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1, Report #339541
Jun 12 2008
07:48 AM
Accurate Transmission, Authorized Transmission, ETX Transmission Sells faulty transmissions through Large auto parts stores Mundelein, Illinois
I wanted to say that this company has been bought by ETX transmissions. I purchased one of their transmissions through Auto Zone, who was happy to take my money, but just couldn't do anything about the quality of product they provided me with. First transmission came to us broken. Didnt work from the get-go. wouldn't shift into OD. Sent it back. ETX Agreed that they sent me a faulty transmission. sent another. This one works, knock on wood, but about the cost and time of mechanics fee. they don't want to pay nearly what it cost me (which was VERY reasonable- 340.oo. That included taxes and all the tranmission fluid wasted etc..). Said could only provide me with $140 as my warranty states. 2 months of calling once a week they went to $230.00. Great, lets have it. Call once a week and get every excuse in the book. Cant send a check til we get the mechanics report back, checks aren't sent til the 30th of the month, blah blah. 4 MONTHS later, still waiting, but luckily I get to call back next friday and speak with another person who will know what is going on Stay away from this company and any of its affiliates. They cannot rebuild a transmission with any degree of competence. As far as Auto Zone...I got a months worth of back and forth this is the company's problem, it falls under their warranty to it is Auto Zone because the sold the product to me- broken If you must buy anything with a warranty from Auto Zone, demand that you get a copy of it before you cough up the cash. Also ask them about the company because I was told after the fact that they have had trouble with ETX before. Good to know. Meg Lucky, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Mundelein,, Illinois
2, Report #1383
Feb 24 2000
12:00 AM
Transmission Rip-Off ..Transmission Performance Center Phoenix AZ
I took my 1991 Mazda MX-6 to a shop called Transmission Performance Center in Phoenix,AZ. Initially the individual I spoke with claimed he had a kit that he would put in my car that was designed to replace the parts that normally wear out over time and quoted me approximately $375 total cost. When I got to the shop I had to sign a paper stating if there were hard parts that were damaged, I would be responsible for the cost of those parts as well as labor. Needless to say, according to this shop I needed a complete re-build. I gave them the OK and they did the work. They issued a warranty for 12 months and 12,000 miles. After I got my car back, I drove it normally for about 8 months and then began to experience a jerking at stop lights. Upon checking the tranny fluid I found it black and glistening with minute metal shavings. I immediately took the car back to the shop and after them keeping it for about 3 weeks, they notified me to come pick it up and that it had been re-repaired. I then drove the car normally for about a month and then took a short vacation and parked the car for about 5 days straight. Upon attempting to drive the car home when I got back from vacation, I noticed that the transmission was slipping and that power was not getting to the drive wheels. I then had about a month and a half left on the warranty. I took the car back again and the shop kept the car for about 2 and a half months so that the warranty was good and expired. I called during the 2 and a half months about 1 to 2 times per week and was given several excuses as to why it was not finished. Once I got the car back, I drove it from the shop to my house (9 miles), from my house to my job (10 miles) and as I was driving it back from my house, it completely broke down to the point that the transmission was slipping so bad that I had to push it about 800 yards to my house. I called the owner of the shop the next day and asked him if he would repair the vehicle without charging but he stated that my warranty had expired and there was nothing he could do without charging. I spent $1400 on this repair and then had to spend an additional $1400 again. The shop that I took the car to after this fiasco stated that there was major damage inside the tranny and that they could not warranty the previous shops work.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
3, Report #817513
Jan 03 2012
06:17 PM
Cottman Transmission Do not use Cottman Transmission! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
My truck needed transmission work. I took it to Cottman Transmission in Philadelphia. They installed a rebuild for $3,392.00 Since this was done in 2010, my truck has had several transmission problems. I have had to take it back to them on several occasions. Since April of 2011, my truck has on different occasions spent several weeks at that shop! It is now back in their shop and so far has been there for 7 days, and I still don't know when I'm getting it back! Do yourself a favor and steer away from this irresponsible, incapable, inexcusable repair shop!
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
4, Report #724942
May 03 2011
08:05 AM
I took in my car for a transmission rebuilding job that i was quoted $825 and i was told that i will get a 12 months warenty and that it will tabe about 3 days to get the job done, 3 days later i got a call that i will need another $400 and that it will take longer to get it done so 8 ddays from the day i dropped it off i got a call that it was ready.  Two hours after i picked up the car the transmission broke down and when i called the manager he said that the owner ELI TAERSTEIN will NOT pay for the tow to get it back to the shop nor will he pay for a car rental so i got it towed back at my own expense and was told that it will be ready in a couple of days.  Two days later i get a call from the Manager and to was shocked when he told me that this time the problem was NOT the transmission but that my Radiator and Water pump needed to be changed, remember when i dropped it two days earlier there were absolutely no leaks and the Radiator and water pump were just fine so instead of doing the right thing and geting the job done right as it was supposed to be done in the first place they cracked my Radiator and screwed up my water pump so that they can blame it on something else and get away with stealing $1200.  These guys are criminals so i advise everybody to STAY AWAY from them and NOT TO DO ANY BUSINESS with them
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #920313
Jul 31 2012
12:11 PM
cottman transmission Did not repair transmission greensburg, Pennsylvania
     This Greensburg Cottman is a bad apple in a barrel of other rotten apples. They  started repairs on our car without our written or verbal authorization, forged paperwork, refused to let us see alleged repairs being done,wont give receipts or old parts, lied and said that additional repairs were necessary when they werent,refused to honor the warranty, and blamed our car for being too old as an excuse not to fix it right. We had to pay another garage that was not connected to Cottman over $1,600 to fix right what Greensburg cottman screwed up.       As of Sept 2011 Greensburg Cottman has no ASE certified mechanics or electricians. Cottman corporate will not help us out eventhough we have lodged several complaints to the main office. Check out the high sba loan failure rate of  Cottman franchises. Currently 52% of Cottman franchises with sba loans  fail due to Cottman corporate not giving their francisees qualified mechanics and not weeding out dishonest garage owners like Mike Gano. Greensburg Cottman is currently up for sale for $230,000 - I wonder why? Check out their high default rate by clicking the link below. Keep away if you don't want to go through the worst experience that you will ever have with a garage.
Entity: greensburg, Pennsylvania
6, Report #918293
Jul 27 2012
08:35 AM
ALLSTATE TRANSMISSION Transmission Repair Desotp, Texas
Hello, I would like to confirm, Allstate Transmission is a total ripoff. My Truck was in an accident and I found out there was a really bad leak coming from the transmission. The service technician told me a new transmission was needed. Come to find out this was not the problem but a hose needed to be replaced. $5,500 dollars later I still have the same problem. I contacted them and ask if they would repair, was informed this is not the problem but something else. I will never take my vehicle there again...My suggestion, pay the extra money and go to a dealership where you know a warrantee comes with the deal.
Entity: Desotp, Texas
7, Report #315377
Mar 06 2008
02:30 PM
Cottman Transmission WARNING: Cottman Transmission Are Scammers! Houston Texas
On March 3rd, 2008, I began having trouble with my motor vehicle. I went to AutoZone to ask for help. They said that my transmission fluid was burnt and that I needed to get it checked up. AutoZone told me to go to Sears Auto Center to check it out. I headed my way out to Sears at about twenty miles per hour. When I came in, they said they believe it was my transmission that was the problem. With that said, they referred me to Cottman Transmission on Westheimer and Dairy Ashford. I was on my way there and barely made it. Coming in, I was happily greeted by Joe Torres, the man who I believed was trustworthy. He sat me down and explained to me the problems and seemed to know everything that was going on. After asking me questions, he took out a piece of paper and made me sign it. The only thing that was written on that piece of paper, was the three stars he wrote down, indicating where I was supposed to sign. I read this paper thoroughly and saw no where on it that I was obligated to pay 495$. When I asked him about the total cost of everything, he would reply, 495$ for the labor and no more than 700$ for the whole repair Being happy about this response, I told him my budget would only be around 700$ and that was all I could afford. Joe assured me that I had nothing to worry about and that I would be able to afford the repairs. When I came home that day, I was concerned if this auto shop was honest or shady. I quickly went online and searched for their company. The first result I found was a complaint filed on I found out that this company tricks you into paying for the labor and later on finding out that you have to pay an outstanding cost. The labor fee was used as bait to either make you pay the 2,700$ that they offer or make you pay the labor fee to get your car back. They would say anything to make you believe that you can afford the total cost of the repairs so they can begin tearing apart your transmission with your consent. Terrified, I quickly called Joe but they would not pick up. First thing in the morning on March 4th, 2008, I rushed to their auto shop with my brother. I kindly asked for my car back because I knew there was something fishy going on. Joe kept on insisting that I give them a try and repeatedly told me that the cost will not go over my budget, which was 700$. Joe never once gave me an option to check other places for different prices and explained to me that I was going to get the best deal with him. With that being said, I left with the feeling that I would only spend about 700$ in the end to repair all of my damages. Later that day, he called me and offered me two plans. One plan was 2,700$, the platinum plan. The other plan was 2,400$, the premium plan. I asked Joe, What happened to the 700$ total cost you promised me? Joe replied, I said you had to prepare for the worst He said the worst that could happen was the repairs would cost 700$-800$. Had I know it would cost over 2,000$, I would've told him to not work on the car so I wouldn't have to pay the 495$ labor fee. At this point, I was furious. I told him I wanted the car that morning so I can go somewhere cheaper and more affordable. He only told me that the total cost would be around my budget so I can get sucked into his trap and pay for the 495$ labor fee. I put him and my Aunt on three-way to let him explain to her what had just happened. My Aunt was upset and knew that this was a big scam. Joe began speaking rudely to her and later hung up because he did not want to speak anymore. I went over there as fast as I can with my sister-in-law to settle this in person. When we arrived, we found that he had already left and the auto shop was closed. Cottman Transmission says they close at 6:00pm but when we arrived there at 5:20, they have already closed. On March 5th, 2008, I went with my brother to see Joe again in the morning. We were both quite upset at the whole situation and began asking him questions. Joe began making up stories and saying he has told us all of this in the past. He has not once warned us about the cost being up to 2,700$. I asked to see the paper I signed because he failed to give me a copy of it the first day. Seeing the paper, I noticed he has modified it and added the numbers 495$ which now says that I agree on paying 495$ for the labor fee. Later on, I asked him if he was able to fax this paper to my Uncle so he can take a look over it. Joe said his fax machine was broken. This business began to irritate me, so I asked if I can have a copy of the paper then. Joe responded, We can't give you a copy of it unless we complete the repairs It was amazing how a big company like this could not provide a copy of the paper in which I signed. At the same time that my brother and I came in, we found another unhappy customer who was scammed for 4,000$. We approached the gentleman and asked for his view on this. He responded, Just pay for the 495$ and get out of here. He told us how he was tricked into paying for more than they promised. It was at that time, where I knew everything was a scam since the beginning. That same day I received a call from another man who was supposively in higher position than Joe. I told him the whole situation and then claimed I was insulting him. The situation escalated and at one point he told me that it was impossible for me to pay with my credit card because I was angry. I told him I just wanted my car back to normal. He told me that would be no problem and that I would have to bring a tow truck to take it back. The man claimed that the car would not be able to drive. So basically they want me to pay 495$ for telling me there is a problem with the car and making it inactive. He was very rude to me and unprofessionally handled the situation. On March 6th, 2008, the general manager of Aamco and Cottman Transmission gave me a call and seemed pretty nice to me in the beginning. I explained to him the situation and made him aware what this company has been doing to me. Everything he said to me was of no use. The general manager explained to me that in every situation with transmission shops, there will always be bad blood. I asked him if he could resolve this situation and the only response he gave me was, We can lower your price to 2000$ I was too angry at this untrustworthy company to even let them continue working on my car. This is a very shady business and I feel that this place needs to be shut down for good. Too many honest people are being scammed and half of them don't know they are. Moogle Houston, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Cottman Transmission
Entity: Houston, Texas
8, Report #1085893
Sep 19 2013
06:33 PM
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
9, Report #1094512
Oct 25 2013
08:12 AM
AAMCO TRANSMISSION replaced transmission Kissimmee Florida
 we were in Kissimee for a job interview we were told in Miami, that the car's pump was not pumping correctly we got to Kissimee the car gave us problem we had it tow to Aamco they were going to check what was wrong they would charge $389.00 to see what was wrong they told me the transmission was gone it was going to be $2,153.96 and that the car would be ready in two days it turn out to be 7 days because when we went to pick up the car they did not let us take it because it had a leak I spend 7 days in hotels eating bills 2 car rentals and sunpass we finally get back to Miami the car breaks I had it tow to Aamco they said it was a gear they changed it at no charge we go back to Orlando the same problem we have the car tow to Miami back to Aamco were they kept the car for 7 days did nothing and then came up with different thinghs were wrong with the car at this time we took the car we are not going to do anything with Aamco      
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida
10, Report #1208437
Feb 11 2015
03:25 PM
Mr. Transmission Milex transmission spring Texas
  Our transmission went out on our car on Saturday, January 31st. I found Mr. Transmission through the interenet and called. I spoke to the manager, Josh. He quoted me over the phone, $2200 for a tow, labor and repairs. I had him tow it to his shop. He told me it would take 2-4 days to complete. On Friday, February 6th, I called to see the status of our car, Josh told us there was more wrong than he anticipated and he was busy, so he hasn't had a chance to call. The car sat untouched for 5 days with no phone call letting us know of the damage. He stated he needed to buy a different transmission and a driver belt through Nissan. My husband called him back and said go ahead and do it. On Saturday, February 7th, I gave him $2000 to buy the new transmission from the dealership. He said there was one in the whole Houston area and he was going to be at the dealership first thing Monday morning and it would be ready Tuesday. My husband called on Monday afternoon and Josh said that they didn't get around to getting to the dealership to purchase it. We finally got the go ahead to pick it up on Wednesday, February 11th. We arrived and the car was still on the rack. They brought it down and test drove it. While test driving, we paid the last part of the bill. They brought the car around and the guy came in and said now the power steering is out. My husband asked if the fluid was full, they said yes. He asked if they filled it and they said no. My husband went to get into the car and it is so hard to turn now. My husband got out of the car and confronted the manager. The manager claimed that it was a coincidence that it broke on their rack and they had to refill the fluid. We stated that he just said that they did not have to refill it and he started back pedalling on his words. They refused to take ownership of their mistake. They manager got in my husband's face and started threatening him to the point that one of his workers had to pull him back and then called the cops. They refused to fix what they messed up. When we brought the car in, there was nothing wrong with the power steering and now it is completely messed up. 
Entity: spring, Texas
11, Report #1384181
Jul 09 2017
10:08 AM
mr transmission texas transmission repair Milex Scam Artist Houston Texas
Stay away from Antoine location in Houston, Texas!They had my daughters car for 13 weeks! They made her prepay to take the car.It was a run around for 13 weeks. Lie after lie after lie.Today we sat in the shop for 4 hrs. We were not leaving until we got the car. We were not the only hot customers demanding their car either. One was an HPD officer. They are also operating under 2 names. They owners phone was not working. I have never experienced liars like this group. It is a family run business. Father, son and his wife. Con artist. They use a cell phone, no business line in the place. The son was dropping F bombs at me! They do not have any capital to buy parts or basics. We had to go out to buy their parts. They collected her money in advance too. I rate them an F-! Next morning car not running!
12, Report #110886
Sep 30 2004
12:25 PM
Tanner Transmission ripoff Ogden Utah
On september 10, 2004 I went with my son to Tanner Transmission concerned on the work that had been done on a 1995 Dodge Avenger 6 cyl car. They had done a dynastic test for free and told me It needed transmission. I authorized them to over haul the transmission which cost me $2086.00. He drove the car home and found it was still doing the same thing. the same day took it back was told they forgot to clear the code from the computer.the next day it was still doing the same thing. He returned the car to Tanner in which they sent it to Salt Lake City Utah. TO EXPRESS AUTO CARE they said it had undeterminate problem and might need a new computer for $536.00 plus sales. I have talked with Bob at Tanner and Ron at Express Auto and was told it would not cost me anything to have the care checked out. I have called consumer Protection Div when they would not deliver my car back from Salt Lake to the Ogden office. Everytime I call I was told the driver took it to his home and on the 10th of september it wasn't even picked up yet from Express Auto, when I called them. I now have my car it is stuck in reverse I Called Blayne Tanner Owners son said Ogden office is a ripoff, laughed at us and told me I had nothing to do with my sons car and we left the business listening to another person yelling and being yelled at by Bob and he has been rip-off- this truck not fixed and was going to get a lawyer. Bob turn to us and said take your paper and I don't care if you sign them and get out of here your car in coming on the flat bed now. The car had over 100 miles on it- Question- they claimed it went to slc and back on a flat bed. The car in stuck in reverse and I talked to Blayne Tanner today on the phone. He said we could pay for a new transmission and computer at another shop can do the work. As for the warranty it is not worth the paper its written on- try to prove- I'll deny everything. He hung up on me. Vickie Ogden, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Ogden, Utah
13, Report #4358
Feb 03 2001
12:00 AM
Transmission Repair--How to Advocate and WIN!
I had a transmission serviced a while ago after the gears began slipping at about 66,000 miles on a vehicle that was approx. 3 years old at the time. While the themes were similar to some shared here, I was able to learn some valuable lessons regarding consumer advocacy and conflict resolution. Being female, one of the biggest strikes is walking into a service shop and requesting service, most places will upcharge right from the get-go, or assume you are dumber than a box of rocks. Wrong! Long story short, the shop agreed to look at my car, called me at work to authorize an approximate $300 charge to look at my transmission. The important part of the story here is that AT NO TIME DID THEY INDICATE THAT MY TRANSMISSION WOULD BE PULLED AND DISASSEMBLED. Never having transmission work done before, it was certainly their job to explain this, have signed work orders for liability purposes, etc. Of course, the end result was a repair bill for over 2K, one I could not afford to pay, which I explained to them. By this time, they explained in very politically correct terms that they had me over a barrel. SOUND FAMILIAR??? My basic problem with the whole situation was several fold: 1) A CLASSIC bait and switch 2) Lack of written work order with full disclosure instructions to consumer 3) Most transmission shops can give a very good BALLPARK estimate based upon findings in the fluid/model/year/mileage. BUT, how many of us could afford to have work done on the spot unless we are given a compelling reason, AKA being under duress and being ripped off? Most of us may wait several months to gather together the money. AND this classic scheme also CONVENIENTLY keeps MOST of us from getting a second opinion. NOT ME! As I was to find out in dealing with some very nice Consumer Protection people in my state, a repair shop Cannot charge separately for a repair that, by its nature, causes a further repair. They went on to affirm all three of the bases, illustrated above. I was also able to deliver to them COMPELLING EVIDENCE which I recorded on a MINIATURE CASSETTE RECORDER talking to the shop manager!! End result: Transmission shop had to pay the local dealership for replacement of my transmission. Don't stand for crappy service, lack of respect and common business ethics. Technology affords us many ways of covering our assets.....use them AND see if you have similar state laws. God Bless!
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #3802
Jan 23 2001
12:00 AM
Overcharged At Ryan's Transmission
After ordering and installing a shifter bracket to replace a broken one I noticed that although it fit, it placed the shifter too close to my leg and needed to be shortened. NOTE: It took me 30 minutes to replace. The Job: Shorten a shifter mounting bracket. Entails removing approximately 1 section of 3/8 inch thick steel from bracket and rewelding, then reinstall and adjust linkage. NOTE: TRANSMISSION DOESN'T NEED TO BE DROPPED. Bracket and linkage can easily be accessed through tunnel cover which I had already removed. Friday: Mike (the owner of Ryan's Transmission) suggested that I drop off my truck Monday so he could get started. Monday: After dropping off at 10:00am I return at 4:45pm to pick up my car. Mike told me that he forgot to check his box and never realized that i dropped off my truck even though I had talked to two employees, filled out paperwork and gave them my keys. Tuesday: 4:00pm I called to let them know I was coming to pick it up. They said not ready, come tomorrow. I questioned why what I had estimated to be a three hour job at most was taking so long. After placing me on hold four times they still had no explanation (Mike was not around). The discussion got heated, they would not give me Mike's cell number so I could find out what was going on so I hung up and drove down there. When I arrived I asked if Mike was there No. I told them they had already had my truck two days and three was out of the question. I told them I wanted my truck, my keys, my parts, and that would pay for the work that was done. This began a heated arguement 30min later they finally complied, however as a final F U to me they charged me for 5hrs labor at $68 an hour... for an incomplete job that should have taken 2hrs at $45 an hour.
Entity: Lake Forest, California
15, Report #789209
Oct 15 2011
05:47 PM
mr. transmission RIPPED OFF Internet
This company has had my vehicle over 2 weeks when they promised to have it ready 3 days after i brought it to them. Every day i call i get an excuse as to why they have not started repairing my transmission yet. I called from outside of the shop once and was told that they were working on my vehicle at the time of the call, but my vehicle was parked outside of the work area in the same spot it has been in since i brought it to them. they are very unprofessional and i would not recommend their service to anyone. 
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #953841
Oct 11 2012
02:37 PM
1Stop Transmission Rip off scam Internet
I bought my first transmission back in March of 2011. I have the 2 year warranty with it. Everything went fine when I first got it. It shipped out quickly. Then it all started. The transmission went out in April 2012. I called them and spoke to Gabriel Navarro and he told me he would send out the new one in a week. We'll a month goes by and nothing. I called again and spoke to Gabriel and he stated he had trouble finding the specific transmission and that he located one and he needed a week to have it ready. Again,  Nothing. I waited about 3 weeks and called him back and their phone was disconnected. I can't understand how they rip people off like they do. I have read several post where people have been ripped off from the same company. John Decker is a major player of these scam artist. What makes it worse is that Ebay is allowing them to keep using their sites to hurt people. I want to find out more information on these guys so I can sue them. I will go down there myself and take care of them. Any and all information I can get will help.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #204985
Aug 07 2006
08:39 PM
Fraziers Transmission ripoff Gulfport Mississippi
I took my truck to Frazier's transmission for a complete rebuil ,they told me it would take three days,I got it back a week later. The next day it Quit working again. I returned it to them and asked that they repair it as I had paid for a one year warranty. They returned it to me and after 6.000 miles it Quit again. After that I have called him numerous times. He refuses to honor the warranty. I do not use the vehicle for work or abuse it in any way Charles biloxi, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Gulfport, Mississippi
18, Report #212436
Sep 23 2006
02:08 PM
Cottman Transmission ripoff Killeen Texas
On August 30, 2006 my husband and I took our 2001 Dodge Stratus R/T to Cottman Transmission in Killeen, Tx. We informed the manager on duty whose name is Bo that our transmission was slipping. He performed the 21 plus free transmission inspection and stated there was a little bit of metal in the transmission fluid but that was normal due to the mileage on the car. He said all we would need to have done was the transguard service. We paid $120.00 cash. All he gave us was a receipt in which he typed up on word. Within 24 hours of having the transmission serviced my husband was driving down the road and the transmission went out. I contacted Bo immediately after and informed him of what happened and asked for the original work order on the car. He stated they did not do one since we paid cash and he gave us a $20.00 discount. I asked him for his reasoning behind that and he said it was so their cooperate office would not receive the invoice. When I explained what exactly happened to the car he said the transguard service may have expidited the transmission going out. In turn I asked for my money back but I was informed he would not do it but in turn would take that money off any work that needed to be done. I refused to bring my car back to him. After spending $250.00 to have the transmission pulled at another transmission shop we found the transmission fluid was never replaced during the service from Cottman. What ended up happening was a small piece of metal went through the filter and destroyed the pump. The car needed a complete over haul on the transmission which totalled up to $2200.00, not including the towing and pulling the transmission. The day I found out what had happened I contacted Cottman Cooperate office and was speaking to a Mr. Millili. I asked for my $120.00 back plus half the cost to repair the transmission. At first he was helpful but now he won't respond back to me. Please do not take your car there, they will rip you off and then try to get more money out of you. All I want is justice!!!! Kristina Killeen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Killeen, Texas
19, Report #275956
Sep 25 2007
10:50 AM
24 Hour Transmission, Or Nationwide Transmission, Or Coast To Coast Transmission, Or Transmission-1 Deceptive Selling and Major Scam Denton Texas Nationwide
It all started with me needing a cheap option for fixing the transmission in my 1998 Ford Exporer. I searched on Google for a cost effective option, and the first web-site that popped up was a site claiming rebuilt transmissions for $997.00 and up. Too good to be true, but it was a start, so I called them to find out more. I called their number and a sales rep named Curly answered the phone. I told him my situation. My Explorer would only go into reverse, and not forward. He proceeded to say that was a good thing, and that I would only need a soft part repair. Not knowing anything about transmissions I was satisfied with his explanation on how he came to that conclusion. He proceeded to say that his company could fix my transmission for $1297.00 plus taxes. He even said that there was a special going on, and he had reduced that price from $1497.00. I asked him 4 to 5 times if that price was firm, and that there would be no surprises. He confirmed over and over that is all that it would cost. Once again I was satisfied with his explanation. After all, I had gotten quotes from other companies, and they were quoting $2500.00. I was blinded by these supposed savings. I told him that I would take the deal. Next, the company faxed over a contract with the quoted price built into it. There was one problem. The verbage mentioned that there would be an additional cost incurred if a hard part repair was needed. So I called Curly right away, and said that everything looks great except for this part about hard parts. Not knowing anything about transmissions, Curly explained to me once again that because my vehicle still goes into reverse, I only have soft part transmission problems, and that line is put into their contracts for extreme situations that are clearly not my case. I once again took the time to reconfirm that there would be no surprises, and that I was going to be paying $1297.00 for my vehicle to be fixed. Once again Curly reassured me of this, and once again I was satisfied. This is where I should have been smarter, but I was blinded by the savings that this company was claiming to be offering me. They were in a huge rush to get my signed contract with my credit card #, so they can get the ball rolling for me. I did just that, and faxed it right back to them. The next day (Friday) things seemed okay. They called me in the A.M. and set up a time for a tow truck driver to pick up my vehicle. That went smoothly, and it was sent to a transmission shop here in Cincinnati that 24 hour transmission supposedly had a relationship with. All went smoothly. That night is when I started to get suspicious. The transmission shop called me, and asked me if they could examine my transmission, which would cost me $400.00. I told him that I was quoted $1297.00 for the whole job, and the gentlemen from the transmission shop proceeded to say that it would take a magic wand to fix it for that price. I came to find out later that the transmisson shop had never worked with this company before. (More on that later) Still optimistic, but a little skeptical, I call 24 Hour Transmissions later that night. I am now talking to a Jeff. He makes the arrangements for 24 Hour Transmission. When I call him he plays dumb, and says that he doesn't know why the transmission shop called me for the extra $400.00 to examine my transmission. He also tells me that the transmission shop is now closed, and it won't open until after the weekend on Monday morning. I am told to wait till then to find out when my transmission repair will be complete. Monday morning, I call the transmission shop, and see what is going on. The transmission shop tells me to call 24 Hour Transmission, adn to not call them with questions. This is when I first find out that the transmission shop is caught up in this scam just like I am. The gentlemen at the transmission shop got a call from 24 Hour Transmission out of the blue. 24 Hour Transmission said that they have a client, and asked the transmission shop if he would like to do the work. Of course he said yes. No relationship, no supposed savings! So I call 24 Hour Transmission. I talk to Jeff again. He proceeds to say that I need to sign the receipts for the $1297.00, and that he will fax them over to me. At this time the money has already been taken out of my account. I remind him that is the total that I was quoted for the whole job. For the first time he gives me the impression that the repair is going to cost me more then the $1297. So I start asking questions. Once again he plays dumb, and wants me to just sign the receipts for the $1297.00. He says that he doesn't know anything about what is going on with the repair, but he won't say that it is only going to cost me $1297.00. I refuse to sign the receipts until I get answers. I am told that I need to talk to Rich, and Rich is busy. He will call me later. Rich calls. He calls me with a sense of disbelief. He has never seen a transmission with such damage!(imagine that) By the way this guy, in my opinion, is a real Jerk. They are all a part of the scam, but he is clearly the mastermind. He proceeds to tell me that the repair is going to cost me $3100.00!!! A far cry from $1297, and a far cry from the no surprises that I was promised from Curly. I explain to Rich what I was promised from Curly, and he can't believe that Curly would say those things. He tells me to call Curly, because all calls are recorded, and I need to ask Curly for a copy of the tape. I call Curly right away. I can't wait to get my hands on this tape! Curly answers, and he denies everything, so I ask him for the tape. Amazingly he is in the middle of moving his office, and he didn't record our conversaton. What a convenient occurrence! I am beyond pissed now! So I hang up on Curly, and call Rich back. He basically tells me that I am out of luck, and that I signed a contract with his company. So now the $1297 is out of my account, and my vehicle is sitting in a transmission shop waiting for me to pay the $3100.00. As it stands, I am out $1297.00, and I still have a vehicle with a blown transmission. This company is a fraud. All they do is pick up the yellow pages and call a transmission shop local to you, and they set up the repair. They then profit off of the work that the transmission shop has done. They are blatantly ripping people off. The funny part is they don't even do transmissions in their home town. They are a welding company: Denton Welding and Machine! Please take my advice and stay away from this shady company. Carl Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas
20, Report #1108232
Dec 19 2013
07:01 AM
Aamco Transmission Misrepresentation Decatur Georgia
I went to Aamco Transmission because my 1997 Chrysler Sebring needed to past emissions in order to get my tags renewed. I took it to the emission place first, and they reported that I had a Torque converter clutch circuit malfunction, an 02 sensor as well as a transmission control system malfunction. I took the printed malfunctions to Aamco transmission on North Decatur Rd. and before even inspecting it they told me it was the solenoid pack and that it would cost $525. Now, I didn't pay them right away because I had prior pending responsibilities, but after I gave them the go ahead to do the work he also promised me that he will drive it around to get it ready to past emissions. Aamco never iniated phone calls, I always had to call and check and to see when my car was ready. I pick up the car and pay for it. I drove it that same day to my mechanic to get the 02 sensor replaced, my mechanic informed me that it was still the torque converter clutch circuit malfunction codes popping up and he observed an oil leak. So, I took it back to Aamco the next day and told them that my check engine light came on reading the same problems and that I had an oil leak. Aamco told me that they will check out the leak and that the codes had to be wrong. I had to call them to see if my car was ready for pick up again, and sure it enough it was but AAMCO say they checked the check engine light and that it was because of the 02 sensor, so I took it to Advance auto and they confirmed what my mechanic had informed me, that it was the same codes pertaining to the Torque converter clutch. So, I took it back to Aamco and left it with them, they took two additional weeks to get back to me, Aamco said that they replaced the solenoid pack again. I drove it again for a few days, check engine light came back on. Aamco said well they can't do anything else about it, maybe it's the battery. I took the battery to get recharged, brought the car back to aamco and let them run the test again and the same codes appeared. Then Aamco told me maybe it's the wiring, so I took the car to get the wiring looked at, after Aamco informed me when they ran a wiring test on the car that they couldn't see a discrepancy in the wiring. The electrical shop told me that there was nothing wrong with the wiring as well. I go back to Aamco and at this point I'm frustrated and just want my money back, he tells me the best he could do was credit it to the rebuild of my transmission. So, I asked did the rebuild of my transmission cost $525, he said no. I was like well I would like my money back and you can keep your solenoid pack just put my old one back. In my head I'm like my chrysler isn't worth that much money. Aamco informes me that, that's the best they can do. So, I go to the courthouse and file a small claims against them. I go back up there and ask if he was willing to refund my money, he said the best he could do was $200 for the labor. In my opinion, I didn't give him $150 to do a $525 job, and he shouldn't try to give me a portion of my money back when I paid a lot more. I paid him in full to fix the torque converter clutch, and because its still not complete then I need my full payment back...   
Entity: Decatur, Georgia
21, Report #1179491
Sep 26 2014
12:55 PM
Tanner Transmission Former Manager SLC utah
Entity: Utah
22, Report #1315808
Jul 08 2016
02:55 PM
Valley transmission Cons Cleveland Ohio
 This place is so unprofessional and so much of cons they have had my ride for a month now I've have took my ride there since last year an they still fixing the same thing they do not do good work at all that was the worst thing I chould have ever did those people there are the worst I've ever seen I don't know how they are still running I have took my ride there over 5 times for them to fix the same thing every time that old man is too old to be doing anything when I do get my ride back I don't care if it's fixed or not I'll NEVER EVER go back there for no reason I wouldn't let those bums wash my ride let alone work on it again I've got to be the biggest fool n Ohio to ever take anything there
Entity: Cleveland , Ohio
23, Report #1267352
Nov 11 2015
04:13 PM
Elite transmission Derrick Internet
 My truck went into elite transmission shop to be rebuilt. I took it in they did the work. About 2 1/2 months later the transmission went out again for the same thing a crack casing on the transmission. OK this time they had my truck for a month and 3 weeks now I'm really frustrated because I have to take taxi rides and ask friends for rides to and from work and any other places I may need to go. So they did the work again finally so now i had to pay additional money to get it out because transmission casings are not under they warranty but I get my truck back after i get off work and get to there location before they close and check out how it shifts and everything and drive off because they are closing up for the day. Well when I get home and inspect my truck I have some damage on the back right side quarter panel. So I called that very next day at 8am to let them know that I notice some damage to my vehicle they told me to bring it up there so they could take a look at it. I did and he looked at it took a pic and told me they go review camera video and ask the mechanics about it but of course they didn't feel that they was at fault. So 2 months later it goes out again for the same thing a crack casing. I had it towed up there without there help and now they finally find out what was causing it to go out. A bad U joint. So ok I'm like now they should have looked at all that the very 1st time because you have to look at everything that's dealing or connected to it to make sure wit what's going on with it. But now they don't wanna warranty my transmission and charge me almost $800 to fix it. So now it will over $2500 I would have put into this rebuilt transmission instead of a new 1 that it seems like I have paid so much for.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1110760
Dec 27 2013
05:29 AM
Transmission 33 Einstein Transmission Repair, Larry Duncan Transmission SCAMED!!!! Grand Prarie Texas
 This repair shop has my car and wants 2443.20 for transmission repair. I did not authorize them to fix it. I did not sign nothing. They want me to deposit money into a Bank of America account. They have scammed many people. Its all over google. They went by Einstein Transmission Repair, Larry Duncan Transmission and many other names. Manger is Larry Duncan. If you google his name PLEASE HELP! Im disabled (parlized)in a wheelchair and they have a car I got my 16 yr old son.
Entity: Grand Prarie, Texas
25, Report #317964
Mar 14 2008
01:40 PM
NationWide Transmission/ 24Hr Transmission frandulant repair of my 3000gtvr4 transmission Denton Texas
Calling the phone number listed, after watching the video clip, I spoke to a Curly Brown the nationwide representative. I described the make and model of the car as well as the difficulty with the synco's in second gear. I had been driving the car for several years just avoid downshifting to second. I wanted to sell the car and wanted to fix the transmission if the cost was reasonable. I had already had an approximation of $1,800 from a local transmission place. Their workload required a couple of weeks to repair. In talking with Curly he said the car would be picked up that afternoon and sent to one of their Authorized repair facilities and the cost would be $1,504 +$17.00(processing fee). He assured me that the problem was a minor one and could be repaired quickly and for that price. This included a new clutch and all labor involved with the repair. I consented the tow truck arrived an hour later picked up the car. The tow truck driver did not have a destination as yet to where the car would be delivered. He said that he was to call back in when the car was loaded and they would transport it to the facility or to their yard until the final details had been worked out. He said their was some kind of mix up and it was being straightened out. I waited about 10 days and contacted Nationwide by email as to where my car had gone and if it was finished. I received a reply From Juan Rivera their shop foreman. His reply was that their Repair facility wanted over $5,000 to repair my transmission and that they were having the transmission shipped to Texas to have it repaired in their shop. They were still awaiting the transmission . I waited another week before I contacted them again. i had found a phone number. So I called. Again Asking for Juan (He was no in at that time, but I continued to call until I was able to talk to him ( a day later). He stated that the transmission had just arrived that their authorized repair facility had held them up. He stated that every time the truck went to the authorized facility that either they weren't there or it was packaged for shipping incorrectly. They said it took 4 or 5 trips to get it on the truck to be shipped. I again waited another week to see how the repair was gong and it they had shipped it back yet. I received an email that everyone in Georgia must have had to repair their transmission and that they hadn't gotten to it yet. I think this was a stall for time while they were trying to locate used parts. about a week later I got a phone call from Juan who handed the phone to Richard to discuss the bad news that the Hard Parts were more expensive and the total cost was now $3,900. I'm stuck at this point. My car is in a shop that I don't know where its located. My transmission is in Texas torn apart sitting on some work bench. I don't dare have them put it back together and ship it back >Who knows what they would do to the working transmission from my car. They wanted another $1,300 to cover the parts and the rest when the job was complete. So, I credit carded the $1300. I called again to check on progress and Juan was no loger an employee and John Randall (Rambo) was In charge. He assured me that the repairs were being completed and he personally put the transmission on the truck for shipment. Another couple of days passed, and a phone call later to check on progress, I was able to squeeze out of them the name of their authorized dealer located here in town. I found their address in the phone book. Upon locating the authorized dealer Acceleration Transmission, I drove over to look at the facility. I drove by the garage door was open and their was my car up on the rack I assumed that because it was on the rack that they had received the transmission and was putting my car back together. (Wrong) After a couple of days of driving by I stopped in to find out what was going on. I met and talked with James The new manager. He informed me of the nightmare They had received a call from Nationwide to do what they thought was an warranty type of repair. He showed me the estimate that they had send Nationwide and it was over $5,000. He later confessed that it took several time to ship my transmission. Once the fluid needed to be drained. It wasn't shrink wrapped. Etc.. He showed me the Authorized amount that Nationwide had allowed them for their services $1.304.00. This bill was for removing, diagnosing, shipping, storage, and any other costs related. James was upset because they had the car on the rack for the entire time. Probably 6 or 7 weeks. He was charging storage time of $30.00 a day instead of their $300 a day rack time. In any event the transmission still was not delivered to their shop yet and then I showed them my paper work for $3,900 ($2,600 of which they had already received) It states that I am not supposed to pay any money to the authorized dealer' That they are NationWides clients and they will pay them. (Thus the 1300 authorized amount from Nationwide) A couple of days later I received a phone call from James at Acceleration and that I should come down immediately and look at the transmission that was returned. Upon examination. One of the mounts had been broken and JB Welded (something gluing). and the access plug had been enlarged so the plug would no longer work. Everything had been nicely painted (This was to hide these problems so no one would notice them). Nationwide damaged my core $1,000 and maybe repaired by transmission for $2,600. At this point I'm out at $3,900. Acceleration wouldn't let me take my car without paying them and my car still isn't back together again. The owner of Acceleration Lesle , James the manager and I finally get a hold of John Randall on the phone. We explained the condition of the transmission when it arrived (the shipping company truck driver noted the condition on the paperwork when he delivered it). John from nationwide accused accelation and wanted the transmission shipped back to Texas. I found the rip off reports about this company and felt that send anything else to this outfit was a waste. I suggested that they send one of their many core to me and that I would find another transmission shop and have them swap the interworkings into the other core. Then acceleration could complete the job and Nationwide could take care of their authorized Dealers dispute of time, storage, clutch, etc. Thing turned ugly, Acceleration tried to recover their authorized amount for NationWide. I was told twice by John Randall to pay the remaining $1,300 to Acceleration and that would settle the matter. However, I still didn't have a transmission and a car up on the rack accumulating storage time and more. I located a used transmission In Tennesse with approximately the same mileage as mine 75,000 for about $2,000. Bought it had it shipped to Acceleration and installed. I now have $2,800 (Nationwide)+$2,000, (another used transmission)+$2,600 to Acceleration. Removal and install plus their bill to recover from me what they couldn't get from Nationwide) my $1,500 repair cost me $7,400 The Washington State Attorneys office replied that Nationwide would not answer their correspondence and that the matter would be turned over to the fraud department. No help so far. wayne University place, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Denton, Texas

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