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26, Report #238600
Mar 08 2007
07:42 PM
BlueGreen Resorts ripoff Never agree to tour in Gatlinburg Gatlinburg Tennessee
Recently, my wife and I decided that we needed a mini-vacation to get away from the stress that was going on with us at work. So, we decided to go to Gatlinburg for a couple of days. On our first full day there, we decided that we needed to stay an extra day so that we could take in the aquarium there in Gatlinburg, the only problem was, that the tickets were on more expensive side and you could not find coupons. After eating a meal at the Golden Corral over in Pigeon Forge, we were searching through the kiosks of attraction information when we were approached by two individuals asking what we were searching for. when we told them we were looking for discount coupons for the aqaurium, they told us that they didn't exist, but asked how we would like free tickets and a free $25 Visa gift card for simply taking a 90 minute tour of a hotel. Not knowing what we were in for, we agreed. I mean with the ticket cost and the card, what would 90 minutes really mean. We answered a few of their questions and then they asked us for a $20 deposit. This is where we should have known that something was wrong. After giving them their deposit, they asked for our contact number and gave us a number to call for directions if we needed them. The next morning, we went to the resort there in Gatlinburg and was quite overwhelmed with the beauty of the surrounding area and the reception area. We presented our invitation and filled out some general information. Soon, we met Jim, who offered us some refreshments and led us back to a miniature meeting hall with about 20 tables set up. Jim started with the usual small talk about where we were from, what we did for living, that sort of stuff and told us that at the end of the presentation, all we would need to do was give a yes or no answer without any details. He explained to us that he was new to this and to forgive him if he needed to contact his supervisor. soon after this, he had to call his supervisor Tim over to authorize something and then he continued with his schpille. Finally, he took us on the tour. My wife and I thought it was wonderful and was considering investing. But, over the next year or so, we have some major descisions (ie, moving and buying another house, childrend, etc.) and we couldn't take on this financial responsibilities ourselves at this time. We actually wanted to get with some of our family about splitting it up. At first they said that this was OK, but when we mentioned calling them, then it was a terrible idea. At that point, we said that our answer was going to be no. Then Jim asked that dreaded question. Why? We both looked at him with a questioning look. Why can't you do this? So I proceeded to explain to him the exact same reasons. He had to call his supervisor Tim over again. Tim asked us how we could handle half the original payment, which we said no to again. He also asked why. My statement was that before I made any financial agreements, I had people that I needed to talk to first. He wanted to know who, in a very interested tone. When I told him my banker, he wanted to know why since they were going to finance it. I flat-out told him NO this time. He asked what the gifts were that we were supposed to recieve and we stated that we were promised tickets to Ripleys! aquarium and a $25 Visa gift card, in addition to our deposit back. A few minutes later, Tim came back over and said that they were out of the gift cards and the tickets, but they could offer us a box of markers, a Bass Pro shop fishing lure and somethings else (I can't remember what else becuase I was already upset). He finally said that he was joking that our gifts were available at the desk. Jim, who had been one of the nicest guys that we had met then bacame Satan himself. He looked at us and stated that all that they asked for was for us to have an open mind, and that we knew what our answer was going to be from the moment we got there and he slammed his pen down on the table. The pen, then bounced over and hit my wife and he never did apologize. Overall, we now know what to expect from BlueGreen. Will we ever invest with them? NO! At least not after this little stunt. Brian Ezel, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
27, Report #266410
Aug 09 2007
02:05 PM
Bluegreen Resorts mis-marketed ripoff Myrtle Beach South Carolina
While taking a long-weekend in Harrisburg, PA with my fiancee, we stopped in at the Bass Pro Shop at the Harrisburg Mall. There was a stand there selling these vacation stays, and the guy told us it was 2 nights at a hotel in a certain amount of cities for $49. I looked at her and thought that we were about to go on a road-trip and stop through Myrtle Beach; it was a city available in the package. All they told us was that we pay $49, and get 2 nights at a hotel, and that we would have to during that time, attend a 90-120 presentation. We thought oh, no problem. We showed up a day early, and got a decent room for $103 oceanfront, and the next day we had to checkout, and go to the Myrtle Beach Visitor's Center, which is really just a Bluegreen office. The lady told us where our room was, and then tried to sell us tickets to all these crappy events in Myrtle Beach saying that we'd like it, and was pushy enough to try to go through with it before we even said no. She said our room and hotel was very nice. We showed up there, and it was a dump. Very dissappointed, there was even another couple at the front desk who had gotten into the same situation, and cancelled everything even though they'd have to pay the full price for not going to this presentation. I wish we had done that. The room sucked. We were supposed to go to this meeting place at 9am the next morning, 30 minutes away, we rescheduled for noon. We got there at 11:45, didn't even get called into this room until 12:20, people were already pissed. She said it didn't matter since the time didn't start until when she was ready (already rude). So, her presentation lasted a little over 90 minutes, so by that time it was 2, and we were getting excited thinking that we'd be able to leave soon. WRONG. A sales rep came in and said he had to take us to show us a room at a resort there. We had to take a tour of it, and yeah, it was WAY nicer than the room we were put up in. Then took us back to the office, and everyone was put in this room, with same fake party setting, and salesmen sitting down with every couple. There were managers (I assume) standing near all the doors with their arms crossing watching what happened. He proceeded to go over this deal with us trying to sell us points for vacations for $30000 for $450 a month at %15 interest, without even checking our credit. When we looked at each other shocked at the price, we both said no way, but that wasn't good enought for him. He would not give up, and seemed not to even listen to us when we said we are saving up for a house, and this is even more expensive than a car payment. We told him it would not work for us and we'd like to leave. BUT, we had to get signed out first, or else we'd get charged full price for the crappy hotel. After getting extremely upset, and telling him that we were trapped, it took them another 20 minutes to get us signed out while he tried other sales techniques on us. Very Frustrating Stevo Reston, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
28, Report #267621
Aug 15 2007
06:33 AM
Bluegreen Resorts Total Misrepresentation at sign-up ripoff Novi Michigan
At the presentation we told them, Jeff Pennell, we would sign-up if they can ensure us there would be no problem getting a place in CanCun Mexico the second week of January. The manager took a least 20 minutes to have reservations review the availability of places in Can Cun and assured us there would be no problem getting a room in mid-January. When we contacted RCI the internatioanl branch for Bluegreen adn were told there is nothing available, the RCI international representative voiced his concern that they often receive calls from BlueGreen clients that have been given this same false information regarding availability. After filing a complaint and requesting cancellation of our contract due to dishonest representation, it took over 2 months to get any reponse which was there is no way out of the contract. Their lack of honesty, the insulting attitude we received from Susan Karringan assistance on this matter, the difficulty in getting a response to our concern apparently mirrors Bluegreen's lack of integrity and corporate lack of customer concern. Brenda Grosse Ile, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Novi, Michigan
29, Report #257766
Jun 29 2007
02:46 PM
Bluegreen Resorts false statements and false promises ripoff Boca Raton Florida
Please do not buy from these people until you have looked around and spoken to other owners. I did neither and was false promised and lied to repeatedly after sale when I figured out what we were promised was not true. we called customer service to complain,,,,,Low and behold we were sent back to salesman and his boss which told fabels to start with to resolve problems because customer service doesnt deal with what you were told at sales and dont condone false sales promises or tactics,,and even though they dont condone it all they will do is say they are sorry,,,tlak about openin the hen house door and invitin the foxes in,,,Well after learning from salesman and his boss me AND my wife had accute hearing loss and did not hear what we heard at time of sale we were advised we could sale our timeshare points,,,,,,Im thinkin coooool get rid of it,,,,,,WRONG,,,It aint worth but about 25% of what we paid for it,,,,,,there solution,,,,Sell it for a loss but only with there certified resaler and loose money on sale and cover other 75% of loss out of your pocket,,,,,,,Think theres any chance they would but it back I asked foolish me,,,,,,Why yes but not at price you paid for it,,,,,About 2 words after I was told why was I complining people buying in now were paying a dollar more a point then I paid for my points due to big cost increase let me see ,,,, cost increase since I purchased but I will have to sell for a loss to get rid of item,,,So beware use due caution and get everything in writing even what you thought you heard but didnt because of your hearing loss Gerald Lake Wales, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
30, Report #975020
Nov 28 2012
12:56 PM
Bluegreen Resorts Management Customer Service Discourteous misleading service Atlanta, Georgia
Bluegreen discourteous Service: Bluegreen will raise your maintenance fee every year which they don't make clear at the signing of the contract.  So beware, when signing on expecting rates to remain the same.  If you are a day late in paying, they have a very discourteous service rep. who will attach a huge late fee to your account.  I have never worked with a business like this before. I have paid my maintenance fee in full every year for the past seven years.  Very poor customer relations.  (I will remove this complaint with a proper courteous phone call and removal of my late fee.) Thank you.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
31, Report #489119
Sep 02 2009
04:11 PM
BlueGreen Resorts--BRANSON, MISSOURI & NATIONWIDE Bluegreen sampler plus BLUEGREEN SAMPLER PLUS IS NOT A GOOD DEAL... Internet, Nationwide
My husband and I were dooped into the Bluegreen sampler plus offered by the Bluegreen resort at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO! We have not been able to get reservations at any location that we've wanted when we've wanted. We have tried to book almost a year out and are told we can't because the points are in the system until next year....well that's odd to me because these are the points we already paid why can't we use them. Ask their staff to explain this and all they say is it's just our policy....Um, well how is that fair to me?  Also, the staff will act very rude and disrespectful, especially an employee named Heather...she chose not to provide her last name when I said I wanted to call her me that shows she knew she was wrong and did not think I would take action. Heather was willing to give me her supervisors full name and number. Odd! We have been lied to, direspected and put in a bind as we allocated are travel moeny to this...based on the promises of our salesman....even gave us a contract but now none of it's honored.  So...If I were you I would STAY AWAY FROM BLUEGREEN resorts.It's funny to me that they sale this sampler in the hopes you'll buy in to the real thing....well if this is how we would be treat I want NOOOOO part of anything they have to offer!  Hope this saves you a few bucks!
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
32, Report #129054
Jan 26 2005
09:49 PM
Bluegreen Vacations Airline ticket giveaway worthless! Plano Texas
In exchange for sitting through a 2 hour timeshare presentation, we were presented with two vouchers good for two airline tickets each. The catch is that you are REQUIRED to pay rack rates and stay a minimum of 5 to 10 nights at the hotels they select. The vast majority of the hotels are over 159.00 a night, several over 200.00 and some over 300.00. These same hotels can be booked for much, much less! I doubt that Bluegreen loses money on this promotion as they probably get a cut of the hotel business they create! Also, if you use both vouchers at the same time, you are required to purchase two rooms! We also received a certificate good for two free nights at select U.S. hotels. Only problem is that the blackout dates cover almost every holiday and 7 days prior to, and after the holiday plus special events like Mardi Gras, Daytona 500, etc. And lastly, we received a $50 restaurant certificate since we were flexible enough to make our appointment on a weeknight! I was initially impressed with Bluegreen's properties and presentation, but I most assuredly will not buy anything from them now! Et Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware). Albert Richardson, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
33, Report #193850
May 30 2006
11:38 AM
Bluegreen Corporation Rip off, Dishonest Boca Raton Florida
We had upgraded a sampler and was told we would get five free weeks if we upgraded one every other year and that if we didn't want to use our points or had none because they gave 700 points every other year we would have our free week. Instead we got bonus time which is only good for off peak season at certain resorts from 39.00 to 99,00 a wk. depending on availability. We also was not told we would have to go through an exchange company and pay a 149.00 fee to try and book alot of places and if they don't find you a place you can't get your points backthey have to stay with the exchange company for two years, and if you still want to go on the trip you planned you'll end up doing it io your ownand still have to keep paying them. They have told so many untrue things durning there sales pitch that it would take a long while on here. Believe me when i say please don't be someone else who gets taken by these people. Lets put a stop to it. Money's to hard to come by to get ripped off. Russell and linda conway, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
34, Report #229492
Jan 09 2007
07:07 AM
Bluegreen Slow pay and emploment nightmare ripoff Pigeon Forge Tennessee
I made the mistake of going to work for them at the begining of December. I needed a job and they candy coated it. With all the open promises that where made. Such as they told me that I would be working the Welcome Center out at 407. Only worked there once since Dec.5. They lied about that and other locations. Now let me start with the pay. They told me that my first check would be mailed to me and I would recieve my pay card in 3 wks. I have recieved only 3 checks and the pay card has not arrive. I have one check that is limbo, no one knows where it went. I have another check that was supposed to be mailed to me but, have not recieved. I have apporched payroll and managers about this problem. Nothing is being done. In closing I hope you read this and realize the candy is not always good for you. I hope this helps someone from making a bad job move. Thank You. Michael Pigeon Forge, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
35, Report #1114303
Jun 10 2014
11:49 AM
BlueGreen Vacation Club/Timeshare DON'T waste your money! Nationwide
While the 2 resorts we have stayed at are very nice there are extra charges and all in all club itself isn't all it's cracked up to be if you buy a smaller package.  I was VERY skeptical but after a very high pitched sales speal we purchased a sampler packet - on our 1st trip in the packet we used 50% of our points and did stay at a very nice resort right on the beach.  BUT upon check-in we were told that we had to attend another sales meeting or would have to pay retail price for our rental unit; so we went.  I tried to get an appointment for that day but we had to wait until we had been there at least 24 hours.  We went on our 2nd day and I must admit being relaxed on vacation my typical spidy senses were down and we fell for what they were selling. We bought a low end points package with all these ways to use them with other resorts, get discounts on cruises & other items.  What we weren't told and didn't know to ask was the fact that we bought a small package we cannot book anything that we want to do as the higher packages get to book long before we can.  So basically am paying for nothing. We didn't even finish using all our sampler points and have used NONE of our package points.  I have asked them to VOID the contract and keep the 4 months of payments they already collected but they will not do it. Very disappointed in them and us for falling for their bs.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #825526
Jan 19 2012
09:05 PM
Bluegreen Timeshare resorts Dirty business practices, Internet
We reluctantly bought our timeshare a year and a half ago. After 3 hours of no's we were finally beaten down and caved to all the promises in the world. We like others were told we had to buy in order to use their resale company to sell our other timeshare and that it would be no problem to sell at $16k. It say on the market for a year at $4k with not a single call. We paid off our BG timeshare in a week, so they got their money.So over the summer we hit a slight financial bump and fell behind on our maintenance fees of $350. We had already paid the other half in January, but unlike our other timeshare they do 2 separate payments, which I had no idea. Any how I called in December and asked if they'd wave our additional $300 late fee if I paid the $350 in full and they agreed. I told them I WOULD be calling back, note my account,to pay it in full, just had to find my credit card and move some money around.I called back a few days later after I found my card and got things in order, only to find out my original call red flagged my account and they sent it to collections the day after I called. So not only did I owe $600 now, but I was also given an additional $300 late fee. I spoke to the wonderful collection agent who I have already paid $600 to and he continues to call me daily to remind me what a horrible person I am because I can't (won't) pay a meesely $300 today because id rather feed my kids. He supposedly spoke to BG who refuses to write off that $300 now, which makes no sense. So I have paid $900 for one year of maintenance fees because of their shadiness.For those of you who want to reply and tell me I should've just paid my fees and I wouldn't be in this situation 1. Thanks for that useless info 2. May you hit a financial bump in your life so you can see how fun it is or better yet you pay it for me if you're gonna judge me.
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #241644
Mar 30 2007
10:13 PM
Bluegreen Resorts Bait and Switch - Just Stay Home! Boca Boca Raton Florida
We got a call saying we WON four free airline tickets!! Of course I thought - scam... but called anyway... They said just listen toa 90 minute presentation and I will get 4 airline tickets to 20 sunny destinations and a $50 gift card. I thought - okay - 90 minutes 4 tickets - why not. Well 2 1/2 hours later I barely got out of there alive! I told them no, no , no and strongly stated I wasnt going to purchase and that I wanted to leave with my 4 tickets and $50 gift card. The guy (Ryan) continued to keep sellling me when I clearly wanted to leave... He commented that I was being rude and implied that rudeness only makes him talk slower. So I basically had to sit and let him blah blah blah until they finally let me go.... But only until I did say yes to the sampler for $895.00 - filled out half the paperwork -got nervous - ripped it up and finally said NO, No, NO for the millionth time... did they finally walk me to the door and let me have my tickets and $50 gift card. Well the Gift card appears legit. But the four tickets...they failed to tell me that you have to make the ticket reservations with a particular travel agency AND book a minimum of 7 or 8 days (out of Minneapolis) at their hotels... and I have to book one hotel for a each set of two tickets - so If I bring my kids I have to book two hotel rooms for 7 or 8 days... that was not my intention... I did ask the person ont he phone if there were any restrictions - she said only black out days and the cities limited flying to. They said nothing abou thaving to book for 7 or 8 days - nor did they comment about having to book a specific hotel... If it sounds to good to be true - it probably is!!! If you want a 7 day vacation and have 2-3 hours to scream No, No No - then this is for you - otherwise - run like the wind!!! What a waste of time - I am just glad I only lost time - so many others fell prey to their claws! Amy minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
38, Report #1111704
Dec 30 2013
02:25 PM
BlueGreen Resorts Misrepresenation of Hotel Property and Amenities New Orleans, Louisiana
We purchased a Travel Package from Resorts @ BlueGreen that turned out to be the trip from Hell.  The Hotel was described as being a Boutique Hotel  in the French Quarters of New Orleans, LA near Bourbon St.  They should have said Bourbon on the Street.   It turned out to be the Hotel where you could not sleep because of the poorly secured doors, traffic noises, and a room where we found a soiled towel under the sheets, a shower that was not cleaned and room not vaccumed, pictured that had fallen off the wall and placed on a Chair. The explanation from the front desk  was we are under repair.  They should have said ready for demolition.  The Hotel they confrmed was the Hotel St. Pierre. We have traveled the World and this was like something from a Third World Country where you can understand the lack of resources.  This was down right disgusting and a Rip off of the highest Magnitude.  
Entity: New Orleans, LA , Louisiana
39, Report #1018610
Feb 22 2013
10:37 AM
BLUEGREEN RESORTS Misleading and deceptive information given at time of purchase Williamsburg, Virginia
I was invited to sample a presentation for timeshare which at the time I was seriously interested in purchasing. After paying a fee for the hotel at which we stayed, we were given a presentation which we were being forced to purchase right on the spot. They presenter was very upset that we were not interested in closing a $25,000.00 package right on the spot and harassed us in buying a samplers package. No information regarding the black-out dates were shared. We purchased since May 2012 and everytime we try to use it, we are told that it is not available due to blackout dates. It is extremely frustrating that nuisances like these are allowed to prey on innocent people and take their monies. If I had spent $700.00 plus the $200.00 which I paid for the hotel (at the time of the presentation), I could have gotten a descent break for me and my husband. This place is the biggest rip-off ever. It might work for retirees or those without children but it is not for families and this information is not shared with you at the time of the presentation. I would not be surprised if there is a class action lawsuit against them anytime soon. As far as I see it, it should happen.
Entity: Williamsburg, Virginia
40, Report #1301772
Apr 25 2016
06:34 PM
Bluegreen Resorts Unusable points, stolen items from hotel, unreasonable customer service Multiple Cities Multiple States
Two years ago, the housekeepers at the Bluegreen property in Gatlinburg Tennesse came in early, cleaned our room and stole all of our belongings. ALL OF THEM! All of my wife's clothing, all of our belongings and most of all our trust and peace of mind. My wife was terrified and violated. None of the items were returned and instead BlueGreen offered us points to rectify for the lost items. Due to our schedule, we've been unable to use the service and last year they told me the points would expire. I explained that if the points expire then they should repay us for time lost from work, repayment for peace of mind lost and all of the other expenses we incurred on this botched vacation. Needless to say we haven't seen any funds. Today I tried to use the funds and found out the points were bogus anyway. I can NEVER use them to go to Florida. They are for special places that no one would ever go to. In other words, the points are useless. In addition, they are to expire again. So I asked them to pay for my items and lost sense of security and time of work etc. This was unacceptable to them.  We are asking if there is anyone out there interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against this company? We are preparing to file charges. Included we are naming Brooke M and her supervisor Jesse Cancel (both from the Customer Service Department) and both refused to help me book a reasonable place to take my family. And both refused to extend the points and make them usable when we could use them and both refused to start the process to repay us for our botched stay with bluegreen.    NEVER USE BLUEGREEN RESORTS! NEVER!  
41, Report #105351
Aug 25 2004
11:45 AM
Bluegreen Vacation Club, Bluegreen Rentals run around. Rip-off! Boca Raton Florida
We purchased a timeshare at World Golf Village at Vistana,in St. Augustine, Florida, back in Aug. of 2000. Bluegreen Rentals took over possession in 2003. Notification came about the vacation club with Vistana being discontinued, and to contact them to enjoy FREE membership in Bluegreen Vacation Club. I have been trying since October of 2003 to get paperwork on this offer. When I called in October they told me there was such a backlog, that I should call back in February. In February they informed me that they would send the necessary paperwork. In April they gave me the run around again. Now it is August of 2004 and we have had NO VACATION CLUB for almost a year. I wonder how they'd feel if every time the maintenance fees were due, all the World Golf Village Owners gave them the run around. I spoke with someone again today, and again received the news that someone would be in contact with me over this matter. If you are considering purchasing a timeshare or vacation with this company, BEWARE!! BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING! Maria Elena Sellersville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
42, Report #920001
Jul 30 2012
08:43 PM
bluegreen blue green bluegreen vacation rental times share GEORGIA myrtle beach, South Carolina
I am having problems with bluegreen and their many many lies and deceitful actions. I have never stopped paying for something in my life and am not even sure how this will affect me and my credit. There has to be something we can do, i have read tons and tons of bad reviews, it seems that everyone is dissatisfied once they get your money. i am in georgia, please contact me if you have any advice or need me to help you get our freedom back from this place!
Entity: myrtle beach, South Carolina
43, Report #349477
Jul 09 2008
11:51 PM
BLUE GREEN VACATION TIME-SHARES It may be long but a very good read Recently my husband and I visited a Blue Green Resort in Michigan. I signed us up for a presentation. I wanted to know what is was all about and the $100 in gifts helped. We were greeted by a young man who took us up to the 2nd floor. He tried making small talk with us at first. We then just asked about the 'bottom line' about the program. So we let him talk for about an hour about all the services he took us on a tour of one of the condo's. We went back and then began a talk about packages. They showed us various packages ( $9800=8,000 points bi annually, $24,800=16,000 anually points and $32,400=20,000 anually) this did not include $123 administrative fee and the maintances fee which ranged from $450-1500 yearly(they also reserve the right to raise the fees 2.5% yearly). If you finance thru Blue Green they charge 15.6 percent on to the over all cost for 8-10 years. They also offer a credit card from there company. After speaking with a few sales reps. we stated we wanted to discuss the matter in private. We are very concerned with our credit standing. We are going to buy a new home and did not want to affect our credit. My husband's concern is there any difference on how everyone is treated (where people are on the food chain). Also I received no answer about what a gold/silver member was when I asked. We told him our concerns his response was: He said we can roll the cost into the new loan or hold the contract for 45 days so nothing would be posted. He also told us he did a 'soft hit' on our credit (it must have been good for him he was very happy) that we where also approved for the credit card. No contract prices could be held for a year the prices increase on Jan. 1st. He said we can do a sampler package (which is a membership) for 1 year 9000 points for $995.00 and this could be financed at 15.6%. Cannot be used June, July, August and no holidays and limited resorts. He said 'everyone was treated the same'. After 3 hours of talking. We understood the restrictions. We took the sampler further reveiwed the information in the contract and felt this might be a good test run. We went back to the room reviewed more of the information which was included in the book and felt based on the points we received we would not get a trip we are always accustomed to. We also found out there is a pyramid of who can book. Gold members on top can book 13 months in advance, next Silver and book 12 months in advance, and then everyone else can book 11 months in advance of a date. The SVC member I could not figure out(but the first floor had another sign-up area with more posh set-up). We received alot of help from your web-site and Forbes (which the quoted a positive rating but when you look at there stock values they are only $6.60 a share when we checked). We read the contract about cancellation and found out that we could not go back to where we signed the contract to cancel. We did return the book to the location where we signed. She was very pleasant and reveiwed the contract about the letter, but she did see we took care of that aspect. We wrote a letter sent it out certified mail to Boca Raton the main head quarters post marked before midnight within the 3 days which state law allows. I have to say we did have a pleasant stay at the resort (pool was small okay for kids) but we where hardly in the room but to sleep. But if you have a large family 8-10 (grandparents,grandkids, mom, dad,cousins and babies alike)you vacation with it is a deal. You can pile everyone into the room as our neighbors in the next condo did. When we travel we like to see various areas and move around. The package was not for us and thru the comments it helped us realize the overall cost(lost) and to take care of canceling quickly so we are not stuck. Thanks to all who posted their comments. But we are still waiting for our refund. There contract stated we would receive a refund in 10 days we called to check. They confirmed receipt of the letter but told us we had to wait 45-60 days for a refund. Most good standing companies refund in less than 30 days. They are already violating what they have in their written contract! Chris DESPLAINES, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: BOCAN RATON, Florida
44, Report #1101897
Jun 16 2014
08:51 AM
BlueGreen Vacations BlueGreen Resorts BlueGreenBlueGreen Getaways Deceitful, manipulative, lying company. Run away now! Pigeon Forge TN
It would take being given what we were promised. Your company is extremely dishonest. We were told we would have nice accommodations when coming to Pigeon Forge and were also given a call about two weeks in advance to upgrade to a chalet/cabin. I tried six times to return that phone call only to get a voicemail and never to be given a return call. When we got to Pigeon Forge the motel we were given was a filthy dump. Actually, they would be an understatement. When we walked into the hotel allergies automatically started from the raunchy smell in the place. The room had filth all along the baseboards, Writing on the bathroom walls and carvings such as wazzzup and xyz name wuz here all in the room along any wood trim. It was awful and filthy. At the tour I was given a hard time becasue my name differs from that of my husbands. I explained I'm an attorney and own a law firm and professional license and that I didn't wish to change my last name for professional reasons. It was stated that married couples share the same last name. There is no where that says any party to a marriage has to legally change his of her last name. The lady then wanted to see my marriage license. After this fiasco and then terrible excuse for a hotel room and decimate let not my dream vacation as stated in the letter sent to me I was livid. I sat through the presentation then spoke to a manager and filed a complaint. I even had him listen to them voicemail from a lady who is a representative of your company where she was extending an offer to up roux accommodations, which I had every intent of purchasing. He then promised that we would be given a call in one hour to move us to a more acceptable lodging. Now on the 24th of November I am still awaiting said phone call. We were then promised out gifts. We accepted them only to find out we received 1/3 of what we were promised. We were promised a cruiser voucher and two (2) $25 bass pro shop gift cards. We received only one. When we called back to let them now no one could help us. We were transferred to three different numbers only to be given yet another 800 number to call back during the week. Needless to say my experience with ALL of your staff and your company, with exception to the older lady who was out sales lady, was and is completely a disgrace. Your company is rotten to the core, manipulative and full of deceit. It would take giving my family our wasted time and our weekend back as well as the gifts we were lured with and promised.
Entity: Select State/Province
45, Report #65798
Aug 16 2003
07:29 AM
Bluegreen Resorts ripoff if you wont to be robbed and lied to take a tour at bluegreen resort Myrtle Beach South Carolina
if you ever wont to be lied too, and robbed at the same time go take a tour at bluegreen resort at myrtle beach see navo the salesman and his manager eric hudson. we paid cash for the time share at this resort and thouhgt that we were buying at shore crest resort and when we were signing the papers at closing kathy the finance lady did not tell us that it was deeded at charlston s.c. and we caght it when we were signing on the 3rd page she wasnt going to tell us until we scene it, and she said it dont matter where you own you can use all of them. well ok so we signed, we got in writing 2 free yrs maintance dues with the purchase if bought today so we did. we have got bills from day 1, with interest added on late charges and turned in to my credit report, called at least 10 times to the manger eric, called me back 2 times out of 10 promising me he would take care of it, well its been 2 yrs now do you think hes is. we purchased in 8/18/01 todays date is 8/16/03 and the dues are due 193.00 but with late charges and interist its $362.89 he said yesterday he was going to take care of it monday which will be 8/18/03. so you see the head ache ive had with this so if you wont to go vacation get a room dont buy one these has been a nightmare remember bluegreen resort and please chech all the law siuts against this company bbb Mark King, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
46, Report #359625
Aug 05 2008
06:37 PM
Bluegreen Vacation Resorts Sampler points - Bluegreen will sample your money! Boca Raton Florida
I'm the happy owner of a timeshare in Snowbird, UT. Visiting the local Bass Pro store, I took advantage of a weekend at a Bluegreen resort. I had to get the typical spiel about how their points system is so much better than everyone else's, how their resorts are all gold, blah, blah, blah. Initially, I was interested, but, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to use my points because of my work schedule, and kids school schedules. To make a long story short, I got hooked into a sampler membership, which allegedly would allow me to try this out during the off season. Whenever I found a weekend that would work to try the sample points and fit within my schedule, I found that a) they were booked already or b) the only thing available was a studio. I wasn't able to even attempt to book a vacation until I got a package which took a month and a half out of the fall, ruining a chance for a vacation over school fall break. In the spring, same story, I did get a couple of days in a studio over spring break, but any other time that my daughter was out, no availability. (And this was in their off season. Heaven help the poor buggers trying to schedule during the summer. The final straw was an offer to extend my points, I thought I'd try a different resort, and see if it was any better, no luck, I wasn't able to get a resort that I wanted, and got told that I needed to schedule something or lose the points. I did so to save the points (what a waste) and then I found that I couldn't get off work, I find that they want $50 more for me to cancel, because it took 48 hours not 24 to call these jerks back. It is hard to believe that I seriously thought about spend 12-24k for their worthless points. After nicking me for nearly $900, for crap that they didn't let me use, they are more concerned about nicking me another $50 bucks, rather than showing me why I should buy a membership. Thank God I found this site, and see what scum they are, before I waste one more nickel. I assume that one of their minions will rebut me, I'll be back. I for one know how an HONORABLE timeshare company treats customers, run don't walk from Bluegreen, cause they can't even spell honorable or ethical !!! Chuck Broken Arrow, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
47, Report #1082536
Sep 08 2013
01:39 PM
Bluegreen Resorts The Fountains BLUEGREEN RESORT VACATION RIPOFF 12400 International Dr S, Orlando, FL 32821 Orlando New York
I checked into the Bluegreen Fountain Resorts on the 18th of August. My fiance and I settled into the room and we started to wash clothing. When it was time for us to dry clothes we noticed that the dry was not working. My fiance littrally had to put his hand in the dry and spin the metal part of the dry then close the dry door then press the start button to get the dry to function. It was like we were living in Ancient times. We contacted the front desk about the incident and we were told that we were staying in the PREFERRED SUIT BUILDING NUMBER 10. I was shocked that there preferred suit consist of a broken dryer that you manually have to spin. As my fiance and I prepared for dinner we put the food and drinks on the living room table and it started rocking back and forth. We called the front desk again and we were told that someone will come up right away to check on the problems in room 305. We waited almost an hour and a half for the mechanic to come to our room. After looking at the dry the mechanic told us he would have to order some pieces in order to fix the dryer. The following day we were ask to purchase property at a timeshare presentation and we declined. We were asked why we declined and we told them about the conditions of the room.The timeshare rep and her manager were going to help  us until they found out that we declined the purchase of property. I was furious and I contacted the front desk and I told them to move me from the room or give me a refund. They opted to change my room. They move me to room 415 everything seem fine at first glance. My fiance went to get into the shower and a piece of metal hanging off the shower cut my fiances foot. I called the front desk and informed them. No one came upstairs to assist my fiance. I called the front desk and said that I will sue that is when a supervisor and a security guard came running upstairs. They fix the shower and did nothing for my fiance but gave him a bandage and alcohol pads. They also called off the paramedics. I also showed the supervisor that the bathroom and the kitchen sink was not working. The air conditioner system was not working and there were issues with the washer and dryer. We spoke to a supervisor by the name of Queene who was very nasty she said things like this happen every day in this hotel and some ppl complaint and some don't.Queene had a oh well attitude. The front desk sent mechanics up to the room a couple hours later however they could not fix the washer or dryer. The mechanics informed me, my fiance, his aunt and his cousin that the guest constantly have problems with the washers and dryers. We left the hotel to go to the outlet and when we returned and decided to wash clothes we quickly realized that the mechanics were unsuccessful at fixing the washer and dryer. They did not leave a note telling us that they were unsuccessful at fixing it nor did the front desk contact us to let us know that the mechanic were unsuccessful. We called the front desk and informed them that nothing was fix. They refused to move us we stayed in room 415 from the 19th until the 23rd. The females at the front desk were very nasty the only person at the front desk that was courteous was Michelle. An important package was sent to me from my bank. I was never informed that my package was at the front desk. When I did inquire about my package I was told it was downstairs and I was also told the representative would bring it up to me.I waited the entire day I called back downstairs about it and the front desk rep was very nasty with me. She told me I have to come downstairs and sign for it.  We spoke to a Supervisor by the name of Kareem who was very helpful. He informed my fiance and I that he would contact the marketing department to see if he can get us a free night and 50 dollar credit because he felt bad about the conditions of the room. On the 20th We also spoke to a supervisor by the name of Cody because the TV was not working correctly. Cody was very helpful and he told me that he would have someone come up to our room the following day to program our TV. The following Cody came back to my room and fixed the TV. We also spoke with a Supervisor by the name of Raphael and he was very courteous he acknowledge the fact that the washers and dryers could not be fixed and the kitchen sink. He apologized for the inconvenience and he gave us a 100 dollar credit and move us to another room. This is our THIRD room and it hasn’t even been a week.Our third room was 506. Raphael said that he was going to go upstairs and make sure that this room was in perfect working condition for us. Raphael did what he said he would do. We were suppose to leave the resort on the 23rd however due to the inconvenience that we had to go through with this hotel we had to extend our trip because we missed out on a lot of event we had planed in order to deal with all the bullcrap that was going on at this hotel. Kareem gave us a free stay in room 506 on the 23rd being that it was the only fully functioning room that we had since we began our say on the 18th. On the 24th we use our 50 dollar credit that was also given by Kareen and we put 63 dollars toward it so it so we can stay on the 24th. On the 25th we received a call from the front desk from a rep by the name of Marenette she was very nasty. Marentte said check out was at 10:00 am she told me it is now 12 pm and she wanted to know when were are going to check out. I told we spoke with supervisor by the name of Kareem and he said that he would handle everything.  She said well Kareem is not here and this situation has to be handled right now. I asked her can she wait till Kareem comes in so he can explain things to her and she said no are you getting out right now. From that point on we spoke to a Manager by the name of Kristin and she was very nasty she stuck up for her associates. Kristin also tried to charge us 175 per night when our set price through marketing was 99 per night. We also had a 100 dollar credit and they were forcing us to leave the hotel. The front desk reps were harassing us and calling our room all times of the day and night which was a inconvenence. We called Cody back and told him what was going on and he said that he would call the front desk and tell them to stop calling the room like that. He also told us that he will tell them that he has the situation under control. Kareem told us the same thing however the front desk did whatever they wanted to do and they continued calling. We also spoke with Kevin Osborn and he was very nasty as well. Instead of correcting his employees he took their side and he said that he did not believe us. He sided with Kristin and Maranette. After my fiance explained everything that we went through he said I can not deal with these ppl and all of their problems. There was also an incident that happened on the resort property on the 22th I came out the resort and went to my car. My fiance came out and I told him to go back upstairs. He did not want to leave me alone and I told him I will be fine. I thought my fiance went back upstairs but he watched me to make sure I was safe. This white man walk back and forth passed my car on several occasions. My fiance notice him and he got in the back seat of the car to wait for me. The white man walked passed one final time and he came towards the back door with his penis out which was open . My fiance was sitting there it was so dark the man could not see him. As the man came running towards the car I screamed out to my fiance who stuck his head out the car and the guy went running off. My fiance and I reported it to the security guards and nothing was done. We also asked them to review the camera’s and that was not done.  I received a call from the a Assistant to the GM  of Bluegreen Resorts by the name of Keith lemens (I am not sure if I spelled the last name correct) He was from the Bluegreen location where the incident occurred. He wanted to know exactly what happened and my fiance and I explained everything to Keith. He ask what can he do to help us out. I told him that we paid for a flight which was very expensive to come down to Florida to enjoy ourselves. I also let him know being that my fiance busted his foot on the piece of metal that was hanging out of their shower we were not able to go to the events and parks that we were scheduled to go to. We paid $287 for universal, $120 for Sea World, and 100 to Aquatic. All Kevin wanted to offer me was the $199 that we had to pay to Bluegreen to extend our stay for 2 nights which I believe was highly unfair. My finance bust his foot on Bluegreen property and he is not able to go to the events that we purchase tickets for which were non refundable and we were the ones that had to pay to extend our stay.  I request that Keith return the $199 that we paid for the additional nights as well as the $199 that we paid for that 5 days 4 nights in rooms that were not functioning correctly. He said no all he can return is the $199 the we paid for the additional nights. He refused to give me back the original $199 that I paid. This totals $400 that we paid to stay at the hotel plus 30 dollars in taxes.  Kevin also refused to help us out on the $ 353 that I had to pay to extend the trip with the airline and he refused to help us out with the theme park tickets that we purchase and were not able to enjoy because of the situations that happen at the hotel. My fiance received a call from the a Bluegreen representative stating that they were going to give back our 7day 6 night stay so we can use it at another hotel being that the Bluegreen is affiliated with choice hotels. My fiance and I took off from work and we called in to make reservations because they have a location in Atlantic city. When we called in we were told that there was nothing in the system pertaining to us receiving our 7days and 6 nights back. My fiance and I were infuriated because we had nothing but problems with this hotel and received nothing but disrespect from this hotel.    Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this so called resort. 
Entity: Orlando, Florida
48, Report #1161768
Jul 13 2014
08:18 PM
Bluegreen Resorts The Fountains--Orlando Bluegreen Sales People Take Advantage of Customers, especially older folks, by Blatantly Lying and Misrepresenting the Payments to be made. Orlando, Florida
My husband and I took some of our children, grandchildren, nieces and friends to The Fountains in Orlando last December. While the accommodations were good and we enjoyed our stay for the most part, the part we did not enjoy was the 5 hour long sales pitch. We have owned timeshares for quite a while and have been taken advantage of on several occasions by less than honest sales people; however, this time, as we figured everything out eventually, really is unbelievable! We were already making two payments to Bluegreen and I told them we really could not afford any more payments.  The salesman told me that those two payments could be absorbed into the new payments and those payments would be over a longer period of time but they would actually be less than what we were currently paying.   Because my husband has many health issues (which we explained) we wanted to reduce our monthly outlay and this promise sounded good even if iit would be for a longer time. Well, needless to say, they blatantly lied about the money we would be required to pay each month and now instead of two payments, we have the two we started out with (they did not absorb them) and 4 (four) more in the form of credit cards, plus a payment to Quorum Federal Credit Union. My husband's health has continued to decline and we are slammed with all sorts of medical bills. He has always handled our reservations and the payments and he is unable to do that anymore so, in addition to the difficulties related to the medical situation, I am now facing this enormous timeshare bill that I will be paying on for years. More than likely, we will not be able use our about a money pit!!!!!!
Entity: Orlando, FL, Florida
49, Report #277539
Oct 07 2007
04:38 AM
Bluegreen Corp., Gateway Station, Outdoor Traveler, Vacation Club Sales, Bluegreen Resorts, Vacation Station, LLC, Christmas Mountain Village, Shenandoah Crossings Resort, BLUEGREEN SOUTHWEST Liars- Misrepresentation Jackson, Internet, NJ Jackson,, New Jersey Nationwide
This company is listed all over Careerbuilder. I applied and went on an interview, was offered a job. But something made me feel funny about taking it. For two days I went back to fill out information and go through testing for Great adventure, which was fine. I was told I would be paid for those two days. On the 2nd day I was informed by the manager Pete Vitale that Bluegreen corp. is a Fortune 500 company. Now I'm no one's fool. I never heard of the name of this company so I looked it up.....Low and behold no such thing!!!!!! This guy is a liar. Then I found Wow for such a big company they don't look so great. They lie to their customers and their own people. I don't think I want to work for a company like this. The best part if I'm surprised. I never did get paid for those two days. All I can say is Buyers beware!!! I wouldn't want to sell something that a company won't stand behind. Mr. Vitale's excuse for this site was (ALL company's get complaints.) Maybe so. but ALL companies don't ignore them!!! I've been a sales Rep. for years. If I ever got a complaint from a customer, I'm used to bending over backwards to help them. Obviously Bluegreen doesnt really care either way. I could care less about 2 days pay. I'm just glad I didn't loose anymore time. I would much rather work for a company I can be comfortable with. When a manager lies even to his potential employees it says a lot. Like what else are they lying about? When a company has too many names they go by.....It makes ya wonder. It's not a surprise their an LLC--all Insured under one company with an Insurance policy that makes it so their not Liable for anything. In other words they can't be sued. Oh and by the way in their employee contract is a paper you sign, stating that if you have any discrepancies with the company, you give up your rights to speak to a lawyer about it. That was my first sign something was off. Don't waste your time with this company as a possible employer. For all you know you'll get sued for misrepresentation. I doubt very much they would bother to protect you for their lies. Lisa Freehold, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, New Jersey
50, Report #1291067
Mar 01 2016
05:54 PM
Bluegreen Vacations LLC, Inc. Bluegreen Vacations, BluegreenResorts, Bluegreen Corporation preyed on seniors with high pressure sales tactics to buy more points or upgrade ownership Gatlinburg Tennessee
We, my wife and I, were scheduled for our ownership review or update as the folks at Bluegreen like to call it.  We attended at apponintment on Feb 23, 2016 at 9:00am.  It was 1:00pm or near 1:30 when the salesperson sad let's break for lunch after trying to sell us more points or trying to get us to upgrade in some fashion which involved us giving them mre money.  The sales peopl explained that I vacationing or trip from home would be better and happier if we spent ore money.  We told them NO several times.  We told them it would strain our budget and that we were retired and we didi not work or haveanyway to increase ourincome in order to pay for the upgrade that they presented to us.  I even told them if I did go ahead wth the upgrade that we may to file bankruptcy because of my wife's health which is diminishing quickly, as she was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy about 10 years before she retired. We did break for lunch and we were provided our parting gift, but was asked for my cell phone and told to think about there offer and some one would call in the evening.  Instead of evening we were called within 1 hour after we left.  It  was about 2:30  in the afternoon.  We were invited back and wastod over the phone that the offer had been sweetned, or improved and the kitchen sink had been added.  We were told to come back to see the new deal on the table.  BIG MISTAKE, AND A NAIVE MOVE ON OUR PART.  We did go back only to be hiogh pressured into buying.  They had people come an sit arounf the table or walk over and say they wanted to help.  Hell, they wanted to apply pressure.  I am so embarassed that I fell for this.  It was getting time to lock up, about 5:00 pm.  They wanted to know what we wanted to do.  We were told by a Susan Woods, who was helping our orginal sales person, Storm, that the offer on the table HAD CHARTER BENENFITS AND HAD A RESALE VALUE OF AT LEAST $1.81 PER POINT equivalent to a sum of $91,000 and there was no way we could lose.We wanted to leave.  We were tired and perplexed after being there for at least 7 hours so we just signed the form so e could get out of there.  Of next we had to spend another hour there for there finance people to complete the forms and complete the sale.Next day we wrote a letter to get out of the puchase contract.  I had delivered the letter, then was told by a, ALLISON KiRBY, that she could not accept the letter.  The letter would have to mailed to BLUEGREEN VACATIONS UNLIMITED, INC.  ATTN: CORPORATE SALES ACCOUNTING DEPT., 4960 Conference Way N suite 100, Boca Raton, FL 33431-3311.  She m ade a copy of the letter for our file and told me that Bluegreen does not want it' owners to suffer financial hardship.  I though that was nice of her to say.Then, on Friday, Feb 26, 2016, This guy named Storm and Susan Woods call me and want to know wh wrote the letter?  Obviously, they have reading disorders plus listening problems, because my signature along with my wife's signature were at the bottom of the letter.  This Storm guy wants to pry into my finances and said that I should not have cancelled and that our finances were now his busness.  I explained that I could not not pay for it and that we would be under a financial burden.  Storm kept insisting that our finances were his business and that he just could not understand why we would cancell.  They still did not get.  I was furious, then shouted profanity at him. Then laid the phone on its' face causing the phone to hangup.  This was a good thing because I was seeing red and very angery.  I thought this punk faced kid had a no respect for older folks and there finances.  Besides, he left in he middle of our appointment with him.  That is a rude move in itself. There is probably no justice for this event.  But, I want others to know that there is no need to succumb to their pressures.  I wish I would have just ore up the paper the offer was on, rather than sign it.  The other pointis that my ife and I have been ith Bluegreen since 1999 and have never, did I say never been treated this way by the sales people during our reviews.  Yes, we have been asked to buy but never, not one bit pressured like these demons. I really do not know or understand how this Storm can live with himself.  Also, he stated to us that he was a Christian and that he deep Christian roots in the Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area. In summary, we were lied to.  Timeshares do not have resale value as I called an attorney and a bank on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016.  My point consumer beware as maintenance fees go up too.  The sale people will tell you that they will help you rent extra time that you cannot use to pay maintenance fees.  That is a lie too.  We know we have tried and id they could they would give you their business card.  They will not give you their business card because they do  not want  to help you because leglly they cannot. 
Entity: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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