept insisting that it was a good deal, that I'd get 2 tickets to Universal Studios, along with 3 nights stay at a resort hotel, and an additional 2 nights in Cocoa Beach. Well, I became worn down by this telemarketer, and signed up figuring it's not the worst deal in the world. Well, they sent the package and we made arrangements to visit Florida in October. The first sucky thing about the deal is you have to go to this travel bureau to get a voucher for your hotel before you can check in. We did that, and get to the hotel and realize it's a crap hole (Barcelo Orlando). I looked online and we could have got the room at their retail rate of $59 a night. It was supposed to have a heated pool, but it was ice cold. You couldn't use the hot tub because there was so much crap floating in it. I don't understand why they are trying to sell a timeshare at a nice resort, but put you up in a craphole. Why not just let you stay at the resort so you can see what it's like??? Anyway, we couldn't get the Universal Studios tickets until we went to the 90 minute sales presentation, which ended up taking over 3 hours of our time. Now keep in mind that we couldn't get the tickets the first day, and the second day we are at the sales presentation till almost 2PM, and the fourth day we had to checkout and drive to Cocoa Beach. So really we only had one full day to spend at Universal Studios. But back to the sales pitch. Our realtor was a guy that seemed really nice, he kept saying no matter what we decided, he's still be our friend. He also stated he'd worked for Bluegreen for several years. So, he tells us how great timeshare ownership is, how much cheaper it is than renting a hotel room, etc..... He was throwing out perks of ownership left and right, but not giving an ounce of detail. I kept asking what it costs, kept getting the answer it depends on when you stay, length of stay, type of room, etc... Never got an answer on price until very end. The resort was nice, because it was brand new. So, we finally get to the price issue. Everything is in points, so you buy a certain number, and get an amount of nights based on demand. In other words, the more demand for a certain room on a certain night, the less number of nights you can stay there for the same amount of points. He tried selling us 12,000 points for around $30k, payable in monthly insallments of over $600, and a down payment of around $2,500. And I kept asking how many nights I'd get for 12,000 points, kept getting the reply it depends, but should be able to get a week. $600 a month for a week of nights???? WTF! And that doesn't include the maintence fees which run up to $800 a year! So the total cost for a week at this resort is over $8,000! I basically told him he was crazy and was ready to walk, but he brings over his boss, who offers us 4,000 points for around $8,000 and $800 down. Which translates to $129 a month, and $400 for the mainteneance fees. I said to the boss, what would that get me at this resort, this week, for a 2 bdrm. He said around 3 nights!!!! Wow, $1,800 a year for a total of 3 nights, sign me up!!!!! Do they really think people are that stupid?? But I was polite and said no thanks. Then the sales pitch racheted up. The boss says we can use the first year to pay the down payment in installments, and still stay there the first year, and after that year start paying the regular payments. I thought it was funny that our sales guy acted all surprised, and said he didn't know such a program existed. Yeah, sure. You worked there for several years and never offered this to anyone else, gee we must be really special! At this point I was getting angry, because I knew he was lying, so I told him under no circumstances were we buying anything from him today, they could give us the info in writing and I'd look it over and call him if we were interested. No go, today only. When we walk out the door the offer goes away. At this point I then informed him we wouldn't be doing business with him today, no matter what deal they came up with, so they either give us the offer and let us think about it, or we were leaving. It was at this point that our sales guy turned nasty. At least he let us leave, but not before making me feel about 3 feet tall. I know one thing, I felt like I had escaped a prison after we walked out the door, and the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I will never trust another timeshare deal, no matter how honest it is. I don't know how these salespeople can sleep at night. If they'd just be honest, give us the best deal upfront, tell us honestly what we were getting, put it in writing and explain everything, show us the resort, and tell us to go home and think it over, I may actually be interested in buying a timeshare, but I get the feeling that no timeshare company does this. Jeff Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Novi, Michigan
13, Report #1118370
Jan 25 2014
09:37 AM
Bluegreen Resorts Bluegreen Resorts Winner Phone Scam Asking for Deposit and Credit Card Info Orlando Florida
I filled out a raffle at a movie theater and a few weeks later got a call about being a winner of a 4 day 3 night stay at any of the Bluegreen Resorts and a 4 day 3 night stay on a cruise ship. It all sounded legit at first and was exciting until the very end when this so called Sharon Miller said that all she needed was a refundable deposit of $99 for my husband and $99 for me , so she would need my bank information or credit card information. I have heard of scams like this before and I knew that if it was a raffle that I won, why would I have to pay anything for it. I knew that it was a scam and all they wanted was my personal information so they could scam me, but I am no fool and told her to take her scam somewhere else because it was not going to work here. Please be careful and NEVER give out your personal information to anyone over the phone. Also, if you won a prize, they will NOT ask for your personal bank information or for money for deposits if it is legit.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
14, Report #1359724
Mar 04 2017
11:20 AM
BlueGreen Resorts BlueGreen Resorts scam on free week stay and dining card won Nationwide
 I want to warn everyone about going to a presentation of BlueGreen Resorts after being called that you won a free week stay, and all you have to do is check them out. I entered a contest in a mall to win a free car. I got a call about 1 month later that I didn't win the car, but I won a free week stay in the condo of my choice put on by BlueGreen Resorts.  All my husband and I had to do was go to a presentation. We had done one before with a different company, and I told my husband we can endure anything for a free week. We were also promised a $100 dining card for having to drive about 1 hour one way to go to the presentation in Williamsburg, VA.Before we went last Saturday, I was emailed the certificates showing the free dining card and free week stay. However, on the free week stay, it said CRV Resorts, NOT BlueGreen Resorts. I immediately called BlueGreen and asked a rep who CRV was, and they said it was a different company completely. I then called the rep who first talked to me about my free week and asked her POINT BLANK why it said CRV. That we DID NOT want to try a stay anywhere else EXCEPT BlueGreen.The rep promised me that we would be able to choose from every BlueGreen resort, but that if we were dead-set on going a certain week, and the resort we wanted was booked, they had a relationship with another company and they would find us somewhere else to stay. That is THE ONLY reason we kept our appointment.We went to the presentation, and we told the sales rep that we vacationed in Florida each year, and we would not make any decisions until we stayed in an actual BlueGreen resort in Florida. Our decision would be based on that alone. We went to check out after declining to buy on the spot, and we got our certificate for the free week, with a list of cities to choose from, and they were different than what I had seen online for BlueGreen Resorts. I asked the sales rep, and she said since we did not buy a timeshare today, our free week would not be at a BlueGreen resort. I told her that was not what I was told before we came there, and she said sorry. Sorry?Not only that, you can't even SEE what lame condos are available until you register the certificate, and that cost $100 non-refundable deposit just to see them! I could not believe it. It is a complete SCAM. But we were flat-out lied to when we asked SPECIFICALLY about this before we went.Not only that, but the dining card is not a dining card at all. It is like a groupon, and the restaurants to choose from are horrible. For example, you can save $10 at a restaurant if you spend $30 there. The entire thing was a scam.I reached out to the rep and said we were lied to, and she said she gave the info to her supervisor. Nothing else happened. If we were even remotely interested, we definitely will NEVER buy from BlueGreen and will warn everyone we know about them.    
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #862337
Apr 01 2012
05:43 PM
Bluegreen Corp Bluegreen Resorts Why does Bass Pro allow Bluegreen Employees to harrass their customers? Memphis, Tennessee
I was in my local Bass Pro yesterday. A woman approached me about giveaways to VIP customers. I found this strange because I have never been in a Bass Pro Shop before.Next she tried to obtain my personal and credit card information. I refused to give her my credit card info and she got very pushy. I walked out of the store without getting the gift that I had come in to buy. Why does Bass Pro allow this?I came home and googled this company to find that it is bait and switch scam. Will be going to (((competitor's name redacted))) from now on.sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name   
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
16, Report #233255
Jan 29 2007
08:09 AM
Bluegreen, Bluegreen Vacations/Bluegreen Resorts Misrepresentated/Lied About Product Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Boca Raton Tennessee
I am so glad that Jean read the reports on Bluegreen and decided to cancel her membership. It's great to know that it saved at least one family a lot of disappointment and prevented them from being ripped off the way the rest of us who purchased from Bluegreen have been. I only wish I had looked before I stepped off that ledge and fell into this mess!! I hope Jean tells everyone she knows to check out the website before they even think about visiting one of Bluegreen's presentation sites. Thanks, Jean, for posting your experience for others to see!! Nancy Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
17, Report #307144
Feb 07 2008
06:27 PM
Bluegreen Corporation Bluegreen is a ripoff Boca Raton Florida
Please don't buy into Bluegreen. You WILL regret it. We have been members for a couple of years and literally cannot use it. When we try to book there is always some reason we can't (can only book 11 mos. out, no vacancies,not enought points,wrong kind of points,can only used saved points during a certain time at certain resorts)this is the biggest scam around. Please don't fall into their trap and buy. We pay on time each month plus our fees each year and cannot use it. then they call and ask us to come listen to them so they can try and sell us more points. I have had it with them but my credit is important. i have tried to sell thru Pinnacle but they are owned by Bluegreen and don't care if it sells or not. they just keep telling me to lower my price and it will sell faster. i have lowered it twice in 2 years and still nothing. If anyone knows a way out of the contract with your credit intact, please, please let me know. I have consulted an attorney and was told the contract is pretty air tight. They do that for a reason. So you are stuck and have to pay for it and not use it. Let me just say this. It is NOT illegal to record your conversations with them. Use that as you will. I am going to. Dewayne Gosport, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
18, Report #214505
Oct 06 2006
10:12 PM
Bluegreen RIPP OFF GURUS BLUEGREEN Pigeon Forge & Tennessee
Dear God, Thank you Gary for stepping up to the plate. I am also a victum of Bluegreen's tactics. Several years ago on a vacation to the smokies my husband and I stopped at a gas station in Pigeon Forge and were approached by a man doing his thing to get us to go to a presentation at Bluegreen. We, like you, got taken for the perverbial ride and put up 1050.00 to buy a timeshare. We were not told about all the LITTLE EXTRAS included in our timeshare, ie maintenance,club dues, etc. When we got hit with all the things, obviously we couldn't pay for them(not in our budget). So finally I just let it go and got stuck with a bad credit report. Like you also we played hell trying to get any place to go. So I just gave up. A big thanks for coming forward. I am now among the many who have been Ripped off. We now live here and everytime I talk to someone considering buying a timeshare I send out warning flags and tell them to watch for the LITTLE EXTRAS they don't tell you about. I also suggest to them they find other satisfied customers(if they can) and ask them about their experiences. I hope anyone who is thinking about timeshares reads our letters and thinks twice before they get into a situation like we did. Again thanks Gsry Claudia Sevierville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
19, Report #208784
Aug 31 2006
06:27 AM
BlueGreen Resorts - Resorts Title ripoff Boca Raton Florida
Have a question concerning a timeshare. I purchased a timeshare in 2003 from Blue green Resorts in July 2005 I upgraded and bought more points. Yesterday I received a packet from them with the recorded warranty deed copy of the mortgage the original unsigned copy of the Hud settlement statement dated July 11 2005 and a letter asking me to sign the Hud settlement statement and send it back. I was unaware of the settlement statement and was not told of it at the closing and seen it until now. I called the number on the letter they basically told me they violated federal laws by doing this but they were not going to do anything about it and would not discuss it. Is there anything I can legally do about this. David Dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
20, Report #384930
Oct 26 2008
08:50 AM
Bluegreen Resorts vacations timeshares Attorney General In PA Filed Suit Against Bluegreen Hershey Pennsylvania
The Attorney General in PA has filed suit against this company for violating numerous consumer protection laws. Go to the following website and let your voice be heard, tell your story TODAY. Robin ann New Castle, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hershey, Pennsylvania
21, Report #1325462
Aug 30 2016
01:16 PM
Bluegreen Resorts Bluegreen Resort Unethical & Unsavory Business Practices Williamsburg Virginia
My sister and I Purchased a points based vacation ownership on August 19, 2016 in Williamsburg, VA. Was told we were buying 20000 points per year.  Told we could use any Choice hotel for $89 to $209 per night, Told we needed to attend an orientation session to be instructed how to use what we purchased and all our questions would be answered. What a lie about the help to use what we thought we bought. They said the return trip would be on them. However, we find that when we attempted to schedule the orientation to return to Williamsburg, VA, we had to pay $49. We were also told that we would have a 2 bedroom suite; however when inquiring at time of reservation we were told we had to pay $149 to upgrade.   Also we were then told that our points would be allotted to us on Sept 1st of every year and that we could roll them over for a fixed price of $35.  What a load of crock. The salespeople in Williamsburg had no intention to even trying to answer any question or inform us of such things as the cancellation policy, they just rushed us out the door and into closing. We were there for over 8 hours would no food and nothing but a bagel and muffin to eat. We were not informed about the cancellation policy nor was it explained in the closing.When we called after speaking with the salespeople to cancel they said we couldn't and we adamantly told them that's a lie. Then they relented and gave us a number to call because they said all cancellations had to be done in writing. The number they gave us was not operable. We then googled the address and spoke with a marketing manager who was very rude and disrespectful; he too gave us the runaround. These unethical business practices that they used are all for the purpose of making sure new owners do not have the option to cancel. These tactics lasted all week long each time we called we got the runaround. When we finally spoke to someone that we assumed could assist us; 6 days later, she told us that all cancellations had to be done in writing and gave us a fax number to fax the cancellation letter. We followed the instructions to the letter; however the corporate office told us today that that we could not cancel because we were out of the cancellation period. This is absurd. We were never informed of the actual policy prior to signing. This is unethical and unfair business practices. Consumers should be informed of the cancellation policy prior to signing the contract. The corporate office told us that it is in the contract along with instructions on how to cancel. However, the policy should also be verbally stated to make potential owners aware. But Bluegreen unethical tactics is to be silent about this important information as it is to their benefit to prevent cancellations. We are at our wits end as this is not fair practices as we did exactly as we were informed to do yet the state that we are still bound to the contract. Please do not purchase any ownership contract from Bluegreen Vacations they are rip-offs and the corporate office is fully aware of the unethical business practices used by their marketing and sales team to rob unsuspected citizens of their hard earned money and or pension. I could give you several more lies they told us at both locations, but you get the point.
Entity: Williamsburg, Virginia
22, Report #273455
Sep 09 2007
11:24 AM
Bluegreen Resorts Vacation Getaway - Sampler Program Ripoff Boca Raton Florida
I asked my girlfriend to marry me on January 16, 2007. We had heard about our local Bass Pro Shop selling good deals on vacation packages so we went down there to inquire about one for our honeymoon. Upon arrival we were told of all the nice destination we could travel to. Orlando being somewhere we both wanted to see, we bought a 4 day / 3 night travel package for $59.00. WOW, what a deal. After signing us up and taking our my credit card, the lady THEN told us that we it was an offer through Bluegreen Vacations and we would have to attend a 90 minute preview of their resort. I thought this might be tacky for a honeymoon, but we decided that for the GOOD deal we received we could endure a 90 minute presentation. The lady assured us there WOULD be no pressure to buy, and that in addition, we receive two tickets to the Arabian Nights.. perfect, even better deal. To sweeten the deal, someone called later to confirm our travel dates, August 26 - 29, and offered us a rental car for the trip for only $105. This deal really seemed good to us. We were told that we would check in at the Tourist Center and be given vouchers to our hotel. The hotel was to be the Hampton Inn, which is usually nice so we were impressed. Upon arriving at the tourist center, the lady told how to get to the Fountains resort. I asked how to get to our motel and she explained we would be staying at the resort itself. Ok, cool! We got to the resort and it was BEAUTIFUL, I mean really amazing. We were in a 2 bedroom Villa with a fully furnished kitchen, living room, patio, and the best yet - A jacuzzi in our bedroom (not bathroom). This was too good to be true. We were scheduled for our 90 minute presentation at 7 am Monday morning. We arrived on time and the sales person name was Chris, she was an attractive Brazilian lady who was very well dressed and loved to chat. The presentation lasted 5 and a half HOURS! She talked about everything from her family to her jobs, to her own membership in Bluegreen. She made us look at her vacation photos of her and her family at all these resorts. Our actual tour did not last long, as we had already seen the place, since we were staying there, which her and her boss seemed confused over and is obviously not standard practice for a preview guest to be in the resort. We felt pampered by the resort and all its amenities. They were in the process of building their OWN waterpark there. It was amazing. Anyway, when she finally got to the point, I could not believe my ears! The prices for these memberships were astonishing. We travel ONE week a year, and usually at a cost of about $1000 - 3000, so the deal didn't seem right for us, which she acknowledged, and offered us something smaller, I declined. Her boss came over and told her to offer us this NEW, UNHEARD of deal - a sampler program. Well that was lie, it is ofered to EVERYONE who declines. The sampler was $895 and all I had to do was put $150 down and pay $100 a month to use the points within the next year. Seemed fair at the time. Then the boss began pressuring us when we wanted to think about it. He and the sales girl kept pushing this paper in front of us that had a disclaimer at he bottom for us to sign stating something like I realize all offers made to me as part of this travel package were an offer to sell me a membership, and if choose not to buy all offers will be rescinded. I thought they were gonna ask us to sign it, but they kept putting that part of those papers right in front of me and then theyd write stuff on it, as if it was only scratch paper, but believe me, they wanted me to see and read that little part. They then began to talk like we would be forced to leave the resort if we did not make a purchase. I wanted to get on with my honeymoon and get to Cocoa Beach, so I gave them 150 and then had a sinking feeling. My wife thought we had gotten a good deal until we read the program: What we were not told, and was not in our contract was that we could ONLY use them in Sept - May and not on holidays. GREAT! Totally useless to me since i get 1 week vacation a year in June through August. So I left there feeling bitter and disappointed about the whole experience, but we enjoyed the rest of our time and LOVED the resort. If we colud travel all the time it would seem that we would love a membership in Bluegreen. My main complaint is the way they get you in this deal and make u feel trapped. If we had not stayed at the resort, I would not have felt threatened. I sent in a written notice to cancel within the prescribed 10 day period (registered and certified for proof) so I anxiously await what will happen. If they send my refund as promised with no hassle, I guess I will have nothing against them, except they know people are there only for the freebies and should not try to trap them. Everywhere you go in Orlando, every corner, every attraction, even every gas station offers free or discounted tickets through all these resorts out there. One guy offered me $100 cash to tour another resort. Brad in louisiana Bossier City, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
23, Report #678897
Jan 05 2011
09:12 AM
BLUEGREEN CORPORATION BLUEGREEN RESORTS deceptive practices Boca Raton, Florida
Bluegreen Corporation used deceptive practices to get our business.They made verbal promises to us that they did not honor.They do not disclose costs that would be expected of us or thethe steady rising costs of costs/fees. They are one of the most non reputuable compaines I have ever come in contact with.They made many promises they did not keep and told many untruths. We made complaints about the company to the BBB with no responses from the company. If a class action lawsuit is filed count us in. We live in South Carolina. Contact us please.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
24, Report #915756
Jul 22 2012
02:09 PM
Bluegreen- resorts They only want your money~~don't care about the customer!Internet
These people are a rip off...they only want you to take a loan out and give them money...they do not care how you are treated or how your stay is, they only care about your money! They lied to me and my husband about the resort we were staying in, the date we would attend the timeshare (which ended up on our anniversary and upset us cause they lied about it) and our resort was a long way from the beach and we were told it was 2 blocks away! When we went to the timeshare (which is only supposed to last 90 to 120 minutes) we had to spend almost 4 hours of our anniversary listening to them try to sell us prepaid vacations and want us to go in debt thousands of dollars. They avoid any of your concerns and only refer back to their GREAT DEAL! Just want others to beware and know that what we paid for our resort...we actually got our own place right at the beach very cheap....pray you read all their reviews and they don't ruin your vacation!
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #932986
Aug 27 2012
06:27 AM
BlueGreen Resorts BassPro Partner Just Stay Away St. Augustine, Florida
Early this year we were shopping at BassPro in Orlando, Florida. A Timeshare Salesman approched us and gave his presentation on  a Resort program in which we assumed this was a BassPro program (NOT), this was a BlueGreen Resort program but they only tell you this if you ask. So we signed up, filled out all the paperwork, gave them plenty of ID, paid them $149.00 to visit St. Augustine.  We would get $100.00 in BassPro gift cards, in which we got a $25.00 gift card to spend that day at BassPro, for visiting the Resort and going thru their presentation, we thought was a good deal for 3day, 2 night stay. A long story longer, we did all the reservations, setting up our visit in June. We showed up at the Resort in St. Augustine to check in after driving over 200 miles and spending the day in St. Augistine. When we went to check in and they wanted my Driver's License, I went to give it to them and had left it at home. Welllllll guess what, they would not let us check in even though they had all of my information, my Wife had her Driver's License, we called BassPro from the BlueGreen Desk (NO HELP), they turned us away, over 200 miles from home, late in the afternoon, my Granddaughter with us and no place to stay. Not a  pretty picture but we got thru it. I contacted BlueGreen, BassPro since then and GUESS WHAT, no response from either one. Luckly I paid with my American Express! I filed a complaint with them and got a credit for the $149.00 less the $25.00 gift card. To this day, no response from BassPro or BlueGreen, STAY AWAY!!! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND COST ME PLENTY TO SPEND THE WEEKEND IN ST. AUGUSTINE, LOOKING FOR A ROOM A 5PM ON SATURDAY, WELL YOU CAN IMAGINE. Now the reason they turned us away, If they sold us a Timeshare they could not complete the transacton! This was suppose to be a no-pressure program, it shows you otherwise! I have bought property over a fax, never showed my Driver's license! 
Entity: St. Augustine, Florida

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