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26, Report #361960
Aug 12 2008
08:00 AM
Several requests sent to me to renew magazines I never ordered through this service. Slick, tricky writing makes you think its legitmate. Glad I looked carefully at my real subscriptions to my business to see the real deal. This company makes you think they have dealt with you previously when in fact their request for payment is independent from any other company (that I know of) and are not directly related to the magazine itself. The cost is MUCH more than any other offer. Larger businesses may not realize this is not the best deal out there or that it is the reorder form from the original orders placed. Be careful! Questionable business practices--the billing notices state how you are receiving one of the lowest available rates they can give you...the trick is in the they......They even tell you by sending in payment now you will lock in at lowest rates--Fraud...smells just like fraud..... trustnoone fairlesshills, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: LA HABRA, California
27, Report #362712
Aug 13 2008
10:51 PM
Worldwide Preferred Publishers misleading, liars, uncooperative, rude, dishonest, infuriating, frustrating Peoria Illinois
This is a company that calls you up and tells that you've won something. IN my case, I'd won some kind of sweepstakes for a special magazine subscription price locked in for 5 years as well as a watch. They told me that I could choose form several magazines, but would start me off with four particulars one and that I could switch my subscriptions at any time. I asked about they're cancelation policy and was just asked to please not cancel because the subscription payment helps fund the contests. The representative then stays on the phone with you are you answer questions while you are being recorded. If you give a wrong answer, the rep prompt you with the correct answer and coaches you and what to say. They debit your credit or checking account every month without ever sending you anything in writing. I never received my free watch, nor a list of magazines so that I could choose something I might actually read. After leaving my job and moving, I called to cancel twice, and was told each time that I could not cancel. When I said that I had never signed any agreement, I was told that they could replay my verbal agreement for me. I was then told that they would settle for half of the remaining balance. I didn't have the $300+ at the time, otherwise I would have been tempted just to pay it and be done with it. This is a complete con and something should be done about it. I should have just hung up when they called, and would have if they'd originally said that I could not cancel. Those were not the terms that I agreed to and never received any information electronically or by mail that would have indicated that the terms had change (or ever what they really were). Tiffani Hemet, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Peoria, Illinois
28, Report #359057
Aug 04 2008
02:06 PM
Publishers Business Services Deceptive Practices Henderson Nevada
This report is very similar to others posted here. We have a new office person here, who answers the phone. This company called during business hours and asked for her assistance with a survey. Being a nice person, she complied, and at the end of the call, they asked if she was aware that she was going to be charged for a magazine subscription she didn't want. She declined and asked that the magazines not be sent to her. They have sent them anyway, along with these ridiculous invoices of $29.00!! I called to have the business address taken off of the account, but of course my employee had to do that since she was the account holder. We called today on speaker phone and the representative was very defensive. She got really mouthy with me, told me it was none of my business (really? she's mailing invoices to MY business!) and then when I told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor, she told me flat out no! She also said that she didn't appreciate having two people gang up on her on the speakerphone! I knew right there and then that this wasn't a legit company. I hung up and called back and spoke with a supervisor (or at least that's what I was told). James said he would cancel without charge, however I almost doubt from reading all the reports that he is credible or truthful. These people are dirtbags, really. I'm just glad they don't have any credit card info, etc. I have a feeling I haven't heard the last from them yet. We should sic Dateline on them! Angela Freeport, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
29, Report #464559
Jun 24 2009
12:47 PM
Publishers Sweepstakes Liars and Cheats Metropolitan Charlotte North Carolina
These People called from a out of area number.They were not part of publishers clearing house or other places like that they were simply called Publishers Swepstakes. When i answered it was a girl named Jessica.She said I was one of the finalist in a drawing to win 5,000 or a new Ford or a list of other prizes.But because i was a finalist i won a diamond gold plated watch and three free magizines for a year. All i had to do was pay 3.99 a week for a fourth magazine for six months. Then Jessica gave me a sweepstake number and said on halloween the final drawing for the grand prizes would take place. She assured me how important this number was. Then she transfered me to Barry. He asked me to confirm all the questions she asked which included my address,phone number and what credit card i held.He asked about the sweepstake number. Barry said that he would only charge my card 3.99 in 5 business days. Then another person called my cell phone to confirm my number.I told them i didnt want the magazine and she said they already charged my account 59.80.We got into a arguement and i hung up the phone to call my bank.They had in fact charged my account 59.80. The bank gave me the number who the charge was to (1-800 924-1399). I argued with another person who said they havent charged my account that the bank was holding it.I demanded to talk to the manager of the magazine company.She kept delaying until i got pissed and said i want to talk to the manager now! The manager said they cant do anything until my order goes through and a voice audamated thing calls me.But untill then my account is in the negitive.She said they could call the same day or up to five buisness days. If they call i will keep you upated! Jess salt lake, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Metropolitan Charlotte, North Carolina
30, Report #469043
Jul 13 2009
10:47 AM
Publishers Periodical Service Non-receipt of product Las Vegas Nevada
I sent a printed postcard ordering a two-year subscription to Art News in the amount of $68.95. Not having subscribed to the magazine before, and having seen its high quality in stores, I assumed the price was a fair one. I also assumed I was delaing with Art News direct. My mistake. I sent a check in the amount of $34.48 which, if I remember correctly, was part of the terms i.e. I could pay half, start receiving the magazine, then pay the remainder. This goes back quite a few months but still I have not received a single copy of the magazine. What I have received are dunning notices for the remaining amount. I attempted to call Publishers Periodical Service twice with the number furnished on the invoice. Both times I called between the indicated office hours and both times received a message saying they were busy and to send an e-mail. I sent the e-mail asking for a full refund, as I did not receive the product that I ordered. A week and a half later I have not received the courtesy of a reply. In the meantime, just a few days ago, I received an Art News subscription request. The amount they are asking for the magazine is $19.95 for eleven issues AND with a full refund if not satisfied with the product. I fear I have been duped out of the $35.00 but am relieved that I didn't send them the remaining sum. They appear to be a crooked operation. I thought I was sending a subscription to Art News when in fact I was sending a subscription to a sleazy outfit that preys on the reputation of, in this case, Art News and other magazines, and raises the prices of the magazines to unsuspecting consumers. My advice to people who receive subscription inquiries is to read the material carefully and then contact the publisher directly to place your order. If we all did this, operations like this couldn't exist. Sydney Bellingham, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
31, Report #417968
Jan 29 2009
07:53 PM
Publishers Clearing House - Riverside Tileworks You won the $1,000,000 second prize Riverside California
My Dad got a certificate and a check saying he won the $1 million. It was dated January 8, 2009. He was to call Helen Baker at 1-(866)-729-3954 ext #1. I called the number and got a voice recording saying to leave a message and Helen would get back to me. The call was never returned. There was a security code listed. The certificate said that Henry Cohen was the IRS agent and Albert Garners is the CFO at Publishers Clearing House. A check was enclosed drawn off of Wells Fargo Bank in Riverside Ca., in the name of Riverside Tileworks Inc., Riverside, CA. The bank identifying number on the check was for Wells Fargo Bank, but in Minnesota not California. I called the bank and they said the account number on the check was invalid. The check was made out for $5,890 like others I have read about. John Nicholasville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
32, Report #592361
Apr 12 2010
12:35 PM
America's Choice Publishers scammed my 78 year old Mother out of $95.00 Atlanta, Georgia
We are experiencing early signs of Dementia in our Mother unfortunately.  It seems that we have a company called America's Choice Publishers who have convinced her to hand over her credit card # over the phone and have charged her for who knows what beacuse nothing has arrived in the mail for a charge of $95.52 Whenver you attempt to call them to get the charge reversed and credited there is a recording asking for you to leave your name and number and someone will call you back but no one every does. I have left numerous messages and no one calls me back.  How can I get my Mom reimbursed?   the number of the scammer loser is 678-791-8823   I am so tired of people taking advantage of poor defenseless senior citizens...  
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
33, Report #581696
Mar 16 2010
03:25 PM
Publishers Guide numerous names Deceptive sales practices selling magazine subscriptions , Internet
In late September 2009 a very high pressure salesperson called me about signing up for reduced rate magazines.  The sales pitch was very fast and sounded like a good deal.  When they told me I needed to speak with another person ( and this was recorded)to verify my information, she spoke as fast as an auctioneer and you can barely make out that the lady said it would be a total of 1477.  It sounded like $14.77, NOT $1,477!  When I came home from college in November I noticed on my bank statements that there had been several charges for $57 for October and November.  I immediately called the number on my bank statement and was told this was my contractural agreement.  I am an 18 year old college student without the income to pay this.  I tried to cancel and even got my parents involved.  They kept saying they would have a manager talk to me but they just kept passing me to other sales people and refused to refund my money.  I cancelled payment from my bank account but now they are hounding me for continued payments.  I have tried everything!  I recently filed a BBB report but Publishers Guide has over 100 outstanding complaints and a D- rating for non-resolution of complaints.  I also filed a complaint with the State Attorney General's Office in Florida.  This is very easy to do online and I am waiting to hear back from them.  If enough people file complaints for deceptive sales practises, they may be able to shut them down.  However, I am sure this company has operated under several other names and could care less if they need to start over.
Entity: Internet, Internet
34, Report #660377
Nov 10 2010
10:10 AM
United Quality Publishers Incorporated Sold Magazines That Were Never Received!! Pensacola, Florida
On May 20, 2010, a young man came to our door talking about doing this contest to improve his public speaking and possibly winning a trip.  He explained that he got his points by selling magazine subscriptions.  We didn't really have a lot of money to spend, but I thought it would be a nice way to help out and get my son a magazine subscription as he is learning to read.  I picked out the Humpty Dumpty magazine; six issues for $49, so I wrote a check and he handed me a receipt.  The check was cashed , but still no magazine.  I have waited the 120 to 160 days as the receipt asks to allow for delivery.  I have called 850-542-7087 and left two messages with all pertinent information requested AND emailed and to date have not received any response whatsoever from this company and not one magazine in the mail.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
35, Report #829809
Jan 27 2012
02:34 PM
United Publishers of America Unauthorized Charges Atlanta, Georgia
Like many others we, too, were victims of their unauthorized charges to our account. And when we called stating the charges were unauthorized,they simply refused to discuss the matter and hung up the phone on us.We prayed for Divine direction and intervention concerning this matter. Then we spoke to the Fraud Unit of our bank. The bank rep called United Publishers of America on a 3-way call with us on the other line. United publishers lied stating we signed a contract with them. When the bank rep asked the lady if she could produce a copy of the signed contract she went silent on the phone. She then stated she would have to follow up on that request.Needless to say our money was credited back to our account the next day. I thank God for His help and I encourage anyone else who has not received a refund to solicit the help of your bank's fraud department.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
36, Report #826290
Jan 21 2012
11:47 AM
America's Choice Publishers Taking advantage of the elderly. Buford, Georgia
America's Choice Publishers called my 90 year old father who doesn't hear well and tricked him into agreeing to a magazine subscription for 5 years for 3 magazines costing over $400.00  When I called and spoke with Penny Barber and explained the misunderstanding she became very rude with me. I said please have some compassion for a 90 year old man who doesn't hear well and didn't understand what he was agreeing to.  She said he knew exactly what he was doing and if we didn't pay, they would turn it over to collections.  I have never spoken with such a rude person doing business in my life.  When I asked to speak with her boss, she said that was the owner of the company.  I said, what is his name and she answered, Look it up!  This company has an F rating with the BBB! Do not do any business with them!!
Entity: Buford, Georgia
37, Report #689085
Jan 31 2011
02:00 PM
Ntional Publishers Exchange Fraudulent subscription received Largo, Florida
I started receiving ESPN the magazine and I never subscribed to it! I called ESPN magazine customer service and they referred me to the company I'm reporting here. I called this company and they said because I was "valued subscriber" I was receiving a complimentary subscription to this magazine. I told them I've never subscribed to this magazine, which I consider to be a waste of paper and ink and requested to be removed from this and any future list containing my name for "free" subscriptions. There seems to be scams coming from the these clearing houses from the state of Florida, as I've received other subscriptions to Mens Health and Rolling Stone magazines.... again, magazines I've NEVER subscribed to. I did tell the rep from this company that if I received more subscriptions, I'd report them to the Better Business Bureau...
Entity: Largo, Florida
38, Report #737279
Jun 06 2011
06:35 AM
American Publishers Service Ghost charge, would not cancel service Morristown, Tennessee
I received a call, the lady with the thick Southern accent told me 6 months. Then the lady from the verification called, the number changed to 60, with no information as to cost. I called back to cancel in less than 4 hours. They told my there would be a fee and that it'd cost me $199. When I told them I couldnt afford it she said she couldn't help it and I asked to talk to manager. He helped me but I still had to pay 3 payments of $19.96. After I hung up and about two hours later there was a charge for $49.90 and another for $39.90. I called my bank to handle the false charges and cancelled my card. I tried to call, it was after five on Friday and they are closed on the weekend. I have called five times and left my info and no one has called me back. I have also received other calls... I am sure they have sold my info to other companies.
Entity: Morristown, Tennessee
39, Report #920958
Aug 01 2012
12:29 PM
America's Choice Publishers harassing calls, very rude!!! Buford, Georgia
Choice Publishers keep calling me every few months and when I tell them they are a scam and I don't have time for this, they become very very rude and say you are disqualified from the so called award I won and hung up on me! the woman I spoke to said, don't judge me like other companies, I am a god given person and wouldn't scam you and then hung up on me, after realizing I knew she was a scam artist!
Entity: Buford, Georgia
40, Report #210956
Sep 14 2006
06:51 AM
American Reading Club - The Publishers scam, misleading ripoff Cumming Georgia
When I was 18 years old, I got a post card in the mail telling me that ARC was trying to reach me. I called, and was somehow talked into signing up for magazines. I was told that I would be paying $49.95 a month for a year, and I would get ten magazines for three years. I am now twenty years old and I have only three months of payments left, and I can't wait to be done with this company. Somehow my one year turned into three. I tried to cancel, but they told me they prepay for the subscriptions, so I cannot cancel. This was never stated in any paperwork that I got, and I was never told this over the phone. About a year ago I got a call from them telling me that they would send me a new updated list for the magazines. THIS IS A SCAM. When they send you a new list for magazines, they're signing you up for a whole new account. Once again, they would not let me cancel this account, and I had to sit on the phone with them for hours before they told me they would lower my plan from five years of magazines, to three. I'm a full-time college student with a part-time job, and I'm now paying this company over $100 a month for magazines that I don't even get. I've NEVER recieved ten magazines, I get maybe five, and I'm getting a bunch of notices telling me that my subscriptions are ending. I would like to know where all this money has gone? I paid them $50 a month for two years, and for the past year it's been over $100 a month, FOR MAGAZINES. I've told them many times to never call me again, but I keep getting the same phone calls over and over. They call and tell me that their customers have been getting calls from other companies offering magazine subscriptions, so they wanted to tell me to tell these other companies that I'm set. I tell them that I've recieved this phone call before, and they say, Oh, well we're also calling to send you a new updated list. I then tell them that I DO NOT want to renew, and that I would like them to stop calling me. I still continue to get these calls, though. Maura Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cumming, Georgia
41, Report #316378
Mar 10 2008
05:21 AM
River Corp. Publishers DOES'NT PAY PEOPLE FOR WORK THAT THEY DO FOR THEM! Cincinnatti Ohio
Entity: Cincinnatti, Ohio
42, Report #315239
Mar 06 2008
08:36 AM
Southeastern Family Publishers Magazine Scam Bradenton Florida
Southeastern Family Publishers using telemarketing to prey on individuals. They offer you 2 magazines a month for a one time fee of $27.50. It sounded great until they started billing my credit card over $400.00. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and had to change my account number to block further charges. ' I did not receive a single magazine that I ordered. Southeaster Family Publishers sent me magazines that I had no interest in and continued to try to charge me for them. I went to the U.S. Post office and was instructed to write REFUSED on the cover of all the magazines and drop them back in the mail. Now I am being threatened in writing by the company to be taken to court and that it is going to cost me 3 times the original amount. When I tried to contact the company their response was that I had committed fraud and that the were going to take me to court and hung up on me. I called her back twice and she hung up on me every time saying see you in court. I counldn' believe that a professional would behave in such a manor. They obviously have issues with communication. They must know that this is the beginning of the end for them. I hope they all get jail time for this not to mention that they should be forced to pay restitution to all the people they scammed. We should all unite together and find an attorney to file a class action suite against this company and the individuals who own it. In the meantime I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and contact my credit card company to have any funds charged to my account reversed. This whole thing is pathetic.......shame on the people who have done this to innocent hard working Americans. K. Adams Merritt Island, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
43, Report #234187
Feb 02 2007
06:48 PM
Winners Choice Publishers FRUAD Norcross Georgia
Winners Choice Publishers told me that I had won $25,000. They told me that I had to order 2 magasines. This happened in Sept, 2006. I have never recieved the money nor the mags. Now it is Feb, 2007. Ronald Panama City, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
44, Report #274551
Sep 13 2007
05:13 PM
PUBLISHERS CLEARIN HOUSE I paid for a magazine and never got it Canada nationwide
I paid for Country weekly a month ago and never recieved it. They cashed my cheque but I still haven't recieved it Cbara Kamloops, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #292964
Dec 19 2007
02:48 PM
Worldwide Preffered Publishers Shiesters, Liars and Theives RedondoRedondo Beach California
I was contacted by Wordwide Preffered Publishers back in October asking me if I wanted to sign up for World News Magazine or some such and that I would also receive up to six other magazine subscriptions for free of my choosing. So after a lengthy phone call in which I stupidly gave them my debit card number for the low fee of 12 bucks a month, I was told I'd be receiving my welcome package with the order form for my free diamond watch in about two weeks, with the magazines following in about 6 to 8 weeks. After the allotted time with me only receiving the welcome package and no watch or magazines that I ordered, I decided to call them up and cancel only to be told that I had to send a letter in writing and that they were DOING ME A FAVOR because I had originally signed up with no cancellation policy. i.e. a free license to continue to charge me as they saw fit. This was after I noticed a suspicious 21.78 charge to my debit account. So i faxed them a letter stating my wish to be removed, received no confirmation that they got it at all, and so I've had to cancel my entire checking account and open a new one. And then today I got a phone call from them on my caller id, but the guy who called said he was from my visa company and they wanted to send me a free vacation for two for just looking at some material they wanted to send me for 6 bucks. I asked him what visa card he was talking about and he gave me the last numbers for the card I had closed due to them. When I asked him directly if he was from Worldwide Preffered Publishers, he told me no and when I mentioned the caller ID he said that you'll have to take that up with your phone company because I've never heard of them. So I told him I wasn't interested, hung up and called the number right back and guess what. The recording said Worldwide Preffered Publishers. Archangel Vestavia, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Redondo Beach, California
46, Report #1110722
Dec 26 2013
08:41 PM
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
47, Report #849417
Mar 06 2012
09:11 AM
Schiel & Denver Publishers Communication Inept and Failure to Adhere to Professional Standards Houston, Texas
To date, Schiel & Denver has never provided me or attempted to contact me with regard to any and all royalties due me.  My initial book was released on 22 August 2011.  My impression regarding their 50% royalty promise to Authors is tantamount to 50% to Schiel and 50% to Denver. When I have tried to get information from my assigned S&D representative, the communication pipeline was severed.  I was then turned over to Management who abandoned me in my attempt to receive what was rightfully due me in accordance with the signed contract.  When I pressed for what I thought were reasonable requests for them to be Author-friendly, they cited some obscure passage in the contract that supported their denial to support me in any way.  They, in effect, did a Pontius Pilate regarding my requests for support and more or less told me to go away. When S&D indicated that they sent my complimentary Author book copies to me by Priority Mail, they instead sent the box of books rather by Media Mail delivery, a system of mailing that is the slowest possible means of going from Point A to Point B.  S&D's insistence regarding the mode of mailing was made to me prior to the 10th of January 2012.  I received the books 53 days later.   Not exactly the Priority Mail submission as they had purported.  When checking with my local Post Office official as to the whereabouts of my books, he researched the location of my box of books and ascertained that they were sitting in a truck in Philadelphia, PA and waiting for the truck to be fully loaded before it would depart for Maine.  When the box of books arrived, the cardboard container was torn and looked like it had gone through a war.  I received my 20 softcover books with one having a back cover completely ripped off and missing.  All but two of the books had severe creases representing an embarrassment in terms of my advocating sales.  I was promised a hardcover book, per contract, and S&D refused to send me that copy.  They insisted that the hardcover book had been sent in the Media Mail box.  That was a lie.  It was never there.  When I asked for an additional copy of my softcover to cover the torn copy, I was, in effect, told  to go and pound sand! I received my Author copies for my third book weeks before the copies of my second book.  With my third book copies, I was promised 20, but instead received only 19.  Once again, a hardcover book was not included in the box, but S&D insisted it had been included when shipped from their warehouse.  When I asked for the 20th softcover copy and the one hardcover copy I was due, I was denied my request.  I thought, how can a company not want to send one copy of each book to further the relationship with its Author?  Their inconsideration was unprofessional, uncaring, selfish, and retaliatory for my insistence that they be held accountable in any and all respects. Schiel & Denver has arbitrarily closed my account with them without informing me of their intent.   They took it upon themselves to stop communicating with me rather than to address their lack of professionalism.      S&D arbitrarily assigned a book cover for my third book without my permission.  The cover had absolutely nothing to do with the story line whatsoever!  When I approached management about changing it, they ignored me by citing, again, some obscure provision in the contract.  What was mind-boggling was that they had conferred with me regarding the covers for my first two books, but decided I wasn't worth the trouble for the third book. I paid for the Book Returns Program for my first two books [$699.00 apiece] where the books were supposed to be in the brick and mortar bookstores.  S&D never put sent them forward to any store.  They Literally screwed me out of nearly $1,400.00!    I offer the following communication mailings between me and Schiel & Denver Support personnel is offered to render an accounting of specific problems with Schiel & Denver's lack of desire to communicate with this Author.  The following are notes submitted to S&D relating to concerns about its performance.  First of all, I want to wish Schiel & Denver a very Happy New Year and success in 2012 in their enterprising insistence in aiding new and existing authors. In addition, thank you, Schiel & Denver for your personal support for my first manuscript and subsequent release of my first Book entitled Nowhere To Run. I understand you are doing your ultimate best in securing my requested information to provide me with sales information to date, notwithstanding that my book was release on 22 August 2011. My editor has been in periodic contact with me to assuage my concerns regarding my receipt of author copies for my second book entitled The Portal. This book was released on December 6, 2011. My ticket submission asking for a response for author book receipt rendered a resulting reply on or about 11 December 2011 that read, Your complimentary copies are being prepared for release from our warehouses this week. This was from Network Support & Security. 30 days later, I still look forward to receiving my author copies; however, it is the holiday season, and Schiel & Denver is short-staffed. Authors are expected to understand and those of us affected by the anticipated lack of dubious acceptance will proceed in time with the hope that our expectations will be met sometime in the future as yet determined by the mechanized wheels of the Shiel & Denver's antiquated distribution apparatus. I totally understand that Schiel & Denver is doing its best to support its author base with mediocre performance. I also understand that sometimes corporate organizations offer only optimum organizational success commensurate with its personnel representing less than satisfying client expectation. Not to worry. There are those of us of peasantry status who still believe in your mediocre and somewhat archaic demeanor to stay with you and hope for the very best in somewhat questionable future performance. In defense of the Schiel & Denver warehouse staff, the holidays have just been completed. I understand, therefore, the delay for my 20 paperwork and one hardbound book author copy should be accepted by authors who are at the mercy of half-payments permitted by management. My request for courtesy copies [paid for IAW my publication package] prior to Christmas was totally outlandish and unsupportive in terms of today's corporate expectations regarding client patronage. As money is the Deity superseding customer satisfaction, I am totally out-of-line in anticipating a service that in years past would be expected unquestionably by those of us who saw true quality in their anticipated acceptance of what service stood for. Shame on me, an author who would like to make a difference in his small world of enterprising determination to share literary enjoyment and enlightenment. This is as it should be because money always drives the train in this day of economic austerity. As a consequence, I am at your mercy for retaliation, a retaliation that will surely follow from what has been gleaned as impatience emanated from my editor. By the way, Mr. Editor, your message I can therefore confirm that there is nothing further you need to do, the issue is however resolved,' is totally devoid of accuracy and acceptance. Checkmate, Mr. Editor. I hope you have enjoyed your Holiday that I feel certainly has been truly and richly deserving. Schiel & Denver, thank you for all of your prior positive information. In terms of your delayed performance in the sending of author information and expected book copies, I understand that you are doing your very best in measuring up to retain your status as a secondary self-book publication organization. For those of us who are able to afford your somewhat inferior services, you will never be left wanting in generating the monetary reward that is so deserving of a publication in the top 100 self-publication services. Thank you for being there for me, even though you have always neglected to short-stop issues before they arrived in my e-mail. Once again, shame on me for expecting that this would be the job of the editor to make the path of publication one of ease and enjoyment. I have much to learn concerning the expectation of literary publication. Once more, I wish all at Schiel & Denver the enjoyment of success that each and every one richly deserves. Respectfully submitted, [And the following relates to the status of my books sent Priority Mail] Dear David Turner, Unfortunately, these books were not handled priority mail by the USPS. After they were handed off by UPS in Philadelphia, PA to the USPS, they have sat in a truck under Media Mail status. According to the USPS, this is the slowest mail possible. You get what you pay for, according to the USPS representative I spoke with today. He also told me that your mailing to me was the cheapest manner possible. So much for Priority Mail Service from Schiel & Denver. You know, David, I just wish that someone within your total organization would be honest with me one time. I get the run-around from an editor who promises things but does not come through. Now it's a continued communication problem with him with a failure to keep me up-to-date with many things, such as why my books are still not physically present in stores such as Books-A-Million and others bookstores. $699.00 must be petty cash to you guys. And please, Schiel & Denver's excuse in the transition from Fedex to UPS services has well worn out that carpet. No wonder I've sent a subsequent manuscript to another publishing company because I just can't rely on Schiel & Denver, other than their art work, which has been great regarding my first two books. (At least I think the art work is great for my second book because I haven't been able to get a copy because your shipment is sitting in a truck somewhere between Pennsylvania and Maine!) My first book has been out since August 22, 2011 and I can't get someone off the dime at S&D to go to bat for me and get a report on the sales progress! Wow, it just keeps getting better. Didn't mean to bore you. Pre-press, I know, has another shipment to get out priority mail today. tjoleary3, Author
Entity: Houston, Texas
48, Report #1065186
Jul 08 2013
09:57 AM
Publishers Clearing House Doubled my magazine subscription Internet
 Every once in a while I succumb to playing in Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.  One of the items I ordered through them was a bargain subscription to Smithsonian magazine.  Several weeks after ordering through PCH I got a bill from Smithsonian, which I promptly paid.  Last week I received two issues each of the June and July issues.   I tried to find a way to report this through the PCH website and to get some advice on how to stop one of them, either PCH or Smithsonian, from continuing to send a magazine.  The PCH website is impenetrable except for numerous ways to get you back to playing their games.  You can't find a way to email them and there is no phone number.  Heaven knows what would happen if you tried to write to them.  So I took the easy way out and called Smithsonian, which mercifully prints a phone number to reach their subscription office right in their magazine.  Smithsonian promptly cancelled the subscription for me. I am just waiting to see what happens when PCH sends their bill.  If they charge me more than the $10 advertised price I will be right back to report to this rip-off site.  I will certainly never play in Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes again, simply to avoid the memory of having to deal with them.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #1170749
Aug 19 2014
09:32 AM
Tried to invoice my 84 year old mother for a product she never ordered. I have been paying her bill for the past 2 years. I asked for proof of purchase and they sent it to collections instead. I just sent second dispute letter to them. They have now discounted the price by 30% if I pay now. All this effort for $20. Why would I pay them anything for poor customer service and unethical behavior. Stay far away from PCH.COM and publishing clearing house.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #992984
Jan 07 2013
06:35 PM
Magazine Publishers Service Wouldn't allow me to cancel subscribtion. Montreal, Quebec
received a phone call from this company giving me a very fast and confusing sales pitch for magazines. I don't even know why i fell for this hard sell tactic.  after receiving the first 4 magazines i realized that i really didn't want all these magazines and called them to cancel the subscriptions.  I also realized that I was paying an exorbitant price compared to the shelf prices you might pay at any store.  almost $60 a month for 12 months. i just paid the remainder of my account off via credit card just to stop them from calling me.  i couldn't afford this and now i feel sick that i let them talk me into such a rotten deal.
Entity: Montreal, Quebec

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