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1, Report #601486
May 09 2010
09:09 PM
Publish America Book Publishers wont pay royalties Internet
They have not paid royalty checks for over a year. They have failed to fulfill their side of the contract. I want out of the contract, to receive my royalties and get the pdf files of all of my books!!
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #130794
Feb 09 2005
06:52 PM
Publishers Direct Services ripoff Miami Florida
I was contacte at my place of employment, and like another report I read, the magazines sounded like a great deal. I was not told that I would not be able to cancel my subscription at any time. After a couple of months, I decided to move and go to school. No longer being able to afford the subscription I asked to cancel. I was told that I would not be able to cancel the subscription, if I did, I would have to pay the remaining balance which at the time was over $1000.00. I was furious. Not having $1000.00 to pay I have kept paying the monthly fee. About 3 months after the initial phone call, I received another phone call offering an even better deal for only another $15 per month. I never actually agreed as I did not want the original subscription. So, not only am I paying the 24.90 a month I am paying another $15. As I was looking over the accout the payment is taken from, I noticed the the $15 was taken out 4 times. I tried to call the number but it was after hours, then I tried to get on their website, but it is constantly unavailable. I am furious about this company and would love for something to be done about the situation. Michelle lakewood, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
3, Report #115291
Oct 29 2004
06:26 PM
National Financial Publishers ripoff Riverside California
I placed an order with this company for some grant books using my credit card, but never received. Gary adelanto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
4, Report #216376
Oct 18 2006
07:24 AM
MAYRAND PUBLISHERS ripoff Champlain New York
One of our managers got a call from this company stating that they were calling about a renewal to the White Pages - so our manager gets a call from Quality Assurance) and confirmed the information that they had and you know they got her on tape confirming the address and information for them - THEN arriving in the mail is a CD that she never requested (but on their tape she is being told all about it) and an invoice for $409.90 TOTAL dated 9/25 but not arriving until the second week in OCTOBER - conveniently AFTER the 14 day period stated on the invoice that you have to cancel and ship back the stupid thing. She called them and got a MARK in Accounts Receivable - who was a condescending jerk to her- he said he would check into it and call her back and NEVER did - at this point she sends it to me in Accounts Payable to handle. I called them on 10/16 and left a message with our company name, my phone # and the invoice #. Two days later this MARK person calls me back and is totally condescending to me and acting like we don't have any other option but to pay for this RIP-OFF that they pulled on us. ANYWAY, I got them to play the recording of our manager to me and taped it myself so I could play it for the manager in question - she says YEP it was her on the tape (I already knew that) BUT that the other person on the line is not the same person she talked to. HMMMM - so makes me assume that they are not only ripping off unsuspecting businesses they are tampering with the recordings of the conversations to justify the invoice sent out. Another thing - I went to the website that MARK told me we were supposedly listed on as part of this rip-off ( and low and behold this is what I got at the top of the page NOTICE:This Domain Name EXPIRED on 10/08/06 and is pending renewal or deletion talk about adding insult to injury. Needless to say we are NOT paying this invoice DeeDee Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
5, Report #820173
Jan 09 2012
02:50 PM
American Publishers Services Dishonest Morristown, Tennessee
I was contacted and told that I had won a $500 Wal-Mart gift card and a magazine subscription for five years.  I was told all I was going to have to do was pay the shipping for the magazines.  They then asked me if I was willing to pay the shipping which was going to be a one time fee of $49.90.  I said I agreed.They proceded to ask me for my credit card or debit card number for the $49.90 which I gave them.  I gave it to them thinking they were legit.  They took the $49.90 out, then told me it was going to be once a month.  I told them I could not afford that. They said I could not cancel because I had agreed to it earlier in the conversation.  I do feel they lyed to me about winning the gift card and the magazine subscription.  I have NEVER received anything in the mail from them. Not the gift card or a magazine.  Not even something to fill out about which magaines I wanted.  These people are a rip off.  DO NOT speak to them.  If they call you HANG UP!!!!!
Entity: Morristown, Tennessee
6, Report #280605
Oct 24 2007
11:02 AM
SEF Publishers Major Ripoff Bradenton Florida
I have been doing bussness with this company for over a yaer now. To begin with the charged me double a couple of months. I called to find out what the problem was I was told it was a mistake but the subscription will just be paid off all the sooner. So I said fine but it cant happen again cause $58.27 twice a month is gonna hurt me my budget.He said it wont happen again he was taking care of it will I was on the phone with him. It continued to happen and I called often to have it taken care of. I said if you cant get it taken care of I need to cancel my account the told me I couldn't. Then after I should have already been paid off they charged $582.70 Which caused my account to over draft. I called and was very upset. They did refund that amount right away. And said my account is paid in full. I told them I believed I was being over charged for months. So I double checked my account and I had to print out my personal bank statements as far back as I could and faxed it to them on in the end of September. They did send me a check for $306.00 and said the account is closed. They were suposed to send me a leter stating that a month ago I still havent recieved it and have been charged over $400.00 since the account was supposidly closed. I call every time I get charged and all I have to do is say my first name and they transfer my to a superviser. I asked what in the heck is causeing the problem and she said it is a computer error. I also asked if this is happening or has ever happened to other customers and they said NO>>>> Well that was a im waiting tfor a letter and another refund of $285.35 This company is very shady dont ever do busness with them!!!!!!! Faith Brodhead, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
7, Report #46715
Feb 24 2003
11:03 AM
National Publishers Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
this company started sending me different publications I never ordered, like Times, Fortune magazines among others. I would like to be taken off their list of clients, which I was never one to begin with. it is very difficult to cancel multiple subscriptions I never ordered, and it is impossible to contact this company so they can stop sending me these publications I do not want. Ruben Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
8, Report #1412349
Dec 14 2017
10:22 AM
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd They stole $3000AUD from me and never published my book
Dont waste your money on these crooks. They extorted thousands of dollars out of me, and never bothered to even proof read my book, never mind publish it. Their contract isnt worth the paper that its written on. They kept my manuscript for six months and did absolutely nothing with it, even after I paid them $3000 AUD, and they are refusing to give me a refund! Do yourself a favour and find a reputable publisher instead, as AM wouldnt know what integrity is, even if it hit them on their head. To sum it up, they are nothing more than thieves and liars. They never communicate with you, and ignore all attempted communication and requests of a refund, since they have done no work on my manuscript at all.
9, Report #616103
Jun 22 2010
10:29 AM
Publish America Book Publishers gave me a release date on a book that no one can order Internet
Publish America published a book for me and I was given a release date of May 24,2010, on June 26th I had a book signing at borders which had to be cancelled because no one can order the book. It's either out of stock, on demand but you still can't get it, I have called publish America which you get an answering machine and no one calls you back. When I am done here I intend to call the Attorney Generals Office to put a complaint in against them.  We should all get together and get a class action suit against them. Let all get together and get a class action suit going .  Please email me. This company should not be allowed to operate. I think we all agree on that principle, well lets not cry about what they are doing lets do something.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #938547
Sep 08 2012
08:00 PM
Shiel & Denver Book Publishers Beware of Shiel and Denver Book Publisher's fraudulent business practices. Houston, Texas
Shiel & Denver Book Publishers have an elaborate and attractive webpage.  For $799.00 they offer many perks.  These include the following:  quick publication of your book, full color pictures inside and full color cover, worldwide retail distribution, one-on-one author support, money back guarantee, local bookstore availability, 50% author royalties and quarterly royalty payments, personalized back cover and spine, author webpage in the S & D bookstore, online book sales and royalty accounting, e-book distribution and availability, and free soft-cover copies to the author. Shiel & Denver published my book in August.  In my case, they did not deliver on any of these services.  Here is what Shiel & Denver did for this author:  1) They took three months so publish my book.  2) They were slow and inadequate in responding to my inquiries as to their progress on the book  3) They did not edit my book or even read it.  4) They did not and will not distribute my book to any bookstore.  5) They did list my book for sale online at and Barnes & Noble. However, both online stores showed no cover design for the book - only the words (not available). 6) My book was not featured as a new release in either online bookstore.  7) When a friend brought me a copy of the book for me to autograph, I was appalled when I saw the inferior quality of this paperback.  The back cover of the book was a black wordless page.  The photos inside were black-and-white photocopies that were so obscure that they were unrecognizable.  8) When I registered my complaints about their shabby treatment of my book and me (its author), they were slow to reply.  When they did reply, the tenor of the response was vindictive.  Without a doubt, Shiel & Denver is a fraudulent publishing company.  I have been ripped off and plan to participate in a class action suit against Shiel and Denver.
Entity: Houston, Texas
11, Report #951379
Oct 05 2012
03:17 PM
International Masters Publishers IMP Company Ripoff Montoursville, Pennsylvania
 I started getting Mind, Body, Spirit Collection last year. I thought it would be a good collection to have considering it included, Yoga, Feng Shui, Crystals, Herbs, Aromatherapy, Astrology, etc. I started getting the cards and the binders with no problem and it wasn't until about two months ago that I noticed that I still needed like a hundred cards to complete the set.  And, it was starting the get old and looking forward to completing the set. No, I didn't added up how much it was costing me because I thought it was a good set to have for future use. I had three binders and was noticing that the binders were completely full and couldn't put anymore in, so I contacted IMP about purchasing another binder. Which they responded pretty quickly and said they would send one out without cost. Cool. I waited a month and didn't get it so I contacted them again and they asked for me to wait another week. If I didn't get it to contact them again. Which I did when it didn't arrive and they said they'd send out another, which I did 3 weeks later.  I had also noticed that the cards stopped coming and I still needed 81 cards to complete the set. I called and they said that they discontinued the set and couldn't get anymore cards. So, I also contacted the customer service rep that I had been coresponding with reference the binder. I received notification today that there wouldn't be anymore cards.  So, now I don't have a complete set and missing 81 cards. This is a ripoff and I would recommend anyone considering starting their collection, don't.  Save yourself the money and headache. I hope they go out of business.  
Entity: Montoursville, Pennsylvania
12, Report #77962
Jan 23 2004
06:31 PM
United Sales And Book Publishers ripoff North Miami Beach Florida
I sent $139 in December and the check was cashed in early January. I have yet to receive the goods. Margot Vallejo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: North Miami Beach, Florida
13, Report #534355
Dec 05 2009
11:09 AM
Publish America Book Publishers,, To categorize these people with the nazis, would be an insult to the nazis, Internet
My search for these jokers began, with a blog which I had read on a popular poetry website. The blogger boasted how she landed a 7 book contract with publish america. Wow!... I thought to myself. I contacted the company, and things seemed to be okay. I was then told that they only accept one manuscript at a time, and that there are no contracts for multiple submissions. Seems this blogger was a publish america plant Then I get a contract which I had signed, giving the publisher 7 years of possession of my book. I got that big one dollar advance on my book, which is an insult.  I received no real author support, just the printed book, and no information on my royalties, and the structure of the royalties. If you're an attorney, and you're reading this...I would like to nail these morons to the wall.
Entity: Frederick, Maryland, Internet
14, Report #1137987
Apr 11 2014
06:02 AM
Entity: Internet
15, Report #272543
Sep 05 2007
12:11 PM
Publishers Business Services - Publishers Direct FRAUD SCAM Miami Florida
Publishers Business Services makes calls to persons at work, promissing to arrange for magazines to be sent at a discount, for as much as 5 years. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO TRACK YOUR MONEY. THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY but ANOTHER COMPANY places the subscription order with the magazines. That company is DIRECT BUSINESS SERVICES and is known by mags as the agency and they use various Florida addresses. There is NO RECORD OF THIS company's name with the Secretary of State in Florida, Nevada or California (ones I searched). When you want to CANCEL WITH MAGAZINE they say you MUST CONTACT THE AGENCY who placed the order. Also, the Magazines will NOT reveal if any money has been paid to them. They say all info MUST come from the Agency. A full investigation MAY reveal that many magazine publishers are PART OF THE SCAM and benefit greatly by getting extreme amounts of money from you through this phantom AGENCY with whom you never contracted. Magazines agree to cancel your issues, and PUBLISHERS BUSINESS SERVICES KEEPS all your money. So question is WHAT DID THEY DO WITH YOUR MONEY? File complaint with the Attorney General of your state and Florida and Nevada. Also file complaint with FTC if they harass you. And report your experience to Ripoff Report so others will know about this scam. Mary Oceanside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
16, Report #1168346
Aug 08 2014
08:08 AM
Entertainment Book Charges your card without consent Nationwide
I ordered the $5 special Entertainment Book for 2014. It was on sale simply because the year was half over (I ordered in June 2014). In the prompts it asks you specifically if you want to be an annual member, and I chose the NO option. Here it is, August 2014, and they charge my card $30. I call to find out what it is about and they say that I chose to be an annual member when I purchased the book in June, because otherwise I would not have received the book. Not true. A friend who referred me to purchase the book also selected to NOT be an annual member, got the book, and ended up charged for the 2015 book in August. I haven't gotten the Entertainment Book in YEARS simply because it has never been worth the money to me; not enough places in there that are actually local or that I frequent. Well, I thought things had changed. Not much has!! Still the same useless coupons to places I would never go. Only a few coupons worthwhile. VERY disappointing. I'll be returning the book as soon as it gets here, since customer service wanted to argue wtih me and NOT refund the money and basically call me a liar. You need to check your system folks...there was an option to NOT become an annual member, and I selected it. Perhaps that's why the hold time was so ridiculous - too many people charged $30 out of the blue for something they didn't want!
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #123315
Dec 17 2004
08:43 AM
Publishers Business Services Harrassment ripoff harrassment liars dishonest Altamonte Springs Florida
I have had calls from this company as often as every 45 minutes for the past 4 days. At first they ask for my husband by his first name, then I ask who it is, they never give their name but say they are from Publishers Business Service. I ask what this is in reference to. They say a survey the next time it is magazines. Heck, they say anything they can to get my husband on the phone. I tell them we are not interested, he even got on once to tell them so. I tell them I am on the no-call list and they slam the phone down on me and call back in 45 minutes. Debbi Southampton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Altamonte Springs, Florida
18, Report #164661
Nov 15 2005
11:55 AM
Publishers Business Services RIPOFF! Deceptive phone scam! Magazine subscription ripoff! Henderson Nevada
I am writing for a co-worker, who was scammed into purchasing magazines, he actually had no interest in whatsoever! Apparently, Publishers Business Services (PBS) called him at our work, and asked him questions that led him into the purchase. He doesn't even know how it happened, except that he now has magazines coming to both work and home, of which he doesn't care to receive. He had no intention of purchasing magazines that day or any other day, and ended up with over $700 to be debited from his account over a period of two years! His wife tried to cancel and was told, it was a non cancellable contract, he agreed to, and it was recorded. I believe after talking to him, this recorded agreement has been spliced and questions asked are not the same that he answered. Very tricky and deceptive of PBS! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM! Debbie Lorton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
19, Report #90527
May 06 2004
08:50 PM
Publishers Business Services ripoff, deceptive, dishonest Altamonte Springs Florida
I was contacted at work by Pat Agbuis a representative of what I now know as Publishers Business Services, on 4/29/04. She purported to have a survey & asked me to participate as it would only take a few minutes. I did. Mistake #1. Then she quickly moved on to the sales spiel. I listened. Mistake #2. I subscribed. Mistake #3. The next day a Diana S. called to verify the conversation and subscription order placed. Unfortunately, instead of cancelling then & there, I validated the information she was seeking. Mistake #4. Diana S. did state that the subscription(s) could be cancelled after 180 days. I believed her. Mistake #5. Today (5/6/04)I received the invoice/contract in the mail, along with slips of paper like Your Record of Tape Recorded Verification of Our Telephone Offer, which states, in part Verification is tape recorded only with customer's permission. Tape No. 13139. Additionally, the following is included on the magazine order sheet: Reel 13139, Side A, 036 to 078. Also included is an explanation of the magazines I ordered. None of which are of any interest, but were the only ones sales representative Pat Agbuis offered. It's not her fault I said yes. I should've hung up on her after the survey questions ended and the magazine spiel began. This explanation also spells out the true costs involved, which show what a bargain it isn't! Plus it states, We also have a non cancellation policy during the term of this agreement. I allowed myself to be roped into something I have absolutely no interest in. I was duped. The practices employed by this company, its managers and employees, and its telephone representatives, as far as I am concerned, are unprofessional (unless you're a professional rip off artist), unethical, dishonest, and disgusting. But not necessarily in that order. And, I intend to fight back. I understand they're members of the C of C. I also understand they've had many complaints filed against them. Mine will join those. And I will do whatever I legally can to get out from under this. Any help you can provide is appreciated. Live and learn! But it's tough doin' it the hard way! Al Simi Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Altamonte Springs FL, Internet
20, Report #93083
May 26 2004
03:11 PM
Publishers Renewal Service magazine subscription ripoff Kansas City Kansas
This a a telemarketing magazine subscription scam. They called, made it very confusing who they were (I thought they were my legitimate subscription people), and after I gave them the appropriate information, told me I would receive written confirmation within 10 days of April 2, 2004. Written confirmation only came on May 26. Armed with that information, I called to cancel my subscriptions-- but they told me the 15-day limit had expired, and could not honor my request. Never mind that they failed to keep up their end of the bargain by providing me with the required information in 10 days, or that they did not tell me about the 15 day period. When I called to cancel, they said they couldn't. I smell a scam, and am moving rapidly to address this problem. Joshua Little Neck, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Massachusetts
21, Report #92381
May 20 2004
10:21 PM
Publishers Business Services ripoff Scam Artists! unethical business practices Altamonte Springs Florida
This company called and spoke to my 15 year old niece in March 2004. They gave her some story about trial magazines for a year for only 29.99. When she told them she did not own the company they were targeting (since it had closed like 3 years ago) the sales rep urged her to tell the person who would be validating the call that she did and that she was an adult!! She told her that it was fine, no one would mind! When my sister got the bill that was in MY name she canceled the order and sent it back. when the company called days later she told them that a child made this order without permission. They told her the subscription would be cancelled but it was not. Then as this company has done with so many others; they called me and said they would cancel it for ONLY 136.00! (or else pay $700) Since I did not even order this I told them to shove it up their...well you know. Anyway after assuming that this was cancelled a rude collection person called and told me that he has secretly recorded me and we going to do a voice print to compare with the original! Geez this is not even my bill and they are harassing me. I filed a complaint with the FTC and the BBB. This company is a bunch of scam artists who lie to get sales and have no ethics whatsoever. Nanci whittier, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Altamonte Springs, Florida
22, Report #114126
Oct 22 2004
11:20 AM
Winners Choice Publishers rip-off! Norcross Georgia
This company is a joke is should have been shut down long ago. They have no license to do what they do, they charge your account like they charged my account without permission. I was cursed at and called profane names. Please shut this company down they do not need to be doing business with anyone! Clarrence Covington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
23, Report #539597
Dec 15 2009
07:57 AM
I subscribe to Just Cross Stitch magazine.  Recently, I received a bill from Publishers Billing Association, AKA Magazine Subscription Service.  I subscribe directly to this magazine and did not use this service to subscribe.  I was alarmed at the amount they were charging for a subscription, and became suspicious.  The normal subscription rate for this magazine is approx $20/yr, but they were offering two years for $65.95! I alerted the magazine publisher, and received a response that they are not affiliated with this service company and they recommended I contact the BBB.  What this company is attempting to do is collect outrageously inflated fees (theft) and they are fraudulently representing themselves as being affiliated with the publisher of this magazine!
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
24, Report #346684
Jul 02 2008
09:02 AM
Publishers Business Service They charged me with no authorization! Altamonte Florida
I signed up with this company in another state, which by the way let me say, that was a mistake as well. But now I am eating this stupid magazines I get at a ridicolous price. I am almost done paying them off, so who cares now. So this one in Altamonte calls me yesterday and wants to offer me more. Now the ones they offered, are the ones I really want, so I said it sounded like I could do it. I was at work, so I had to put the girl on hold and lost the call. She called me back, i missed the call, because I was talking to my boss who walked in the room. I didnt think much of it, I just said oh well because they call you restricted you know. So I check my credit card statement today, and this F'ing company charged me for magazines that I never confirmed I wanted. And per my credit card company, and publishers I have to wait a couple of days because the money is pending. But that is BS because my card looks at like I spent the money. (they already had my number because of my account in another state) If I get tht girl back on the phone that called, me I am cussing her axx out!!!! This is the most shady thing you could do to someone just to get a commission. I am reporting them to every cosumer affair report out there! Shaye cypress, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Altamonte, Florida
25, Report #345336
Jun 28 2008
11:06 AM
Golden West Publishers Sucks Not a good publisher Phoenix Arizona
I wrote a book called Treasure Maps of the Superstitions. My maiden name was used on. It's Amy Mosier. We signed a contract in Nov. 2005 for the books to be done in Feb. 2006. He said he couldn't publish under Golden West, but he could under the subdivision Book Studio for $6000. I got financing through a credit card. It said in contract I would get an ISBN number. In Feb, the books weren't done and I was supposed to proof a galley. The cover was printed out but it didn't have the colors so it was a poor galley. I asked why it wasn't ready. They didn't really have an answer. They were treating my book as a joke. I don't understand because they are known to publish many books on the American Southwest and history. In June, finally I was given a completed galley, which I signed off on. They said come back in two weeks for the 600 books. I took them home only to realize they didn't have an ISBN number. This number is for bookstores so they can inventory and reorder books. It was also put down Golden West as the publisher, which would have meant that they would have paid fully for them, but I paid $6000. They didn't help me sell my books neither by putting it on their website, which includes many other authors, just not me. I have tried to sell the book for two years without that number. But it's just not working. They usually say no when they learn there's no number. The important museums won't carry it. I've had to settle with ma and pa stores and Bookman's, who only give me $2 a copy 5 books at a time. I would like to get a check from them for $6000 out of court. I want authors to know not to go there. You'll regret it. Before signing contract, I checked with the BBB to make sure there were no complaints against them. There wasn't but there is now. The A** lives in three houses on the same corner and now I know he got them from cheating people. Amy Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona

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