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51, Report #264425
Jul 31 2007
04:05 PM
I borrow 5,000 dollars and have paid them 7,000. I could not handle their call any more so I got another loan to pay them off. I could only get the the amount that they said would be my pay off. That was 5,700. But the lady I talk to told me not to pay off the whole amount in full. She said that I would save money if I made 2 payments of 250 that I was behind. So I followed her instuction and did as she said. When I call back to pay off the account. First she would avoid my call then when she finaly answer. She told me my pay off was 5,334. I try to tell her that I am not saving money that way I am paying more. She started to yell at me telling me that I just don't get it. Now anyone that knows basic math can see that 5,000 plus 500 plus 334 is more than 5,700 in fact it is 134 dollars more. And she refuses to listen to me she just kept yelling at me. This is all beside the fact that they litterly call me 40 times a day when I am not even behaine on payments. Then they sent someone to my house they took pictures of my house. They call my work, called the people that I listed when I got the loan. They even had the nerve to tell me to borow money to make the payment. These heartless people that work for cash call have to see that it is not going to last for ever. They need to be out of a job. Because we do not need any companys like this. Marisa bellflower, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #269771
Aug 23 2007
01:53 PM
Cash Call Cash Call Harrassing and Very Rude Also a RIP OFF Fountain Valley California
I received a loan from CASH CALL back in Nov 06. i have been paying on time every month. I had changed a few months ago the date to debit my account on the 15th. Well this month they decided on their own to debit my account on the 3rd. Which in turn made my bank acocunt $590.00 over drawn. Since the bank returned my payment as NSF, they have been calling me. I tried to work it out. I asked them to defer this months payment and I will continue forward in Sept. They flat out told me NO. Here I am trying to work this out to continue to pay(even though the interest is VERY high). They have not stopped calling me at work or at home. I quit answering the phone. I am almost afraid to answer my work phone. This company needs to be put out of business. They are horrible. Please help those of us who got caught up in CASH CALL! Tammy Santa Cruz, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
53, Report #269280
Aug 21 2007
08:15 PM
Cash Call I am also going threw hell with Cash Call ripoff Internet
I have been reading everyone else's terrible time with Cash Call and I have also been regreting the day I ever called them to get a loan. I got a 5000.00 loan from them last December 2006. I have been paying on time so I thought up until last week I got a phone call from them when I was at work saying to call them immediately. I was off work a couple of weeks ago for a full week because of pneumonia so I was on a medicial leave from work. I called them as soon as I found out that my doctor was taking me off for a full week to tell them the money will not be in my checking account on the 10th which is usually when they debt my account. They proceded to say oh well we are going to have to debt any ways this is not enough time to stop it. I said 6 days is not enough? So they told me if the payment goes through and is returned I can just make that payment after I go back to work. I said I probably will not be able to pay you until September. So I thought I set arrangements up in the end and was satisfied. Well SURPRISE they debted my account on the 10th and it went through but that was the money I had all ready wrote other bills out on and over drew my account by 300.00 along with fees. Well I went to my bank and explained to them what I did and they had me fill out paper work stating that cash call is not authorized to debt my account. Well when we did that the payment was returned to them not for in sufficent funds but for unauthorized debt. They sent me 4 emails that day basicially saying pay or else. I talked to there collections department last Friday and the girl at first was nice but then when she realized what I did with my bank she began to tell me they are bring charges up on me for non payment and the loan is being sent to an arbitrator. She then wanted me to call her back on Monday 08/20/07 to make arrangements and go over my financial situation. Well my current financial situation sucks so I have been trying to try and figure out another way just to get these jerks paid off. I am currently going through a credit counseling agency and they even did not want to include cash call because they have had such bad experiences with them. I totally regret the day I ever called cash call. I am telling everyone I know do not ever thing of calling them. Right now I do not know what I am going to do but I am just concerned with paying for my rent and car and everything else and they will get paid eventually. I can so relate to everyone else and if and when anyone would like to get involved in a total law suit against there percentage rates and how rude they are and not willing to work with there customers. I know I signed the contract and I am obligated to pay the loan off. But all of the payments have gone to interest I borrowed 5000.00 and I now currently owe 5300.00 how is that possible? I am so stressed out and scared that they are going to sue me but if they do they will not get much because I have no money in the bank and I live in an apartment and I lease my car so we shall see. I will keep everyone updated. Wish me luck! C.robinson Taylor, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
54, Report #273854
Sep 11 2007
08:45 AM
Cash Call Cash Call Money stealing loan sharks. Anaheim California
When I first heard the intrest rates I was like no never mind I dont want the loan, but the women who called said it was too late she already varified my employment information. And now I have been locked into something that I had declined and I have been paying them every month. This should have been paid off by now, but for some reason they keep adding fees for no reason. This is a rip off and they need to be shut down. Travis Pendleton, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
55, Report #275533
Sep 20 2007
10:14 PM
Cash Call how to end your cash call nightmare Anaheim California
While I never had and never will have a loan with Cashcall I have read the many hundred of complaints people have wrote about these people and I don't understand why you people would take this abuse.(there is and easy way out, read on) So many of you are hoping that they will go out of bussiness thinking this will put and end to your loans. I can pretty much assure you it won't. They will most likely sell off your loans too companies like collect america which buy junk debt for pennies on the dollar and come after you just as bad as cashcall for the full amount plus some. You people need to use the law to your advantage just like cashcall is doing. Forget about filing complaints, you took to loan and owe the money and no complaint filing is going to change that. If you have fallen on hard time do to things such as lost of job, illness, divorce or just can't afford to pay all your bill the goverment give us all a way out, it call bankruptcy chapter 7. Bill collectors will lie and tell you there is no more bankruptcy the laws have been changed.They did make some changes most most people will still be able to file chapter 7 and have all there debt discharge meaning you won't owe these people a dime anymore. Even if you make too much money or can't qualify for chapter 7 you should be able to do a chapter 13 where you will have to pay just a small part of the loan back. best part is once you file they can't bother you anymore becuase if they do they get into BIg trouble with the bankruptcy court. I'm not a lawyer or legal person but many years ago I was in the same boat as you with sears credit, so I do understand. There are many bankruptcy services online that will do all of the bankruptcy forms for you for like 100 buck so you don't even need to hire a lawyer to do it. BEST OF LUCK TOO ALL Steve whittoer, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
56, Report #290109
Dec 09 2007
10:59 AM
Cash Call Cash Call is Ruthless and Out Of Control!!! Fountian Valley California
I was in a tough situation last year and saw an ad on TV for Cash Call...of course it sounded too good to be true, but I called and leisted to all these friendly people tell me how easy this loan was and so on and so forth. I ended up thinking it over a few days then finally agreed because I really needed the money. It was the biggest mistake I have made. I paid on time without any problems up until a few months ago, I had some medical problems and was in the hospital and couldn't pay. It overdrew my account causing more problems. They would call day in day out, they would send nasty e-mails. One day the lady on the phone said I had 12 hours to make a payment or it would go to arbitration...I ended up borrowing money from a friend to make the payment...their scare tactics worked that time. Then I got back in this cylce of falling behind and owing money...I missed a payment of thiers again and again the nasty phone calls started, letters in the mail you name it. I would get a letter saying you have 10 days from the date of this letter to pay...they would call I would tell them I didn't have the money...then they would say you have to pay by midnight...then same call the next day...the so called 10 days was up and I still had until midnight to pay. After thinking about it I figured they don't want this to go to court becuase I will just owe the outstanding on my loan...not all the ridculous interest they plan to make off of me. I figured it out and IF I paid my minimum monthly balance it would take 5 years to pay off and I would have paid $10,000 for a 3,000 loan. Its stupid. So I am not paying them, I hope they take me to court then I will only be paying what I owe not all the extra thousands of dollars they are hoping to make off of me. Their collection people are out of line, its not acceptable to treat people to cruel. Something needs to be done, they can't get away with this!!!! Spread the word! So mad 55 Redmond, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
57, Report #280364
Oct 23 2007
11:08 AM
Cash Call ,Cash Call is crazy. What are they on?? Anihiem California
Cash call is absolutely out of their minds. I too fell behind on my payments and they say they are going to work with you but that is a lie. You never talk to the same person and obviously no one there can read because you always have to explain what happened on the last call, when everyone is supposed to be noting your account. Yeah right! However they send you all this paper work pretending you are getting some kind of arrangement when you're really not. I even had a rep from the legal department to tell me that he as going to refinance my account and give me a lower payment, I still have all his information but I bet if I called he would never be available to talk. When I kept my end of the deal and called back to have him to refinance my account he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about. He wanted all kinds of information ( list of my bills) as if he was going to try to give me a lower payment. As far as I am concerned everyone at Cash Call is a COMPULSIVE LIER!! I wonder how they can sleep at night. I guess everyone working at Cash Call has A-one credit!! Not likely, get a life stop acting like you never have had to make payment arrangements. Remember this could be you one day Cash Call employees!! Dawn Savannah, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Anihiem, California
58, Report #254924
Jun 16 2007
12:23 PM
Cash Call Read the contract you have more rights than you think Cash Call Ripoff Anaheim California
People read your contracts, you have more rights than you think. Go to the web -site right now down load and print a copy of your contract. Interesting point number one-I understand that if I fail to make any payment due hereunder, the Holder of this Note shall have the right, after a 30-day grace period, to declare this Note to be immediately due and payable. I further understand that if I file for an assignment for the benefit of creditors, bankruptcy, or for relief under any provisions of the United States Bankruptcy Code, the Holder of this Note shall have the right to declare this Note to be immediately due and payable.- The above was taken directly from my contract verbatim. In all of the post that I have read this was not mentioned. Interesting point number two-I agree that all payments not made within fifteen (15) days of the due date shall be subject to a late fee of $15. Any late fee assessed shall be collected by the Holder on behalf of the Holder and shall inure to the exclusive benefit of the Holder. Again taken from my contract verbatim. Instead of calling people 72 times within an hour, remind them of this. Interesting point number three-GOVERNING LAW. This Note, and any claim, dispute or controversy arising from or relating to this Note, are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware (without regard to its conflicts of law rules) and applicable federal law. The legality, enforceability, and interpretation of this Agreement and the amounts contracted for, charged, and received under this Agreement will be governed by such laws. This Agreement is entered into between you and me in Delaware. Again taken from my contract verbatim. If you live in California you mean to tell me that you are subject to the laws not Delaware, no you are subject to the laws of California. Use your consumer protections. Interesting point number four-ARBITRATION. PLEASE READ THIS PROVISION OF THE AGREEMENT CAREFULLY. I UNDERSTAND THAT UNLESS I EXERCISE THE RIGHT TO OPT-OUT OF ARBITRATION IN THE MANNER DESCRIBED BELOW, I AGREE THAT ANY DISPUTE WILL BE RESOLVED BY BINDING ARBITRATION. ARBITRATION REPLACES THE RIGHT TO GO TO COURT, INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO HAVE A JURY, TO ENGAGE IN DISCOVERY (EXCEPT AS MAY BE PROVIDED IN THE ARBITRATION RULES), AND TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION OR SIMILAR PROCEEDING. IN ARBITRATION, A DISPUTE IS RESOLVED BY AN ARBITRATOR INSTEAD OF A JUDGE OR JURY. ARBITRATION PROCEDURES ARE SIMPLER AND MORE LIMITED THAN COURT PROCEDURES. I ALSO AGREE ANY ARBITRATION WILL BE LIMITED TO THE DISPUTE BETWEEN MYSELF AND YOU OR THE HOLDER OF THE NOTE AND WILL NOT BE PART OF A CLASS-WIDE OR CONSOLIDATED ARBITRATION PROCEEDING. Sorry for all the caps, I copied and pasted this directly from my contract. All this talk about being sued is a lie. They are agreeing also to arbitration, and remember they must by their contract afford you 30 days. The FDCPA and various state laws say that a company can not threaten you with legal recourse if they can't or they are not intending to do so. No matter what Cash Call states they must follow the law. This is not an attempt to have you escape paying your bill, this is a reminder for you to read your contract and work your rights. To all of you write your letters send them certified, return receipt and let them know that you know what your rights are. Peace B. B Apollo, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
59, Report #350150
Jul 11 2008
12:48 PM
Cash Call Cash Call Predatory Contractual Lending with no regard for ethics Nationwide California
When I was in duress and needed money I responded to an darl Coleman Ad that I saw on television. blinded by the stress and anxiety of immediare needs I turned to cash call to resolve my issue. Initially I signed an agreement with the understanding that I could pay this loan off early if I wanted to. But I was not told that I could not write the additional payment into my auto payments every month. I tried to get the payments adjusted to pay additional money every month and the told me that i could not do that, that I would have to either mail in a payment, or call in a bank by phone payment in addition to my regular payment. I spoke to a person today and she spoke to me like I was her best friend and that cash call was doing me a favor. i asked her how much I had paid already and she said over $5,000.00 and I owed an additional $1,700.00 if I paid according to the contract at 96% interest. I told her tha I had requested to have the additional payments be included with my monthly payment and she said that according to law they could not and would adjust anyone's contract even if we requested it. I asked her which state had such a law and she refused to answer, saying that Cash Call has a Legal contract and they could not adjust the contract, and if I cared that much, that I should just call in an extra payment. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this to be predatory lending, like what we have experienced in the housing market...The well to do taking advantage of the desperate. I have paid consistantly for nearly three years and have got to pay for another 7 months.... I am considering stopping the payments all together...I have paid back more than double what I borrowed from them... Can anyone tell me the repercussions of my thoughts...My credit is already in the dumpster, and it will take a while to recover from this... I could really use this monthly payment to help feed and by gas for my family to get to work...! Thanks for your time.... Bruce Victorville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, California
60, Report #1010938
Feb 08 2013
12:05 PM
Western Sky. Cash Call Western Sky Cash Call Loan Sharks. Help! Internet
Help! I live on SSDI and borrowed $1000 from Western Sky last year. What a huge expensive mistake!! They stayed I borrowed $1500 which is BS because my loan origination fee was $500.00 so I only saw $1000 to began with. If I could have repaid in 2 years I would have repaid them $5000...,horrific right?? Well it gets worse because payments if $200 are due in the first of the month but I don't get my ssdi check until the 3 rd Wednesday of the month. So each and every month I am charged a late fee of $29.00 plus their exhorbitant interest on that late fee. They will not move the payment unless I pay over $650.00 which is 2 months ahead plus the late fees accrued and interest so it's likely to take years to pay this off. I have crippling rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes and usually have next to nothing for food and medicines by late in the month and this situation is hopeless. Western sky continues to air it's commercials on King 5 TV in my area as problem solver loans. I get so angry every time I see them as company is crooked. Does anyone know what I can do to get them to reset my monthly payment without charging me these fees? Thanks so much!
Entity: , Internet
61, Report #393857
Nov 21 2008
09:14 PM
Cash call robo-calls several times a day to work, home, family Anaheim California
I do not even remember the date of when I got my loan from Cash Call, it feels like it was so long ago. In March 2008, I lost my job. My automatic payment that has come out every month (without making a dent in my balance, even though they do not send statements so I do not know how much I owe) did not go through. They started calling me at least eight times a day, even when I would answer the phone and talk to them. When I answered, nobody would be there at first. When I did get a job again, and missed another payment, they would call my cell phone, and then my work phone and when I had a home phone they would also call it (but I had it shut off because I could not afford it) right after another over and over again ALL DAY until I could money gram a payment (even though I was only paid every two weeks). If the payment did not go through the first time, they would keep trying to send it through, causing overdraft fees and charges from Cash Call to accumulate. They tried seven times one month when I decided to ignore the calls! The reason I could not make a payment when I got my next paycheck is because I had no money in the bank because of all the over-draft fees they caused! No matter what you say to these people, they continue to harrass you and bombard with with phone calls and cause you to go further into debt by sending through un-authorized charges!!! I am trying to find out what I can do to get myself out of this situation by paying them a fair ammount. I am so scared that I will continue to pay every month and never get anywhere. Creditorslovecallingme Longmont, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
62, Report #327209
Apr 19 2008
01:30 AM
Cash Call, Paul Reddam And His Croanies Scandalas and hostile work environment Anaheim California
The truth must come out!!!! Louis Ochoa-Vice President, Cesar Guzman-Cash Call Manager, Dion Kyles-Cash Call Manager, Gene Warner-Cash Call Director, Brandon Warden-Cash Call Manager, Star Silverthorn-Cash Call Manager and Shirley Davis-Human Resourse all work for the biggest corporate slime ball in the the industry. These people must be stopped at what they are doing and the major investors such as citi-group and Deutche Bank need to know what is really going on. Recently Jesse from Long Beach posted some gossip about Sex, Drugs and illegal forging of documents. It goes much deeper than that. These people have all created a Hostile Work Environment for all it's employees. For years now they have all condoned cheating which means signing and making payments on loans which enables the employees to earn bonuses and more importantly on paper shows a lesser delinquency to the major investors. When these cheaters are caught they do get fired however, Cash Call still processes the Loan Modification to the loans that were cheated on. Cash Call is now in such a panic they threaten all employees jobs daily. It's as if they are not interested in making money anymore. They have fired over 400 employees in over the last few months. Their only interest now is reducing the amount of Attorney General complaints, (700 in 2007) which resulted in Millions of dollars in lawsuits. Cash Call trained their employees to break FDCPA guidelines and now that they are in boiling water they dont know what to do. Employees are being told all accounts passed 60 days delinquent are being sold to Delbert Financial out of Neveda. Guess who owns Delbert Financial?? Yes, Paul Slimeball Reddam himself. This is an attempt to show the investors a lesser charge off rate which gives more money to Cash Call each month. My suggestion to all consumers, Do Not Get A Cash Call Loan and if you do, Get as much as you can and dont pay. After just 30 days they will offer you a settlement for less than what you borrowed. Basically if you can stand a ding on your credit for being late you will get the best loan out there. They are desperate to not let your loan charge off. Their business is depending on it. These are professional slimeballs driving Ferraris and Porches bought with interests money from desperate consumers. Trust me when I say, it wont take much more before the pieces of crap go out of biz. Joe Anaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Anaheim, California
63, Report #220058
Nov 10 2006
07:55 PM
Cash Call Loan scam, never applied - Relentless collection tactics Fountain Valley California
Never even applied for a loan from this company. Seen all their late night ads on TV and read loads of reports regarding their ruthless tactics. A few months ago, I started getting strange unidentified calls (no call ID) and the voice mail messages were from some person at Cash Call. The names were never the same and whenever I called back, I was never able to talk with whoever left the message. I told them I didn't know what this was about and I believed they had the wrong number and me confused with someone else. I have a pretty common name. Then my friends and family began to get the calls too. Next was my job and then followed by emails. Obviously they got a lot of my personal information. So I did some research and found out they are just one of these fly-by-night cash loan companies and their strong arm collection tactics were well documented. So I have since changed jobs (luckily my employment was a temporary contract) and phone number. My friends and family are ignoring the calls and their emails have been listed as spam and get filtered. So I called them again and this is the weird part. They found the file and told me how much I allegedly owed, but when I asked for all the supporting documentation, they refused to provide me with anything. They never said no, but just kept changing the subject. When I asked to speak with a manager, I got the same runaround. One time I asked to speak to a manager, the girl thought she placed me on hold and I could hear her asking a co-worker Do you have a second to play manager with this jerk I have on hold? When I asked for the manager's name, I was told his name was Bob and when I asked for a last name and a mailing address, he refused to give it to me and began to get really rude. So ignoring them is fairly easy, but bothersome and what I suspect is that they are running a nice little call center with everyone pretending to be whoever they want to be. My loan is just a scam so they are not getting a penny from me. After reading about so many others who are getting slammed with 100% interest, I can only figure that even if they only collect from a few people, the gains more than cover the losses. Please be very careful with Cash Call and just stand firm. Robert Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
64, Report #221702
Nov 21 2006
04:21 PM
Cash Call ripoff Unprofessional Behavior Conduct Smart Mouth Fountain Valley California
Cash Call is nothing short of mobsters. They hire gangsters as customer service representatives. If you're desperate for money dont use cash call. If you've seen their commercials aired on television it's clear they're marketing loans to people who can't or won't pay the money back. The business is set up to profit from interest payments, just like banks do on zero interest loans. Compare the television commercials from cash call and (((ROR REDACTED COMPETITORS NAME))). I would rather do business with (((ROR REDACTED COMPETITORS NAME))), they are more professional. Kevin Anaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
65, Report #225750
Dec 16 2006
11:15 AM
Cash Call, Fountain Valley Unfair tactics Fountain Valley California
I to have a loan from Cash Call. The worst thing I ever did. I agree I went to them for a loan, however the treatment I am receiving from them after paying on time for over two years and just recently fell behind. I have been on disablity since May 12. I paid ontime during this perior until the past month. I adv. them that I will catch up the payments. The phone calls came pooring in, my phone ring several times a day. Its cash call, I explained my problem and they dont care. I also have returned to work and am attempting to bring the account current. I am only one day late now, but they still contact my work. I have adv them not to, but you guessed it, they do. I get rude calls from them threating me with law suits. I get calls from them and they harass me and threated to sue me. I attempt to work with them, but they are indifferent about it. I agree with paying them back, but the way they are on the phone cals are what I am complaining about. If anyone is putting together a class act law suit please let me know. Jeff chino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
66, Report #226944
Dec 23 2006
12:46 PM
Cash Call Horrible Customer and Community Relations Fountain Valley California
Cash Call has zero community relations in the area the corporate office is located at in Fountain Valley, CA. Cash Call hires thugs and gangsters as part of its methodology in collecting late payments. The employees in fact are allowed to wear anything they want, including clothing that clearly identifies them being associated to gangs. When a corporation has tolerance for gang activity at the work place, has no dress code and advocates initimdation tactics toward its collection practices. Its obvious cash call has no intention, nor cares what the public thinks of their business or the community in which they conduct business. I suggest to anyone having any consideration for getting cash to contact ----. This company is more friendly, has much better commericals, better marketing than the gangster commercials Cash Call airs on television. American General Financial is very professional Use anyone else other than Cash Call. Michael Anaheim, CaliforniaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
67, Report #229803
Jan 10 2007
03:34 PM
Cash Call Fraud, preditor, misleading, liars, and need to be stopped! Ripoff Fountain Valley California
Cash Call, an agent of First Bank and Trust from Milbank South Dakota and operates out of Fountain Valley Calif. was the worst nightmare I have encountered. Their catchy Gary Colman ads got me. We trust you, money on your signature and word only, you can get cash overnight just on your good word. Right.....Wrong! This is a predatory lending company and is disguised as a legit company. They actually are a payday advance company who does not reviel that until too late. Debt Consolidation and help companies cannot touch them to help settle your debt, they prefer to sue outright instead of settling for pennies on the dollar if you cannot keep up with their payments. Their 99.02% interest rate is not revieled until too late also! I'm hooked into them and cannot get out. I had a run of bad luck, with an auto accident and surgery and now my $2,500 loan has turned in a $3,600 tab is six months, and that includes payments! If this isn't stopped more innocent people who have bad luck will be victims of this sick predator! Linda Taos, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
68, Report #261463
Jul 17 2007
04:31 PM
Cash Call Approved a loan for $5000. We started the loan 2/13/2006 Ripoff Anahiem California
My husband and I had experienced some financial difficulties due to medical issues. As a result, we fell behind on some of our bills, including our Federal Income Taxes. We heard about Cash Call over the television, so we gave them a call. Cash Call offered us a loan of $5000. We were approved for the loan on February 13, 2006. Our first payment was due in March. Cash Call set it up so that our payments would be elecronically paid automatically out of our bank account once a month. We were paying $250 a month. We never received a statement in the mail or by email. We decided to open a new bank account this month. Therefore, we had to switch our electronic payments to our new bank account. The only problem is, the bank was not able to find their contact information. In fact, they were confused by the electronic withdrawals that came in from Cash Call every month because no contact information about the company was submitted along with the electronic payment withdrawals. With that, I decided to look up information about this company over the Internet. I found this Ripp Off website. Afterwards, we waited for Cash Call to call us. Sure enough, within a week after the usual electronic payment date, they called us because we had closed that bank account. A representative called my husband's cell phone yesturday. The representative was rude and demanding. He demanded to speak to me; however, my husband said that's impossible because my wife isn't here. You will have to call her at home. They called home and left a message, so I had a number to call finally. I called them today, and I asked for their address, telephone number and website. They reluctantly gave it to me. When I asked for the date that the loan began, and the payoff information, the representative disconnected me. I called back again, and when I entered my social security number, the telephone went dead. This happened over and over again. So, I kept trying. Finally, after three or four calls like that, I was able to talk to another representative. Once again, I asked for our payoff and date the loan started. The representative once again acted reluctant about it, but finally after I sternly demanded it from her, she gave me the information. We have made 16 payments of $250 every month since March 2006; that comes out to $4,000. The payoff, as for today, which is approximately one week past the due date is $5,469. I said, I'm reporting your company to the Rippoff Report. The representative asked, Is that all you have to speak with us about today? I answered, Yes. She abruptly hung up the phone. Diana Indio, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Anahiem, California
69, Report #262499
Jul 22 2007
06:35 PM
Cash Call Charged 99.85% interest on loan - now harrassing us Anahiem California
I'm surprised that Cash Call has been removed from the National Business Bureau. I don't get that at all. However, we do need to fight back. We might consider a class action suit against Cash Call. Diana Indio, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Anahiem, California
70, Report #260543
Jul 12 2007
08:41 PM
Cash Call made an illegal distribution ripoff Fountain Valley California
In 2005 Cash call solicated me for a loan. I did apply since my husband had not worked for two months. I unfortunately faxed them a copy of my bank statement and several others pieces of information. After they would not send my the terms in writing I declined the loan. But several days later I received a distribution of 2600.00. After calling them several times to take back the money they started to take 216.00 out of my account. I informed customer service that I did not authorize this loan and had not signed any loan agreement. They told me by applying I had authorized the loan. I could not get anyone to give information as how to send them back the money. After several fruitless attempts to give them back the money and several rude encounters I informed them that they would only get back the 2600.00 and after that I would put a stop payment on any further payments. Off course I get about 10-20 phone calls a day from them at home and at work. I will not pay them a single penny more that the 2600.00. They are a loan sharking operations and they need to be stopped. Does anyone know of a class action suit against this company. Thea Huntington Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
71, Report #269214
Aug 21 2007
04:14 PM
Cash Call ripoff Harrassed me at work and threatened to send someone to my house or work Internet
I was called at work and harrassed at work by Cash Call when I specifically asked then not to call my place of employment. he already left a voicemail at home. after taking the call the gentlemen proceeded to holler at me like a child and scold me for being late on my payments and stated that he already called my corporate office for my payroll information so I's better pay. this morning I received a field visit notice warning me that they would be out to visit my home or job and charge me $55 for this visit. I asked for the president of cash call's name and the supervisor. no one wanted to give it to me and for information regarding my loan they told me to read my contract. I live 140 miles away from home and don't get home until 8:30 pm they told me to get off the train and find a place to pay the bill before 8:30 pm and then call before 9:00 or else they would go after me. I found a supervisor and he told me he knows I am not going to pay so he is not going to give me the company's address, president's name nor ceo's name. This company acts like loan sharks and should be put out of business. Epayne Lancaster, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
72, Report #275573
Sep 21 2007
09:33 AM
Cash Call Getting is easy. Terms and customer service horrible Mordern day loan sharks Internet
This business is awful. I feel behind in my payments and tired to work something out with them but, that is hard because you never talk to the same person when you call. Then they have the nerve to call my job everyday leaving threating messages. The last call I got the lady told me to call her back with attorney that was representing me. The company has cost me over $900 in NSF Charges. WE NEED SOME HELP Crazy over cash call Brandy Oviedo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
73, Report #296343
Jan 02 2008
01:07 PM
Cash CallCash Call Inc. Rip off/ Collections advise 101 TxFountain Valley California
Restrictive endorsements can work and can hold up in court if done right. If you put on the front and back of the check: The cashing of this item constitutes full and final payment and you accompany that check with a cover letter explaining that this is full payment then the creditor may have to abide by that. Why? Because it is a form of contract. If the company depositing the check does so even though you have placed restrictions on it then they will have trouble proving their claim in a court of law because and Accord and Satisfaction has been created through the offer and acceptance. Now if they cross out the language and still deposit it then the laws in your state would have to determine who is right. See more about which states apply. California has an exception to this rule. See link above. We also recommend that you use the right to object. By notifying the creditor before you send payment you have given them ample time to object. By following up with the restricted payment and a letter stating you notified them over 30 days ago and have yet to receive an objection, that constitutes their agreement. Keeping these records will prove that you notified them of your intent and additionally reminded them when you sent the check and they still cashed it. It is not recommended that you try this with your regular debts just to avoid full payment, this should be done on collection debts, disputed balances and the like. Just remember, credit is a luxury. Not everyone has it and some do not deserve it. If you have good credit keep it that way and you will be rewarded. If your credit is less than desirable put actions into motion by challenging, settling and negotiating your negative items. Once you rebuild your credit don't do anything to jeopardize it again. Next time you may have NO success in rebuilding it. Finally, review state collection laws. The complete list of laws, bonding, license information, interest that can be charged and judgment/statute info can be found here. Derrick fort worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Val;ley, California
74, Report #300487
Jan 16 2008
08:17 AM
Cash Call Unbelievale Harrasment and Mental Abuse Fountain Valley California
Cashcall is a company I turned to when I was in financial dispair. Little did I realize the interest rate on this loan was more than 99%. At anyrate I paid this company the monthly minimum of $216.55 for more than 8 months. The amount of my loan was only $2000. After falling into another financial ditch (because I live paycheck to paycheck), I was unable to proceed with my monthly payments. I tried to call cashcall for a payment plan, but they would not work with me. Instead they kept forcing an entry into my bank account when I told them the funds were not there. They cause me more than $500 in overdraft fees by doing this. I did place a stop payment, but my situation was obviously worse because not only did I need to try and resume payments with them but I also needed to get my bank account out of the hole. While my efforts find a way to pay them were in effect I started getting harrasing calls from this company. Now when I wanted to talk with them they wouldn't work with me, but then after the stop payment they started calling my job, my family and of course myself. Finally I was able to work out a deal with them to pay one payment of 216.55 by November 30 2007 to get a deferment until January of 2008. Well I scraped this money up from another very pressing bill for them to not grant me the deferment. One week later the harassing calls started again. The so called arbitration department that cash call has in place told me I was a loser that couldnt pay me bills, hollered at me, played mind games with me and ultimately left me in a position where I needed to take a mental health day. These people are toxic and should not stay in business. They are highway robbers and I wish I never got anything from them! Please help me get them off my back and out of my pockets! Thank. Glb jefferson city, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
75, Report #1035237
Mar 16 2013
09:21 AM
Entity: ANAHEIM, California

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