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1, Report #684194
Jan 18 2011
09:03 PM RipOFF Internet
Was looking for some HID lights for my vehicle and found during my google searches. This product was advertised as high quality German made products, but when I got them, there were no labels on the ballasts or markings of any kind to identify the manufacturer. Ordered the product and received it in a reasonable amount of time.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #684197
Jan 18 2011
09:09 PM SCAMS Internet
Was looking for some HID lights for my vehicle and found during my google searches. This product was advertised as high quality German made products, but when I got them, there were no labels on the ballasts or markings of any kind to identify the manufacturer. Ordered the product and received it in a reasonable amount of time. I tested the product as soon as I received it and this is when the problem started. One on the ballasts for the product was bad out of the box. I tried emailing them to get a new one shipped, but no answer to 5 or 6 emails. Then I tried calling their number, which has not answered over about 10 calls in a month. The number just rings a couple of times, clicks and hangs up.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #817416
Jan 03 2012
02:46 PM
Xtreme audio & accessories orders wrong parts and still making customers pay! Dalton, Georgia
I went to Xtreme wanting to buy a lift for my truck thinking since they put lifts on they'll know exactly what i need. They ordered a $400.00 lift for me and it was free shipping to be sent to them. Well when i got the lift and put it on my tires were sitting side ways and i had to take it back off and put it back factory. I took the lift back and told them it was the wrong lift, so he looked it up a realized it was the wrong one he ordered and tried to blame me for ordering the wrong lift and told me if i wanted my money back i would have to pay shipping to send it back. So we argued a little and he told me i didnt know what i was doing and made me pay for shipping cause thats the only way i was getting any money back. So i paid shipping and got back around $300.00 They're the worst car accessories place in Dalton for sure and im not the only one they have done this to. They will never get buisiness from me ever again.
Entity: Dalton, Georgia
4, Report #937741
Sep 06 2012
07:34 PM Mislabeled Part, Internet
I ordered an ECT sensor from them, what arrived was not an ECT sensor. It took two phone calls, and a lot of arguing, to get them to accept a return. During the first phone call, I asked to speak to a manager, and the lady handed me some BS, the manager was very busy and couldn't talk on the phone but had just enough free time to confirm that my return would be denied. The second time I called, a new lady repeatedly tried to blame me for ordering the wrong part, she even went on to list the reasons why my return would be denied. Finally, she agreed to accept my return, but they will not cover any costs of shipping. At the end of the day, if they ever actually give me a refund, I'm going to lose 15$ in shipping for a 30$ part. In Summary, Their Argument: -The part they sent was the part that was in the picture -I did wait longer than 30 days to return My argument:  -The part was mislabeled; the box, the confirmation email, and the name of the part ALL say ECT Sensor (it isn't). -Yes, I did wait more than 30 days, but so what? I actually 'trusted' them (I know, I'm an idiot right?) -I didn't know what the part looked like until after I took my car apart and it didn't fit, and they were very polite in not caring at all about wasting hours of my time.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #1311389
Jun 14 2016
03:40 PM
Zeno auto parts New jersey
 Bought an engine of them . Worst mistake of my life . Had been waiting for 3 weeks , each day i would call and everyday was a diffrent excuse . Finally i canceled my order i have and still am fighting with them everyday to give me my money back . An know they have been ignoring my phone calls
6, Report #1219108
Mar 30 2015
08:36 AM WRONG PARTS SENT Internet Internet
This company sent the wrong parts and tried to say it was my fault for ordering the wrong parts when I double and triple checked that they were for a mercury cougar and what I got was for a toyota carolla which I have never owned such car. I even checked with the person in the chat platform to make sure that the parts where all for my mercury car and she assured me they were correct. When the parts arrived they are marked for a toyota carolla, not my mercury. I have now spent two days, four and a half hours and spoken to 12 different people who are not in the US of A and still do not have anything resolved. They said I can return the parts but at MY cost. That is absurd that I should pay to return items I already paid to have shipped and they are not the correct parts.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #312531
Feb 27 2008
10:54 AM
Car Parts Whole Sale .Com Buyer Beware Internet
My car was recently damaged in an accident and to replace the parts through a dealer was going to come to an outrageous cost. So I went online to buy a driver side mirror for my car. I purchased it for it said that is was compatiable for a 00-05 Eclispe. However when I tried to install it on my car it would not fit. I called to company to ask for a replacement because they had obvisely made a mistake in sending it but they told me that the mirror was not ment for a coupe or convertaible eclispe (which are the only to modles that they come in). I tried explaining this to the representivite who put me on hold for several minutes to double check my facts. When she finally got back to me she would not tell me what her check of the facts revealed except that they had no parts to fit my car and that they would pull this item from being listed as one that would. She then told me I would have to pay shipping and handeling to return it and that it would be close to a month or more before i would recieve any part of a refund for the part. In all they were very unhelpful and seem to have a lot of trouble with placing the correct parts with the correct car from how the representative sounded about this experiance to me. I would not recomend buy any parts from this comapny. Carrie t Lansing, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #2288
May 19 2000
12:00 AM
Z-Max didn't improve my car
I purchased Z-Max from a television show on Jan. of 2000. Z-Max claimed to improve your cars gas milage and make your car run better. It did no such thing, so I wasted around $50. The only good thing that came out of it was I have free towing. It comes with the package and that is usually more than $50. Don't buy into Z-Max! It's up to you! Just take care of your car the old fashion way. Service it!
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1181963
Oct 09 2014
12:56 PM
CarAutoCovers Car Cover Company Anaheim California
Do not use this company. Misleading advertising. They advertise that their covers are made in America, but the tag on the cover has a foreign stamp on label that appears cut off. Must be made in China. I can never get through to their 24 hour phone line. I did some research and found their BBB pages with an F rating. I wish I saw this before I made my purchase:
Entity: Internet
10, Report #282745
Nov 03 2007
02:16 PM
FBody Motorsports Car parts & accessories Charlotte North Carolina
I ordered some car parts for my Camaro from this company to send to me in Australia. It looks like they are rip off merchants. Stu AdelaideAustralia
Entity: Charlotte, North Carolina
11, Report #252251
Jun 04 2007
03:49 PM
Autopartsgiant Ripoff Artists and Super Cons Internet
I bought a part on 5-9-07. my account debited on the 11th, no part or reply to many E-mails and phone calls. Richard Hartford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #145049
Jun 04 2005
09:47 AM
Bear Paws Offroad Accessories, Sleeping Bear RV ripoff scam Jeep Auto Accessories Lander Wyoming
Summary: Paid Bear Paws Offroad Accessories $388.00 via PayPal on Feb 11/12th. After months, and numerous lies (including promises that merchandise was sent multiple times, that refund was sent multiple times) no merchandise, and no refund. Sequence of events (all dates in 2005): February 11th Went to Bear Paws Offroad Accessories, and placed an order for the Deluxe Rocker Guard w/ Step for $279.00, paying $329.00 via PayPal immediately . Received the following e-mail: ----- Original Message ----- From: xxxxxxx To: xxxxxxxx Sent: Saturday, February 12, 2005 12:08 AM Subject: Re: Notification of Payment Received {name}, I need your phone number. {name} at Bear Paws Off Road. I received your order today, need to call you when I ship the Rocker Guards and need to know what type of Jeep. {name} ----------------------------- Transaction details sent w/ payment: Description: Shopping Cart -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: This is for a 2004.5 Jeep Unlimited. I am interested in the additional frame mount as well, and will forward another payment if you'll let me know how much more with additional shipping. Let me know how much. These are perfect, I've been looking for something like this for a while. Thanks! Transaction details sent w/ payment on February 11th: Total Amount: -$329.00 USD Date: Feb. 11, 2005 Time: 16:38:54 PST Status: Completed February 12th I came home to find that I had received a couple of calls from {name}, and I called him back and we had a pleasent chat. Phone records: Outgoing Feb 12, 2005 03:56 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:29:00 Incoming Feb 12, 2005 03:51 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 Feb 12, 2005 01:13 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 I was interested in the optional frame mount and he indicated that the frame mount would be an additional $29.00. I indicated that I would send additional amount that day. Sent additional $29.00 via PayPal (transaction ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) with a note for {name} to let me know if there was anything I needed to send for additional shipping. Received a call from {name}, who told me that he would need another thirty dollars for shipping. Went back to PayPal and sent $30.00 (transaction ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). Transaction details sent w/ payments on February 12th: Total Amount: $29.00 USD Date: Feb. 12, 2005 Time: 09:27:55 PST Status: Completed Total Amount: -$30.00 USD Date: Feb. 12, 2005 Time: 14:46:07 PST Status: Completed Subject: Additional shipping on frame mount Note: Thanks, {name}. It was nice talking w/ you During the chat, he informed me that he'd be happy to coat the rocker guards w/ a bedliner, and we discussed options. I spent a couple of days thinking about what I wanted, and I sent the following e-mail the next day... February 13th ----- Original Message ----- From: xxxxxx To: xxxxxxx Sent: Sunday, February 13, 2005 5:15 PM Subject: Re: Rocker guards Hi {name}, I was talking to a friend of mine locally, and he's set up to do powder coating. Go ahead and just send them without painting, and I'll have my friend do them. Thanks ----------------------------- February 14th Received the following... ----- Original Message ----- From: To: {name} Watson Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005 12:33 PM Subject: Re: Rocker guards {name}, I will primer the Rocker Guards prior to shipping. Thanks {name} February 22nd {name} called, and he let me know my rocker guards were done and would be sent out on Friday of that week, the 25th. He said that he would call after shipping with a tracking number, and that it would take about a week. Again, we had a pleasent chat about Jeep stuff. Phone records: Incoming Feb 22, 2005 09:23 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:37:00 I didn't receive a call on Friday, which was no big deal. I was confident he'd get back to me when he could with a tracking number. I came home the evening of March 2nd to find that he called a couple of times on caller ID, no message. I called him the next day from my cell phone, and left a message. March 2nd Phone records: Incoming Mar 02, 2005 10:07 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 Mar 02, 2005 08:29 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 March 15th {name} called back over a week later, apologizing that the rocker guards had not gone out. He explained that he had gone to the shipping company for another reason, and saw the rocker guards sitting on the dock. He told me he was angry about there incompetence and again apologized. He told me that he had a friend going to Florida, and that his friend would drop it off on the way. I assured him that it was no big deal. I was told that I would have it by end of the month. We talked a few minutes about his upcoming Moab trip, and I still (naively) expected no problems. I was going out-of-town for a week on business, and fully expected to have them there by the time I got back. Phone records: Incoming Mar 15, 2005 09:15 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:08:00 April 4th I got back from my business trip, and no rocker guards. A few days go by, and still nothing nor have I heard from {name} about the rocker guards. I decide to send an e-mail... April 8th ----- Original Message ----- From: xxxxxx To: xxxxxxxxxx Sent: Friday, April 08, 2005 12:23 AM Subject: Re: Rocker guards {name}, I haven't received the rocker guards yet. Any word on when they might arrive? Thanks April 11th I come home on the 11th, and see on caller ID that {name} had called (no voicemail) Phone records: Incoming Apr 11, 2005 09:26 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 I call him back the next day... Phone records: Outgoing Apr 12, 2005 06:00 PM 16362279374 13073325159 00:01:00 no answer Apr 14, 2005 08:43 PM 16362279374 13073325159 00:05:00 By this time, I'm frustrated. We have a brief conversation and he apologizes and indicates that his employee was supposed to take the rocker guards. When he got back from Moab, his employee told him that he spoke to me and that I told this employee of {name}'s that I didn't want the rocker guards and that I wanted my money back. Needless to say, I didn't talk to anyone about the rocker guards, and I certainly didn't tell them that I wanted my money back. {name} said that after my previous e-mail it was clear his employee was lying, and that he had fired him. He tells me that there was a lot of confusion because his best friend was killed on the way to Moab. I express my condolences. After hearing all of this, I'm getting a little weirded out by the whole affair but assure {name} that I'm just interested in getting the rocker guards as soon as possible. He indicates he will send them out the following week. Again, I was out of town the following week on business, and came back to no rocker guards or tracking information. I left another e-mail, and got a reply... April 24th ----- Original Message ----- From: xxxxx To: xxxxx Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2005 10:31 AM Subject: Re: Rocker guards sent Friday, The shipping companies computer was down will have tracking number tomorrow. {name} ----- Original Message ----- From: xxxxx To: xxxxx Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2005 1:22 AM Subject: Fw: Rocker guards {name}, I just got back from Ohio on business, and still no rocker guards. Have they been sent? ------------------------------ No tracking information was sent. Another week goes by with no package and no information. It's obvious (even to a trusting numbskull like myself) that these guards haven't been sent. My only hope at this point is that he did send them, as the PayPal 45-day protection plan has expired. {name} seems like a nice enough guy so I'm hoping at this point that he's just really disorganized and that they were sent. I send another e-mail... April 28th ----- Original Message ----- From: xxxxxx To: xxxxxx Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 9:02 PM Subject: Re: Rocker guards Do you have an ETA on when the shipment will arrive, or tracking information? ----------------------------- April 29th I come home from my son's baseball practice and see on caller ID that {name} had called (and left no message) Phone record: Incoming Apr 30, 2005 11:28 AM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 May 3rd I call {name} and and leave a short message indicating that I haven't received the rocker guards and will require my money back. I also send an e-mail saying the same. Phone record: Outgoing May 03, 2005 04:09 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 May 4th No reply from {name}, so I call again and talk to {name} briefly. I inform him that I require a refund, and he says that he got my e-mail and mailed a refund that morning, and I should receive it by Monday (the 9th). I thank him and the conversation ends. Phone record: Outgoing May 04, 2005 08:34 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 May 10th I come home to see that the check still hasn't been received as of the 10th. I call and leave a message w/ the woman who answered the phone to have {name} call me back. He calls me back a couple of hours later and tells me to give it a couple of days, that the check will be there by Thursday. Phone record: Outgoing May 10, 2005 04:01 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 Incoming May 10, 2005 05:51 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 Thursday comes and goes, and nothing. On Friday, I again call and leave a message that the refund has not been received and to have {name} call me back. No reply. May 13th Phone record: Outgoing May 13, 2005 03:44 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:01:00 May 14th Saturday comes around and still no call or e-mail from {name}. Nothing in the Saturday mail, it's obvious he's lied to me again. I call and leave a message on the answering machine. I get a call from {name}'s wife who saw my number on caller ID, I tell her who I am and she puts {name} on the phone. {name} promises to put another check in the mail. I tell him that I'm going to need a tracking number, and he indicates that he'll get this done today via certified mail and get a tracking number to me. Unfortunately I think he's lying to me again because there isn't a mail depot open after noon on a Saturday. Phone record: Incoming: May 14, 2005 03:53 PM 1xxxxxxxxxx 1xxxxxxxxxx 00:03:00 June 4th No refund. Filed reports w/ Dept of Justice online scam website, Better Business Bureau, and Martin Ellisville, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Lander, Wyoming
13, Report #213846
Oct 02 2006
04:56 PM
I placed an order with on Aug.5 2006,On aug. 6 2006 they confirmed the order. On the following dates of Aug. 7 & 8 emails were sent to me , Stating problems with my order first -they did not have in stock THROTTLE BODY SPACER Part # c301001002 $89.28,and i could wait on backorder . I said no on the backorder and refund my Credit card. On Aug.8 2006 another e-mail stating another item not in stock #A76970025 Grill Insert Price $168.57 they did not have in stock,could wait on backorder, Once again i said no to backorder. They assured me each time I would receive credit for each item. I have called multiable times 1-800-859-0923 and have asked about my refund ? each time approx.5 times ,I have been told its being taken care of.On sept.9 2006 i called again now this is over a month with no credit, I asked again I was told i would be put on high priority (oooh !)and an e-mail would be sent to me. Guess what? No e-mail! I have called 3 times and still no credit or response! Today oct.02 2006 I called again asking whats up? I was told they would check into it-I asked is there a Phone number? I was told the credit department doesn't have a phone number or an email address. But that they would make me a HIGH PRIORITY once again.But if i'm not satisfied i can write them at ALLOEM PARTS,INC. 92 YOUNGS RD. HAMILTON,NJ. 06819 But could not tell me WHO or WHAT DEPT. I am writing to. I am out $257.85 PLEASE HELP ME. Stuart Somewhere in, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: HAMILTON, New Jersey
14, Report #120209
Nov 29 2004
04:24 AM ripoff Internet
I ordered oil and fuel filters from this company and decided to cancel the order. I have yet to receive a refund. i've written numerous emails to there so-called customer service dept. and not even a reply. I ask for a phone # and i got this instead. Dear Customer; We no longer have a phone. We used to have a toll free number on the top of every page on our website, but no one ever called, while we received a large amount of emails each day. We realized that our customers are internet savvy and prefer email over the phone, so we got rid of the toll free number and we expended our online customer service. Feel free to email us all your questions regarding your order. Regards, We no longer have a phone? How absurd is that? Buyers beware! Eric apo, New YorkUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
15, Report #105701
Aug 27 2004
10:08 AM
Audobahn Rip-off! Audobahn California
Ordered a bumper from Audobahn and they sent the wrong one. Called them and the said that they had the right one. So they came and picked old one and said for me to wait for a week for the new one. Waited for 1 month! Called them back and they said the guy who was holding my case quit. I told them that I was tried of waiting for my parts and I wanted my money back. He said that he would figure it out and call me back. He called me back and said that he could not refund my money he because of shipping charges that they had to pay for. Which is not my fault that they sent the wrong one in the first place and I even paid for that shipping for the first one that was wrong. I talked to the manager and he told me the same thing and that he could not do anything either. I was tried of fitting with them and just gave up on the whole thing. I am only 21 and when happened I just got out of high school seeing what the real world was like and even I know that is not the way to treat a customer. The total cost that I lost was 263 dollars which is a lot of money for a kid straight out of high school. So if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Daryl monks corner, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: California
16, Report #15644
Mar 03 2002
12:00 AM
17, Report #44517
Feb 07 2003
10:41 AM rip-off Miami Florida
Yo! i bought some rims from these A-holes and they got everything wrong just beware. They are rude and inconsistant when making promises. I bought some 20inch rims and them shits started flaking .....i paid close to 2K for them. I still have not heard from them. To hell with them and their biz LL Fool J Just- Us, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
18, Report #50325
Mar 24 2003
10:00 AM jerks Miami florida
i bought 18in chrome wheels from wheelmax that cost $2000 and they peeled. the jerks at wheelmax are ignoring my attempts to resolve this James Elkton, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #492270
Sep 09 2009
12:27 PM Brakeplanet sucks!!!! Internet
Brakeplanet sucks. I had ordered two front brake pads and rotors on April 9th. the total charge was for $84.48. I received an email the next day from Brakeplanet saying that my parts were out of stock/back stock and it would be 2-3 weeks before I could get them. I called and cancelled my order. On April 28th, Brakeplanet notified me by email saying that my parts were going to be delivered by UPS/FEDX. I called them that day and explained that I cancelled the order. The woman, who refused to identify herself, that they had no record of me cancelling the order and that there was nothing that they could about the order. After getting nowhere with Brakeplanet, I called my former bank WAMU/Chase and filed a claim against Brakeplanet. The parts came a week later, and my mother refused to sign for it. Brakeplanet got their parts back in May, it is now September and I have no refund. I have called on several different occasions from Aug 13th-28th, and Sept 1. Everytime, I get put on hold or disconneted; or some lame ass excuse like our account department is very busy...i'm sure that they will call you back.. I have spoken to Jennifer and Anne (who says she is the Customer Service Manager). BTW, Chase/WAMU denied my claim saying that I did not have sufficient evidence against Brakeplanet. So with being out $84.48 from Brakeplanet and then get overdrafted by WAMU/Chase...I'm out $129.65.
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #380141
Oct 10 2008
01:44 PM Tacoma Washington
Just a 8.99 dollor fan with a $2.00 roll of wire and a fake ecm chip Anthony k GEORGE TOWNCayman Islands
Entity: Tacoma, Washington
21, Report #835411
Feb 07 2012
01:48 PM
Canadapartsonline False Advertising, Scam, Beware, Internet
My wife bought some auto accessories for our truck from this company.  3 weeks later they didn't arrive.  Contrary to what this company advertises, they are NON CANADIAN, they are NOT IN CANADA.  They are a US based website, with no address on their website and a toll free number that goes to a call center in India.  They seem to have low prices on the outside, but beware that these prices are in US dollars.  Furthermore they charge outrageous shipping charges. On top of that, they put a lower customs value on the packages than the package is actually worth, causing problems at the border, like it happened for us, and additional fees at the time of delivery for broker fees and taxes and custom fees because of the falsified customs forms form this company.  We finally got our package 5 weeks after we ordered it, but it cost us another 35% at the time of deliver than we actually paid on the website.  Plus, now if we want to return something we have to ship to the USA, pay all shipping and export fees.   Stay away from this SCAM Website and buy Canadian from the legit Canadian websites out there.  
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #721538
Apr 24 2011
05:23 PM
Whatever you do, do not purchase from this company!  Everyone else here is exactly correct in what this company does to you. I ordered a plate and 4 weeks went by and i did not receive anything.  I contacted them to let them know and i got this email-Subject-CR8APL8 Poor whomever. You sat and flipped your calandar day by day by day. Tuesday, April 5, 2011 1:25 AM From: <> Poor sole. Life must be so bad that flipping pages or making an X on a calendar is the best you can do? Well we can tell you that we receive 300 - 700 orders a day. Without an Invoice ID number, we wouldn't know who you are. If you'll kindly send us the Invoice 5 digit number, we'd be glad to tell you where it is. Thank you, Paul So i sent the invoice number and got this back- Subject:we do get 300 - 700 orders a day and manage to get them out (In the email was a bogus picture of a screenshot saying my product was shipped.) Date plate was mailed. Soooooooo, either it came and you could try to find it. Or, best case, it'll show up in tomorrows mail. John At this point, i did some research and found out this guys name is George Ades that owns this company (out of his garage).  I believe he just changes the name on the email to make it look like a larger company than what it really is. I let a week go by and contact them and tell them still nothing and would like a tracking number. They reply: Subject: NO single tracking no. batch tracking confirms delivery to city I tell them this is not good enough.  I file a dispute with my CC company.  All of a sudden i geth this: Subject:We don't want you disappointed. We'll send another one out. I finally get it a week later (6 weeks now).  When i get it, it is not what i ordered.  His website states .30 guage plates and what i got was a cheap plastic plate (close to the quality of styrofoam). I am now sending an email to let them know that the plate is complete crap and I would never pay for something this poor.  I cant believe I waited all this time and dealt with such a cocky business owner.  I have never had an experiance like this and hope you ALL avoid this ahole. AWFUL QUALITY, AWFUL PEOPLE WHO LIE!  I GUESS I SHOULD BE HAPPY I AT LEAST RECEIVED SOMETHING!
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #683649
Jan 17 2011
02:50 PM SCAMS, FRAUDS Internet
Was looking for some HID lights for my vehicle and found HIDNATION.COM during my google searches. This product was advertised as high quality German made products, but when I got them, there were no labels on the ballasts or markings of any kind to identify the manufacturer. Ordered the product and received it in a reasonable amount of time. I tested the product as soon as I received it and this is when the problem started. One on the ballasts for the product was bad out of the box. I tried emailing them to get a new one shipped, but no answer to 5 or 6 emails. Then I tried calling their 888 number, which has not answered over about 10 calls in a month. The number just rings a couple of times, clicks and hangs up. This transaction was disputed through told me to ship the product back after several days of attempting contacting them through paypal. The only contact I got back from them was when I disputed the transaction on paypal. I shipped the product back to them and sent copies of the documents that arrived with the product. I will note that I paid an additional fee for the lifetime warranty. Still have not received a replacement ballast, nor have had any contact from HIDNATION
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #851543
Mar 09 2012
08:55 PM
Prestone Rebate Rip-Off, Internet
Like others who have reported on here, I submitted a mail-in rebate for two gallons of Prestone anti-freeze, which was the enticement in having purchased this brand. I received a notification by mail that the receipt didn't show a date on it, therefore, no rebate. Ridiculous, I thought- and dug it up again, copied it again and sent it in again. I have heard nothing back since; it's been two months. I feel Prestone is scamming people with these asinine mail-in rebates. If you're going to provide a rebate, do it IMMEDIATELY. I'll never again fall for one of these mail-in scams. Shame on you, Prestone. I'm also filing a complaint with the FTC.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #929313
Aug 18 2012
10:27 PM
Topcleaners Buypowercleaner Website review SCAMMING- activities Internet
Firstly, there is a new development which I must warn you about. I have stopped advising people to use Buypowercleaner several months ago because of a change in their policy. They have stopped treating Americans as customers and instead use them as cash-cows. This is a great pity as they were a reputable GBL retailer in their early days. Understandably these shoppers got angry and some of them alerted the D.E.A, who started an investigation into the people behind Buypowercleaner. According to my sources, those identified as being behind this particular site are, Jan Veldman, Anne-Henk van den Bergs and Anne-W. Jan Veldman can be viewed as the spokesman of Buypowercleaner as both his partners seem to hide behind him, letting him speak for them. The domain got too hot, (click here) and these 3 men are now continuing their scamming activities on a new domain: Topcleaners. Due to the fact this top-level domain is for sale. With this knowledge in mind, it is clear their intention is simply to temporarily use it for scamming people.
Entity: , Internet

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