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26, Report #1273975
Dec 13 2015
05:29 PM
As a smart consumer, I researched in depth 5 extended warranty companies for my Mercedes-Benz. CARCHEX was #4 on my list. After speaking to the other companies, I was getting great information before I make my decision. After giving the CARCHEX representative my info he asked me what other companies did I speak to. Without telling me what he can offer me, he started going on and on how the other companies (who are higher rated) are total scams and they won’t cover me on any claims. Once he was done with his bad mouthing we went over the coverage and quote and I told him I will think about it and compare it with the other companies. He actually told me if I don’t go with CARCHEX I will be sorry that I didn’t… That sound like a threat. I decided to wait a few days hoping it was just that particular salesman and tried to call back. To my dismay, another salesman did the same thing. It looks like this is how all the salesman are trained. So I decided to listen to what he had to say and wrote down everything he said to check the validity of his claims as well as review with him the many customers who voiced their experiences with CARCHEX RIPPOFF REPORT. I went over a few of the RIPPOFF REPORTS to see what he had to say: Carchex Repair bill $870. My portion $537. What’s the use of having a warranty with these guys. His response was, I don’t know anything about that.So I decided to do some further investigation, and found. Carchex royal administration services CARCHEX SCAM DO NOT USE - TAKES YOUR MONEY AND REFUSES TO REIMBURSE OR PAY FOR AUTO WORK CARCHEX, Jason Goldsmith, Royal Administration Services IF YOU HAVE A CAR WITH OVER 50,000 MILES, YOUR WARRANTY WILL LIKELY BE REFUSED……also in the same claim states ‘EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW THAT YOUR WARRANTY IS NOT WORTH THE PAPER IT IS PRINTED ON BECAUSE YOU CAN DENY ANY AND ALL CLAIMS.. The only certainty is that you will be intimidated if you object to the company telling you that they will not pay for coverage, leaving you with a loss of $100’s to $1,000’s of dollars in payments for no coverage After reading this the rep put me on hold and never came back. I called back numerous times to see why he will spend 30% of time on the quote and 70% on intimidating me only to go with them. I did research on CARCHEX and they are brokers that sells someone else’s coverage that goes by the name ROYAL ADMINISTRATORS. CARCHEX salesman are professional scammers just to get your money.CARCHEX IS A SCAM.
Entity: Baltimore, Internet
27, Report #1117464
Jan 21 2014
09:35 PM
We purchased a Carchex extended warranty when our little Lexus SC 430 had only 81,000 miles on it.  It had always been serviced by Lexus and was in excellent condition.  We purchased the warranty after looking at a few extended warranty companies and decided to get the Carchex Premium coverage, which at the time was the best they offered.  We financed it through Mepco and paid $2265.00.  Mepco is a partner.  Their other partner who administers the claim is Administration Plus USA in Dublin, Ohio.Here is how it works:  You buy the warranty and think you are covered for what their contract states.  For instance, ours covers gaskets and seals and mounts and small things that can go wrong.  In our case, several things went wrong with the car and we decided to make a claim.  We kept up our part of the agreement, changing the oil every 3000 instead of 4000 as they require.  We have taken care of maintenance items and then boom, they get you.Valve cover gaskets are covered.  Here is the rub.  One valve cover seal is broken and actively leaking, so that would be covered.  The other valve cover seal is what is called seeping, according to the adjustor, ready to start leaking at any moment, so they won't cover that.  It does not state they differentiate between small failure and large failure, either way, it failed and they then fail to cover one of the valve covers.  When they are done, the oil has to be changed each time.  So, you pay more copays and more oil changes if they deny one of them.It's the same thing with the struts.  All the struts and parts to the struts are covered.  The mechanic says the struts are bad, but only one is leaking oil, the others have bad mounts and bushings, so, Carchex covers the leaker and not the other ones that you've paid to have covered in full, including mounts and bushings.So, Carchex sells you the policy.   Their partner finances it, then their other partner, makes the claims as difficult for you to collect as possible.  They want you to pay as many copays as possible.We received a nasty message from Tony saying, essentially, the car is old (although it is a Lexus with less than 100,000 miles) and these are maintenance (they are not, they are covered) so we will not pay, too bad for you. (paraphrased.)You can leave messages for the managers and they don't call you back (Derrell or Derrick at Administration Plus) or Brian at Cachex and Mepco, well, once you have paid, they are out of it.I am going to have to take this company to small claims court to sue them to cover the parts we paid to have them cover.  They will hassle you thinking you will give in and pay for the work they legally contracted to do.  This is a miserable experience so far.  I could have banked the money and then paid for this work with it.  They are not in the business to lose money on claims, they are in the business to stall and make you lose your transportation until you pay yourself and then have to fight for them to pay.Our mechanic is honest and only put in for work that is contractually covered and they want to pay about 1/4 of it.  Extremely frustrating and expensive.  I'm going to have to pay for it and then sue to get them to pay for the work.It is a case of GOOD COP (Carchex) BAD COP (Administration Plus USA).  Nice scam tactic.
Entity: Select State/Province
28, Report #1143389
May 01 2014
07:23 PM
Royal Wesco MEPCO, Carchex Rip off, refused claim, Scam Chicago Illinois
I have put my car in the shop for repair (GM Dealer). The shop was required by the warranty company to tear down the engine to see what failed.  Turns out there is a cracked piston. The warranty company agent came out to examine the engine. After his exam, they are saying detonation caused it and not covered. The car shop stated that this is not the case and the cause is not determined to be that by them. Component failure is the cause which most all repairs are caused by a component failure according to the mechanic. Whatever caused it is irrelavent unless by gross negligence or vehicle accident.  Now I am faced with a tear down bill of $1100 (to the dealer), new engine about $5000, Royal Mepco Wesco (whatever they are), $2800 for their policy (non policy) which MEPCO has financed and I owe them the money. Not Royal Carchex/ Wesco or whatever their name is. I need a deceptive trade practices attorney... I am in Houston, TX and these people are in Chicago and Florida.  We have good consumer protection laws in Texas if there is anyone to go after, I will go after them. These people need to be stopped.  Please help!  Pat    
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
29, Report #523443
Nov 25 2009
06:31 AM
CarChex People's Vehicle Protection, Royal admin Services !!! Internet
I purchased a Peoples Protection Plan serviced by Royal Admin Services from CarChex which was told it was $4400 for the Bumper to Bumper coverage. After I claimed the cost was out of my price range the person told me they had another coverage which covers everything the Bumper to Bumper except for the engine block, speakers, and radio. Which cost only $2880. I thought that was a good deal and they when I went to the repair shop to get coverage, I was told that  Bumper to Bumper was not the correct term to use. The correct term to use was more like they covered Nothing. Out of a 3300 repair the Peoples Protection Plan serviced by Royal Admin Services is only willing to cover $880 worth of repairs.   When I called CarChex I was told that I was getting Quote Your getting almost $1000 worth of repairs on a  $2880 warranty and you should be happy with that then he (The manger of products) went on to tell me I should have read every part of the contract within the 30 days of buying it and Not rely on the word of the sales people. This seems like a bait and switch to me.   The Peoples Protection Plan stalled for over 3 days before even authorizing the coverage and even then was less the 30% of the total cost of the repair. The service before you buy the product is wonderful. They call when you ask them too, however, once you buy the product, its a completely different company to work with. After spending 20 min on the phone with a very rude and interrupting product manger I was told there was nothing he could do that he had to listen to the recordings before he could get back to me. He told me that would not be for 3 days.
Entity: Internet, Internet
30, Report #865057
Apr 09 2012
10:29 AM
CarChex Don't believe a thing they say... except we won't pay!! Internet
Had an emergency and car in danger of starting a fire due to oil leak. Had it fixed at great repair shop who saved all parts and documented the problem. CarChex inspector came over to see it. Inspector acknowledged the need for repair and the quality of the work and recommended the warrantee claim. CarChex said they would not pay since I had not gotten prior-approval. Fact is I had an emergency... fact is CarChex is only good for taking your money... NOT paying for any covered repairs. They are best at hiding behind impossible to meet requirements in their small-print contracts. There are lots of warranty companies out there... pick another one. CarChex is a rip-off!!
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #1342788
Dec 12 2016
03:05 PM
Carchex Rip off Chicago Illinois Nationwide
 I bought a extended warranty from carchchex. The next day cancelled policy with in 30 days as they claim. Now carchex is sending bills to me. That is not cancelled. I've sent their cancellation forms email and called them. They claim they don't have any records of any conversation or forms or emails. So since its been over 30 days. I'm responsible for the bills. But they can't warranty my car but can charge me. They are rip offs. Don't use them. Tell everyone you can not to use
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #212962
Oct 25 2006
01:33 AM
CarChex RIPOFF SCAMMER! DO NOT USE! Hunt Valley Maryland
Do not use Carchex in Hunt Valley, MD for inspection of cars purchased from EBAY. They are a ripoff! Their customer service is lousy and the inspectors that they send out to do the inspections are incompetent! Had a car inspected, the inspector took only about 30 minutes to look at the vehicle while is girlfriend waited in the car!! They didnt even drive the vehicle even though it was available. The entire underside of the car is rusted through and they didnt even see it! They advised that they dont inspect the undercarriage but, they do look at it. If the inspector did look, he would see all of the rust and the parts falling off of the underside of the car. Customer serivce is lousy too! They could care less about you as a customer. Angel and Brando are some of the worst customer service reps that I have ever come across!! BEWARE!! DO NOT USE CARCHEX!! THEY ARE A COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME, GO READ WHAT OTHERS SAY ON THE EBAY FORUMS!! William Keller, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
33, Report #897852
Jun 16 2012
06:34 PM
I have never been so disappointed and frustrated with a Company. In October of 2011 I purchased a Extended Warranty for my 2002 BMW 745LI.  When I purchased the warranty I was told by the Sales Person Tavis that the insurance was the closest warranty that I would get next to bumper to bumper. That was a LIE!  I upheld my responsibilities as specified within the contract. Got all maintenance completed on time - oil changes, services etc. Now here comes the problem. My car started acting up, the transmission failsafe sign came on and the transmission started slipping. Attempting to not cause further damage I immediately parked my car and called EFG to call in a claim to have my car towed to find out what the problem was.  First problem: I was told that although my extended warranty is supposed to cover towing I was told that they could not approve a tow until they knew what was wrong with the vehicle.  This in itsel is a confusing. How can I find out what is wrong with the vehicle unless I have it towed to the shop? Okay that wasn't covered I swallowed that deception. Secondly, my car then stopped having power - no start-up or power at all. So now after having the car towed to the shop at my expense - I was then told that I couldn't call in a claim at all because I did not have power to the car. I tried to calmly explain to them that how can I give a diagnosis for what is wrong with the vehicle if they will not preauthorize the repair shop to make the diagnosis. Even better how can you diagnosis a vehicle without power? Really!  Okay, once again I stomached being RIP Off by this company! So I paid for that. The repair shop determined that the power failure was caused by a electrical amplifier was remaining on in the car after the car was stopped causing the battery to drain.  I attempted to call that repair in and was told basically, So Sad/To Bad because that too was not a covered item. Because the car had no power at all - the fault codes for the transmission that appeared prior to the car going dead and having trouble no longer showed up.  I insisted to the repair shop that there was something going on with my transmission and after careful inspection.  I was advised that there was a leak in the mechatronic sleeve and transmission pan.  Again, I was told that the extended warranty did not cover parts only the entire item (i.e. the transmission) and because no codes were being shown that the transmission could not be called in and the transmission pan and mechatronic sleeve were - Not Covered.  One week later - LOW AND BEHOLD the same transmission failsafe sign comes on. I wasn't even worried-because surely after me paying $2,800 to have the transmission pan and mechatronic sleeve replaced - in order to make sure that I uphold my part of the contract and have any repairs completed immediately that the company would FINALLY uphold their portion of this warranty and replace my transmission.  No such luck! The company now states that although the car needs a new transmission that it won't be covered because the failsafe in the transmission was because of a non-covered part. (i.e. the mechatronic sleeve and transmission pan).  What a Load of Bull and this company is a RIPOFF to the 1,000th degree. When we called in the claim they sent out a inspector that test drove the car for 10 minutes. Never had the transmission sent out or torn down to determine the actual reason for the failsafe/faulty sign.  I attempted to call the company with no response and only told that a supervisor would contact me.  I contacted BMW and was told that BMW Transmissions cannot be repaired - only rebuilt or replaced and that they have lifetime transmission fluid.  Upon speaking to my mechanic and BMW I was advised that there was no way that the transmission fail was caused by the leak in the transmission pan or mechatronic sleeve.  Whereas, BMW's have a sensor that would immediately come up on the dash indicating the transmission oil level low and cannot be turned off.  There has never been such a light nor is there, to date.  Therefore, the transmission failure has to come from another source. I've contacted the BBB and filed a complaint and plan to pursue this issue further because I would gladly agree to have the transmission sent away to a 3rd party to determine the actual source of the failure and do not believe that such a problem and/or determination can be made honestly with just a 10 minute test drive and a visual lookover.  I understand that times are hard but this company is a RIPOFF THAT TRIES TO SCAPEGOAT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO LIVE UP TO THEIR END OF THE CONTRACT AT ALL COST!
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
34, Report #914077
Jul 19 2012
11:28 AM
Carchex Pro Long Plus Carchex major disappointment and a waste of money! Do not buy their product! Internet
We have a 2003 Acura TL that we purchased 3 yrs ago and also purchased the $1700 Carchex warranty after doing some research. After talking to the salesman about the warranty he sold me on it. All I needed to do was maintain my service records while having the car. That was doable. Last week the transmission went out and I faxed in all the required paperwork to the company and was denied due to some input error on the mileage at the garage. Which was clearly a typo and was still denied. Pro long plus sent an ivestigator to the shop to check out the shop's computer database to see of the work was done proper. Which it was and the investigator told the shop supervisor that this is clearly a typo and should be going thru. Instead the matter got worse and now it went from having the wrong mileage to having no oil changes done in more than 6 months. What a crock, because the invoices clearly show the correct dates of oil changes. So I was denied again. I found this website and read another complaint where the Carchex CEO (supposedly) left his contact info. I told him my problem and was told they would look into it.I went as far as telling him I am willing to pay $1000 towards the repair if the rest was covered. All they did was go by what prolong plus had said and that was having improper service records. I was also told I will be an advocate for you and I'm on your side. All that was done was a second investigation by carchex and pro long plus. The result was I can help offset the cost of the $2500 repair with a $300 check that will be sent out asap. Thats chump change for this company. $300! What a slap in the face. I'm on your side. I told them they can keep their money. Bottom line is this company will find any small reason to not pay anything for any problems that may happen to your vehicle. Not only does the paperwork have to be spotless and inspected. But there also has to be an inspection done on the repair itself. Which could take any where from 5-7 business days. So there is no guarantee that anything will be fixed with on your vehicle with this warranty. Having all paperwork there and inspections done will not get your car repaired. Do not I repeat DO NOT buy this product it's a ripoff and they are not there for the customer. They are there to rip people off. If you are still in the money back period. Please get your money back now. Instead of paying $1700 for a warranty that is worthless and then being offered a $300 slap in the face check for a repair that costs $2500. So with that math when you could get denied for a $300 claim they will say here is $5 to help you out with the repairs. A total waste of money and time so DO NOT BUY!!!
Entity: , Internet
35, Report #779110
Oct 18 2011
12:20 PM
Do not buy this insurance, they prey on the elderly by lying about thier coverage, and then when you need them they deny claims, regardless if its valid or not! This company is obviously out thier to prey on the american people by using scare tactics to get you to by thier worthless coverage! Run , do not walk away from these evil people!
Entity: DUPLIN, Ohio
36, Report #452565
Nov 16 2010
01:25 AM
Carchex / Smart Auto Warranty Are LYING SCAMMERS!!! They use their BBB rating to lie about the company they are offering! Hunt Valley Maryland
This company did not want to show me a contract unless I buy their warranty first. I felt that was a little odd, but I figured out the reason. THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO FIND THE PROBLEM WITH THE CONTRACT BEFORE GIVING THEM MONEY! They are brokers and tried to offer me a plan from a company called Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc. based out of Tulsa, OK. If you check them with the BBB, they are A rated, but they are not accredited. I felt funny about that because Carchex is also A rated and not accredited as well. It doesn't make any sense, right? I did some more research because they like to pressure to get you to put a down payment and have you see a contract in the mail. They told me that Old Republic Insurance Company in Greensburg, PA are the insurer. I called the Greensburg, PA office and they told me they have ABSOLUTELY NO affiliation with the Tulsa, OK company! So that means that the Old Republic they sell does not have an insurance company that is rated with AM who rates insurance companies. Carchex likes to use other company's reports to help their sales pitches. That is why you cannot trust them. If you wish to do business with any company, make sure you see a contract up front. I almost fell for it, but it bothered me when I could not see a sample of a contract up front. I was smart about it and it would of bothered me that I didn't listen to my instincts and found out I was lied to. I later found out that Carchex were first called Smart Auto Warranty who had many complaints and not rated with the Better Business Bureau and that is why they use the name Carchex now. That is probably why they are not accredited with the BBB. Michael Hempstead, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
37, Report #453230
Jun 17 2009
07:31 AM
Smart Auto/Carchex Would let me cancel Hunt Valley Maryland
I original bought a warranty from Smart Auto till I decided to go with another warranty company. I had bought the policy only one day before deciding to cancel. When I called in ONE DAY LATER I was being vastly pressured to stay with their company. That's all fine and dandy but the gentleman would not give up and let me off the phone. When I told them who I was going to go with they started to tell me that I would be a fool to go with that company. They started to try and show me negative press about that company which I thought was very petty and ashamed that a company would go that far to slander another competitor. I understand business is precious these days but come on. All I did was call in to cancel not to get a dissertation on why I'm an idiot for leaving them, and going somewhere else. I'd rather not say where I went, but let me tell you when I tried to cancel with that company (cause Smart kept calling me in a last ditch effort to get me back) they were very nice about it and let cancel without any bother. I don't know about you but if someone has to try so hard to keep my business how hopeless are they and how extreme are they willing to go if I ever need to cancel in the future. I'm so glad that I ended up canceling with them because I didn't get my refund for 3 weeks after canceling. Remember I was only a customer for ONE DAY! That to me is insane. Whitefield somewhere, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
38, Report #431317
Jun 17 2009
11:02 AM
Carchex $149 report was of no value Hunt Valley Maryland
I paid Carchex to inspect a Toyota truck outside of Nashville. When I went to see the truck myself, I found that the report had missed some significant issues, such as body damage, a couple of malfunctioning sensors on the dashboard and worn brake pads and shoes with probable damage to rotors. Also, the seller told me that the inspector had not done a test drive, but had done nothing more than take a handful of photos that were included in the report. Since the report did not present an accurate appraisal of the vehicle, it had no value. The company also did not fulfill what it promises to do on its website, which includes, among other things, a test drive. The $149 fee gained me absolutely nothing. I subsequently tried both calling and writing to Carchex. They don't answer their phone, which only has an answering machine. I left two messages, neither of which was returned. They also never responded to my written correspondence. I tried getting the charge removed by my credit card company, but they ruled in favor of Carchex - I'm canceling that card (REI Visa). My advice would be to stay away from Carchex. Phil murfreesboro, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
39, Report #971941
Dec 07 2012
11:49 AM
CARCHEX company would not honor repair report from Car dealer Mechanic Hunt Valley, Maryland
My dealers Mechanic called CarChex to verify what repairs can be fixed.  CARCHEX explained to him that if my car is not experiencing any defects or is not broken they will not honor any repairs.  I called them and ask why they have given me deceptive practices on this warranty and it does not state this in their contract.  Mr Ryan Porter stated he does not work for CARCHEX he is only a BROKER trying to sell their product.  I wish i had new this at first, i will be canceling this contract and contacting the STATES ATTORNEY OFFICE and the BBB.  
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
40, Report #1178746
Sep 23 2014
12:24 PM
CarChex - Hunt Valley, MD CarChex CARCHEX - Only time you'll be able to reach someone is to set up a policy, that's about it.. Baltimore Maryland
I purchased a warranty through this company for my vehicle. When I called the company, i spoke with a Joseph Zumbo who gave me what I thought, was a good price for a aftermarket warranty. Recently, I brought my vehicle to a shop that I have been dealing with for years and years. I have taken all of my cars to them. They contacted the company to file a claim on a simple seal to replace. In the contract book, it says that SEALS are covered but of course there is always that fine print. When I called the company to cancel the policy noone picked up the phone, the only way to get someone on the phone is to set up a new policy. Once they have your money you can kiss all customer service good bye! Do yourself a favor a STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! Save up money to pay for your own car repairs instead of paying this company to find a way to tell you its not covered
Entity: Baltimore , Maryland
41, Report #1167537
Aug 05 2014
11:13 AM
Carchex... stay far away from this company! Baltimore Nationwide
 in June, I purchased a warranty through this company, thinking that they were reputable...well, yesterday I found out I was wrong.  on this past Friday, my car wouldn't go over 38mph, so I rushed home as soon as possible to call this company to see what I needed to do.  I spoke with a rep from this company  to verify what needed to be done. so on Monday (yesterday), my wife and I did exactly what we were told to do, my wife called again to speak with a rep from this company to make sure we were doing things the right way.  when the mechanic called in to file the claim, he gave all the info of what needed to be done, what the issue was, how long it would take...he was told by the claims rep that he needed our permission to tear the transmission apart and give a more detailed explanation of what's wrong.  IMMEDIATELY, that sent up a red flag. so I jumped on the net and looked up this company (which I should've done in the first place), I then came across this site, and a few others, where there were nothing but horror stories giving the same description of what I was going through, and all of those who did take the next step and have the faulty piece of equipment COMPLETELY torn apart, they're claim was denied, leaving them to pay for the bill. my mechanic, thankfully, had dealt with this company before and experienced them leaving their customers high and dry, left owing a bill that the warranty should cover, but finding any excuse not to cover the cost. He informed us not to go any further, which we didn't, and to cancel with this company.  when I called today, they're reluctant to give me back the payment that I just made, even though they know that they're wrong, and that I never used they're service, but,as the rep stated, because the warranty was there for me to use, my refund will be pro rated.  I will NEVER use this company again, and all those that I've told about this company and have signed up, have already been notified of their scam type services and lack of customer service. I mean, even when I tried to cancel, I got the run around for 2 HOURS....transfer after transfer, until finally someone sent me to a voice message that says that the office was closed! I called and left messages all day yesterday with supervisors, COO' response up until the time that I'm posting this.  they've proven that they're concern is not with the customer, but more so how much money they can get out of the customer!  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1216599
Mar 18 2015
11:50 AM
CARCHEX Buy Beware Baltimore Maryland
I admit I am not car savy at all so I fall prey to almost any scam related to the mechanics of a car.  This company likes to use email notices to their services.  Actually it is an introduction to a rip off.  I fell of course and I am as poor as a church mouse!  I got some smooth talker on the phone and I bought into a plan to save my 2012 VW Turbo any repairs and I imagined there would be some down the pike.  It only had 17,000 miles on it when I bought it last spring.  Ok, so this guy was super slippery smooth and I bought into the best plan they hadl.  They name the plans after rare metals by the way.  The cost was 99 bucks and change put on my debit card immediately by the way!  It was all I had left in my bank account for two weeks as I am a retiree and am on a pittance inclome of SS and a small pension.  I always run short every month as I am saddled with tons of bills.  99 bucks is alot to me!  So, I could not sleep and was up all night thinking about what I just did.  When you think about it, even if this company was straight up honest it would still be a rip off.  There are so many things that can go wrong on these new cars.  You just know that they will pick and choose what they will reimburse you for.  My advice is to stay away from all these kinds of companies.  They all have the lupper hand on you!  So to end this story now,  at 5 AM with no sleep I called the salesman and cancelled out.  I thought that was all I had to do.  Oh no, they have a miasma of stuff you must do to get your 99 bucks back!  So in closing, they have my 99 and change and they got it from me in an instant.  I have to wait up to 90 days for that refund.  I woi;d say that alone is a RIP OFFl and had I bought into their scam I am sure many pit falls lay ahead for anyone who buys into this scam!
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
43, Report #546513
Mar 23 2010
01:37 PM
I purchased an extended warranty from sometime in September 2007.  This was suppose to give me 90,000 additional miles of coverage on my 2003 Honda Accord Coupe.  As stated in the contract my transmission is covered.  My transmission just went out and I had my vehicle towed to a Honda dealership to get it repaired.  When the dealership called the claims department they were given reasons why the repair may not be covered and the determination needs to be made by tearing down the transmission to see exactly what caused it to fail.   They (Smartautowarranty) gave us a bunch of things that cause the repair to not be covered.  Here are the problems: Problem 1 - None of this is in the contract nor was it explained at time of purchase. NO ONE would buy this if they explained it or had it in their contract. Problem 2 - If they tear down my transmission and find that it's not a covered repair, I'm still left with the bill for the tear down.  ONCE AGAIN, NO ONE would buy this if it was in the contract. Problem 3 - It's a dice roll not a warranty because they require too much work to be done on the car (which is your call) before they authorize the repair.  So after you (the consumer) have a part torn down to see what bolt is out of place, you are left with the labor for that if the repair is not covered.  As of right now December 28, 2009 6:54 pm I'm still waiting on a phone call from or to be able to speak to the manager since Thursday December 24 2009.  I'm so lucky that I keep getting the same two people from the claims department and the customer service department, yea right.  My next course of action is to hire an attorney and sew.  This is a ripoff and no one should have to go through this again.  Please do yourself a favor request the contract in advance and tape record conversations about your contract if you have to for any of these companies.  Based on my experience with smartautowarranty/Carchex I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM.
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
44, Report #877107
May 07 2012
03:32 PM
Carchex false advertisement Internet, Virginia
My husband and I have a warranty with Carchex please have your lawyers read over all there contracts before signing anything with them. all of the wording you might understand the meaning does not mean the same to them there a ripoff your warranty will never last the length of time is say due to the wording and this is 2012 not years ago my contract is new. There hold is to never come out of pocket for your car and they will try to do just that 
Entity: Internet, Virginia
45, Report #532679
Mar 23 2010
01:38 PM
CarChex Warranty Prolong Plus RIPOFF! Hunt Valley, Maryland
DO NOT USE this company. They are a scam!!! I bought their Prolong Plus warranty and they will NEVER honor their contract. First, you have to wait 40-60 minutes to talk to a claims associate. Their first job is to deny all claims. If you complain enough, then they will call the auto repair shop and try to vaguely word things to make the contract invalid. I called over 4 to 5 times. I had to goto arbitration  but they word their warranty contract so that there is NO WAY YOU WILL WIN. Also, they will never put things in writing or give their email address so that you CANNOT WIN in court or mediation. DO NOT FALL for their marketing gimmicks like free gas, they are part of the Better Business Bureau or how they are own by CARFAX. That is a lie. SAVE YOURself the handache and avoid this company at all cost. I'm in the process of filing a lawsuit.         
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
46, Report #280606
Nov 16 2007
09:43 AM
Carchex Fake report which costs me $2000 to fix the body and the interior. Bronx New York
NEVER try to order CarChex in ebay or whatsoever. I won a bid on a BMW 330ci on ebay and ordered Carchex for the inspection. Can't believe that they created a FAKE report and claimed that both the body and the engine are in excellent condition but NONE of these are TRUE. Because of this fraudulent report, it costs me $2000 to fix the dents/scratches/rips all over the car. NEVER, EVER try to order CARCHEX or you will need to PAY OFF later. here is the link to the RIPOFF AUTO INSPECTION... Ivan redwood city, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Bronx, New York
47, Report #1150231
May 28 2014
10:37 AM
CARCHEX Ripoff Company BALTIMORE Maryland
 This company is a RIPOFF.  Do not waste your money or time.  They will gladly take your money but when it comes to a claim they will do everything in their power to deny it.  I had purchased a top of the line warranty (SO THEY TOLD ME) but when I took my car into the shop it needed an engine seal to be replaced and they denied my claim.  They said they did not pay for seals, i was willing to pay for the seal and they pay for what the policy said it was covered and they denied.  When I talked to Mr. Martin the Manager and mentioned that I wanted to cancel because I was lied too, he had the cancellation in my email before we even got off the phone.    BAD BUSINESS!!
Entity: BALTIMORE, Maryland
48, Report #1187330
Nov 06 2014
04:04 PM
Carchex Company denied coverage of work on my car and left me to pay 6000 in repairs baltimore Maryland
I have purchased the titanium coverage from carchex and recently I have had smoke come out of my exhaust after idle for 5 minutes. I brought the car to shop and the was going through my warranty and the when the adjuster came he denied the coverage for repair. i have a 2006 bmw 750liMy mechanic said said it's the valve seals. Which under my warranty it covers seals and gaskets. He said because it involves oil consumption it is not covered?! But yet it's a seal. So they basically said i paid 3700 for the warranty for no reason and I'm out of luck because it doesn't cover it. I never felt so cheated in my life. How is it that the only repair I have to do is somehow not covered. In this amazing coverage of a plan they have I specifically asked if valve seals are covered before purchasing the warranty because I was informed that the bmw 750li are known for this issue. And they clearly mentioned yes the seals are covered. And now I'm being given the run around. Ive ce tried contacted many people at carchex and they kept transferring me and putting me on hold and keep saying I'm not covered. This is not the service I paid for when I dished out the money. 
Entity: baltimore , Maryland
49, Report #1132563
Mar 28 2014
01:36 PM
Carchex warranty WARNING DO NOT USE CARCHEX THEY ARE CROOKS!!!! Hunt Valley Maryland
I have a carchex warranty and it means nothing!!!!!! I have a 2006 Equinox that is making a tapping noise. I took it to the dealership and they determined it was the lifters and they also found I have a leak in the coolant system which both are covered in the warranty. Well before the mechanics took anything apart they had to confirm i was covered. Carchex is suppose to send out an inspector to make sure the claim is legit. Well after weeks of not sending anyone out someone at carchex told the dealership it was ok to take the engine apart I would be covered. After Carchex gave the ok the dealership took apart the engine and then the inspector decided to come out and deny the claim because he says my lifters haven't clasped yet. Eventhough the engine is tapping still and the dealership told him the lifters are bad they still denied the claim. AND  NOW     they want me to pay the bill from them taking the whole engine apart even though they are the ones who authorized it. When I brought this to their attention they told me their administration would never authorized that but I know they did cause everytime I called to check  on the progress carchex kept telling me everything looks good. But when it came time to pay up they basically changed their mind. I had several conversation with carchex and they kept telling ne everything is ok. Now that my car is ready all the sudden I gotta come up with $1200. This is unbelievable and I wish I would've never looked twice at this warranty. This is definately one of my biggest regrets ever.  if my lifters clasp my engine will blow. 
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
50, Report #1161128
Jul 10 2014
04:08 PM
Auto Warranty Scam by CarChex - Royal Administration Services Auto Warranty Scam - CarChex - Royal not honoring contract agreement Baltimore Maryland
 Beware of purchasing an auto warranty from CarChex! I purchased an expensive CarChex/Royal Administration extended warranty policy for $3,090.00 for a Silver Coverage. Since the purchase I have not had any issues with my BMW 328i 2007 since I take good care of it. However recently, the window regulator of my left rear window has been failing and my window is not going up. But since I purchased a warranty so that I wouldn’t have to worry for this type of failures I was confident that there was nothing to worry about. For reassurance, I went back to my contract agreement which states: “2. GENERAL TERMS The following General Terms are applicable at all times: … B. FAILURE OF COVERED COMPONENTS: We will pay or reimburse You for reasonable costs to repair or replace a Covered Component in the event of a Breakdown. Our amount of authorization may be based on the utilization of new parts, remanufactured parts, or replacement parts of like kind and quality. C. APPROVAL OF COVERED REPAIRS: All Covered Repairs must receive prior authorization by the Administrator. The Administrator may be contacted at (800) 871-0467. … 3. COVERAGE This Contract covers ONLY the components/parts listed below: ... ELECTRICAL: Alternator, voltage regulator, starter motor, starter solenoid, ignition switch, front & rear wiper motors and switches, washer pump and switch, headlamp switch, turn signal switch, rear defroster switch, AC/heater blower speed switch, power window motors, regulators and switches, power door lock actuators and switches.” Since the agreement was clear that it would cover the window regulator, I went and followed the instructions for a claim and brought my car to the shop. The next day, after the diagnosis, the shop called me to tell me that they received the authorization from the warranty which I thought was good news. However they added that there would be a ~$250 balance since the warranty would not cover the whole cost of the repair. My deductible is $100 and this is all I can afford right now. I got so shocked by the news that I decided to call the administrator to get a better understanding of the situation. When I called Royal, they said I had to talk to Carchex because they are the ones I had the contract/agreement with. When I called CarChex they said that Royal was the administrator they are the ones to negotiate with. Both companies refused to let me talk to a supervisor and continued repeating that they will only cover a certain amount of hours for the job. They tried to make me understand that I should be directing my concerns to my shop instead for charging for more hours. Why would I need to have a warranty if I wanted to deal with the shop? Nowhere is it said in the agreement that a component replacement/repair would be covered to a certain limit. If I knew there was possibility that a covered repair would not cover fully the costs other (minus my deductible) I would have reassessed the need to have a warranty or reassessed where I would bring my car. Now that my car is already at the shop even if I would want to shop around and go to another place I would still have to pay for a $140 diagnosis fee so it would just not make any sense whatsoever. I tried to negotiate with them saying that in the future I will not go to the same shop and would go to a cheaper one if I have to, and to please be considerate since it is my first time using the service. I even begged them! They started yelling at me as if they were the victim! Can you believe that? They continued repeating that there is nothing else that they will do and would not consider my case. Basically they continued refusing to resolve the situation with me. I am extremely frustrated and feel that I am being ripped off by them. I feel that they have the worst customer service ever and do not know that their client’s satisfaction should be their goal. They are clearly not aware of that. Therefore I would recommend anyone to stay away from them and not to make the same mistake I did. I have been doing research and seeking legal counsel. I prefer losing money through legal/resolution actions rather than letting this go... That is how disappointed I am.
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