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1, Report #1396829
Aug 30 2017
03:17 PM
Capital business formsinc They claim to sell printing products to the printing trade only. But they have dozens of accounts they service themselves which cuts out the very people they advertise to help Oklahoma City ok Oklahoma **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 This company is falsely advertising they cater to the trade only when in fact they have multiple accounts which cut out the middleman/salesman*They claim to sell printing products to the printing trade only. But they have dozens of accounts they service themselves which cuts out the very people they advertise to help*
Entity: Oklahoma City ok, Oklahoma
2, Report #1270082
Nov 24 2015
12:39 PM
Capital Alliance Typical Business Capital Ripoff Promises Orange Internet
Capital Alliance solicited my business to provide a loan that was so called pre approved per the original application I submitted a year ago. They wanted 6 months bank statements front and back including blank pages. I explained I had existing loans in place and I was told it would not be a problem as long as I was paying them as agreed. I explained I didnt want another inquiry on my credit report until I knew the loan was close to secure and the credit report was run right away. Credit score is not suppose to make a difference. After two days and not merely hours as they say I was told I was not approved as I had existing loans and one of them was to new. Basically they blew me off! I do not have problems buying a recent BMW 650 I Convertible or a Jag XK and a Murano but I cant get a bridge loan for $9000 until some funds that are due in are recieved.They will also take an upfront fee and over 30% interest to be paid back in approximately 90 days or so.   It is usury at its best stay away.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1402554
Sep 26 2017
05:00 PM
Fundcorp Business Capital Total Scam CHICAGO Illinois
We were referred to Stan Edwards at FundCorp Business Capital to get a loan against our property.  After reviewing our credit report, etc. he informed us we were pre-approved for a $300,000.00 loan that would close by the end of the month of July 2017.  (We started the process on 7/11/17).  We wired him his consoltation fee and the fee for the full appraisal that needed to be completed on our property; total fee was $3,250.00.  After endless emails asking for status updates, countless unanswered phone calls, and sleepless nights, we asked via email for a full refund, partial refund or a copy of the supposed completed appraisal, this requested was emailed on 9/22/17.  Throughout this process, he sent a few emails, and my husband & I spoke with him over the phone 4 times in total (after calling over 20 times during this whole process).  He always assured us that the process was almost complete.  And also said the appraisal had been completed, even though no one ever came to the house to do the appraisal.  Stan Edwards (if that is really his name) and FundCorp Business Capital (if that's even a real business) is a TOTAL FRAUD!!!
Entity: CHICAGO, Illinois
4, Report #57061
May 15 2003
01:01 PM
LENOX CAPITAL ripoff fraudulent ripoff business Marietta Georgia
On November 14, 2002, Lenox Capital took $221.95 out of my checking account promising a credit card with a limit of $2500.00. They said i should receive it in 4-6 weeks. I never received ANYTHING!! I called to get a reimbursement in January and as of this date i have received nothing! The phone number listed is 1-678-239-0133. I went to their website and saw MANY more complaints such as mine. PLEASE HELP! SomeOne needs to get them..... Pam Lynn, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
5, Report #62511
Jul 01 2003
07:03 PM
Capital One Services fraudulent ripoff scam business Richmond Virginia
Capital One Services,Capital One Credit Card, Capital One Bank fraudulent ripoff business, ripped off and scammed Richmond Virginia ..... Lost my job and my Capital One Credit Card went into collection. When I got a job I started making payments,the cancled checks prove this, but the payments were not postedto/deducted from my account. The original collection ballance remains the same, plus interest. Capital Services and Capital One Bank are regulated by the Federal reserve and the Commonwealth Of Virginia's State Corporation Commission, Bureau of Financial Institutons. If you have been making payments I pays to check as see if your payments are being posted This seem like it might be another Lincon Savings and Loan, ENRON or World Com. Information on how to file a complaint is on the Virginia State Web site, The Federal Reserve web site also explains how to file a complaint. The more complaints about this issue and others the faster we will see action. Remember calm and concise statements and supporting documents, collection letters cancled checks an whatever else applies. Three complains is better than one covering three issues. Gary Hereford, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
6, Report #84930
Mar 22 2004
06:50 PM
Capital Resources ripoff Canoga Park California
I spent over $100 on the letters and mailing labels sold by Capital Resources. The majority of the mailing labels were returned to me as undeliverable. The other Payment Envelopes I did get mailed back to me had no payment in them at all. I made $8.00. The guarantee on the letter promises a $500 check if you don't make money. It is pretty obvious to me that I lost money by using Capital Resources. C. Lanes Orange County, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Canoga Park, California
7, Report #58899
May 29 2003
06:31 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff fraud business Hatsboro Pennsylvania
* Attention Louisiana residents* ..... If you have been victimized by Fairbanks Capital (or affiliations)in the state of Louisiana, please contact me at: I have helpful information. I also am trying to get the news stations involved. I see your names in the paper weekly but have no way to contact you. PLEASE help me stand up to this company and let them know that we WILL NOT take this lying down!!!! Thank You, Kelly Wilson, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Hatsboro, Pennsylvania
8, Report #23561
Jun 27 2002
10:59 AM
First Capital Consumer ripoff fraudulent ripoff business
In May of 2002 I was contacted by a person stating they were a representitve of Master Card and that they were offering a credit repair program to individuals and that there would be a one time fee of $199.00 and would be electronically removed from my checking account on June 14, 2002 the withdraw was made by telephone there is not a contact number on this withdraw. Anyway this gentleman said I would recieve my credit cards with in 5-7 working days. It has been 2 weeks and every time I try to call the number that was given to me I recieve a machine saying all reps. are busy now... please call back or leave my name and number and they would return my call. Vivian Hope, North Dakota
Entity: North Dakota
9, Report #23429
Jun 25 2002
04:03 PM
Capital First fraudulent ripoff business Miami Florida
Obviously I am not the only person deceived by this company - and I won't be the last. Unfortunately, I didn't find this page prior to my experience with these people. I lost $159.90 that I really COULDN'T afford to lose. Hopefully, I will recover part of that money after filing unauthorized debits from my account. I did not authorize these charges, as a matter of fact - I got the package of information 2 days after the debits were made to my account. According to the package of benefits I would be given a 7 day trial period. Yeah, WHEN? Was I supposed to camp out at the post office to experience this trial period? Anyway, I know I have LEARNED from this experience. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good learning experience. READ THE POSTS - AND DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR SSN OR BANK INFORMATION FOR ANY REASON. No good can come from such practices. Linda Corpus Christi, Texas
Entity: Miami, Florida
10, Report #22784
Jun 15 2002
01:42 PM
American Capital ripoff scam fraud business Ontario Ohio
I was contact by phone on June 5 2002 with someone saying that I was pre-approved for a Master Card, with a limit not less than $2000.00 and up to $4000.00. I was told that I would receive my card within 2 to 3 weeks once they received my one time fee of $249.00, with an interest of 8%. Once they received my monies they would sent me an acceptance to sign & return. I spoke with a Mark who answered all my questions and than a Phil who was a verification supervisor and gave me my contract #. Today is June 15, the monies was taken from my checking account last night, one day too late for me because it was just today that I decided to check them out on the internet and they came up as frauds. I tried calling my bank to stop the payment but they had already closed for the day. I hope and pray to have better luck on monday morning. I really needed the money or card and because of this I let my guard down. I've been ripped off! Diane Cleveland, Ohio
Entity: Ontario, Ohio
11, Report #38426
Dec 16 2002
09:02 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff fraud business Jacksonville Florida
Can anyone tell me if any lawsuits are in Maryland, Fairbanks needs to be put out of business I really cant believe they can get away with this, we have to have rights. Please if anyone konw of any lawyers in my area, please let me no. Thanks Robin Savage, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
12, Report #37081
Dec 04 2002
04:50 AM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff business from hell Jacksonville Florida
I have read so many storys from others, my heart does go out to all, I live in Maryland, my husband and I refianced in 8/2001 with Equicredit, never knowing that they where the devil. My husband and I both are on the loan, are I thought I was, Fairbanks Capital told me on the phone that they could not talk to me, they need to talk to Clint my husband, I told them I'm his wife can I help you, they said (NO) you are not on the loan if you want to talk with us your husband will need to (fax) a letter giving you permission to talk for him! I have fax that damn letter 100 times, all of are storys seem the same, they also started escrow account for insurance that we dont need, late fee's for payments being late that are there on time, they are crazy. good luck to all, Robin from Maryland Robin Savage, Maryland
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
13, Report #38352
Dec 16 2002
10:24 AM
lenox capital ripoff fraudulent ripoff business brownsville Texas
we just moved out of a homeless shelter a few months ago and thanks to this company we will have no christmas and be moving out again next month they called me oh we have this great deal yada yada all you have to do is let us take this amount out of the acount and you get this this and this you can contact me here this is your tracking number all seemed so legit yet here it is a month later and i have nothing and the number that they gave me to call is not a valid number the bank has no way of contacting them either this just pisses me off here we are a poor retired couple he is disabled every penny we get goes to providing a roof over our heads and we have 3 daughters that are going to get no christmas thanks to greedy evil people that say you can have all this for 221.95 grocery coupons gas coupons an unlimited calling plan trial etc freaking jerky ripp off scammers DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!! leanne brownsville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: brownsville, Texas
14, Report #37953
Dec 11 2002
04:29 PM
Fairbanks Capital ripoff business from hell Jacksonville Florida
My story starts two years ago with Equicredit. My husband was in charge of making the mortgage payments, while I paid everything else. Everything was fine until one day I received a threat to foreclose in the mail. Apparently one of my husbands checks had bounced, and all of a sudden they want two thousand dollars or they are going to foreclose on me. My house payments were only six hundred and twenty five dollars a month. I ended up fighting with this company for almost two years before they finally said my account was caught up. I sent them at least ten thousand dollars above and beyond my mortgage payment because one agent would call, tell me to post date a check for a thousand dollars and I would be caught up, then two days later somebody else would call and want another six hundred. Finally in march of this year I got them to say that I was finally caught up. Then in April they sold my loan to Fairbanks. At first I was glad to be away from Fairbanks, thinking that nobody could be as bad as Equicredit. Boy, was I wrong. They started off right away taking two months worth of payments because they said that I owed money for insurance that Equicredit had purchased for me. I never heard anything like that from Equicredit and I had my own insurance. But, no matter how many times I faxed in the proof of my insurance, they still refused to take the money and put it back on my account and kept charging me fees. So in Septmeber I got a bill consolidation loan to catch them up totally. That cost me three thousand dollars. When I paid that the agent that I talked to said that took care of all fees, payments, everything. The next thing I know I get a letter in the mail saying that my payment was going up over fifty dollars a month for insurance, which I already had. I called Fairbanks about this and to make sure that the three thousand dollars I sent in was posted. It was posted all right, but the agent I talked to said that I still owed 900 dollars in corporate advances! When I asked him what that was he just said, oh, that is stuff that Fairbanks has had to pay for you. I have rambled on long enough, but first there are just a couple other things that I want to say. I read the report from the Fairbanks employee that said, pay or get out or something like that. What do they want us to pay, because I know that I have paid much much more than my monthly payment for a long time. Those of us who are customers of Fairbanks aren't looking for a free ride or anything. All we want is to make our payments and not be threatened with foreclosure every month unless we pay outrageous and bogus fees. Tracy Arcadia, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
15, Report #34778
Nov 10 2002
09:30 PM
Capital First fraudulent ripoff business Miami Florida
Like many others I was called to say that I was approved for this credit card, they told me that they needed my bank account number to start the application fee. I did that. Then I got my bank statement and there were numerous charges that I didn't approve of. I have called them and called them about receive the card and they told me that It should have been in the mail. They told me that I would get the card by the 1st of the month, I didn't get it. Then I seen that they were a rip-off and now the need to be stopped before they get anyone elses money!!!! Melissa Allenhurst, Georgia
Entity: Miami, Florida
16, Report #35016
Nov 13 2002
07:52 AM
Capital First ripoff business from hell Miami Florida
They called me to see I wanted discounts on vacations and other stuff. I would have 7 days to cancel. If not it would cost me 59.99 99.99. They never waited the 7 days and took the money out of my account. When I called them repeatedly they kept telling me my credit card was in the mail. I even spoke to supervisors. I even got a I.D.# becaus I called so much. They still said it was in the mail. Know when I call there is no answer at all. HELP P.S. I had to borrow the money to replace what they stole from my mother because my rent check would have bounced. Now my mother is involved and very very mad. HELP michele Oakville, Connecticut
Entity: Miami, Florida
17, Report #24013
Jul 05 2002
10:56 AM
First Capital ripoff business from hell Ontario
I also received the call...i fell into the plot.. I figured how fake could it be if they had my banking info... I am so happy i found this web site.... Now I am Paying it Forward... for some one else to see it Jasmine Long Island, New York
Entity: Ontario
18, Report #39203
Dec 26 2002
03:21 PM
Capital First ripoff fraudulent business Miami Florida
I recieved the call in June or July of 2002. I was approved for a credit card, and since I personally knew I was already on the up swing of repairing my credit, I assumed that my hard efforts had been noticed and the call was legit. It wasn't, as many have found out by reading these reports. I found this site a little to late and started to do a bit of research on my own today. I found that the address listed is to a Mailboxes Etc. I called them, and spoke at length about what they knew, which was quite alot. Apparently the State of Florida started an investigation into this company, and when they realized how large it was the US Governement took it over. I also found that this company is Canadian Based. The following advice is what I can offer to the others that have been victims of this company like myself. 1.) File a Dispute with your Bank on the charges and debits. Let them know that this company was fraudulent, and they are being investigated by the US Goverment. (The Department of Trade - if I remember correctly) 2.) Call information (Area Code)555-1212, and ask for the phone number to the address given of : 18495 Dixie Hwy #228, Miami, FL. Tell them you are looking for a Mailboxes Etc. The very nice lady there will give you the number for the government agency that is investigating this company. 3.) Close your bank account! OR contact your bank about putting a block on the ability for companies to debit the account, name specifically the charges and the amounts of the original debts. The bank can use routing numbers and merchant verifications in order to block specific companies. On a side note... to those that think they are so great and grand because they have great credit. I hope that you never have to experience the harsh realities that EVERYONE is just a tragedy and foot fall away from Financial Ruin. Sometimes, life just isn't kind, and sometimes we aren't spoon fed money by Mommy and Daddy. Some of us actually work really hard for the things we have, I personally am rebuilding my life for the 3rd time after losing EVERYTHING I owned. I am a single mother of two kids, I had a husband that ran up bills and never paid them, I got extremely ill with various medical problems... all contributing to my deteriorated credit and leading to Bankruptcy 6 years ago. But, in the last 2 years I have rebuilt all I lost including my credit. I have been able to finance a car, get a LEGIT Credit Card through Capital One (Who I would advise ANYONE to go through they are GREAT!), and a cellphone. Just a bit of work, and anyone can accomplish this. It doesn't happen overnight, but it does and can. The unexpected isn't always kind, and sometimes our family and friends can't do anything but sit back and watch. Divorce, illness, death... it happens to us all. Sometimes the dice roll in our favor, and other times our luck is so bad that we should never even bet in a Company Football Pool. We just have to make the best of it all and live life for all it's worth. Maria Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
19, Report #28650
Aug 31 2002
06:23 PM
Capital First is a ripoff fraud business. Miami, Florida
I paid Capital First over 200$ to get a unsecured credit card. We'll it's been four months and I still haven't received a card. Kimberly Gulfport, Mississippi
Entity: Miami, Florida
20, Report #27531
Aug 21 2002
08:32 AM
Capital First ripoff business from hell Miami Florida
Yes I contacted the capital first business on August 16th, 2002, and I notified them that I had not yet received their package and my account was billed $99.95 and $59.95 non refundable activaction fee. How was I supposed to contact somebody to cancel it when I had not received the package. By some miracle I received the package Friday afternoon what a conicidence. So I called them back they told me mail a copy of my bank statement and fax them the receipt that I sent them my bank statement. I called them back to let them know I did that and they told me 48 business hours and the money would be back in my account. I called them back and now they are adivising me it will take 14 days. Talk about a crock of sh**!!! So I asked to talk to a superviser 30 minutes later one got on the line and then put me on hold for another 15 minutes. I get through to the explinations department I argued with them for 45 minutes then they hung up on me. If anybody wants to try to go after the company or has any information on how I can get my money back please contact me Amber Irwin, Pennsylvania
Entity: Miami, Florida
21, Report #27836
Aug 23 2002
10:57 PM
Capital First ripoff ripoff fraud business Internet Nationwide
I was contacted on the phone by a rep named Geneive Hypolite on behalf of a company called Capital First.She promised a MasterCard with a limit of $2500, interest free. When I asked, What's the catch and what would it cost me? she said, There's no catch and it would cost only $29.95 processing fee.. and on 07/31/2002 it was debited on my checking account. I never received the welcome package, on 08/16/2002 a $59.95 and $99.95 was debited on my account without my authorization. The customer service number they provided for me, 1-866-892-6018 doesn't get you anywhere. Everytime you call they say, Do to high call volume, please leave your name and number and someone will contact you. Needless to say...NO-ONE ever calls you back. Marie Alhambra, California
Entity: Internet
22, Report #26714
Aug 12 2002
12:02 PM
Capital First ripoff business from hell Miami Florida
I like many others am trying to better myself and improve my credit, so when Capital First caled and offered me acredit card for a one time fee of $29.95 I was thrilled. Next came a packet in the mail stating I would be charged $99.95 and $59.95 for start up fees. Livid, I called and cancelled and was assured this was done. Low and behold, the next day my checking account was overdrawn and the money had been removed. I called these lovely people and was given a song a dance routine for 2 months. Being persistent, screaming and rude, they gave me a long drawn out procedure to receive my money back. Moral of the story, dont EVER give out your checking account information over the phone to any one and tell everyone you know, including all radio, tv and newspapers about this scamming company to protect others. Paulette Renton, Washington
Entity: Miami, Florida
23, Report #26279
Aug 07 2002
03:24 AM
First Capital ripoff business from hell
On june 5th 2002 I received a call from a call a person said his name was adam, offering a visa and mastercard for 199.00, with a credit line of 2500.00 with the visa and 2100.oo with the mastercard, it,s now been 5 weeks with no reponse, got my bank statement 199.00 was debited from my account, I should have know it was a ripoff, you don,t get something for nothing, also the person gave me a security code, afew minutes later someone from so called customer service called to verify the info and said the cards would be mailed 7to 10 days from then. beware. beware, somebody is getting very rich from a lot of poor people would hate to be in their shoes on judgement day, god will take care of these people, take that to the bank. ANTHONY KANSAS CITY, Missouri
24, Report #26552
Aug 09 2002
06:19 PM
Capital First ripoff fraud business Miami Florida
The company phoned, promising a Major Credit Card upon payment of $99.95 plus phone service for $59.95 for an one time enrollment fee of $29.95, they have been deducting these amounts since July 2, 2002, I tried to phone to cancel, however could not get through, I wrote them several letters. Have not received an answer, my bank has not stopped their deductions as of yet, I do not want to pay them any more money. Seritta San Diego, California
Entity: Miami, Florida
25, Report #26557
Aug 09 2002
07:25 PM
american capital ripoff fraud business rip-off Toronto Ontario
I had recieved a call from a represenative today,By the name is John Emanuel. He claim that I have been approved for a credit limit of 2000.With 0% interest for 5 years.I thought to myself when he was speaking(this is great)I am able to finally get my credit going.This man had stated that I would be recieving this card in a few weeks and gave me a pin#.So I was transfered to anouther person to to verify my info. After i hung up the phone,I thought to myself(wait a min something sounds kinda funny) I decided to do a search on the company here on the ripoff report and low and behold it was a scam. I felt ashamed and abused.I am glad I had found this info.Thank you so much ripoff you saved save me 245.00. Tomorrow I go and stop the check. These credit companys need to be stopped,some way some how. For all you folks out there,DON'T TRUST THESE SO CALLED CREDIT COMPANYS. One more thing I would like to add. The telemarketers or represative who do the calls to folks I feel and little sorry for because they are just like you and me and they have fallen victims working for these companys.If I was you telemarketers doing the calling..get out now before the feds come in get you and your bosses!!! stephanie lancaster, Ohio
Entity: Toronto, Ontario

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