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26, Report #47037
Feb 26 2003
09:53 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Unfair Collection Practices dirty SOB's Richmond Virginia
In the world of auto finace, if the deal seems to good to be true than it probably is! I refinaced my car with Capital One Auto Finance, they did lower my rate by a couple of points and hence lowered my monthly payments a few bucks a month, however you get what you pay for. Due to the current economic times I was unemployed for about 6 months, I called all my creditors and asked for some temporary assistance. All my creditors helped out with payment plans, payment deferrments and lowwer interest, that is all but Capital One Auto Finance. They basically told me we don't care, we'll just repo your car.... try getting a job with no transportation. Well, I borrowed some cash to keep up the payments but I am currently one (1) month behind. Capital One Auto Finance calls my home EVERY DAY! They call at 8am, noon, 6pm and 9pm almost every day. They call early on Sat and Sun mornings. They have woken my family including my small kids at night, in the mornings and at nap time. I even told them to stop calling on the weekends and after 7pm, they told me tough, pay your bills A lower rate is not worth the trouble if it comes with the harrassment. The new name for theis company should be Capital One Auto Harrassment. My advise to everyone out there, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do business with Capital One Auto Finance. Brian Clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
27, Report #152475
Aug 04 2005
09:22 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Horrible Cutomer Service; Rude; Un-Professional Plano Texas
I have made regular and on time payments for 3 1/2 yrs. to capital one auto finance. I fell behind on my payments a few months ago and decided to apply for a home equity loan to pay off the entire account balance. It has taken me longer to secure the loan than I thought, but I will be getting the loan tomorrow and paying off capital one. In the past 3 months I have had to endure the MOST rude, hostile, aggressive and unprofessional company that I have ever had to deal with. Not a single person I have spoke to at capital one has expressed any sort of CUSTOMER SERVICE skills, including people who identify themselves as supervisors. This leads me to believe that this is not only tolerated, but taught as thier standard practice. On a few occasions, I complained about the lack of customer service and was told that I was not speaking with customer service, they were calling from collections. They see customer service as a department or a noun. I am in sales and always treat customer service as a verb. If I treated my clients like capital one treats me, I would be out of business. I have been called a liar, treatened, and hung up on. In one of the responses I read in another complaint about capital one, the person refered to the fact that people with bad credit get loans with capital one and in effect this is punishment for our bad credit. Well I say that paying 15.99% interest is enough of a penalty, and think the horrible customer service practices are inexcusable. When calling into capital one, the message welcomes people from Key Bank. I suggest that all of you who have had your accounts transfered, RUN as fast as you can to get alternate financing. I for one will be happy to write a pay-off check tomorrow and never have to deal with this poor example of a business again. Dan Leland, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
28, Report #347221
Jul 03 2008
01:07 PM
Capital One Auto Finance refuses any arbitration Richmond Virginia
Capital One Auto finance refuses or finds ways to avoid arbitration. I filed with the American Arbitrtion Association case # 75 420 511 06 based in California they stated they were a world wide servive. California is a English common law state so I presented them a Notarized Apostilled contract they instantly dismissed or sidestepped the issue. I attempted to apply for a new auto loan back in march my credit score was 678 ;however, Saturn of Puyallup indicated Capital One states they were not paid I presented the saleman with the ertified Return receipt with money order showing when they caseh the car payment I also showed the salesman the statement showing the paymets were u todate ??? I than went to Art Gamblin Motors and they basically said the same thing this time the salesman could not contact Capitl One when trying to get payoff information they keep saying the car is in debt collections eventhough they sign certified rturn receipts and validated cashed money orders. The have been partly been responsible for damaging crdit while refusing arbitraton whther it i National arbitration American arbitration Mr. Hurricane Panama, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
29, Report #1132492
Mar 21 2014
01:33 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Terrible company Plano Texas
Terrible company. I totaled my car in June. Insurance and Gap paid and the title was released in July 2013. December 2013 I apply for a mortgage and $113 delinquent account for Capital One appeared on my report. Shows that the account was closed in July 2013....then they reported that I was delinquent on my account for 7 months and then paid it. The first I heard of the $113 was when they called me in December threatening to put this on my credit. I had no idea and immediately paid the $$. Unfortunately that dropped my score by 100 points because it looks like i was delinquent for 7 months on an auto loan....they didn't bother to show the amount of $113 on the report or show that the title was released in July>>>>What company releases a title to a vehicle that isn't paid off??????NOBODY DOES THAT........ NOW THEY WILL NOT ADMIT THAT THEY SCREWED UP!!!!!!!I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN.
Entity: Plano, Texas
30, Report #1334275
Oct 20 2016
06:41 PM
Capital one auto finance Has my lively hood in limbo NASHVILLE Nationwide
 I was financed by capital one 2yrs. ago I've never made a late payment & overly bought insurance (great customer.) I total my vehicle & now my job my home & life is on the line waiting for capital one to process a check from my insurance. Oh & then get started on gap then a recourse letter. I've found a replacement that I can't get financed because on the books I appear upside down (negative equity) when I'm actually not...... They're claiming to not have received the check from my insurance which was mailed out 8 days ago (to their p.o. box) & can't do anything to help me. They refused to send me the letter of Guarantee (until I fussed) or any documents for up to five days. I truly thought we had a rapport & hoped capital one would fund a new loan for me but would rather go elsewhere (even if it costs more) as capital one has been difficult throughout this procedure.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #302384
Jan 22 2008
02:10 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Capital One Auto Finance refuses to goto Arbitration Plano Texas
on 12/07/2007 via UPS 2nd Day mail Capital One stated they refuse to goto any arbitration of any kind. I filed arbitration in accordance with the FAA act of 1921 with the National Arbitration forum based in Minnesota file# MX0711002018527 . I filed arbitration for the following reasons 1). Capital One Auto Finance stated the car was in debt collections even though I sent Certified Return receipts having them sign for every car payment which was 205.35 at 19.99 percent my credit score has been stuck between 650 - 659 for the past 3 years the rate should have been 10.178 percent according to the Fair Issac score which I paid 16.00 to find out. I have been paying on my car for 24 months. The contract is Notarized Apostilled. The length of the contract is 36 months 2). Capital One Auto Finance states that Onyx is a sub division of Capital One had I known that I would have walked out. 3). 2 months ago when I sent them the Certified Return receipt the Return number did not match the Certified number 4). I have asked capital One Auto Finance to come to Arbitration four times they either refuse or do not respond through National Arbitration Forum and American Arbitration association based in california English common law state see usury laws 5). If I buy a New or used car I am requesting that Capital One divisions sub-divisions are not permitted because they are unfair in their dealings 6).Texas where they reside is a English Common law state (see usury laws) 7). I made a 1500.00 Inititial down payment on the car 8). the contract has Tacoma Auto Center listed as the holder The Registration is under Onyx The Car Payment is made out to Capital One Auto Finance The other material is made out to WFS Financial Mr. University Place, WashingtonU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Plano, Texas
32, Report #302385
Jan 22 2008
02:11 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Capital One Auto Finance refuses to goto Arbitration Plano Texas
on 12/07/2007 via UPS 2nd Day mail Capital One stated they refuse to goto any arbitration of any kind. I filed arbitration in accordance with the FAA act of 1921 with the National Arbitration forum based in Minnesota file# MX0711002018527 . I filed arbitration for the following reasons 1). Capital One Auto Finance stated the car was in debt collections even though I sent Certified Return receipts having them sign for every car payment which was 205.35 at 19.99 percent my credit score has been stuck between 650 - 659 for the past 3 years the rate should have been 10.178 percent according to the Fair Issac score which I paid 16.00 to find out. I have been paying on my car for 24 months. The contract is Notarized Apostilled. The length of the contract is 36 months 2). Capital One Auto Finance states that Onyx is a sub division of Capital One had I known that I would have walked out. 3). 2 months ago when I sent them the Certified Return receipt the Return number did not match the Certified number 4). I have asked capital One Auto Finance to come to Arbitration four times they either refuse or do not respond through National Arbitration Forum and American Arbitration association based in california English common law state see usury laws 5). If I buy a New or used car I am requesting that Capital One divisions sub-divisions are not permitted because they are unfair in their dealings 6).Texas where they reside is a English Common law state (see usury laws) 7). I made a 1500.00 Inititial down payment on the car 8). the contract has Tacoma Auto Center listed as the holder The Registration is under Onyx The Car Payment is made out to Capital One Auto Finance The other material is made out to WFS Financial Mr. darkcloud University Place, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
33, Report #277485
Oct 06 2007
04:22 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Capital One Auto Finance Collection Practices & phone harassment solution Plano Texas
I have just started to deal with COAF collections after missing one payment. I am not disputing the amount owed. I am disputing the collections and phone harassment that is happening. The rep told me he would call 50 times a day if he wanted to. After calls back to talk with a manager, they still state they will call every day until a payment is made - I have even given them a date I can make the payment on. They told me I can sell stuff from my house, have a garage sale or beg for the money to make the payment sooner to stop the calls. Now that's ridiculous. I even stated if this really is the way it's going to happen (yes I have a long story too about why I have fell on hard times-but I won't get into that) than just come pick up the car. They went on to say after they do and have added money to it for pick up etc; they will be calling again for the balance. All I have done is asking to work with me; I can make the payment on a certain day final. So after the fourth call today, I went to the COAF web site to look for information to call someone else at this company to try to resolve and found under Corporate Governance - a number for a third party for concerns or complaints about Capital One' accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters and that it can be submitted anonymously and confidentially via the Capital One EthicsLine at (866) 785-9735. The representative was committed to take information and fill out the report while on the telephone (up to 10 mins needed) well worth it if this helps with collection practices and yes phone harassment practices (again not disputing amount owned) disputing the above. I did give all my personal contact information to see where it leads. Check out the Corporate Governance page and make a report. It will make a difference if we all do. Douglas State of, VermontU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
34, Report #294385
Dec 25 2007
10:50 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Capital One Claims I Am Behind One Payment That I am NOT! Plano Texas
My husband purchased a 2005 Chevy Silverado in the fall of 2004 with an auto loan from out then bank Hibernia National Bank. In December of the following year Hibernia sent out skip a payment coupons to all customers who were in good standing. Basically it was a break from your car payment at Christmas with only intrest to accrue for that month. Capital One purchased Hibernia National Bank sometime in 2006 (??) and transferred the auto loans to Capital One Auto Finance in 2007. In August I began to receive letters about a skipped payment. I went to the branch to try to clear it up-I had all payment coupon recipets where the payments had been made at the bank branch. After sitting for nearly 2 hours with a personal banker-I was told that the best thing they could figure out is that my Christmas offer to skip a payment from several years ago was being considered a skipped payment and penalties were applying. The branch was unable to do anything to help. Capital One began calling my house daily. Each day I would explain what happened. Each day my account was being turned over to Special Ops. Or that the Hibernia accounts were not completely transferred over yet,etc.etc. After 3 months,more phone calls than I can count with special ops, unanswered e-mails to Capital One and Capital One calling my home as many as 13 times daily I finally received a call from a human in Special Ops. The call came to my cell phone while I was at work. The person left his name and number with extension. Not surprisingly the number does not work, the extensions is non existent and not one person who answers at the 1-877 line can connect me to this person. I was finally forced to take a loan on my home equity line of credit and pay the extra payment to avoid the harrassment of the phone calls. Also, now the penalty and late fees for every single month after my complimentary skipped Hibernia payment are added to the remainder of the loan. I was told in no uncertain terms by the personel at COAF that it was not Capital Ones policy to let anyone skip a payment and even though they purchased Hibernia and their contracts it does not appear that they must abide by guidelines of the contracts they purchased. Denene Prairieville, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
35, Report #460773
Jun 11 2009
01:45 PM
Capital One Auto Finance - Capital One representative ruined my credit by not expaining consequences of payment arrangement! Plano Texas
In February of 2009, I could only pay a partial payment on my car loan due to unemployment. I offered to pay $350.00 and then pay the remaining $247.66 within 2 weeks. The representative that I was discussing this with offered something better she said. She offered to take the remaining balance of $247.66 and split it out amoungst the next four months so that it wouldn't be a burden trying to come up w/ the full amount. I said okay that works and I paid every single agreement payment in full and on time. Just last week I decided to look at my credit report since it had been awhile and I was working really hard to keep my score up. I was sincerely surprised to see that my Capital One Auto Finance account showed 30 days late each month since Feb 2009! I called Capital One thinking that surely there was a mistake since I had a payment arrangement w/ them. They then explained that the split up payments were applied as a full payment to the late month first and then the remaining was applied to the current month therefore since the remaining payment was short it made the current month late. First of all, why didn't the rep tell me this at the time of setting this up. I would then have the option to deny the offer and pay the $247.66 as soon as possible and sustained only one 30 day late notification?? This was very unfair to me as a consumer and my credit is now under a 500 score because of it! And, I should mention that there were times when Cap One sent me whatever the original partial payment outstanding balance was and I called each time to see if I should pay it and was told everytime not to worry about it because I had payment arrangements. Never did they tell me that my credit would be affected as it was. Shelia Henderson, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
36, Report #369280
Sep 03 2008
08:34 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Capital One got my payments but did not post them to my account. Plano Texas
I made 2 payments to Capital One Auto that they have but, they have not posted them to my account. The first one was and ACH bank draft on 8/1 and the second was a Money Gram wire on 8/15. They have called me numerous time threatening to repo my car. I have contacted my bank several times - I and my bank have supplied all of the proof documentation. I have supplied the refernce number for the Money Gram. And, when I call and talk to Capital One they look it up and say yes, it is pending and the account# & amount are right. So, why is it not posted to my account? They just keep telling me we are researching it...this has been going on for about 3 weeks. I was already dealing with them over the ACH when I made the Money Gram payment (which is why I did it that way...they said Money Gram would post immediately)...well, here it is 2 weeks later and it still is not posted. They called this morning and the girl told me the tracing number from my bank for the ACH is for an NSF so they do not have the money - I should contact my bank. So, I called my bank once again. The lady at the bank said no, the info I gave them is for a cleared apyment to them on 8/1. I told her I don't know what else to do at this point - I am afraid they will come get my car - and it is their error not mine. Anyway, the lady at the bank said she would call them again herself and see if she could get anything straightened out. She said she thinks they are just giving me a run-around and cheating me out of my money...because they definitely got the payment (what they did with it is the question). So, I called back the lady at the repo dept of Capital One and told her what was going on. She said she didn't understand the problem and she read the notes from the other lady (the one that handles payment processing) about the payment being NSF. But, then she looked at an eamil that has been going around about this and she said it says right on there the ck was NSF on 7/28 and sent back in 7/30 as ACH which cleared on 8/1. So, why won't they post it to my account? I don't know what to do? But, I know I will NEVER use Capital One again and I make sure to tell everybody I know not to use them. Terry Justin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
37, Report #594351
Apr 18 2010
11:56 AM
Capital One Auto Finance - Capital One Capital One Bank Harrassing telephone calls, refusal to stop calling, and rudeness City of Industry , California
I started receiving telephone calls from Capital One Auto Finance, which was evidently due to my mother's negligence to make her loan payments on time. During the first call I received, I told the young lady (her name was Julie) that I would be happy to relay the message to my mother, but that she did not live with me and that we have not lived in the same household for over ten years. I also asked her if she had the correct number for my mother and stated it just in case. She said that, yes, she did have that number in her records. When I asked her why she was calling me, she said that it was because my mother had put me down as a reference. At that point, I asked her to please not call my home again looking for my mother because she did not live at this address. I further explained that I have a new baby here that is easily awakened. I asked her if they had a do not call policy and to put me on it. When I got off the phone with Julie, I placed a call to my mom and left a message on her machine to let her know that I didn't appreciate getting phone calls from Capital One and that she needed to contact them immediately. I fulfilled my promise to give her the message. Two hours later, I received another telephone call from a guy named Tom from Capital One Auto and I very nicely told him the same thing, except I also mentioned to him that I had called my mother's home and left her a message to call Capital One when she got home from work because they were calling me looking for her. I also told him that I had asked NOT to be called again. At that point, he laughed at me and proceeded to tell me that he could call me as many times as he wanted to and then hung up on me! I got three more telephone calls from Capital One Auto within the next hour and a from a cell phone. When my fiance came home from work, I was beyond irate. He told me to calm down and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner to get it off of my mind. That's exactly what we did, but when we came home, there were a total of seven more telephone calls from Capital One Auto. That makes a total of 11 telephone calls in one day! Now, even if I was the person who was responsible for this debt, eleven calls in a day is blatant harassment. Not only that, but I asked two individuals on two seperate occasions that day to please put me on their do not call list and not to call my home again. By the eleventh telephone call, I told the guy on the phone that I was hiring an attorney and that I had documented each and every telephone call that I'd received that day and that there would most definitely be repurcussions for their blatant disregard for my rights. He hung up on me. In closing, if ANYONE else has had similar experiences, please post here. This company has no right to disrupt innocent peoples' lives this way and I intend to see to it that they are severely punished for their actions. The more documentation we can get together, the better. By the way, I've hired an attorney to deal with Capital One Bank in the past, due to them charging me for their mistakes. It is possible to fight the big credit card companies.
Entity: City of Industry, California
38, Report #750596
Jul 08 2011
10:11 AM
Capital one credit card and auto loan ripoff City of Industry, California
Capital one is a rip off. They do not help their clients in any situation. I had credit protection on my credit card, my son passed away, I lost my husband to another woman, and got laid off from my job, due to budget cuts. They would not work with me, nor would they let me use the credit protection that I had had on the card since I received it. After a year they took me to court for the balance tripled what I owed and continue to charge me interest and fees on top of the balance. They take $400 a month out of my paycheck, leaving me, a single mom with 1100.00 a month to live on. Which they would not consider even lowering it $100.00.  Unfortunatly they have my auto loan too. and They put me on a hardship and continue to charge full interest and late fees on top of the balance. I have been paying 7 years for my car and still owe $7000.00 because of it.
Entity: City of Industry, California
39, Report #39238
Dec 26 2002
11:05 PM
Capital One Auto Finance AKA AKA Capital One Ripoff Deceptive company charges outlandish late fees Slow prossessing victimized many consumers tricked and lied to us Plano Texas
i am writing this for my daughter who has been ripped off by the above mentioned company. she purchased an automobile from wyler's auto group in springfield, ohio on december 21, 2001. her first payment was not due until january 21, 2002. she had made payments on the loan to the above mentioned company on time until an unexpected problem arose and she fell behind in one payment. when circumstances changed she sent them a money order for the payment that she fell behind on, by overnight mail. the way the records show on the next bills from this company that payment had never been credited to the account. she contacted capitol one auto finance and explained that she had sent the payment and would send a payment every month and try to get the account current. the person she talked to agreed to this arrangement. she did not hear from capitol one concerning her account and she continuing to send in payments on her account. on tuesday, december 10 without any warning they had sent a recovery service to repo the vehicle. capitol one claims that she is 5 payments behind and we have cancelled checks that the received in payment as well as money order stubs to prove that there was more payments made than the company had recorded on the account. and there had just been a payment sent by next day mail on thursday, december 5 on this account and i know it cleared the bank as i contacted the bank to check on it. so somewhere along the line they lost the payments made or credited them to someone else's account. with the money orders and checks that we have and what they say she is behind would make it sound like she has had the car for 15 months and she would not have even had the car a year until december 21. i am sure she is not the only one who has had this very same thing happen to her and she probably won't be that last but this is just to make the public aware of the kind of dealings that this business does and how they will rip you off. Jennifer Urbana, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
40, Report #382926
Oct 20 2008
11:31 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Don't have truck! Don't have title! Capitalone Auto still wants me to pay my loan!! Plano Texas
I bought a truck on May 17th, 2007 from a local dealership. The gentleman that traded the truck in had a lien. The dealership did not attempt to pay that loan off until november 2007. The dealership sent the payoff check to the lien holder. The check did not clear. Before the check cleared the lien holder released the lien and the title was sent to the previous owner. The gentleman that traded the truck in came and took the truck from me on march 17th, 2008. I filed a police report with the local sherriff's department. They had to contact the common wealth attorney(Jonathan Lynn), because he held the title to the truck. Jonathan lynn stated that because he holds the title to the truck there was no cirminal intent involved and it would have to be settled in cival court to decide who is the rightful owner. Even worse the dealership that i bought the truck from filed bankruptcy in Jan 2008. I had no idea that any of this was going on. As soon as this happened i notified CapOne. They said they would look into the situation and my case would be sent to the dealer risk group. I have yet the hear anything about this matter. I have my records where i wrote down every time I called and who i talked too. I have called over 75 TIMES!! Left over 30 messages and spoke with numerous incompetent reps that could not tell me a single thing! In the mean time they are calling me and asking me for payment. I told them I was not going to pay for a truck that I do not have. It eventually went to collections. NCO called me and told me i had to pay $23,000 in full or the truck would be repossesed. I told them to take the truck. He put me on hold for about 15 mins. When he came back he told me they could not take the truck because the actual title had not been transfered into my name and their name. He still told me that I have to pay the loan off. I told him that he has lost his mind. I'm not going to pay for a truck that i DO NOT have. Even better, if i were to pay the loan off he said they would not be able to provide me a VALID TITLE in my name. Another thing i don't understand is they told me there is NO NUMBER to the dealer risk group. How is that? I spoke with a lady in the legal recourse department and she said she would e-mail to them again! This is the 12th e-mail that has been sent to them and still no remedy to this situation!!! I do not feel that I should be held liable for this when i am the middle man and two different parties did not hold up to there end of the deal (dealership i bought the truck from and CapitalOne). Capital One is a JOKE and nobody should EVER do business with them!! As of right now with what i have payed Cap1, insurance, pp tax and loan payoff I'm out about $32,000. Seth Warrenton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
41, Report #743131
Jun 20 2011
04:16 PM
CAPITAL ONE AUTO FINANCE Auto Repo'd, Paid Past Due Balance Including Two Months in Advance and Would Not Release Car. Plano, Texas
Purchased a new car at the dealership back in 11/2006. Due to financial hardship I did miss two months of payments which put me 60 days past due, which was actually 40 days past due, bottom line, I do admit I was late and my fault. Therefore, the car was picked up late in the evening while we were asleep. Called local Law Enforcement, assuming the car was stolen, the Officer informed me the vehicle was repo'd and needed to call the finance company(COAF).  Called COAF and asked them what do I need to do get the vehicle returned to me. They instructed me that I needed to pay the past due balance of two months and another two months in advance.  I did exactly as instructed and paid the past due balance and the two months in advance, showing good faith. Called the wrecking company that impounded my vehicle and asked them what would they need from me to pick up the car since I settled my financial issues with COAF. All I get in return from one of the employee is nasty response stating that I have should have made my payments on time so I went off on him stating that was no way to treat people which angered him even more making the statement Do Not F***ing tell me how to treat people and I will personally see to it that I will never get my car back, between and the cursing and insults I was able to get the address to pick up car. What he did next was unbelievable, he called COAF immediately and made the statement that I threaten him, which I did not do. COAF called me stating that will not release the vehicle because there was an issue with the wrecking company because he was in fear of his life, for what I did not know. Called back COAF and persuaded them if I had Law Enforcement Officer at the location would the car be released and they agreed. Showed up with the Officer waited over 45 mins and the attendent at the wrecking company said the bank will not release the vehicle. Called COAF immediately stated, that they would not release the car pending on an investigation, What Investigation????Two months passed and finally got a call from COAF wanting a car payment. I commented, A Payment, are you kidding me, I do not even have the car. I told them give me my car back and I will make the payment that is due. They told me, the car was sold at auction and cannot return the vehicle back to me. I concluded to by telling them I am not going to make a payment for something I do not have in my possession.Been going back and forth with this issue for nearly four years with a black eye on my credit report owing 12k. Do Not Do Business with Capital One Auto Finance they are a rip off.
Entity: Plano, Texas
42, Report #331847
May 10 2008
10:55 AM
Capital One Auto Finance Accepted pay off and still repossessed auto!! Long Beach California
Capital one told me it was not necessary to have a physical address to send send pay-off. therefor pay off was sent overnight to po box-was signed for the following morning and that SAME night-car was repossessed. Now we have to come up with about 1000.00 more dollars to get car back!!!! AND because it is a Saturday and bank is closed it will have to wait until next week!! Capital one does not hols responsibility for any damage to the car if there is any!! They tried to say that they did not sign for the parcel it was someone at the post office..... Now i am out more money..nd dont have a car. I guess they dont think it is important to log in and credit accounts on Friday mornings!!! Losers! Gwen Canyon, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
43, Report #233031
Jan 27 2007
01:49 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Failure to adhere to auto debit agreement resulting in additional interest fines and fees Ripoff Plano Texas
Per my agreement with capital one I am assessed a lower interest rate for my auto loan by agreeing to regular monthly auto debits. Capital one started my loan before the actual loan date. I had to request correction, and refund of fees assessed to interest which should have gone toward principle. Then they closed my account with my knowledge opened a new one and lost my auto debit info. Upon discovering that no debit to my account had been made I called capital One. They make additionl money in interest when this occurs. For several months now I have gone back and forth between them losing my info, and requesting a back dated payment to correct the erroneous application of fees, and then they also assess you a fine to make your payment over the phone. I have spent countless hours sending certified letters, phone calls, faxes, alwasy with the promise that the account will be corrected and updated. As of this last month they withdrew from my account twice for different amounts. According to my bank any company with access to your account can make several debits by changing the dollar amount. I suspect that capital one has an electronic system that catches clients that are paying down their principle rapidly as I have, and then drops them from the system. Their response to double billing me was that I simply did not have to pay the following month (of course, this would give them 60 days instead of 30 days of assessed interest on my next payment), or file a dispute with my bank. Nevermind the financial hardship, which could result in default on other loans since they stole my money and wont refund or correct the error. According to my bank consumers have no protection against this practice. And to date C1 has taken more due in interest and applied less toward my prinicple. They even claimed to have lost a $2000 princ payment, fortunately my bank had records! I will never do business with them again. They be put out of business. Anna belmont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Plane, Texas
44, Report #450622
May 11 2009
09:49 AM
Capital One Auto Finance/ Ascention Capital I have tried for over 6 months to make my car payments to ascention capital, I do not have any coupoons or receipt info to send in, so I always have to call. Arlington Texas
I have tried for over 6 months to make my payment s to this group called Ascention Capital, handling Capital One bankrupcy accounts. I finally gave up and sent an email telling them to just come and pick up the car. I quit trying to do what is right. I have no loan coupons so i can only call them too make a payment-I leave a message and they call back maybe in 1 or 2 days. They leave a message telling me to call them back, I am done. They can have the car. I am 64 years old. I have always had good credit till I lost my job and fell on hard times. This company is a nightmare. No one should have to go through through this just to make car payments. Lacie645 Novi, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Arlington, Texas
45, Report #73595
Dec 01 2003
12:00 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Moving additional principal payments to someone else's account Plano Texas
I was an auto loan customer of People First (a very happy customer, I might add) when my loan was assumed by Capital One Auto Finance at the end of August. I have been living a nightmare ever since. I have always made additional payments to my auto loan in an attempt to pay it off early. But with Capital One, they applied each monthly payment, then reversed the payment in the next day or two, and the payment was applied to someone else's account. Each month the payment has been moved to the same person's account. In additional to numerous phone calls (including a conference call that my bank initiated to try to assist), I have Fed Ex'd letters to complain. After two + months, they have finally moved the payments to my account. But they did not backdate the payments nor did they apply it to my principal balance (as instructed). As soon as I get this matter somewhere close to resolved, I am moving this account to a reputable company. DO NOT USE CAPITAL ONE AUTO FINANCE. T San Francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
46, Report #56898
May 14 2003
10:03 AM
Entity: LONG BEACH, California
47, Report #56944
May 14 2003
03:14 PM
Capital One Auto Finance Reeked havoc on my checking account by double dipping! Long Beach California
The mentioned company took a double payment for my auto loan out of my checking account. When I contacted them I was told it was their error and the money would be repaid as well as any fees occurring to my checking account within 48 hours after faxing them the evidence from my bank that this indeed did happen. I complied. After 5 days the money was not repaid. After contacting them 2 more times, I was told each time they were investigating the situation, after I had already faxed them the proof they requested, and the funds would be in my account within 48 hours. Meanwhile, a number of checks bounced creating insufficient funds fees on my checking account for over $600. On the fourth time I contacted them I was told the situation was investigated and it was all my fault and they would not repay the insufficient funds fees, however, they would refund the second of the two payments within 48 hours. By the way it took approximately three weeks to get that payment back into my account. I requested a copy of the investigation and was told they would not comply I was to take their word it as it was my fault. I have documentation that it was not my fault via bank statements, the double payment was posted the same day. They state I posted the payment on two different dates. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy. Kandy Knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
48, Report #122200
Dec 10 2004
11:41 AM
Capital One Auto Finance rip-off! Terrible unresponsive customer service! San Diego California
My problems with Capital One Auto Finance border on the unbeliveable. My husband and I bought a used Nissan Altima in 2000. When the dealership registered our car I had noticed that they had misspelled my name and they said that it was easily correctible. What I didn't notice is that they had put a close, but incorrect driver's license number on it as well! Shortly after purchasing the car, I discovered I was pregnant and when I started reducing my time at work in my last trimester, we were having trouble paying on time. Often we had to make a double payment one month to make up for the month before. Then Sept 11 happened. It was supposed to be my first day back from maternity and luckily my babysitter was unavailable and I wasn't able to go in that day. (I commute through the World Trade Center). After 9/11, NYC was virtually closed for 2 weeks, so I didn't return to work until the beginning of October. Also no one wanted to come here, so my husband, who worked at a trendy restaurant in Times Square was reduced to 20 hours a week, which not only redcued our income, but caused us to lose our health coverage. This caused us considerable financial problems. We filed for bankruptcy in Dec 2001 mostly in order to prevent repossesion of the car, and cover outstanding medical bills. I was pulled over in a routine stop in March of 2002. The cop told me both the licence and registration for my car had been suspended, but my license was clean. They impounded the car. I went to court and got the charges thrown out, but to get my car back I needed to re-register it with the correct DL number. DMV told me in order to prove that I was indeed authorized to register it in my name, they needed a letter from this company stating that I was. I called the company, they asked me for proof, which I faxed them and they said they would get back to me. After numerous follow-up calls and refaxing of the information, I was basically told don't call us - we'll call you. In May 2002 I received notice from the police department that they had sold my car. Because we no longer had the car, we decided not to go through with the bankruptcy. I never heard another word about it, never received a bill until a year later in 2003, when they started calling me looking for payment or they were going to repossess the car. I laughed and recounted the story. I refaxed my proof and the customer service rep apologized and said they would charge it off. Do you know that my credit is now ruined because of this? It is showing that I have an outstanding loan in the amount of around ~$10,000 and I can't even get a store account in my name, much less a car or house. I didn't mind making payments through the bankruptcy court to save my car, but I certainly wasn't going to continue paying for a car I no longer had--especially when it was their fault I lost the car, due to their inept and lousy service. A simple one page letter would have made all the difference but that was too much trouble for them. Whether this problem was due to company policy or to one employee dropping the ball, I don't know--all I know is, that I am still paying today for their mistake. Shannon Jersey City, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
49, Report #100052
Jul 22 2004
09:10 AM
Capital One Auto Finance has fraudulent billing and poor service! Incorrect Processing and they take no responsibiltiy. Rip-off! Plano Texas
I submitted check #1101 via mail to Capital One Auto Finance on 6/14. The check was encoded wrong (per my bank Washington Mutual) and submitted in the amount of over $14,000. I called Cap One on 6/23; they said that there was no record of ANY check for any amount of money and that my payment was late. They said it was my bank's error. I had a conference call with my bank and Cap One confirming that this occurred and that my bank account was charged $22 for insufficient funds. Cap One would not credit me. Cap One called me on 6/24 to ask where my payment was, and I explained the situation. They stated that I had to make a check-by-phone payment to keep my account in good standing; I made a payment for ANOTHER $300 to prevent this from going on my credit report (Check # 1104). I went to my bank on 6/24 and was told that my check, #1101,was cashed on 6/23 in the amount of $300; it was re-submitted due to the initial encoding error for the wrong amount.I put a stop-payment on the telephone check (#1104 for $300) because my bank account was already charged the $300 from Capital One Auto. Finally, Capital One said they submitted my payment to the wrong account. They credited the duplicate payment back and offered no apology. I was told there is no policy to compensate the customer. I then set-up payments to be automatically withdrawn to avoid another issue, and was told by Capital one on 7/19 that it would not go into effect until August, so I made my payment over the phone to keep my account in good standing. This month I got 2 payments taken out by Capital One AGAIN. They are not taking responsibility and will not credit my account without me going through another process to get the credit. They will also not offer me any deductions in my interest rate or compensation for my troubles. This is not right. I have fulfilled my end of the contract, and they have wasted my time and money. I am now forced to pay $310 each month instead of my payment of $298 because of the Stop Payment I made. Melanie San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
50, Report #90706
May 08 2004
06:38 PM
Capital One Auto Financing ripoff payoff amount never changed in over 1 year although payments were received Long Beach California
Due to financial difficulties I filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in February 2003. My car had been repossessed; however, because of the bankruptcy I was able to get it back. I was advised to continue making my regular payments to the same address where I had been sending them. Any past due amount was a part of the payment plan of my bankruptcy. I attempted to trade in my car (early 2004) to get rid of Capital One Auto Financing since they had been very difficult to deal with during our time of financial distress. When I asked for payoff, I was told it was a little higher than it was when I filed the bankruptcy. I asked where my payments went because I had been sending them to the Long Beach, CA address as usual. The guy on the phone said he did see where payments were received and he couldn't tell me why the balance never changed. Then on May 5, 2004, a deputy appeared at my place of employment with a Warrant in Detinue that stated if I had a dispute, I must appear at the hearing....the hearing date: April 5, 2004!! A month earlier!! The amount showed owing: the same as it was for the past year! I want to know what exactly happened to my 14 payments!! Is someone embezzling in the company or is someone just plain stupid?! I would not advise anyone to use this company...I refinanced because of the offer and it only saved me about $70 per month. I assure you I will NEVER do business with Captial One Auto Finance or Capital One anything ever again!! Kathryn Spotsylvania, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California

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