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1, Report #1670
Mar 27 2000
12:00 AM
Sure Trade brokerage Rip-off
I'm a money manager and I manage my client's portfolios in their existing accounts. I deal with accounts are almost all of the prominent online brokerages. I had a horrible experience with SureTrade that I want to share with you: I went to SureTrade not for their low fees (I know the hidden costs online brokers usually charge) but because they were willing to deal with international clients. I had a client from Saudi Arabia, a country that has no street addresses but the entire postal system is built on P.O. Boxes. SureTrade signed up my customer for a margin account, took their money (a substantial amount) and allowed us to buy equities in the account. My customer sent in some more money, but then SureTrade FROZE his account (disallowing him from trading or taking his funds out), because he had a P.O. Box address. I explained to them that the country did not have street addresses, but they wouldn't unfreeze his account. After my client then informed SureTrade by fax, e-mail and snail mail, they closed his account, BUT it still took two months before my client got his money out. SureTrade's policy is that if you send in funds by check, they don't let you wire the money out of the account for another 30 days. I'm not arguing that SureTrade should change its policies about P.O. Boxes (it's actually an NASD policy). My point is that SureTrade did not communicate the policy to us when we opened the account. They accepted my client's account although it clearly had a P.O. Box address on it. It's a shame that all this happened from November to January; my client's assets (first stocks then cash) were frozen in a rising market. The other area of great dissatisfaction is SureTrade's customer service it would take us many calls and faxes before we would get an answer; we talked to many people who gave us different answers to simple questions (such as why is my account frozen? and my account is now closed; why can't I L. Budner
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #523299
Nov 13 2009
06:51 AM
I had an online account with this bank for several years. Now Wells Fargo bought out Wachovia and has imposed horrific fees for an electronic brokerage account that I manage. There is a $60 annual fee just for having the account though they do nothing and all statements are electronic. This was never charged before. This angered me so I inquired about transferring my account to another broker. To add insult they tell me there is a $95 fee to close or transfer my account. That is ridiculous, when did a bank ever charge you money to take out your own money. I have had 3 emails with them and they refuse to budge. They do not care about the customer. Avoid them at all costs. There are other brokers that want your business.  The second fee should be illegal if anyone knows who to complain to please advise. Thanks.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #507136
Oct 09 2009
11:55 PM
TDWaterhouse Discount Brokerage Botched transfer, lost $14,000, Internet
TDWaterhouse Brokerage, also known as TDAmeritrade lost $14,000 of my hard-earned dollars, and refused to admit their error.I applied for an account to trade stocks.  They opened the wrong type of account.  It too a week to get the error rectified.  All the while, they pretended it was not their fault, and tried to make me accept the account they had created instead of the account I had requested. Finally, someone came to their senses and opened the right account, but then it's been another ordeal transferring money in to start trading. The money was to be transferred automatically from another TD account, within the same company!  It's been two weeks, and we're still waiting for the funds!  In the meantime, stock trades I needed to place were not placed, and the stock market rallied: I've foregone $14,000 in gains. Avoid this brokerage: their back office is a nightmare! (and their customer reps aren't exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer either).
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #603923
May 17 2010
08:59 AM
OptionsHouse Brokerage Incorrectly measure Profit & Loss, take out more money than i actually lose Internet
OptionsHouse is THE worst brokerage I have ever had!!They incorrectly calcualte my profit & Losse.g.: I had lost $124 one day and it was telling me I lost $200I lose money in my account even when I DONT HAVE ANY POSITIONS!Their customer service representatives are extremely rude. They are very unhelpful. Plus, when I make trades, they don't fill them correctly. I end up paying $0.50 more a share for my stock when i clearly placed a limit order.I was also sold a stock that NEVER HIT THE PRICE I BOUGHT IT AT! The damn brokerage lied to me at what price I had bought it at.I also never got my 100 free trades when I had placed in the FREE100 in my application and deposited the first month of my account opening. OptionsHouse is absolutely horrible!!!. DO NOT GO WITH OPTIONSHOUSE!!! TRUST ME, YOU WON'T LIKE IT! And I've been with almost 6 different brokerages, and I kno way better brokerages out there for option trading. OptionsHouse has to be one of, if not the worst, brokerage out there. You can settle for much better.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1041607
Apr 08 2013
08:35 AM
Keller Brokerage Ben Keller B Konkel Scam Broker stay away riip off Riverside, New Jersey
Ben Keller is a scam man so is the web site watch out he ripped me off $1870 dollars on a bogus loan . He will con you believe me his site is a bunch of bull.  Please do not believe him he will rip you off all the testmonials on site are bull. He is king of scam land sorry I did not think so being a small business but once the wesern union comes out of his mouth run run run he is scaming you.
Entity: Riverside, New Jersey
6, Report #1188176
Nov 11 2014
10:31 AM
wells fargo brokerage very poor services very rude reply delaware Internet
 This guys have most terrible services with highest charges. I have 401k account with them and wanted to buy ETF USLV but not allowed to buy even with my cash account. When I followed up on phone they said that I can close my account. I swear that if not for my company policy on 401k accounts I would have dumped this guys. Ever hear broker trying to interfere with your investments you buy from your cash brokerage account. Aviod this disgusting broherage at all cost.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #759020
Aug 01 2011
06:45 AM
Wilshire Park Investment Brokerage Company Internet
Wilshire Park has offered an investment in a company which was about to be brought public. The goal post in regards to number of shares that should be owned in order to complete this transaction has been changing all the time. When I acquired the correct number of shares they all of sudden informed me that the shares needed to be converted to different class in order to be sold. When that was done by adding more money into the deal another complication came up. The shares had warrants that needed to be lifted in order to be sold. This required as in previous steps another injection of money, but again another complication came up which required another injection of money.This brokerage company have not followed the basic principals of transparent dealings with investments and due dilligence that is needed when dealing with these transactions. The brokers have changed during the course of my involvement with Wilshire Park and none of them have managed to move my investment to conclusion. I would have accepted much lower return on investment that was promised from the start but they were not able to complete the sale.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #903096
Jun 26 2012
11:47 AM Money Exchanger Internet
I faithfully used absolutexchange to fund my liberty reserve account on 06/13/2012. Its now 06/26/12 and i have sent countless emails. The have stopped responding and now i know that they are the biggest scammers out there. If you google this and you see this, Please do not use them. You will eventually lose your money and there is no help to get it back.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #903098
Jun 26 2012
12:00 PM AbsoluteXchange RIPOFF Internet
I sent money via absolutexchange in good faith to fund my liberty reserve account on 06/13/2012. Now its 06/23/12 and i have sent several emails to find out why the account has not been funded and no response. its now two weeks. If you are a new user or looking to use absolutexchnage Please do not use them. They will i mean they will steal you money and you only have email to contact them. If you do send emails, they will stop replying and no matter what you do, your money has been stolen.
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1196442
Dec 22 2014
12:00 PM
CVC OPTION and Do not give money to this company as you will never ever see it again.  I have waited two months for my money and profits which they refuse to return.  Thrity emails have been ignored and never answered.  Ten request to withdraw my money have all been canceled 3-4 days after each request.  When I call them and give my name to access my account they hang up on me.  Live chat the disconnect me.  You have been warned.  Do not do business with this company unless you want to give them free money.  I have filed reports with the FBI and Interpol.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.
11, Report #1269440
Nov 21 2015
09:00 AM
Ivvoryoption Internet
 I paid $250 as a deposit for trading in binary options. I lost that and paid 250 more, and they gave me a bonus of 250. I lost again and when my account got down to 300 I asked for a refund of my second 250, but was refused on the grounds that since I accepted their bonus I can't withdraw any money until my account reaches $15000!!! It went down to245 while I was asleep, then went up to 388, again while I was asleep. If this is not a ripoff then the whole world is a gang of crooks.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #335394
May 29 2008
08:02 AM
E Trade Brokerage And MMA E Trade Brokerage and MMA Siphons Bank Account Thru Deceptive Business Practices Internet
When I opened my E TRade brokerage account I was told the way to avoid fees was to also open a Money Market account. All I needed to do was keep $2000 between the two accounts. I opened a $200 MMA online. I get a brokerage statement each month but it doesn't mention the MMA. So it looks like everything is fine and I am not being charged. I'm also under the impression that the $200 online MMA account is fine b/c I followed their rules. WRONG! Since the day I opened the Money Market Account E Trade began to drain it until it was all gone. I was out $200 and got ZERO SATISFACTION OR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM ETRADE RE. THE MATTER AND THE FACT THAT THEIR OWN SALES PERSON PITCHED ME THIS IDEA. EACH SUPERVISOR I WAS PASSED ONTO TOLD ME THEY DID NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO FIX THE PROBLEM. I spent over three hours on the phone, even talked to people in the PHillipines. This is a SICK company which wastes its own time and money while it steals yours. The only way I could've put a stop to it was to check the online amount every month, but it was a bogus checking account to begin with anyway. This company is seriously bad news and a larger nationwide class action should be brought against their deceptions and incompetence. Once I discovered the fraud, they said the minimum in both accounts not to incur fees was $5000. It was conveniently left out of the conversation with the intial customer service rep. Watch out for these creeps! Bigguy burlington, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #686384
Jan 25 2011
12:00 AM
New England Food brokerage owes me money on clean bills of laiden Internet
will not pay me on the clean bills of laiding, and held back moneys on either bills to.the law states hemust pay in full.and payed nuthing it put me out of buisness now 12 month later i still can not reopen whithout this money.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1227330
May 06 2015
02:52 PM
Unique Brokerage/ SWATI&RAMAN Swati/ Scammers Etobicoke Nationwide
Unique Brokerage & Logistics Inc located on 2428 Islington Avenue, Suite# 203-A, Etobicoke, Ontario. Swati and Raman are scammers, they book trucks force the driver for the pick up and then call cancel the pick ups on the company, they make the driver wait for 4-5 hours then call the shipper to cancel. What they fail understand is that the driver has been on site for over 5 hours and nobody wants to pay a penny to them, this not fair. Once you start calling them, no one answers the calls or even bothers to reply to your email. This particular load was from WM RECYCLING IN CAMBRIDGE TO CASCADE TISSUE GROUP IN WHITBY. Both RAMAN AND SWATI are scammer's and don't pay the trucking companies. This needs to stop once and for all! They done many companies in the trucking business. We want people to know and be aware of Unique Brokerage and Logistics Inc business practices.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1326999
Sep 08 2016
09:34 AM
Cell Brokerage LLC, GRIP insurance Policy cancelled after a claim was submitted. Claim denied. Internet
I was a phone proctection policy holder for ~17 months and paid on time every month.  I never had any claims submitted during that time. My credit card on file expired and my policy was suspended for a couple months.  I contacted them to re-instate the policy with a new credit card and they did.  They even back billed me for the months I missed.  I was again an active policy holder and soon after had a claim to submit for an accidental cracked screen on my phone.  They responded to my claim by cancelling the active policy and saying they didn't mean to have it re-instated, it was a mistake.  It was not a mistake, I actually was in email contact with them and they even went back to collect monthly premiums for missed payments.  This was no accident, they will take money when given the chance.   Dave
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1368451
Apr 19 2017
06:30 AM
Longship Truck Brokerage Will Holton, KR Schomp Truck Brokers dont pay, Dishonest truck brokers Lexington Nationwide
  We picked up a load of Watermelons in Punta Gorda Fl on 04/03/2017 to Trenton Nj for delivery on the 5th at 0800. Midway thru the trip Will Holton contacted me and said the melons was being redirected to Chester NY. I requested an additional m$250 for the extra miles tolls, ect. Was informed he would only pay $150. At this point we did'nt have much choice my driver was in Va. So we agreed to the $150.00. Will Holton sent me a delivery slip that my driver had to present at receiver to accept the melons. It was C@S warehouse. I texted and emailed to my driver the new delivery paperwork. He arrived at C@S and showed them the new delivery receipt on his phone and they said no problem they just needed delivery and appointment numbers off of it. Well about a hour into the reload my driver was called inside and notified the melons was getting declined because they were rotton. At that point he requested they sign some paperwork stating what the problem was. He stated he needed to print out a new delivery receipt or another document. C@S  said no we will sign what you have since it is a quality issue not a delivery or location issue.  So they made their notations on the original delivery slip to NJ. I told Brian the driver to stay put until i called the broker. I contacted the broker on duty in the office i believe his name was Logan. He tried to be helpful and was very courteous and professional. He said he had to contact the broker for direction. Will Holton shot me 2 emails back very short and very rude sounding like it was something we did. He said take the melons to Hamilton NJ warehouse 125 miles away and they would receive them. So my driver was at Hamilton first thing following morning. He got unloaded with no issues. We found out the problem was the melons were imports from Mexico and no telling how old they were. The warehouse people in Hamilton said they are use to this and they would rework them and find another buyer.  So at this point my driver had lost a full day of revenue earnings to the truck ,paid appx $35 in tolls,missed his good backhaul home. We agreed this is trucking and lets move on. I sent a email request to Will Holten the broker and VP of Longship a bill for $500.00. He has ignored me and refused to answer a request for a new confirmation. I have been in the trucking business for 30 years my driver Brian for 20 plus. We have hauled hundreds of loads of Watermelons and deal with C@S warehouses thru out the country and here in Jacksonville Fl multiple times a month. We certainly understand the flo of the paperwork and how the whole process works. Will Holton thru Logan a couple days after he continued to ignore me said Will Holton was using the excuse of improper paperwork on NY. Could not be further from the truth. The melons were rotton at no fault to our trucking company.    Very few times in my carreer have i actually not been paid by a broker. Maybe Iam fortunate. I will not use Longship ever again. I would not reccommend to my other friends in the trucking business to do so either. This is the first ripoff report i have ever filed. This has just rubbed me so wrong,where a bad broker took advantage of us. I realize its only $500.00, but it is money we are rightfully owed.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #1410055
Nov 02 2017
12:12 PM
First Choice Brokerage Inc. Do not pay their bills
This company does not pay their bills. please feel free to contact us if you want more infformation.
Entity: Houston, Texas
18, Report #5162
May 15 2001
12:00 AM
E-Trade brokerage theft
I have previously reported that E-Trade deducted an accountm maintenance fee of $15 from my account without any prior notice. E-Trade not only refused to reimburse me on a one-time-only basis, it has compounded its theft by again, without prior notice, debiting my account by an addtional $50 termination fee as of January 31st- the day my account was closed and my E-Trade assets were transferred to another brokerage (as per my request). Mark Stevens of E-Trade told me when I received my January statement today- in which the notice of the $15 account maintenance fee was ironically closed- that its $50 fee termination fee is more than double an earlier termination fee (of $20) neither of which was mentioned in the service agreement between us. I understand that fees must sometimes be charged and even increased in order for firms to remain competitive, but when a compamy does not give prior notice, this is theft! Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on E-Trade
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #3152
Sep 03 2000
12:00 AM
Daytrading firm All Tech --Harvey Houton Brokerage company bogus fees
All Tech/Attain ----What out for this daytrading firm. I experienced, double commission charges, bogus data fee charges, rudeness and unprofessionalism. Left them after a few months of this crap and went to AccessBroker. Excellent firm with accurate accounting AND polite employees.
Entity: New Jersey
20, Report #142939
May 16 2005
03:10 PM
American Express Brokerage Services Ripoff! Outrageous Margin Call Fees, HORRIBLE Customer Service!! Minneapolis Minnesota
American Express Brokerage Services RIPPED ME OFF!! Excessive fees, bizarre margin calls (sold $240 worth of stock, charged me $75 fee for the margin call, then issued another margin call for $140 the next day). Tried to discuss this issue with customer service, but they had huge wait times (basically wanting customers with problems to simply hangup), and when I finally got through, they promised to look into the matter, and never got back with me. All the people involved were either rude, had poor customer service skills, and never called back when they said they would. I am transferring all my stocks and bonds out of American Express Brokerage, and would highly recommend that if YOU have a brokerage account with them, that you also immediately transfer to a low-cost brokerage like (names deleted, see link below) or whatever. AmEx was a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE that cost me dearly in WASTED TIME & RIP-OFF SERVICE CHARGES and weird MARGIN CALLS. I would never do business with them again under any circumstances. Brett Lansing, MichiganU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on American Express sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
21, Report #34381
Nov 06 2002
07:13 AM
Etrade, etrade Brokerage, opens a bank account for you without your permission so they can scam more fees from you, they suck! Internet
Etrade opened up a bank account for me without my permission. They sent me an email saying that they had done so as a special offer. Some special offer, they open the account without your permission, hoping that you don't know the terms, since the terms are to be mailed to you after they already opened the account! Herre is a copy of the email they sent me below. You will notice that there is nothing telling you that to avoid fees $1000 is required as the minimum balance. It just says to tranfer in $500 and you'll get $20, which by the way will be eaten up very quickly by the fees. You have to search on their site for the terms. Then you find out about the minimum balance required, and you can only draw a check out from your account once in a quarter(3months), or you have to pay more fees. What kind of crap is that? Why should I give them another $1000, I already paid more than $4000 in trading fees this year, and not even done adding up for this year. The CEO came under fire for making $80 million in pay and bonuses, and they want to steal my money? Is it illegal to open an account in someones name without their permission? Of course I called this morning to close the account, we'll see if it actually was done or not. Here are the facts from their website, anlong with a copy of the email they sent me. Bank Q&A Answer Results -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What is the minimum deposit to open an account? A: The minimum balance to open a Bank Account is $1,000 for SmartSaver, Money Market, Checking Accounts, Fixed Rate and PrimeLink CDs, and IRAs and $15,000 for E*TRADE Bank Money Market Plus. SmartSaver Account Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The tiered Interest Rates and corresponding Annual Percentage Yields are variable and subject to change at any time. Withdrawal of Funds: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One (1) withdrawal via bank check per quarter is provided free of charge. Additional Fees: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $10 per bank check request in excess of one (1) per calendar quarter. Q: What are your fees? A: E*TRADE Bank doesn't charge a monthly fee for bank accounts; in fact we pay interest on the funds in your account unless your account balance falls below the required minimum balance. All accounts come with free Internet access. In addition, checking accounts come with unlimited free bill payments and check-writing, free printed checks and debit cards. Following is a list of fees that you may be charged for special services to your account. Please check out the Truth in Savings for more detailed information. Description of Activity Fee Incoming wire none Outgoing domestic wire $25 per wire Outgoing international wire $25 per wire Fed Ex request $20 Fall below minimum balance $10 per month for Checking, Savings, and Money Market accounts; fee is waived if customer has at least $2000 in another Bank account. If the daily balance of the E*TRADE Bank Money Market Plus is less than $15,000 at any time, a monthly Minimum Balance Fee of $20 will be assessed. Returned Deposits $25 per item Coverdraft protection $5 per total transfer Stop payment request $25 per request Research $25 per hour Bank check (Checks issued by the Bank, not checks written from your checkbook) $10 per bank check request in excess of one (1) per calendar quarter for SmartSaver, $10 per bank check for Money Market Account, $15 per bank check for E*TRADE Bank Money Market Plus Copy of statement $5 per page Returned check (due to NSF or UCF) $25 per item Front and back copy of check (front image of check is included in your monthly statements) $5 per check ATM Usage Bank does not assess fee; may be subject to surcharge imposed by operator of ATM IRA Foll Transfer $50 for closeout transfers external to E*TRADE EMAIL BELOW----------------------------------------------------- Dear Sara: In early October you were selected as a member of an advance access group to use our new real-time cash transfer service. In order to make this new service easily accessible to you, we have set up an E*TRADE Bank Relationship Savings account in your name. We have deposited $10* into your new account, which is yours to keep! If you transfer $500 or more, we'll add an additional $20 to sweeten the deal. In the next few days, you will receive a Welcome kit and letter which will provide your detailed account information. In the meantime, you may link your accounts by following the instructions below. You will also need to use your social security number and the link code (also listed below). After you have logged into the E*TRADE Financial Web site, you will be able to access our new Quick Transfer function, available on the Accounts Tab. As a customer of E*TRADE Securities LLC, we are confident that the Relationship Savings account can help you better manage your cash holdings: Earn an attractive interest rate of 1.25% (1.26% APY)** on the balance of your Relationship Savings account Easily move money between your brokerage and bank accounts in real time - up to one time per day^ Your deposits are insured up to $100,000 by the FDIC Here's how you can get started to get your $20: You will need a link code. This link code will allow you to link up your E*TRADE Member ID with your new E*TRADE Bank account. Below are your link code and instructions on how to do this. By linking up your bank and brokerage accounts, you will be able to review all of your accounts online. INSTRUCTIONS: (please read carefully) Your Link Code is #####. As an E*TRADE Securities LLC brokerage customer, you should already have an E*TRADE User Name & Password. If you do not, you can set one up by visiting To access your bank account online you'll need to: Go to and click the yellow LOG ON button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Log on using your E*TRADE Financial User Name and Password. Click on the Banking tab at the top of the page. Click on the Link Accounts under Customer Service at the top of the page. (Please note: Account Linking is a one time process to provide an additional level of security) On the next page, click the Continue button. On the next page, enter your Social Security Number. Click Continue On the next page, enter your Link Code. Click Continue Important: Once you have entered your Link Code, your existing E*TRADE Securities LLC brokerage account will be linked to your new E*TRADE Bank Relationship Savings account. Your E*TRADE Financial User Name & Password will allow you to view your combined balances and easily transfer cash between your accounts. At E*TRADE Bank, we are committed to providing our customers with industry-leading products and personalized service. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-ETBANK-1 (1-800-382-2651) 24 hours a day, seven days a week or contact us via our Web site at Once again, thank you for trying out our new real time cash transfer feature. We look forward to serving you as a valued customer of E*TRADE Bank! Thank you and welcome to E*TRADE Bank! Sincerely, Arlen W. Gelbard President They thank me for trying out their service, but I didn't sign up for it!Watch out for Etrade, they screw you any chance they get!!! sara Livonia, Michigan Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on E-Trade
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #687698
Jan 27 2011
03:11 PM
Buxton Brokerage Jillian Munroe, Royally Screwed out of $900-Desperate for Help!!!!! Dakota Dunes, South Dakota
My husband lost his job and I am disabled so I went in search of some financial help. I was not having any luck getting any kind of loan through any internet site. I got a call out of the blue from someone named Jillian Munroe from Buxton Brokerage. She said that they specialized in high risk loans and that they could help me out. She asked how much I wanted-I told her $500 and she said they only did $5000 or $7000 loans so I told her I would do the $5000 loan. She said she would cal me back with the results. She called me back and said that the lender was requestinga "good faith" payment of five months which equaled $835 and that I wouldn't have to make a payment till July. I told her that if I had that kind of money I wouldn't need a loan. She said that if I sent the money Western Union (which cost me another $76) that the $5000 would be deposited in my account within 8 hours, and that they would refund me the $76 cost of sending it Western Union if I faxed in my receipt. Needless to say I did not get the money. I called the next day and Deloris-the lady who answered the phone-said that the lender was requesting an additional $600 and then they could gt me my $5000 loan. I told her that I did not have any additional money and I also told her that I was now unable to pay my rent because they had my money. I got really upset and she said that they would refund all of the money I sent them and I should receive a check in the mail in 2-3 business days. Deloris has been telling me that my check is on its way for almost a month now. It is now January 27th and she promised me my money on January 6th. Now they are not answering my calls. I'm all out of money and can't pay my bills. I will be calling the police in the area-even though the other person who filed a report said they had a magicjack phone which is untraceable. I hope that other people who have been through this come forward so we can get these people. I AM NOT BACKING DOWN.
Entity: Dakota Dunes, South Dakota
23, Report #801794
Nov 25 2011
11:01 PM
Freighty kat Brokerage and Logistics Dillon Transfer BEWARE will NOT get Paid for your services!!! N. Boston, New York
I hauled freight for this company several months ago and have not been able to get paid. I turned in all the necessary paperwork and have been told repeatedly that I will get paid on Friday, then its next Friday and there seems to be no end to the excuses. I would recommend anyone considering to haul for this company to think twice....don't do it! The amount is only 400 dollars or so, it is not so much the amount as it is the principal. FreightyKat contracted me to haul freight at an agreed rate and when the job is complete I should get paid. This job was done in August and its now the end of November. I thought it was kind of shady to begin with when Alisha, the owner, asked me to send the invoices in to Dillon Transfer. She said it was a sister company to Freighty Kat. All I can say is I would highly recommend you find someone else to haul freight for if you have an expectation of being paid.
Entity: N. Boston, New York
24, Report #321285
Mar 26 2008
09:12 AM
Profit Wisdom Business Brokerage In New York City Stealing Immigrant's money New York New York
My story is a typical commercial broker's con p***k. Julio Maldonado, president and Sam Maldonado, Vice president met me in their staten island office,now closed on April 2007. They asked me $ 50,000 deposit to offer to buy a liquor store because it is a big and good business otherwise the buy reject to show the detailed inside numbers. They did emphasis the letter of intend is not a biding contract and the letter says not a binding and they are supposed to return the deposit within 48 hours on the buyer's request. But the owner of liqure store already open another liquore store 1.29 mile away. I asked the deposit but the promises on the letter is useless. I had no chice to deal with only them because they grap the money and did not let it go. Oct 2007. I had a lawyer get back the deposit, $100,000(As an immigrant, i was too stupid so i deposit 50,000 more). I tried to buy a store in Manhattan Mall but they gave me a wrong information (their oral information turned out to be wrong under my lawyer's review and the store will be closed because of mall renovation) Sam looked not a bad guy and emailed me he will send deposit back to me. But President and his brother Julio Maldonado refuse to return it because their association reject it. I hire an american lawyer to get it back. He says no problem winning the case but collecting money is a diffrent matter. I have lose 26 pound and bigger problem is financial. We ,immigant , worked 16 hours a day to collect that money for years. for the last one year i lost 85,000 on the street and the brokerage is now stealing 100,000. Mar 2008 they are still working on the street, i am still knocking on the street. I would like to ask USA, why commercial broker do not need any licence, how nobody can stop their way of doing buiness. My lawyer says sorry I wish i am the last idiot details w/ proof ? John annandale, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
25, Report #1094368
Oct 24 2013
02:32 PM
I was a former client of Mr. Thomas and believed I was in good hands, or so I thought. Mr Thomas will use your credit for his own personal gains while damaging your credit history and further burying you and your business in debt. PLEASE DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO THE TRAP HE WILL PRESENT YOU. THOSE WHO FURTHER DECIDE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GENTLEMAN IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 
Entity: Lawrenceville, Georgia

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