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1, Report #201009
Jul 14 2006
04:51 AM
Universal Carpet and Tile ripoff Huntington beach, california
On June/13/2006, We call them to estimate the carpet and tile all in us house. They give us the price total $13,000. But after that we came to La carpet and check a price- over there they give us exactly carpet from them with title but we have to pay $9000. After that we find out they ripoff us almost $4000. But when we came back to their store for cancel it and want to get deposit back. But they denied it. They don't let us cancel it and don't give us deposit back. We tried to comunicate with them and explain for they know the reason but they don't let us go. They told us they will bring us to court about this. But sorry. We did contact a lawyer. Lawyer told us they cannot effort a customer to buy it. When customer don't like it. Second thing we still have times for cancel it, because in their polocy show 3 days for customer can cancel it anytimes. But when we call them for cancel it- it's next day they came to us house for estimate. It means we still have two days more for cancel it. They knew we know they did ripoff us almost $4000 dollar. Wow we still got fire about get deposit back because until now they don't credit back to us about deposit. If anybody know this problem - please let all your friends know and watch out this store- don't ever do business with them. Thanks Linda perris, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntington Beach, California
2, Report #1320175
Aug 02 2016
06:02 AM
Capital Carpet & Tile Unfinished and unprofessional job Boynton Beach Florida
 I had capital carpet & tile lay my tile floors, but with many issues. After a month the grouting started to turn dark, almost black in color. Someone from the company came down to check the issue (same men that installed the tiles) & told me that I was dirty and not taking care of the tile job. After the rude and untrue comment, he took a sample of the grouting out, and put a new piece in that spot, which to this day (2 months later) never turned the black color, and had remained the original color. The grouting sample was sent back to the company, and they said there was nothing wrong with it, yet all over my apartment the grouting turned black, except in the area where the new grouting was put in. I have to have a new company come in to redo my grouting, at my own expense. Later on I noticed that they did an incomplete job because they did not put tiles behind my refrigerator or oven, even though we paid for that area. I am very disappointed with capital carpet and tiles, and although the carpet was laid perfectly by different men than the tiles were, the men that laid the tiles were unprofessional and unfair. They also used two high school aged people to lay my tiles, which would have been fine, if not for the fact that it seemed like two inexperienced worker were sent to me as a learning task, unaccompanied by a seasoned worker.
Entity: Boynton Beach, Florida
3, Report #2240
May 11 2000
12:00 AM
Bontz Carpet wrong carpet and bad work
We ordered our Carpet from Bontz Carpet in Shrewsbury Pa. when thay installed it, it was not the carpet that we had ordered. Tony Bontz kept telling us that it was the same carpet that we had ordered. (carpet was not even the same color)also with in two months the carpet had buckeles in it, after many trips to see him and many phone calls for months to get him to come back out to remove the buckles he never showed up, so we hired some one else to do the work.
Entity: Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania
4, Report #155904
Sep 03 2005
11:57 AM
Empire Carpet ripoff Stoughton Massachusetts
Empire carpet in stoughton,ma is a fraud. I worked for them for a while so I know what I am talking about. Empire does do next day install maybe 40% of the time.they stock most of the samples they bring to your home,but they don't stock much and if you goto home depot or lowes you have like thousands more colors and styles to choose from. to make matters worse any sort of contractor entering your home must be fully licensed and insured and must remain on the job site for the remainder of the job. 75% of empires installers out of the stoughton,ma warehouse are not licensed or insured.if they damage something or steal something in your home they have no insurance.and they steal and break things everyday!it does happen!!! some of these installers work under other peoples insurance and license which is illegal since the licensed guy is not at the job site.always ask to see the license and insurance card or send them packing and call the company for another crew. most of these carpet installers don't know the correct way to install,the installer should be using a long machine made of pipes called a stretcher toget the carpet in nice and tight but most of these installers don't even own this carpet is installed so loose it will have bubbles in a year or 2.the padding that empire sells is junk.they often overbook and have crews pulling no-shows so they lie to customers and say the installers truck broke down or there was a fire at the warehouse,the lies and excuses to customers that I've heard are amazing. and if all that isn't enough empire is famous for switching carpets,they sell you a carpet and don't have enough on hand so they tell the warehouse guys to cut anything that is close in color but you almost always lose out because the new carpet is several grades cheaper and you were never told or got the cheaper price for this less exspensive carpet. believe what you want but empire does all of these things to customers and that is why when the installer gets to your house on the day of the installation he needs a check up front so you must fight for your money back when the job is messed up. they messed up so many jobs they now take all the money up front. Joe woonsocket, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Stoughton, Massachusetts
5, Report #197045
Jun 19 2006
03:14 AM
Empire Carpet flooring ripoff poor work Internet
Where to start? We had empire install a hardwood floor, and that was a nightmare. We are on a slab, so a glue has to be used to hold the floor down. After the floor was done(late at night) The next morning i noticed glue all over the floor, and several dents in the floor made by thier tools. It took 2 weeks to get some one out to clean and fix the floors. The first guy did not show up, and never called to let us know he wasnt coming.Also had to have many pieces of molding redone because of poor cuts they made. Then the day after the flooring was installed, they came out to install the carpet in the bedrooms. They couldnt speak english, and i tried to stress the point of being careful of the new hardwood floor. One of the installers brought his son with him(weekday,morning,shouldnt he be in school?) I caught the son playing with MY sons toys,on my new $8000 teak wood floor. I found several scratches in the floor, did not wipe their feet before coming in and they got glue on my patio, which i still cant remove to this day. I also saw the son jumping all over the carpet they had layed out in the driveway. It took dozens of phone calls, and even the salesman who told us to call if we had any problems, took 1 week to call back,than said we would have to call customer service.We were told we would get a credit back to use for all the problems we had. I have yet to see any credit from them yet!! We spent over $11,000 with them and got poor service. I will NEVER buy from them again, and would never recommend thier service to anyone Joe Rancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #184984
Apr 04 2006
10:04 PM
First of all we called Empire on the 19th of December, they had Jake come out the next day with carpet samples-Jake was wonderful and we were sold on the top of the line carpet with warranty on stains and wear. We went with the no $ down pay later(one year)-$6,435.00. The installers came on the 22nd-we noticed a very beat up van driving up and down our road, I thought oh no-not again(look up Dale Warren Plastering)they pull in and come to the door I asked to see their paperwork from Empire-DUHHH-NO SPEAK ENGLISHfinally I looked at the paper he was holding and low and behold he was from Empire! I was expecting a EMPIRE VAN OR TRUCK! I should of said NO!!! Everything was going pretty well(they had no furniture to move-no carpet to pull up)then my mother in law see's them cutting the carpet on the road in the rain-tells me when I got back and I tried to ask one of the professionals about it-he said it would be fine-then I go and call Empire to ask them about this and I'm told that this is common and the professionals know what they are doing. FINE. Now I'm getting a bit nervous-it's around 3:00pm and they have been there since 7:00 and still have 3 rooms to do. My husband comes home(thank god he knows some spanish)and he is told that they will get done around 9:00pm-OK! So, they leave and the next day we notice the stairs are not flush with the sides and the seams look terrible. I call the customer service line (which is a joke-you call and then they have somebody call you back to confirm) they are to come and fix the carpet on Jan. 6th-that morning everyone except hubby is sick so at 8:00am I call to cancel them coming that day and I will call back another time to have them fix it. Well, around 11:30am the phone starts ringing( it only rings 3 times then goes to voice mail) and there is banging at the front door-we were sleeping and the phone kept ringing and the banging-finally I got up and peeked out of the upstairs window-my kids & (I were all in bed together)it was the installers-so as I'm putting on some clothes I hear pinecones being thrown at the windows and they are pounding on the door- I open the door and tried to tell them that I cancelled and we were all sick- he said that's ok just let me take a look I was like NO WAY-I cancelled!!!! So I'm pissed and call the service we just got the run around saying that she would put in a complaint with the installers-BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!I rescheduled for the 14th and guess what-no one shows up-mmmmmmmm! So here we go again with the phone calls and finally the head professional comes out and he tells us we need to call the service and have them come out & replace the stairs and he didn't know what happened with the seams-also, told us to let the installer fix it guys to do a waterfall on the stairs-HUH? WHAT? ISN'T THAT THEIR JOB?I'm still thinking of having them come get their carpet and stick it you know where! I also haven't called them back to come refix it for all the hassel it causes!Everytime I see that TV commercial I want to scream-GET RID OF THE GUYS IN NICE BLUE BUTTON DOWNS AND TROUSERS AND SHOW WHAT EMPIRE REALLY IS-ILLEGAL!!!!!! Valerie ingleside, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Northlake, Illinois
7, Report #1372963
May 12 2017
07:47 PM
Empire Carpet Empire Today Ruined our dream home Nationwide
 We bought our home and prior to move in we wanted all new carpet. The previous owners had dogs inside and we have allergies. So we called Empire. The installers came out and finished the job in a matter of hours. With their discounts our price was about 7k. We move in and the dining room remained empty except for boxes of glasses and pictures and things like that. Weeks later we get the room emptied out. And discover a warped baseboard, which was soft and slightly moist to the touch. We wonder if we may have a water leak. A leak detector came out and cut 3 holes in the wall looking for a leak, there was none. Confused we call the home inspector. He comes out and discovers urine stains and urine scent under the carpet in the padding and rusty tack boards. He suggested we call empire and provided us a report and pictures of what the issue was. We have made multiple calls to empire with no resolution. After asking multiple times for a license number and being told they don't have it, I found it. I asked them if that was the correct number and they lied and said no! A representative said all they would do is replace the padding. However the boards are rusted, my new carpet is unsanitary, my baseboards have soaked up the urine, and I now have 3 holes in my wall to search for a leak that never existed, not to mention a 125.00 plumbing bill for nothing. We asked them to replace everything in that room, carpet, padding, tack boards, and the baseboard in that corner. They refused. It is also unbelievable that a company would deny a customer their license number multiple times, then claim the number on their invoice is not actually the correct number. This is a horrible experience. Also, one of the installers offered to carpet part of our garage on the side for cash, said that's his side hustle. Perhaps that's where the new padding went that we did not get, we now suspect that they keep materials for their personal work on the side.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1114455
Jan 10 2014
08:24 AM
C & J Tile Carmen Veneziale Unsatisfactory tile work Collegeville Pennsylvania
They started the job and completed about 1/2 of it and came to a halt due to their scheduling conflicts (they do a lot of commercial work i think), and materials that didn't come in.  They requested most of the payment which I gave thinking that the job would be finished quickly.  The job should have taken 1 week to complete and 6 months later it still wasn't complete and what was done was sloppy, and not done well.  I could have done a better job had I done the work myself.
Entity: Collegeville, Pennsylvania
9, Report #148651
Jul 06 2005
08:15 AM
Coastal Carpet & Tile Destin, Carpet One Destin bad service, overcharged, no warranty, BEWARE BUYER Destin Florida
BUYER BEWARE; Coastal Carpet & Tile aka Carpet One of Destin Florida, Ron Webster, Larry Dumstre, Todd Eyckee, These are not pros, these are cons. I bought my flooring from these guys, the first thing they did was change the contract price to add extra bogus charges about $1500.00, which was charged to me. On the day the installers were to arive, I moved all furniture, they did not show or call, when I called to see where they were, no one knew anything, I talked to the owners who said they would come two days later. Two days later, no call, no show. The next week they came, the installers showed up at 11:30, they spoke no english, I dont even think they were legal residents, the tile work was very poor, they broke things in my house and some things came up missing from the home. I went to coastal carpet to talk about this and I found out they had already run my card without my consint and over charged me. They offerd no discount for poor installtion, broke and missing items. They pretty much told me there was nothing they could do to help. Four months later my grout begin to crack and tile were loose. When I talked to the owners of carpet one of destin, they said they could not warranty tiles on a slab. What the heck? Buyer Beware, these guys are total cons, dont get ripped off like I did. Buy somewhere else! Nina Destin, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Destin, Florida
10, Report #77950
Jan 23 2004
03:50 PM
Carpet Care Ripoff! Beware of carpet cleaning services. Long Beach California
I called Carpet Care. You can find their big ad in the yellowpages, they don't have a listing address just a phone number 1 800 817 8566, and say that they services Long Beach and surrounding areas. I was planing on carpet cleaning my place all but one room which I was going to have someone else to replace the carpet in that room due to a hole in the carpet. The carpet cleaner Mike, asked why I want to pay good money to replace the carpet when he can repair it. (cut a piece out of the closet to fix the hole and then replace the closet carpet). He made a deal and said that he will clean the entire place and fix the carpet for $250, and that he will replace the carpet in the closet for $50. He said he has to go to LA to get the carpet and come back say around 6-7pm or the following morning whichever is best. I was very afraid that he will not come back so at the end of the carpet cleaning I told him that he doesn't have to go through the trouble of bring the carpet back, I wanted to pay him the $250 which he wrote a receipt for and save myself $50 for the risk of him not coming back. I wanted to pay him the $50 when he came back, but he was upset and said at least I should pay him $25 for the gas to go to LA and come back. He insisted that he will go get the capet and come back, a handshake should be a binding contract and that I should trust him. So I gave him the $50. He did not provide a receipt for the $50. At 8pm he called and said that he had an opportunity to work at another job tonight and make some more money, and asked if it would be ok to come back in the morning between 8am-12pm. I agreed that was reasonable. At 11am the next morning, there was no sign of him so I called the 800 number his boss answered and I told him what had happened. His boss acknowledged that Mike had done that sort of thing before (work under the table) and that he would have Mike call me. 15 minutes later I called again and the boss says he will be there before 12:30pm. I waited and then I called again and said that Mike needs to be here and either bring the $50 or the carpet and the boss said listen lady, you can't keep calling here, we called again and he hung up on us. And Mike never came. Alky Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
11, Report #65066
Jul 31 2003
04:42 PM
Gorgia Carpet Outlet ripoff, poor quality overpriced carpet and poor installers Elyria Ohio
carpet purchased through this scam company was the worst. very low grade and represented as from the finest mills. installed and within two days showed wear patterns. installer pieced it in major traffic areas. this was in a trailer only 15 feet wide! seam should have been only three feet from wall not in middle of hallway. Their idea of repairing torn 6 inch area was to cut out piece in closet and glue down in spot where tear occurred. refused anymore service calls and would not refund or return further calls. don't waste your money. John oberlin, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Elyria, Ohio
12, Report #224631
Dec 10 2006
01:18 PM
Wholesale Carpet Outlet Best Carpet coming apart and not properly installed Gettysburg Ohio
In april of 2005 we had contacted Wholesale Crapet Outlet about having new carpet installed. We went to the showroom and was shown several styles and chose one that was the best carpet that he had. About a year later we had noticed the carpet not seated right around our doors and seen where the carpet was not properly strectched so they had agreed to come out and take a look. They sent an individual out who then said they would get back with us, After about 2 weeks I had contacted the store to talk to Mr Ron Lynch to see what they were gonna do about the carpet coming apart. Mr Lynch informed me that since we didn not have baseboard trim in our house then there was nothing they could do. Baseboard trim is not a requirement and its my decision to have it or not. I then contacted Mr Lynch a few months later telling him that the seam where they put 2 peices of carpet together was coming apart and he said he would send someone out to restretch the carpet and fix the seam. After about 2 weeks nobody had shown up I called Mr Lynch again and was promised he would someone out, To this date no one has shown up nor even attempted to contact me. THe carpet has started to wear prematurely and is coming apart and making areas in the carpet where there is no carpet cause it started to come apart. I paid almost $1500.00 to have this carpet installed and its not right and they dont want to do anything about it. Aaron Union City, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Gettysburg, Ohio
13, Report #1256499
Sep 22 2015
01:49 PM
3 Dollar Carpet, Three Dollar Carpet DO NOT USE!!! Denver CO
Do not use this company.  It was a never ending series of excuses, mismanagement, manipulation, and complete disregard for me, my money, my time, and their reputation.   The first guy that came to give me a quote, over promised.  We set a date for install, I had all my furniture moved, and took the day off of work.  They did not show up.  I called several times and would get voicemail, I didn’t hear back from anyone till the afternoon in an email with excuses that the wrong carpet was delivers.  Second date set, again, no call no show, and I missed another day of work. after trying to track someone down, I got a call from an installer that told me the roll was to large for his truck.  Third date scheduled, and once again nothing.  Forth time, I got a call from the installer in the morning, telling me that I would need to pay him directly for the install or he would not waist his time driving to my house.  I tried to call the company to see if I should pay him or not, no answer, but the installer did show up!!!  Throughout the day the installer kept asking me for a check.  Toward the end of the day, I made a check for installation to 3 Dollar Carpet.  The installer was mad, and started packing up, left all the extra carpet, and a HUGE mess, not to mention that the installation job he did was a joke, gaps between the wall carpet, baseboards beat to hell, seams everywhere...  it goes on and on. Plus it was the wrong carpet!!!  The mistakes were never fixed, and the job was never completed.  Now I am getting harassing calls from the owner saying I owe him over $700.00.  You have got to be kidding me!!!!  I could write for days about what a terrible experience it was.  I am disgusted that they are even calling themselves a business.  Complete rip off.
14, Report #1166343
Jul 31 2014
08:10 AM
Smart Carpet, LLCSmart Carpet, Inc Deceptive, Buckling Floors, Laminate Floors Manasquan New Jersey
I purchased laminate flooring, via a sales rep Gary from Smart Carpet March 2010. During the demonstration, he used a sample of the flooring and purposely did damage to via water and dropping items on it, to show it was durable and can withstand water if cleaned right away. I purchased approximately 385sq ft in my living room and dining room. When the installers arrived to lay down the flooring, they damaged my glass coffee table in the process. In exchange, they compensated me. A few months after install, I noticed the floors were buckling. For example, I spilled a bottle of water on the floor on my way out for work. I immediately cleaned the area with an old towel. When I returned home later that day, I noticed that area had a bubble or buckle like raised area. According to the sales rep, cleaning the area right away will not cause any buckling. A year later, my mother had a bathroom leak in her residence. She had a water restoration company respond to repair the damage. Since they had to repair the walls, they had to lift her dura ceramic tiles which were not damaged by the water. When they lifted the flooring, the company noticed they were not installed correctly by Smart Carpet. My mother contacted Smart Carpet with the complaint. They wanted to rectify by replacing it. She no longer wanted their products and had new tiles and engineer floors placed in her home. She told them they can come to my residence and do they job here that they owe her. I had them cut a small area by the front door and place tiles there. About a month or toe after install, I noticed two tiles began sliding and the grout was breaking up. My contractor who renovated my bathrooms looked at it and stated it was not laid down as good as it should have been. I contacted Smart Carpet & they sent a flooring inspector. He falsified information on his report blaming a creek behind my home which has NEVER caused water issues in these homes for decades.I would like one of the following:1.) refund 2.) the problem areas on the laminate flooring & tiles / grout repaired. 3.) the tiles / grout repaired and laminate flooring replaced with engineer floors and I'll pay the difference.These things also need to happen:A.) A correct inspection letter with researched true information about the moisture. Remove the writing about the creek and water from it coming to my home because that is false information and will be challenged with township and county documentation on the creek they maintain. B.) An apology from the female rep I spoke to today, July 31st, 2014 at 0815hrs. She told me I was not telling the truth about my conversation with the inspector, said I'm talking in circles, she was laughing sarcastically while I was speaking to her, etc.
Entity: Manasquan, New Jersey
15, Report #941704
Sep 15 2012
02:03 PM
dolphin carpet & tile very unprofessional, rude,and total lack of customer service deerfield beach, Florida
The tile installer, Pablo, was very unprofessional and rude.  Our walls were ripped up when they unwillingly removed the base boards.  The painters took pictures of our walls because they were so mortified at the condition they had left our walls.  Everything had an inch of dust on it from NO cleanup whatsoever.  Our patio tiles were brown, but when they finished it was white from all the thin set and dust.  No amount of cleaning will bring them back to their original color.  Also, when the refrigerator was connected back up to the water supply, it was leaking.  We could have had a flood from the ice maker connection leaking as no one was living in the unit at the time.  All that the installer could say was It's not my job.  Also the tile and grout was not sealed.  The installer, Pablo, offered to do this job for us @ $.60 a square foot.  Outrageous. We had to beg them to move the appliances off the porch, where they had put them, back into the house, as a hurricane was coming.   That was just our experience with the tile.  The carpet installation is a whole other story. The regional manager, Ron Shaffer, was very rude and unhelpful.  He actually hung up on me!!!   Never ever use this company for anything.
Entity: deerfield beach, Florida
16, Report #1078930
Aug 25 2013
01:57 PM
Tile Pro Not honest and did not complete job contracted Bartlett Tennessee
Stay away from this company.  We had to sue the owner after he did not fulfill his end of our contract.  Then we had to sue him again to pay the judgement from the original lawsuit.   The owner is not an honest man and we would not refer his company to anyone.  One of the men he employed and brought into our home did not finish the job because he stole money from us and went oo a drug bender.
Entity: Bartlett, Tennessee
17, Report #1121918
Feb 07 2014
10:00 PM Bad Pricing Georgia, Texas
 The pricing of this company is questionable at best. The words competitive or reasonable would not apply. I was going to be charged around $2,200.00 for less than 150 square feet of laminate tile and the removal of 4 pieces of plywood. The job would take less than 5 hours. This price would be for around $14.66 a square foot. I wasn't expecting a $200 job or anything unrealistic but $2200 for 5 hours of work and only about $450 in supplies. I priced materials at Lowes and Home Depot as a base line on pricing for materials needed and I have rounded up for discussion sake. A national company buying supplies like plywood and glue in bulk would be getting a better price than an individual at other general home improvement stores. The sales person complained that he was only making $30 on $1700 deal. I could only comment that if that were the case then it wasn't even worth his time to come out. The laminate picked was a basic offwhite with mock black grout in it. The choices weren't bad but if the price is driven up by overpriced installers then everything else was worthless. The sales rep didn't even meet with me or wait until I showed up as the appointment time was moved up in time.
Entity: Jonesboro, Georgia
18, Report #1314329
Jun 30 2016
06:20 AM
Gwendolyn Curry Fredericksburg Virginia
 My husband and I had a house built (two years ago) by Atlantic Builders. Every time it rains our basement floods. We contacted Atlantic Builders, they came out and tried to rectify the problem. They did a temporary fix and now the problem has gotten worse. When it storm's the sump pump can't keep up with the heavy rain. Our basement is still flooding, the carpet needs to be replaced and we need a new sump pump. We are so disappointed in Atlantic Builders because our house is only two years old and we purchase it for over a half million dollars. I'm putting them on blast to educate the public. Please don't purchase anything from them. They are ripoff!
Entity: Fredericksburg , Virginia
19, Report #1350818
Jan 19 2017
12:17 PM
James Delaney Rip off
We received an email from James Delaney asking for turf for a church without shipping and installation. He wanted pickup to be from my location. He wanted the total cost of 1,440 aquare ft with 5 gallons adhesive. He said he was buying for a church called Fellowship Community Church. We asked for more information suspecting spam. He wouldn't give a comapany name or a location where he is.  I googled his name and phone number cause he was being insistent about hearing back from me. That is when I saw the name Robert Baker not James Delaney and saw that there were other fraud alerts about him. I called him again and asked for more infomration telling him I thought there was fraud involved with his request and he told me not to worry about it and hung up.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1861
Apr 01 2000
12:00 AM
This report is to warn consumers about V & T Installations of Highland, Indiana owned by BILL COSGROVE acting as subcontractor for a company in ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS. Our salesman was in Arl. Hts. He came out to my condo with tile samples in November '99. The 12 inch tiling was to be set throughout the condo; bedrm., hallway, lvgrm. and dining room. The floor was carpeted at the time. He asked a rather strange question which stuck with me after: Is your floor level I said I didn't could I tell through the carpeting?? He said the crew would determine this when they took up the carpet (I'm on a concrete slab). I asked for a certificate of insurance from the subcontractors and he said oh no, you don't need that; THEY ARE OUR EMPLOYEES AND WE COVER THEM. This is not true; they were subcontractors. The crew consisted of Bill Cosgrove, another man and TWO TEENAGE BOYS one of whom identified himself as Bill's step son. At the end of the day they already had more than half of the tile laid and the dining room already grouted and shoe molding installed on the baseboards. (the floor was never levelled but I didn't know all about that until much later) I don't believe there was ever any WORK ORDER because on the morning of the second day I asked them if they were also going to tile my bedroom and they said they didn't know anything about it. I never signed off on any work order. At the end of the third day I waited and waited and the crew never came and got me. I walked in to my condo at 4:45 and just freaked out. They took the base paint I gave them for the shoe molding and used it to PAINT OVER ALL THE GROUT MARKS ON MY WALLS!!! I HAD SPLOTCHES OF PAINT ALL OVER ALL MY WALLS!!! I DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT THE FLOOR...MY EXPENSIVE PRISTINE PAINT JOB WAS RUINED AND THE S.O.B.'S SNUCK OUT AFTERWARD. I called the salesman and he didn't offer any sypathy, no, he said Well, I'm sure they were just trying to be CONSCIENTIOUS. Then he said he would have to call Bill and get his side of the story. The next day I called and told him the tile job was a bad one. Uneven tile lines, hollow tiles, missing grout etc. Jack said WELL, I STILL HAVE TO CALL BILL AND I HAVE CUSTOMERS TO TAKE CARE OF RIGHT NOW. What the hell am I then?? Salesman finally called 5 days later and said THEY WERE JUST TRYING TO BE CONSCIENTIOUS again. I was livid. Then he started to ask me could they get some paint and repaint my walls. I hit the roof! They can't even set tile and now they're painters??? Not! I told him the estimate amt. my painter had given me and he said that Bill would have to have time to get another estimate (!)HE HAS THAT RIGHT DOESN'T HE I told salesman he didn't have the right to do squat! FEB 25: Salesman finally agrees to come inspect the damage. Two witnesses are present. He was defensive showed no surprise at the job. He told us they were willing to pay for repainting, replace any loose tiles and skim coat grout over the whole floor. Salesman: 'this floor doesn't need to be levelled, it's the rustic look.' Told him we would have to take this up with the corporate office. Made a video of the damage and took photos. After several weeks of phone calling, research, letter writing and paying for professional tile setters and a home inspector's written evaluations I was able to get Bill Cosgrove's insurance company (thank God that he had some) to reimburse me for the paint job and for the DAMAGE THEY DID TO THE OUTSIDE PARKING LOT (grout was spilled all over,damage to neighbor's landscaping). Thanks to the District Manager of Customer Relations,they agreed to rip out the tile and shoe molding, haul it away and give us a full refund. I found out Bill Cosgrove's other jobs were investigated and many other problems were found. He no longer installs for this retailer BUT HE'S OUT THERE SOMEWHERE SO PUBLIC BEWARE!! All in all it took 6 weeks to come to this agreement and I am now awaiting removal. Remember: If a deal looks too good to be true IT IS! Thank you for your time.
Entity: Highland, Indiana
21, Report #1255715
Sep 18 2015
08:51 AM
Century Tile John Napiorkowski, Certified Ceramic Tile Salesperson Defective Installation of Granite Tile in Shower Area by Century Tile Store located in Mundelein, IL Mundelein Illinois
 In 2010, we purchased granite tile from the Century Tile Store located in Mundelein, IL, which cost several thousand dollars and was to be installed in the primary shower area in our home.  Based on the promise of the sales person at the time of purchase that the store also could professionally install the tile and would stand behind the work forever, we also engaged Century Tile to install the granite tile.  Prior to installing such tile, we DEMANDED that the installer apply a waterproofing material to the underlying cement board before installing the subject tile.  After the installation process was completed, I asked the installer as to whether he had applied a waterproofing material before installing the tiles, and he stated that it was a professional installation job.  Thereafter, we regularly (i.e., at least annually) sealed the tile as instructed and wiped off excess water every day after taking showers.  Within three years thereafter, we noticed a water line forming behind the bottom row of granite tiles just above the bathtub.  In addition, we noted that the grout applied around certain granite tiles, and especially around the tiles in the corner directly below the shower head which is subjected to the greatest amound of water run-off, had visible holes in it.  In January 2015, we telephoned and visited the store in Mundelein to complain about the growing water line forming behind the bottom row of granite tiles in our primary shower area and also to report that mold was now visible.  The store manager, John Napiorkowski, was verbally abusive and combative in response.  He accused us of being dishonest and also stated that waterproofing material is not necessary in a shower area.  In February 2015 we filed a written complaint with with Century Tile regarding the above situation that included llustrative pictures and copies of invoices that included no reference to waterproofing material being included in the materials used during the original installation.  Century Tile insisted that the same individual who installed the granite tiles come to our house to fix it.  We set up several appointments with the installer, many of which were cancelled on short notice.  Finally in April 2015 the installer visited our home to evaluate the situation first hand.  We provided him with a sample of the granite tile so that it could matched and he stated that he was going to have a meeting with the store's managment to discuss our situation and that he would revert back within a week.  By June 2015, the installer still had not contacted us and I called David McFarlane, a manager in Century Tile's Solutions Department.  During this conversation, Mr. McFarlane stated that he though the installer had the situation under control and that the problem had been fixed.  When I told him that was not the case, he began trivializing our situation.  Because the water and mold continued to build at a rapid rate behind the granite tiles in our shower, we hired a five-star rated tile installer to remove the bottom row of granite tiles to: 1.  Evaluate the original installation process; and 2.  To replace the damaged tiles and properly install new granite tiles.  The evaluation and reparation process cost nearly $2,300.  The five-star rated installer found the following defects in Century Tile's installation process:   1.  No waterproofing material was applied to the cement board prior to installing the granite tiles on top of it. 2.  There was defective caulking and grouting around the bottom row of tiles. 3.  Roofing nails rather than sufficient screws were used to secure the underlying cement board. 4.  Insufficient space was left between the bottom row of granite tiles and the top of the bathtub.  All of the above defects definitely caused water to leak behind the bottom row of granite tiles.  Pictures were taken of all of the above defects as well as every stage of the new installation process, and this evidence along with an explantory leter was submitted to Century Tile via Certified Mail.  So, although we have submitted incontrovertible proof of the defects in their installation process of the granite tile, Century Tile refused to reimburse us for the cost to demolish and properly replace the damaged tiles.  They did not keep their original promise to stand behind their installation work, and we have been scammed out of several thousand dollars as a result. 
Entity: Mundelein, Illinois
22, Report #392588
Nov 18 2008
06:40 PM
Empire Carpet Not the bargain you see on TV Oxon Hill Maryland
I had Empire come to my rental condo to give me an estimate on carpeting. From the TV adds you would think they would offer the BEST price on carpeting. What I experienced was a scam. A salesman that offered me three carpet lines with grossly inflated prices and a lot of smooth talk to try to get me to buy. I thought I was on the Price is Right Show the way he pitched the carpeting....a price written on a card put down on the sample. I wasn't buying and I pushed back and the salesman folded and packed his wares and departed. It was clear to me that if he couldn't up-sell he didn't have time for me. His whole mood/tone changed when he realized he couldn' up-sell. I ended up getting carpeting from a local carpet shop that was straight forward, no pressure and never got frustrated with the time it took me to evaluate the numbers associated with the purchase. I got better carpeting for half the price. I will never trust Empire again. They are all pitch and no substance in my opinion. Go to a local mom and pop shop. Poorman Lorton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Oxon Hill, Maryland
23, Report #346767
Jul 02 2008
11:48 AM
The Carpet Center Owner's wife lies to customer about service Conway Arkansas
Job was to install laminate flooring in 2 bedrooms. The job was scheduled for July 1st. I called on June 30 to reconfirm since I would have to take-off from work. I was told by owner's wife that the installers would be at my house between 8:30 and 10:00am. At 10:30am nobody showed up, so I called the store. I was told then that they were finishing a job and would be at my house after lunch, the latest at 1:00pm. At 1:30pm I called the store again and was told that they were five minutes away from getting the material and then they would be at my house at 2:00pm sharp. At 2:30pm I called again and was told that their truck was broken at the highway. Well, enough is enough. So I decided to cancel my order. If they can't keep appointments as agreed, they will lose business. When I called to cancel, I spoke with Chris and Heather. Owner's wife Melissa was out of the office. Chris (who had been at my house to take the measurements) was embarrassed and apologized, explaining that my material was NOT EVEN in the store. Heather was also embarrassed and apologized. If you are not truthful to your customers, you will not have my business at all and should not be recommended to anybody. Ellie Maumelle, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Conway, Arkansas
24, Report #1190760
Nov 22 2014
12:43 PM
LA Carpet Supply Shoddy/incorrect flooring workmanship Glendale California
 I got involved with LA Carpet Supply through my daughter's then-boyfriend.  2 years had passed since the initial job. We chose carpet and wood-looking laminate flooring, but all I could afford was low-end materials.  Since one of the owner's sons lived in Santa Clarita he dealt with us directly but I went to their business in Glendale, CA and paid $4000 downpayment (at this point it included laminate in the master bedroom which was later changed to carpet). I was doing carpeting throughout most of my home and laminate in the kitchen, laundryroom, main bathroom and master bathroom. When the installers came they convinced me to put linoleum in the main bathroom and laundry room.  They didn't finish off the carpeting between the hallway and one of the bedrooms. When I brought this to their attention I told them they needed to fix it and that they needed a larger piece of carpeting than just a 4 x 2' piece because we have dogs that would scratch at it to get to each other and it would otherwise come apart.The finishing work was not consistent.  If there was an issue they did not ask me what I wanted they just did what they wanted.  Some things I did not notice untill they left.  They had been at my home all day and I was tired.  When my daughter and her boyfriend brought up the issues with the owner's son, he became angry and said we got a good deal and that they made no money on it.  So things never got corrected.  Another thing I had told the installers to do was to replace the seals on the toilets.  I did not notice until after they left that they did not do this - especially in my bathroom where the floor was lifted up a couple more inches due to the installation of the laminate flooring and the material that is placed between it and the floor.  My son-in-law has told me seals always need to be replaced when toilets are removed regardless.  He is in construction, is one of the best I know, and knows the correct way to do things.  I'm not saying this because he is my son-in-law.  He is really good at what he does and he does it right the first time.When my lines got clogged up, the water backed up and came up between the toilet and the floor totally flooding my bathroom.  I thought one of my daughters had used my bathroom and flooded it.  I later found out that neither of them did and this was caused by the installers not changing the seal on the toilet.  It happened in my other bathroom as well.  When I first contacted the son shortly after the first incident, he said we are just closing, call me on Monday.  Being as busy as I am I forgot about it until it happened again a few months later.  I again called and the son, again it just so happened it was a Friday, he again told me he was on his way out the door and to call him on Monday.  When I called on Monday he was not there and the female who answered the phone said she would have him call me.  The next day I called again and again he was not there and she said she would have him call me.  Again no return call.  Time passed and I had decided to change the vanity in the master bathroom but it would entail adding a little more laminate flooring.  This time a sent a letter to the owner.  He called an left me a voicemail saying he needed a copy of the invoice and left me a # to fax it to.  I never received an invoide so all I could do was fax a copy of my bank statement showing they were paid $4000.  The owner John Higdon called me the next day saying he could not do anything without the invoice because he doesn't know if they even did the job.  Really, then what was the $4000 I paid to them for? Quite frankly, I could have had someone else do the job even Empire and their prices were the same.  So I know he just lied and did make money on the job especially since my downpayment of $4000 was based on the master bedroom having laminate and not carpet which is much less and which is what I actually went with.  These peple are liars and don't stand by their work.  And these are just a couple of the issues, not all.  I will never use them again nor will I recommend them to anyone.
Entity: Glendale, California
25, Report #108273
Sep 14 2004
03:56 AM
Carpet Town Outlet Inc, Amrik Shahinian, Us Tile Installers Installed cracked granite, broke and repaired granite before installing, Deniy doing biusiness with us. North Hollywood California
I went to Carpet Town Outlet to look at Granite.They had signs outside their buisness stateing a sale.I went in and looked and talked to Nick the salesman.I told him i was interested and he sat me down and had the owner Abe come out.Abe said he would call his Fabricator Armik and he will set up an appointment with me.Abe called Armik and i gave him my # and he called later that day and we set up a time to get a bid for our counter tops in our kitchen. Armik came and gave us a bid of $4,795.94 and my husband agreed to it.Armik said he would need $2,500.00 deposit to be paid.My husband gave a check for $900.00 and the rest cash W/a receipt.Armik said it would be installed in 2 weeks. Needless to say,it took 2 months.The installation and granite was done so bad.The granite was broken and repaired prior to ariving at our home.The granite has cracks throughout every part and chips were they cut it.The seams are so unsightly and they are so uneven. We tried calling Armik and he never called us back and then i called Carpet Town Outlet.Abe said that he was not responcible and that he had fired Armik because other customers complained about the same thing.He said he would try to get ahold of Armik.Armik called us shortly after and came to our house and agreed that it was a horrible job.I said i wanted my money back and or replace the intire granite with new granite.He agreed and he said it would take 2weeks and it will be done. It has been over a month and Armik hasnt returned our phone calls and hasnt replaced the granite and we havent gotten our deposit back either.We tried to contact him by certified mail etc..But he refused to accept it. Carpet Town was contacted by the BBB and stated that they dont deal in granite counter tops and that we came in for carpet and asked for granite and that they just refered us to other company's.This is a total lie and i found out that Armik no longer has a license and cannot work w granite and not allowed to have employees either. Well i have proof that Carpet Town is involved and that Armik was their fabricator etc....I cant wait to go to court to slap all them with my proof.Carpet Town is responcible no matter how they look at it and anyone dealing with Armik Shahinian[also goes by U S tile installers in Glendale]is foolish.He is a lier a theif and a scam artist.He will hopefully be going to jail for all the wrong doing he has done to people.I will make sure he gets whats coming to him lawfully.Jailtime! Dawn Sunland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: North Hollywood, California

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