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1, Report #413121
Jan 16 2009
09:47 PM
Capital One Auto & Capital One Credit Card Capital One Auto Blank check is very misleading Richmond Internet
I filled out an application online for an auto loan through the blank check program.My husband is self employed and has been for 17 yrs.They called me and said they can't do the loan after all because they couldn't prove my husbands self employment.I said what do you mean and he said you have to be self employed at least 2yrs. to get a loan.I said my husband has been self emploed for 17yrs. He said well the system we use to prove that says he has only been self employed since last May.I said I can send you his DBA certificate it states right on there how long he's been in business.He said unfortunatly we can't except that document to faxed to us so I said I will send it certified mail he said we can't do that.I have never dealt with such a rude and mislesding company in my life. Angny LeRoy, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #400290
Dec 11 2008
11:23 AM
Capital One Auto Deceptive Plano Texas
I applied for captial one auto loan gat sent a congratsulations pre approval and was sent a blank check. I sent in required information and was sent another email saying conratsulations you have met the required stipulations and you are ready to shop. I found a car the dealer log ined and saw the apprival and filled everything out. the nex day after i had purchased the cr Capital one called and tolled me they are un able to approve me at this time and i would be sent a letter stating why in 7-10 business days. this is after i had supposedly met all there requirements according to the email they sent and the dealer foolong the directions. Bad business Anony Riverton, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
3, Report #605594
May 21 2010
05:17 AM
Capital ONe Auto Finance Capital One keeps you behind on your paymens, Internet
I tried to get a 1 month extension because I had to move to another City for my job and after I moved my transmission went out on one of our trucks.  I was told that I did not qualify because I have not made 12 payments, I asked what about emergency situations, they still said no.  I also tried to get my due date move to the first of the month since I now only get paid once a month they said not until I get caught up.  There late fees are outragous, they try to keep you behind by not helping you.  I have not had this problem with my other finance company when I explained my situation to them they offered me a two month extension so I would not fall behind, and they are not as big as Capital One, what is wrong with Capital One do they just not care about their customers, they are just out for more money by charging late fees.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #325341
Apr 11 2008
11:29 AM
Capital One - Capital One Auto Finance rip off scam Plano Texas
Do not apply for Capital One auto finance. All they do is send your information to multiple financers that all check your credit report. I had five different financers check my report which lowered my credit score after Capital One rejected my application for credit. My credit is good with no unpaid or late accounts so I don't know why I was turned down. All this miserable company does is sell their potential clients information, giving SSNs and other info that you gave them to apply for your refinancing. Beware of Capital One's scam! FedupBecky dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
5, Report #1036164
Mar 19 2013
02:23 PM
I had my windshield replaced by Capital One Auto Glass back in November of 2012. Although they did a good job, Their rebate program in which they promised a minimum of 50.00 with every windshield replacement sucks. I also think the glass is inferior because it already has some small chips from rocks on the road. I still have not received my rebate check even though I finally received an email, group email, on March 6th 2013 stating that the check had been processed and I would receive it in less than 10 days, it has been more than 10 days and even with numerous calls to them they have yet to resolve this matter. I have spoken to, left messages with phone number, and still no follow up. If you choose to use this company due to their rebate program then get in writing as best you can a certain time frame in which you will receive it. Otherwise, there are much better glass companies out there.
Entity: SCOTTSDALE, Arizona
6, Report #456910
May 30 2009
02:14 PM
Capital One Auto Finance To many carpayment in one week Minneapolis Plaino Texas
On 5-9-09 Capital One called my home, stating that I was 1/1/2 car payments back which would be 563.00, and it needs to be paid before respossession, I have not received any repossession notice, So I made the car payment of 563.00 and made arrangements for another car notice to come out on 5/27/09. Now the problem is when Capital One called on 5-9-09, I talked to that supervisor made arrangements for the notice, but informed her that I have made arrangements for my car notice to come out each month on the 17th, she infomed me that should not have been done, because of the back car-payment, So she will cancell it so that it would not come out of my account on the 17th of May and to call her on May 12, 09 so that she will made sure that it was done, she gave me her ext 6281, I called the supervisor on 5./12/09, leaving a message on her machine about the D-Pay being cancelled, When monday 5-18-09 came around I found out the she didn't cancell it and 2 car pyament came out of my husband account, 1-on 5-13-09 for 563.00 and 1- on 5-1-09 for 448.00, I called Capital One explaining the matter, they informed me that it was not Capital One mistake and they will not be refunding the 448.00 plue overdraw fees, So I done what I was told to do, but that supervisor didn't do what she was to do, so I cancelled the payment that was for 5-27-09, Now 5-30-09 I recevied a letter from Capital One stating Notice of Default and Right to cure, I called them and they was closed today. My next payment is not due until 6-2-09, My problems is they would not refunded my money for their mistake, but now they are telling me that I'm a car notice behind again HOW Denise severn, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Plaino, Texas
7, Report #143569
May 21 2005
12:47 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Forced our Insurance company to change policy Ripoff Internet
We applied for Capital One Auto Insurance online and got approved. We had them FEDEX the Blank Check with the disclosure information. We signed the check and purchased the car of our intent within their disclosed guidelines. We notified our insurance company and added the purchased vehicle to our existing policy at the $1000 deductible that we already had for our other cars and pursuant to the information listed on the disclosure which clearly stated the $1000 deductible requirement. We were also required to send Capital One proof of our insurance, which we also complied. They called and told us to change the deductible to $500. We refused and told them that the blank check disclosure, that we signed, stated $1000 deductible. We refused to oblige them because we felt we were within our rights as stated in the LOAN DISCLOSURE. Capital One then went behind our backs and changed our insurance policy to a $500 deductible. We never gave anyone our permission to do this and we feel that this is bad business practice on both the part of our insurance company(Allstate) and Capital One Auto Finance and illegal on the part of Capital One Auto Finance. We will call and change our insurance deductible back to the $1000 deductible we requested in the first place. We are however unsure as what to do about Capital One Auto Finance. We do not want to lose our car but we know that what they did was illegal and in direct conflict with thier loan disclosure required by law. Elizabeth Cordova, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #121788
Dec 08 2004
12:18 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Watch out for Repo San Diego California
I hate these guys so much I don't know what to do. It began about a year ago when I missed a payment but kept making payments after that. Months later I start getting call that I missed a payment and owe over 400 dollars. I paid half and told them I would pay the rest later and did. Somehow I never seemed to catch up. Soon I was in the collections department which sounded like phone extensions in a school lunch room. This is where the drama really began as I was introduced to the millions of reps who never knew what the person who spoke to me last said about my case, my paymwnt, or anything at all about me. Their managers are worse. Then they told me about the deferment payments, the dangling carrot they used to get more than a regular month's car payment out of me. The first letter came to me postmarked almost 10 days after I requested it, making it null and void by their admission, thus making my payment 2 months late. I got caught up and requested another deferment letter. This one came quickly but when I return it signed, they told me I had missed a payment and the deferment was again null and void. How I can miss a payment while you are sending me a letter of deferment is beyond me. Which brings another comment; you would think that after dealing with me for so long that someone in their department that handles my delinquent account would see my regular correspondence and payment and give me a break! Nope. No sympathy at all. I finally requested to be put on a no call list, as they were still calling me 10-20 times a day while I was in the middle of negotiating with them and they could not stop the automatic dialer from calling me at 8 o'clock on Sunday morning. They never gave me a deferment. I had begun talking to a lawyer to help handle them and a few others. After the last non-deferment I refused to pay that month. I owed a little over 500.00. I sent them 200 which they received on Saturday. They repoed my car from my job today, for 300 dollars. After a year of this they repoed my car. They still can't tell me when I missed a payment. Instead they send me a statement, so I can follow my account and make sense of their twisted accounting by myself. They want over 700 for my car, and over 300 for the tow. May they rot in hell. I plan on suing. Any ideas or referral for counsel is greatly appreciated. Laron Albany, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
9, Report #160280
Oct 11 2005
06:48 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Repo on Credit Report Plano Texas
Quick and to the point. My vehicle was finance by Cap 1 Auto Finance. Vehicle was stolen, found burnt to a crisp. Insurance company paid value of vehicle to Cap 1 Auto Finance. Received a letter for repo one month after payment was sent to Cap 1 Auto Finance. Sent documentation with proof of payment. Cap 1 Auto Finance put repo on my credit report even after receiving payment and proof. I'm still paying remaing balance due on account. Total loss and theft rep is rude and threating. Contacted to Cap 1 Auto Finance on removing false info off credit. I'm ready to get a lawyer to sue. Any suggested would be appreciated. Deborah Alexandria, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
10, Report #163130
Nov 02 2005
09:14 PM
Capital One Auto Financal ripoff Orland California
To Whom It May Concern, You would think they would have things together but they dont. They wont send me copy of are acct, payment history I sent all what I had and there saying I didnt send them all that money when my bank when I have all the proof I need and they call me on the phone just about every 10 min. and thats not joke. They harrass me all the time Im disabled and it doesnt do a person very good somtimes. They lie and every time I call and try to talk to a supervisor they tell me they all are and they tell me somthing different everytime and dont evan send me a bill they call me on the phone , California Orland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orland, California
11, Report #106668
Sep 02 2004
08:58 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Con Artists Ripoff Jerks Long Beach California
I have a car loan through Capital One. In an honest attempt to pay in a timely manner, I signed up for automatic bank draft. At the time the rep advised me to go ahead and send a check for my September payment because the bank draft would take 45 to 60 days to take effect. I did and to my surprise they check I mailed cleared as well as the automatic deduction on the same day!!!!! I called them to alert them of this and the fact that I can't afford to pay two car payments in one month, they assured me I would have my funds back into my account within three (3) business days which would have been a Friday. Friday, no money, and it is now almost Friday of the next week and I still have not gotten my money back into my account but yet I have gotten rude reps, insensitive, arrogant managers. If you are one day late with payment they will call, harrass and badger you 3 or 4 times a day, but for their mistake they drag their feet and tell you there is nothing they can do. That is complete and full BS!!!! I am fed up with Capital One and I am considering filing a lawsuit against them. I have a freeze on my bank account and therefore my family is more or less out in the cold all because of Capital One. I have over $300 in overdraft fees on my account, which they will agree to reimburse me for In 25-30 Days!!!!!!!!!!! Is there any attorney who will take these clowns through the ringer???? Willamena Birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
12, Report #102608
Aug 07 2004
06:43 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Questionable Refund Practices San Diego & Plano Texas California
I refinanced a Capital One Auto Loan on June 21, 2004. My credit union overpaid the amount owed to Capital One by $501.32. When I initially called Capital One Auto Finance in late June, I was told that I would receive a check refund in the mail within 30 days. After a month passed, I called and I was told that I would receive the check within 45 days. When I questioned the Account Services Representative as to why it takes such a long period of time to issue refunds, his reply was Because we issue so many refunds. He also stated that interest is not paid on these refunds that are being held. My 3rd phone call to Capital One was made on August 6, 2004, the 46th day since the loan had been satisfied. I was told by an Account Services Representative that I would receive a check within 2 weeks, approximately 2 months later. I told the Rep. that 2 weeks was unacceptable and I requested to speak with an Account Services Manager, who gave his name as Josh. Josh advised me that a refund check was issued for $34.99. Josh believed the $34.99 refund to be a mistake and stated that the correct amount would be refunded but could not give me the date when the check would be issued, nor did he know where the refunds checks were generated. On 8/7/2004 I received a check from Capital One Auto Finance post-marked 8/5/04, 45 days later, in the amount of $34.99, far less than the amount I am owed. I find Capital One Auto Finance's inability to to provide myself with accurate information regarding my refund a questionable business practice, especially if they issue as many refunds as they claim. They should be able to direct customer's to a department that designated specifically to handle refund disbursements. I find it even more disturbing that refund money being held more than 30 days does not include interest. Ivory 94703, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
13, Report #108313
Sep 14 2004
09:11 AM
Capital One Auto rip-off! Deceptive! Predatory practices! Long Beach A California
My car was stolen and not recovered. State Farm issues an offer to Capital One with a ten day deadline to accept and return documents to secure the title. Ten day period expired. Captitol one did not respond to State Farm's request in a timely manner. The settlement amount is now void and I am incurring additional daily costs. I need the cooperation of Capital one in order to purchase a replacemnt vehicle. They refuse to accept the amount as paid in full. Additionally when I financed with Capital One, Gap insurance was included. They now deny the coverage. I am in dire need of a vehicle as it is a requirement of my employment. Also I am now forced to incur the daily expense of a rental. Judith Calumet city, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach A, California
14, Report #117737
Nov 13 2004
11:02 PM
Capital One Auto Fianace disrespect for a disability and harassment Richmond Virginia
In the spring of '02, I purchased a sharp new truck. My income averaged $2300 a month, often close to $3,000, never lower than $1,900; I had full and complete confidence in my ability to make the payment, which was under $400. I had been at my job three years, during which time I had received one promotion and three raises, the last one being $1.10 hr. Also, being into bodybuilding and mountainbiking, I was healthy. I could bench press over 300 and could ride a bicycle 30 miles without stopping. I thought I had it made. Near the end of the year, I found out I had scoliosis. Severe scoliosis, excruciating pain, enough pain to send my blood pressure out of site. I missed work, and was less effective at work when I was there. I kept up the payment ontime for five months after being diagnosed. I was late in June '03, and Cap One called. Then, they were understanding, telling me that, as I had never been late before and the onset of severe scoliosis was unpredictable and unstoppable, they would work with me. For a fee, I believe around $35, I was allowed to change my due date, which let me skip a month. I was grateful. My health worsened! Considerably! I could barely walk--getting a handicapped placcard was easy when atment of Motor Vehicles saw how I moved. Medical expenses mounted: an MD for high blood pressure; a spine specialist for scoliosis, a visit to a neuroligist to see if I had any nerve damage for scoliosis; a chiropractor; a psychiatrist for stress. I got behind. Other creditors worked with me; Capital One fussed at me and demanded money. In January of '04, I became unable to perform my duties at work; I lost my job. Of course, I did get the maximum unemployment compensation the state of Tennessee allows, which is only $275 per week! In bad shape, I was only able to take temporary employment, which meant I would get behind, get caught up, get behind, get caught up... Capital One would call me up to three times a day. I have seen rebuttals in which someone would say that the debtor should answer the phone. I DID answer and talk to Capital One, each and every time. I made arrangements, and they still called me three times a day-- harassment by anyone's definition. My employment ran out in late July. For one month, I had no income at all-- except for foodstamps. I was hired for a customer service position in early September. However, the position didn't start till the end of September. Two months without income, then. Had it not been for my girlfriend and friends and family, I would not have made it. During this time, I did pay Capital One. True, it was not the full amount, but I did make payments. Three days before I was to start the job, Cap One called demanding that I get caught up within the next five days, or they would repo the truck. I was only a month ans several late fees behind, and had been further behind before, and Capital One had not threatened to repo the truck. As I said, this was in September. In August, I had gotten to where I owed less on the truck than it was worth. Hmmm! Coincedence? Once again, Cap One called three times a day, and I answered each time. One time my girlfriend answered. The Cap One rep told her that he was the one trying to help me, not her! On the next call, I told a woman that I had finally gotten a full-time job that I could do, and that I would be caught up in a month, as the job I was starting had optional overtime. She told me that if I didn't have the money by Tuesday, I should remove my belongings from the vehicle. She was exremely pompous and egotistical. Monday, I did what I had to do-- I started the process of filing chapter 13. My vehicle had developed a rattle, and I was less than 200 miles from the end of the bumper to bumper warranty, so I took it to the dealer, hoping they didn't know it was about to be repo'd. If they knew that fact, they didn't mention it. Whew! Close! (Incidentally, all the rattle turned out to be was a loose muffler bracket!) The next day, Tuesday, I was at my attorney's office when Cap One called. The woman immediately said: Do you have the money ready to send by Moneygram? No, I'm filing bankruptcy! You're what? I'm filing bankruptcy. Unless you can give us a case number and your attorney's phone number, you will lose the truck. What's the creditor number here and when will I have a case number? I heard the bitch on the other end gasp. I handed the phone to the attorney, who gave her the phone number. I feel that I was forced by Capital One into bankruptcy, as they would not give me the month I needed to get caught up. Oh...well... my interest was knocked down next to nothing, and it was, in many ways, ol' Cap One's fault. They lost money due to their own fault! Anyway, my scoliosis is improving due to a medicine and exercise change, I have moved in with my girlfriend, and I am once again making good money. Yes, by the end of October, I DID have enough money to make both the late and current payments to Cap One. But, due to the lowered bankruptcy payment, I didn't have to-- most of it was used to pay off medical bills. I have noticed that some rebuttals to debtors on here say that debtors do not know the meaning of harassment. This one does. What was the job I had lost because I had become unable to perform it? Third party collector. And when I was a collector I wasn't a jerk and I still made good money! Larry Oakland--Memphis suburb, TennesseeU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital ONE CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
15, Report #35723
Nov 19 2002
09:40 PM
Capital One Auto Finance ripoff fraud scam Long Beach California
Deceptive website advertisement ..... I have a credit card with Capital One and have not had a problem with them so I figured I would have the same luck with the auto financing program. Not So! Upon visiting their website, I found an advertising that stated that upon receiving your auto loan with COAF, you would skip one month of making a payment. I applied on this premise and was approved for the loan though the interest rate was different from what was listed on the site. I too received my statement late. Noticing that my payment due date did not reflect the skipped payment, I called and was told by a young lady that she was making the changes necessary to reflect the skipped payment and to not worry about it, she was inputting it into her computer on the spot and that my first payment would be a month later. She even made the computer sounds as if she were inputting the info! Relieved, I assumed that she was doing what she and the website advertisement had promised. Imagine my surprise when nearly a month later, I received a notice that my payment was not only late, but I was being held responsible for two payments. Again, I called COAF and was told very rudely by one of the supervisors that COAF NEVER OFFERED the skipped payment promotion and that I would have to pay the two payments by the due date or incur late charges and get a 30 day late notation put onto my credit history. I never did get the skipped payment promotion and am still a month behind, not having budgeted for this error, and am still incurring late charges due to their deception. I am currently looking to refinance my COAF loan, and am telling every one to be careful, always, ALWAYS, ask questions and unless you have it in writing from these guys, you will lose in the end. Look elsewhere for your financing. Trumillia Kansas City, Missouri
Entity: Long Beach, California
16, Report #37694
Dec 09 2002
05:45 PM
Capital One Auto Finance ripoff Long Beach California
As part of the refinance of my home I included the payoff of my auto loan with Capital 1 Auto Finance. The amount paid was $10,333.00; the payoff amount due on 11/9/02 was 10,310.64. Per the copy of the payoff check, it was deposited into Capitol 1's bank on 11/6/02. My account number is clearly printed on both the front of the check (and on the back by Capitol 1's processing unit). On 11/10/02 I contacted a customer service representative to determine if they had received my payment. I had done so daily since 11/7/02 (when the other payoffs had been received by the other companies). I was told that I needed to make a payment by phone to protect my credit rating as I would be 30 days overdue if I didn't do so BEFORE 11/15/02. I called again on 11/11/02 and was told there was no payment mentioned in my file, there was no amount of 10,333.00 on the missing list, and a letter of default had been mailed out. I made the payment by phone required on 11/12/02, in the amount of 298.15 to protect my credit standing. This amount was determined as follows: 291.20 payment + 6.95 for the CONVENIENCE of using the pay by phone feature. On 11/14/02 I received, in the mail, the Notice of default and intent to repossess. I called Capitol 1 once again on 11/15/02 and spoke to Mark in Customer Service, informing him that not only had I made the payoff, but had made an additional payment. He confirmed they received the payment of 291.20 on 11/12/02, but there was no record of the payoff made on 11/6/02 as of 11/15/02. On 11/18/02, I faxed a copy of the processed check provided to me by the Title Company that had handled my refinance, with a note requesting that my situation be addressed immediately to 1-888-722-5119. This was done at 7:30am PST. I waited 20 minutes and called 800-946-0332. I was informed by Debra, at x6229 that the check posted on 11/15/02 and there was no information supporting my claim that they had actually received the payment on 11/6/02. She instructed me to fax a copy of the check to a different number to expedite resolution of the matter. However, the fax log stated the number busy or invalid. So I called them again attempting to reach Debra, but instead was transferred to a Mr. Allen at x3442. Mr. Allen said they posted my payoff on 11/15/02 but had backdated it to 11/6/02, I again posted all required documents, via fax, to another 888 number. I complained about the letter of default, the fact that my account had not been noted when they received my payment on 11/6/02, and that the letter of default had led me to make an additional payment I would not have made if they had posted my payment correctly. He said I would have to wait 45 days for a refund of any remaining funds. I protested, and he stated they would refund the telephone payment portion directly to my account within 72 hours, due to the mistake the company had made. That was 11/18/02. On 11/20/02 he left me a voice mail to call him back, I did so and had to leave a message on his voice mail to call me back as I was unaware of what he required of me. I got no return call, but did get him on the phone on the morning of 11/21/02, at which point he informed me that they no longer had the bank account information for the refund transfer and asked for that information again. On this occasion he promised my refund by Monday, 11/25/02. On 11/21/02 I also went to the trouble of filing a complaint with the State of California, Department of Corporations. Today, 12/09/02, I received a letter dated 12/03/02. NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND INTENT TO REPOSSESS. I held this loan for about 18 months. I have NEVER been late with a payment. When I called them, once again, today I spoke with a lady named Charlie. She was very nice. She says that Mr Allen didn't post my payment till 12/04/02 and due to the computerized system the letter was sent out in error. AVOID this company! Either Capitol 1 Auto Finance is attempting to collect as much interest and fees(not due) as possible or they simply have a bad setup for payoff handling. At this point I feel it is the former, with all the references to procedure made by the representatives I have spoken to. Is there a way to persue this further? Yes, I have copies of everything! Cynthia Vacaville, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital ONE CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: Long Beach, California
17, Report #216848
Oct 20 2006
01:44 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Company ripoff illegal reposession Plano Texas
On May 15th 2006 Capitol One Auto Finance Company repoed are car on a Sunday; they just showed up and said we were months behind on our car payments. We received not one notice by mail nor did we recieve any phone calls saying we were behind on our payments. Needless to say we showed the repo people our payment stubbs and they still took the vehichle. From reading the other story about Citibank my wife and I have serious health problems. By me having to take two nitro pills for my heart, these bounty hunter and Capitol one didn't care that it about gave me a heart attack. My wife almost had to call the EMS. No matter what these a** wouldn't listen. They took our 99 Chevy Blazer anyway. In between all of this my wife's blood pressure cme close to meeting each other. I thought that we were both going to have to call EMS to take us to the hospital. Being on Sunday these gutless repo people work most of the time, I had to wait until Monday to call the lawyer. I told him what had happened and gave him some phone numbers to Capitol One to contact them about the Blazer. While waiting to hear back from the lawyer I called a representative at Capitol One to ask what the hell they were trying to do since we made all of our payments. The Capitol One Rep. just argued with me and said that's what happens when you don't make your payments. I told him i wanted to talk to his supervisor. After waiting for sometime on the phone the supervisor finally picked up the phone and treated me like I was a piece of crap under his feet. He said we would never see our f*** car again no matter what kind of lawyer we had. He ended up hanging up on me. Knowing we were in the right we made photo copies of all our payments and faxed them to Capitol One and to our attorney. The Capitol One Rep. told us that all of these payments still woudn't catch us up. These gutless people shouldn't even have a job the way they treat you on the phone. About 6 days later we received a letter in the mail stating that our Blazer was going to be taken to an auction to be sold. Whatever the car sold for we would have to pay the difference. We didn't have any idea what to do!! Meanwhile our lawyer was working on the nightmare contacting the people at Capitol One. After 14 days of Pure Hell our lawyer called and said that our Blazer was being returned to us. Capitol One made a mistake in their computer system and there was no reason for them to take the car. Of course we didn't receive an apology from Capitol One. Look at what they put my wife and I through. This could have killed us both because of their a** mistakes. Needless to say this horror story isn't over quite yet by a long shot. On the 15th day we received a phone call from the Repo People stating that our 4X4 Blazer is being returned but there is a problem with it. The wrecker service dropped the car off the lift and the front bumper was ripped off. I asked what else was screwed up and she didn't know. First of all she didn't want her name mentioned to anyone about this matter. This was the first time in a repo business that a vehicle was ever returned to a cutomer. She also stated that there was some paper work coming with the returned Blazer that i wasn't supposed to see but she would send them anyway. This woman was scared out of her wits because of the matter. She also sent pictures of our Blazer showing the damage to the vehicle on my son's computer. The day our Blazer came back to us there were numbers painted all over the windshield. How do you think we felt when all of our neighbors seen this(they aren't stupid).I was told to sign the paper work to get the car back. They told me if i didn't sign that the vehicle would be taken back. I got on the phone and called my lawyer. He told me to sign any papers i had to to get the car back. So i did what he said and signed the papers. Afer getting our Blazer back there was a lot more wrong with it than we thought. It fell 5-6 feet off a wrecker and caused numerous damages. After driving the car it didn't run the same. It seemed like a totally different car thant he one i had prior to them taking it. All the brakes sounded like metal to metal, Engine missing out and backfiring, hydrolic hoses were leaking, the front tie rods were bent, front torn off, headlight assembly all loose, windshield had two cracks in it, and numerous item missing out of our car. There is a lot more to say, but to make a long story short; we were screwed like many others from Capitol One. To this day the car still hasn't been fixed Capitol One, but some work was done out of our own pocket to be able to drive the car to at least get around town. The lawyer has sent an estament to Capitol One about the damages to the Blazer not counting the engine problems. These damages amount to appox. $1200. I received a letter from my lawyer that contained information that Capitol One sent him through e-mail. The paper are the ones that i signed to get the car back. The papers stated that Capitol One wasn't RESPONSIBLE for any damages to repossed car. I signed these papers in order to receive the car back. The repo people were in such a hurry to get out of here they wanted me to sign so they could leave. Capitol One now says that they will pay us $1200 even though they stated in their paperwork that they were not responsible for any damages to the car? It is now October 2006 and we still have a car that could stop running at anytime do to their negligence. Attorney is still working on case and we will update later on this story. See continued nightmares from Citibank story. Home taken by fraud. Robert North Manchester, IndianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital ONE CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: Plano, Texas
18, Report #456266
May 28 2009
03:20 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Repos - they screw you when they can Auburn Washington
After admitted being behind sue to medical bills and missed work. capital one was contacted and arrangements set for extensions to push the payments to the end of the contract. Dealing with stupidvisors, all of a sudden this couldnt be done for one reason for another. A week later we get a rights to cure document stating the amount owed due within 20 days. 7 days later, out in the driveway is no vehicle.....again contacted capital one and as has happened to others, wanted us to contact repo place. repo place wanted money to get our belongings out of the vehicle as well. ok so still time to catch up and get the vehicle back right? WRONG...along comes another letter stating the vehicle can be your for the low low price of....the REMAINDER OF THE LOAN!!!, to of course be paid immediately. Walter Auburn, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
19, Report #412222
Jan 14 2009
08:29 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Total Harrassment and Completely Rude Plano Texas
I have had a loan with Capital One Auto Finance since 2005. We have been current and on time with all payments up untill now due to an accident which has left me completely disable and unable to work. Became disabled in April Of 2007. We have been able to keep up with our payment up until recently. We are 16 days late. We called Capital One Auto Finance prior to being late with our payment to let them know that we were going to be late and asked if there was anything they could do to help us. We asked for a defferrement and were denied. They said we needed to be delinquet in our payment first before they would help us. Feeling like I had never heard anything mor ridiculous before in my life I called again and talked with a different CSR to verify what I was told. YES you have to be late first before they will concider helping you. Well let me tell you on the second day of them not receiving their on time payment they called and called and called. They have called me everyday 10x a day. The calls start at 8:30 am and go until 8:30 pm. Even when you call them and tell them of your curcumstances they don't care and they do nothing to help. spoke with a manager today and asked again for a deferrement and was denied. Asked if we could re- negotiate our contract for a lower interest rate and was told no. They do not refinance their own loans. He proceeded to tell me how irresponsible I was ( yeah, I totally asked to be in an accident and loose my ability to work,pay my bills and provide for my family) what the hell. I have never hated a company so much in my life. I cant believe how any of this is legal. The rudeness and harrassment has to stop. Yes I'm responsible for making the payments, but things happen in peoples lives that come unexpectedly and drastically effect life. There should be help of some sort out there to help out people who have had an EXTREEM life changing occurence. I also informed the manager that I would be filing a complaint with the BBB and he said he didn't care and then hung up the phone. Capital One Auto Finance is a ruthless, cruel and Unsimpathetic Company which should be removed from doing business. They have very poor business practice. Cbarnes Utica, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
20, Report #746670
Jun 28 2011
06:40 PM
Capital One Auto Key Bank Note Sold After Loan Paid Internet
I financed a vehicle in 2002 through Key Bank. In 2005 I paid the note off early with a $5700 final payment. Thinking everything was fine I proceeded on driving the vehicle and did not notice until 2010 that I did not recieve a lien release I totally forgot about it. I was ready to trade the vehicle in and needed the release. I contacted Key Bank and was told they could not help me. I told them the title showes they have a lien on it and I needed it released. They said they sold all notes to CapitalOne auto and I should contact them. I tried many times and had no luck, no one there seemed to be able to tell me anything. Several months went by and I began looking at vehicles, during this time a dealer ran my credit and said I had a charge off and they could not finance me. I ran my credit and sure enough there was a charge off for the exact amount I paid to Key Bank as a final payment on my vehicle, as a matter of fact the final payment shows up on my credit report under key bank with a notation afterward that the not was sold. I contacted CapitalOne and they demanded I pay. They stated they had been trying to reposses the vehicle for a long time but could not find me. Seemed odd as my current info is on my credit report. Anyway after speaking with over a dozen people I had one that wanted me to send the info on my final payment and a copy of my credit report so I did. After several weeks I head nothing and started calling them again, and again I was told the same send the paperwork, again, I did then again nothing. I called again and no one would or could tell me anything. A few months later I get a offer in the mail to settle this for 3/4 of the total. I called again and still nothing. I guess I will drive this thing forever and sell it to a junk yard when it quits. CapitalOne and Key Bank are of no help, and refuse to give me anything in writing of the sold note I paid off before it was sold.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #309107
Feb 15 2008
08:24 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Place Customer in Jeopardy of Committing Crime Plano Texas
On January 21 I applied for a Capital One Auto Finance Loan through the blank check program. With a high credit score, I was pre approved for $47,000, however, I only wanted up to $17,000. They overnighted a blank check with the words No Stipulations written above the check. I went down to the dealer and picked out my vehicle. The dealer stated that since the check had no stipulations on the type of vehicle, it would go through. However, to be sure, I called the 1800 number printed above the check and reported that I was planning to use it for the year, make and model of the vehicle I had chosen. I received verbally what was written near the check - that the blank check is approved for any make and model without stipulation. The dealer and I completed the transaction following the directions on the check which included listing Capital One Auto Finance as a leinholder on the title. Two days later, a caller to me from Capital One Auto Finance reported that they would not fund the check because of the year, make and model of the vehicle. I quickly ran to the bank and got the $$ out of my savings account to cover the HOT Check that I had written to the dealer. The dealership was as stunned as I was that Capital One had placed my life in legal jeopardy. When I received the title, Capital One Auto Finance was listed as a leinholder. It took me several hours of phone calls to finally be forwarded to the right department to have a release of lein sent my way. As of 4 days since the request, I have yet to receive the letter. Their incredibly deceitful and unethical business practices will still cost me additional time when the letter is received and I have to send it for a clean title. I have reported to Capital One Auto Finance that their actions must be stopped to keep people who don't have cash in the bank from ending up in jail. They have told me that all they are doing is legal and in compliance with the laws. It should be illegal and I have made complaints to the BBB and the Texas Credit Commissioner, to no avail. Capital One Auto Finance should not be allowed to continue their program! Roy Waller, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
22, Report #332588
May 15 2008
04:15 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Houston Texas
The company finally sent me the title. They claimed that they had received the payment ten day after my bank had shown it cashed. Just another example of a large company abusing any loop-hole they can find in order to screw with the consumer. Jrsessums Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
23, Report #182106
Mar 19 2006
05:18 PM
Capital One Auto Finance unethical collection practices, lying representatives Plano Texas
Due to a layoff, I got behind on my truck payment. I was paying but was about only able to make payments about every 45 days. By this month (March) I had reached 60 days past due but was beginning to get some work. When the account was about to be 80 days I made an arrangement with someone who claimed to be a manager named Gustavo. The arrangement was that if I would pay $815 (two payments - December and January) that he would defer the February payment and I would be due for March 24. I agreed and made the payment by moneygram on March 16th. On March 18 I received a collection call stating that not only was I past due for February but that I had to pay $200 additional in late fees. When I explained the arrangement the collector confirmed that the notes were on the account and that he would take care of it On March 19 the calls continued, each time I explained the situation just as I did with the first call. Finally I was told by someone supposedly named Frances that the deferral had been canceled and that I am past due. The only conclusion to which I can come is that Capital One Auto Finance collection representatives are both dishonest and incompitent. B Albertville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
24, Report #262063
Jul 20 2007
10:10 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Non Responsive but love to harass you. Plano Texas
I have repeatedly sent information to Capital One Auto Finance showing that may car payments are not behind. They keep calling my daughters cell phone from 8am until 9pm M-Sun. They have talked to my son about my account. There is no other name on the loan but mine. When I write to them they do not respond. They do not answer any questions or requests. But yet they love to harass. If you question then their customer service reps lie and act like you are bothering them. It is really frustrating. Now they are calling my parents house telling them they can't help me unless I call them. Well if they would open their mail they might be surprised to find that they have two payments they have not posted. Ever since Capital One bought my loan I have had nothing but trouble. They have charged me late fees from the start. Even though they admitted it was their fault and said they would fix the problem. They took 5 MONTHS to get my title. Then the CSR had the nerve to lie and say things like that was mailed out on this date at this time. When they hadn't even sent the title out yet. Finally when I told them I would not make another payment until they got my title they sent it. Of course, then they started harassing me and saying I was late on my payment. Get it right. Check your mail and stop harassing me April Helena, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
25, Report #263191
Jul 25 2007
05:29 PM
Capital One Auto Finance ripoff Deceptive Refinance Loan Wilmington Ohio
On July 6th, 2007 I refinanced my car loan with Capital One. The Loan and Security Agreement stated that they would refinance me for $7515.00 at 11.95%. with 36 payments of $249.01. That was what I agreed to and I sent them the signed contract papers. The amount I owe to Toyota Financial is $5217.88. Without notifying me, Capital One only financed that amount. I was expecting a check for the balance in the amount agreed upon. I applied for the loan through Lending Tree that stated that the loan amount could not be less than $7500.00. Capital One never asked me what the amount was that I owed Toyota Financial. This is the paragraph that they read off to me denying me a way out of their contract. In the contract that I signed there is a claus that states: Please note that these amounts are based on the information you provided what you owed your current lienholder. If the amount to pay off the lienholder differs from what you told us, and, as a result, the amounts differ by more than 5% from the estimates, you will be notified by phone before the agreement is processed and given a chance to decline the adjusted terms. They will not let me out of the contract stating that it is only if the amount is higher than 5% that they will notify me. That is not what the above statement says. I had to refinance my loan again to pay off Capital One. Capital One stated they mailed the check to Toyota on July 13, 2007. As of today Toyota, still has not received it. They told me it would take 10 days, today they said it would take 20 days. This has caused me a hardship with my other creditors and a great deal of aggravation. Wells Fargo cannot pay off Capital One until they pay off Toyota. Wells Fargo is going to refinance me for up to $14,000.00. Capital One is going to charge me extra now because when I got the payoff they said it was good for 7 days. I believe they delay the payment so that they can get the extra charges knowing that customers are going to re-financed after being deceived. The amount they financed is $5236.49 at 11.9500% with a finace charge of $1016.35 for a total of $6252.64. 36 payments of $173.69. I would have never agreed to these terms. John Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Ohio

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