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1, Report #683096
Jan 15 2011
08:06 PM
Newport Vintage Books A Giant Ripoff Internet
I ordered some plastic book covers for my husband for Xmas. He collects 1st editions, and wanted them to protect his investments. Newport Vintage Books billed me through Paypal, and they took their money out of my account back on 12/11/10/. I am still waiting for my order, and it is 1/15/11. I emailed the company after Xmas, and received a long sob story about how the representative hurt his leg, and couldn't mail packages. Give me a large break! What prevented him from refunding my money electronically? I have no sympathy, since I have a knee injury, and wouldn't dream of ripping someone off. I think theseguys are scam artists; don't order from them! They have my money, and I have nothing to show for it. :>(
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1205642
Jan 30 2015
06:06 PM
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1388502
Jul 27 2017
06:11 AM
Loving the Classics Rare Videos Internet
     I ordered two videos in June.  Loving the Classics charged the two videos to my checking account on June 25.  I have not received the videos nor an explanation or contact from the company regarding the delay.  The sales were confirmed via email by the company.  I am afraid from the other reports that my trying to contact the ompany is a lost cause.  Thus I am a victim of their scam.    
Entity: Internet
4, Report #346416
Jul 01 2008
03:02 PM
Newport Vintage Books Take the money and run Internet
Ordered about $20 worth of mylar covers; never got them. No response to repeated email messages and no street address or phone number is listed on the website; online Yellow Pages also has no listing. Menlo park, ca Menlo Park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #474572
Jul 29 2009
12:04 PM
DBS Books Is charging 19.95/mo for membership Internet
I just received my credit card bill. On it was $14.39 for 2 books I had ordered as well as two charges for 19.95 each. One dated 6/20 and the other 7/20/09 I had no idea what these costs were for, called DBS and was told it was a membership fee. I spoke with Debbie who was not helpful. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told if one is available. After being on hold for approximately 4 minutes, she came back and said her supervisor couldn't come to the phone. I said they hadn't heard the last from me. I'm 72 years old and know I didn't sign up for membership and I have no idea what this includes except a ripoff. Barbara Queen Creek, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #411220
Jan 12 2009
03:45 PM
Bottom Line Books Did not Order But Received Bill Des Monies Illinois
When My Elderly Mother received a Bill Notice for Books we did not order or receive I was up set the first time and just let it slide. My mother was in a care facility for phycical therapy. Not ordering any books! Then last month when I recived a Balance Due Receipt for $47.94. Once again for a book we did not order. I held onto the notice. many times I tried to find a phone number to call. Nothing on the statement and then when calling the free 1800 number it gives another number to call so you have to pay $5.00 to buy a phone number not even knowing its the correct one. I did get the right one looking on this site 1800-678-5835. I called stated I never recived the book nor ordered it and the woman said she would take it off. I asked for her name and phone ext.for a comfermation #to go by. San francisco bay area fremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Des Monies, Illinois
7, Report #678256
Jan 03 2011
06:44 PM
Books & Co. of Lexington, Virginia Worse than BAIT & SWITCH Internet
Our party visited this store on August 9, 2010 and several items were selected for purchase. We went to pay, using a bank card, on its "credit" side. We then noticed that the total looked high; one of the items "scanned" for a few dollars more than itstagged price. We mentioned this to the clerk; he consulted the female present and she "took over", beginning with returning the entire purchase back to the card. She then proceeded to re-sell almost all the items - except the questioned one - onto the 'debit" side of the same card. She insisted angrily that this card was "not to be used in place of a real credit card" and that it must by regulation be used only on its "debit" side. She flatly refused to re-sell us the overcharged book at the tagged price, claiming we had "tag-switched". With my own background in both law enforcement and retail, I can attest that we did no such thing. The tag on the book had obviously not been switched; it was clearly "original" to that item and had not been previously used on anything. This woman was simply trying the old 'bait-and-switch", apparently assuming we were a bunch of hick rubes ready to be plucked. We filed a series of complaints to consumer agencies.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #690135
Feb 02 2011
09:49 PM
Borders Books Borders Won't Refund eBooks that can't be downloaded seattle, Internet
Do not ever order an eBook online from Borders. On Dec. 6, 2010 I ordered and paid for a book that their web site said was an eBook. After I paid, when I clicked on the download link I got an error message saying the book was not available for download. I called Borders on the phone and they said it wasn't available for download and they would refund my money. Three weeks later, still no refund. I emailed customer service, and they said they checked and would process the refund. Another four weeks and no refund. I go back and forth several times via email with customer service and they finally said I had to call the customer service phone number about the refund, IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT IT WAS THE TELEPHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT I CONTACTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!! I emailed back that I wasn't going to call customer service and start all over again and I expected them to process this very simple refund request. I then get another email saying that "We're sorry, but eBooks cannot be returned or refunded once purchased." Can you even believe this? I WAS NEVER ABLE TO DOWNLOAD IT IN THE FIRST PLACE! And now they say I can't have a refund for something I paid for but never received. So I finally broke down and called the customer service telephone number. After being put on hold for several minutes while the rep "researched this problem", he came back and said he was referring this to a higher department and they would be calling me in 48 to 72 hours about my refund. All this for a paltry $32 book. My guess is their goal is to simply wear customers down who request a valid refund and they have no intention of refunding my money. No wonder they are in trouble financially. You may all rest assured that I will never buy from Borders again, either online or in a store. Their unbelievably bad customer service has cost them my business, plus the business of as many friends, neighbors and relatives that I can personally manage. I'm also registering a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission, since this in an interstate commerce transaction. I intend to cause as much negative publicity for Borders as I can. Yes, it's only $32 but it's the principle of the thing now. I don't get mad...I get even. My advice to everyone is to stick with Amazon. Great customer service and I've never had a problem with them. Stay away from Borders at all costs - in my opinion they are a dishonest and unethical company.              
Entity: seattle, Internet
9, Report #903762
Jun 27 2012
02:27 PM
Multilingual Books Delivery Problems, No response to telephone/email messages ISeattle, Washington
Contacted this company on Mar 16, 2012, for a copy of Russian for French Speakers (Le Russe sans Peine), book and audio media, published by Assimil in Paris.  The company sent me a thank-you email and charged my credit card almost immediately (Mar 19).     After waiting two weeks with no deliver, contacted them by e-mail - no response.  Contacted them by telephone, and was able to speak to the owner (Ken) after several tries.   He explained that the order had to be shipped from Europe and there might be a delay.    This information was new to me, and was not explained on their web site.  Ken offered to send me the book immediately, and wait for a later shipment for the audio CD.  I accepted this offer. Book arrived about April 14.  Waited another month, no media.  Contacted them repeatedly by telephone.  Once or twice I was lucky and someone answered the phone, but usually I had to leave voicemail to which I never got a response.  Finally on June 15, contacted Ken again and asked to refund the portion of the order for the audio CD.  Ken agreed and said that a credit would be posted to my account in a couple of days.  June 26, after no response, contacted them again, got a sales rep, who said he would look into it and get back to me in a few hours.   It is now 24 hours later, no response. My impression is that these guys are not consciously trying to rip anybody off, but they do seem disorganized, and their failure to respond to multiple voice and text messages is very disconcerting.
Entity: ISeattle, Washington
10, Report #1141096
Apr 23 2014
12:06 PM
Books-A-Million Failure to Hire Beavercreek Ohio
This business does not wish to be a productive member of the community, by failing to hire people for the jobs they purport to need filled. They'll never get my money, and they shouldn't get yours, either.
Entity: Beavercreek, Ohio
11, Report #38418
Dec 16 2002
07:57 PM ripoff fraud scam Seattle Washington
Mistreated and ripped off - they usecustomer credit cards for interest-free loans ..... is using customer credit cards to float themselves short-term interest-free loans. They do this by debiting your account and waiting weeks to ship your products (most companies do not debit your account until your order is actually shipped). If you return items, it may take months after they receive the goods for them to return the money to your account. The details: I placed an order with for two books on 9-20-02. Both were listed as being in stock. My account was billed for $36.90 on 9-23. I chose the free shipping offered at that time. On 10-4-02 I emailed a complaint about the fact that while I had been charged for the order almost two weeks ago, the books had not been shipped. I continued to email them and received only unsatifactory answers - answers that had clearly been cut and pasted from boilerplate text. On 10-11 my account was credited $36.90. On 10-14 my account was debited $20.94 twice for a total of $41.88. Note that the total magically increased by $7.98. I finally received my order on 10-25, four weeks after my account was debited. Understandably angry about the service, I returned the books on 10-28-02. Since I live in the same town, they should have received them by 10-30 at the latest. Finally, on 11-11 they credited me $16.95, not the full $20.94 (which was an overbilling in the first place). After several more emails, I was promised the remaining refund by 11-24. It is now 12-16 and I have not received it. They held money from my personal account for four weeks the first time, and have now held it for over 6 weeks. I'm pissed off!! Sandy Lexington, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
12, Report #2427
Jun 11 2000
12:00 AM
Block Buster
A minor story that has happened a lot in video stores. I rented 2 DVDs brought them back late (15.00 charge)At the same time I wanted to rent 2 more DVDS,and was told I had a late charge and could not rent until the charge was paid. So I paid the late charge and rented 2 more DVDs. I then returned the 2 DVDs late, in the store by depositing them in one of those shoots as you walk in. I look for another DVD to rent but did not find any and left the store without paying the late charge. A week later I received in the mail what I call a Video store summons, that not only did I have a late charge for the last 2 DVDs I rented but they were still saying I had a charge from the previous 2 DVDs and this was paid so I could rent the other 2. I returned to the store to rent another DVD and was told I had the 2 late fees from 2 separate rentals. I told the ASSistant manager, that I had paid those late fees when I rented the last DVDs, and of course she looks at the computer screen and says no you didn't it says here you own 2 late fees. I then said I would pay the most recent late fee but not the other, but she said then you cannot rent until you pay in full. So we went round and round on how I paid the second to last time I was there but the old , lets look at the computer screen mode in the assist. manager kept being forced on me. So she asks me do I have the receipt, like Yeah I carry around 1 month old Block buster receipts on me. So I gave it my final try and said, IF YOU SAY IT IS POLICY THAT I CANNOT RENT ANY DVDs UNTIL I PAY ANY LATE CHARGES THEN HOW COULD I HAVE RENTED THE LAST 2 DVDs WHEN I HAD A CURRENT LATE CHARGE??? She just said I don't know how!!! In concluding I told her that now she wasn't getting any money at all for any late charges and I left.This has happened before in Blockbuster and other video store but they are the worst. What happened was I paid the late fee before they checked the video back (maybe hours later)and never put my charge in their computer, morale of the story SAVE YOUR BLOCKBUSTER RECEIPTS!!
Entity: N.massapequa, New York
13, Report #392903
Nov 19 2008
01:50 PM
SmartSavingsCenter Books records and videos Internet
I ordered a video SmartSavingsCenter 9 days ago which I have not received, but I did get charged 29.95 plus 1.00 prepossessing for a monthly membership fee that I never saw when ordering the video. I still don't know if I will ever receive the video they shipped 7 days ago. Chrisrave Plymouth, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #434757
Mar 16 2009
01:06 PM
Proquobooks - Amazon Marketplace Never shipped Nationwide
I ordered a book via amazon market place. My credit card was charged the day I ordered the book. After 2 weeks I had heard nothing so i contacted proquobooks through Amazon. I was told that the order had been processed. I asked if the order had been shipped. I was told that it is Amazon's poliacy that the store has 21 days to get the book to me. (In other words processed does not mean they shipped the book.) After a month I contacted them through Amazon again and they would not confirm that they had shipped the book. Because there is no hard and fast reply that the book has been shipped or not shipped Amazon will not help me get my money back. It is really a headache. It should not take 30 days for these guys to ship my order. They can not possiably be that busy. Paul Hoboken, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #607891
May 27 2010
09:45 AM Deceptive Internet
I ordered approximately 8 books and one DVD from on 24MAY2010, a Sunday.  That evening I received a your order has shipped e-mail for one item; on the 24th I received several more e-mails stating that the remainder of the order had been shipped.  The e-mails included U.S. Postal Service tracking numbers. U.S.P.S. had no record of the shipments until late on the 25th, when it said that the items had been received at a pre-shipping location. I sent an e-mail to's Customer Service asking where my order was and why the previous e-mails were inaccruate.  I received a generic trust us ... we know what we're doing e-mail. I sent another e-mail asking for answers to specific questions about my order and their processing of the order.  I received a message stating that I should not worry about the order and that they would check the location of my order.  They answered NONE of my questions. At that point, I cancelled the order ... and will not do business with again.  They are deceptive and arrogant ... they provide lousy customer service.  
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #824018
Jan 17 2012
01:27 PM
DeepDiscount Pricing scam Itasca, Illinois
I saw a deal for the Band of Brothers blu-ray set at a great price. After sometime trying to actually load the website, I managed to put an order through. I received a confirmation email and everything looked to be all fine. The next day, they sent another email canceling my order and explaining that they had made a mistake in pricing and won't be honoring it. I checked around, and they have a history of shady practices along these lines.Don't do business with them, they're poorly managed and provide poor customer service (my contacts with them have resulted in nothing but form emails).
Entity: Itasca, Illinois
17, Report #774900
Sep 09 2011
Let me begin with the bottom line first - do not buy from A couple of years ago I purchased a text book which I could not find used anywhere else.  Everything went just fine.  So this year when I needed two books that I could not find at a good price elsewhere I purchased them from  The first seller was extremely slow in mailing the book.  I contacted the seller and they replied very quickly and said they would mail the book the next day.  This did not happen.  A week later the book arrived and had a post mark of the previous day!  The seller lives in the same city that I do.The second book I purchased from a different seller and it has never arrived.  Of course I've contacted them twice and customer service.  The only response I got was canned. charges your credit card right after you purchase it even though the seller has 72 hours to mail the book.  Amazon does not charge your account until the book is mailed.  I was only able to 'file a claim' to request a refund after about 3 weeks.  Their policy states that it may take up to a month to resolve this claim.  If you wait this long you will have no rights with your credit card company to do a charge back.  So I will be making my charge back request now.  I am an Amazon seller and buyer and I have to say that I have never had a problem with Amazon.  I have learned my lesson with and others should be aware of their practices as well.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #929148
Aug 18 2012
01:33 PM
Amazon Excuse for withholding seller payment Internet
I sold several items through Amazon, and when I requested funds be disbursed to my account I received a credit card not valid message (they have to have a valid card on file in case they need to charge a refund or something). Anyway, the credit card was valid- and in fact, I had used it recently to purchase on their site. Not only that, but when I went to enter the valid information again so that I could receive my money, I received an error message that the site wasn't working and try again later. So I emailed them, and received a reply stating that I had fixed the credit card information, but I couldn't request another disbursement since it had been 24 hours since the last request (never mind that they didn't make the disbursement!) So beware if you sell with them, actually receiving the money is another matter (also never mind that they charge a large commission, and the shipping allowance doesn't come close to the actual cost for most books). I think I will go back to the old fashioned method of a postcard on the dormitory wall!
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #282577
Nov 02 2007
01:48 PM
Ultimatedvdshop Did not provide goods Internet Internet
I ordered and paid for a set of Dean Martin DVDs on 24/9/07. They were promised in 12-14 days but have not arrived as of 3 November. The live online help facility on the website does not work, the email address bounces and the phone number is not connected. C1jone donvaleAustralia
Entity: Internet
20, Report #223714
Dec 04 2006
02:32 PM Refused to refund money Nationwide
Amazon duplicated my order & billed me twice customer service is lousy they refused to refund my money, never deal with them if you require a refund. The customer service including the manager are useless they do not listen to what you say, they are programed just to say NO! Brian St Thomas, OntarioCanada
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #982264
Dec 14 2012
05:14 PM DealsMart Selling Pirated DVDs , Internet
I purchased a DVD collection from for a TV series, One Tree Hill.  When I received the DVD set it was found to be an illegal copy shipped from Hong Kong.  I have made multiple requests to for a refund and have never received a response. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
22, Report #1229386
May 15 2015
09:27 AM
lilplay Offered Internet
Site offers free standard membership asking for credit card to verify eligability.  then on the next screen charges $1.00 for a 5 day trial, saying you can cancel at anytime.  If you try to cancel they charge $1.00 to cancel or you can cancel for free saying it may take up to 3 days (which, if you didn't cancel immediately exceeds your trial period  causing your card to be charged for a full membership.       Screen shots available on request.  Won't let me paste them here      
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1164684
Jul 24 2014
11:38 AM
secondspin.con customer Costa Mesa California
Re:Negitive feedback for secondspin.   dotcom On he day of July 22 2014 the secondspin located in Southern Ca practiced as a low class scoring with my cd & dvd collection trade ins for credirs ,monies. After spending a number of days on the second spin web site creating invoices  for laarge numer of cds  w/some dvds to the purchased at the site quoted pricing,something very different happened at the Mesa store site?Instesd of honering the site evalution quote invoices the store persons decided to cherry pick my delivered inventory & give me a much lower value credit and excuses that were or could be other than the truth about store policies opposite of web site quotes & policies are? All the system invoice orders were in disregard & mattered not. ..End ersult the cherry picked my best item(s) product crediting on a fraction of the real onsite online quotes?   Obviously the site quotes meant nothing?  Site quoted price is valid for these UPCs on each evaluation page. After delivering & placiing items on counter they gave bo indaication of there intentions. So after all my effors of onsite evalution ,transporting items to them & waiting half a day this is the thanks I get???....!!!! RayW  
Entity: Costa Mesa, California
24, Report #1406503
Oct 16 2017
07:37 AM Mike Traveler Order never received Internet
 Order books months ago, called several times. Eventually told they would ship within the week, then heard the items were returned and damaged. Never received items...asked for refund. Nothing yet!
Entity: Internet
25, Report #428348
Feb 25 2009
12:09 PM tower Books Tower Books credit card charge did not ship no reply Sacramento California charged my credit card for a book order, but did not ship the book. Called their customer service. Spoke with an agent who admitted that they did not ship the book and promised to reverse the charge. After a month and a half since that call, the charge is still not reversed. Order # 4246845 10/28/08 $51.89 1-800-ASK-TOWER Terry San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, Sacramento, California

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