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1, Report #1212270
Feb 27 2015
07:25 PM
Carchex - Crooks DO NOT BUY FROM CARCHEX! Palm Beach FL Nationwide
I usually do not write reviews or complaints, I believe that Karma is the best solution in bad business situations that will correct it self out in “get bad in - get bad out” sort of matter. Nevertheless, this is is one of those instances where one has to stand up and say something.   I have purchased the extended car warranty from Carchex. Before my current warranty expired I did some research and it sounded like I found a good deal. I am the kind of customer that would rather pay a bit more to get exceptional service then pay less and receive average. In this case the price wasn’t cheap but wasn’t expensive compared to the other companies when it came to package deals - 3 years, 4800 miles covered, and just over $6000.  I have to mention that I have an Audi S5 2009, which is a German sport oriented coupe, that I take to certified dealer for the repairs. There I have a certified car advisor that knows the history of my vehicle repairs and takes a great care of me as a valued customer. Granted, this costs pretty penny, but, that’s why I have purchased an extended warranty with the cost of just over $6000. Further more I have been customizing cars for over 10 years now. Therefore one could say that I am not a typical customer that knows nothing of mechanical works.  Right, as I was, before purchasing the warranty I have contacted the Carchex and spoke to their rep. Then let my car advisor speak to them describing the car history and what we would need from the car warranty. The other words we were thorough when it came to coverage and what’s being covered.  After the phone call all was determined and compared to the in house dealer warranty by me and my advisor, which turned out to have the same attributes in the package yet was $2000 higher in the price. Making our selection simple - Carchex and their the second from the top package, that Carchex rep just described to us on the phone. In the description of the package Carchex rep assured us that all mentioned by my car advisor mechanical issues will be taken care off if we go with the second to best package. All sounded dandy and I gave my credit number for purchase.  Two months later I have taken my car for service and engine check light. I got more then I expected in the repair estimate, but not to worry - I have a brand new save proof Crachex warranty!  I was wrong. What I did have, in fact, was a bill that wasn’t going to be covered by Carchex. As we found out after my advisor called in the repair to Carchex. Among few things that were wrong and needed fixing was fuel injectors, that previously were malfunctioning and were replaced a year in a half ago. Granted, all eight of them were malfunctioning now. And were costing a lot to repair. Among other repairs was an oil leek with replacement of valve cover and oil pan gasket as well as damaged bottom car cover with exposed positive cable that needed to be replaced: SUB TOTAL$ 6,073.75 None, not even an oil leek was covered by this warranty. This didn’t make any sense, since we went over the details of the arrangement and my advisor was on the phone describing all the possible details needed of coverage as I was standing right next to him listening to the conversation before purchasing this warranty. Among which were fuel injectors, specifically! I phoned in the company and, as I now know from other screwed customers, I was given a run around of transfer calls, office hour closings early and so on. Finally, as my car has been in the shop for close to one week, I have reached the right person in customer department. She assured me, that it was impossible that their rep would promise us the repairs that now are not covered by the warranty. Granted, of course, I insisted that they should double check. Since I wasn’t the one inquiring but rather my certified car advisor, as I was standing next to him listening, who made sure he went over all the possible fixes that we might need before selecting and purchasing the package. Then, to clarify, I made a conference call between the customer service rep and my car advisor, who backed up my story and advocated on his behalf that he did, in fact, went over the fixes that were now not covered somehow. To that we got a series of disagreements from Carchex and promises that they will listen to their recordings of the phone conversations between their rep and my car advisor and will get back to us. Final chapter. After few days I got in touch with a customer rep who wasn’t sounding very sure for some reason. As it was, she brought bad news - the Carchex would not cover the repairs, however, they were willing to issue me a full refund. Which after two months of services was not much - I was on the monthly payments plan. When I asked why my claim wasn’t covered, the very same story was given - the package does not cover these repairs. When I asked if they listened to the recording of their rep promising us the repairs “that are not covered” by the package -  “Yes, we did”, I heard in reply.   -“And, what did the recording said, can my car advisor and I listen to it?”, I asked. -”Your advisor - no, you as a customer - can. Please hold” Moments later, after being on hold.   -“We can not release that information”. I was in disbelieve. -”What do you mean?” I almost raised my voice. “Moments ago you said I can listen to the recording and now you saying I can’t”? -Yes, the best we can do is to refund your money. We will only release the recording if there is a subpoena to the court”.   I left it at that and said that I will consult my lawyer. Meanwhile I suspended all the payments to these crooks and will take care of my hefty bill myself.  On this note I will like to caution everyone not to do business with this company! Thank you for reading and to Carchex, I think I speak from all of us that been screwed by you, F&^K YOU!  
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1311790
Jun 16 2016
02:56 PM
Carchex Total and Complete Ripoff Baltimore Nationwide
I took my 2010 Buick Enclave to the dealership to have the air conditioner checked. The air conditioner blows cold air but sometimes it blows warm. I was told that my core compressor had a small leak and needed to be replaced. I filed a claim with Carchex and was called back by dealership and told that I needed to approve a tear down. The tech told me that he's dealt with them in the past and when they ask that a customer approves this that Carchex is probably not going to pay for repairs. Well I thought, hey I pay for this warranty, why would they not cover an air conditioner repair? So Carchex sent out an inspector and a few days later I was called by a representative who pretty much whispered into the phone (like it was an undercover operation) that they would not cover this claim and before I could ask any questions, he hung up. Weird right. Well I called back and spoke with another rep who told me that the reason the claim was denied was because I had reached my limit. What? That's not what the first guy told me and when I corrected her, she placed me on hold to go find a supervisor. I was called back by a supervisor whe stated that because there was dust buildup on the compressor this was a pre-existing issue. Huh? Don't all repairs stem from a pre-existing condition at some point. I was contacted via email by their underwriters to tell me this was due to wear and tear. Ok now I'm confused. Doesn't most repairs stem from wear and tear? This company has taken my money with no intentions of covering any claims. Please what ever you do, please please please don't ever buy from these people. It is money wasted unless you need your cup holder replaced, they have no intentions of covering your claim. They can hide under the umbrella of normal wear and tear or pre-existing issue and there's nothing you can do about it. 
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1320900
Aug 05 2016
01:41 PM
Carchex Terrible Deceptive Auto Warranty - BEWARE Internet
There are times when you feel you must warn the public based upon what you have experienced. This concerns Carchex and the auto warranty I purchased. I’m sure if someone at Carchex reads this post you will hear “it’s in the contract and let me show you where”. I have already heard that from Carchex.I purchased an extended auto warranty for a used car earlier this year from Carchex for a 2007 Porsche Boxter. The car is great shape. I had it inspected and there were no problems.  However, buying a warranty was going to give me peace of mind so I decided to purchase a warranty from Carchex. It was a pricey warranty as you might expect since it is a Porsche Boxter but I was willing to pay the price of the warranty for peace of mind.Last Thursday, I was noticing water underneath my car and the coolant was low so I took my car to the Porsche dealer and repair shop on Friday morning. There are very few repair shops that are familiar with European cars in my area and specifically a Porsche so I feel comfortable with the dealer. The mechanic at the repair shop determined the problem was the Water Pump. I looked at my warranty and felt relieved when I saw the water pump was covered. This was on a Friday morning about 10:00 a.m. The repair shop contacted the warranty company providing the coverage and was told that the car would need to be inspected and that the earliest it could be done was the following Monday. I wasn’t happy about it and didn’t understand why it needed to be inspected when it was as simple as a water pump i.e. it’s either working or it isn’t working but I calmly dealt with it. Nothing I could do about it then anyway. So I left my car at the repair shop over the weekend.On Monday I waited and waited for a call from the repair shop telling me the car had been inspected and that the repair work could begin. Well, the call came around 4:00 p.m. and I was advised that the inspector was going to review the situation and his notes that evening and make a determination. So another night without my vehicle.On Tuesday morning I received a call from an individual with the warranty company. It was not the inspector. I called back and a gentleman answered the telephone. He looked up my case and advised me that they would not cover the full cost of the water pump. They were offering to pay for a lower cost water pump but not a Porsche water pump product. I was advised that if I chose to use the Porsche product then I would have to pay the difference in cost. He then explained to me that the Porsche repair shop would not agree to use a different product other than a Porsche product. I thought about it and realized I had two options: 1) pay the difference in cost or 2) drive or have my car towed to another repair shop (once I found one familiar with Porsche repairs) and start this process over again. Well, by natural reaction, I said “this is BS” and the gentleman with the warranty company proceeded to chastise me about cursing at him and how he didn’t appreciate it. I explained to him that I was not cursing “at him” that is was simply my frustration about the process and my options. I received no empathy from the service representative but rather a continued discussion about me cursing at him. He said” do you want me to read your contract to you so you know we have the right to require you to use less expensive parts”. At this point I wanted to curse at him but shut the conversation down by just authorizing the work to be done at the Porsche repair shop. I needed my vehicle and was not going to spend the next day, Wednesday, making arrangements to transfer my vehicle and start this process over again.  This was truly a nightmare. So my problem with a Carchex warranty is as follows:It takes too long to get final authorization (I know the contract says up to 48 hours and they sure took every hour)I cannot use the services of the repair shop that is the most qualified to perform repair work on my vehicle because they use parts and products recommended by the maker of the vehicle rather than lessor quality low cost parts and products that the repair shop of my choice cannot guarantee or install. I can guarantee you that since my vehicle is high maintenance and costly to repair, expected and anticipated repair expenses were built into the overall price of the warranty. The customer service is poor. There was no understanding of my frustration and no negotiation. Instead I spoke to someone who got his feelings hurt because I said “that’s BS” and then he proceeded to chastise me because he said I was cursing at him. I’m the customer who is already hurting and frustrated and he is upset and the condescending to me because he got his feelings hurt???  Someone needs to educate their customer service people so they know the difference between an emotional outburst (“that’s BS”) and someone directing a curse word at them. Oh, and how about a thank you and we value your business following the discussion. Would have liked to heard those words from the customer service representative. It was obvious that the only thing their customer service representatives are trained to do is to direct the customer to the specific location in the warranty document which gives them the right to make these decisions.I realize now I made a bad decision selecting the Carchex warranty over the others I considered. If you like to use the dealer and the dealer’s repair shop because you are comfortable with their knowledge of your vehicle, be prepared to pay out of pocket for parts that the repair shop recommends and will only install on your vehicle. Be prepared for delays in getting your car repaired and poor customer service. The Warranty document will always govern and there will be no comprise or understanding of the customer’s needs. This is all about the bottom line with no intent to maintain valued relationships with customers.  
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1235181
Jun 12 2015
11:13 AM
carchex Big Extended Warranty Ripoff Baltimore Maryland
The first time I used my extended waranty they made the dealer wait 3 days to hear back from them for approval of work. They graaciousily paid $99 of a $400 bill. I paid $100 (my deductable) plus the balance. They did not even pay for labor which the agreed amount is $65 hour. I bought the Ultimate warranty package for 4 yrs covage! No money back after 3 months or 1000 miles.  Dont matter which package- its all a RIPOFF! I am retired and live on Social Security. I dont have extra money to throw away! But because IT had the BBB seal of approval I thougtht I was doing so good! Look further than their page! BBB seal doesn't guarrante anything!
Entity: Maryland
5, Report #1290747
Feb 29 2016
03:56 PM
CARCHEX Scam Artists Baltimore Maryland
Bought warranty for F-350. When it needed a reapair it took 3 weeks then they decided to deny coverage because it had a 5th wheel attached at one time.  Then 5th wheel was not on the truck when I purchased truck or warranty nor was one ever used during the time I owned the truck. Why would anyone buy an F-350 pick-up except to tow something on occasions.  They will find any excuse not to pay.  Would not reccommend anyone to do business with them.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
6, Report #1174486
Sep 04 2014
03:42 PM
Carchex Carchex extended warrantyMEPCO finance corporation Carchex Denies Claims however they can!!! Baltimore Maryland
My car has been in the shop going on three weeks now because of its need for a transmission.  This company is a nightmare.  First they have to send an inspector out.  They did that the first week.  He wrote a report that no one ever got the chance to see.  Then after inquiring a week later, he told me that he couldn't start the car?  Really?  Why didn't you call me and say something?  The reason he couldn't start the car is becuase there is a security beep that you get past before completely turning the ignition Genius!  Day after day I call the car repair lot - they call Carchex and then I call Carchex and then the car repair lot calls me.  Back and forth over and over.  Then another inspector goes out after the first inspector fail.  Then he tellsl the car lot repair that I must approve repairs after they review the break down and dall that jazz.  We are slipping into week three at this point.  I provide over the phone approval.  Then the inspector tells the car repair guy that he is only approving LESS THAN HALF THE COST of the repair.  Really?  Carchex is wrong for this.  You take my premiums monthly for this so-called extended warranty.  We've been through multiple hoops and three weeks without a car, a loaner or a rental AT ALL!  Only to be told I have to come off of over $1500?? What happepned to my $100.00 deductible?  I wished I would have checked the Ripoff Report before I signed up for this.  It's a disaster, but one I know how to deal with that may not be to either the car repairs or Carchex's liking!  This is a classic case of bait and switch.  They baited me in with this awesome extended warranty and contract listing all of the great things that are covered only to tell me nope, I have to pay a chunk of the repair AND pay them the $100.00 deductible.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
7, Report #1169506
Aug 13 2014
10:23 AM
Carchex Auto Warranty Baltimore Maryland
I purchased a car warranty 4 years ago for $1600. Every repair has been denied. This latest is the AC, which is clearly covered in the policy. In July, 2014,  I had to pay $1650 to replace the AC. I called Carchex three times, my mechanic twice. I spoke to Terri and Pierre. Carchex is resting on the section of the policy that excludes external seals. However, there is another section clearly (to me and my mechanic) stating that seals ARE covered when necessary for the part. Further, my mechanic claims this is an internal seal. They cannot explain to me in simple terms why the section allowing seals when they are integral does not apply. My mechanic has written everything out for me, and states he has never had an AC denied by a warranty company. Last year, they denied my radiator. Again, this is routinely not denied by warranty companies.  I feel they are going to deny everything by trickery and fraud. It is hard for me to accept they are honest when every repair needed for the last four years is not covered. Carchex has responded the complaint I filed with the Arizona Attorney General that they have no responsibility but are merely the authorized retailers. They have advised the Attorney General to contact Allegiance Administrators LLC, 400 Metro Place North, Suite 300, Dublin OH43017. When I purchased this Peace of Mind warranty - what a joke, I was provided with a card with phone numbers to call that clearly states I am called Carchex. I am filing another complaint under the Allegiance Administrators name, and will update this report when it is denied, as I have no doubt it will be. Then we will go to Small Claims Court.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
8, Report #611702
Jun 08 2010
02:07 PM
Carchex / Smart Auto Warranty very misleading!! Internet
 I have read some of the complaints about carchex and have to agree!, alot of people are upset and i have to admit i am to!, now let me first say they did pay my claim!, but not without putting my mechanic and myself through pure hell!.    when i first talked to a rep for carchex to see how it worked he explained to me that it was very easy and problem free and that you just take an info card to a lic. mechanic he calls the co. gives the info needed and they in turn simply give him the corp. credit card over the phone and thats it!, no problems no hassles it is so easy described by them!,, well thats not how it goes AT ALL!!!, when you go to a mech. and he calls  carchex they give him the 9th degree! and then you may have to wait awhile before they even aprove the claim! like in my case they made me wait days before a inspector came out to see my car and then he made my mech. re-diagnose my MY EXPENCE!! and did not re-emberse me! strange?? the rep never mentioned having to wait for an inspector in his discription of how this worked or anything about waiting for days for an approvel strange those words never came out of his mouth..instead he painted a completly different picture!,.he made it sound so easy and problem free! so i guess he just lied to me to get me to buy the coverage and i do not like being lied to!,  and then questioned my mech. he has been a well renound mech in the area for over 20 years! they put him through hell and mean while my wife is out of work for 8 days waiting on her  car and on  the inspector to call carchex and shes without a car for days and carchex never calls my mech. to tell him to go ahead or what!, they leave me and him hanging for days then i call carchex to find out what the hells up and they get all balistic with me and say they will call when they decide, then the claims people from carchex do eventually call and my mech. fixs my car and he appologises to me that it took so long i told him it was not his fault! it was carchex and i appologised to him for putting him through all that shit! i had no idea that the reps i first talked to at carchex were so deceptive and so grossly misrepresented thier ease of thier coverage to me! they did pay for the claim as i said but i am considering cancelling my coverage with them because i do not like being decieved if you promise me red,white and God you better deliver red, white and blue!! not purple yellow and green!, if they would be more honest with the customer up front more people would stay with them and would refer them to others but theres no way in hell i would refer carchex to anyone!
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #1256460
Sep 22 2015
11:31 AM
CARCHEX Extended Warranty Buyer Beware!!!!!! Please Baltimore Maryland
I purchased an auto warranty from Carchex in April of 2015 after a lengthy back and forth with an exceptional salesperson and not enough research.  One of my primary concerns was the any loss if I decided to cancel.  I was told that cancellation would be simple and would involve refunding the amount paid in minus any claims that had been paid. I decided to cancel in August 2015 after paying Carchex 1276.00 dollars.  I received my cancellation refund check in the mail today for 46.00.   I called and inquired about the formula and this is what they said...The refund is calculated based on either the time elapsed or used mileage and the warranty cost (whichever is higher to benefit them).  I used 3 and a half months and 9000 miles and had NO claims, but I paid them 1075.00 dollars based on this calculation and a 50.00 dollar fee. Now for potential buyers, let me explain what this means.  This means that, should you decdide to go with them, you will be paying them based on time and mileage used whether they pay your claim or not.  If you choose to cancel for any reason, be it poor service or not honoring claims for whatever reason, you have just GIVEN money away at an exorbitant rate.  It is like an investment with no return and a very hefty one.  One would have to depend on them to be an exceptional warranty company who will value the claims and give a return for the money invested. I just gave away 1076.00 dollars in the matter of 3 and a half months, used nothing, and got nothing in return.  By all stretches of reason, I have taken a loss because I believed in my sales persons promise and for some reason missed the fine print. My 1,000.00 is gone.  Check this report for their payouts and know that if you cancel, by their calculations, you could end up owing them, if you finance and you cancel into a year.  If I only received a 48.00 refund after only 3 months....If I were at 6 months and driving more, I would have to pay them to cancel. Caveat Emptor!  It's simply not worth it...No return on an investment.   A fellow consumer.  
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
10, Report #1238150
Jun 26 2015
10:40 AM
CARCHEX Warning Extended Warranty Refund rip off deceptive and illegal Baltimore Maryland
     I purchased an extended warranty and upon my first claim which was over 900.00 all but 128.00 was covered even though I was promised the world upon signing.  I was so frustrated after enduring over a week of car rentals mostly out of my pocket and lack of coverage I deceided to cancel the policy.  After waiting almost a month I finally received a verbal refund amount.  To my surprise I paid $2000 for a 100,000 mile warranty or 5 years 15 months ago and my refund is cut in half. I  started at my milage of 40,147 and cancelled at 67,000.    My milage used while the warranty was in affect was 27000.  Carchex told me the prorate begins at milage ZERO  so I used over 50% of the policy. This makes no sence at all and is not in the fine print. They also deduct for any claim they have already paid. So please be careful and Not Choose Carchex for your extended warranty.  As side note I have been waiting over a month just for a refund amount and was told it will take another 6-8 weeks for a refund check.  You will see Carchex pup up everwhere on the internet, do yourself a favor and run the other for 2 main reasons, 1. They do not pay for covered parts (told by a third party estimator for Carchex and found out the hard way, 2. A refund will take 2-3 months to process.   You may even get a call from the president promising to make it right but it wont happen, take it from experience.   Thanks, FD        
Entity: Baltimore , Maryland
11, Report #1236657
Jun 19 2015
08:06 AM
CarChex/Royal Administration Claim not being approved because no codes are generated Nationwide
I Have had 09 Civic hybrid at dealer for a week now.  Went in for repairs that were approved.  Had a brake issue arise when the tech went to test drive repair.  Basically the brake pedal went to the floor when depressed.  It was not in there for brake issues.  Also had brake alarm light go off when brake was depressed.  The civic did not generate any error codes so the dealer called Honda.  Per a tech bulletin the dealer was told to replace the hydraulic brake pump. Just to be clear this the Brake Alarm light (RED) not a warning light.  This is a serious issue! Dealer calls me up says can't take car because of this issue, we will call Carchex/Royal administrator to get approval to do repairs. They even put me in a rental no questions asked because of the issue. This issue happened last Friday.   Inspector came out on Monday, were not able to be replicated issue.  Because my service advised was out on Monday I was told on Tuesday what happened Monday.  My service advisor, took the opportunity to have it tech retest the issue and the brake alarm light went off.  In fact it has gone off every test since.   The brake pedal going to the floor board has not been repeated but was documented to have occurred several times prior. Carchex/Royal is saying that because their inspector did not see anything at the time of his inspection they are denying the claim and no codes are generated (Codes are not generated for every situation on any vehicle let alone Honda. Dealer calls back Carchex/Royal to advise them the alarm light now goes off all the time (I would think that would be a key indicator of a failing part).  Even took a video of it and sent them to the Carchex/Royal. Dealer advise me that his conversation with the Carchex/Royal support person went pretty much like this Carchex/Royal rep: “Because we didn’t see anything at the time of the inspection we are denying the claim” Dealer:  “We are consistently getting brake alarm light now so there is an issue and this is what Honda says to do.  We are talking about the brakes failing, this could be catastrophic!” Carchex/Royal rep:  (vial comment withheld for now) I went on the offensive at stated asking for reason! I asked for a supervisor to call me with reason.  I did not want to talk with rep. Almost two days later I get a call from Royal supervisor (name withheld for now).  Said this is really a dealer issue so I should call Honda and complain to have the dealer fix it (event left me a voice mail stating such). So to date one week later we are still a standstill. I am trying to get them to come back out and officially document that the brake alarm is happening so if anything happens if I am forced to drive a non-repaired on the streets due to an issue that Carchex/Royal deem not serious. This could be you!  If I had had the dealer/Honda warranty this would not have been an issue. 000621 is the are the last six number on the Contract for warranty coverage on an 09 Civic Hybrid in Arizona.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1271915
Dec 03 2015
07:03 PM
Carchex Repair bill $870. My portion $537. Whats the use of having a warranty with these guys. Internet
 Bought a warranty from Carchex. Salesman stated that if I ran into any problems with the parts that was covered under warranty that all I had to come up with is a deductible of a $100 dollars and find a certified repair shop of my choice and my car would be taken care of. Eight months later my water pump fails. Had the vehicle towed to a shop, thx god I didn't take it to a dealer. The bill, $870. I paid $537. That just $100 deductible crap doesn't exist. Talked to a representative and got the pretty much your screwed speech. Carchex just pretty much handles the part and a few hours of labor to put the part in. Hoses , belts and any other thing that needs done even though it may relate to the part that's being restored it's on you. Don't do it people.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1353896
Feb 03 2017
05:56 PM
CarChex Royal Admin Liar, thief, con-artist, greed, undependable,unreliable Massachusetts Nationwide
 Decided to purchase the warranty. Bad idea. I was told this warranty covers all repairs listed in the contract. I spent over $6,000 to get my Lexus in great shape so when i did get the warranty i would not have any issues or discrepancy with the warranty company. 2-3 months later, my transfer or front diff went, motor/transmission mounts, and oil pan gasket leak. The dealer contacted the warranty and they advised that inspector will be out within 24 to 48 hours. The inspector arrived 2 days later and took pictures. He then contacted the dealer back after he left and inform them that the transfer case or front diff will need to be taken down and apart to see what exactly inside the transfer case or front diff failed. The mounts and oil pan gasket will be inspected when the tear down is done. Stated the inspector will comeback a 2nd time. No were in the contract does it state that that will need to be done if any major mechanical or any component fails and needs to be replaced. The transfer case or diff is about $1500. The dealer wants to replace the transfer case or differential (me personally am not sure which one is the issue)car chex/royal wants a tear down to see point of failure and replace the bad parts. Which means more days downtime without my car and nothing is fixed. The dealer states that it will cost more to do what they requested. The amount of labor to remove the transfer case or diff and then open it up exceeds pricing on new Case or diff part with labor. All of this shouldn't even be a issue since the new transfer case or diff is covered as stated in warranty. it has no mainentence intervals, and the transfer or diff can be easliy checked if drained and check fluid for broken or worn parts. Regardless of what, the actual dismantling is there way out of paying. Also they advised that i will be responsible for the tear down cost. If that is the case then i will not tear it down but pay to have it replaced which will cost me less. This warranty cost $5,000. I must say for $5,000 i could have repaired my issue and still have money left over. I am canceling the warranty and wont even waste time with the whole claim. This is not a warranty for anyone period. They take your money fast but when time to pay for a repair they have all kind of excuses and procedures that they have to follow but yet no one informs this to you before, during or even in the contract. Just when a failure occurs. How convenient. STAY AWAY! TRUST ME WHEN I SAY!
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1218058
Mar 25 2015
10:52 AM
CARCHEX Carchex claim denied it should be covered Internet
 I have 2007 Honda Odyssey. I bought Carchex Exclusionalry coverage Titanium Extended warranty plan in 2013.Yesterday March 23 2015 i went to dealer for My Driver passenger side automatic door not closing. When i bought warranty Tavis Middleton has confirmed everything is covered Automatic door, all factory installed components. Except for DVD/RES i will have to buy hitech coverage, so i opted out for DVD/RES coverage.Dealer called assurant for and gave details about the part which is a central roller which is driven by motor to close and open door has worn out due to age and no other cause. Assurant guy asked the cost of part which dealer said 70$ then he said it we cover it for 53.97$ which dealer agreed to do, then he said we dont cover it as its a body part. then same day evening  carchex called me said assurant understood some binding part ask dealer to call assurant for discrepancy. Then dealer called assurant at 6pm and gave details again that its a plastic central roller and asked assurant do you want to retain the part assurant said not required we will get back to on Mar 24 2015, I called them next day and assurant said since the roller is a plastic part hence its not covered. Now my question is Can an Automatic sliding door work without Roller? this part has no Oil consumtpion as well? This Central Roller is not mentioned in any Exclusion list?  This is a clear case of fraud where Assurant/Carchex does not want to honor the claim. I am not very happy and doubt in near future if there is some major claim these Assurant/Carchex will put there hands up. now i cant even cancel it as they will refund only prorated amount. I WILL SUGGEST DON'T BY CARCHEX, BUY ONLY DEALER EXTENDED WARRANTY that will give you peace of mind and hassle free claim process.  
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1091092
Oct 11 2013
07:49 AM
Entity: HUNT VALLEY, , MD 21031
16, Report #842080
Feb 20 2012
09:33 AM
CarChex High Pressure, Dragging Feet on Refund Internet
In January, I began shopping around for an extended warranty for my 2009 Nissan Xterra that I had literally just purchased. The dealer tried to talk me into a Fidelity warranty but read horrible reviews online. I researched for weeks and came across CarChex. The site looked great and easy to use. I filed for a quote and within 5 minutes, someone called me to give me some pricing. I told him to call me back in a few days (Friday, specifically) after I had time to research the various plans. This was on Monday.By Wednesday, I was receiving 4-5 calls A DAY from CarChex about my quote. For a pressure free buying experience, this was the exact opposite. I ignored the calls until Thursday and decided to purchase a plan. I put down a down payment and chose to break the rest into payments. I was told that it was completely refundable if I didn't want the coverage. While in my 30 day waiting period, I decided that I didn't want the coverage and canceled on day 22. I faxed over the paperwork to cancel and was told that although I was in the Hassle Free 30 Day Refund window, it would take SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS to get my refund. How is that even acceptable? I didn't even use my policy nor could I because I was still in my waiting period. I called several times and I was told that it was because they had to cancel the financing and that takes time. I looked myself and my financing account was closed the same day I canceled my policy through CarChex. Now, I can't even get through to their Cancellation Department. I filed a complaint with the BBB this morning because now I have no idea when I'll see my refund. Very disappointing because I actually wanted to get back into a policy in the future. I'd be happy to sing CarChex's praises if they made things as easy as they made them seem in the first place.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1234903
Jun 11 2015
09:13 AM
 This company has taken my mothers money and now that the car is having trouble is refusing to approve work getting done claiming it is préexisting. We are honest people and my mother got this company to get rid of hassles as she gets older. Now, when we call we can't get through to any supervisor or anyone who is willing to listen. They advised her to get a rental while the car has been in the shop. Now on the 4th day they are saying they won't approve the work. NOONE inspected the car prior to her getting the warranty so how on earth do they have the audacity to say it's all preexisting? A water pump breaking especially can't be driven without the car overheating so there is no way it was preexisting. I'm sure some people try and cheat the system, however, my mom is simply trying to get her car working and relied on this warranty company to be there if there was an issue . The inspector Henry is rude and simply wrote off everything as preexisting without listening to the mechanic. As we called the company to speak with someone else or even him or Jason Goldsmith the receptionist was rude and condescending not wanting to give any information. This company can be sure that we will be taking this matter forward in the highest regard.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1214880
Mar 11 2015
07:07 AM
Car Chex CARCHEX CARCHEX Total Fraud - Don't go even close to this company Baltimore Maryland
Being a non-technical person about cars, engines etc, I was jacked for $189/month for 18 months and I was promised to have a piece of mind for three years. In 4-5 months, I tried 2 times with three different repairs and ALL WERE DENIED. In one of the repairs even thermostat wasn't covered. I paid over $2000 for repairs and paid over $756 to this company to DENY my coverage. After reading reviews, I realized that there will not be any coverage in future.....going to CANCEL and STOP my payments to these SCAMMERS....
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
19, Report #904977
Jun 30 2012
07:13 AM
Carchex LOOK ELSEWHERE FOR A PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION: Carchex quoted me a price, knowing the exact location of the vehicle. Late in the day that the inspection was to be done, Hunt Valley, Maryland
After confirming my date and price and after the seller reserved time for the inspection, Carchex tried to raise the price by $105 or not do the inspection. I called them to see what their reason was, and they said they did not have an inspector in that area. I think they should have known that when they took the order. I cancelled the order. They wasted three days of my time, and inconvenienced the seller. They should have honored their confirmation. Look elsewhere for a pre-purchase inspection report.
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
20, Report #1385497
Jul 14 2017
08:10 AM
Royal Administration Carchex Nationwide
 Got the warranty in Oct 2016.I had a issue with navigation hard drive 2 months after i got warranty . I passed there break in period (1000 miles and more than 30 days) Royal fought me a little bit but they paid eventually. Tried to say pre existing issue, when i bought the warranty with the car. Fast forward, now in feb 2017 my front differential started to make a weird noise. So i got it checked out as royal advised. Dealer stated front diff is starting to bind and needs to be changed and front wheel bearing is bad. They call it in but carchex wants a tear down but before that is done they said try checking the fluid. Dealer stated no way to check it without actually draining it. Makes sense. So i paid $180 to get the fluid changed. (Royal didnt cover any of it) It wasn't low or dirty dealer stated. The diff is a sealed unit so no oil change intervals or maintenance required. They refilled with oem fluid and the noise was gone. Royal said ok good and closed the differential claim since it was no longer needed. Not reimbursing me a dime. 5 months later (July 2017) front end got extremely loud. Dropped it off to get it diagnose. Dealer states front right wheel bearing is bad and front differential is back with noise. So he called it in. Royal is requesting a tear down. Fine with me cause the noise is worst then before so that means its done. But how can you request for a tear down and never even came to inspect the vehicle know it has other issues besides the diff? I asked how could you diagnose a wheel bearing if they take the differential apart? They stood quiet, then turned and said yea i gotta see if i can get a adjuster out to check the car. Sad i have to tell them in which order they should do there job or when they should check the vehicle. You claim to be experienced and professionals in this for years. I cant agree. Especially when you guys said your adjuster can tell what was damaged before i got the warranty and during. That is completely impossible. I've asked independent mechanic shops and other Lexus dealers and they also state that it is impossible with this type of breakdown to tell if prior or during. Then they started talking about pre existing issues and normal wear and tear. Pre existing? So because i did not have the repair done (which was not needed at the time) your say pre existing? Or i bought the car with a differential making noise and a bad wheel bearing? Did i or did i not do everything required to keep the vehicle properly running when you guys asked? You asked for maintenance receipts, i sent them. You asked the oil be changed on the diff. I did it. (My maintenance receipts totaling more then $7,000 in repairs out of my own pocket) Showing you i take care of my vehicle and all pre existing issues was taken care of before or during the 30 day/1,000 miles start up period as stated in the contract. $7,000 in repairs that i paid before the warranty and your gonna tell me pre existing issues? Now more excuses... Why would i continue with a tear down if there was no longer a issue after the fluid was changed out? Now 5 months later the diff is binding but even louder now and your gonna tell me its pre existing issues because i did not tear it down in the past, yet YOU closed the claim stating nothing more needs to be done. So it was a set up? You said okay and closed the claim when the fluid was changed out and now its a issue because it wasn't fixed the first time? And its preexisting because no tear down was done before?? i am still paying my contract and i am now 8-9 months in. Royal do not want to pay because the repair exceeds the cost of my contract. My contract is roughly $5,000 and the repair is about $7,000 with wheel bearing repair. Why not stipulate from the beginning that you will not pay over X amount or the total contract amount?? Its been a week without my vehicle. No inspection, no repairs, not even a call from royal to tell me whats going on. Now a week later they saying the need to send a inspector out to see the issues. A week later? I Definitely DONT RECOMMEND them and i been with them almost a year. Heard and seen all that i needed to.I wont be making next months payment!!
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1099075
Nov 13 2013
04:10 PM
CARCHEX CARCHEX = RIPOFF they will find any way to Weasel their selfs out of paying for COVERED PARTS. Hunt Valley Maryland
May 25th, 2013 I purchased my 2007 bmw 335i that was no longer covered by the manufactures warranty, but ran great with zero issues. June 4th, 2013 I hear about Carchex through a youtube video where Pat Goss from the speed channel talks about how great their coverage is, and the peace of mind one could have by purchasing an extended warranty from watching this video and many others I decided to give Carchex a call, and obtain additional information about this phenomenal warranty. I was connected to a young lady by the name of Stephanie Martin, and she proceeded to getting my contact information and emailed me a copy of the contract for my review. I carefully reviewed the contract and decided not to purchase the warranty until I had a chance to read reviews from actual customers. After reading nasty reviews I decided to hold back and continue shopping around for other warranty services. For the next two months Stephanie Martin would bombard me with emails, and calls regarding supposed promotions for purchasing the extended warranty through them. On August 31th, 2013 after reading horrible reviews about other third party extended warranty companies, I picked the least worst out of the companies and purchased a Powertrain plus Coverage through carchex. Stephanie Martin explained to me that for the first 30 days of the warranty and 1,000 miles I would not be able to make any claims. I told her I understood and finished up our transaction. On October 30th, 2013, my car experiences turbo failure according to my mechanic, so I provided him with my information about the extended warranty the car had. Considering that the car had been driven well over 4,000 miles and 2 months had gone by from the date I purchased the extended warranty I figured there would be no questions regarding coverage for a part that they clearly specify if covered with the coverage I purchased. November 1st, 2013 I am asked to approve the tear down of the vehicle which I do, and the shop is asked to submit their diagnose to them for further review. The following week I am asked to submit proof of mileage which i do, and 48 hours later i am asked to submit documentation proving that I own the vehicle. That same day i fax them the registration of the car as well does the shop. The next day November 8th, 2013 I call carchex to get an update on my claim and they claim that they never got the fax i sent or the fax the shop sent. Keep in mind that the fax number that was provided to me is the same one i used to send in my proof of mileage which they got that same day. At this point my patience is running low due to having more than a WEEK gone by and my car has not been repaired. I once again fax my registration twice and asked the repair shop to do the same, so that there are no more delays in my claim. Towards the end of that day i finally get word from them that an inspector will be at the shop within 48 business hours to evaluate the extent of the repairs needed. November 12th 2013, the inspector finally arrives and takes pictures of the parts that have failed. Now today November 13th, 2013 I get a call from the adjuster denying my claim. According to their review the turbos had a pre-existing condition that would cause them to fail through their life time. Frustrated and shocked at waiting 2 weeks to hear that the turbos will not be covered i got upset. I asked the adjuster, your contract clearly states that the coverage i purchase would cover the turbochargers if indeed they failed. His smart alec response was that turbochargers do not suddenly fail, therefore it is a part that already was worn out and it is considered a pre-existing condition and therefore it would not be covered according to the contract.  that’s when i told him that off course it is a worn part, it is a part that is 6 years old and has a little over 119,000 miles on it. A vehicle of this age and this mileage will obviously have parts that will need to be replaced. The whole point of me of purchasing an extended warranty is to have parts covered if they were to fail since the vehicle is out of warranty. At this point the adjuster offers no sort of accommodation and wants to hang up, I asked to speak to a supervisor and he tells me that one would get in contact with me today. Well its been over 4 hours and it is nearing the end of the day and still no word from the supervisor.If you ever want to purchase a third party warranty you are MUCH better off saving your money for such repairs. These people are nothing but scam artist, who lack professionalism. This nothing like dealing with ACTUAL professional manufactures warranties who actually care about the customer and aren’t trying weasel their self’s out paying for a part that is clearly covered by their warranty.I will keep this report updated and if indeed it is determined that they will  not do anything about my legit claim I will be seeking legal representation and making a claim through the BBB.  
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
22, Report #873728
Jun 14 2012
07:34 AM
I purchased a warranty from carchex prolong plus bronze for 1750 dollars valid 5 years or 50,000 my car transmission started banging through the gears so I took it to chevrolet where they told me I needed a new transmission they contacted the warranty company to be told that they needed proof of transmission service and oil change which we provided they agreed chevrolet was to take apart the transmission for their assesor to inspect but there is a fee of 678 dollars if the warranty say no I am responsible,     So of course the warranty company assesor  came out and inspected the vehicle  and funnily enough it was not covered point blank goodbye you are responsible for the 678 dollars thank you for giving us 1750 dollars for nothing this company is fraudulant and should be stopped from selling false warranties I will not do business again and I certainly do not recommend anyone to buy their warranties these greedy companies should be stopped.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1066475
Jul 12 2013
10:56 AM
CARCHEX Dont wate your money or time on these crooks Hunt Valley Maryland
 There a bunch of fast talking crooks. I paid 4500 dollars for a deluxe coverage warranty only to be denied TWICE for items listed on covered parts! There a joke so dont waste your time or hard earned money on those crooks. They can say anything they want in response to this report but there still crooked crooks as far as im concerned.
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
24, Report #995144
Jan 17 2013
08:45 AM
carchex Failed to Identify Numerous Issues with Vehicle, Internet
I had carchex do a buyer's inspection on a 2001 Toyota Camry.  Here's a list of things the inspector missed: (1)  Noise made by engine at certain RPM - Engine probably needs replacement/rebuilding, approx $3000. (2)  Surface cracks and wear on radiator - $300-400 (3)  Left rear tire worn on outer edge. (4)  Noise made passenger's side strut mount when going over speed bumps. My recommendation would be to google <make> mechanic <city>, and find a mechanic close to the vehicle you're considering purchasing, and have that dealer do the buyer's check.  My experience with carchex was about as bad as it could be - WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO REBUILD THE ENGINE!
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #800790
Nov 30 2011
05:02 PM
carchex enterprise financial group CAR WARRANTY SCAM..SOLD ME A $4000 POLICY AND RIPPED ME OFF Internet, Internet
Ripped off by carchex...i drive a 2004 bmw car is always impeccably maintained and is very important to me, furthermore it is still financed so of course i take great care of it as i am still making a $711 payment every month on it...Long storty short, the dealer warranty expired so i needed a reliable warranty for it.  I thought i did the proper research and went with carchex as they seemed very legit..well 5000 miles later car has a mechanical i call them up..they tell me i could take it to bmw..i say great..i take it says its a tranny leak..i tell them this..they say we need a tranny teardown before we can autorize a wants thousands..i tell them this..they say we have to have the teardown to see the cause of i decide to take it to AAMCO as they do transmissions...aamco tears down the transmission..they never go look at the car even..2 weeks go by im flipping out..finally i get the adjuster on the phone, he is some scammer from texas...meanwhile i live in nyc and the car is here in nyc...he tells me can i fax him the bmw report, i say day claim is denied!! like WTF??..i call them mad as hell they tell me yes we determined it was a long term tranny like are you insane?..i got the message and i immediately parked the car and then took it to bmw a couple of days later..the bmw dealership is literally 2 miles from my house!!...and they say this without even coming to look at the car as they initially told me they had to.. they have screwed me for thousands and i dont know what to do!!...THEY ARE SCAMMERS PLEASE STAY AWAY!!..PLEAE HELP!!
Entity: Internet, Internet

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