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26, Report #179932
Mar 07 2006
09:07 PM
McFarland Consulting ripoff, promised over $5000.00 government grant. Champlain New York
I was lucky. I went to my bank on the same day that I called up McFarland Consulting in Champlain, New York and had given them all my banking info. I asked the teller why a company would need to know my routing# and account# from my checks to do a transaction but would not accept my debit card info as payment instead. She asked me who? When I told her the company name she called her supervisor and he apparently looked them up online because he had the teller send me to his office so we could close out that account and open a new one to stop McFarland from ripping me off for $289.00. HOW do you stop these crooks from taking advantage of people? Their 3x5 GREEN postcard is very official looking. I hope this helps someone else keep from getting ripped off. James Falls Creek, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
27, Report #1175290
Sep 08 2014
12:57 PM
Brand Upward Consulting Chad Polhamus Rick Thomas These people are crooks Centennial Colorado
Chad Polhamus and Riock Thomas are crooks! They owe hundreds of thousands to unpaid vendors some of which have manufactured the products they display as sucesses on their web site. They have lied to us and others in receiving payments while not paying their vendors.  We have been in business for over 20 yrs. and have not met a more unethical bunch.   Stay away.
Entity: Centennial, Colorado
28, Report #1040881
Apr 05 2013
06:45 AM
Cheque cashing scam that poses as legitimate work. We will be forwarding all their information to the authorities and we have plenty. I'm sure the real legitimate company that used to be called Synovate (now aka ipsos aka i-say) will also be interested in this scam. Here is a little of what we collected so far... SCAM No legit company would ask you to use your bank account during probation. Fake website: Here is the legit site: Contact info on scam site Headquarters: United States 4548 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19139 Telephone:+1 (215) 789-9785 E-mail: support@synovateconsulting.comBranch: Canada 82601 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 1G1 Telephone:+1 (608) 319-1517 E-mail: Scam addresses provided on website: Train Station,&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a&channel=rcs&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&sa=N&tab=wl   Some business building that does not list you as tenants.,+Philadelphia,&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a&channel=rcs&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ei=-n5dUe_eBJDsrAHQhYHoDg&ved=0CAsQ_AUoAg A part of letter they send: Interview: Not required, but we can interview you by phone if we decided so. Job Type: Home Based,  Full-Time or Part-Time. You can easily combine it with any other job you have. Training: We provide a Probationary Period with support. So you can get all necessary experience. Account for work: We don't provide a bank account. For this work you need to use your personal or open a new special one. IMPORTANT: Your account will only be used during the probation period, after passing it you will be provided with a company account. Your account will be only for system and salary purposes. It is inconvenient to open a new business account for every person that has not yet passed the probation period.  During this period all of the responsibilities from your account will be passed over to the company. Best Regards, Lynne Donnelly Who is info for their website: is a whois privacy service which help to shield domain registrant actual information from being see publicly. Created: 2013-03-27 03:10:03 Expires: 2014-03-26 19:10:03 Last Modified: 2013-03-27 03:10:02 Registrant Contact: Domain Admin ( Lot 2-1, Incubator 1, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia 57000 P: +603.89966788 F: +0.0 Administrative Contact: Domain Admin ( Lot 2-1, Incubator 1, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia 57000 P: +603.89966788 F: +0.0 Technical Contact: Domain Admin ( Lot 2-1, Incubator 1, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia 57000 P: +603.89966788 F: +0.0 Billing Contact: Domain Admin ( Lot 2-1, Incubator 1, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia 57000 P: +603.89966788 F: +0.0
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #1049077
May 07 2013
03:50 PM
Family Business Consulting Group Unlicensed consultants with questionable practices Chicago Illinois
Questionable Business consulting practices. This firm was employed by my elderly parent who owns a small family business. David Lansky was hired to consult with the family on a succession plan. Dr. Lansky also worked with one of the family members who was also employed at this firm.  The firm is located in Chicago Illinois and Lansky has a background as a clinical psychologist.  At the time of this incident he was licensed to practice in Illinois. Upon checking with my states licensing board he was NOT licensed to practice in my state. At the time of this incident the words counseling and consulting were spoken interchangeably by my elderly parent when I first refused to participate. Why was I refusing?  The family member and fellow employee of Lansky, my sister Carol, had been interfering with my college aged child who is diagnosed as an alcoholic. My sister had drank with her, gone behind my back and given my child money when I had cut them off financially. I had attempted to get this child to go to treatment with the only leverage I had left which was her tution, rent etc.  However because she could get $ from her aunt Carol she ignored me and my efforts that she seek help. I asked this sister and another sister who is the President of the family company to attend a meeting to help me with my child. They refused to attend, instead enabling my daughter. These two sisters also had an agenda to take over the family business and essentially push the owner, our father out. That  effort did not succeed. And now back to Lansky:This man met with me and acted as a counselor. He stated that my family had some right to interfere with my child. He stated several other things I found disturbing.  He was asked by me if he intended to meet with the family as a whole.  He said he did not know. I told him I would attend a future meeting. Subsequently that meeting was sheduled the next day. I could not attend on such short notice. What happened next was preposterous. I received notice from him through my sibling that another meeting was scheduled. I then inquired about the meeting that was held when I could not attend. I was told it was confidential. Hmm, a family meeting with an agenda to get people on the same page and now anything said was confidential.  Appropriate in a counseling session perhaps but not appropriate to further the objective. Lansky was counseling not consulting. Before I ever could attend another meeting (which was scheduled over a major surgery I had already scheduled) I was forced from the family business. Prior to this time I spoke to Lansky twice and he confirmed that he told my family not to speak to me. I recorded this conversation as it is legal in my state. This was his idea, his method. If someone disagrees with you then stop talking to them and kick them to the curb. wow. His directions were taken seriously but my Mother in particular was not in agreement.  However I know now that she was bullied to comply. My Mother passed away about 6 months after this but fortunately I was able to meet with her, find out what she was being told by this counselor and that she considered him to be doing counseling not business consulting.  My Mother was never part of the business. About the same time I was contacted by another family member by text which said those idiots say I can talk to you again. I was also told by my Mom that They told her I was no longer her daughter. Carol and Lansky apparently had their own agenda and they clearly did not concern themsleves with causing harm. Both tout themselves as exeprieced in the field of psychology. This is just a very short summary but before you get involved with this firm be cautioned:They are not licensed in the fields they tout. Therefore you have no way to complain about their seemingly unethical practices. What did I consider possibly unethical?Lansky did not divulge a conflict of interest in that he worked with my sister. My Mother specifically told me she was told did not work together with Carol.  (hard to explain to an elderly parent but the Family Business Consultant website showed clearly that Lansky and Carol work together.) A counselor is required to report a conflict of interest to those he is counseling. Lansky practiced as a counselor and at that time was a licensed psychologist in Illionois but NOT in my state. He also did not apply for reciprocity in my state or have a temporary license. I confirmed this with the state. Presently he is no longer licensed in Illinois. Subsequently I cannot file a complaint with Illinois licensing when the man has no license. Lansky advised my family, particularly my parents to not speak to me for several months.  No counsleor I have consulted would sign on to such advice. I believe if you want to resolve an issue you need to speak to people. Carol in particular has used this method for years to avoid confrontation so I am not surprised she does it.  However, to operate this way in your personal life and carry it out as advice to others is ludicrous.  My emails and phone numbers were then blocked from all concerned. What advisor tells anyone to do this type of thing? At this time no one concerned will discuss this so I thought it helpful to file this report and take measures to caution anyone who might hire this firm. Lansky was pushing an agenda: Get the head of the family business out, an agenda of the sisters who were enabling (and continue to do so) a known alcoholic. In the process these two sisters also destroyed other family relationships. Carol, a consultant with this firm obviously has questionable judgement as well. I will say her personal situation likely influences her decisions but she also touts an educational background that cannot be challenged by a licensing board becasue she is also not licensed in any field that she claims she has experience in. So, caution to those who would hire this firm or these individuals to help you with your family business. Caution to the owner as well as the family because the business practices of these individuals caused more harm then good. The field of family business consulting is not regulated and may be working with persons who cannot be held responsible for their actions and who may lack both common sense and the ability to advise you appropriately. If not speaking to people who disagree with you is your way of solving problems this firm is for you.  If you hold a belief that harmony comes from discussion as does resolve (so that you can move on to actual business issues) find another firm to help you! 
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
30, Report #1265145
Nov 05 2015
03:54 PM
Logic Business Consulting Money Laundering Scam New York Internet
 The company is a standard money laundering mule, offering a work at home. Their assesment program for the position posted on the website under Career tab consists of accepting parcels to my home address and forwarding them on the an address specified by the crooks. Website domain is Ukrainian registered.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #577090
Mar 02 2010
09:22 PM
Platinum Business Consulting Direct Software Refuses to refund purchase price of $78.00 Des Moines, Iowa
Ordered a business package on 2/5/10. Never received an invoice, receipt number or tracking number, or instructions regarding refunds, etc.Disputed charge with debit card company. Emailed vendor on 3/2/10 to find out about status of order. Was immediately sent an email (not the original email from the order) with download instructions. Vendor states in email that receipt of it, or downloading of materials, was the same as acceptance or delivery of order. Refused to refund after several requests and now threatens civil action if dispute with debit card issuer is not pulled.
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
32, Report #794877
Nov 03 2011
03:11 PM
Detroit Business Consulting CYDCOR!!!! ***SCAM COMPANY*** ***ANOTHER CYDCOR COMPANY*** ***DO NOT INTERVIEW HERE*** Troy, Michigan
Please...JUST READ THIS LINK.... please also read what I have posted for Turner Enterprises, Inc. out of Bingham Farms, MI...They are ALL the SAME...TRUST MEYou do NOT want to interview with any of these CYDCOR companies...please, GOOGLE CYDCOR SCAM for yourself on Google... It is a complete JOKE.Everything said about Lindsey Carr or Sam Striker on the other posts is true of Michael Rosenberg and his staff... They are pretend businessmen/women who will try to hire you in for a position that is selling products door-to-door...DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME...Take a look at that link and do your research before interviewing with these phonies...If you were to work at any of these would be paid straight commission, drive all day long and not get reimbursed for gas or mileage...get paid next to NOTHING for working 12 hours a day...and SELL AT&T UVERSE and office supplies DOOR TO DOOR!!!!!Oh, and NO benefits...STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS
Entity: Troy, Michigan
33, Report #1311496
Jun 15 2016
08:47 AM
Force Business Consulting Using Employment to get your money via Credit Card Geneva Switzerland Internet
Force Business Consultants please read this information if you are involved here! DO NOT GIVE THEM OR RECEIVE ANY BANK OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION! THIS IS WHAT I FOUND! tried to reach the phone number on the website and on/in all your emails. These are not a functioning phone numbers. I even called the number that left a voice mail on my phone on June 14th 646-583-2887 this is also disconnected . I called Apple, They Looked up all the multiple PO's that have been requested all the same units Everyone is going to an address that is a home and there have been no purchases made! I have research the company and there is no internet presence outside the website. I have research the CEO Bernet and there is nothing about him on the internet. I have researched the HR person Benoit on the contract and their is nothing connected to your company. I have researched the Special Projects person Nelia on the contract and their is nothing connected to your company THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM preying on the unemployed.  
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1312589
Jun 21 2016
10:45 AM
Force Business Consulting Asked for 10,000 to purchase office equipement Switzerland Internet
My Ripoff report is the same as the person from Arizona.  Force got my resume from Monster and talked to me about a consulting position and the steps I needed to take to get the position.   I have spent about 5 total hrs. doing what they asked taking case studies and a test what a suprise I got 100% on the test.   They then asked me to purchase 5 computers for a newly opening office and that they would send me the  money to purchase the products.  I just recieved 10 pages of how this should be done.  Really looks like it is legit.    NOT.   I called my credit card company and discussed the situation. Then decided to take a look at this report and it is the same scam that they pulled on the lady in Arizona.  At least I am not out any money.      Hopefully someone can stop these wonderful people from scamming those of us that are working hard at getting employment.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #722651
Apr 27 2011
09:07 AM
Malteco Business Consulting Group Malteco ,of The Donlee Group, Inc. Maltek International, SARL Malteco Response McKinney, Texas
The report was lodged from an employee of a company that was contracted with Malteco Business Consulting, Inc.  This company represented itself as having resourses of interest to Malteco.  Malteco agreed to commission/fees for product brought forth.  Malteco Business Consulting Group is now owned by The Donlee Group, Inc.   These individuals have never produced anything for the new owner of Malteco to consider.  There is no existing agreement. This is an obvious pitiful attempt at extortion.  I also noticed that this website offers the opportunity to clear my record through arbitration for a fee.  Again all I see is extortion.  I don't think soap and water will be sufficient to cleanse my hand from having to answer to the ridiculous claim from the husband and wife team out of Nevada.
Entity: McKinney, Texas
36, Report #1311520
Jun 15 2016
10:11 AM
Force Business Consulting Franck Bernet, Claudia Benoit,Teresa Templeton, Melissa Powell Professional services consulting New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Geneva Nationwide
Company name: Force Business Consulting Register in Geneva Switzerland as Force Business Services Sarl Owner: Franck Bernet Company officers: Claudia Benoit, Teresa Templeton, Melissa Powell This company offered me contract as Senior Consultant. After two weeks of training they asked me to pay for Apple equipment. I refuse to pay with my credit card. I demand them to pay me for the time I spend developping their supposely projects. There is no reply since then, no answer and the number in Geneva is disconnected. I look online for all the companies representatives but no one is a real person, I couldn't find any of them on Facebook, Linkedin, or residence in New York. The website has been active since April 2016. The IP address is link to an Ukraine IP. The company is register in Geneva Switzerland with a slightly other name. This is a clear SCAM and fraude! They try to get your money by buying gift cards from Apple. If anyone had experience this unfortunate situation, please ste up to stop this scam.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #719899
Apr 20 2011
11:45 AM
ICM Consulting ICM Consulting Corporation failure to deliver on their contractual obligations, open sabotage, fraud, defamation, threats to destroy the company and our website, blackmail and extortion Toronto, Ontario
During eleven (11) months in 2010 ICM Consulting was openly sabotaging their contractual obligations refusing to address our concerns about search engine optimization not working properly and refusing to provide us with all appropriate documentation and results including sitemap submission date and confirmation received from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask etc. Moreover, our legitimate requests to investigate if there were any possible solutions to the existing problem and correct deficiencies with the search engines were met with increasing ignorance, rudeness, disrespectful behaviour and open aggression that finally progressed to ICM Consultings decision to sabotage the hosting of the website as a reprisal leading to business interruption. The requested by ICM Consulting amount of $588+GST for one month extension was  the amount normally charged by the Web Hosting re-seller Hostgator for 120 GB disk space + 1000 GB Bandwidth with unlimited domains per year  - and can be regarded as a form of extortion. ICM Consulting failure to perform was enforced by using of foul language, profanities and open defamation. Our requests to restore missing information on our website were met by the ICM Consulting with open threats to: 1.      to shut down our website and destroy our website 2.      to permanently damage our website using their own resources 3.      to make our life a living hell 4.      to bring us (APLUS Institute) into disrepute
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
38, Report #1051995
Feb 19 2014
10:41 AM
Payment Agent-Rust Consulting, Inc Rust Consulting, Inc gives Consulting Firm should be forced to close all their offices Faribault Minnesota
Today is February 18th and I still have not received my refund. I was able to speak with a representative who informed me that all the doucmentation that I submitted inlcuding the court documents was we enough to support my refund. Rust Consulting is suppose to send another form that I need to complete and get notarized. I have yet to receive the inform to proceed.
Entity: Faribault, Minnesota
39, Report #1414783
Dec 03 2017
11:07 AM
Power Brands Consulting Power Brands Beverage Consultants STAY AWAY FROM POWER BRANDS CONSULTING Sherman Oaks California
STAY AWAY from Power Brands Consulting. If you are thinking that you need help with your business, DON'T FALL for their fancy brand-name dropping and fake offices 'on both coasts'. They are con artists and will take your money before you know it. We are a private equity backed business. A year ago, we pursued a bunch of contracts with them for the development of a line of beverages. Their con scout Saul chased like a good dog, we we signed them, of course they didn't. No dates, no deadlines, nothing. In good faith, we had not opted to use legal advice at that time. For the last 12 months we have been enduring the Power Brands curse on every level. Samples without content labels that could be dangerous to consume, pathetic creative work, incompetent staff, rude attitude and total oblivion. I will not list out everything we have been through with these guys because there isn't enough space on here. Regarding the creatives, their work was so bad after 5 rounds we had to buy special software and machines to do it ourselves. We paid for 'brand consulting' $10k/month an got zero from them. We paid for logos, brand names, taglines, content...well, you guessed it. We had to do everything ourselves. Finally when we wanted help in connecting with co-packers and distributors they totally turned a blind eye. So all their promises on their website are totally fake. The moment they get paid that is when the downhill begins. When the blunders were just out of control, I was asking why the deadlines were consistently not met, the follow up was non existent and the progress was so slow. I was questioning why they were making so many mistakes, in crucial things such as the specs! They were mixing up and screwing up the dosages! Why was the lab constantly understaffed and changing people? That is when the sociopath Darin Ezra lashed out with threats, pulling off his team and demanding we got AN ADDITIONAL resource to cover their lack of knowdedge in beverage development. Unless we paid for this resource they would stop all work. His sidekick Marty Molina, acts like a calming agent but is just as a con as Ezra is. So we did pay, only to still achieve nothing for months. When we finally reached at 'final' production, that is when the total disaster happened. The final product was NOT like anything we had sampled throughout the months. It was bitter, awful tasting, had a mud-like sediment and black. We had to destroy 8 tons of product. We had to go back to the drawing board. We had to keep the investors still on board (this was the toughest). This cost us close to $150k and 6 months out. Of course, PB just ignored everything and finally their con lawyer Jill Birkman sent us the 'cancellation of agreements' letter. When we asked for a refund for incompleted work, well, they made us sign a liability release agreement all the way in the beginning after an serious issue they had caused (I cannot disclose) AND they used that for all the work and every mishap on their behalf.  When we started, they assured us we would be in business within 4-6 months, well that was a joke. A year later and we are $300k short and with no product.  So please do yourself a favor. STAY AWAY.
Entity: Sherman Oaks, California
40, Report #1311698
Jun 16 2016
09:36 AM
Force Business Consulting Uses Consulting Job Offer, employment contract, credit card scam, internet, preys on unemployed Internet
Force Business Consultants please read if you are involved with them! They seem VERY legitimate, I researched them before signing up. Until today, they had a very nice website that looked totally professional complete with client names, European offices, contacts - the whole shebang. The Consulting program is a good hook, It too along with the tests and case studies really feel like a true opportunity. I had even spoke to the recruiter when she called me initially - all seemed on the level. EVEN their reasoning for using personal cards with reimbursing of funds from their account. I have not lost any money (yet that I am aware of but still holding breath). The phone number on all their emails is bogus - it does trace back to a land line in New York but it will not work  (***-***-****) and the office is susposed to be on the Avenue of the Americas in NYC I believe. All the contracts, paperwork, everything they send is very professional looking but as of this morning I am highly concerned it is indeed a scam. No longer being able to talk with a person, the number not working, the website now showing down and being rebuilt and only email contact is sending off alarms. I have kept all of the documents sent authorizing accesses and charges, etc... just in case I need them. I have contacted my credit card companies and alerted them as well as closed the accounts. I am hoping fervantly Force realizes I am not playing along and just calls it quits. Having worked on the internet for many years, having an internet company and doing most of my communications and training via email and internet is not in itself unusual in this day and age which is why I did not pick up on the immediate danger. I am eating major crow and feeling like an idiot but this group is very good, very savvy and very smooth. BEWARE!
Entity: Internet
41, Report #213015
Sep 27 2006
11:56 AM
Gould Consulting, Business Credit without a personal guatantee!!Scam Internet
I contacted Mr Gould about an ad I found on Craigs list for obtaining business credit. Mr could told me about all the ways he was going to help me obtain business credit without a personal guarantee. I then meet with Mr Gould and gave him a $600.00 check for my business credit, after my check cleared I was told nothing but lies then after I asked for my money back he agreed that I shoud get it back and he put it in the mail, here's the email below. I have no problem giving you a refund based of the promises of the business credit program, my apologies on the matter. I will send you over a close out documents which in clude your Dunns# to your home address and check for $660 dollars. I apologize for any disruption this may have caused you. Best regards, Dan Gould My company name is Dunn Management LLC and he has me down as one of his clients and that not true either.Every one needs to know about this company it is a scam!!! Tracy College Park, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
42, Report #421353
Feb 07 2009
09:30 AM
OKIE Environmental & Consulting Svcs. unkept promises, fraud Norman Oklahoma
We paid $1000 with the promise that we would get it back at the end of the year if we had no company contacts. We tried to cancel our credit card initially but it was too late. At the end of the year, we hadn't had any contacts and when we got back with Millenium Marketing they said a check was in the mail. We never got it and phone calls to them resulted in hang ups. Okie env. & consulting svcs. Norman, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Norman, Oklahoma
43, Report #398051
Dec 04 2008
08:23 PM
SRTL Consulting - Jennifer Lam scammed out of $5000.00 for a fake grant Las Vegas Nevada
Jennifer Lam scammed me out of $5000.00 for a grant she supposedly is an expert at. She also stated that she knew a Dr. Jones OB GYN and several ob gyn's in the green valley and Henderson area and when they were asked they stated they never heard of her. I have repeatedly been calling her and she has stated that she has mailed the check 5 weeks ago and it was returned back to her and of course I never received it. She has been answering my texts for the past 3 weeks that she will meet me at the Target Center near the Boba Cafe where Joey Pham supossedly owns and she never shows nor calls me back. I will be filing a police report tomorrow and I have my returned check where she used a wells fargo visa id to cash it. If any one has any info to help me get my money back and put her in jail where she belongs by scanning us innocent people, please email me @(((Redacted))). Thanks! Jenniferlamscam Henderson, NevadaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
44, Report #396973
Dec 02 2008
11:22 AM
Millenium Marketing - Casey Consulting Took my $9000 Las Vegas Nevada
In July 2007 I was looking for a business I could run from home to make some extra income. I came upon Millenium Marketing Concepts and was contacted by a representative of the company after expressing an interest over the internet. After several phones calls over a couple of days, I thought the program sounded like it could possibly make some money. I was told I could possibly make $120,000 the first year. I would have been happy with less, just make back the money I was investing a little more sounded fine. Needless to say, after a guaranteed 120,000 visitors to my website and submission to 200 search engines (which I don't think either of these things happened) I am out $9000 and did not make a single penny on this deal. Now I'm in debt to the credit card company for the next 20 years or so and am kicking myself repeatedly. Oh, and after they received my money, I never heard another word from them, other than the email to tell me how to access my site. Nor was it explained to me that the web site would only be up for 1 year. I believe $9000 a year for a website is quite excessive. In hindsight, knowing what I know now, I could have done the same thing on my own for under $500. Teresa Lewistown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
45, Report #399186
Dec 08 2008
01:46 PM
Global Consulting - Josh Yudell - Scam Scam - Liar - Hides Annapolis Maryland
Over a year ago this scammer, Josh Yudell, did not keep his agreement with me and never paid me money that he agreed to pay. He will not return calls or emails as he is too busy with the SEC chasing him. NEVER do business with Josh Yudell or his call room company - Global Consulting Inc. Burned pt. Roberts, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Annapolis, Maryland
46, Report #652449
Oct 18 2010
03:52 PM
Info Tech Consulting Group Ivan Hurt Unethical Business Dead Head Client Internet, Pennsylvania
Ivan Hurt is the worse person to do business with on the internet.  He will rip you off if you trust him.  I would advise all virtual assistants to stay clear of him.  He does not pay his invoices, does not communicate, and makes you think you are doing an excellent job.  He does not live by ethics because if he did he would pay what he owes people.
Entity: Internet, Pennsylvania
47, Report #755215
Jul 19 2011
10:52 AM
HP Consulting Inc. Frontline Communications LLC Scam - Magazine sales contest Kittredge, Colorado
Monday afternoon two boys, late teens approached my house requesting about purchasing magazine subscriptions as a fundrasier for their trip to Germany. They were a home schooled group of kids in a contest, boys against girls. They were very convincing, had what I thought were authentic documents and stated the subscriptions were for the Veterans and soldiers. That I needed to make sure that I considered both, the men and the women so if I could do one for each it would be great. I would be getting a picture postcard in the mail from a soldier that received my magazine. They caught me off guard, and without stopping to look them up real quick on line, I went ahead and did two subscription and wrote them two checks. After an hour or so, I got a funny feeling and decided to look them up on line. Sure enough - Numerous reports of this scam across the US are out there. I called the bank this am and put stops on the checks and reported them stolen. So much for trying to be a trusting soul...
Entity: Kittredge, Colorado
48, Report #780838
Sep 24 2011
12:10 PM
Innovations Media Consulting No pay for completed work Internet, Texas
There are certain things that Robin Malka of Innovations Media Consulting does not do: She does not answer her phone, she does not return phone calls, she does not respond to email, and she does not pay the people who work for her. It isn't presented as a one man operation but that's what it is. I responded to an ad on craigslist for a job. Long story short I got my first assignment from Innovations Media Consulting to do a sort of online/telephone secret shopper kind of gig. The deal is that you go online and fill out forms acting as though you're interested in what they're offering. Then you get a call from a telemarketer, and you evaluate the telemarketer. I should have guessed that with all of the people out there that are looking for legitimate work-from-home opportunities it wouldn't be that easy. I wouldn't say it sounded too good to be true, but it sounded pretty decent. There was the drawback that you had to be available to take calls pretty much all day every day. I guess there are enough people trying to get opportunities like this that Robin could just use each individual one time and then move on to the next and never pay any of them. The reason I say its a one man operation (or one woman, as the case may be) is because when I received my assignment, Robin was listed as my go-to person... my manager. I was given her phone number and name as the person to call with questions. I could never reach her. Later, I decided to go above her head, so I went to the company's website to get the company number. The number listed as the company number was her number. Also, its a cell phone. When you get your first assignment from them they refer to you as an employee - even though you're doing contract work. I overlooked the semantical error at the time, but this in itself could land her in some trouble. In particular the IRS frowns on treating contract workers as employees because people do this to avoid paying employer taxes. So now I am also probably going to be reporting her to the IRS. One last thing: When I received my first assignment (it consisted of 10 evaluations, and I was promised to be paid $250 after the completion of them, to be paid to my PayPal account the Friday after I turned the work in... it has been three weeks and I have not been paid despite an email informing her that I would file a complaint with the Office of the Attourney General in her state if she did not pay me. I don't think she even reads her emails) I was informed that once I had evaluated a telemarketer I would not be contacted by that company again. Also untrue. I am now being innundated with phone calls.
Entity: Internet, Texas
49, Report #781352
Sep 26 2011
08:53 AM
One Six Consulting brettan miller, collette and george liar, drug addict & thief chicago, Illinois
Now this takes the cake. Called 16 companies and Mr. Miller's new fiance (lol) answered but she can't speak english. Can't take a message and sounds like a crack whore. SURPRISE SURPRISE. Apparently Mr. Miller was arrested Friday in his new building for exactly what he arrested in mine. BEWARE HE STATES SHE WILL KILL ME. AS SHE STATED SHE WILL STAB ME OVER AND OVER. HE IS CRAZY. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS NUT. YOU WILL BE SORRY.
Entity: chicago, Illinois
50, Report #713373
Apr 03 2011
03:33 PM
rust consulting inc. wal mart mdl1735 settlement payments not being paid , Internet
this complaint is about rust consulting inc. handling of the walmartmdl1735 settlement payments. i received a book and a claim form in the mail concerning a lawsuit settlement for current and former walmart hourly employees ( which i am ) in 2009 to recover money as part of a class action settlement , so i went ahead and filled out the claim form and sent it back before the stated deadline on submitting the claim form thinking that i would be getting some money back ( since walmart could not pay us employees  for every hour worked ). well after waiting a year on this case to be settled i found out in january 2011 from the rust consulting  ( walmartmdl . com website ) that the case was settled and the settlement checks was mailed on december 30th 2010  well after reading that i thought finally i would be getting the money that walmart owes us current and former employees (  it appears to be wishful thinking ) because it has been over 3 months now since the checks was supposedly mailed  and as of 4/3/2011 i still have not received anything !! , so after trying to contact rust consulting and only getting automated messages on their phone  or them not answering e-mails  i am thinking that this company ( rust consulting ) has no intentions of paying us the money thats owed to us current and former employees it looks like rust consulting is trying to keep the money for themselves  , it was bad enough that walmart could not pay us employees what we earned then this company ( rust consulting is ripping us off to !!!!
Entity: Internet, Internet

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