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1, Report #72413
Nov 19 2003
07:28 AM
C & C Transmission disrepair Sulphur Louisiana
In July I picked my car up from C & C after some transmission repair. Since that time it had been leaking gallons of fluid from the front seal. Transmission shop manager states it has nothing to do with the repair that they did. When the car was brought in it had no leak and I never was low on fluid. Only after the repair the leaking began. Laura Sulphur, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Sulphur, Louisiana
2, Report #797817
Nov 14 2011
10:33 AM
C C Services Debt Collection Agncy Internet
CC services has called numerous times ref a 11 digit code and advising me to call them back. i have not called them. I don't know who they are. I don't owe any outstanding debts. I want them to quit calling me
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #1238485
Jun 28 2015
09:06 AM
c&c mattress.com c&c mattress.inc.mattressexpert deceptive, rip off.. Internet
Melinda -Fort Lauderdale - Florida I have had a stroke  and had multiple surgeries. I have dislocated discs that add to the issues. My daughter was  on my behalf .She spoke multi times to a sales person whom  I believe it was the owner.She was convinced this special made foam mattress would solve all problems. She paid in advance and spoke several times that no worries if can be returned. During an interval, I came home to and see this mattress. I told my daughter I am allergic to rubber / latex. and it bothers my back.The smell alone of the latex / rubber  was irritated. I was sleeping downstairs in a chair  and I could not  sleep in my bed . I asked to have it returned and she called this wonderful salesperson that I needed to have the mattress flipped over and try again and air out the mattress.. This was flipped but at that time  I  was back to the hospital to a new surgery. I came back home and again asked the mattress to be returned. My daughter called again specifically to return the mattress. This time this salesperson told her that returns were never an option , have a nice day and hung up. This  company has been called and ignored . It now have been 3 months I  am now stuck with this foam mattress.   I have looked up this company and owners and now this that appears that it has changed or used a different name. It uses : c&c mattress .inc,, c&c mattress .com , and I believe it is now also under the mattress expert. I strongly advise to RUN RUN RUN far away to anyone associated from this company  or it's owners .
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1219919
Apr 02 2015
09:15 AM
C&C Small Engines C&C ripoff Anniston Alabama
We took an old machine to C&C. They said the engine was not available. We approved a new engine and installlation for 1200.00 dollars. When we picked t up, the price had gone to 1400.00. dollars, (without consent or our knowledge.) The new engine did not last a year and the tractor was junked 
Entity: Anniston , Alabama
5, Report #48317
Mar 07 2003
10:57 AM
C I C Credit Monitor rip-off St. Marys Georgia
This company C I C Credit Monitor charged my account without my concent. I'm pissed off and want my money back! Erika st. marys, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #2197
May 04 2000
12:00 AM
C. C. Computers Virginia Computer Monitor Rip-Off
On July 31, 1999 I visited a computer expo in Raleigh, N.C.; where I purchased a RASTEROPS 20 monitor from C.C. Computers (out of Richmond, VA.)for my home PC. I was told they had no boxes for their monitors and I took it home without a box. Two days later the monitor died. I called C.C. Computers, got their voice mail and left a message. When they did not call me back, I wrote a letter explaining that they had not supplied me with a monitor box and I could not send the damaged monitor back. I asked C.C. Computer to send me a replacement monitor and I would return the damaged monitor in the box they used to send me the replacement. It seemed like a good idea to me. After several days and no response, I called to check the status of the replacement; once again I reached their answer machine. I left a message. I have called and written C.C. Computer, the Virginia Attorney General, and the Virginia Department of Consumer Protection; with the same results. I never have received my repalcement monitor. All C.C. Computer says is: have Mr. Hagler send the defective monitor in for repair or replacement. Never mind the fact that it weighs over 60 pounds and I do not have the proper shipping materials to protect it during shipping. All I asked for was to have C.C. Computer send me a replacement and I would use the box they sent to return the defective monitor. All I have received is to have the State of Virginia turn their back on me and leave me to deal with this company on my own. Can you help me? A year is almost up since I purchased this monitor!! Ron Hagler hagron@alltel.net
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
7, Report #233070
Jan 27 2007
05:52 PM
C&C Cleaners ripoff destroyed garments and abusive service Berkeley California
I brought in an ivory colored Nanette Lepore cotton pique jacket (retail value $330) which had only been worn once so that a watermark could be removed from the left sleeve. The jacket had a small ink stain near the watermark (which I knew was permanent) but was otherwise in perfect condition. When I picked up the jacket I noticed that although the watermark was gone, the jacket now had several other dark stains (grungy smudges) in other locations (on the front right bottom, on the opposite sleeve, on the waistline in the back). Also, and perhaps more importantly, the right side of the front of the jacket and the back of the jacket were now mottled, with patches of bright white and patches of the original ivory color. This dye removal is irreversible, and it made me upset. When I took the garment back the proprietress of C&C argued first that she could not see the problem I was describing, second that I had caused the damage before I brought the jacket in, and various other excuses when I asked her if the damage was reversible. She kept raising her voice and yelling at me. She angrily offered to clean it again, promising to call the following day with an update on its status and promising to have the jacket cleaned by Monday. By Saturday I still had not received the promised call so I went to C&C to check on the jacket. The proprietress was extremely rude, claiming that I had brought the jacket in with the coloration problems. I told her that because this was a very expensive jacket I just wanted a straight answer about whether the damage was reparable or not. She responded by telling me that the jacket was cheap and that without an original purchase receipt it was worthless. She called me a liar, claiming that I had purchased the jacket at a salvage shop and was lying to her about its price. I was told that they wouldn't be able to try cleaning it again until after Monday. I found this arrangement unsuitable, so I asked for a refund. My cleaning costs were refunded to me, but the jacket is now unwearable due to the numerous dark stains and the blotchy color. I was offended by the way I was treated - I am an honest person and I expect to be treated respectfully by the people I do business with. More importantly, though, I have lost this very expensive piece of my wardrobe, and the woman who runs this business refused to compensate me in any way, shape, or form unless I could produce my original purchase receipt. Anon. Berkeley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Berkeley, California
8, Report #377969
Oct 02 2008
02:19 PM
Expresspaidsurveys.com C&C Networks, INC Expresspaidsurveys.com/ mislead company Boise/ Idaho
Just a scam, but at least I got my money back. And now I know why I hate using my credit card online.Thanks Jaynell Eureka, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Boise, Idaho
9, Report #477153
Aug 06 2009
03:23 PM
C&C Small Engine Inc. Ripoff on repairs. Anniston Alabama
I carried my lawnmower in for repairs and they inflated the labor and did repaire I did not authorize. Gary Oxford, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Anniston, Alabama
10, Report #772959
Sep 04 2011
10:41 AM
C&C Small Engines charges for warranty work Anniston, Alabama
I bought a campbell hausfeld (hu350) compressor which kept blowing it's replaceble fuse and would not cycle. The operation manuel says not to return the product to the retailer call 1-800-543-6400.they gave me C&C small engine as their auth dealer &repair shop  when i took it there they said you cannot use an extion cord with that portable compressor...i showed them in the operation manual that you could.i chked with them every week for three weeks they said parts are on order...so i called camp/haus again and told the service tech what was going on (crn# 1472885) he called C&C they called me immeditly.they told me there would be a 39.00 charge , i called Camp/Haus back and they said to have C&C to call their warrenty peopleI drove to C&C and they said their was nothing wrong with the compressor that i should not use an ext cord i refused to pay and they refused to call warranty so they still have my new compressor I am filing theft by conversion charges aginst C&C
Entity: Anniston, Alabama
11, Report #685068
Jan 21 2011
10:38 AM
I also received a letter in the mail, stating that I was a winner of the Publisher's Clearing house. I called the number, and he answered hello, I wastold to call back in an hour. Once I called back, the man asked if I had deposited the check into the bank, and that he would give me more information later. I started asking questions regarding the taxes and how they would be paid. He did not like that I asking, so he starting calling me all out of my name (cursing at me). He said it wasnoted in my file that I silly and stupid. I knew that this was a scam and ripoff, I was just interested in how they were going to handle it. I want everyone to know that if it sounds to good to be true, it is.      
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
12, Report #703764
Mar 07 2011
12:46 PM
C&C Services Vernon Kimberly Publishers Clearing House New York, New York
I was mailed a Final Notice by a supposed agent for Publisher's Clearing House.  The letter included a check for $3750.00.  In the letter it stated that the check was to cover the costs of insurance and Government Service Taxes on my prize of $125,000.00.  This letter is drawn on Wells Fargo Bank on the account of a Sunnyvale California child care facility.  When I tried to contact the number in the letter I got a recording saying the hours of operation and that the voice mail box was full.
Entity: NY, New York
13, Report #209511
Sep 05 2006
09:13 AM
C. R. C. ripoff contract based sacam Houston Texas
I recieved an email for a sweepstakes for a chance to win either a car, some big cash, or a trip to some resort. I was interested so i signed up. After two days, I recieved a phone call from the company saying that i had to subscribe to some magazines in order to stay in the drawing . They fast talked me into an immidiate disision and i agreed to their terms, but asked for a cancelation number just incase I changed my mind. They gave it to me, and i asked them for what reason do people cancel, they replied people lose jobs..etc. After awhile, I recieved a confermation of my order by mail, and did research on C.R.C., and it turned out that they were a frawd. I called the company, and they told me that they could not cancel my magazine subscriptions due to their Contract. It was obviously all a scam. Angela Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
14, Report #333466
May 19 2008
11:54 AM
Entity: HOUSTON, Texas
15, Report #298621
Jan 09 2008
09:40 PM
C. R. C. Collection of charges for unordered magazines Houston Texas
This company has charged me $842.58 for services or magazines that I have not ordered or basically know what it is concerning. This company offered me a deal or what I thought was a deal for magazines only and other items they said that I had won on line in a drawing I had entered. these items were suppose to be free and mailed to me. Unfortunately I paid them 40.00 for what I thought was something I owed for the magazines but now they are saying that I owe them the amount listed above for the free items that I have never received or ordered. I am continuously being harraassed daily as well as by mail for payment of this amount. I cannot understand how 4 magazines for a year can cost $842.00. I hope that this forum and ripoff report will help me and others in this problem. I will never involve myself in this type of offer again. Patty Millbrook, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
16, Report #1202341
Jan 17 2015
07:17 AM
C & C Motors Dishonest Rude Ignorant No Test Drive No Independent Inspection Chattanooga Tennessee
Why I Chose Not To Do Business With C & C Motors in Chattanooga, TN C & C Motors has a white 2007 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 4WD Access Cab with TRD option listed for sale. The VIN is TEUU42N17Z361222 with mileage of 192,007. It was listed for $13,900 plus fees, tax, title, etc. Agreed to pay $12,000, which included all the dealer’s fees. Salesperson, Brad, was really great on the phone, but in person he was not a likeable person. Arrived to pick up the truck and was not allowed to test drive. Not allowed to take to local Toyota dealership to have checked out. Only allowed to take to their mechanic that had worked on the vehicle for $45. The truck was not as described. Here are a couple of examples. Tires 50% wear. Really 25%. Unbelievably good shape. We’d normal send this high mileage vehicle to auction vs. sell. Will not be disappointed. Really filthy, dented up, scratched up, holes, chips, areas where finish worn off, etc. Brad said things like we don’t really want to sell this truck. How it was worth NADA retail, which was way more than their $13,900 asking price. No CARFAX. And that is why I chose never to do business with C & C motors in Chattanooga, TN. By the way, the dealer has now raised the price to $14,900.
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
17, Report #1023195
Mar 04 2013
10:27 AM
C&C Solutions Cesar Calleros Illegal Home Loan Modification Counseling Downey, California
The owner of this business, Cesar Calleros, promises to help homeowners secure a loan modification with their bank. He accepts money up front for his services, which is against the law. He took over $1000 from me and did almost nothing. He claimed that he filed a lawsuit against my bank, which turned out to be a complete lie. When I exposed him and asked him to show proof of his work, he stalled me for several weeks, but was still unable to produce any evidence of his work. He ceased all contact with me when I ordered him to refund my money.
Entity: Downey, California
18, Report #1081036
Sep 02 2013
09:00 AM
C & C Unisex Salon Worst Haircut ever!!!! Waterbury Connecticut
This place is a joke. They have a fast food mentality. Get it done quick and get you out. Worst service ever. I had to ask 3 times for the person to actually cut my hair right. I gave up! Ended up leaving with soak and wet hair and a staff of people that didn't care at all. They are quick to take your money but not do the job.
Entity: Waterbury, Connecticut
19, Report #1264952
Nov 01 2015
07:26 AM
C&C Automotive Automotive Repair shop will hold your Car HOSTAGE!!! Mesa Arizona
 DO NOT take your vehicle to this guy!!! This guy will keep your car hostage. My vehicle has been there for over three weeks, and has still not been repaired! The guy, Jim, claims the parts have to come from California. For this length of time they should have come from China! I took it in to have the clutch replaced. Jim, said they don't have those parts available in Arizona. HA! I called several other repair shops, and they had the parts. Jim is nothing more than a con artist who will actually work on other vehicles than yours. Trust me, heed my warning, do not take your vehicle to this guy. You wiil NEVER get it back!!!!!
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
20, Report #1349581
Jan 13 2017
07:17 AM
C&C motors Buyer Beware!!!! . Chattanooga Tennessee
Buyer Beware!!!! I purchased an 07 jeep wrangler from this dealership. On the way home, it started to vibrate violently. Did it twice in a 30 minute drive. Didn't to it on the test drive. I contacted the dealership about it. Since it was sold as-is they refused to do anything about it. I took the jeep to a jeep repair center and found it needs $1200 dollars worth of repair to the suspension. I should have took the jeep to get it inspected beforehand, so that is on me. Beware when you deal with these people and do your due diligence on anything you purchase from them.. 
Entity: Chattanooga, Tennessee
21, Report #1186043
Oct 31 2014
10:11 AM
C & C Asphalt Paving Thomas Cooley Con-Man lowlife Rip-OFF Scammer C&C Asphalt SPRINGFIELD , Missouri
Thomas Cooley was at my mother in law house i went there since she is 83 he said he would do her driveway  for 2500. and said he would do our driveway  for 1100. and ther is a 1 year he will fix it if it's because of there work  the mother in law  sank in places so HE RIPPED A 83 YEAR OLD WOMEN FOR 2500. OUR IS FALLING APART  SO HE RIPPED US OFF 1100. SO HE RIPPED US OFF 3600. AND DOES NOT WANT TO FIX IT OR EVEN TALK ABOUT WHAT HE WANT TO DO THEN TOM SAYS I'LL SEND YOUR MONEY BACK AND GUESS WHAT NOTHING THIS FAR DOESNT HAVE PERMITS TOO WORK AROUND HERE SO I WANT EVERONE TOO KNOW HE'S NO GOOD THAT WHY WE PUT MOTHER IN LAWS PLACE ON OUR PROPERTY TOO KEEP THESE CON MEN OUT  BUT LOOK TOM IS A DAMN GOOD TALKER  1-870-413-6382 or 1-888-671-4866 LOWLIFE ALERT
Entity: SPRINGFIELD , , Missouri
22, Report #1144044
May 04 2014
06:51 PM
Chad C C Be aware Internet
STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS CROOK! I MEAN THIS LITERALLY; AS IN, HE IS NOW THE SUBJECT OF MULTIPLE ONGOING INVESTIGATIONS! BACKGROUND: I first started dealing with Robert “Bob” Gonzalez of Pleasant Renovation and Remodeling in October of 2013 when I hired him to the role of general contractor for a rehab property in San Antonio, Texas. Around the same time, a colleague hired him for work on 2 rehabs. The timeframe on my rehab and one of his was 6-8 weeks, with his second property to follow completion of the first. He offered a VERY competitive price to us, and I must say, he was one of the smoothest talkers I’ve ever met. We were assured by Bob that he had plenty of crews to do the work in a timely manner; come December, both properties were unfinished, and we couldn’t figure out why, with all the workers on the project. To sum THAT up in a nutshell, Bob had perhaps 6-8 part-to-full time employees of varying degrees of skill who he would pull off his other projects when he learned that the owner was going to be dropping by. Otherwise, he was just constantly, as in daily, reallocating his crews off our projects to those of new clients to show them how hard working he and his guys were and to convince them of the need for more funds to keep up his progress, then when he got them, he'd move on to the next victim...I mean, client. Of course, much of this was only learned after the fact.   Two months after starting work on my project, Bob was barely done with half the work on my property, and perhaps ¾ finished with my colleague’s first property. At this point he had done most of the aesthetic work interior and exterior, but had not finished the interior, or the HVAC, electrical, appliance and kitchen installation, bathrooms, etc. At this point we both started to pressure him, though the latter (more expensive) draws had to be paid to get the HVAC, final electrical, etc underway. Once he received the funds for these, Bob slowed to a crawl, with workers not showing up at all, doing shoddy work when they were there, etc. In light of this over the next couple of months, my colleague literally ended up kicking Bob off of his jobsite and supervising Bob’s guys himself while searching for deficiencies. This particular search found the following (off the top of my head): HOT wires loose under the insulation in the attic; non-working plugs and switches throughout the house; numerous aesthetic QC issues; showers/sinks with no hot water owing to incorrect plumbing; a hot wire SPLICED INTO A METAL LAMP CORD found in the attic… In a nutshell, his entire house had to be rewired because Bob had turned it into a FIRETRAP; on top of this, two dishwashers were “removed for faulty (insert excuse here)” and replaced with inferior models, in addition to a stove, during the three or so week period.   Now, let’s go back to my place. Between January and April, I pressed Bob repeatedly to finish up, particularly after he received the draws to finish the more expensive final work. Towards early April, Bob stated that a number of burglaries had occurred in the area, and that he had removed my oven and dishwasher “so they couldn’t be stolen”, though I know for a fact no oven or dishwasher was ever there. Long story short, Bob disappeared in late April with mine and my colleague’s remaining (paid for) work unfinished. Immediately before his disappearance, the above-mentioned appliance removal occurred at my colleague’s property, and mine was broken into shortly after with no signs of forced entry, with the exception of the loss of about $3,000 worth of flooring and other materials, and the door being unlocked and ajar. In the case of my property, Bob had been seen a couple weeks prior to his disappearance by my colleague, who helped keep an eye on the property, changing the locks; only my colleague and Bob had a key to the new lock.   After Bob vanished, I was left with about $10,000 worth of paid for, unfinished work, plus the additional $10,000 I had to shell out, and my colleague was out approximately $15,000 for starting his second property.   ITEMS AND OBSERVATIONS AFTER THE FACT: Bob had about six investors (that we now know about), both local and out of town, who had the exact same issues in the same timeframe; When he disappeared, Bob had approximately $100,000 in paid for, unfinished work between the six owners, not counting tens of thousands of dollars in shoddy work, ALSO not counting the losses of items stolen afterward (by whom, we'll leave open...); After Bob’s disappearance, EACH one’s property was broken into, with the loss of appliances, HVAC components, granite countertops, and all varieties of building materials, adding up to tens of thousands of dollars; Bob is known to have used fake and unrelated addresses, claimed possession of properties he didn't own, and generally changes his stories when pressed, especially when called out.   To summarize this review, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN AND HIS ASSOCIATES!! HE IS A CROOK, and near as we can tell, he has NO ASSETS, so no one will ever get their money back. LET THE BUYER BEWARE!
Entity: Internet
23, Report #989776
Jan 02 2013
04:34 AM
C. polk Fake Dog Breeder, Internet
This guy is on peds claiming to be a dog breeder, but he is a liar. He claims to have purchase dogs but no one knows who he is. The main fraud he is he taking others pedigrees and putting them under his and changing the sire and dame names. So be on the lookout for him!!!
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #797183
Nov 11 2011
04:28 PM
Florida A/C FLA A/C, A/C repair TAMPA, Florida Internet
On November 2, 2011 I called Florida A/C Service and Duct Cleaning for a thermostat in our home that wouldn't turn off at the set temperature. It just would run and continued to cool the house---into the 60's. A technician came out on November 3rd and was unable to figure out the problem, he had an assistant with him who also seemed to not know anything about fixing the thermostat. He called several people from his cell phone who tried to tell him what to look for, how to check it, etc.., he was not able to fix it. I was required to pay him $39.95 for the travel time fee. I asked him when they would send a technician that would be able to trouble shoot the problem and he told me they would contact me and set another date and time with me. Great--another work day--and taking time off!!! It was very frustrating that they sent a technician who had no idea how to trouble shoot what seemed like a simple loose wire problem to me??On November 11, 2011 I called the company toll free number and explained the situation. Believe it or not--yep--the same serviceman was assigned to me--REALLY??? I was going to leave work again to meet a serviceman that had already been to my house and had no idea how to trouble shoot, yet alone fix the problem in the first place??? NOT!So, I explained to him that I wasn't sure that him coming out again would be useful since it certainly didn't help me the first time and had already cost me almost $40! I hope your sitting down for this one-----he told me that for $250 he was sure that he would need to replace the thermostat with a new one. ????What--I told him that was outrageous and asked to speak with a supervisor. A few minutes later--we got a call from the same service tech stating that he spoke with the service manager and the best he could do for me was $200 OMG! I again asked that the manager called me directly-about 10 minutes later a woman called me back stating that she was the manager. I went on to explain the entire situation to her--for her to place me on hold and tell me that $175 was the best she could do I told her again--I just need a technician to actually look at the thermostat and see what the problem might be and maybe it could be fixed before I spent several hundred dollars replacing a 2 year old thermostat??? She told me that she had spoken with the owner and that was his final answer. I then asked to speak with the owner and she told me he doesn't speak with customers At that point I told her that we were going to find another A/C company to have them take a look and requested my $39.95 back. She told me NO and said that the $39.95 was for the travel time for the technician not to trouble shoot or fix the problem. At that point I realized that these service technicians are really 1-2 guys in a truck that respond all day to service calls do nothing and charge everyone the $39.95. My bet would be that these service technicians have no training, experience or credentials.
Entity: TAMPA, Florida, Internet
25, Report #1120331
Feb 02 2014
06:51 PM
Mari C. Phillips Mari C. Rogers Mari C. Felton Entitlements Janesville Wisconsin
Mari Phillips-Felton and soon to be Mari Rogers is a fraud.Mari is a recipient of thousands of tax payer dollars, because she chooses knows how to play the system. People who have three young kids, and can't afford to pay rent, and have to be on government assistance programs have NO business willingly and purposely becoming pregnant with a fourth child.Mari decides to have a the fourth child with a married guy, who is addicted to heroin, and is a career criminal. (Sounds like someone I would want around my kids.) A fourth child that WE THE TAXPAYERS paid to have brought into this world. On top of free healthcare, Mari receives $10,000+ a year in tax refunds. Do you think Mari would use that money to buy insurance on her vehicle, or pay her electric bill with it? Heck no! Blowing it on a ton of shit she doesn't need and that it wasn't intended for is more fun. By the way, it's probably been a decade since she's paid any taxes on any of the wages she actually has earned. So she's not paying much if anything in to a system that keeps paying her. Seems fair...Mari hasn't had to pay for much of anything herself in life. We the people have gotten the tab for Mari's  lifestyle. Mari should be the poster child for Obama's entitlement culture.So, we can't afford rent, can't pay our own electric bill, we drive around in an un-insured junker vehicle with a revoked registration, we can't pay our tickets, BUT, we can afford lottery tickets, new clothes, and hey, let's plan a wedding and talk about taking a honeymoon to Hawaii!  
Entity: Janesville, Wisconsin

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