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51, Report #189699
May 02 2006
07:19 PM
Carmax, Carmax Superstores Trying to change contract,claiming I owe them more money. ripodd Richmond Virginia
On 11/29/04 at 9:48 p.m., I purchased a 2000 Acura 3.2 TL from CarMax, with the trade of my 2000 Nissan Maxima. Less than 12 hours later, on 11/30/04 while traveling to work, the side airbag lights started flashing. I contacted CarMax immediately. They took the vehicle in and couldn't determine what the problem was, they also sent it to the Acura dealership for further testing. They still couldn't determine what the source of the problem was. I didn't feel comfortable with the conclusions, therefore, in accordance with CarMax's 5 day return policy, the vehicle was returned, of which they in turn sent the vehicle to their Midlothian store and put it on their lot for sale again. I asked what would happen being that I traded in my Maxima. They stated since my vehicle was already auctioned off, I would need to purchase a new vehicle. I questioned them how the Maxima could have been auctioned off so quickly being that I traded it in the prior evening. They stated the next day was their scheduled auction day. I ended up asking 3 different people about the status of the car because I was in disbelief that it was gone so fast. They all told me it had already left their lot. The sales manager, Edmond, offered me a loaner vehicle until I found another vehicle I wanted to purchase from them. As I was searching for another vehicle, the loaner car's check engine light started flashing, they had to give me another loaner vehicle. I then found a vehicle which would have to be shipped from another location. In the meantime, as I was browsing their website, I noticed they had the Maxima I traded listed back on there for sale in the amount of $15,998. I immediately called CarMax and questioned it. The manager then finally admitted they were reconditioning the Maxima to put it back on their lot and it had not been sold as they originally told me. He stated that I could come back in and repurchase the vehicle for the same amount they gave me, which would cancel out the entire 1st deal. I agreed and the new contract was created on 12/10/04 by CarMax. They used the Maxima again as the trade in on the Maxima even though it was the same vehicle. They said this was necessary in order to cancel out any prior contracts. When I received the Maxima back, they had taken the tint and pinstripes off the vehicle. They also changed the housing on the gear box and window controls. At this point I was not pleased with their modifications. They told me as least I would have the vehicle back and if I were to decide to continue to purchase the other vehicle, it would be just as if I were starting all over from scratch. It made sense at the time, so I agreed. On 12/13/04, the vehicle I requested, 2000 Lexus ES 300, was available and purchased. CarMax drew up the contract of which they signed and I signed in the amount totaling $19,175.58. This amount was paid off on 12/15/04 in accordance with their 3 day payoff guidelines by Synergy Bank, due to the lower interest rate and monthly payments. CarMax accepted this payoff and released the title to Synergy Bank. CarMax reported all of my accounts with them closed, and paid to a $0 balance as of 1/05. In February 2005, they sent me a notice stating I owed them an additional $2,530.25. I contacted them several times because I knew this was incorrect. Each time, I was told they would review it and would call me back or they were with customers and would need to call me back. I never heard back from them. Then 3 months later, they sent me another notice, again I contacted them several times, with no resolution. Then 7 months later, I received a letter from the law firm, which brings me here today. So it seemed to me that they never attempted to look into this and work to get it corrected. I paid according to what was in their own contract which they signed and I signed. I provided several documents showing what was due to them and what was paid to them. They created all contracts and are now trying to change the contract agreement. I feel as though they are trying to rip me, the consumer, off. They have caused me to lose time and money due to the time I've missed from work through this ordeal. If they feel they made an error somewhere along the lines, they should penalize their employees, not me. They took me to court over this and they admitted that it was an administrative error, however, they still insists I owe them this money. Marquita Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on CarMax CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Glen Allen, Virginia
52, Report #318134
Mar 15 2008
08:52 AM
Carmax Don't trust Carmax they will rip you off big time. Norcross Georgia
We bought 2002 PT Cruiser in July 2007. The mileage showed about 35k. Normally I would have said no way a 5 year old vehicle would that low of mileage. No bells or whistles went off because I have always heard Clark Howard speak of how great a place it was to buy a vehicle without all the haggling. Immediately we started having problems with the tires & back breaks. The tires would lose pressure and the back brakes sounded as if the pads were going out. Not all of the tires would lose pressure at the same time. We would put air back in and the same would happen again. We went back to CarMax and explained the problem. The service manager said he could check the brakes for $53.oo. I didn't think we should have to pay for that. He said he had to pay his workers and could not do it for free. As for the brakes he did a visual inspection only and said they look fine and it is not uncommon for the brakes to sound like they are rubbing. In other words, he was not going to do anything unless we paid. I left out of frustrations We have always bought our tires from Kauffman Tire. We took it them and they said all 4 valve stems were defective. They replaced them at NO CHARGE because we were a customer and they knew when we bought replacement tires we would go to them. We thought that would solve the problem. It did not. Once again we started losing air one tire at a time. Once again we would have to add air. After about a month we went back to Kauffman tire and they examined the rims. The rims were not sealed properly. Kauffman tire pulled all 4 wheels and found that the rims had deteriorated. Kauffman tire smoothed them out AT NO CHARGE. Kauffman tire also pulled the back wheels and said we needed brake pads and the rotars smoothed out. The rear brakes actually had rust in them and needed replacing. The previous owner lived in New York state. That is why the brakes had rust in them. CarMax taunts there is a 125 point inspection. There is no way they inspected my vehicle. I am now in the process of trying to find out who the previous owner was and talk to him. I hope to be abel to run the vin number and to find out if the odometer has been run back. I also intend to call their corporate office (1 804 747 0422) file a complaint and do the same with the Georgia Cunsumers Affairs office and the Better Business Bureau. CARMAX IS DISHONEST AND UNLESS ALL OF YOU ARE UNWILLING TO COMPLAIN TO THE PROPER AGENCIES THAT REGULATE THEM, IT WILL CONTINUE. I also intend to contact Clark Howard and see if he can help or at the very least quit praising them on his radio show. Andrew Snellville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
53, Report #281309
Oct 27 2007
03:55 PM
Carmax Do not buy a car from Carmax Kansas City Kansas
My girlfriend and I bought a 2004 Dodge Durango from Carmax in August 2007. We weren't going to buy used but we found the exact car we wanted, equipped exactly how we wanted with only 17,000 miles. We test drove the vehicle and everything seemed fine. They convinced us that their 120 point inspection is the best even though the CD player didn't work before we even drove off the lot. They promised to fix it and that it wasn't a big deal. We traded in, or as I found out, sold my truck to them as part of the deal. Ten minutes after we drove off of the lot the check engine light came on and the vehicle stalled out in the middle of the road almost causing us to hit a tree. We drove back to the dealership and talked with them about giving the vehicle back. They informed us that we would owe them the $4,000 dollars of negative equity that I had from my truck and that they would not give the truck back because I had sold them the vehicle (this is all within a few hours of the deal). Carmax had their expert mechanics look at the Durango and could not fix the problem so they sent it to a Dodge dealership. That particular dealership explained that an oxygen sensor was out and replaced it. They also fixed the CD player at that time. We got the vehicle back and a few hours later the light was on again and the vehicle stalled again. I then took the vehicle back and they replaced the computer and gave the vehicle back. As of today we have taken the vehicle back a total of 6 times and they have not been able to figure out what is wrong (so far they have replaced 2 oxygen sensors, 2 catalytic converters, the computer, and not sure what they are trying now. The only offer Carmax has given us is they can continue to try and fix the vehicle, we can trade it in for a comparable one, or they can appraise the vehicle that we bought and they will buy it back at a lesser price now. I gave them a chance to see if we could trade that one in and the only thing that they had anywhere near comparable to what we would want was at a dealership 3 hours away. Carmax stated that they would bring that one in and we would have to buy it or the offer is off of the table and we needed to start the process of buyin it now. Obviously, we told them we would not be buying anything from them without seeing it first and they informed us that it would be the only one we could get if we didn't take it the offer was off of the table. Mind you, the one they are offering has twice as many miles as the one we bought and they want to sell it to us for the same price. If anyone has any suggestions as to what we could do I would appreciate it. Butch Overland Park, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas
54, Report #1020753
Feb 26 2013
07:59 PM
CARMAX Carmax used fraudant means to lowball the value of my car Internet
On July 15, 2012 I went to Carmax Dealership in Torrance Ca. I was laid off as a Police Officer after 34 years and needed funds to cover our rent etc. I had a clean 1999 Cadillac Deville with only 120,000 miles on it. I knew going in I wouldn't get a high blue book but maybe something in between. I paid $5,000. for it two years prior. The Carmax inspector told me that my car had prior frame damage.  When I was at home later, I observed on another page in his report from autocheck, that my vehicle had no frame damage reported. Based on that info they offered me $1,000.! I was upset with the Cadillac dealership that sold me my vehicle. I started legal proceedings against them. On July 26, 2012 my wife was rear ended while driving my vehicle. Farmers Insurance Adjuster filed a 28 page report which indicated also that my vehicle did not have any frame damage until the accident on July 26th. Farmers also valued my vehicle at $5,426.63.
Entity: , Internet
55, Report #1060381
Jun 19 2013
11:45 AM
Carmax Carmax sold me a vehicle with MAJOR INTERNAL ENGINE FAILURE Henderson Nevada
To Whom it may concern,02/2013- I purchased a 2008  Mazda CX 7. Brought it home and noticed it was making a purring noise when driving. Called the service department and was told the soonest they could get it in would be march 5th.03/05/13- I brought the car in for service. Drove with a technician and pointed out the noise. He said it sounded like a CV boot. I asked the representative Jason how long it is going to take to fix and he said it should be done by 6pm. I asked if I could get a loaner for the day and they put me in a loaner and sent me on my way. I received a call at 3pm stating that its not the CV boot and carmax is trying to diagnose the problem and they will keep me informed. I received “keep informed” phone calls from Jason every day. He told me that car max is still trying to diagnose the problem and they cant figure out what it is. 03/08/13- Received a daily “keep informed call from Jason stating that car max could not figure out the problem so they sent the car to Mazda to see if they could diagnose the problem. 03/09/13- Received a phone call from the service manager Jim. He said its looking like the whole engine in the car needs to be replaced so I would be better off getting a different car because hes seen it in his 9 years of experience where engines are replaced and the mechanisms don’t work well together and the air conditioner goes out. I told him I wouldn’t have a problem getting another car as long as it’s the same car for the same price. He told me he would have my sales guy Rory contact me to see what they can do. Rory calls me and asks me to come in after work and he would go over inventory with me. I go in after work and sit down with Rory. He pulls up inventory and says all other cars like mine are more expensive and my payment would go up. I told him Im not willing to make a higher payment. He said he would partner with higher management to see what they can do for me and he would contact me to let me know.03/11/13- Received a call from Rory saying there is a car in Kansas that they could have shipped here for me. I asked if it’s the same price and he said its $4000 more but they would work with me. I tell him not to send the car here if they cant give it to me for the same price. He said just let them get the car here and they will work with the price.03/14/13-03/22/13- Heard nothing about my car.. Only follow up calls from Jason asking how the loaner is doing03/26/13- I contacted carmax corporate office explaining everything that has happened. I told them the loaner car that they gave me does not fit my needs, and asked if I still had to make a payment on the car and they said yes.. Received a phone call from jim at the Henderson store. He said they will have another loaner car for me that fits my needs if I want to come pick it up. I told him I would be there in the morning. I make a payment on the car of $***.00. I receive a phone call from Jim. He says I can call corporate all I want, the only thing they are going to do is call the store and voice my concerns..03/27/13- I picked up a second loaner vehicle 2008 Mazda CX 7. The car was just like mine so I was happy.03/28/13- received a phone call from Rory saying the car from Kansas is in and asked if Id like to take a look at it. I went in after work.. the car was just like mine, same color all the same options except it was a year older and $4000 more expensive. I told Rory im not willing to make a higher payment due to their mistake. A manger by the name of Robert came out and said they are willing to take off $1000 of the price. I told him again Im not willing to make a higher payment. He proceeded to tell me it’s a more reliable vehicle and if the engine in my car is replaced, then the seat mechanism is going to go out. Rory asked me to sit down with him so he can run some numbers. So I sit down with him and he says they payment would be more expensive and he will partner with the management team on Monday because they are all on an easter getaway for the weekend. I ask if I can get my things out of my car and they said sure and take me to where my car is. My car is parked in the front lot accessible to anyone at anytime under a tree!!3/29/13 - 4/3/13- Heard nothing regarding my car except from Jason doing  follow up calls on the loaner vehicle.4/4/13- Required by work to go to a National childcare conference in reno. Pre pay $250 each for Friday session and $250.00 each for Saturday session. $210.00 for Hotel in Reno for Thursday night and Friday night. A coworker and I leave las Vegas a 4pm in the CX7. We stop and get gas in tonapah which is about 250 miles from Las Vegas. 50 miles later the check engine light comes on. Then we hear a rattling noise and the car wont accelerate. We pull over, shut off the car and white smoke is pouring out from under the hood. We run from the car. A highway patrol car stops and gives us a number to a tow truck compay, says he will be back to check on us and leaves. Its 7:30 at night, the sun has gone down and we are stuck in the middle of the desert. Its cold, raining and pitch black outside! I call car max and speak to Tim. I explain everything that is happening and he asks if I have a credit card to charge a tow truck on. I tell him no. he asks for the number to the tow truck company and says he has to ask his boss if they are able to pay for the truck. He calls back and says they will pay for a tow truck and there is one in route for us and he will have someone from car max call me in the morning and let me know whats going on.. We turn the flashers on so at least we will have some kind of light. 8:30p the battery dies in the car and now we are sitting in complete darkness. The tow truck gets there ar 9:30pm, loads up the car and takes us to the best western in tonapah where car max has paid for a room for the night for us. We get to the room and ask if there is anything to eat or drink and the man in the lobby says he has boiled eggs and oats. No bottles water and nothing is open this late. So we go back up to the room and go to sleep. –( Please see picture attached.. This is not anywhere I would want any of my loved ones to stay ever!!! )4/5/13- 8:12am I receive a phone call from Jim and he says the car is at a shop in tonapah and they are trying to find the car. 9:02am receive a call from Jim saying they found the car and they are trying to figure out the problem and if they can fix it. He will keep me updated. 10:07am Received a call from jim. He says the car has a blown head gasket and they cant fix it in tonapah and they will see if they can get a rental car to me or a taxi or something.  9:00am- call the hotel in reno and ask them if they are able to refund our hotel for thurday night since we broke down and didn’t make it. They say they cant refund our hotel and they cancelled our reservations because we were a no show and they are all sold out for the weekend because theres 3 conferences and all hotels are probably going to be sold out. 10:57am- Jim calls and says the nearest rental car place is 82 miles from tonapah and they only have 2 employees and are not willing to bring us a car. So car max is going to send a tow truck with another loaner car. He says his google maps is telling him there is a coffee shop a half a mile up the road if we want to grab something to eat. But we don’t have a car and Im not walking a half a mile up the road in a strange deserted town!!. 11:29am- Jim calls and says the loaner car is on the way. 1:30pm- the hotel lobby calls and says we have to leave our room because they gave it to someone else and they are all booked up for the night. So we take all of our things and sit on a couch in the lobby. 3:14p- Jim calls and says the tow truck is 70 miles away. 4:55pm- we are still waiting in the lobby. I call Jim to see if he can tell me how far the tow truck is. He calls back at 4:57pm and says there was confusion with the tow truck driver and he is 90 miles away. 7:00pm the tow truck driver gets there with the loaner car which is a Honda fit. He says sorry it took him so long, they sent him to the wrong dealership to pick up the loaner. 7:30pm we start our journey back to Las Vegas because our hotel in reno cancelled our reservations and we didn’t want to get out there with nowhere to stay. I call Jim and let him know the loaner got to us and ask him if id be able to switch it out with a different car because my children and all their belongings will not fit in this car. He says that will be no problem. I also ask him if I will be able to get all my belongings out of the broken car and he says it should be back on the lot so that should be a problem either.4/6/13- I go to car max to get my things out of the broken loaner and to switch the Honda Fit for something larger because I have children and they will not fit in a Honda fit. The gentleman at the counter his name was Branton, says they have a limited amount of loaners but he will see what he can do. I ask him about the broken car and he says there are so many CX7’s out there I will have to wait until Monday to get my things.  They put me in a Haundai Tuscan. I drive away, get on the freeway and notice its shaking. I pull over and look around the car and there is a rip in the back drivers side tire. I go to the store on Sahara and explain everything, show them the tire and they put me in a Nissan altima. I drive home and notice the brakes are squeaking and grinding. (please see attached picture of the tire)4/8/13- I go to car max this morning to get my things out of the broken loaner car. Jim and I walk around the lot and cant find it. He says he will call me when he finds it. I tell him about the loaner I have now and that the brakes are squeaking and grinding and the check engine light comes on and he says they have a limited amount of loaners and sends me on my way. 7:50am- I receive a call from Jim saying he found the car and would like to know if I want to come get my things out of it. I tell him I’m on my way to work to find out if I still have a job because I missed the required national conference I was supposed to be at. He asks me what was in the car and I tell him, my garage door opener, a pink case with a strap for my iphone, CDs in the center compartment, my Aux jack, a bag of soaps and body products from Lush,  receipts and insurance paperwork in my glove compartment. He says none of that is in there except for the receipts in the glove compartment.  So someone took all my things!!Total amount of money lost because of all this..1 day of pay from work for me and my coworker.. $1000.00 total for conference we didn’t make it to$210.00 for hotel in reno$***.00 I paid on the car that has been sitting in the front lot at Carmax in Henderson for almost 2 months$***.00 a month in insurance for a car I cant drive$50.00 in Gas I put in the CX7 right before it broke down.4/8/13- Called carmax corporate office and spoke to Vicki Waters. I explain everything that has happened and she asks me to send her an email of the expenses lost because of this. I send her an email at 12pm. Received an email back from Vicki at 1:37pm saying she reached out to a senior manager at the store and is waiting for a response. Received a kept in form call from Jason at 2:08pm. He said he is so sorry that all this has happened and he hopes it all gets resolved soon.4/9/13- 11:00 received daily “keep inform” call from Jason. He said he is trying to keep his eye out for a different loaner car but right now they only have a chevy aveo and that’s smaller then the car I have now.   4/10/13- 12:40pm received a phone call from Mike at the Henderson store. He said car max is not responsible for any expenses that I have encored because of their car breaking down. I asked him about the items left in the car that someone had taken and he said I would need to contact the tow truck company because no one from car max would of taken my things. He said hes reading my ticket and the engine is in for my car and a mechanic named Davis is working on it.4/26/13- Make another payment on the car I have not been able to driveMay 2, 2013- Pick up another loaner car from carmax.May 7, 2013- CarMax calls and says the new engine is in the car and they replaced the oil pump and the timing chain. they said they test drove it today and its leaking oil so theyre taking the engine out to figure out where the leaks are coming from.May 9, 2013- CarMax calls and says they took my car to Mazda because they couldn't figure out the problem.May 14, 2013- CarMax calls and says there is an electrical problem with the car.May 18, 2013- My car is sitting in the front lot at CarMaxMay 23, 2013- CarMax calls and says they are pulling the transmission out because there are leaks and they cant figure out where they are coming from.May 24, 2013- CarMax calls and says they need to replace some seals and a bushing in the transmission and the car should be done.May 26, 2013 - Make third payment on the car I still have not been able to driveJune 5, 2013- CarMax calls and says my car is finished.June 12, 2013- I pick my car up at 7pm at nightJune 13, 2013- I drove 10 miles to work. The check engine light came on and the oil light came on. The car was making a high pitch squealing noise, clunking from under the car, it wasn't shifting or going over 40mph. I called CarMax and told them Im bringing it in. I brought the car in and the service manager asked to go on a test drive with me. He turns the car on and sees the check engine light and oil light. he gets out of the car and opens the hood. He checks the dip stick.. He closes the hood and we go for a drive. He gets to the stop sign and when he accelerated he heard the clunking. He says sounds like we lost something then he said Im not going to take it any further and He drives it back to the service bay. He asks me to sit down in his office with the service manager and he says someone will call me by the end of the day to let me know what they are going to do. I ask if they are going to give me a loaner car and he says no your car should be safe to drive to and from work. So I ask who to call when the car breaks down and he said to call the service desk. I pull off the lot in my broken car. I get 5 miles down the road and turn around. I go back to the CarMax and tell them I have 2 small children and its hot outside.. I don't feel safe driving this car. They ask me to have a seat in the waiting area. The service manager comes up to me and says they are going to put me in a loaner. He says the car looks like it could have some transmission problems and some engine problems and someone will call me to keep me updated.6/14/13- I call Carmax to find out if there is any updates on my car. Jim, the service manager says the car is at Amco and gives me the phone number. He said he has no news on the car.6/17/13- Carmax calls at 5:45pm and says my car is at Amco for the transmission but Amco wont touch it until the engine problem is fixed.6/18/13- Received NO follow up callIm displeased with the service I have received from CarMax in Henderson NV. I feel like they are treating me the way they are because I am a female. Im beyond angry that they sold me a vehicle that had so many issues when they pride themselves on their 125 point inspections and their Used car guarantees. I have made 3 payments and I am continuing to make monthly payments and insurance payment on a car I drove for 3 weeks which I feel is completely unfair. I feel like Carmax should be paying the payment since they sold me a vehicle with major internal engine failure. Please let me know if there is anything else needed. Thank you for taking time to hear my concerns and I hope someone can help me resolve this soon or I will be seeking legal advice. 
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
56, Report #1060502
Jun 19 2013
04:07 PM
CARMAX SUPER STORE carmax sold us a salvage car without disclosing duarte California
My company is the victim of careless actions and illegal sales of SALVEGED auto by CARMAX auction. Not only am I out the money from buying back this 2006 Toyota Corolla from my retail client, which I purchased from CARMAX auction, Duarte CAL. on 5/8/2012. I have spent long hours talking to CARMAX people, which none cared. My car store “ONTARIO BEST AUTO SALES “-in Ontario California, is like a piece of sand compared to the ocean of CARMAX, but this should not mean CAMAX  to step on me. I finally decided to let all the people on top of this organization to know what is going on and at what cost to so many of like me ,the CARMAX has become this giant in the industry of used car sales. after almost two months calling,writting and faxing carmax does not want to buy the car back from us.they cheated my company of about $10000.00 they have made all the policies to thier benefit and every time i talk ,they bring up thier policy .which is to ripoff people and small business like mine.stay away from carmax,they are consider themselves so big that they step on you like you are a roach.
Entity: duarte, California
57, Report #1373638
May 16 2017
07:57 PM
Carmax Rivergate Madison/ Carmax 100 Oaks Nashville TN Carmax Rivergate Madison TN 100 Oaks Nashville pretending to fix your vehicle for easy money Carmax Rivergate Madison TN Carmax 100 Oaks Nationwide
 I'm absolutely disappointed with Carmax. My car needed Spark Plugs on which they said that they will repair and install. However the technician installed the wrong spark plugs in my vehicle which lead to more problems. I took it too the 100 Oaks location to try another technician but it only gets worst. They called and told me that everything was taken care of and replaced and I paid $503.75 now here we go again same issues with my car. This time I take it to the dealership and come to find out!! My spark plugs were never changed. The manger called from the Rivergate location stating that I would be taken care of. I waited for the call from the dealership at miracle Chrysler dodge in Gallatin to get back with me on the rental and to give me an update on my car. Never called I had to call myself! Then he tells me that the manger called to discuss my vehicle issues but never consulted back with me. Then he tells me that they don't have any rentals there he would have to go and get one? Seriously? And this is a dealership? So your meaning to tell me that all customers use the same vehicle? I understand that this is a business and customers are hectic but in this Field of profession requires multitasking. And that includes keeping the customer updated on the details of your vehicle! Some people don't have another backup car if one breaks down. So you rely on your car. If Dodge cared about their customers they would escalate customers matters in finding ways to help. When the manger from Carmax called and stated that he would pay for my rental due to Carmax negligence and to pay for my repairs then the Service writer should had immediately contacted me in setting up transportation for me...... but I heard nothing...... all I heard well I'm going to get the rental as we speak? Excuse me? Where is the rental? That's not telling me nothing . Bottomline miracle Chrysler dodge should had told me look here your car is not going to be ready today because we have to order your part, however the good new is that we can get you in a rental today all expenses paid through Carmax I can't tell you when it will be ready but we're working on it... When can you come in for your rental pickup. Now that's professionalism. I'm going through this hell all because of Carmax negligence 2nd failure mistake. And Miracle Chrysler Dodge Poor Expertise in Customer satisfaction. Everyone is entitled to their first mistake but not second one. All this time I've been driving on bad plugs no wonder it was making that loud backfire sound..... No one should have to experience this issue. Technicians should be on there A-Game at all times. Our vehicles are in their hands. Place yourself in my
Entity: Nationwide
58, Report #13155
Feb 02 2002
12:00 AM
Car Max rip off!!
I purchased a car from CarMax ~ it was one my dad had owned and sold to them. I bought from them so I'd have a warranty. First of all ~ they told me the car had a security system ( which it did, when dad sold to them) But once I bought it ~ it was discovered they had taken it out!! So I returned and asked that it be replaced. After much argument, they replaced it. Then, 3 weeks later - the alternator died. I had it towed by CarMax to their service dept. While they had my car ~ the service tech, under the impression that this was a car to be sold ~ took off the shield for my sunroof!! Imagine my surprise when I went to pick it up. They tried to tell me it must have fallen off when being towed!! But pry marks were clearly visible. They refused to replace it and said I was lying. I finally gave up trying to get it fixed. I filed a complaint with the VA BBB, where Carmax is located, but there wasn't anything I could do here in Atlanta. So I put a sign in the window with my email address and you wouldn't believe how many people emailed me to tell me they had problems with CarMax too! I felt better knowing that others had problems, and I want to spread the word - be cautious when dealing with them ~ they'll rip you off if they can!! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Car Max
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
59, Report #608844
Nov 24 2010
01:11 PM
Carmax - Carmax Auto Finance Deceptive business practice Newport News Virginia
Beware of this company,  they spend more time moving cars from lot to lot then they do trying to sell you one.  They also lie about financing approvals,  build up hopes of people and then crash them with not even a blink of an eye. Tried to buy a car from them,  told me they would hold the car I wanted,  while I gathered up all the necessary financing paperwork they needed.   Kept in contact with the sales person,  and was told it was being held,  and then the day I came in with the final paperwork,  the car I wanted was being transferred to some other lot for someone to look at it and buy,  they had brought me in another one,  and tried to pass it off as the same vehicle with the same features,  only i am blonde which doesnt mean I am dumb.  This vehicle was all beat up inside and out,  didnt have the same options,  and had almost 20K in mileages increase.   So manager said he would fix it,  had to wait another week to get another one shipped in,  now remember the actual one I wanted is still on their lot,  and they wont sell it to me,  even though they said they would hold it.   Instead I have to wait another week to get another shipped in....  makes sense some how,  not sure how but to them it does.   As I stated they spend more money moving cars then they do selling....   anyways new car comes in and I sit down and they tell me oh you dont have the right paperwork, our sales man made a mistake,  you dont get that care either.....   I went to another deal in Virginia beach, and had the car I wanted in three days, no financing hassells.  Will never deal with Carmax again nor would I recommend them.  
Entity: Newport News, Virginia
60, Report #726612
May 06 2011
05:51 PM
carmax carmax auto superstore carmax puts profits before employee families, mandatory night shift, employees making critical errors on car repairs, profits before quality Internet
Entity: , Internet
61, Report #993604
Jan 08 2013
06:44 PM
CARMAX CARMAX of San Antonio, Medical Drive The Salesman misrepresented the vehicles capability and then CARMAX promes to correct but lied , Internet
I recently bought a vehicle from Carmax.  I had hoped I had finally found a used car dealership that was honest and above board.  The vehicle is a 2011 Chrysler Town and Country Minvan.  The salesman assured me that the vehicle had a bluetooth system, which was one of my wife's requirements.  I subsequently discovered the vehicle did not have a bluetooth system.  Carmax advertises that you can return a car to Carmax - NO QUESTIONS ASKED - within 5-days if not fully satisfied.  I told Carmax if they could not rectify the bluetooth situation I would just bring it back and find another vehicle that met my specifications.  They told me I could take the vehicle to a Chrysler dealer and they would pay to have the problem rectified.  I did take the vehicle to Ancira Chrysler here in San Antonio.  The cost of the repair was $460.  After the repair was made, Carmax reneged and paid only the labor cost of $82. Carmax is just another used car dealer that can not be trusted.
Entity: Internet, Internet
62, Report #214983
Oct 10 2006
12:22 AM
Carmax Service departments: The reason they don't have to do ANYTHING Raleigh North Carolina
Carmax has no one to check on their individual service departments. I drive a 2000 Honda accord, which I purchased from Carmax in Raleigh in Dec. of 2002. Last summer, I had my compressor replaced under warranty. Over Labor day weekend, My car started making funny noises, and long story short, The Honda dealer I took it to said that the compressor that CarMax installed in my car was the wrong size. That caused the gradual destruction of the magnet that connects the compressor to the Stador. I moved to california before this all began, but i visited Raleigh and showed the reciept to the carmax service dept. When i called at first, the service manager told me to come in to see him the next day. He wasn't there the next day. So i talked to some peon under him, and he said the manager would call me back by monday. Of course he didn't call back, my mother called to see what the verdict was, and they said that they didn't think they installed the wrong part, and that my car wouldn't have lasted that long without the correct size compressor. At that point, i ask them to direct me to the corporate offices. In a nutshell: the corporate offices contacted the Raleigh service dept. The Raleigh service dept. told them the exact same thing they told me. and Corporate called me back and said, that the service dept. says they didn't do anything wrong. so they didn't do anything wrong. The Conclusion from all of this, from all the problems everyone here has encountered, Carmax corporate offices have no control over what the individual stores do. If we want a response from corporate, we need to make it known nation-wide what kind of power we have against them. disgruntled North Carolinian Santa Monica, CaliforniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
63, Report #536188
Dec 08 2009
08:34 PM
Carmax Sold me an unsafe car, costs $4500 and still not fixed completely Modesto, California
We were told the car was Max ready. It spent 20 days of the first 30 days in the shop. Just had the tranny replaced by USFidelas. Thank goodness we got the coverage after the first issue. We were told the engine mounts, which were checked off as GOOD are bad. CarMax replaced the rack and pinion, brakes, etc. CarMax has spent over $2000 for repairs at their shop and then USFidelas spent $2400 for the tranny repairs. The motor mounts still need to be replaced and CarMax says tough, you fix them. The motor mounts will cost $100 each to replace. The car is a 2002 Nissan Sentra that we bought on August 25,2009. It has been in the shop for over 5 weeks since it was purchased. I don't have too much faith in CarMax's guarantee and I will makes sure my friends hear about my experience. The car was bought for my son who lives in Calif.
Entity: Modesto, California
64, Report #450779
May 11 2009
03:46 PM
Carmax, Schaumburg, IL Beware Selling Your Car There Schaumburg Illinois
The Dealer offered me $50.00 for an old 95 Lebaron convertible that I have not been operating for years. After waiting for about 30 minutes for an estimate, I was given an estimate of fifty bucks. I was happy because I did not want anyone to drive the vehicle, I wanted it scrapped or I would have given it to charity. I had to bring my wife there to sign the title at Carmax with me. Anyway I went back there (my wife could not wait for the 30 minute appraisal the first time), and I had to wait another 35-40 minutess for paperwork. Nobody warned me about this unreasonable length of time. They gave me some papers to sign which included a back page rider which stated that the car has never been involved in an accident (not true), along with a list of warranties I was making. I almost did not notice or read the back page side of that last page. Nobody pointed it out to me. When I mentioned that I could not sign the provision indicating that the car had not been involved in an accident, the service person told me I could not make changes to the contract, but that it was okay to sign it because I was only warranting things to the best of my knowledge. I was uncharacteristically annoyed by her nonchalance; I tore up the contract after she repeatedly told me I had to sign it as is. I then asked to speak to a manager. He was equally annoying. I finally figured out I could have amended the contract on some blank lines at the bottom, but nobody had pointed that out. I was mislead by the incorrect oral statements, and I did not bother to carefully read the contract at the time because of them. Rather than apologize for the rudeness and lack of consideration, the manager reneged on the written offer to purchase the vehicle just to spite me. Then he told me that the contract could have been amended after he reneged. He enjoyed getting me anger in my opinion. I finally called Victory Auto who offered me twice the fifty over the phone, with no lengthy waiting. I despise CARMAX for it's pathetic customer service, poorly trained employees, and just plain rudeness. I'd never go back there. Schaumburg Area Lawyer Barrington, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Schaumburg, Illinois
65, Report #460931
Jun 11 2009
08:48 PM
CarMax Do not want to use their financing- guess they don't like that Oklahoma City Oklahoma
No Hassle, No Haggle would certainly NOT describe the unbelievable experience we have had over the last two days with CarMax in OKC. Became quite clear to me towards the end of this nightmare we were being duped. We were sent on wild hunts for documentation and did so for 8 hours, many many miles and a half tank of gas. We have our own financing (because I thought this would save time) and 2500 down. I left in tears of frustration and realized the same question was asked over and over from all seven sales people that switched around on us- why dont we set you up with our finance options. Yes, quite obvious! The inconsistent information, direction even from upper management is appalling. I have spent the last two days just trying to buy the car. I have secured my own financing and have all documentation necessary to complete the transaction. Even the loan/bank company was shocked to hear how we have been treated and offered better terms. Too bad for CarMax because the price on the sticker was the price for me and based on what I have read post-experience, many have posted similar hassles & haggles at this very location. Keli Choctaw, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
66, Report #463190
Jun 20 2009
07:00 AM
I Financed a vehicle with Carmax Auto Finance back in 2005. Other than a few Irritations, I didn't have many problems UNTIL The Beginning of 2009!! I made my auto loan payment with a check over the phone in January. approximately 30 days later, I received a call from Carmax auto finance stating my Payment is over a month late. The credit bureau has been Notified of my 30+ day delinquency . and if I Don't pay within 15 days, My Vehicle will be placed on the repo list. I was actually About to call in the February payment that day anyway. but Man I Was worried. I Thought What could have happened I Checked my Bank account over the Phone. SURE ENOUGH The Check I Gave them was Cashed for the Exact amount. It Went through. I Had been On the Phone over and over with Carmax that day. They were treating me like I'm Guilty of trying to Rip THEM OFF. I even Gave them the Confirmation number they gave me when I made the payment, and they said Our Confirmation Numbers are always 5 digits not 6. Or something to that extent . But I Wrote the EXACT number down when they gave it to me, after I made the payment. Then they said I could Make The Payment I had PLANNED To make THAT day (February payment), But It would be credited to the Jan. Payment and a Late fee accessed to the Feb. payment. As anyone would Guess I Had STEAM COMING OUT OF MY EARS!!!!...So This was a Friday Evening. I Canceled ALL My Plans. Went to My bank. The Manager actually Helped take care of everything. He showed me a copy of the EXACT check in question. WITH The CARMAX Debit Information Showing that they DID Deposit the check..It Cleared and Basically Carmax Had My Money!! and actually the very next day after I made the Payment. SO, I Asked the Bank manager if he would Kindly Fax that Paper with all the transfer Info on it to CARMAX in Kennesaw Georgia. HOURS LATER....I Still haven't heard from CARMAX. I Called them. and IT SEEMS, Whoever the Person was, that Handled my payment over the phone that day, SENT THE PAYMENT TO SOMEONE ELSE'S ACCOUNT!!!!! HOW? HOW? HOW? Whenever you call Carmax, you always Go Through the Automated section. Input your Acct. # before even speaking to an actual person. THEN THEY ask for your acct.# again. Plus your SS#, your home Address Home & Work Phone number Etc. THEY Bring up YOUR ACCOUNT on their Screen. THEN If you make a payment its Done Right at that point. So For this to happen not just one time...BUT TWICE!!!!!! is Simply Unacceptable. I Will NEVER Use Carmax auto finance AGAIN..REGARDLESS of how low their Interest rates are. After I Got this Mess Straightened out, I didn't get so much as an apology. From ANYONE at the company . and It Took almost a FULL MONTH to get the 30+ Late payment Mark removed from my credit report. the Only Good thing about that Company is, the Phone reps ARE Usually very Polite. But I'd Rather have someone scream and say they hate me as long as they DON'T MESS WITH MY MONEY!!!!! LOL Take care everyone.Watch Carmax. Foxtrotaviator Glen burnie, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: KENNESAW, Georgia
67, Report #458874
Jun 05 2009
10:02 AM
Carmax Auto Finance Mis-information Kennesal Georgia
I cancelled my Maxcare extended policy from Carmax when I traded my car in. I was issued a return agreement form with a refund amount that I was to recieve on it. I also filled in my new address on the form and informed them that I had moved from the address that they had on file. They assured me that they would correct the address and issue a check to the new address. That was on the 04/30/2009. By 05/26/2009 I had not recieved any check yet and when I called the store they informed me that I would have to call Carmax Auto Finance and not the store where I cancelled my policy. I called Carmax Auto Finance and was informed that they had the incorrect address on file for me which is why there was a delay. I corrected my address with the operator and was told I would recieve my check with two weeks. It is now two weeks later and I called them this morning and was told that they had to fax the details off to Carmax Corporate to issue the checks and it would take another 4 - 6 weeks. I asked to speak to a manager and when she got on the phone told me that they did not have my correct address on file and the last time I called to correct it the check was already sent out. This was not relayed to me by the prior operator who by the way had sited the reason for not SENDING out the check was incorrect address. I informed her of my new address and asked the operator I had just spoken to told me another 4 - 6 weeks, she replied she didn't know. I wonder how many people they have working there that just don't know!!! How many depatments do I have to go through and how many different sub companies to get one refund check. It's all fine when you purchase the policy but when you cancel they give you the run around. It is now 06/05/2009 and I still haven't recieved any check from them or any appologies for that matter! Brent De K Sherman Oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Kennesal, Georgia
68, Report #394252
Nov 23 2008
05:26 PM
Carmax buys your car for way less than it is worth Tampa Florida
I went to Carmax to look at small trucks. I wanted to trade my 8 year old GM passenger van with 102,000 miles. I test drove an 8 year old import truck ( 4 cyl, 5pd, a/c, no power options). The bed was painted poorly and I pointed it out to the salesperson. He told me that Carmax paints alot of their vehicles. I was offered $1200 for my van (V6, auto, fr and rear a/c, 7 pass). The comment on the appraisal stated that since it was almost 9 years old with 102k miles it was worth $ 1200.00. KBB says the trade value was over $3000.00. I took my keys back and asked the salesperson about the low offer and he said they have their own system. I then asked him about the poorly painted almost 9 year old truck I just drove for $10,000.What system did they use for that? People need to look past the advertising and understand they are a used car dealer identical to all the other used car dealers...... only with bigger smiles and nice blue shirts. Chuck Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
69, Report #595360
Apr 21 2010
05:21 PM
CarMax Superstore Sold me a piece of crap van and then tried to screw me Nashville, Tennessee
I bought a 2006 Saturn Relay Van from Carmax in February. I have had it and driven it for 3 weeks total out of the 2 months I have had it. I have now taken it back to Carmax 4 times to be fixed and 3 of those times for the SAME THING! The 3rd time of taking it back to Nashville (which is an hour away from me) I told them I did not want the van back that I was tired of having the issue that was suppose to have been fixed. They told me they would buy it back from me for what was left owed on it and I was fine with that although I had done made the first payment on the van even though I had not even had it in my possession but maybe a full week that first month. I was told to look on their website and find what I wanted and so my husband and I did this for over a week. We finally found something that would fit our family as we have 4 kids so we do need either another van or something to fit us all. We called them told them what we had in mind and they said they would have it brought from one of their other stores for us to look at. They got all the information done for payments and oh yeah this vehicle was same price as our payoff of the van and we are paying $300.00 a month on it. Anyways they tell us that on the other vehicle the payment will be over $400.00 dollars. And I didn't tell you that we had to go back through them or we would lose the $2,000.00 dollars we put down on it plus the payment we had already made. Well I went off to the manager about this payment going to be so high and all he would say is oh I am sorry but that's what we can do for you. By this time I am so mad that I end up telling them to fix the stupid van and if it tears up one more time I will seek a lawyer to see what I can do. Well I got the van back on Monday and guess what yup that's right with in a week the same issue has started all over again and I was told the 2nd time that it had happened the van was sent to the manufacture. It is suppose to be back there now as I was called today by a cheery person letting me know that the piece of crap they sold me is being fixed once again. Well I think it's time to take action this time. I just need someone to help me figure out what I can do. They are going to end up screwing me even more I am sure but I am getting real close to taking window chalk and writing on all my windows I bought this Lemon from this CARMAX and keep driving around and around in front of the store.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
70, Report #600550
May 06 2010
07:16 AM
CarMax & Max Care MaxCare MaxCare Read Fine Print Before Signing Roseville, California
In February, 2010 we purchased a 2006 Hummer H3 from CarMax in Roseville, CA.  While working with the sales representative we noticed on final inspection that the windshield had three small chips.  The sales representative assured us that this should be fixed and it would be no problem.  I told him I did not want the car if it was going to need a new windshield and it was coming out of my pocket.  As usual, the sales representative also offered us the MaxCare extended warranty.  At that time I said to him if I buy this is everything covered, including the DVD players?  I had had issues before with CarMax repairing a DVD player on another vehicle I purchased from them that they had installed.  One day in to our 5 day grace period we took the vehicle back down to CarMax for the repair work.  Contract through DentWizard the three chips were repaired, however, at the time we picked up our vehicle none of the available service representatives offered to inspect the car with us to make sure all repairs were done to satisfaction.  Happy with the work, we left and continued to enjoy our new vehicle.  24 days in from the repair my husband and I noticed that a repaired crack was beginning to split down our windshield.  It was only about an inch long.  We called CarMax to see what we should do as this was an issue that should have been fixed by our initial service visit.  They stated that it was probably something that I did while driving the vehicle and they could not be responsible.  I stated that while that was a perfectly good explanation, I don't drive my vehicles all that much as they could note with the last car I traded in with them had only had 5,033 miles put on since I purchased just three years prior.  I was told I would receive a call back after he spoke with the service manager and they decided how to proceed.  I never heard back from them.  Everyday I left a message, I called the CarMax customer service line, nothing, I called the Roseville CarMax sales dept., nothing.  I finally opened a claim with the BBB.  I received a very nice screw you stating that they had tried to contact me so that they could send a DentWizard rep out to see if it was in fact a bad repair and I wasnt returning their call .  I declined this offer and stated that I had given the service department all my numbers for proper contact and once again gave them all my phone numbers for contact.  I also called the service dept. again and gave them my phone numbers to contact me.  Well within a day DentWizard was out to look at my windshield for all of 30 seconds.  Not long after low and behold we received a call that it was in fact a faulty repair and they would need to replace our windshield.  In the interim, our check engine light came on and the GM OEM Factory DVD Player installed in the headrest completely stopped working.  We went through MaxCare and found a certified repair shop in our new home base.  Well now MaxCare is denying that they cover our DVD player that was a part of the vehicle when we bought it.  They are stating that the DVD player was not installed on the FACTORY ASSEMBLY LINE  and that if it was the radio they would pay for it.  It is a GM OEM Factory DVD player that was installed at a GM Dealer at the time of the original purchase.  But they don't cover it.  They pointed us to the fine print of our MaxCare warranty contract that apparently clearly states this.  It would serve CarMax well to also bring their staff up to speed on this so they don't fraudulently sell products to customers who ask them point blank if I buy this will the DVD players be covered.  So back to the BBB I go.  I have bought over 7 vehicles and everytime it comes down to service and the service department I wonder why I keep going back.  Never again.  I am done this is the most screwed, full of excuses, rip-off company and I will never refer or promote it ever again.
Entity: Roseville, California
71, Report #579933
Mar 11 2010
03:08 PM
CarMax- Duarte California MaxCare Got suckered in, but then pulled out Internet
Late one Friday night, I found an amazing deal on a car at CarMax -- a 2002 Toyota Camry with only 21,000 miles on it. The no-haggle price was $12999. I'll admit now that I did not check with KBB on their suggested pricing. I called CarMax the next morning and after a no-haggle inspection and test drive, we purchased the car and the 5-year MaxCare package (an additional $1600 that was a true salespitch). The total price was just over $15700. The car saw our trusted mechanic on Monday and told us that everything was original which we thought was a good sign, but he strongly recommended that we get four new tires since the sidewall rubber was peeling off in large flakes. I thought that was odd since we had been told of their 125-point-inspection service and our salesman, Robert, stated that the tires were still good. Also on that Monday, the financing had to be finalized with our bank. The loan officer alerted me to the difference in price since KBB valued this make/model with 21,000 miles at only $9998. She suggested that I haggle the price down; I told her I would try. When I contacted the business office regarding the huge descrepancy in price between the KBB and the listing price, I was told that prices vary every day and that multiple measures were used to determine CarMax's listing prices. Then I was told by the CarMax representative that CarMax does not use KBB to set their listing prices. I laughed out loud at that one since it IS and, in my 25 years of driving experience, ALWAYS has been the standard by which prices are set. We made the decision to return the car (we had only had it three days) and were not given any problems in doing such (it took about 25 minutes).So, my suggestions are to:(1) do your homework, (2) know what price others (KBB and other mass sellers) use to sell the car,(3) don't purchase the MaxCare service (that's where they do their markup),(4) get your car inspected by someone you trust, and (5) don't have any doubt that you are within your rights to return the car as per their business model.They give you 5 days to check out the car -- do not waste those days!
Entity: Internet, Internet
72, Report #621514
Jul 08 2010
11:58 AM
Carmax/Ontario Sales Person: Paula Sales Manager: Karen Extended Warranty Ontario, California
I purchased a vehicle through Carmax in January of 2010.  I was offered extended warranty by the Sales Person Paula.  When asked if I were to cancel it, how would it affect my financing, Paula claimed that the payment would be reduced to the original paymnet quoted, which was $80 less per month.  With a baby on the way, this was a concern and I expressed that. Paula and the sales manager claimed that I misunderstood.  After several follow up calls and the involvemnt of the BBB, the company has not been responsive or taken any responsibility of their unethical sales ethics.
Entity: Ontario, California
73, Report #753857
Jul 16 2011
02:27 PM
CarMax , Irving&Arlington, Texas CircusMax Irving, Texas
CircusMax as i have come to call it, has given me the biggest run around since my dating years a helluva long time ago, in general trying to purchase a vehicle through this company for myself was just amazing, the different people i was past off to , and re-iterating about the vehicle i was interested in ,my frustration level was 10. the numerous telephone calls i made ,with no return call from dealership, or a perso in sales ,which most are part--time and have no idea what their doing.Well i finally gave up after 2 weeks of frustration,hopefully i am finished with this CircusMax Auto company.
Entity: Irving, Texas
74, Report #705216
Mar 11 2011
01:35 PM
CarMax Auto Finance Harrassment from billing department even after paying my bill - Internet
I have had a CarMax auto loan for the past 3 years and recently decided to pay off the rest of the loan early. I have been a good customer for years, always paying off my monthly amount on time and sometimes I would pay over the monthly amount to cut down the principle on my loan. I went online to get a payoff quote and submitted my final payment, or so I thought. After 2 weeks, I received several calls from CarMax telling me that there was still a balance of almost $100 left on my account. I asked for a detailed payment history so that I could track exactly how much I had paid since the beginning of the loan until my final payment so that I could make sure that figure was correct. They told me that they would mail it to me but that it would take 7 days to receive. I waited a few more weeks and received nothing in the mail from CarMax. In the meantime, I was constantly getting harassed by their collections department telling me that my account is past due and that if I didn’t pay the final amount, they would report me to a collections agency. I found this to be ridiculous since I had just paid them over $2k just 2 weeks ago and couldn’t understand why it would be considered past due since they had received well over the monthly payment. I got another call from them telling me to pay the remainder of my balance. I told them I had yet to receive my payment history in the mail and they told me they had sent it but that it doesn’t matter and that I still had to pay off the balance that they quoted me. So, I was basically forced to pay an amount that I wasn’t sure was accurate just so I wouldn’t be reported to a collections agency. I have complained to their supervisors to no avail and feel like I have been taken even after being a good customer for so long. My advice would be to stay away from CarMax Auto Finance since they don’t disclose any payment information to you and can basically tell you that you owe them any amount of money that they want. And no, I still have not received my payment history…
Entity: , Internet
75, Report #698934
Feb 23 2011
11:26 AM
VERY TIRED OF CARMAX AND OTHERS RIPING OFF CONSUMERS!!!!!!IF PREDATORY LENDING FOR HOMES COULD BE BROUGHT TO COURT CAR DEALERS SHOULD BE HAIL LIABLE AS WELL!!!!! Purchase Vehicle Feb 02,2008 Paid 32 payments and for August 17, 2009 Deferment, April 28,2009 Deferment with 32 payments plus 2 deferments comes to 34 payments. Carmax took the payment i made and applied them to my to the deferments making my account be behind with the contract balance and finance charges comes they were applied came to $8,980.24 totaling, and late fees coming to $659.33, but my full amount from money orders and checks paid came to $11,593.97 total and its 1,954.40 missing and not accounted for so some errors have been made with my account. So adding $8980.24+659.33=9,639.57 but no type misc fees at all i know i been over paying because I was toll late fees was 25.00 dollars when they were 18.37 this is on a tape conversations with Carmax reps. So I have been contacting John Christy at ext 4822 in reference to my account and that charge off that should not have happen call me at 404-944-9971 ASAP. If no one contact me by tomorrow i am going to see a consumer attorney. The Actual contract Carmax charge me and my son $26,449.00 on contract vehicle mileage 50,320 my son had been on his job not even a year and I had not been on my job not even a month!!! Carmax actually use price Gauging and Predatory Lending For this vehicle and stretch the truth to get us and rip me and my son off!!! Carmax has been ripping me off and ruin mines and my son credit and been taking money from me on payments and on their document sent its shows 32 payments and 2 deferments totaling 34 we only had the vehicle 36 months as of Feb 02,2011 and promise if i can fax the documents u look and tell me i am not wrong because i am not please contact me at (((phone number redacted))) this is very important to keep this from happening to other customers thanks!!! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia

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