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1, Report #1125810
Feb 25 2014
03:56 PM
canvas print factory canvas print factory New Jersey is a scam. i paid $10 dollars for 3 to 5 day shipping and i received my order two weeks late. the website takes you through a ordering process that tells asks you how you want your canvas to be stretched. they dont actually stretch any canvas but tell you they do. the phone numbers on the website are fake! they dont reply to any emails. they have an option for online chat that is really just email that they dont reply to. after i received my order they had a 1800 number on the packing list and when i called to complain they argued with me and wouldnt give me a refund of any kind. no customer service and false advertising. dont shop here ever!
Entity: New Jersey
2, Report #1366162
Apr 11 2017
04:23 PM
Canvas Print Factory Customer service did not give me a refund after their mistake Internet
This company is absolutely terrible. Ordered a canvas for 50% off and thought I was getting a good deal. However, I did not realize that the shipping cost almost $20, which was more than the original canvas. Because I did not see the shipping price posted anywhere before I confirmed the order, I paid $20 for shipping, which was more than the price of the canvas. Called customer service as soon as I realized this and asked for a refund, and the manager of customer service was so rude, asked me what I wanted him to do after I asked him for a refund, and he said that it wasn't his fault that I did not see the shipping price, even though it most definitely is the company's fault that the shipping price was not clearly laid out. Never order unless you want to waste a bunch of money on shipping that costs more than the price of the canvas. 
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1367096
Apr 11 2017
03:07 PM
Canvas Print Factory Horrible and disappointing fulfillment! The actual print quality was fine, but do not order anything to be applied on canvas! The work is sloppy and unprofessional. Not one hanger was applied straight or on center - and they refused to give any refund whatsoever. Worst customer service I have ever received. Morganville New Jersey
I placed a very large order for a client - 75 canvas prints were to be given as gifts.  The printing of the artwork was in itself fine, but everything else was HORRIBLE. The application of the canvas art applied to the frame could have been better done by a child : the canvas was not pulled tight, the corners were sloppy and the backside still had trim marks showing. On top of that, EVERY SINGLE HANGER (remember, there were 75 of them) were applied off center and crooked.   The customer service was the worst I have ever dealt with. Even with photos being submitted of the horrible job they did, no refund was offered.  Jessie - who refused to put me on with a manager - told me their products were done to industry standard.  THEY AREN'T.  I have used other companies in the past, and none of them looked as flat out horrible and this company. When I tore the canvas off the frame, hoping to find a way to salvage any of it, I realized the frame wasn't even flat, as canvas frames are by standard.  The frame had a lip!  No wonder the corners were so sloppy and the canvas wasn't pulled tighter - it never would get pulled taught on a frame with a raised edge.  This is not industry standard, and not how they advertise their product on their website. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.  HORRIBLE PRODUCT.  NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. 
Entity: Morganville, New Jersey
4, Report #1356998
Feb 19 2017
11:00 AM
Impressive Canvas Terrible return policy and fine print Internet
 Impressive Canvas is a terrible company. The products take forever to get to you (more than 30 days) and when it does if you want to return the product you are stuck. Not only do you have to return the product within 30 days of PURCHASE, which is impossible because you don't have the product yet, but also you cannot return unless the product is damaged. No returns are accepted any other ways. When I contacted the company they were very blunt and also lied and stated I received the product 11 days before I had received it. This is a terrible company to deal with do not waste your time and money. They don't make you aware of their terrible return policy on the site which they should.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1377587
Jun 07 2017
09:53 AM
Canvas Print Factory Poster Print Factory They billed me twice for one order Marlboro Nationwide
On March 19, 2017, Poster Print Factory was running a weekend special and I used their site to order 3 prints. Immediately I received two receipts via email -- both with the same order number but each had a different PayPal transaction number. (I did not use PayPal - I used my Visa dedit card). I called Poster Print's listed phone number and got a recorded message that because of weekend hours to call back during regular business hours. On Monday, March 20, 2017, I called back questioning if it was just a mistake or if I would be charged double and receive two orders. The representative said he would cancel the duplicate order and that I should check with my bank to see if two amounts were withdrawn and called back. I checked on line and two $131.34 withdrawals were made to Canvas Poster Print so I called back. He told me one withdrawal would be refunded but it may take up to 10 days to show at my bank. After 11 days, on April 4, 2017, I called back and he reassured me that my refund would show up in the next 10 business days. On April 18, 2017 when I called back he told me I would need proof that I was charged twice. I took a screen-shot of my March bank statement and sent it to them via email that same day. On May 3, 2017, I sent another email asking for a response. No response came. I sent another email on May 5, 2017 in which I included copies of the 2 original email receipts and another copy of my bank statement. Again no response. So on May 14, 2017, I sent a letter via USPS to their address in Marlboro, NJ  That's the address they use on their site. That letter was returned: Return to sender -- Not deliverable as addressed Unable to forward. So now I am of the belief that even their address is phony. I've filed a report with the Attorney Generals of both New York State (the State where I live) and New Jersey (the State where Canvas Poster Print Factory supposedly exists). Also I filed a report with The federal Trade Commission.  I believe that this company has committed fraud and I would like to get back my $131.34 overpayment taken from my bank account. Sincerely, Thomas O'Grady  
Entity: Marlboro, Nationwide
6, Report #1366647
Apr 08 2017
07:33 PM
Impressive Canvas HD Quality Print is blurry, scratched, with bent frames Internet
Saw the advertisement on facebook... which features HD Quality prints on canvas for $40.  They have some very neat designs for sports teams and other things, and I really wanted some of their wall art for my sports bar themed basement.  The entire transaction was sketchy, and you had to read the fine print very carefully for what you were purchasing.  The ad promoted that the canvases were $40, but upon further review, that was for loose canvas that had no framing to it... just rolled up in a box.  If you wanted the wooden backing installed on the canvas, it jumps the price to $119 for the set.  However, it was a cool product and I was willing to pay for it... so I did.   What I received is baffling.  The image of the photo (PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA) looks like they copied it from google.  It is pixelated, blurry, and looks like something a kid could have made in Microsoft Word.  Even the Pittsburgh Pirates logo is pixelated... which leads me to question if these people are licensed by MLB to make this, because they are butchering the team logo.  The frames that I paid the extra $80 are warped and uneven, creating scratch marks and wear on the front of the canvas which has already worn through the picture by the time I received it on delivery.  You can see uneven edges of the framing protruding from the rear of the canvas and poking into the image.  There are white scratch marks in the canvas consistant with where the fram contacts the canvas... like the workers slid the picture around on a dirty work bench and scratched it all up.   The customer service said that this was fine.  I took pictures, sent them the scratches... the blurry pixellated image, even photos of the words on the canvas that are so blurred out that they are illegible.  The customer service returned As per evaluation, the picture looks fine except for the few white smudge.  Would you be willing to accept 35% off to fix the issue?  So apparently, the HD Quality Photo is fine, regardless if it is blurry, or even HD Quality at all. I also ordered two pieces of wall art, and only received one.  I asked them to hold off on sending the other, and that I would be contacting Discover to cancel the order and decline the payment.  I have received no other contact or communication. A horrible company, buyer beware... and stay away!
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1406304
Oct 14 2017
07:06 PM
Canvas People I ordered a 11x14 canvas print of my boys it was blurry. Terrible. Mechanicville New York
 I ordered an 11x14 canvas print of my boys when they were babies. When the company confirmed my order and showed me what the canvas would look like, it looked great. When I got the can in the mail it was blurry as all get out and really light. I tried a few times to contact Canvas People but to no avail I haven't gotten an answer. I want either my money refunded or another picture printed better.
Entity: Mechanicville, New York
8, Report #1252033
Aug 31 2015
02:17 PM
Canvas People I ordered a canvas print from these people when I finally received a print it was of people I had no idea who they were not of my grandchildren's photo I had uploaded to their order site. Lynbrook New York
I ordered a canvas print of a photo of my grandchildren.  When I finally received a package from Canvas People it was of people I had no idea who they were.  They have people answering the phone number that speak heavily accented English and are difficult to understand.  When I finally was able to understand what she was saying she gave me another number to call because she could not handle what I needed.  When I tried to call that number several times there was no answer. I just want my money back or the correct picture sent to me, but if I can't talk to anyone who can help me I guess I have been scammed.
Entity: Lynbrook, New York
9, Report #813519
Dec 24 2011
01:30 PM
Canvas People CONSUMER BEWARE! Internet
To anyone thinking of ordering a canvas from Canvas People - STOP!!! This company is terrible. It is tempting to be lured into their free canvas scheme, but save yourself the aggravation and go somewhere else! I was supposedly guaranteed delivery of my canvases by Christmas day, but ... surprise, surprise ... they won't be here until December 28th. I now have NO presents to give to my out-of-town relatives, and I will have to pay to have them shipped across the country. Ridiculous. Please, please, please take my advice - DO NOT order ANYTHING from this poor excuse for a company!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
10, Report #1354725
Feb 07 2017
07:50 PM
Impressive Canvas Canvas Freaks Impressive Canvas ripped me off!! Internet
Impressive Canvas has sponsored ads on Facebook.  I found a framed printed canvas that looked appealing and placed the order on November 17th, 2016.  They claim it will arrive in 21 business days which is a lie.  They also claim it's shipped insured and trackable.... lie number two.      Twenty-one business days came and went so I emailed asking what the deal is.  The order is shipped from CHINA which is NOT disclosed on the website.  I have now waited 3 months for my order to arrive and emailed the support numerous times.  They gave me a new excuse everytime... wait longer, etc. until now they just stopped responding at all.  The tracking contains a few scans in China but nothing since.  I've contacted USPS who has no record of it at all.         My confirmation email specifically says insured.  Why can they not file a lost claim on the order and reship it to me?  Now their website tries to calim no fault for delays etc after it is shipped which is complete bullshit.  I have filed a dispute on the charge and expect it to be refunded sometime soon.  Until then I'm out $99.99 for ordering from a scam company.  The support is complete crap, the company is complete crap, and if I ever find out where these assholes are located in Florida I'll be making a little visit and whooping some ass.  
Entity: Internet
11, Report #697108
Nov 21 2011
02:03 PM
Canvas People Shoddy workmanship and no response from company Internet
I ordered an 18x24 canvas print from their website. The image pictured on their website prior to ordering looked great but when I received the print, the whole bottom of the photograph had been cut off. I contacted Customer Service and a few days later a rep called me. Her name was Donna and she was very helpful and encouraging. She assured me the company would redo my print. She asked me to send her photos of the print in question and the problems I had with it which I did right away. One week later I received an email from Virgil , someone else in the company. He asked me to send photographs of the canvas print in question which I did. Now it's almost 2 weeks later and I have not heard a word from anyone. I have left multiple email messages and phone messages but have yet to get a response. I finally spoke to someone on the phone who not only couldnt find any record of my order but had none of my personal information pertaining to that order either. The guy was rude.  Claimed their order numbers were always 6 digits long and if mine was 5 digits well then it wasn't them I had ordered from. I read off to him, from Canvas People, the email concerning a shipping notice, the email from Virgil and from an order confirmation which included a 5 digit order number. He still insisted it wasn't them and they had no record of my transaction. I emailed a copy of the paypal transaction listing the amount and 5 digit order number and he STILL insisted they only use 6 numbers. So what do I do now? They have no record of my order, or so they claim, no record of any information on my account and seem to be fixated on the 6 digit order number. So looks like I'm out 62$ unless I can dispute thru PayPal. I will never order from them again and will NOT reccomend them to anyone. And all this after at least 30 orders from their company prior to this instance.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #781662
Dec 03 2012
03:31 PM
Minuteman Press Charge me for services I never received I was promised it would be done in a week and tried to access my product for three with no results 6 months later I still have no product fort myers, Florida
I have just received a bill from this company stating that if I do not pay for the product they will send me to collections. However I do not have the product in which they are billing me for. Back in April 2011 I dropped off my canvas with a painting to be reproduced and printed. I was told it would be done the next week. I had a deadline to meet with this product. The next week I called and was told it wasn't done. I called on numerous occasions and even stopped twice in for the next three weeks trying to get my prints of my original painting. Every time I was told it was not done with an excuse of why. I was able to obtain my original painting with no prints after three weeks. I had to take my painting to another company as I had already not met my deadline but needed my prints done. Since I had chased down my prints enough I left it up to them to contact me when they would be done. I was never ever contacted by anyone there to let me know my product was ready. However just recently I received a letter in the mail for them demanding money for prints I do not have or know where they are. Stating if I do not pay they will send me to collections. I am unsure why I am being charged for a product I do not have or for a product that nobody ever contacted me about. This was back in April my deadlines are way overdue and when I was promised a week and I had to chase them down for three with still no return on my product this is unacceptable. I would have gladly paid for my product if it was done in a timely manner but this is not timely. Also I have used their services before and paid them for them with business cards. This is why I chose them to reproduce my prints as they were awesome before. But to expect me to pay for a product I do not have 6 months later that is not right. However I do want to add when I contacted the company yesterday about this dispute this was the response I received today from the company please feel free to go forward with your threats, lawyer, BBB etc.. we have called you and been sending statements for a couple of months. Your canvas pictures have been ready for months. Naturally we will go forward with any actions we are free to take. Please note that they stated they have tried to contact me for a couple months couple meaning two it has been six months. That means after 4 months they have recently started to contact me? I am not understanding how they think this is a timely manner. Also I have not received any phone calls or messages on my answering machine from this company. Only my recent bill with threat of turning me into collections and I still do not have the product. 
Entity: fort myers, Florida
13, Report #271346
Aug 30 2007
11:19 AM
PC Factory Outlet, Alorica, Beware ... read the fine print about restocking fee before you buy!!! Internet
I purchased a power cord for my laptop from this company. The cord was obviously defective and did not work. I promptly returned it to them and they called back stating that there was nothing wrong with the cord and said they would send a new one. Because they refused to acknowledge that I knew what I was talking about and the cord was not working properly (I work in computer sales and have a networking degree), I told them I did not want a new cord, I wanted a full refund. They sent a new cord anyway, which I sent straight back to them. Then, they called to know what to do wtih the RMA. When we told them we didn't want anything further from them other than a refund, they said they would refund it minus the restocking fee. This company seems to be running some kind of scam to me, selling defective merchandise and then making a profit by their so called Restocking fee. Make sure you read ALL the fine print before purchasing things from the internet. I learned the hard way. Po'd Marshall, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #257402
Jun 28 2007
07:02 AM
Canvas Artists Fraudulent Business! Ripoff Miami Florida
I ordered my sketch in March from Canvas Artists. I sent them a picture and a check. They cashed my check but did not send the sketch. They also did not return my picture. I have reported them to several agencies but as yet have heard nothing in return. Do NOT do business with these people. As a matter of fact their website has now been 'suspended' so nobody can reach them including their dissatisfied (ripped-off) customers. Calling them does no good. Their mailbox is 'full' and even when it was not 'full' - last month, for instance- they do not return your call or your email for that matter. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY IF ANYONE COMES ACROSS THEM IN THE FUTURE! Rose Windber, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
15, Report #1235315
Jun 12 2015
05:43 PM
Canvas People Scam Internet 
 I ordered several photo canvas prints from this website. They had a great sale going on, so I thought. I knew there would likely be a shipping charge and was prepared to pay appropriate shipping. The total cost of my order was $108. As I went through the final steps of entering my address and payment info, I scoured the web pages for the shipping cost. There was none listed. I clicked submit order thinking there would be a final listing if the bill including shipping. There was not! The screen read thank you for your order you will receive a confirmation email shortly. I received the confirmation email and in it the total charged to my card was $332!!!! That means the shipping cost twice as much as the actual product. I would have never placed the order. I immediately tried to find a way to contact customer service and/or cancel order with no luck. The only form of contact was email, which I have suited multiethnic emails with no response. I have also attempted contacting them through Facebook. This seems to be a scam to me and I don't see how it can be legal or ethical to charge someone's card 3 times the amount they thought they were paying.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1205848
Jan 31 2015
08:42 PM
Indy Canvas Impossibly slow and non-responsive Charleston, SC WA
Ordered covers for my boat.  Impossibly slow, never returned calls.  Finally, after giving up, the covers arrived six months late.  They charged my card the minute I ordered but didn't deliver for six months. Don't deal with them.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1272081
Jul 18 2016
02:14 PM
Canvas People Stole my money! Internet
 I ordered my canvas August 28, 2015. I waited for my canvas for 10 business days like the site said. Finally, November 5, 2015 received an email stating there was a problem with the order. I responded to the email saying I wanted a refund. November 6, 2015 received an email stating my money would be refunded in 7-10 business days. Nothing has been returned yet. I have emailed them two more times asking where my money is. There is no customer service number to call. Do not order from this site. They will not send the product and then steal your money.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1360209
Mar 07 2017
06:38 AM
On 1/4/17 I ordered a 5 piece canvas from a link provided on facebook where delivery was supposed to be in 3 weeks. The first update I received from company atated that shipment was still in China. I have written to the company every two weeks as their website indicates that if an item is shipping internationally it will be delivered within 30 days.Now 60 days have gone by and I have not received a reply to my bi-weekly shipment status inquiries. I wouldnt do business with this company.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #816089
Dec 30 2011
07:55 PM
Canvas People They Take your money and Keep their Canvas, Internet
So here is the deal. The company takes your order eagerly online. The whole process of downloading a picture is simple but they never give you a preview of what the picture will look like. But, that is beside the point. You place the order and then you NEVER hear back on when and if your canvas will ship. It may come, it may not. If you send an email inquiring, you NEVER hear back. If you ever do hear back, from what I have heard from others, then they will tell you the item is delayed due to an inventory problem. Ridiculous excuse.  I placed an order, they took my money, I never got the product despite emails and ultimately a notice that it was either in processing, production or perhaps in shipping - the company didn't know I guess.  They may make a product that is good (I don't know because I never got the product) but they don't give any idea of when or if the canvas will ever ship.  Bottom line: PAY MORE AND GO WITH (((competitor's name redacted))). That company may be a bit pricey but they communicate well and ship usually within 2 days or so and let you know where your product is EVERY step of the way. STAY AWAY from the CANVAS PEOPLE! You get what you pay for: HALF A** service. 2 thumbs down.  sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #1350925
Jan 20 2017
09:34 AM
Canvas Bold Canvas Bees BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, RIP OFF CUSTOMERS Morganville, New Jersey
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I placed my first order with Canvas Bees or Canvas Bold on January 5, 2017. However, I never received any email confirmation that my order was placed. I called them on January 20, 2017 to confirm my order, and the customer service rep Jessie was very rude from the start of our conversation.  First of all, he said they sent me an email 2 days after I placed my order telling me that my order could not be completed. Yet I did not receive any emails, also checked my spam folder.  He said my order could not be completed for the size canvas I wanted. I began to ask questions as to what the dimensions need to be for the size canvas I wanted and he was rude and kept giving me misinformation.  I tried to nicely give him an example in the past of what Walgreens does when I have had this issue with an canvas and he said, Well this isn't Walgreens.  He then said he was going to cancel my order without me even asking to cancel my order. I asked to speak to a manager and he said they are a very small operation, and there is no manager to speak to. I'm assuming he is the owner of the company. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company because they already charged my card before the order was even processed and shipped.  Very bad business!!
Entity: Morganville,, New Jersey
21, Report #1009549
Mar 12 2013
12:35 PM
Canvas People Misleading image of final product on preview screen and rude customer service Internet
The preview feature on the canvas people's website was very misleading and did not show anyone with red eyes in the picture I uploaded. However, when I got the canvas in the mail, two of the three people in the picture had bright red eyes. Even worse, when I called the customer service number to speak with someone, the man who answered was extremely belligerent to me and seemed to want to pick a fight.  He told me that he was the owner of the company.  I have never experienced such poor treatment.  The owner told me that if I wanted a new canvas without red eyes I would have to pay full price to purchase a new one! Prospective buyer beware, this company doesn't seem to care about the quality of their work, misleading their customer or satisfying them.  I feel taken advantage of. 
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #503622
Oct 03 2009
05:55 AM
Charles ,Chuck, Hirsch Freda's frame and print shop Chuck Hirsch photo to canvas If this is the largest most expensive frame you ever did I hate to see the cheapest! Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
In the fall of 2007 I had two picture frames done by Chuck, at the time he said they were the largest most expensive ones he had done. Within a month the one fell partially apart and it looks horrible. He has seen it, and almost 2 years later has done nothing! This guy changes numbers and buisness names like the weather, And its no wonder with service like this. I thought he was a nice guy but after this and another incident which he owes me money for, I realized I was wrong. Chuck Hirsch is not a man of his word and does not live up tp his responsibilities!
Entity: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
23, Report #1104861
Jun 04 2014
11:52 AM
Picture it On Canvas Poor Customer Service Poway california
I placed an order for a 16x16 canvas a month ago now in hopes of getting it in time for Christmas. This company has not sent an email confirmation confirming my order or giving me an order number. I have contacted them various times via email with no response and I have also tried to call the number on their site and it just rings when you select the customer service line. I paid a decent amount of money for my canvas and would like to find out a status of my order but not getting anywhere and it is very frustrating, especially considering I have already been billed on my credit card for the item and I have not received my canvas.
Entity: Select State/Province
24, Report #1192719
Dec 03 2014
08:14 AM
Canvas People Outrageous shipping fees! STAY AWAY from these people!! Internet
I placed my order on for 3 portraits on Black Friday, November 28, 2014. The total cost was listed at $38.00.  I didn't notice the shipping cost but assumed it wouldn't be that much.  When I got the receipt after placing the order I looked at it and the total charged to my credit card was over $86.00!!  I immediately tried to call their customer service but there was no number listed on their website.  I did complete their form email to ask them what was going on.  After almost 48 hours passed with no response, I sent another email. This time I received a response, Due to the highly automated nature of our process canvases are created and shipped as quickly as possible. As per our Return Policy, canvases are personalized items and may not be modified or cancelled once an order has been placed online. We apologize for any inconvenience. I then asked them is they could look into my order and if there was an error, would they please credit my account to make things right.  Here was their response, As per our return policy, canvases are personalized items and may not be modified or cancelled once and order has been placed online. Your total was displayed on page 3 of checkout right above where you place your credit card information. We apologize for any inconvenience. Obviously, this is an automated response and a human doesn't even look at these emails.  To everyone considering doing business with these people-run away as fast as you can in the opposite direction! These people are dishonest, rip-off artists who should be shut down.      
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1255016
Sep 15 2015
10:36 AM
Canvas People lied, no customer service, false product Nationwide
This company did not provide the correct product and refuses to reply to emails.  On Facebook they pretended to care but as I tried to get them to act they ended up cowardly hiding and making it to where I can no longer contact them.  Buyer beware, this company has no phone number that works and are nothign more than scam artists.
Entity: Nationwide

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