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1, Report #161148
Oct 18 2005
10:36 AM
The Floor Corner ripoff faulty floor installation Tifton Georgia
I bought over $2,000 worth of flooring from the floor corner in August of 2004. They hired subcontractors to install the flooring. The first time I vaccumed the floor the carpet ripped all the way accross the floor. I told the company and they said that they would come out and look at it. The owner of the company said that the subcontractors did not seam the edges correctly and she would have her husband fix the problem. One week later and the same spot tore up again. Now however several places are torn. When I complain to the floor corner they said that with Berber carpet small children and pets, which I do not have, can snag the carpet. Therefore they are not willing to fix it. Kathryn Tifton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tifton, Georgia
2, Report #1404192
Oct 04 2017
02:37 PM
Carpet Corner BAIT & SWITCH Independence Missouri
BAIT & SWITCH - It's a pretty slick trick, to get someone to pick out a product in your showroom and then tell them Sorry, that sign was wrong, it's really going to cost a third more than that. But I can give you a break by helping you rip off your local city tax base.My wife and I visited Carpet Corner on Noland Road on Sunday to purchase carpeting for my home during the Karastan Sale. After examining a number of options, my wife and I selected Karastan 'Willow Crest' which was on display advertised to be on sale for '$4.19 per square foot installed with pad.'When I asked for the salesperson's assistance in ordering 800+ square feet of carpeting, he told me that the price on the sign was not the price of the carpet. I told him, Of course it is, look here at the sign. He then said the sale sign was wrong, removed it and wandered away. I tracked the salesperson down again and asked him directly if he planned to honor the sale price posted on the display. He replied that he could not sell the carpet for that, because he was not the boss. I then asked if he would contact 'the boss' for approval, he went away and then came back a few minutes later and said he'd left a message for the boss and expected a call back.  On Monday, I called the store and asked to speak with the Store Manager, Chris. I explained the situation to Chris, who stated he had spoken with the salesperson about the matter, and no, he would not sell me the carpet at the price advertised, because that was a mistake and he would lose money. Chris offered to provide me with the carpet at a better price than anyone else and proceeded to do some calculations. Chris' bottom line was that he would sell me the carpet for $5.75 per square foot installed as if I were a contractor, so I could avoid paying sales tax.      Not even close, pal. I think it's a pretty slick trick, to get someone to pick out a product in your showroom and then tell them Sorry, that sign was wrong, it's really going to cost a third more than that. But I can give you a break by helping you rip off your local city tax base. I have never before experienced such an obvious bait-and-switch operation in a retail setting. I think Rochelle would be very disappointed.
Entity: Independence, Missouri
3, Report #2240
May 11 2000
12:00 AM
Bontz Carpet wrong carpet and bad work
We ordered our Carpet from Bontz Carpet in Shrewsbury Pa. when thay installed it, it was not the carpet that we had ordered. Tony Bontz kept telling us that it was the same carpet that we had ordered. (carpet was not even the same color)also with in two months the carpet had buckeles in it, after many trips to see him and many phone calls for months to get him to come back out to remove the buckles he never showed up, so we hired some one else to do the work.
Entity: Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
4, Report #407709
Jan 03 2009
07:01 PM
Shaw Carpet Poorly constructed Carpet Dalton Georgia
We purchased Empire State 7L248 from Lowes in Richmond, KY on March 31, 2007. The carpet was installed April 20, 2007. Within two months there were signs of wear. August 14, 2007, Pam, from the Richmond Lowes store was to call for an appointment to look at the carpet. She did come out and look at it and told me that did not look like normal wear. She was to get back with me, but never did. I left messages a couple of times, but no return call. November 8, 2007, I called Shaw and spoke with Diane. She wanted to place the blame on the installer, but the installation had nothing to do with the poor construction. Diane did fax me the warranty info, since Lowe's didn't provide it. Diane wanted me to send a sample, but that would have left a hole in my floor since the leftover was sent to the dump. I got the feeling that this was only going to make me more upset and still not get anything done on this crappy carpet. I have 10 year old builder grade carpet that doesn't look this bad. My only advice is to not purchase Shaw carpet, and especially not buy it from Lowes in Richmond, KY. Ticked off in richmond, ky Richmond, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Dalton, Georgia
5, Report #101042
Jul 28 2004
04:16 PM
Car Corner ripoff Woodstock Georgia
I went to this dealership to buy a 2nd car, I happen to see the dearship a lot saw a car that was pretty nice looking. I brought my wife in to see the Kia Sportage that I saw, it was nice looking drove well. Well after about a week of back and forth we came to an aggreement, did the paper work and closed the deal, so far so good. Well with in 3 days the engine seized up and I called them they were like Oh well that's your problem, well I felt it wasnt because I loked over the care it looked great but I felt so screwed over. The cost was over $750, Car Corner didnt do anything about it at all but they did call the finance company (Arcadia Financial) and tell them that I refused to make payements both of them decided to try to repo the car after month and half of back and forth arguing, fighting over getting the car fixed. I made the payments then a few months later car was in was in an accident, my insurance adjuster told me that the car was water rotted from being in seawater, ok I live in Atlanta, the nearest ocean is 4 hours away no where near me. Bottom line Car Corner and Arcadia Financial both bullied me with threats and also the took my downpayment added it to my car loan as if I never made the downpayment, I tried to contact them they refused to speak to me. I got tired of spending any more money on the car, so I called Arcadia to come get the car, it took them almost a month before they even decided and about a year or so later Arcadia send me a letter stating they sold the car for a third of the balance and said they wanted the whole note plus the auction costs. I notice that Car Corner sells cars to people who may have credit issues or not enough of a down payment, ist like they love to pray on people like that. They suck!! Jason Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodstock, Georgia
6, Report #619764
Jul 03 2010
09:01 AM
We are experienceing Corn Rolling of our Tuftex carpeting in both the rooms it was installed in.  The company (Shaw Flooring) wants to make us believe it was poorly installed and they have never had any other complaints about this problem.  But now we know that is a lie!  They also want to make us believe it must be the installation job, even after we had a 3rd party installer come and inspect the installation job and his report confirmed, a very good installation job, with no explanation for the corn rolling of our carpets in both living room and bed room and only in the same place for the past year on and off since we reported it.  It is a defective product! We will not let it go, and with constant phone calls to the company who we bought it from and who installed it, we have moved to, they will re-stretch and steam clean using a truck type professional steam cleaning company.  But after reading these complaints, I am not sure we will follow that path?  I will keep posting updates as they occur  
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1373921
May 18 2017
08:05 AM
Cutlery Corner Frost's Cutlery Corner, Cutlery corner network TOTAL FRAUD JUNK PEDELLER Ooltewah Tennessee
 Yesterday I contacted cutlery corner about a knife package I purchased from them. Because upon arrival my order was incomplete and upon close inspection of the product I found it to be very poor quality merchandise made in China. I spoke with the customer service manager by the name of Valerie who was extremely rude and refused to put me in contact with her supervisor. She told me that I could return the product for a refund but I would have to pay for the shipping myself. Eventhough my order was not even complete. She went on to say that she would be calling my bank to make sure I couldn't dispute the charges. After reading some of the reviews online about Cutlery Corner this morning . I realized that I'm not the only person who has been cheated by this merchant. They absolutely know 100% they are selling substandard products from China and don't care. When you complain about it they tell you that it's your fault for not asking where the product was made before buying it. I have never has to return a product I purchase from an infomercial and it did sound to good to be true but I guess I fell for it this time. But never again and I will tell everyone I know about Cutlery Corner's deceptive advertising and poor quality product. These knifes are to be used for hunting and camping but are so poorly made that I wouldn't feel safe with anyone in my family using them.
Entity: Ooltewah, Tennessee
8, Report #155904
Sep 03 2005
11:57 AM
Empire Carpet ripoff Stoughton Massachusetts
Empire carpet in stoughton,ma is a fraud. I worked for them for a while so I know what I am talking about. Empire does do next day install maybe 40% of the time.they stock most of the samples they bring to your home,but they don't stock much and if you goto home depot or lowes you have like thousands more colors and styles to choose from. to make matters worse any sort of contractor entering your home must be fully licensed and insured and must remain on the job site for the remainder of the job. 75% of empires installers out of the stoughton,ma warehouse are not licensed or insured.if they damage something or steal something in your home they have no insurance.and they steal and break things everyday!it does happen!!! some of these installers work under other peoples insurance and license which is illegal since the licensed guy is not at the job site.always ask to see the license and insurance card or send them packing and call the company for another crew. most of these carpet installers don't know the correct way to install,the installer should be using a long machine made of pipes called a stretcher toget the carpet in nice and tight but most of these installers don't even own this carpet is installed so loose it will have bubbles in a year or 2.the padding that empire sells is junk.they often overbook and have crews pulling no-shows so they lie to customers and say the installers truck broke down or there was a fire at the warehouse,the lies and excuses to customers that I've heard are amazing. and if all that isn't enough empire is famous for switching carpets,they sell you a carpet and don't have enough on hand so they tell the warehouse guys to cut anything that is close in color but you almost always lose out because the new carpet is several grades cheaper and you were never told or got the cheaper price for this less exspensive carpet. believe what you want but empire does all of these things to customers and that is why when the installer gets to your house on the day of the installation he needs a check up front so you must fight for your money back when the job is messed up. they messed up so many jobs they now take all the money up front. Joe woonsocket, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Stoughton, Massachusetts
9, Report #91404
May 13 2004
10:17 PM
Payless Carpet ripoff Fremont California
Cannot get them to return my phone calls. They took my money and disappeared. Greg hayward, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fremont, California
10, Report #212172
Sep 21 2006
09:25 PM
Nielsen Brothers Carpet ripoff Auburn Washington
We went to Nielsen Brothers for their expertise and were deceived. We paid for premium carpet with a 25 year warranty. Carpet comes in 12' rolls and there was no good reason for a seam down the middle of the room, unless it were remnants. We did not pay for remnants. The customer service was nil and we were treated with no respect. Buyer be very aware! Do not spend your hard earned money at a store that doesn't stand behind their word. Jen issaquah, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Auburn, Washington
11, Report #440244
Apr 02 2009
02:48 PM
Hew's Carpet Hew's carpet cleaning complaint overcharged Lorton Virginia
I hired Hew's Carpet cleaning from Lorton Va- Do not use Hew's Carpet cleaning! They are not serious. Apparently they provide an initial price and once they come to your house they over charged for whatever reason! They priced for 2-10 bedrooms were $259.99- Deluxe Cleaning - Then the guy said that he wanted to take a look at our carpet. He started to tell us that some of the stains need extra care and therefore charged us $90 for 2 bedrooms and stairs, $10 extra product. We end up with a $400 Bill. Then the guy not only didn't clean well our carpet, some odors were there, the 3 stains were still there. They only do the walking area in each bedrooms do not move anything. We had to call him back for this poor service cleaning and overcharging fees! After argumenting with a supervisor over the phone! It is better but not at the level we were expected! Do not hire this company!!! justiceforall Fairfax, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lorton, Virginia
12, Report #547492
Dec 30 2009
01:19 PM
Mokawk Carpet Warranty Ripoff Calhoun, Georgia
WE purchased Mohawk Carpet from Lowe's Home Centers.  Approximately 2 months after the purchase, a very strange meandering line started to appear in the carpet.  It was about 1 wide and extended for about 8'.  We contacted Lowe's who in turn contacted the Mohawk representative regarding the defect.  Mohawk sent a service person to our house, to a quick look at the area in question, and proclaimed shading as to what the issue was.  I'm not real versed in carpeting, so I let it go, expecting some type of resolution.  Much to my dismay, Lowe's contacted me about 3 days later saying Mohawk denied my warranty claim, because the issue was shading.  I then found out what shading is.  They say it's a discoloration to the carpeting due to common wear and tear, thus not covered under the warranty.  I disagreed with the Lowe's reperesentative, and he came out and took pictures of the area in question, and submitted them to Mohawk.  He stated that he had never seen any type of wearing like this, and filed our appeal with the Mohawk representative.  They in turn denied our claim again, even with the Lowe's people behind us. The Lowe's people were very frustrated, as I was, and stepped up to the plate, offering us a new carpet for the area in question, including the intallation.  We thanked them and took them up on their offer, selecting any carpeting besides Mohawk to replace the area in question.  I again contacted Mohawk to see if there was any other means of appeal, and was stated a flat no.  I decided that since Lowe's stepped up to the plate, and made good on the issue, I would not take the company to small claims, knowing that they would battery me with lawyers and the hassle just wasn't worth it.  I suspect that's probably what they want anyway.  I should note that this was NOT cheap carpet.  It was a very dense pile that cost approximately $12/yard.  Very plush and luxurious carpet, and feels real good under the bare feet. Whatever you do, don't purchase Mohawk carpeting due to ther total lack of customer service in the warranty department.  No matter what the issue with the carpeting, they will declare it the innocuous shading and deny any warranty claim.  To this day, I have not received a good definition of shading, even from independent carpet retailers and experts.  Some, in the buisness for many years, had never even heard of the term, and when I shoed them the pictyures of the area in question, they stated it looked like a defect in manufacturing that related to the actual weave of the carpet.  We are now facing the same issue with the carpet in our bedroom, but will not pursue any claims due to the problems we have faced with Mohawk carpeting. Lowe's,on the other hand,  due to their quick resolution and excellent customer service, still has my business, and always will.
Entity: Calhoun, Georgia
13, Report #709525
Mar 24 2011
09:29 PM
Horizon carpet cleaning Horrible Carpet Cleaning Company Internet
I wish we had researched this company. Since our problem, I am unable to locate any business address, manager, or official spokesperson.  My wife found their add which stated 5 rooms would be steam cleaned for around 35 dollars.    A young man arrived, unprofessional and had to run to the store before he got started.  He gave a demonstration of his steam cleaning and one where chemical cleaners (we later found empty bottles of Fabuloso which can be found anywhere)  were used for a deep clean. The steam cleaning used hot tap water, so of course the chemical cleaning looked better.    We had spent hours moving furniture and precleaning to prepare.  So, we popped for the Deep cleaning at over 5 times our original cost.      As he ran his machine, it leaked dirty water and he rushed through. When the guy left, he left his garbage and had puddles on our hardwood floor. In the end, it took 2.5 days for the carpet to dry.  The carpet stains we had, were more pronounce. The carpets feel sticky and gummy.      I Called them 4 times . The first call, the, a young woman said a manager would call me within 24 hours. That did not happen.   The fourth time, I got through. I wanted to speak to a manager. Now, when I ask for a manager, I'm told it depends on which region. Then I'm transfered back to the first person, who tells me there are no managers and I'm as high up as it gets.  She was rude, cut me off while I was trying to speak and raised her voice at me.     They say they will reclean for free. Frankly their company is full of lies and deceit and untrustworthy. Im not comfortable having them in my home. I urge everyone to be very wary of this company.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #550345
Jan 06 2010
01:56 PM
Discount Carpet Care carpet cleaning Westminister, California
the owner sent the worker with a broken machine, that he had to work on for an hour before he did my carpet, he left greasy parts in my driveway, when he was cleaning the carpet he was smoking marajuana in one of my bedrooms, what he did was soak my carpet and fill it with soap, he was only cleaning the carpet for 30 min,  and i have a 2 bedroom home, the owner wanted to send the same guy back out and i said no i wanted my money or part of my money he said no beacuse he paid his employee already and he wasnt gonna take the loss,  the worker was dressed sloppy, and very unprofessional, i am very dissatisfied with the outcome of the situation.
Entity: Westminister, California
15, Report #197045
Jun 19 2006
03:14 AM
Empire Carpet flooring ripoff poor work Internet
Where to start? We had empire install a hardwood floor, and that was a nightmare. We are on a slab, so a glue has to be used to hold the floor down. After the floor was done(late at night) The next morning i noticed glue all over the floor, and several dents in the floor made by thier tools. It took 2 weeks to get some one out to clean and fix the floors. The first guy did not show up, and never called to let us know he wasnt coming.Also had to have many pieces of molding redone because of poor cuts they made. Then the day after the flooring was installed, they came out to install the carpet in the bedrooms. They couldnt speak english, and i tried to stress the point of being careful of the new hardwood floor. One of the installers brought his son with him(weekday,morning,shouldnt he be in school?) I caught the son playing with MY sons toys,on my new $8000 teak wood floor. I found several scratches in the floor, did not wipe their feet before coming in and they got glue on my patio, which i still cant remove to this day. I also saw the son jumping all over the carpet they had layed out in the driveway. It took dozens of phone calls, and even the salesman who told us to call if we had any problems, took 1 week to call back,than said we would have to call customer service.We were told we would get a credit back to use for all the problems we had. I have yet to see any credit from them yet!! We spent over $11,000 with them and got poor service. I will NEVER buy from them again, and would never recommend thier service to anyone Joe Rancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #184984
Apr 04 2006
10:04 PM
First of all we called Empire on the 19th of December, they had Jake come out the next day with carpet samples-Jake was wonderful and we were sold on the top of the line carpet with warranty on stains and wear. We went with the no $ down pay later(one year)-$6,435.00. The installers came on the 22nd-we noticed a very beat up van driving up and down our road, I thought oh no-not again(look up Dale Warren Plastering)they pull in and come to the door I asked to see their paperwork from Empire-DUHHH-NO SPEAK ENGLISHfinally I looked at the paper he was holding and low and behold he was from Empire! I was expecting a EMPIRE VAN OR TRUCK! I should of said NO!!! Everything was going pretty well(they had no furniture to move-no carpet to pull up)then my mother in law see's them cutting the carpet on the road in the rain-tells me when I got back and I tried to ask one of the professionals about it-he said it would be fine-then I go and call Empire to ask them about this and I'm told that this is common and the professionals know what they are doing. FINE. Now I'm getting a bit nervous-it's around 3:00pm and they have been there since 7:00 and still have 3 rooms to do. My husband comes home(thank god he knows some spanish)and he is told that they will get done around 9:00pm-OK! So, they leave and the next day we notice the stairs are not flush with the sides and the seams look terrible. I call the customer service line (which is a joke-you call and then they have somebody call you back to confirm) they are to come and fix the carpet on Jan. 6th-that morning everyone except hubby is sick so at 8:00am I call to cancel them coming that day and I will call back another time to have them fix it. Well, around 11:30am the phone starts ringing( it only rings 3 times then goes to voice mail) and there is banging at the front door-we were sleeping and the phone kept ringing and the banging-finally I got up and peeked out of the upstairs window-my kids & (I were all in bed together)it was the installers-so as I'm putting on some clothes I hear pinecones being thrown at the windows and they are pounding on the door- I open the door and tried to tell them that I cancelled and we were all sick- he said that's ok just let me take a look I was like NO WAY-I cancelled!!!! So I'm pissed and call the service we just got the run around saying that she would put in a complaint with the installers-BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!I rescheduled for the 14th and guess what-no one shows up-mmmmmmmm! So here we go again with the phone calls and finally the head professional comes out and he tells us we need to call the service and have them come out & replace the stairs and he didn't know what happened with the seams-also, told us to let the installer fix it guys to do a waterfall on the stairs-HUH? WHAT? ISN'T THAT THEIR JOB?I'm still thinking of having them come get their carpet and stick it you know where! I also haven't called them back to come refix it for all the hassel it causes!Everytime I see that TV commercial I want to scream-GET RID OF THE GUYS IN NICE BLUE BUTTON DOWNS AND TROUSERS AND SHOW WHAT EMPIRE REALLY IS-ILLEGAL!!!!!! Valerie ingleside, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Northlake, Illinois
17, Report #1198484
Dec 30 2014
04:08 PM
carpet one  AVOID THEM spokane Washington
the manager Wayne gave me a price for a kitchen counter,took a large deposit, they new there would be extra cost that was not expressed untill the installer showed up. I would not trust them again. the manager is not someone I would ever like to deal with
Entity: spokane, Washington
18, Report #1332359
Oct 09 2016
09:21 PM
Carpet Palace CARPET BEETLES Glen Burnie Maryland
Carpet Palace of Glen Burnie Maryland: Do Not Shop Here Unless You Want CARPET BEETLES, On your PILLOW, In your BED, On YOU, In Your CLOTHES. Owner does NOTHING. Not even the courtsey of A CALL. Hundreds of dollars in PESTICIDES, SORES all over your body, Doctors BILLS. They COULDN'T CARE LESS!!!!!! Beware!!!!!
Entity: Glen Burnie, Maryland
19, Report #1372963
May 12 2017
07:47 PM
Empire Carpet Empire Today Ruined our dream home Nationwide
 We bought our home and prior to move in we wanted all new carpet. The previous owners had dogs inside and we have allergies. So we called Empire. The installers came out and finished the job in a matter of hours. With their discounts our price was about 7k. We move in and the dining room remained empty except for boxes of glasses and pictures and things like that. Weeks later we get the room emptied out. And discover a warped baseboard, which was soft and slightly moist to the touch. We wonder if we may have a water leak. A leak detector came out and cut 3 holes in the wall looking for a leak, there was none. Confused we call the home inspector. He comes out and discovers urine stains and urine scent under the carpet in the padding and rusty tack boards. He suggested we call empire and provided us a report and pictures of what the issue was. We have made multiple calls to empire with no resolution. After asking multiple times for a license number and being told they don't have it, I found it. I asked them if that was the correct number and they lied and said no! A representative said all they would do is replace the padding. However the boards are rusted, my new carpet is unsanitary, my baseboards have soaked up the urine, and I now have 3 holes in my wall to search for a leak that never existed, not to mention a 125.00 plumbing bill for nothing. We asked them to replace everything in that room, carpet, padding, tack boards, and the baseboard in that corner. They refused. It is also unbelievable that a company would deny a customer their license number multiple times, then claim the number on their invoice is not actually the correct number. This is a horrible experience. Also, one of the installers offered to carpet part of our garage on the side for cash, said that's his side hustle. Perhaps that's where the new padding went that we did not get, we now suspect that they keep materials for their personal work on the side.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1255465
Sep 17 2015
07:52 AM
carpet king, Internet
carpet king installers came out and did ok job on the floor lying wood laminites down. However after they left I found about 7 items they did not do well. One was cracking my floor board when nailing it back in, the guy never told me he did it.I found out later. several fllor boards were not nailed down the right way and one was put in crooked. They are sending out a new installer to correct things but Iam left with a sour taste in my mouth. mpls.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #77950
Jan 23 2004
03:50 PM
Carpet Care Ripoff! Beware of carpet cleaning services. Long Beach California
I called Carpet Care. You can find their big ad in the yellowpages, they don't have a listing address just a phone number 1 800 817 8566, and say that they services Long Beach and surrounding areas. I was planing on carpet cleaning my place all but one room which I was going to have someone else to replace the carpet in that room due to a hole in the carpet. The carpet cleaner Mike, asked why I want to pay good money to replace the carpet when he can repair it. (cut a piece out of the closet to fix the hole and then replace the closet carpet). He made a deal and said that he will clean the entire place and fix the carpet for $250, and that he will replace the carpet in the closet for $50. He said he has to go to LA to get the carpet and come back say around 6-7pm or the following morning whichever is best. I was very afraid that he will not come back so at the end of the carpet cleaning I told him that he doesn't have to go through the trouble of bring the carpet back, I wanted to pay him the $250 which he wrote a receipt for and save myself $50 for the risk of him not coming back. I wanted to pay him the $50 when he came back, but he was upset and said at least I should pay him $25 for the gas to go to LA and come back. He insisted that he will go get the capet and come back, a handshake should be a binding contract and that I should trust him. So I gave him the $50. He did not provide a receipt for the $50. At 8pm he called and said that he had an opportunity to work at another job tonight and make some more money, and asked if it would be ok to come back in the morning between 8am-12pm. I agreed that was reasonable. At 11am the next morning, there was no sign of him so I called the 800 number his boss answered and I told him what had happened. His boss acknowledged that Mike had done that sort of thing before (work under the table) and that he would have Mike call me. 15 minutes later I called again and the boss says he will be there before 12:30pm. I waited and then I called again and said that Mike needs to be here and either bring the $50 or the carpet and the boss said listen lady, you can't keep calling here, we called again and he hung up on us. And Mike never came. Alky Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
22, Report #65066
Jul 31 2003
04:42 PM
Gorgia Carpet Outlet ripoff, poor quality overpriced carpet and poor installers Elyria Ohio
carpet purchased through this scam company was the worst. very low grade and represented as from the finest mills. installed and within two days showed wear patterns. installer pieced it in major traffic areas. this was in a trailer only 15 feet wide! seam should have been only three feet from wall not in middle of hallway. Their idea of repairing torn 6 inch area was to cut out piece in closet and glue down in spot where tear occurred. refused anymore service calls and would not refund or return further calls. don't waste your money. John oberlin, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Elyria, Ohio
23, Report #4915
Apr 13 2001
12:00 AM
*CONSUMER ADVISE Know Your Carpet Dealer ..avoid the most common scams used in selling carpet !
THE SEVEN CARPET TRUTHS If You Don't Know Carpet, Know Your Carpet Dealer 1. There is no such thing as free labor. 2. There is no such thing as an invisible seam. 3. There is no STAIN PROOF carpet. 4. There are no miracle fibers. 5. There is no such thing as a real 70% off. 6. The life of a carpet depends on your lifestyle 7. Installation is everything! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Don't Get Ripped Off Learn how to avoid the most common scams used in selling carpet ! First Look At the Seven Carpet Truths The Private Label Scam: Not really a scam but more of a marketing ploy to prevent you the consumer from shopping using the old apples to apples comparison technique. Its kind of like buying a mattress, you kind find the exact same mattress under 10 different names depending on where you shop. In the case of carpet, the most prevalent use of private labels is found in the Carpet One Chain of carpet stores. In this case, Carpet One uses the Bigelow label as if Bigelow made the carpet, when in fact, Carpet One just bought the name Bigelow from Mohawk industries, and can use the Bigelow label on any carpet they choose. Yes, Bigelow is an old time mill, but they don't make residential carpet any more. Just recently Burlington Industries sold the Lee's name to carpet one, and thus , like the Bigelow name, we will see carpets with the Lees name on them that are really made by any mill Carpet One selects. Another marketing ploy is Shaw Industries Trustmark buying system. Here Shaw outfits the dealer with a number of carpet samples from their various divisions, i.e. Cabin Craft, Salem, Philadelphia etc. and puts the Trustmark label on those samples, again making comparison shopping impossible. Guaranteed Lowest Price ScamThis ploy is used by many of the giant retailers who want you to think their price is the lowest. The gimmick is to say that if you can find the same carpet elsewhere at a lower price, we'll meet or beat that price by 5%. Of course you can't find the SAME carpet elsewhere because the giant retailer has it private labeled. Therefore, the only place you will find the same named carpet is at a branch or division of the same chain. Someday retailers are going to learn that consumers are not stupid. The Boiler Room: This scam brings a new meaning to telemarketing. The scam goes like this. First a person calls you at home, and explains he is from XYZ Carpet Corp. He says his company does big commercial projects. He may even mention some familiar names like Nike, Coca Cola, Nabisco, or any company his firm has done work for. Of course he has never really done business with those companies; its just part of the scam. He goes on to further explain how his company has leftover carpet from some big job. He explains how you, for a limited time, can take advantage of his incredible offer of carpet at below wholesale prices. Now you're hooked. You were thinking of purchasing new carpet anyway so you agreed to let this company send one of their agents out to see you in your home.A guy pulls up to your home in a Lincoln Towncar (you don't know its a rental) , andhe gets out wearing a $800 suit (rented), and looking like Pierce Brosnon. Once in your home he puts on a show that includes measuring your home with flair, flirting, and showing you samples of carpet he has at below wholesale prices. He explains how this carpet is made of Debulon the most indestructible fiber ever created. He explains how Debulon is only used in the most expensive commercialjobs because its a fiber difficult to make. He further explains how this fiber will nevercrush, soil, show traffic, fade, smell, or wear out. You are so impressed you can't wait to buy. Our sleezball salesman now explains how you need only 62 units of carpet to cover the floor of your living room. He goes on to explain that at $38.00 a unit you are stealing this carpet. What he doesn't tell you is that a unit is 3 square feet. Remember a sq. yd. has 9 sq. ft. and is how carpet is normally sold. Thus, your carpet job of 62 units of Debulon only cost (38 x 62) $2355.00. If you had purchased carpet from reputable dealer, a super carpet could be purchased for $38.00 a sq yd, (including best pad and labor) and would have only cost you $785.00. To add insult to the scam, the salesperson makes you sign an iron-clad contract to have the work done. In summary, this scam has not happened in the Portland area for some time, but it will happen again. Be prepared. If you don't know carpet know your Carpet Dealer. I Can Buy it Wholesale: We all know a friend of a friend who can get for us almost anything at a cheap price. Those of you over forty know there is no free lunch. There are plenty of outlets where, if you know someone, you can buy carpet atclose to dealer cost. I'd be cautious of anyone selling you anything at a price that appears too good to be true. If your most important part of the carpet buying process is price, you are doomed to be taken. The few places where you can purchase at broker prices do not provide any service other than selling you the carpet at a cheapprice. They will not provide labor because then they would have to be registered withthe Contractors Construction Board . (this is an State of Oregon regulation) Further, they are under no obligation to handle warranty claims, and usually refer you to thecarpet mill rep. Also, if you are asked to pay the installer directly for any work, you could have a problem.( see below) Finally, if you do have a valid complaint, the broker is only obligated to supply new carpet at the dock. You would have to pay someone to reinstall the new, pull up and wrap up the defective piece, and haul the defective piece back to the dock. Now that cheap carpet price isn't so cheap. You had to pay twice for labor, plus go through all the hassle of resolving your own complaint. The Old Switchero: You shopped for carpet and you found the perfect textured plush for what seems like an exceptionally great price. You happily placed the order with the dealer, and waited for the installers to show up at your door. Two weeks have gone by and you are anxious to have your new carpet installed. When the installers arrive they go right to work removing your old carpet and pad, cleaning the floor, moving the furniture etc. Soon they have the pad installed. The big moment arrives, and the installers roll out the carpet in your driveway to make the necessary cuts off the roll to fit your home. You notice that the carpet does not look as heavy or thick as you remembered . You even mention your concern to the installer, but he just tells you the carpet is crushed from being in the roll. The day passes, and the carpet is now fully installed in your home. You still wonder if it is the thickness you remember, but the carpet does feel good installed over the pad. You think to yourself that the carpet is just crushed from being in the roll. SORRY! You just got RIPPED OFF! Little did you know that the carpet you selected came in three qualities, and what the dealer had done was show you the thicker, and deliver to you the thinner. Thus, this particular dealer just made money dishonestly, and you were the victim. The real idea of a carpet coming in different qualities of the same color is to save you money. Sometimes you can put the more expensive one in the hall, and the cheaper one in the bedroom. Thus, it is in your best interest to work with a dealer you can trust so you won't have to worry about The Old Switchero. The Fiber Ripoff: You were told that the carpet on the roll in the showroom was made of Du Pont's Stainmaster nylon. You made your purchase and had it installed. A couple of months go by and you notice that the carpet appears to be staining more than you thought it should. You call the dealer, but they just say you're a poor house keeper. At last you call DuPont, (1-800-4- DUPONT) and you give then the name of the carpet you had installed. To your surprise you are told that the name you gave them is not a DuPont Stainmaster carpet. You remembered that you never saw a sample with the Stainmaster Logo on it, but were told by the salesperson that the roll of carpet you looked at was a Stainmaster nylon carpet. If your invoice does not say Stainmaster Nylon pile on it, then you've been had, and you have no recourse. Chances are the carpet you bought may not have even been nylon. Sometimes the Stainmaster Logo is printed on the back of the carpet, but more and more mills are not doing this due to some of the ink transferring to the face of the carpet. So make sure your invoice (sales agreement) has fiber identification on it. Bait & Switch: This SCAM is still going on in every major market area. The state of Oregon is actively addressing this tactic, but they are still under staffed to police this worst of all scams. In the carpet business the bait & switch works like this: A dealer advertises a carpet completely installed for only $9.99/sq yd including padding. The dealer may lie in the ad and even say the regular price was $19.99 installed. If you are from earth, you know this is just too good to be true. However there will be enough people who will believe this ad and visit the advertiser. The dealer just accomplished his goal of getting you in his store. You ask to see the $9.99 installed carpet, and he shows you this sleazy rag that you wouldn't install in your garage. You ask about the quality and you are told that its not very good, but lady, what did you expect for only $9.99 installed. The dealer now shows you some other quality carpets for considerably more money. THAT'S IT. BAIT AND SWITCH. The larger dealers tend to advertise loss leaders in order to get you in their store. There is a fine line between bait and switch and loss leaders. Many loss leaders use the ad that states Three rooms of carpet completely installed for LOW PRICE! The Pay the Labor Direct Ripoff This scam is being used more and more bydealers who don't have a contractor's license, or those stores who want to give the impression they are saving the customer money. Like the I can by it for you Wholesale section of this page, you the customer have no recourse with the dealerwhen solving labor disputes. In this scam you are forced to pay the installer direct for his services at the end of the day. If, however, you need something repaired thatyou did not catch on the day of installation, you may have a tough time getting theinstaller to come back and fix his mistake. Also, if the carpet should develop a wrinkle later on due to improper stretching, you may again have trouble getting theinstaller to come back. The dealer who sold you the carpet is only liable for the carpet. When possible, always pay the dealer for the complete package. This is theonly way you will have any leverage in the field of consumer complaints. All contents are the views and opinion of the author. While most carpet dealers are honest hardworking folk, this page is for informationonly and not representative of the norm. I am just trying to make consumers aware of what could happen.
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24, Report #439506
Mar 31 2009
12:25 PM Damaged rip off stay away Dalton Georgia
It appears that and may be the same rip off sites. Addresses and email addresses are very very similar I ordered a large order of tiles from this company. They did a crappy job putting them on the pallet and the tiles hanging over the edge were damaged. over 50% of my order was damaged. I called 5-6 times the first day and kept getting transferred, voicemails, no call backs. finally at the end of the day I yelled at the lady and she connected me with someone. Promised a call back, didn't happen. Day two... mean while my floor is half done and waiting on tiles to finish. No calls, same round around. They say I have to deal with the freight company myself and file the claim. RIGHT, I am in shipping and I know the shipper can only file the claim. Finally I tell her to ship tiles or I will file a chargeback with my card. She agrees to refund me. Haven't seen the refund yet. I ordered the other tiles somewhere else. Blake28 IC, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Dalton, Georgia
25, Report #824792
Jan 18 2012
05:15 PM
Shaw Carpet Shaw Carpet will not honor warranty Dalton, Georgia
We had a houseful of Shaw Carpet installed in February of 2011. The cost was $6,000. Our installers are very professional and popular installers in our area. The carpet was installed correctly, over the highest quality mattress pad we could buy.About one month after the installation, my husband and myself noticed a lot of matting and frizzing on the carpet. We were very careful not to mention this to each other, though, as we were still reeling from the expense of it, and did not want to admit how bad it was looking. About one month later, we finally broke down and admitted it looked horrible. We were unsure what to do. Finally, after months of hand-wringing and lots of vacuuming, we called Shaw for a warranty evaluation.In November, Shaw sent a carpet evaluator to our home. He didn't say anything to us at first. He spent about 20 minutes evaluating the carpet, and then asked us for a new piece of carpet from an unused partial roll in our basement, to take with him as a sample. (Our carpet is Perfect Balance, Summer Straw....what a fitting moniker for the appearance of our carpet.). He then asked a few questions, and left.About four weeks later, my husband called Shaw to find out where we were with our claim. He spoke with Ashley B. She read their response to us, and then mailed us a copy. They told us we had to vacuum and hot water-extract our carpet on a daily basis. We were floored! (No pun intended.). We live two hours, round trip, from the only company they would okay to do our hot water extracting. When my husband questioned the representative about the reality of having our carpet cleaned daily, the representative said the letter could have been worded better.. However, she did not take back (nor have any attempts been made) to correct the content of their recommendation letter.We have moved five times in eleven years while my husband served in the Air Force. We have seen it all, from military housing, to poor rentals, to our current home. This carpet is absolutely, without any hesitation or reservation, the absolute worst carpet we have ever seen. Anywhere that we walk, the carpet is matted down and fuzzy. By fuzzy, I mean the carpet looks like you took a hairbrush and just rubbed it over and over again on the carpet. They tried to tell us we needed a vacuum without a beater brush, but we vacuum our entire floor, and the only place with any matting or fuzzing is where we walk.We do have three dogs, but they have been with us through many other carpets and never have we seen anything that looks like this. Our dogs are professionally groomed every month, and are always kenneled when we are gone.The general feeling we got from Shaw is that they are doing so well in this economy that they do not need our business....or, anyone else's, for that matter. The worst part is, we are now stuck with atrocious carpet, if you can even call it that, that is so embarrassing we don't want people to come over. In addition, we have a special needs son, who is 14. The inspector was very, very interested in our son. He asked us about four times if our son was in a wheelchair. (he is not and never has been; has been 100% ambulatory since age 2.). It was almost like the inspector's eyes lit up when he heard we had a special needs son. It was disturbing. Like it was their ticket out of the warranty.We have deliberated hiring an attorney, (and with their poorly written recommendation letter, I think it would be fun), but are thinking our money may be better spent buying different carpet.Not only will we never buy Shaw carpet again, we have now made it a mission to let people know about Shaw Floors and their products and lack of warranty coverage. When I think back to looking at their carpet sample on my floor for one year while we saved up to do this, and now I see this matted, fuzzy straw on my floor, I feel a pit in my gut as though I want to vomit or cry. Or both.If you are a savvy consumer who has a family and a life, who cleans and vacuums regularly and takes pride in the cleanliness of your children, pets, and home, do not buy Shaw products. Their only interest in you, as a consumer, is to take the money and run.
Entity: Dalton, Georgia

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