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1, Report #197875
Jun 23 2006
06:20 PM
KDS Consulting deceptive business Chicago Illinois
I went on an interview today for a Customer Service/Marketing position with KDS Consulting. I was a little leery based on the blog I read on this site so I had my eyes and ears open for similar clues and red flags. The interview was held in a practically empty office; a desk, phone, sporadic art work on the walls and the television in the reception area, this did not look like a company that had been up and running for some time, but KDS personnel did make it know that they were looking to open a new Chicago office. I was interviewed along with another individual, I was asked to tell about myself first. I think I am a very intelligent, well spoken person who is no stranger to interview etiquette, if there is such a thing, so I think I represented myself rather well. The other person was not as well spoken and based on his past work experiences, as described by the interviewer, had worked in allot of jobs in the service industry. We were then told that this was considered the preliminary interview and if called back we would be given more detail about the job and its responsibility. When asked if we had any questions, I asked what they were specifically looking for in a job candidate, I did not see how he could have ascertained anything about either of us besides what we looked like and how well we spoke. I did not get an answer to my question, the interviewer instead talked in circles around the question. I then asked what percentage of the time would be spent in the office and I was told that 80% would be spent out of the office and 20% in the office. We were then told that if they were interested we would be contacted by them by 6 pm; if we did not receive a phone call then they decided to go in another direction. My impression of the whole experience and from what I observed, after KDS receives resumes via email they are screened for specific geographic locations within the city, because Chicago neighborhoods are not as diverse as other cities it is pretty easy to determine which race of people lives where. They then schedule blocks of interviews with people they are hoping have similar backgrounds, my guess is they are not looking for the brightest and most intelligent people, but people who can easily be manipulated. Something else I thought was strange is that when you get there you are asked to fill in your personal information on a generic job application which asks for your social security number, I may not be the brightest person in the world, but what reason would they have to ask for your ss# if you were not definitely going to be hired. Thanks to the previous warnings posted on this site, I was saved from wasting anymore of my time. Monica Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
2, Report #1240912
Feb 23 2016
08:52 AM
JSM Consulting Middleton Wisconsin
To read other reports about this company, plese click the link below:
Entity: Middleton, Wisconsin
3, Report #662633
Nov 16 2010
03:02 PM
P.V.G Consulting PVG Consulting, Cydcor Scam, Internet
This company is the same as Keynorth Consulting. My guess is they just switched their name after they wound up on websites like this. Do yourself a favor and type the company Cydcor in the search box on this site and you can read all about companies like this.They post hundreds of different jobs on sites like CareerBuilder, and any job website they can think of. You can tell it's a scam company when they put things seemingly out of place, and definitely not pertaining to the job, in their description.For example on PVG's post on CareerBuilder they have Funny things to say in an elevator. Their goal is try and get young people to apply because A. They are more gullable B. They're desperate for a job getting out of college and C. They know older people wouldn't fall for it.If you send your resume to them they'll typically respond with a phone call or email the next day. They'll ask you very few questions, then they'll want to get you to interview right away (the next day or sometimes even that day). From there you go into the office for a 5 minute interview in which they offer you a second round interview the next day. It lasts all day and you go out in the field going door to door selling products as a part of companies like AT&T, Great Lakes Energy, the list goes on and on.  They'll sit you down when you get back to the office that day and after a quasi-final round interview, they'll offer you a job for you to start the next day.They don't pay for the gas it takes for you to drive to your territory, for your lunch, and there is no such thing as a salary. It's all commission based and let me tell you... good luck.Let this and many other ripoff reports tell you to not waste your time. Other Cydcor Chicagoland companies are: Marketing FX, VMI, Vision Marketing, Genesis, Blue, Midwest Client Consultants, etc. Go to Careerbuilder and type in entry level in Chicago and hit enter. All the companies that pop up are from Cydcor. It's polluted careerbuilder and has made the site essentially useless.And I know the people that are management at these company's are reading this report, so all I have to say to them is F U. If you can sleep at night knowing you pray off of recent graduates, and basically screw them for no income, then I guess sleep away. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves and your living a lie.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1177641
Sep 18 2014
10:53 AM
Apple Consulting... shady, possible scam Internet
So basically I found this ad..this company was looking for an Operations Clerk I responded simply asking for a bit more information..I did not submit a resume. I get this email back saying they wanted me to offer the position to me, they included an applications form and a job description..which was extremely're offering me a position I didn't really formally apply for..anyways, so in the job description it stated the pay and a very general job I emailed Michael back to ask a few questions..I wanted to know exactly what the job was. He emailed me stating I would be processing their clients would send payments to me..and then I would wire the payments through to them via western union..which sounds super why don't they have their own business account and make it simple,,why does it go through a third party (me) anyways, he told me for the probationary period..which was 5 days..I would have to use my own bank account..OR any bank account I wanted it could be empty and after 5 days they would open me a business that was the final straw for me..there is no way I was giving my banking info to this company. I did not get scammed by this company..I stopped before that happened...but I just want people to be on the look out..
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1017643
Feb 20 2013
06:10 PM
Tandem Consulting Marina Davis Incompetent Palatine, Illinois
A complete waste of our money.  Owner is unprofessional, and services were completely unhelpful.  Lots of talk, no results.
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
6, Report #1051237
May 15 2013
04:53 PM
Detroit Business Consulting Scam!!! Troy Michigan
Detroit Business Consulting is a scam. They hire people telling them they will be working with CoMcMaster however we never get paid for our services. I have never even seethanh Comcasin liaison in the office! Management is unethical and lies to its employees! STAY AWAY!!!!
Entity: Troy, Michigan
7, Report #924303
Aug 08 2012
12:52 PM
Business Consulting Solutions Steer clear of SCAM, Internet
I worked for this company for about a month and a half and it is a complete waste of your time. I submitted a resume on a Saturday and they emailed me right away setting up an interview...first sign that it was a scam. In the first interview it took a whole 10 mins and they gave little information about the job and what it entailed. The second interview is where they take you out on the field, meaning they drive you to shopping centers and they make you walk door to door to businesses trying to sell Verizon products to business owners. They say you are a sales consultant in reality you are a salesman with a fancy title, you don't even get a business card to leave with the business owners. You are out in the field for about 8 hours or at least up until 5 or 5:30 depending on where your territory is. Once you get back to the office you have to fill out paperwork on how you're day went. Finally, once Ken the boss talks to the person who you went out with, he then decides if they are willing to hire you and trust me they hire everybody and anybody! You go through a week of training in my opinion isn't enough and then you are put to the test and given your own territory and leads and they expect you to see 40-50 doors A DAY in the heat, rain and wind. You eat your lunch inside your car and you work out of your car everyday. They do not reimburse you for your gas or mileage. I was out on my own for 3 weeks and put over 3,000 miles on my car. If you are new to the company they will give you a territory that is awful and give the people who have been there longer the territories that are easy deals i.e., selling FIOS. You get into the office at around 7:30 for team activities which were completely pointless and served no purpose whatsoever. They say they use the activities to help overcome objections that you may face that day but the scenarios they give you are by far the easiest and simplest ones possible. You don't leave the office until around 9 or 9:30 or later if Ken is having one of his so called inspiring and motivational meetings where he does all the talking and rubs his wealth in his employees faces. Granted I am sure he worked very hard for his money and he is a great guy but I do not need to sit in a chair for 2 or more hours listening to him blabbering on how awesome his life is when I'm there spending money to work. And don't bother going out on a team with someone in the office...they will rip you off! Unlike previous statements, it is not mandatory that you go to team night or on business trips. However, I did attend a business trip and it was a waste of my time. First off you would think since the company has such a high success rate at making money they would put you up in a nice hotel room. We stayed in a Motel 6 that had no internet, no breakfast and was in the worst part of town. We didn't even stay in the city we were supposed to be going to so that meant we had to drive 20 miles or more in awful traffic to the destinations we were given to. Since some people did not have cars we had to drop one another off at their place and pick them up before we went to our territory, wasting more gas and time than needed. This company is not a company that you would want to work for. Yes, the people there are great, well at least some of them, such as Stephanie and Ken. But some of them would have no problem stabbing you in the back to get ahead. Do not work for this company, you will be spending more money than you are earning. You will not even make minimum wage if you include the gas you put into your vehicle and the hours you work. Even if you choose the salary base which is only 350 dollars a week, divide that around 50 hours you work, you will only be making 7 bucks an hour and thats excluding gas.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #1179341
Sep 25 2014
07:35 PM
Detroit Business Consulting LIARS LIARS Troy Michigan
Mike Rosenberg is a liar and everything on his website is also a lie. You should ask him how he got fired for Fruad from a company called CYDCOR! Also ask him or his sidekick lover Elizabeth how they make had an affair that ended his marriage. Yes he was a good company back in the day but now runs a company with nothing but more lies. Promises you that you will get promoted and then only makes you work hard just to not pay you and let you go. Be aware of this company and don't get sucked into what they say.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
9, Report #1143662
May 02 2014
04:26 PM
Florida Business Consulting The deceptive practices of Florida Business Consulting miami Florida
Florida Bussiness Consulting operates under the guise of non profit marketing. The HR department post purposely deceptive advertisements. Prospective hires work a full 10 hour shift the first day without pay. Employees are paid below minimum wage for 10 to 12 hour shifts ($35 a day.) These deceptive hiring practices and blatant abuse of employees must be stoped. 
Entity: miami , Florida
10, Report #193050
May 24 2006
03:27 AM
MCFARLAND CONSULTING McFarland Consulting ripped me off! Champlain New York
Back in early March I was online, attempting to get assistance with paying electric and phone bills. I am disabled, and my income is limited. I received a phone call from Mcfarland Consulting advising me that they could assist me in receiving government grant money. They would charge me $289 for their help in processing my paperwork, and advising for which grants I would qualify. They advised that they would send me a packet of paperwork to fill out, that I should fill it out, and return it ASAP! On March 10, 2006 $289 was removed from my savings account. I attempted to cancel this transaction the day after it was formed, and was called back by a man who advised me, in a hostile tone, that the company is in good standing, and I would get my money back if they were unable to get me $5,000 in grant money within a certain time frame. I attempted to stop payment at my bank, and they advised that they could attempt to stop the charge from going through, for a fee, but could not guarantee that it would not go through anyway. Feeling that I was without choices, the money changed hands. I waited a considerable length of time, and when I did not get any packet, I called the company back, and requested a refund. I was told to send a letter requesting a refund. I sent the letter, and have called back twice, attempting to retreive my money. I attempted contact again on May 23rd, at approximately 2:00 pm and was advised that they were closed, but stated the hours of operation were 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Marla Valdosta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
11, Report #979206
Dec 07 2012
02:31 PM
Namaste Consulting Group Namaste Consulting Group is the WORST company EVER!!! Protect yourself and your money!!! Internet
Work at home mom...that's how Namaste Consulting Group hooked me. I should have been smarter and read the fine print but I was really looking forward to the possibility of having income coming in. The one thing I can say about Namaste Consulting Group is that they're very consistent with their whole pitch to hook people. It seems to have worked on a lot of people. I lost close to $4,200 dealing with them. I really thought this would be a great thing. That I would be able to stay home with my daughter and make some money, since I am a single mother. My story is pretty much the same as what I have been reading about on this site and others and it really infuriates me to know that companies like Namaste have been getting away with taking people's money like this. It's not right!! I paid the initial $499 to get started and then also around $3,500 to upgrade. Nothing did any good as I have not made one dime. Ive also been getting calls from other companies saying that I need to purchase their services in order to make the BIG bucks. Namaste sold my information. And all the people that call are rude and sound like they dont know their ass from a hole in the ground. I called Namaste several times to try and get my money back but no answer. I finally reached out to the FTC, Attorney General and a law firm to file complaints and get my money back. I spoke to David at 615-671-4983 and he helped me with my case against Namaste. I didn't have to pay money upfront for a retainer or anything, which is good because I didn't have any left. The whole thing was fairly painless. I'm happy I called and got referred to him. So, anyone reading this and are thinking about dealing with Namaste...stay away from them! They will steal your money and blink twice about it.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1251131
Aug 26 2015
05:43 PM
Actuarial Consulting Group Inc. Actuarial Consulting Group Job Scam Lebanon Tennessee
I'd seen a job opening for an entry level actuary and submitted a job application. A couple days later I received an email that was unlike any normal job responsesemail. The emailed appeared to be selling you on a career as an actuary, and encouraged you to check out out their website and figure out whether the job is right for you. Before we can schedule an interview, it is essential for you to go, so that you can get an idea of the position for which you are applying. Also it is very important that you watch the video on the home page of called Professional Life and review our website at I googled this company on glassdoor. No results. A few other results directed me to the reddit and Ripoff Report sites, which pretty much confirmed my suspicions.  Bottom line: Stay away!
Entity: Lebanon, Tennessee
13, Report #1258683
Apr 14 2016
05:46 PM
JEH CONSULTING INC Jim Hinkle Business Broker gone bad Aiken South Carolina
 I hired a business broker to sell my start up propane company. Mr Hinkle told me he was an experience propane business broker. To start he needed a $3000 so he can fly to see the bakken area region. One month later I found a buyer by the name Jeff Novak. I provided Mr Hinkle all permits required to open a propane company, the training needed, and everything needed to open a propane company. Mr Jim Hinkle insisted that I must train Mr Novak, in how to deliver propane and in marketing as well. I refused to do that, something did not sound right, I requested to get a down payment, but Mr Hinkle refused .Three months later Mr Novak open his own propane company doing business as Rough Riders Propane out of watford city, North Dakota. Do not provide all information require to your broker or future buyer, do not train future buyer, or offer them any marketing ideas, do no tell a local individual how much are you making, if you do you will have more competition. Brokers don't require any advance payment.
Entity: Aiken, South Carolina
14, Report #1420659
Jan 02 2018
08:14 PM
Veatch Consulting Services Matthew Veatch Fails to fulfill contractual obligations Dallas Texas
Veatch Consulting fails to fulfill its contractual obligations. Mr. Veatch does not act in the best interest of his clients, and accepts kickbacks from dental equipment, supply and marketing companies in exchange for encouraging his clients to buy their products. Fine print clause in contract states that in order to receive the production guarantee offered, you must follow the consultants’ recommendations, which allows the consultant to claim non-compliance at any time if client decides to use a “non-preferred vendor” rather than one that Veatch Consulting recommends. This creates an environment in which the consultant is not looking out for the best interest of the client, as Mr. Veatch and his team have exhibited. Do not recommend this company!!!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
15, Report #74042
Dec 04 2003
02:26 PM
GW Consulting, LLC ripoff! Ormond Beach Florida
On or about July of 2003 I received an e-mail solicitation to go to a particular website, and make money cause the emailer did. I did so and came upon workingtowardswealth site. After reading the information I felt drawn to this ad and the potential to make a great deal of money, from home. I was particularly drawn to the statement that included the term Cash Machine and how I could use my computer to earn a lot of money while away from my desk or office. I payed the $19.00 fee, fully expecting to be receiving a kit or a phone call. In a few days I did receive a phone call from their salesman (I think Jonathan was his name). I asked him if I was going to get something for the payment I made and he asked me a few questions which included Was I self employed. I told him I was and he immediately told me that I was now eligible for the advanced system, which was the IPSS super system. He said that this software would allow me to reach our to literally millions of people everday, around the world with advertising and would be in business in just a matter of days, if I bought now. Cost of the system was $3,500.00 and I could not afford that. He then asked if I had a credit card and I did. He then told me that if my limit was high enough to cover the investment, I would be earning the payoff amount by the time the first payment was due. He said that I would be able to reach millions of customers with days of our conversation, guranteed. He said he couldn't guarantee that I would be rich, but that he could guarantee that I would reach enough customers every hour to make a successful business a reality. I was in need of a method of earning income, as I was currently operating a small business of my own without an income. The salesman convinced me that the IPSS would be the answer to my marketing needs and I could market my own products and services to the whole world. I told him that if this was so I would invest in a new computer and start this home business from scratch. He said that I would receive my IPSS a few days after I made the payment of $3500.00. I would also be receiving all the necessary support and information to get my new business off the ground. I told him that it was very important that I start getting revenue from this business with in the first thirty days of my payment, cause I needed to repay the credit card payment. He reassured me that this would not be a problem and that he would have the system shipped over night. After making the payment I waited for the system. Three weeks had gone by and I had not received my IPSS. I called the company and they said that it was in the mail. I asked why it was not shipped over night and was told that it was to costly and the items were being sent through standard delivery and that explained the delay. I received the system 3 weeks after purchase. In the meantime I purchased a New Dell Computer XP (cost: $750+). The sales person did tell me that as long as the system was XP there would be no problems. However, when I recvied the system I could not activate it until I faxed them a signed copy of an agreement that I would not ask for a REFUND. I did not see this as a problem, as I was convinced that the software would make me a marketing success over night. But, I needed to get revenue going right away, so I signed. Very long story short... This is December 2003 and I still do not have a marketing (IPSS) system that has allowed me to reach the so called millions of customers. The IPSS they sent me was mal functioning so they had to send me a second one and that system failed also. In the process of trying to determine the problem with the IPSS, I was told that it had to be my computer. They checked my computer by proxy and found nothing wrong. They then said that it was my service provider. I had just purchased DSL for this new business and they thought it was the problem. But, I also had roadrunner in my home so I tested it on that system and I had the same problem. Then then asked me to ship my computer to Florida and they wanted to check it. I told them that their sales information said that my XP would work, but nothing worked properly. They had one Technician from Florida working with me for weeks. Then they had a TECH in Spain working with me for weeks. This was John D. and he got frustrated and couldn't figure out what the problem was. So much so that suddenly one day I couldn't reach him any more. He disappeared and showed up in Florida a week or so later. I have not been helped since... More so I have been neglected and avoided. I have not made a single DIME from this investment. G W Consulting has tried to work with me and my computer to get this IPSS system to work properly and it has failed. They also built two web sites for me (At cost) that would generate sales online. But, not a single inquiry has been generated from that effort either. I have also had to purchase related services that total well over an additional $1,500.00 and am still paying for these services and the IPSS and GW Consulting has not been able to get my business off the ground. I have documentation from GW Consulting stating We apologize that we have not been able to get your business off the ground, but have patience. I was told that I would be in business within the first thirty days and six months later, I STILL HAVE NO BUSINESS.. My patience has run out and I have made a request for re-imbursement of only my intitial investment and the cost of the merchant account services. Now it seems that my emails aren't reaching them and NO ONE returns my phone calls. I have asked the president of the company to call me and no one has returned a call. This complaint has a lot more information, than what I have been able to enter on this report. I have months of documented communication with this firm. I have decided that I will now pursue all of my financial losses and attempt to recover potential earnings. This firm was very deceptive in their sales and failed to deliver the working tools that could have put me in business. I have to commend their efforts to correct the problem, But I gathered from several conversations with their staff, that this system and their sales program was faily new and any adjustments or corrections were made on an AS YOU NEED basis. Great for them, but bad for someone like me who is told that if I pay well over $4,000 I will be in business in days and making money. Thank you, Roy F. Brooks, Jr. Roy Kailua, HawaiiU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Work at Home Scams click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Home Based Businesses
Entity: Ormond Beach, Florida
16, Report #359687
Aug 05 2008
09:22 PM
Tara Consulting none payers, liars, cheats Crazytown Internet
I started working for Nyla janruary 2008, my last day was july 7th 2008, I left there because Nyla started yelling at me. i worked my rear off there and hate to see it happen to others. There was to much back stabbing going on and people stealing ur callers, i have been in contact with them. Was told i had to wait 30 days for my pay, contacted them this afternoon 8/5/08 and was told i had to wait another 30 days. They owe me about $400.00 I hope they read this and figure out this is not the way to run a business. Please ladies, if u decide to become a PSO, do not go there, they will rip you off.. COME ON SCOTT AND NYLA PAY UP ITS THE RIGHT THING Jeanie Dayton, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #719167
Apr 18 2011
05:40 PM
Consulting Associates Kelly Bean Fradualent business/scam Internet, Maine
I received a call from this company.  I had been trying to find a boat and applied for a boat loan on the internet.  This company offered a loan which would cover the boat at a great interest rate.  They sent me loan papers and I reviewed them with all the clauses which seemed legitimate.  Due to my credit history, they required a down payment which would go toward my loan pay off.  Well I did all they asked.  Never received the funds that were promised to be wired to my account.  I cancelled my business with this company.  I was due a reimbursement of my down payment funds.  Not only can a transfer be made to my account, they stated they would mail my refund after 10-14 days.  Obviously they do not understand the concept of placing a stamp on an envelope.  I still have not received my refund.  It has now been 2 months.  I had been in contact with Kelly Bean initially then Susan in the office.  I called a week ago and surprisingly the phone no longer valid. 
Entity: Internet, Maine
18, Report #330810
May 06 2008
06:55 AM
STL Consulting Frame Damage Business Opportunity Encinitas California
I also was ripped off by Sam Leath. He has disappeared. If anyone know his whereabouts please let me know. We are seniors and the $25,000 is a lot of money for us to lose. Florida senior Odessa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Encinitas, California
19, Report #1270505
Nov 27 2015
07:23 AM
Interex Consulting Fake Company Internet
 I was approached by the company named InterEx Consulting via phone and email about 85K /year job offer. I tried to visit them in their NEW YORK location. Thats when i found out that they don't exist. I asked a friend of mine to visit their office in HAMBURG - same story, no one there. They insisted on downloading an application form from their site which contained a harmful virus that almost destroyed my computer. I stopped communicating with them when i found out through Whois that their website was registered in Russia just two weeks ago. has anyone else been caught by this scam?
Entity: Internet
20, Report #426648
Feb 20 2009
03:57 PM
Tafiti Consulting, Ridgecresst Consulting, Angela Stevens, Got Scammed out of $10,950 Provo Utah
Please e-mail me at I want to put these people in front of national television and out of business. They have scammed people out of hard earned money for what anyone could get on the internet for a dime on the dollar. These people are criminal and need to be showcased on national television for the sake of others who may succumb to their sleazy, snake oil salesman tactics and deception. Tommy joe chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Provo, Utah
21, Report #1204567
Jan 26 2015
06:54 PM
22, Report #383079
Oct 20 2008
05:20 PM
Global Consulting Canada, Global Consulting Canada Same thief, different Company Name Toronto Ontario
This the same person that has ripped off people for thousands of dollars under the name of Global Sports and Entertainment. Now, he is doing it under another name, but the same old scam and con. One would think that he would have learned the first time the FBI caught him and indicted him for fraud, mail fraud and other charges. Guess he didn't learn that time. Anyone that has or is doing busines with and been ripped off, please contact you local FBI office and mention his name and previous case. When you talk to him ask what happen to him from 1992 to 1994. If you live in Michigan check out the US District Court Eastern District (Criminal Files). When I called the US Attorney to ensure it was the same person, he stated that I should call the FBI and file a report. I did and am now just waiting for the results of the investigation. Once a thief always a thief. Now he has his wife involved..... Madconsumer SomewhereU.S.A.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
23, Report #921572
Aug 02 2012
01:55 PM
Breakthrough Consulting Group This place is a JOKE! Altamonte Springs, Florida
This is by far and away the biggest waste of time for any potential job seekers.  2 companies run out of the same office? Wait an hour before your even interviewed? Lobby looks nice but when you get called back to interview the place is a totally empty! No desks, no computers, phones, nothing.  Just an empty room with a couple of offices. By far and away the STRANGEST interview I've ever had.  Not for professionals. Might be a decent job for high school students.   HR & the hiring agent Roy were very cordial.  
Entity: Altamonte Springs, Florida
24, Report #960370
Oct 26 2012
07:09 AM
blackwater consulting group REAL ESTATE LEAD GENERATION Newport Beach, California
I read with amazement Parker's rebuttal to the first complainant and I find it incredulous that Parker still insists that he had nothing to do with Compass and that he professes to have many satisfied customers.  I did some research unfortunately after the fact and by the way after throwing away $1200.00 to Blackwater Consulting Group for purported 'Lead Generation'.  It seems that Lusby states the following on the realtor site -Active Rain- which is a blog for realtors and is in NO way affiliated with Compass nor Blackwater CG.  About Us:I am part of Compass Internet Systems providing online marketing services to realtors and real estate professionals throughout North America.  Compass excels in making a realtor's web site a profit-making, productive centerpiece of their online marketing plans.  We assure that your site will be found by the 84% of buyers utilizing the internet to search for a new home, and then coach you on getting those visitors turned into prospects and clients.Areas of ExpertiseMaking the internet presence pay off for you in areas of specialazition such as vacation homes, waterfront property, luxury homes or even just specific communities and neighborhoods is what we apply REAL SEO to in order to help you succeed. I unfortunately paid Blackwater nearly $1200.00 for a 3 month 'lead generation service contract'.  I also had asked why not just one month as opposed to having to commit over $1K dollars for 3 months, Lusby quoted me the following, we have found that one month is not enough time to develop tangible results.  So, I signed on.  The results were disasterous, over 3 months not one tangible lead.  And zero revenue! But I did get phone numbers that were not legitimate (rec'd a credit for a couple of them) and also e-mail addresses that were not valid. Multiple unanswered and unreturned calls/e-amils from these purported 'buying prospects'. I complained numerous times but was reassured that it was just part of the process.  In hindsight, these leads were not qualified by Blackwater, the process was costly with ZERO tangible revenue results and all too time consuming.  I personally can and would not recommend this company for real estate lead generation.  And Parker, if you read this, perhaps you will refund my $1200.00 that would be the ethical thing too do!
Entity: Newport Beach, California
25, Report #884845
May 18 2012
05:26 PM
DVPN Consulting Group ALEX PERDIE Internet check pistal fraude ontario, Nationwide
I entertained conversation research emails because Alex Persie with dvpn Consulting Group offerred me a job. When I got the first it was a stolen fraudulent piece of paper
Entity: ontario, Nationwide

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