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1, Report #697554
Feb 19 2011
05:34 PM
Because of limited space and the ability to customize, on 12/20/10 we decided to order a Cal Spa ES625. We understood the company was closed during the holidays and would receive our spa in the middle of January. After several missed delivery promises we finally received our spa the end of January. When delivered we realized this was not the spa that we ordered. We contacted the dealer and was told this was the upgraded 2011 model and the ES625 was no longer available we received the ES628. Problem.... part of the reason we ordered this was because it had a waterfall and we ordered a custom light package. The ES628 has a totally different seat configuration, no waterfall and instead of perimeter lights we have lights in the jets. We contacted the dealer and Cal Spa customer service and were told this one is better and more expensive than the one we ordered. Cal Spa customer service was NO help and took 5 phone calls to get the spec sheet on the E628. As of this day, 2/19/11, the E628 is not even listed on their website it still shows the ES625 and you can't even order it! In this day and age of instant communication via cell phone or email, a simple phone call to ask if we still wanted this spa would have avoided an upset customer. The dealer offered to take the spa back but we couldn't order the 625, can't get a waterfall in the 628 and now even the color we ordered was unavailable. We want to warn other customers so that they may avoid the frustration of dealing with Cal Spa. I can't believe that a company so large doesn't have their website updated with the 2011 models until the end of February. Supposedly the dealer didn't have updated information as well. If you don't have information available and don't have your website updated, don't sell the product!  And certainly don't just send them the spa YOU think is better.....just ask us.
Entity: Pomona, California
2, Report #203067
Jul 26 2006
03:56 PM
Cal-spa ripoff CALIFORNIA Nationwide
It is bad enough that cal-spa has wripped off all these people and now they have the nerve to claim they are helping these people. I Also got ripped off by cal-spa. Our cabinet started falling apart the first month. We had so many rounds with them that we finally just had to have a new cabimet built over the old one. It was cracking so badly after 2 years that parts of it were not even on the tub anymore. They were just setting up against the edge. Customer service was notified countless times and refused to do anything. Do yourself a favor, Take my advice. Never buy a cal-spa. BOB WASHINGTON, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: CALIFORNIA, Nationwide
3, Report #1237
Feb 09 2000
12:00 AM
Don't buy a Cal-Spa hot tub
We bought a Cal-Spa hot tub, including the service agreement. Within 2 months the heater needed to be replaced. A motor was replaced and the whirlpool knob was replaced. Three years later, the whirlpool knob has never worked. We had to replace the heater a second time. The service people in california would not respond to our local people. During the second repair the hot tub was out of commission for 3 months waiting for parts that were promised within 2 weeks. After many complaints, the california Cal-Spa people stopped returning phone calls or written requests. They simply 'ignored' us and our dissatisfaction. I hope that somebody reads this and NEVER buys Cal-Spa brand so they don't have the troubles we have!!!!
Entity: California
4, Report #449088
May 05 2009
08:20 PM
Cal Spa Deceptive business practices! Plymouth Minnesota
Don't do business with this company. I have been a loyal Cal Spa customer for more than a decade but this particular location has the worst customer service of any company I have ever done business with. Their service personnel are unprofessional and down right deceptive. I will not do businss with them in the future and I encourage you not to do business with this company. Mdosu1 St. Louis Park, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Plymouth, Minnesota
5, Report #79233
Feb 04 2004
07:49 PM
Spa & Recreation Center Of OC Spa ripoff dishonest fraud rude liar Westminster California
We bought the spa and the gazebo for our brand new house in Sept.03. We were told it will take 6-8 weeks to deliver. We told them that you have up to 10 wks as long as it before Chrismas for we will have house warming and Christmas party. By the 8th wks, we came by the dealer and check. They told us will be 10th wks. By 11 wks Dec.14 we didnt hear from them, we called and they stated that the spa was built but is still at the manufatory and wont be able to deliver until after the Newyear for the manufatory closed for Chrismas. You got so pissed becuase it ruined our party for the house, Christmas and the New Year party. We ended up cancel all the party and wait till the spa arrive to have it. We want the house to look perfect with the spa & the gazebo in it. We were told it will be there by the 1st wk after the New year. Monday Jan.5.04 we called, the owner Marc said he will call back on Wed to confirm the exact day before the weekend. Wed. Jan.7.04 we called, the receptionist told us the spa were just built on Monday Jan.5.04, therefor wont be able to deliver until next Friday. This is such a liar because she said in the conversation before Chrismas that the spa was ready. Thursday Jan.8.04 we called directly to the manufacture in Pomona and check on the status of our order, the representative told us that there was no order under our name in the system. She documented all what we told her and gave us a confirmantion number to call back if we still dont get the spa by next week as they promised. We plan to have the House warming and the Chinese party on the Jan.17. It is a very important party for us as Asian. We think that they will deliver the spa by Fri. 16 that would be perfect for the party. By Fri. Jan.16.04. they broke the promised again. They said they pickup the spa at the manufacture in the afternoon and dont have enough time to deliver the same day for us. We were almost in tear, and beg them to bring it out that Friday nite or early Sat. morning and we willing to pay extra $300.00 for whoever have to work over time. They promised by Monday. Jan.19. By Monday afternoon we didnt get any call from them, we called to follow up, they BROKE THE PROMISE AGAIN. The owner excused was that the bank closed for Dr. King birthday, so he can get the money out to pay for the manufacture. He promised again by Wed. He was so rude and has no maner in bussiness at all when speaking to us. By Wed. morning they called and asked us to paid the remains balance of $2700(we put down $8000.00) before they will bring the spa out. We said no. Later he called and said the truck is on its way. 5pm the truck came and they told us that they will drop the spa and gazebo off and return the next day to set it up. We told them we have no problem with it. Then they demanded to paid them before they unload any thing. We told them we would paid after they finish setting up went they came back. They said no and drove off with the stuff still on the truck. Next day Mark called us back and said, we have to pay first for them to unload. We told him we would give $2200.00 and give the rest after they set up the gazebo and spa. He stated I DIDNT COME TO KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR TO SELL THE SPA; YOU CAME TO US AND ASKED US TO SELL YOU THE SPA, THEREFORE, YOU HAVE TO PLAY WITH OUR RULES. That were the last conversation we have with them. For 2wks now they have not call us and they have our $8000.00 deposit. Help..... we need to get either our money back or the spa. We had called back to the manufacture and spoke to the same lady, she said, SORRY BUT NOTTING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT... CALSPA IS SUCK. It's been 17 wks now and we still dont have the spa yet and they still have our $8000 and they dont call either. During the whole process they have hung up and avoid talking to us on the phone many times.... HELP...HELP...HELP.... Thomas Orange, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Westminster, California
6, Report #1213878
Mar 06 2015
03:13 PM
Quick Spa Parts AKA Cal Spa Quick Spa Parts Bad Service Nationwide
BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE -- SLOW SHIPPING -- CAN'T DELIVER ON PROMISES -- DON'T KNOW PARTS FOR THEIR OWN PRODUCTS QUICK Spa Parts first off is not QUICK.  Not only did my order ship over weeks in 3 shipments, but they charged me for expensive OVERNIGHT shipping each time.  Yes, I requested fast shipping, but I was charged more than $150.00 ( Ibeleive) in shipping costs as they shipped partial boxes.  Further, though I paid for quick shipping, it took many weeks, and I only got the fimal shipment after threatening to cancel everything.  Lied too more than once on the status of the order.   THE WORST THING WAS: They never did get the order right!  Even though they, Cal Spas made my spa, giving them the serial number meant nothing, as they couldn't figure out what replacement jets I needed.  I didn't mind having to send them pics of each type of existing jet, but then they sent parts that don't fit and/or don't work anyway.  They can't figure out what they built so what good are serial numbers? After humdreds of dollars spent, I have a spa with non-functioning features.  Worse off than before I contacted them. Please try another source for your parts, if available.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #69691
Oct 21 2003
09:36 AM
Cal Spa, Bad Service, Plymouth, Minnesota Bad service, Can't seem to fix it but keep charging me, Plymouth Minnesota
I have a 6 year old spa that cost me $10,000 and 1 month before the 5 year warranty was up I had the circulation pump replaced last October. Now I realize things don't last forever but since that has broke I replaced a motor, wet end, heater and ozonator. At my cost. Then I had a second wet end replaced at my cost and the serviceman ended up replacing the motor also and had all the work checked by the service man and it all check out ok. The motor I replaced was purchased at a Cal Spa dealer and broke in a week so I had Cal Spa replace the motor. After that, the board blew and Cal Spa replaced the board. After the Board was replaced I started blowing the 30amp fuse in the hot tub and tripping both the breakers (the house and the one on the Gazebo) I am afraid it might start a fire and burn down my house. Cal Spa came out and replaced one 30amp fuse and in two days it blew again, then began not heating. So I thought I would replace the heater again but found a melted wire and I called Cal Spa to come out and fix the problem. They came out and replace the wire. Two days later it popped both the fuses again. I looked at the hot tub and found another wire had melted. I called Cal spa again and they found it had burnt up the wire and relay box. I talked to the serviceman and was told the wires had been put in backwards. Two days later the hot tub stopped heating again, so I called Cal Spa again but they could not fix it because it popped the circuit again and they couldn't check it. I called to reschedule and they came out and replaced the heater, 5 hours later it still is not heating. I called again to have them come out and look at this thing. I have had to fight with the service department every time about who is going to pay for the service call and parts. People at Cal Spa have treated me very poorly. They tried to charge me for the new board, new relay box and almost every service call and said they don't warranty the work and I will have to pay for every service call ($60 a time). I still don't know if they are trying to charge me for the new heater yet. I sure hope not, I just replace the heater 2 months ago. I have to tell you I will never buy another Cal Spa again. The Service has been very poor. From the time I call till they can come and fix the problem is about a week. I have only been able to use the tub 6 times this summer because it has been broke the rest of the time. Arctic Spa offers up to a 10-year parts and labor warranty on the hot tubs they sell. And the turn around time on the repairs is two days Richard Cottage Grove, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Plymouth, Minnesota
8, Report #639993
Sep 12 2010
09:50 PM
CAL SPAS Spa is broke more than it works. So called warranty is a joke. Pomona, California
Bought a cal spa for $6000 11/1/06 and have more warranty paperwork that I could open a paper store.  All of it useless paperwork though because Cal Spas do not stand behind their warranties.  They should start paying me an hourly rate for all the time I spend sending in complaints and making phone calls.  My spa is broke more than it works.  My most recent dealing with cal spas started last year 9/18/09 about a pump failure.  I spent $883 to get my spa fixed on 1/26/10 because that whole time my spa sat because it didn't run.  I finally decided the initial investment of $6000 was just sitting there.  I did everything Cal Spas told me to do which included sending the broken pump to them at that time they were supposed to reimburse me for the repair.  Well folks its been over 8 months and not another word from Cal Spas.  So guess what my spa is broke again.  Came out and the spa was completely empty and remains this way for almost a month.  I have not mustered up the strength to begin yet another warranty filing with this company.  They are totally useless so I would much rather spend my time ruining their reputation because I get some satisfaction at this, I get no satisfaction with Cal Spas warranty department.  Words of advice Don't buy a Cal Spa!
Entity: Pomona, California
9, Report #1213
Feb 02 2000
12:00 AM
Cal Spa Business practice
For Over 5 years I have sent letters, emails, and phone calls in an attempt to get a response from Cal Spas concerning my tub which has been a real lemon from the very beginning. All chrome trim fell off starting the first week. The motors were replaced within a year, the heater was replaced twice in three years. These problems were the result of plumbing problems caused by the way the pipes were installed. Cal Spas did try to fix the problem but when it became apparent that it would require a COMPLETE REBUILD they abandoned us!!!! They stopped answering our communications and have not made any attempt to make right the damage they have caused us.
Entity: oakland, California
10, Report #1690
Mar 28 2000
12:00 AM
cal spa
We purchased a Cal Spa 10/97 and since then it has been broken 5 times.We have a 5 year warranty but the company is making us pay to have it fixed. The spa last broke 10/99 and is still not fixed because of all the red tape. When we called for repairs we found the store of purchase had closed. We called corporate headquarters and have been trying to deal with them. The only time we have gotten a response from them is after we had sent letters to the ceo.They gave us the name of an authorized cal spa repairman but we have to pay for the repairs even though we have this warranty.We have an obvious lemon and had requested our money back or a replacement but to no avail. We contacted an attorney who told us that lemon laws don't cover spas. We are in the process of getting the spa fixed at our own expense.
Entity: pomona, California
11, Report #341132
Jun 17 2008
12:40 PM
California Acrylic Industries - Cal Spas Cal Spa caught fire 5 months ago, won't honor warranty, shipping from MI to CA my responsibility Pomona California
I purchased a Cal Spa almost five years ago, and with the exception of a heater or pump (I cant remember which) that needed to be replaced a couple years ago, I have had no problems with it until February of this year. One evening, in February, my daughter saw smoke billowing from the hot tub; first white and then turning black! My husband was able to put out the fire after removing the access panel. Fortunately, none of the surrounding deck was damaged. I immediately called the company as the tub is still under warranty. Here my nightmare begins They first told me to contact a repair person who would take pictures and give them his opinion of the fire. When Roy, the repairman, was here, he told me that the tub would have to be totally replaced because of the very extensive damage. Looking at the tub, one wouldnt know there was a problem but underneath it is a disaster. We were able to get the cover off it before it was damaged except it reeks of smoke and melted foam. I am chemically sensitive, so the smell permeating the air while I would be soaking is unacceptable. Of course the company will not even consider replacing it. I was leaving the state for 3 months due to medical reasons and said that as long as the tub was taken care of by the time I got back I would be patient with repairs. After a month I still hadt heard from the company so I called Roy. Again I was told the company needed to have a meeting to discuss their warranty obligations. When I called the company, Olivia in customer service, told me they would only discuss the matter with Roy the repairman. I kept explaining that I was currently in Arizona and needed to know what was going on because I wasnt home in Michigan. Roy was in Michigan, of course, and didnt have a toll free number, but he also wasnt very forthcoming with information. After several weeks and many more calls to Roy he told me that the company did not want him handling the case anymore. He asked what my homeowners insurance deductible was, because they might agree to pay it and let me file with my insurance! I of course said no way would we consider that! Cal Spas, Roy explained, were going to contact a dealership to deal with us. Yeah! I thought we were on our way to getting things resolved My husband received a letter from the Cal Spas dated April 16, 2008. The company said that before they did anything regarding the tub we needed to sign Return Goods Authorization papers to have the tub shipped to California so they can inspect it! The cost would be enormous and, if it proved that it wasnt a warranty issue, we would have to pay for the shipping of the tub! What is to prevent them from denying my warranty once it is their hands! It would be a case of my word against theirs and then how would I ever get it back to Michigan!? Yesterday I went into Hearth and Home, the dealership recommended by Cal Spa to transport the Spa, to get their opinion of what I should do. They had come to my house and taken pictures to send the company in hopes of avoiding the freight issues. When they contacted the company they were told the same thing. They intimated that the company feels something isnt right as they have never had a fire like this and that the appearance of the motor area isnt as charred as they think it should be. I asked if they couldnt remove the affected plumbing and just send it as it would be so much cheaper. They said no, the company wants the whole thing and is adamant that they will not change their position. It seemed that they were accusing my husband, daughter, or me of starting the fire so we could get a new tub. This is absolutely ridiculous! The mere hint of such an accusation is disheartening and preposterous! Needless to say, it was in fine condition and there would be no reason for us to seek a new tub until now, as this one is apparently faulty since this internal fire broke out. Also, if determined that it was a warranty covered issue, my warranty will still expire on the same date regardless of the outcome. As the warranty ends 08/09/08, I will have had the hot tub broken for the last 6 months. We dont know why it happened or what could have caused it, but I know that it isnt our fault and we should not be liable or accused!! One person suggested I get an attorney and told me in almost 20 years in business he has never heard of shipping a tub from Michigan to California. Well, attorneys arent free and why should I be paying for anything when it is under warranty and obviously a faulty product!? I am an amputee with post polio syndrome. When I am home I use the tub for medical purposes. Why in the world would I try to damage it?!!! I also live in an old log home which, had we not been home, would have gone up in fire in minutes. Thus, I resent the attitude that I have received all the way around. My health insurance eats up any monies I get so the idea that I might have to pay the freight charges on the tub is totally impossible. It is so insulting to have someone imply we did a dishonest thing. I have always prided myself on our honesty. Also, no one from the company has ever spoken to us regarding the issue. I just dont know what to do anymore! When the local dealership cant advise me and said the company has NEVER had a tub shipped it worries me greatly and is having an adverse impact on my health. Jewel traverse city, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Pomona,, California
12, Report #469766
Oct 06 2009
03:28 PM
Cal Spas is not honoring their warranty with me. I have a Cal Spas brand spa that is currently under warranty. Since April 21st 2009, I have had a pump & warranty repair on order with Premium Spas who is listed as a dealer and/or service center on Cal Spas website. Since that time, the only effort Cal Spas has taken towards my warranty repair is to deliver the wrong part to Premium Spas for my repair. I keep getting the run-around from John Nelson (noted here by him as Warranty and Technical Manager for Cal Spas). I have been told twice now that my pump is going to be delivered to Premium Spas & have been given dates. Still there is no pump. I do not feel confident that Cal Spas will ever give me warranty service on my spa now, or in the future. It is evident by reading the reports here as well as being told by the service people at Premium Spas that they have been having problems with Cal Spas for awhile. I keep hearing rumors that they are going out of business and they are not paying their bills. Cal Spas has closed the dealer that they used to have in my area. I am stuck for this pump because I have been told by Premium Spas that it is a Cal Spas proprietary part & they have none in stock. Not even to purchase! I may have to hire a contractor to take my Cal Spa brand spa out of my deck, purchase another brand spa & install it. My deck was specifically built around this Cal Spa brand spa. I see in these reports here that people have actually gone to court & won judgements over Cal Spas lack of warranty service. Well it appears that this might be the road I have to go down. Or better yet - CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT... Molly L.A., CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pomona, California
13, Report #119880
Jul 06 2006
06:40 PM
Cal Spa Plymouth, Minnesota Poor service performance/Rude telephone Service Plymouth Minnesota
Have had a Cal Spa purchased from Plymouth, MN store now since Sept. 04. We have had numerous services calls for the same issue of locked control panel and pulsating circulation pumps along with flashing spa light. Service people have been helpful and friendly but seem to shot gun service approach, one made the mistake of saying there was a design flaw with this product because the internal electronic's can get wet. Imagine that, a spa with water. Lastest event happens night before Thanksgiving Day, same problem. Called on Thanksgiving understanding that there is no one there and leave a message for service. Friday called two more times getting excuse's before finally reaching service, then told they are very busy, imagine that with this type of product performance, and can't get out there until Monday. Last call I'm given to a person who won't give me his name or position and tells me he doesn't like my attitude because I'm asking for a solution to this problem. He puts me on hold and disconnect. In the process to of getting general managers information, no e-mail address available. Will contact States Attorney General's Office on business practise and conduct. Also will involve local television media about the practise of company. Dan West St.Paul, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Plymouth, Minnesota
14, Report #750702
Mar 05 2012
02:00 PM
Cal Spas Quick Spa Parts, Do not buy Spa Parts from these people. Two month later spa parts should be their name. Pamona, California
I contacted them today and she said the part just shipped out.  I said I ordered that over a month ago and lost the job already.  The woman told me I am sorry but we have a NO RETURN POLICY.  The only way to get the phone number was from my bank after they withdrew the money.  If you go to the site the only way to contact these people is by email and I did that at least three times to and had NO RESPONSE.  How can people do business like this.  Yea I will fix your spa but you have to wait three months? Resolution Sought: I want my $ 26.43 back for the part that originally invoiced at $13.80.
Entity: Pamona, California
15, Report #312405
May 30 2008
06:12 AM
Cal Spa Jim The Owner Paid $600 for an extra pump/seat of jets that has never worked more than 30 days. Lynnwood, Washington
Jim, the owner, talked us into paying an extra $600 for a seat with jets and dedicated motor that would do different speeds etc. it was nice but the longest it ever worked was 30 days, they replaced the switch but within 30 days it was broken. Its been unplugged ever since. since service is so terrible we knew they would never repair it. we had to badger them just to fix it once. we bought the spa brand new. I think there should be a class action suit brought against these people. they are rip offs. Mike in south king county Federal Way, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Lynnwood, Washington
16, Report #434503
Mar 18 2009
05:41 PM
Cal Spas In Lynnwood - ALL SPA, Sold faulty $11k hot tub and never fixed it when we reported needing repair through warranty Lynnwood Washington
Bought Hot tub at Cal spa location in Lynnwood for 11k 38 jet seat went out (has own computer) lounge seat jets went out volcano barely works stereo access panel near lounger broke heating unit (apparently a lifetime guarantee... ha!) broke They sent someone out and that someone never came back, also lack of response to our mumerous calls and messages. Angela lake stevens, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Lynnwood, Washington
17, Report #252603
Jul 16 2007
02:39 PM
Cal Spas - Persaud Spas - Spa & Recreation Depot Ripoff Breach of Contract Lied failed to honor warranty Pomona California
In March of 2005 we purchased a Cal Spas spa from Persaud Spa Inc. in Oxnard CA. Our contract clearly states the spa is upgraded with Stainless Steel jets. After about a year I noticed the some jets were oxidizing and turning green. When a metal turns green that is a clear sign that it contains copper since copper oxide is green. Stainless steel is an alloy of steel and chromium, neither of which turn green when they oxidize a cheap stainless steel, if it oxidizes at all, will turn rust color but certainly not green. This is a clear indicator that the jets were made from chrome plated brass, not stainless steel as our contract stipulates. I tried contacting the store in Oxnard where I bought the spa but they had shut down and I then contacted their Northridge store and requested that they honor our contract and send me stainless steel jets. They first said I had to come into the store in person with the defective jets so they could look at them. They refused to accept my verbal description over the phone that the jets had turned green and were therefore not stainless steel. Strike one - why would I lie to them? To get 4 free jets sell them for a profit on E-Bay?? I spend $8235 on a spa and I am going to try, 2 years later, to con them out of 4 jets??? The store where I bought the spa was 5 miles from my house in Oxnard compared to the Northridge store which is 51 miles from my house. After some arm twisting with the repair guy (his name is Rich) on the phone he grudgingly said he would look at them if I mailed them in rather than brought them in person. So I mailed them in and then called to confirm they got them and had confirmed they were not stainless steel. They then had the gall to simply straight out lie and insist that they were stainless steel and had turned green because of incorrect water chemistry in the spa. I was simply astounded! They had even more gall to then suggest I come to a class at the store to learn how to keep my stainless steel from turning green. Unbelievable! I have a motto which is never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity but in this case I can only conclude that Cal Spas and Persaud Spas is acting maliciously. No one could be that stupid, could they? Stainless steel corroding and turning green??? Come on! I then tried to patiently explain to them that my spa had 50 jets all of which were in the same water and that only 4 of them had turned green the rest were in great shape and showed no oxidation of any kind which is what you would expect from stainless steel. He then proceeded to say he did not want to discuss it any more, that the jets were stainless steel and had turned green from incorrect water chemistry. He did agree to send replacements, saying that even though they are not under warranty they would replace them. These will almost certainly be chrome plated brass, not stainless steel, and will suffer the same fate as the prior jets. And he had the gall to suggest that what was clearly a breach of contract on their part was not under warranty. My guess is that they simply never made these particular jets in stainless steel, only chrome plated brass, which is why they are trying to insist that their chrome plated brass is stainless steel. They have no stainless steel jets to send me and they know that if they admit that they will be admitting that they are in breach of our purchase contract which clearly states stainless steel jets. I offered to them to accept the chrome plated brass if they send me 5 complete sets which are enough for me to replace them every two years for 10 years. They refused to accept that offer which has left me little recourse but to expose their deceit. A separate but related incident which further underscores that Cal Spas is definitely a company you do not want to do business with is the following. Last week the entire spa ceased working. The control panel LEDs would not even come on. Dead as a doornail. When I called for warranty repair I was told it would take them two weeks before they would come out and that they had a minimum $150 charge for all warranty repairs, even if they just had to replace a fuse. I was astounded! Two weeks delay and $150 to replace a fuse under warranty!! Since I am an electrical engineer I decided I would not be held hostage by these crooks and their tyrannical $150 a visit warranty. I diagnosed the problem as a burned out transformer in the controllers power supply. Power supplies in general and transformers in particular are the most common points of failure in most electronic equipment. Any good engineer knows this. They were using what had to be the cheapest transformer I have ever seen made in china and horrible quality. I called the manufacturer of the spa controller (its not made by cal spas but by Balboa Instruments) and was told the replacement transformer could be ordered for $55. What a ripoff! They could not have paid more than $2 for the cheap Chinese transformer they are using! I purchased a much higher quality transformer (made in Canada) from DigiKey (((ROR redacted link))) for $20, replaced the Chinese piece of crap, and now the spa is up and running again. So instead of paying $150 for a warranty repair and waiting for 2+ weeks (or likely longer as they probably would not have come with the part in their truck) I fixed it myself for $20 in about 10 minutes. And I now have a high quality transformer which won't fail after only 2 years of use like theirs did. Bottom line is 1) Cal Spas employees have repeatedly lied to me and are continuing to try to deceive me by saying that chrome plated brass is stainless steel 2) Cal Spas warranty is not a warranty at all since you have to pay $150 each and every time you try to use it. 3) Cal Spas quality is as bad as it gets. A $8235 spa failed completely because they used the cheapest $2 Chinese transformer possible. I have one more motto which is Mistakes happen. It's how you respond after a mistake happens that sets you apart. Well judging from Cal Spas behavior to date they have clearly set themselves apart as untrustworthy liars with poor quality products and a useless warranty. Chris Oxnard, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pomona, California
18, Report #334905
May 27 2008
10:46 AM
A1A Cal Spas They closed the store and left no forwarding address or website. My spa has a warrenty and needs fixed, no one wants to fix my cal spa Tampa Internet
My cal spa is less than 2 years old. The spa is not filtering correctly that it keeps turning green. The company that I bought it from moved or just closed up shop. They left no forwarding address and there seems to be no dealers in the Tampa area. i have called other spa co. and they won't fix it because they say they made all the money and i guess it is not worth fixing because of what they get paid. I paid 10,000. not cheap and the warrenty is not being warrented. Please help Darlene Valrico, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Internet
19, Report #137819
Jul 06 2006
01:56 PM
Drain Doctor Plumbing, Ray Fletcher ripoff, does not stand by warranty/guarantee, lack of integrity, unethical Spartanburg South Carolina
Ray Fletcher (Drain Doctor Plumbing) installed a new septic system (drain field) for us in November 2004. Four weeks after installing the new system we noticed that the ground was saturated. We called the company on March 25 for warranty service. Mr. Fletcher will not return our calls. His wife left a message that they could not find our house even though he has been here 3 times already. He did not have a problem finding our house when I told him I taped his check to our door! He told his secretary that he would call to discuss pricing of a new leech field (ha!) and I told her that we did NOT have this problem EVER prior to his installing the new system. He CREATED a health hazard for us. Our raw sewage is seeping and running over our yard and into our neighbors yard. Hiw own secretary (who is very sweet and understanding) has said that she has never worked for such a dishonest man and is seeking employment elsewhere because of that. Apparently we are not the only people he has failed to give warranty service to in spite of his big yellow pages ad stating that his work is GUARANTEED! We never in a million years have done business with someone like this and never want to again. Jennifer 29302, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Spartanburg, South Carolina
20, Report #229201
Feb 16 2007
04:36 PM
Cal Spa - Pool & Spa Outlet fraudulent company They stole our spa and our money Their company is put together by idiots, and run by them too Moreno Valley Corp Office In Pomona, California
On Aug 20,2006 we purchased a spa, paid cash $11,169.00. On Sept 23rd it was delivered. After putting water in it the next day, it leaked everywhere. I called the svc dept and was told they couldn't come out for 2 weeks. I told them this was unacceptable. They sent someone out in 2 days, without any notice, and I was given the rude comment of Someone couldn't wait. He adjusted some valves and said that should do it. I questioned him stating. It seems like a lot of water for just some valves to be loose He replied give it a couple of weeks and it should dry up. Later that afternoon I called back because it was actively leaking everywhere. I was told they couldn't come out for 2 more weeks. On Oct 10th 2 more repairmen came out, Stated Did you buy a floor model? I said no, why? Oh the panels on the spa are wharped. Needless to say they opened the spa, ripped out all of the insulation to find a leak which they did. I was told it was a leak in the filter cannister. It would be 2 more weeks to get the part. After that 3 more appts were made for them to come and repair and they never showed up or called. When I called them, they had a bunch of lame excuses. When they finally came to fix it. it leaked more than ever. With multiple calls they came to pick it up to take in to repair. That was on Nov 8. To this day, I have no spa, it has not been looked at for repair, and I am out the money. I have called multiple times with no reply back from them. I have called Corporate office in Pomona talked with Peggy Hamlet. She said she would send someone from Corporate to check on Spa, I asked her when would this be happening. She said oh, it will be 2-3 weeks, the person who does this repair only works on Saturdays. How can anyone honestly run a business like this. I wish I would have known about this Company and their business practices. I would never have bought a spa from them. No one should every buy andything from them. When you purchase a spa from them, they promise you everything, and tell you everything you want to hear. They must send them to a class on lying and fraud. As far as I am concerned they have stolen my spa, and I intend to sue them for theft, and anything else I can sue them for. Please do not buy anything from them, and tell everyone you know not to buy anything from them. They are a bunch of lying thieves. Andrew and judy Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pomona, California
21, Report #259111
Jul 16 2007
09:23 AM
Cal Spa - Pool And Spa Outlet They sold us a spa and when we called for service they kept cancelling their appointment and then my warranty ran out Ripoff San Bernardino California
From day one I had problems with the company. Every year, the jet spring would break and I had to call them. However, I tried to call them this year, and they would never answer the telephone. It took me 3 or 4 days to get a call back , only for them to tell me that they couldn't make it out. Then, I finally got them out to fix it, but they didn't have any tools and they said they couldn't fix it. It just so happens that my warranty was about to be up in a few months, and I got the suspicion that they were just trying to put me off until my warranty expired and I would have to buy a new spa. Maggie Santa Ana, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Bernardino, California
22, Report #392931
Feb 19 2009
09:12 AM
Cal Spas Lifetime Warranty is BOGUS Pomona California
Cal Spas does not honor their Lifetime Warranty. I purchased my CalSpa 6 years ago at the Orange County Fair. The first few years there were no problems but in the last 12 months I have had to spend over $1,000 on service. The most recent bill for $500 included over $300 to replace a pump that had LIfetime Warranty printed right on it. They replaced it with another that also said Lifetime Warranty. When I complained to the repairman, who was recommended to me from the Cal Spa store in Ahaheim, I was told they represented CalSpa and I should file a complaint with the company. I wrote a letter to Casey Loyd, President of CalSpa in Pomona describing my disatisfaction. He replied in writing a month later, stating the cost for the service call should not be covered, only the part. I wrote back again, and attached a copy of the reciept, asking for a refund on the cost of the part. One month later again, I got another letter stating my request was denied because I had purchased the spa from a fair - at a Cal Spa booth! Now it is again, on the fritz and will need additional service. I will never purchase a Cal Spa product again and would not recommend Cal Spa to anyone. Their service - or lack thereof - STINKS! While you may not have any problems initially, when you do you'll be left on your own. Rotten service! Bruce Garden Grove, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pomona, California
23, Report #363
Jun 20 2002
12:00 AM
Cal Spas are CROOKS
I put a deposit down for a jacuzzi. My condo did not have the correct circuit breaker, so I had to cancel my order. Cal Spas agreed to refund my $500 deposit 3 years ago and put it in writing. I have not seen any money since and they do not return phone calls. Do not do business with these bandits! Robert Davidson LA
Entity: Riverside, California
24, Report #215820
Sep 07 2013
09:19 AM
Cal Spas - Casey Lloyd TRYING TO SILENCE ME AND TAKE MY DOMAIN NAME Pomona California
Hello, this is to inform everyone that Cal Spas contacted me(president)and started screaming and cussing about You have one hour to take that website down. I have a million dollars on retainer with an attorney and will sue you for defamation, slander, unfair business practices and soforth! I did not know what the hel he was talking about. I own as a domain name collector and am also in the Spa business. Casey saw that I am not the owner of and had nothing to do with the website that a prior employee built stating the tactics of the Cal spa company. I was dumbfounded to think this guy is threatening me over a website I do not own. Since that day, Casey offered to let me sell a new line of Cal Spas on my website in return for the domain name. I thought about this and asked to put it in writing and I would be obliged to do so. At that time, I did many old spa removals for cal spa and did not want to mess up my reputation with this company. I only own because I also build websites and someone wanted me to build this name but did not pay. I ended up with the name. Now, I have been contacted by his attorney threatening me with litigation for Disparaging statements about cal spas and to turn over the domain name. I have never built any website, but since his threats have forwarded the name to Cal spas complaint page. I see many sites that let the consumer vent over their dealings with Cal Spa. I have the right to own and even build a website that allows others to vent. This is america and I have freedom of speech. I did not even build anything negative nor plan to. I only forwarded the name. I must say that I do repair spas also and 7 out of 10 spa repairs are cal spa! They want me quite before I speak! Beware of dealings with any company that wants to shut you up before you even speak. Stay tuned for more information on this case. I will not surrender the name and will fight it till the end. I have nothing to lose and will fight for my right as an american to retain the name. By the way, the owner of the name Cal spa was pissed off about has been turned over to Cal Spas. More than likely through cussing and screaming by Casey Loyd. Robert lawndale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pomona, California
25, Report #463722
Sep 03 2009
02:28 PM
Entity: Nationwide

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