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1, Report #1393781
Aug 18 2017
12:34 PM
 Ok Am i alone with this company.. I receive a email from The Guy Name Is Paul Anderson..HE TELLS ME I HAVE A WARRANT OUT FOR MY ARREST..HE ALSO SAID I WILL BE PAYING MORE THAN $5000.00 IF I DONT MAKE A PAYMENT .. I HAVE 3 PAYMENT OPTIONS MONEY GRAM
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1247909
Aug 11 2015
05:19 PM
Cash Net USA Internet
 Sending harassing emails and phone calls giving my SSN and bank account # to every person that was connected to me from my past to the present. Left my SSN and bank account number which is me and my wife's account but left all the info on an ex's voicemail which is none of her business and who knows who else has it now.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1268587
Nov 17 2015
02:34 PM
Cash Net USA Threat Nationwide
Threatened over loan did not have. no even licensed in my State. Forwarded email to Attorney General along the other my response to them. 
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #317998
Mar 14 2008
03:06 PM
I took a loan out with them in may 2007 of 750. I was to make 5 payments of 187.50 to pay back. i made 2 payments and lost my job i called them told them to stop debiting my account due to money not being in. they continued. i closed the account . called them told them i caouldnt afford the 187 due to no work. i told them i woud send what i could.. i sent 50 one month and 50 on the second month . they sent that payment back to me. told me they would no longer accept they wanted the full amount. i told them there was no way. that was the last contact i had from them which was aug 2007. today i recieved a call from a supposed attorney out of new york. thay sad they filed with him and unless i paid 1142.00 that they were gonna to issue a summons in my state and have me arrested for fraud. i did this over the internet i did not send them a check they were doing ach debits from my account. i got off the phone with the lawyer and tried to find him but according the bar association in the whole state of new york there is not an attorney by that name any where in new york state. they are calling my 81 year old mother and leaving threating messages stateing that if i dont call and comply that there gonna issue a summons and i'll be in big trouble scaring her to death.. i do not live at my moms have no idea how they got her number. can anyone tell me if they can actuall arrest me for this.. i paid 425 of the 950 back already but now there saying 1142. help Monkey2004 CLEBURNE, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1074625
Aug 10 2013
07:29 AM
Cash Net USA Chris & Mike Money Hungery Illinois
 Hi. I did a app online for a loan to catch up on some bills. So I recieved lots of calls from CASH NET USA. They told me my loan was approved for 3000.00 but had to pay my monthly payment of 220.00. Then told me to go buy a green dot money pak card. first i was iffy on doing that. So i googled there name looked at all there reviews which all seemed to be legit.So I went an loaded rhe card with 250.00 , 220.00 for my monthly payment an 30 for taxs. After i did that i was told that i would have my loan within 45 mins. I wait my time call my bank an nothing was in there. So i called to see where my money was. The dude said there was something wrong with my bank account( which wasnt). So now i would have to load another 150.00 to my green dot money pak card to recieve it thur western union. I finally told them that i alreadt sent u 250 im not sending another 150.00. I stated i want my money back. I was told that the money was already in process. So after give them a piece of my mind an exchanging lots of cuss words. They had the nerve to tell me that they have my ss number. Something needs to be done to those people. Its not fair to take other peoples money. I have 5 kids an a eviction court on tuesday. Thought this would get us out of a whole but all it did was put us further in the whole.
Entity: Illinois
6, Report #1339427
Nov 22 2016
01:29 PM
Cash net usa Scam alert Internet
 Cashnetusa says i owe over $1000. Ive never gotten an email from them. Never got any calls. I did however get alot in the postal mail. Threatening me saying I owed money that I borrowed. Ive never heard of them until I started getting mail. I tried calling and was told the original debt was in Virginia. Ive never lived there, but they have my social security number. Recently they sent me a letter saying they will sue me, and go to my job and have me fired. I dont work. Good luck with that. I tried to file a police report but was told i had to file it where the crime was committed. I guess they can try to sue me.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1305665
May 15 2016
10:22 AM
Cash Net Usa N/A Internet
Was sent this harassing email and they allegadly tried to take money from my account that was illegal Financial Fraud . 1) Violation ofederal banking regulations. 2) Theft by deception. The affidavit states that you went online utilizing your personal information which was track down by anti-fraud department, in order to solicit funds from a website which is owned & operated by CASH NET USA who owns & operates more than 350 websites, web portals(Ace Cash, Speedy cash, Cash & Go.) & sub lenders working for them. When your creditor attempted to extract the funds from your checking account, all six eft’s were returned constituting worthless electronic check. As of today rather than chasing you for money they simply decided to write this money as loss & declared to be stolen by you & wants to press legal charges on you & on your Social security number. Your creditor will be in contact with your current employer & the state credit bureau to garnish your paychecks until the total amount gets paid back to your creditor in full with the interest amount & the late payment charges. Your Credit score will hit by negative 85 points & your driver’s license will get blocked.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1213881
Mar 06 2015
03:15 PM
cash net usa james anderson fraud lawsuit pennsylvania Internet
Case  File No: KLA  1523Total  Outstanding: $786/-Original  Creditor: Cash  Net USACurrent  Status: Case  File transferred for Legal ActionSubject: Legal Notice for Outstanding paymentThe purpose of this email is to notify you regarding pending legal action against you for your outstanding payment with Cash Net USA.As we put your SSN into our National Checking Database System, we found that you have been never charged for a fraud activity & that is the reason Court has decided to give you a chance to take care of this issue outside the Court without having a report on your Credit History and SSN. In this connection, if you wish to take care of this issue than you have to pay an Out of Court Restitution Amount which includes the late payment charges, penalty charges, interest rate on the loan amount and actual loan amount or else the complete law suit amount once the case is downloaded against you in the Court House. Out of Court Restitution Amount:$786/-ORComplete Law Suit amount:$4203.86/- Furthermore, if you wish to settle this matter today itself, then you can get some percent deduction on the Restitution Amount and you can take care of this issue by making the payment of the Settlement Amount today which is$300.00and You have to send us a promissory note to stop your case file temporarily out of the court house. Kindly be notified that you are going to be legally prosecuted in the Court House within Three days. Your SSN is put on hold by the US Government & Social security Services. As we were unable to reach you, kindly consider this as a final notification Email. Your case file is KLA1523and as you are a defaulter on this credit, there are 3 serious allegations put against you: (1) VIOLATION OF FEDERAL BANKING REGULATION (2) COLLATERAL CHECK FRAUD (3) THEFT BY DECEPTION  Now, this means a few things for you.a)If you are under any state probation or parole we need you to inform your reporting officer or manager about what you have done in the past and what would be the consequences once the case has been downloaded and executed in your name.b)If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of the date on this letter, we will be compelled to seek legal representation from our in-house attorney.c)  We reserve the right to begin litigation for intent to commit wire fraud under the pretense of refusing to repay a debt committed to, by use of the Internet. In addition we reserve the right to seek recovery for the balance due, as well as legal fees and any court cost incurred.  The Factual Basis for the complaints is as follows:    You accepted to return the funds from this aforementioned advancement as per contract and as per the agreement the funds have yet to be returned and the collateral has proven to be null that is to say of no value. At present, KLA INC is seeking either of the following remedies: - a) All funds to be returned as per terms of initial contract OR b) Press charges against the defaulter. Dear CUSTOMER, as we were investigating your profile, we found you to be a genuine person so it is our duty to help you out but for that we need some right answers from your side. Also we would like to know when you can pay the requested $786.00 to settle this case. This is our final notification to you as we found you to be a genuine person as told you before. You can resolve the issue by paying out of Court Restitution Amount/ Settlement Amount as decided by the Court House. You have to give us a flat answer without any excuse.    If you do not reply to this message or fail to make payment then legal action will be taken & you will be arrested today. If you want to resolve this matter then reply back to this email immediately. ---- -- JAMES ANDERSON  Restitution Officer (R.O) NOTE: THIS CASE IS UNDER INVESTIGATION UNDER CREDIT BUREAU. KLA | Privacy | Terms of use Confidentiality Statement & Notice: This email is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. 2510-2521 and intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. Any review, transmission, dissemination to unauthorized persons or other use of the original message and any attachments are strictly prohibited. If you received this electronic transmission in error, please reply to the above-referenced sender about the error and permanently delete this message. Thank you for your cooperation. 
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1166960
Aug 02 2014
05:01 PM
Cash Net USA Vick Martin Cash Net USA Rip Offs Chicago Internet
I appiled on line for a loan for up to $5000.  I then received a call from 312-788-8097 and 618-988-7129 a Vick Martin, he stated my loan was approved for $2500.  He asked if I needed more.  I said $40000, he said to me that I needed to go to CVS and purchase a green dot load card with $99 to secure my loan because the lenders wanted to be certain I can make regular payments. He stayed on the phone with me the whole time while I went to purchase the green dot card. After doing so he then told me, I had black marks showing up on my credit file and in order to proceed with the loan I need to have the black mark removed by paying $175.10 and then went back to CVS and purchase another green dot card for $176.00. He told me he could not process the card if it was not for then exact amount on $175.10 so I was very stupid and trusted him and purchase now a 3rd green dot card for exactly amount $175.10. All while he was holding on the phone with me. Then he puts me on a long extended hold and comes back to the phone stating that in order to get loan approved the lenders wanted me to purchase insurance on the loan for $230.00. At this time I told Mr Martin I didn't have anymore money to give. He ask if I could borrow $150.00 and this would be the last step, I would be able to go to Western Union and receive the loan for all funds $4000 plus $99 plus $176 plus 175.10 and $150.00. We ended phone call he stated I would be able to pick up funds the next day at 9am. This next morning their was no funds made available he continued asking for more money saying they didnt allow just the payment of $150.00 and the $230 was needed to process the loan. I then told heImprisionee I just wanted my money back he told me if I cancelled I would lose all money and would still need to pay $189.00 to cancel. He also said they would be debiting my amount for $386.00 cancellation. I am in the processing of filing a policy report along with filing a case with Illinois Attorney Law Offices. is a big scam, DO NOT TRUST THEM AND BE A VICTIM AS I WAS....... This scam took 831.10 from me.......
Entity: Internet
10, Report #381094
Oct 14 2008
11:29 AM
CAS NET USA Fruad SCAM Chicago Illinois
Cash net usa tells me that they are going to turn this over to an attorney. I have never recieved a loan from them. Has anyone resolved a matter with them? I have a lawer that is pursuing the matter. just looking for advice. Chris albany, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
11, Report #1272691
Dec 07 2015
08:26 PM
Cash Net USA DON'T TRUST CASH NET USA!!! Chicago Illinois
If you need a payday loan NEVER use  Cash Net USA( They approved me and signed the online contact and was told that the funds would be in my account by the end of day Monday(Dec. 8, 2015).  At the end of banking day I called Cash Net USA and found that I was not approved for the loan. The manager told me she was sorry. I told them that I would have to report their very unprofessional conduct but the manger didn't seem to be concern about it. So I am letting people know that they should NEVER TRUST Cash Net USA when it comes to getting payday loan. Be sure to find another company beside Cash Net USA if anybody out there need a payday loan. You will be better off. Thank you for your time. Bill Howard  
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
12, Report #464069
Jun 23 2009
10:44 AM
Cash NetCash Net Usa Rip off from Cashnet USA New York New York
I jsut got a call form this company stating tha tcharges has been filed against me for this company. I have never heard of them. I asked if something could be sent to me in writing and was told no. The guy I spoke with gave me someone's date of birth, address, and social security number. When I told him it was not mine, he said it did not matter. None housotn, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: New Youyr, New York
13, Report #1243880
Jul 23 2015
04:00 PM
net loan usa Stuck On Stupid Unsure Nationwide
Maybe it is my age - 60s - that make some people think I am an easy mrk, but I need my money just as bad as THEY want my money! Applied for an online loan, and credit sucks but I'm working to improve it LEGALLY.  NetLoanUSA called and other than making me spell my name repeatedly, they expected me to send them my banking information in an emai l and WAIT for them to deposit $1500 into my checking account.  Instead of sending me E-signature documents, just send them my information OR pay $165 and they will send the money in a check to Western Union.I am NOT being racist, bigoted or profiling anyone, but I get real skittish when an immigrant calls me with financial anything!!  Eastern accent so thick, he had to find two interpreters who could speak clearer English/American.  The NSA or FBI shold monitor the payday industry because it seems that everytime the ripoff enough consumers, some jihadi whackjob goes MARTYR and shoots up people!!  And NO, I don't give a D**N about the religion since I have had pseudo-Christians rip me off as well, but I don't want to fund a suspected terrorist group either.  (Just my opinion, and I mean no PERSONAL offense to any immigrant group) If anyone else has been approached by these whackjobs, please send the info and more details here, because my GUT won't let me call or email them with any personal/banking information
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #531328
Dec 01 2009
08:46 AM
Cash Net USA Ripped me off Chicago, Illinois
Cash Net USA mislead me when I filled out an application online for a pay day loan.  I borrowed $400.00 and according to both the website and the email they sent me my repayment was $503.42.  The website asked me for my next 2 paydays which I offered and unknown to me, that when you do that, they break the payment up among those 2 pay days.  What was not divuldged to me was that if you break up the payment, they will charge you an additional $104.79 which is what they did.  Now they say it was in the contract and they will not refund the $104.79 that they took from me without my knowledge.  They ripped me off!!  I was under the assumption that they would take $103.42 for the first payment, which they did, and then take the remaining $400.00 at the next payday.  The email I received even said my repayment amount was $503.42.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
15, Report #924265
Aug 08 2012
11:55 AM
CASH NET NETWORK USA Scare tactics Internet
This company has harrassed me for a year now.  They have my social security number and all my information and state that I owe this cash place money, which I called the company and owe nothing.  I have told them this and told them they are a scam, but they just keep calling and now are emailing me and telling me I will be charged and go to jail for this.  Here is the email they sent me, excluding my personal information.  They can really scare you, but I know it is a scam. Affidavit: Our client is pressing charges against your name regarding three serious criminal allegations: Count (1) Violation of federal banking regulations. Count (2) Collateral cheque fraud. Count (3) Theft by deception. Now, this means three things for you. If you are under any state probation or payroll I need you to inform your superior or manager what you have done in the past and what would be the consequences once the case has been downloaded and executed in your name. This is to inform you that the creditors do have all the rights and authorities to inform your employer what you have done in the past and what will be the consequences once the case will be downloaded and executed against your name. WE HAVE ALL THE RIGHTS RESERVED TO INFORM TO FBI, FTC, YOUR EMPLOYER AND BANK ABOUT FRAUD.     The entire cost for this law suit is $5468.89 which is excluding loan amount, attorney's fees, and the interest charges. You have the right to hire an attorney. If you don't have one or if you can't afford then one will be appointed for you, but please make sure you have someone to take you out of jail when the judge hears the case.Regards, Manager James Dexter || CASH NET NETWORK USA.  Copyright 2012 CashNet Network USA | Privacy | Terms of use.  Reply Forward James Dexter <> wrote: DON'T IGNORE THIS MESSAGEPLEASE DO NOT FORCE US TO DRAG YOU TO COURT HOUSE AND RESPOND US IMMEDIATELY My name is James Dexter and I am a legal adviser with CASH NET Network USA law firm. This is about the law suit against         
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #1134112
Mar 27 2014
08:57 AM
Cash net USA Guy with Indian accent with American last name California
The same guy called me about 15 times from various numbers stating that he was from Cashnet USA. He had an Indian accent but stated that his name was Kevin Johnson.. Go figure my last name is Johnson... Once I asked him his nationality he immediately hung up on me 
Entity: Select State/Province
17, Report #1392569
Aug 14 2017
07:23 AM
cash Net USA Cash American, ACE Trying to get money to pay a settlement Internet
This report has all my information and I have never had a ACE, Cash AMerica accounts they were saying they were going to have me arrested and seize my accounts
Entity: Internet
18, Report #539184
Dec 14 2009
02:17 PM
Cash Net Usa - Scam to ripe you off for more money!, Internet
This is a big warning! I applied for a pay day loan. I borrowed $250.00 and it was only for 1 week (till my pay day). I read the contract VERY carefully in fact read it several times. Because I have never done this before so I wanted to be sure what I was getting into.Anything I did NOT understand I called about and went on the internet. Well my loan was due to be paid on 12/15/09 (today is 12/14/09)  TODAY the day before the loan was to be PAID IN FULL I get a eMail!  The email Subject: Confirmation of Your Loan ExtensionI almost fell off my chair. I NEVER asked OR consented to a loan extension. When I called them here is what they said.THEM: I ASKED for it to be extended.ME: When? I never asked or signed for the loan to be extended.THEM: Today 12/14/09 the day BEFORE it was due.ME: Show me where I asked, or requested it. Show me anything that would show me that I did.THEM: On our website you asked for it to be extended today.ME: I NEVER even logged into your website. I went through a 3rd party who looked for a loan for me and YOU sent me a contract via a attachment in my eMail.THEM: Go onto our website and see for your self.(Since I never been there I had no password to log into their website)ME: I never made a PW to log in to your site.THEM: Check your email we made one for youME: Why would I need to go to your website when I have the contract right in front of me and am reading it right now.(I checked my eMail and yep they set me up with a PW and a NEW loan extension contract!!!)ME: I never asked for this. Send me the IP address of WHO logged on and requested a loan extension with the date and time.(waiting while she is talking to her manger)THEM: All we know is what we see. And you did request a extension. IF you did NOT want an extension you should have logged in 2 business days BEFORE the loan was due and request for it to be paid in full.PEOPLE out there... I will not go on and on about this company. But I will say after 2HOURS of fighting with them they said ok we removed the extension. BUT as of yet I have NOT received a eMail confirmation or any ref number that it will not be extended.If I do not see the full amount as agreed taken out of my bank tomorrow 12/15 I will file a court law suite even if its in small claims against the company for fraud.DO NOT deal with them. They are lairs and scamers.
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #455105
May 25 2009
12:01 PM
Cash Net USA scam to repay payday loan I never got Internet
I got a message on my home phone on Friday May 22nd, and then a follow up call at the same number on Memorial Day, May 25, 2009. Both calls from the same woman with very thick accent. She said it was in regards to my arrest the following day due to an affadavit she had in front of her for non-repayment of funds from a payday loan I had recieved. When pressed as to when I supposedly got this money she stated only 2008. When I told her I had never in my life recieved a payday loan, she proceeded to rattle off all my personal info, including my social and bank account number, my mothers name, my former supervisors name, and my former place of employment. I reiterated that I have never had a payday loan, and she transferred me to her supervisor, Ryan, who also had a very heavy accent and who was very nasty. When I pressed him he said he was with the Legal Division of CashNet USA. He also could not give me a specific date of when I recieved this money, or a legal entitiy that was going to arrest me the following day. He then hung up on me. I did apply for a payday loan in December 2008, but refused to take the loan. I checked my bank statements to make sure there was nothing but payroll deposits. I checked my credit report to make sure nothing was there. And I filed a complaint with the attorney General of Florida. I will contact my bank tomorrow just in case. I see there are over 100 complaints listed on this site alone! They will not take advantage of me! Sue Winter Haven, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #473431
Jul 26 2009
05:43 AM
Cash Net USA A Loan That I Never Had Fort Worth Texas
I know that there are people from Cash Net USA reading this, so to all of you there is no need to write a rebuttal, you don't even answer questions over the phone even when you have the police report.' I walked to my mailbox like any other day, a bright beautiful morning then a large dark cloud appeared over my head it was a Cash Net USA collections statement, stating that I owed $125.00 on top of the $500.00 that they claim I borrowed. So like anyone else would do, I called. I talked to a rep they hung up, this happened at least five times, until I was able to finally talk to someone. To my surprise they had all of my information and I have never had any business dealings with this company. I told them that my identity must have been stolen. They told me that I would have to get a police report and fax it to their fraud department before they could answer any questions that I might have. Even after getting the police report they would not give me any information, by law since this is a case of identity theft and fraud in my name, I am entitled to all available information. Yes, there have been some confrontations between the company and me. I know that they are trying to collect on a debt, a debt that fraudently belongs to me. But, I am also seeking that the person/persons who stole my identity be brought to justice. Then I get another phone call stating I now owe $159.76 plus the $625 and it's only been three days. Then all of the sudden, the tone went from collecting to I'm sorry. They finally notice that there was a police report on file. My question to those of you reading this is, I have a credit card that has a zero balance and more than enough to borrow from or some other legal means. Why wouldn't I do that? The answer is, I didn't need any money. Why would I take out a loan, a payday loan when their interest rate is higher than my credit cards? They haven't made any threats yet and I'm not trying to slander the company's name. I just wish that the company would have done a more comprehensive background check before they loaned this person/persons $500.00 in my name, we wouldn't be having this problem. To let them know I am not paying a debt that I did not incur without my knowledge. Later on if they try to make threats, they can go ahead. I am already two steps ahead of them. I know the company is trying to give people a quick solution but they are also providing identity thieves with a means to ruin other people's credit especially, through online loans. But, I wish they would be more cooperative and forthcoming when I need the information since my name is fraudently on the account, I should be able to get the information. Instead of being hung up on or transferred to an answering machine. I want this resolved so that I can go back to having beautiful mornings. Unlawfully Done Wrong Beaumont, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
21, Report #656132
Oct 28 2010
09:36 AM
cash net usa payday loan scamers, tricksters, robbers, no good peacies of s!%t. Internet
about a mounth ago 9/21/2010, i started to receve calls from a man with a very thick acent, so thick in fact i could only make out some of what he sed in my voicemail, so i just blew it off and forgot about it fore a week or to, he continued to call and i continued to trie an figure out what it could be about, he left three difrent voicemails and used a difrent name each time, first it was mr jackson, than some indian name, and the last was james brown. he was clameing he had pappers on his desk regarding my aresst and he had my socile secerity number and if i did not call him back i would be arssted , so i had a freand call him back and ask what this was all about. he had also left a voicemail on my girlfreands phone, so when my freand called he told her he was a prossesing lawer and he had legale papers fore me, so i finaly call this guy back and he tells me i took out a payday loan from cash net usa and i refused to pay it back, i sed i never receved any loan and when are they saying i did he was very uninfourmitive and did not want to give me any infourmation, so i started to talk to him in a very profestionale manner and he got nervious and asked if i had an atorny present, i sed why is that of your concern  and he hung up, i receved another call this afternoon, 10/28/2010, and i he left the same voicemail, i called him back and sed if he called me agan i would have HIM aressted and hung up, than i went on the internet and found this site, cash net can shove it and i would love to be part of a sivle suet aganst these !@#$%                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #955309
Oct 15 2012
12:44 PM
CASH NET USA adam white financial concerns....identity theft hours of searchling for this monster Internet
We Have received an email from Cash Net Usa stating it was a legal notification from the Judicial Circuit of  United States of America. Cash Net Usa is threatening us with court papers if we do not pay $914.00.   We do not owe anyone this money
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #220164
Nov 11 2006
06:50 PM
Cash Net USA fraudulent funding and billing Chicago, Internet
Cash Net USA agreed to a $150 loan and the funding date is posted in my loan history as 10/30/06, it is also in my loan history as issued on the same date. Well my complaint is that I never received the $150 for that date and I have tried contacting them several times, but noone will respond by email or telephone and I am afraid that they will take money out of my account that I didn't receive for that date. Deanna Wilmington, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Nationwide
24, Report #1084696
Sep 15 2013
12:41 PM
Cash Net USA Do Not use this company, its a BIG rip off internet
 I applied for a loan of which was an amount I needed and a repayment plan that I was comfortable with and delt with a very nice, friendly Indian speaking person and was approved, and then it started, 120.00, 160.00, 250.00, 260.00 all on vanilla network reload cards and then a tax agent wanting an additional 220.00 before I got any money.  I wised up before the last amount and lost everything I had.  I had a hard time understanding everyone do to them all having an India accent. Could not speak to an english speaking person.  And everytime I was told to not speak to anyone about this.
Entity: Select State/Province
25, Report #1314598
Jul 01 2016
11:17 AM
Cash Net USA Stole my money Chicago Internet
 They said I was approved for $5000. Deposited several checks into my bank on different days. Once they knew checks were in the account took it back out and more. I am now over $3000 overdrawn. Holiday weekend and I now have no funds and my rent check is due to come in any day. They wanted me to purchase $1200 worth of I tune cards and send them the serial numbers I told them I had no way to do that. I am on social security. I called to ask Richard parker (person I dealt with) what is going on. He called me all kind of names and said he was going to call the police. Told him to.
Entity: Internet

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