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51, Report #35861
Nov 20 2002
11:45 PM
Capital First ripoff Dirt bag ripoff scam Miami Florida
I was contacted in June 2002, by a company calling themselves Capital First, with an offer for a low interest Mastercard. At first they said the card would collect from my banking account, just 29.95. That was okay, I had been sucessful in making other online purchases, and it sounded good....Until we got to the part in their script, where there was a mention of a charge for an additional 99.00 and then another charge of 150.00. I was waiting for the confirmation of my order, when I heard these other figures. So I just hung up the phone. I did NOT confirm the order. I was called right back, and didnot answer the call. The next day, I was called and told, that my account was going to be billed for 150.00 and if those funds were not available, that I would be billed an additional 250.00. I called my bank, and was advised to get there, and close the account. Which I did. However, one of the sister companies.. Premimum Mega Saver, has charged another bank account, 54.90 on at least 2 occasions - AFTER I CLOSED THE ACCOUNT! I am meeting with the Bank Manager about this, because this amount has now been turned over to a collection agency. I believe since it was an error on the bank's part, that the bank should reverse charge the PMS site, and get their monies returned, instead of charging me. I never received the Mastercard that was offered. Premimum Mega Saver (who are supposed to save you money on long distance) has never sent me a card. And today, when I called them..with the number that the bank furnished me with, the woman on the other end of the line, told me that I was contacted by Capital First, and they are a part of the package. As soon as she said that, I told her that I had never accepted any package with Capital First, that they are a ripoff company, and that is when the line went dead. She hung up on me. In the first place, I don't need a long distance calling service! I have a cell phone that I pay for, and I also get 'emergency road service' with this phone. I don't need anything that Hartford Auto Club has to offer either. Jaye Vacaville, California
Entity: Miami, Florida
52, Report #35602
Nov 19 2002
08:03 AM
CAPITAL FIRST ripoff consumer fraud ripoff Miami Flordia
Entity: Miami, Florida
53, Report #35464
Nov 18 2002
07:46 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
Capital First promised to mail me information regarding thier credit card prior to deducting the start up fees from my checking. However, before I received any material from the company, they had debited the money from my account, plus provided my checking account information to affilliate companies, who also debited money form my account. Those companies where Premium Mega Saver and Hartford Auto Company. Now I can't even call Capital First because their telephone line is constantly busy. Barbara New Orleans, Louisiana
Entity: Miami, Florida
54, Report #35670
Nov 19 2002
03:18 PM
Capital First ripoff thieves Miami Florida
Capital First promised to help me clean up my credit. They said for the sum off 299$ I owuld receive a 5000$ mastercard. They received my 299$ directly from my bank. In the lst 4 and a half months I havent received my mastercard. I have been in contact with capital first at there 800 number. They promised all four times that there was a mailing order problem and would stop my previous four cards. I asked for my money back and they begged me to give them another seven days so they could get the card to me. Sense those seven days there 1-800 number is constitantly busy 24 hours a day. The consumer service number tells you that they have nothing to do the sending out of mastercards. They can only help me find discounts. My membership number is 2256541548. I am ill and on disability that is hard enough, any help appreciated. Robert Jackson, Louisiana
Entity: Miami, Florida
55, Report #35818
Nov 20 2002
03:07 PM
CAPITAL FIRST ripoff Miami Florida
In May 2002 I was soliciated by Capital First for a credit card. I was told that I would recieve it and had 7 days to accept after i recieved the package. Money was withdrawn from my account and i never even recieved the package. I have called repeatedly with no satisfaction. I have never recieved the package nor has my money been returned. I will do whatever I can to help prosecute these people. Judy Gentry Judy Gentry Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Entity: Miami, Florida
56, Report #31090
Sep 25 2002
03:33 PM
First Capital Consumers Group ripoff
I was initially contacted by First Capital Consumers Group with an offer for an unsecured Master Card with a $2000.00 Limit. They withdrew $199.00 from my savings account on 3/15/02 and assigned me a pin# 2828. After countless telephone conversations with some of the rudest and least intelligent people i've ever spoken with I have yet to receive a Master Card. I have left numerous messages on their answering machine all at my own expense since they do not provide a toll free telephone number. Yet I have never recieved a call back. I too like others have requested to speak with a manager and they are alway's too busy to come to the phone and i've been told over and over they would call back. I have filed a complaint with the United States Federal Trade Commission and now I would like to file a complaint with you. I appreciate your time and effort regarding this matter. Sincerely, Marvin Gallegos Marvin Las Vegas, Nevada
57, Report #31098
Sep 25 2002
04:30 PM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
yes,capital first ripped me off also,a 99 dollar deposit,29 dollar shipping,and 59 dollar processing fee-- every time i call the phone number,i either get a recording,or some one takes my info down--claiming to call me back,and never does.i have a sick feeling that there are more charges that may have came out of my bank acct.--i have read several other stories or claims,and they have claimed to have been charged 4,5-6 times out of their accts. another lesson learned, dan bethel park, Pennsylvania
Entity: Miami, Florida
58, Report #36312
Nov 26 2002
09:15 AM
Capital First ripoff deceptive company Miami Florida
I was contacted on 7/25 and was told I qualified for a no cost mastercard. I asked many questions, including how can they make money this way. They told me they have associations with other companies who will then in tur send me offers and I would have 30 days to accept these offers and a lot of people accept them so that is how they make their money. For this particular oder they said there was a one time processing fee and they would not charge my checking account if I decided not to take it. Time went by and I forgot about the call until one day I see a debit come thru on my checking account for $159.90. When I contacted Capital First I was told that I had not cancelled within 14 days. I told them I never received the package and I didn't want the service since I was mislead and didn't need this type of card. After numerous calls and promises my account was cancelled but I have yet to receive my refund. I sent a complaint into the Better Business Bureau and they responded with an apology stating they didn't mean to mislead me and a check would go into the mail on October 23rd. It is now Nov. 26th and I have no check. Karen Livonia, Michigan
Entity: Miami, Florida
59, Report #36274
Nov 25 2002
08:21 PM
Capital First ripoff fraud scam Miami Florida
when they first call, they charged me 29.95, then A non refundable 59.95, plus 99.00 for this discount package. it took almost 2 months for the card to arrive. I called to cancel the program and get a refund. at that time I was told it was too late to get a refund. now when I try to contact them. the number is busy and I have tried just today (11/24/2002)for over an hour using redial unable to get through. Stuart Pocatello, Idaho
Entity: Miami,, Florida
60, Report #26032
Aug 03 2002
02:23 PM
Capital First RIP-OFF dirty ripoff liars Miami Florida
I was conned by Capital First, I checked my balance one day and found out I was overdrawn, so I went on the internet to see why, SUPRISE, Capital First, so I called. I spoke to a customer sevice rep and he told me that I needed to send back the package, and I would get a credit, so I did. I sent it back on July 3rd via certified mail, with a nice little letter, on July 8th I got the signed receipt back saying that it was sent to a Mailboxes Etc, that's what that address is. So like a week later I called and asked when I could expect a credit, I was told the corporate office had just put through the info and I should expect a credit within 1-2 days. So after another week I called again, now this lady told me it would take 14 days and she doesn't know why that guy told me that, she said by Aug 2nd at midnight the money should be credited to my account. Today I checked w/the bank, no money credited. No I'm quite reasonable and don't get mad that easy, but don't play with MY MONEY. So I called again today, I spoke to a different lady that told me I had to wait 14 days, now this was after she had checked my account, I told her I have been waiting, it has been almost a month since you received the pkg, I told her I will be contacting my legal services and they will be calling them. I also told them in the letter that I expect a credit for that outrageous $29.95 shipping charge, as I have worked with or for shipping companies for the past 15 years and I have never heard of them charging thirty dollars to ship and envelope. I can guarantee I will ger my money back if I have to call the TV station I will. Dawn Kenilworth, New Jersey
Entity: Miami, Florida
61, Report #27240
Aug 18 2002
12:29 PM
capital first benefits alltime ripoffs Miami Florida
A Guy called presented the plan I told him no many times and he wouldn't take no for a answer told me it was only 29.95 and had 30 days to look it over I finally got tired of it and fell for it after three weeks I got the stuff and immediately called and cancelled it but found out when I received my bank statement they already took the 99.95 and 59.95 nothing was said about the 99.95 or 59.95, just 29.95 he also had a credit report on me how can individual get a report on somebody else I didn't know the agencies freely that info out ask me that's just as crooked now I have to get back in touch with to make sure they refund my I'm sure they won't refund as fast as they took it out of my pocket, Now I'm going do like my does BE OUTRAGEOUS RUDE TO THEM AND BANG THE RECEIVER DOWN ON THEM thank you for letting me air this out, I've learned another valuable lesson donnie trenton, Missouri
Entity: Miami, Florida
62, Report #27184
Aug 17 2002
02:44 PM
Capital First ripoff swindler Miami Florida
I received a call from a customer sev. agent representating CapitalFirst for a credit card. I was charged $29.95 debited from my bank account for CaptalFirst Credit card. They also asked for memebership of CapitalFirst Benefits ( $59.99 and then $99.99 yearly fee) which I declined. Instead of getting a credit card what I got was an application form for credit card. They had also sent me a 7-day free trial membership of CapitalFirst Benefits. When I read the agreement, I foundout that if I cancel Cap-first-Benefits membership then I loose my credit card eligibility too. In short, I was robbed of $29.95 Nilay Falls Church, Virginia
Entity: Miami, Florida
63, Report #27188
Aug 17 2002
04:27 PM
Capital First ripoff lied STOLE Miami Florida
I was also contacted regarding their offer of a credit card that would benefit me to get my credit history back on track. They told me about the 29.99 handling and shipping fee but imagine my surprise when when another almost 160.00 was lifted from my bank account. This company is crooked and shady and everyone needs to be aware of their underhanded deeds. jeff chandler, Arizona
Entity: Miami, Florida
64, Report #27222
Aug 18 2002
07:49 AM
Capital First ripoff company deceptive company Miami Florida
We too were victims of this so called credit card company. They took three withdrawls from our checking acct. in the amounts of $19.95, 59.95 and 99.95. We've never recieved any information or a credit card from them . We were told to write to the corp. office and explain the situation along with a copy of our bank statement. I have not done this yet as we have just discovered the withdrawals. I plan to file a complaint with our states Attorney Generals office. It doesn't look too promising from reading the other letters that we will be reimbursed. But I'd like to warn other consumers of this. Kim Altoona, Pennsylvania
Entity: Miami, Florida
65, Report #27359
Aug 19 2002
03:38 PM
First Capital ripoff fraudulant billing Miami Florida
We spoke with this company. They stated that a credit limit of $2500 would be granted. They said that a payment of $29.95 would be needed. After giving them the account information we decided not to do business with them. They took money out of our savings account anyway. We tried numerous times to contact them over the phone and received a voice messaging or the number was constantly busy. We finally contacted someone and told them that we did not want the credit card and cancelled it. They still proceeded to take money from our back account in the amounts of $59.95 and $99.95 without authorization. None of the payments were authorized to be taken out of our account. Scott Litchfield Park, Arizona
Entity: Miami, Florida
66, Report #30242
Sep 17 2002
09:19 AM
Capital First ripoff rip-off scam liars Miami Florida
I was supposed to have 7 days of receipt of information to cancel the agreement. However, money has been taken out of my account, and now I have a negative balance. Jacquelyn Tulsa, Oklahoma
Entity: Miami, Florida
67, Report #30255
Sep 17 2002
10:40 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
This company deducted a total of $165 out of my account back in April of 2002 and never sent the card that I was promised. I have been calling them since the last part of May 2002 and each time I call I get the run around. All my calls have been documented and I need some assistance in getting my due justice. This is definately a scam ran by a rogue company! Donald Warner Robins, Georgia
Entity: Miami, Florida
68, Report #30424
Sep 18 2002
05:12 PM
first capital consumer ripoff Ontario, Canada
I'm so sorry because I can't give you much information about First Capital Consumer. My history is: 4 month ago the first capital consumers call me and they ask some information about me (included :my social security, bank account,etc) June 13 2002 they was debited my money from my bank account(PNC Scranton Branch) amount $ 219 (two hundred and nineteen dollars) and untill now they never call me, anytime I call them and I get information from answer machine. And untill now I don't now where is they address.(I don't now anything about them) I give you my identity: - my full name : Martin - amount of money debited from my account : $ 219.- - date money was debited : June 13 2002 (PNC Bank- Scranton Branch - my cities dan states is : scranton - pa - 18509 - my phone number : 570-4964388 - the company was took my money : FIRST CAPITAL CONSUMER I need your help for refund my money, I'm always remember for your kind. Thanks for your cooperation and for your help martin scranton, Pennsylvania
Entity: none, Nationwide
69, Report #30490
Sep 19 2002
09:42 AM
First Capital Benefits ripoff
I received a call from an individual at First Capital Benefits stating that I qualified for a $5000.00 credit card. He basically reveiwed all of my information on the phone without me telling him where I reside. He told me I was able to post date my check and then I was transferred to the manager for a confirmation# and recorded confirmation. The individual was very friendly and advised me not to lose the opportunity especailly if I wanted to improve my credit history. The fee for an insecured credit card was $299 and I will get my credit card 14-15 days after my check cleared. My check has cleared and as of today 9/19/2002 I have not received my credit card. Since July I have been waiting & calling and no return call or credit card. I have been calling the toll free number (800) 361-9791 and a rude lady answered the phone and told me my package has been mailed - I called again and now there is an anserwing machine message that the company is upgrading their service. I did not see the company I am complaning about in your listing but I would like to know if they are related to Capital First. Please Advice EC Elizabeth Charlotte, North Carolina
Entity: Nationwide
70, Report #30505
Sep 19 2002
12:37 PM
capital first ripoff miami Florida
this company called capital first called me about a credit card that would help me build my credit back up.after i recieved my package in the mail,i discovered that it wasn't a credit card at was a account to pull money from my bank account. i called the company back and they told me that i was going to be reimursed my $185.00 back in 10 business day.after 15 business day went passed,i called them back and they told me to leave my name and number and someone would call me back,but never did.i called back and finally talked to someone when they told me to fax my information to corporate office.corporate office called and told us that our money would be refunded to us. it has be almost 4 months now and they keep telling me that they are going to send my money back to us but they don't.someone needs to stop these people from taking advantage of other people. chris shreveport, Louisiana
Entity: miami, Florida
71, Report #37079
Dec 04 2002
03:00 AM
Capital First Benefits ripoff miami Florida
I was crazy to think someone would give me a credit card but i did.One day a lady name kim called my house and said i was approved for a visa with the credit limit of $5000 and that was in April and it is now December and im still waiting for my card anyway when she called i didnt have the money so she said that she could hold the account for as long as i needed all she needed was my account information and i told her i didnt fill right about giving out that information over the phone and that i was waiting for another credit card the next thing you know my landlord was knocking at my door saying that my check didnt clear for the rent. and i know i had the money in the bank so i called the bank and they told me what was going on, so i called first capital to get my money back and they told me once they take the money they cant put it back so i should just wait for the card. I've called them several times and they always say they'll send me another its going to take four weeks, it must have gotten lost i think i heard every excuse in the book.The next thing you know I owe the bank 1,382 and i dont have an account and my name is in the check system so i cant get another account and its going on my credit report if i didnt have the funds in the bank why did the bank give them the money and then charge me for it i tried calling the bank and they say im responsible for the money and that i need to pay them.I dont know what to do i have three children and no money i was fired from my job and know i dont know what to do. Lakisha Hartford, Connecticut
Entity: mami, Florida
72, Report #38135
Dec 13 2002
10:03 AM
I have been in contact with Capital First to get my money since August, to date I have only received promises of refund, every two weeks I call am told that it is being processed and will be refunded to my account. But since then I have not received refund, since November, the number to reach them have been disconnected. I called Hartford Auto Club ( 1-866-849-1964) who also took my money and who in the past gave me a number for Capital First, saying that they had my money. Today when I called Hartford for the number for Capital First they say they have none. Therefore if anyone out there have Capital First number, you can [contact me via this report]. The Better Business Bureau also cant get a hold of them either!! URGENT. Karen Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
73, Report #38119
Dec 13 2002
07:04 AM
Capital First ripoff Fraudulent billing Miami Florida
Fraudulent billing: and they will not return monies deducted from checking account. I received information for benefits,which included a Mastercard,and allowing me 7 days to review without my account being billed. My checking account was billed before I received the information. I called and cancelled my membership, 4 days after receiving the information. When I received my bank statement, I called their Customer Service Dept. to find out why the money was deducted and was told that I would have to write and letter requesting the refund and include a copy of my statement showing the money was deducted. I was told that it would take 30 days to process the refund. The money was deducted on 8/19/02, I cancelled on 8/25/02, wrote letter requesting refund on 9/24/02 and as of 12/12/02 have not received refund. I get only a busy signal with repeated calls to Customer Service. Lee Christian, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
74, Report #37939
Dec 11 2002
02:20 PM
On June 28,2002, my wife received a call from Capital First. A women told her that she had been approved to receive an unsecured Visa/Mastercard, however she had to pay a processing fee of $29.95. My wife thought this was a great opportunity to start rebuilding her credit becuase she was 8 months pregnant and she knew that with a newborn there might be an emergency. Once the $29.95 was drafted from the account, the company said that they would mail her an application packet to sign and return for processing. There also were charges for processing When my wife received the packet we went over the information and I knew by the way the packet was made that this was not something that we needed ;especially if we have to pay for it. There was a total of 207.00 that was automatically taken out of her account and she never received a card or refund. We've tried to make several calls and I even faxed a copy of certified mail that they should have received the application and benefit package on August 2, 2002. Now when I try to call I get a busy@ 866-892-6018 or an overflow operator says i'm sorry I don't have any account information, I will take your name and number and call you back. I have still have not received not 1 phone call from Capital First and all I want is my money back. Latoya and Michael Irving, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
75, Report #34709
Nov 09 2002
08:49 PM
Capital First credit card dishonest ripoff fraud Miami Florida
I was told that Capital First has approved me for a master card with $2,500.00 credit limit and zero APR for the life of the credit card. He told me that there is a fee of $29.95 to send out the package to me and that after I sign the contract and return to them, they will send me the credit card. He also told me that after I receive the card I have seven days trial period within which to call and cancel if I don't want to keep the card. If I decide to keep the card the will charge me a one time fee of $59.95 and an annual fee of $99.95. I asked him if these monies will be taken out of my account at the same time, he said no. That they will contact me before they debited my account. He requested for my account number which I gave him after he said they will only debit me for $29.95. Two weeks after they debited my account, I did not receive the the package. I called the customer service number given me. I talk to a Danny told me it must have been lost in the mail. He ordered another package to be mailed out to me. I got this package two weeks after and when I read the contract I found out that the card was not a credit card. I was surpose to call capital first to provide money on the card each time I want to use it. Also there was no where in the contract they mentioned the credit limit I was approved for nor the zero APR for the life of the card. I got this package on Tuesday and I called them the following day to cancel and for the refund of my money. I was still arguing with them on that when I went on line to check my account to find out the also debited me for $59.95 and $99.95. I have spoken to the customer service department of Capital First to refund my $29.95, $59.95, $99.95, plus the over draft fee I was charged because of these debits($275.00). I have spoke to someone in customer service for the last four months about my refund. After returning the package I received account #207121857. Every two weeks, I called to see when the refund was been put back in my account. For the last three days the phone number has been busy. I was told that my refund would be in my account on August 14, 2002, August 27, 2002, September 9, 2002, September 24, 2002, October 9, 2002, October 31, 2002. I have checked my bank account daily for this refund, but it is not there yet. Thanks for any assistance you can offer. Gloria Kenner, Louisiana
Entity: Miami, Florida

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