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1, Report #575366
Feb 27 2010
06:02 PM
CashNEtUSA CashNetUsa Nightmare!!!! Internet
I received a call from 1-716-957-3897 unknown name and a voice mail left from a Brian Williams from Callahan in reference to a file number ????? if you want to handle this case willingly call me back at 1-888-908-9559 this is the same person that called me before for cash net Usa. I might add that the account number that P.N. financial sent me in a letter ???????? I might also mention when calling the number for P.N. that is 1-866-588-2440 then person i spoke with there said he works for Cash Net Usa read the account number given on this letter they claim they rep Cashnet when I called Cashnet Usa colection department and asked them they said they dont work with them and the account number was sold to dept managment however someone has my information and is doing something with it. the account I had from wells if I did have a pay day loan from them would have been showing for 1,800 however all the information given does not match and I do not have a loan for cash net Usa all my accounts that I did have were closed in early part of 2008 Cash net said I taken out a loan in December 30 2008 now I want to know how I could take out a loan on a closed bank account and how I want some proof it was deposited and from where because there is no records of it from the bank and I do not have a current open checking account with wells or any other bank. something is not right hear. none of this adds up something really stinks hear. they are having to much fun with my info and tring to collect on a loan I never took out. When I called the colection department and read the account number from P,n. they said ya you have a loan taken out in December 30,2008 then read my last of my social and then when I asked her about P.n. she said they dont work for them well I want to know If they dont work for P.N then how come when I read the account number given from p.n matchs however none of it matchs my now closed bank account since the first part of 2008. the amount she claims I took out was 400.00 the letter from P.N. Finacial and associates was over 1,800.00 and in the form of a Judgment and Docket number I have filed a complaint agiant them to BBB and waiting a responce hope this can help someone else with the same nightmare I have been getting threating phone calls and my dad has to this is a fake company with scam written all over it stay away from the they are no good.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #391478
Nov 14 2008
11:46 PM
CashNetUSA Deceptive Business Practices Lake Bluff Illinois
CashnetUSA is the leading online lender in deceptive fraudulent practices. It is a unsecured unsafe lender whom targets helpless unfortunate individuals in attempt for profitable gain. They use deceptive forms to collect past due balances such as blind transactions through ones bank account, and they have hidden messages on the site that make users believe that one thing is going to happen when its not the case. Most people receive loans form this company and think that if they receive and extension they won't have to pay anything that's not the case there is always a fee. Also if your applying online for a loan with cashnetusa make sure you set a end of action date for your loan. If this isn't done the loan will automatically extend an you will be out of more money than intended. They don't make this something that is understood to customers because they receive the bulk of there money in extensions so they'll do anything to get there Retention from customers in extensions and however else necessary. Be ware this is a unsecured and unsafe lender, just ask the numerous customers who have had issues with fraudulent credit card companies obtaining all there information and miscellaneous transactions showing on there bank account. Or maybe you should ask the non active customers(Customers who paid off there loan or filled the application but never received a loan) whom receive calls form a 3rd party who has all there information and is threatening legal action. Sad but true this is cashnetusa safe and unsecured history. C Wadsowrth, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Lake Bluff, Illinois
3, Report #760249
Aug 03 2011
09:46 AM
CashnetUSA Kansas line of credit product Chicago, Internet
I would not recommend those living in Kansas to use CashnetUSA and the line of credit product they are now offering instead of payday loans. On a $500 loan I've paid between $77 and $98 for interest each month. I've made three payments and my balance is only down to $410. My first payment was $221.57, next was $206.73, and most recent $168.30. I've already paid more than the original loan amount and only reduced the loan amount by $90. Most payday places charge $75 for a $500 loan. What I don't understand is why Kansans are being told CashnetUSA can no longer offer payday loans in Kansas. I was given the impression by Cashnet that Kansas laws had changed but there are still other payday loan companies offering payday loans in Kansas. The only change seems to be that CashnetUSA can charge way more interest with this product than they can on payday loans. There is no advantage if you're a Kansan to use this product, go elsewhere.
Entity: Chicago, Internet
4, Report #948973
Oct 01 2012
07:05 AM
CashNetUSA Over billing, Unfair, Bad loans, Lies Chicago, Illinois
Not Fair... Taking too much money out of my account.   NO PROBLEM PAYING BACK LOAN. How is your site going to say and i quote from web site:  Line of Credit     (A line of credit allows you to borrow funds as much and as often as needed up to your available credit limit with several repayment options including making minimum payments gradually over time or repaying your balance in full to reduce the amount of interest paid.) Not true. LIES, LIES, LIES... Company did not say how much i will be paying back until two weeks later. This is unfair to the customer and puts them in a bind. when cash loans are their to help and provide reasonable repayment options. Not for them to choose for you. I was sent a statement of how much i need to pay every pay period two weeks after i received the loan. ans it not in my contract. UNFAIR and LIES.  They say it in the terms and conditions. LIES. it does not say how much i will be charged.  This information was NOT provided up front and now I'm being charged OUTRAGEOUSLY and its hurting other bills. No problem paying back loan its the amount that they are taking from it. I WOULD NOT SUGGEST ANYONE TO THEM.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
5, Report #1116430
Jan 17 2014
04:22 PM
cashnetusa debt makers chicago Illinois
cashnet usa has been a total and complete nightmare! we got a loan to pay off layways and now we are living in regret. they withdraw at random and have costed us about $300 in overdrawl fees with our bank! i have let them know my husband has to manually put in his checks to our account so the money wont be in until the day after. they are very unwilling to cooperate with us and continue to charge our account at random times. sometimes charging to our account at 3 am!!!! we are at a loss what to do! they have also tried to double withdraw from our account when we have paid them, causing us to have a horrible problem paying back the bank.
Entity: chicago, Illinois
6, Report #1044963
Apr 21 2013
12:03 AM
CashNetUSA Nova Deceptive Contracts Chicago, Illinois
When you are told to make a copy of a contract from the Internet and the company keeps one on file they should be identical. Well I received two contracts that are not the same as the one I downloaded and printed from the Internet. Mine has an extra page that is not included in the two copies I received from Enova and Enova International. That page states: Name of person, please choose your preferred method of repayment below. Then, carefully read and sign your Line of Credit Agreement by entering the requested information.  This page also has on it Repayment Information Youhave the option of making your payments via Electronic Debit or some other methods. If you prefer to pay by any means other than by ACH please check the second box 'Other' below. Failture to check the appropriate box below shall be deemed your affirmative agreement to make payments via Electronic Debit. Electronic Debit--My account will automatically be debited on my due date. Box with word choose next to it. Other--I will make a payment by my due date using credit card, money order, Western Union, MoneyGram, cashier or personal check. Box with word choose next to it. This page was not even shown with the application online and you don't see it until you have already sign the contract. So any contracts that are sent without this page are incomplete. Also they do not give you time to read the contract before signing, they tell you there's two sets of pages with a bunch of boxes that you need to check.  I have an Open-End Line of Credit with someone else and the APR is only 18% in Virginia. Also they only ask for a repayment of $77 a month to pay it off on a line of credit of $500 and the account is closed.  The Better Business Bureua has now got over 148 complaints against these people on bad business collection practices. So I filed a complaint also with them and the Federal Trade Commission. Also I'm checking the FBI files for any reports on them as well and call my friend to do a follow up story on the news on TV about how deceptive the contracts are.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
7, Report #987316
Dec 26 2012
05:23 PM
cashnetusa another scam Internet
echo- i was connected a few times over a few days by false loan company cashnetusa i decided i would try for a loan a pay off debts. Kevin is the name a man gave me i got the greenpak he instructed me to get gave all information kevin stated the $20000 would be in my account within 24 hours that was on Dec. 22 it is Dec 26 no money. i contacted false company and they stated they could not grant me loan until i pay another fee of 150. They already got the last of my money. I contacted greenpak they stated they will look into it but that they doubt they can help. Also the real cashnet usa forwarded me a site with the FBI to report scam. I have called false loan company they have cursed at me hung up on  me. To them I say... a thief can never keep anything it will all burn up also a theif can never have peace and rest till all wrongs are made right 
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #1076680
Aug 17 2013
12:12 PM
CashnetUSA Fast Loans/Payday Installment Loans Internet
This false ass loan company contacted me along with many others saying that I had been approved for a loan for up to $5000.00. I didn't need that much so I ask if I could apply for $1500.00 just to send my dgt back to college. I was told I would have to show proof of first month installment since I had a credit score lower than 690 and was under chapter 13. I would have to purchase a Green Dot Money Card of $150 in order to show proof of first month installment.  They said that my loan will then be wired into my account 45 mins later. I waited an hour, called and checked my account and nothing was there. I called back trying to figure out the hold up to only be hit with the excuse of my credit score was to low (something they already fucking knew) and that the Better Business Bureau had locked my file, so the only way I could received the loan if I repaired my credit! Therefore I would have to purchase another Green Dot card in the amoubt of $295!! My scam alert went off. When I asked for my money back and to just cancel the application they became rude crusing me, harassing me, and bragging about the fact that they took my money and I've been scammed! They called back to back laughing about the situation and being a inconsiderate piece of shit! To make a lonnnng story short: cashnetUSA, eloans, etc are all fucking SCAMM sites. Normally I don't trust things like this, but I was trying so hard to send my baby back to school I let my guard down and was taken advantage of. however all dogs have there days and its only a matter of time.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1098334
Nov 10 2013
01:52 PM
What they really want is a way in to scam and manipulate you out of your money. I found them online. I was approved for a loan of $400. I was told that they would make withdrawals from my account in the amount of $145 until the loan was paid in full.....(WHAT!) whatever I repaid $467 in advance of the required due date. I did not receive an auto draft, I did not give them the chance to draft my account, I'm just that way and I would rather too pay my bills than have someone accessing my account routing and account number unnecessarily. Here's the funny part: After I made the payment. No other fee's could be collected, and I wanted to request a later loan for a day of fun at our State Fair, but refuse to pay the loan back in broken payments like they wanted. And told them. No I will accept the loan and repay it back in full not payment arrangements. They declined my new loan request and they locked my account. This is an exact copy of the chat I held with one of the online Chat Reps: from their online site after viewing my account was locked:Hello! Welcome to CashNetUSA, America's trusted online lender. A representative will be with you shortly.You are now chatting with Eugene.Eugene: Welcome to CashNetUSA online support! In order to verify that you are the account holder, can you please provide me with your home phone number and the last four digits of your social security number?Patience Burns: 31845-09--Patience Burns: *****0510Eugene: One moment while I access your account.Patience Burns: sureEugene: Thank you for verifying your information Patience. I received your message. I'd be happy to answer that question for you. Please hold while I review your account.Eugene: Please hold for a moment. I will be right with you.Patience Burns: okayEugene: I do apologize but at this time Patience we will not be able to provide you with an advance because you are declined with our company.for your privacy we do not get the reason why you are declined. If you would like a statement of specific reasons why your application was denied, you must submit a request in writing to the attention of the Credit Service Manager at our mailing address within 60 days of the date of the decline. We will provide you with the statement of reasons within 30 days after receiving your request. Our mailing address is: CashNetUSAEugene: Attn: Credit Service Manager41050491539107*****Eugene: 200 W. Jackson Blvd, 14th FloorEugene: Chicago IL, 60606-6941.Patience Burns: what is thisPatience Burns: forPatience Burns: o wait was there some type of credit check needed for the companyEugene: No Patience we do not run a credit checkPatience Burns: then why on earth do I need to write a letter?Eugene: So you may receive the reason why you are declined from taking out an advance.Patience Burns: can I email a letter I don't write letters....thats prehistoricEugene: I do apologize, but the only way to reach our credit service manager will be by writing a letter.Patience Burns: lol...really? are they in alaska or something. are perhaps a decade behind us.Patience Burns: no one uses postal stamps anymorePatience Burns: i don't even know where to find a postal stampEugene: I do apologize Patience, however if you would like the reason you are declined you will have to write the letter.Patience Burns: can they offer a phone call. or simply mail me the reason. I mean, I am requesting the informationPatience Burns: since it is their desire to use the inconvenient method of postalEugene: I do apologize Patience, they must receive a written letter requesting the reason before they can send out the reason why. There is no way around it, I do apologize if this may cause any inconvenience.Eugene: I have not heard from you in a while. Can I ask if you are still with me? If I do not receive a response from you, I may have to close this conversation to assist another customer.Patience Burns: well thank you very much for not helping much. this is getting nowhere and is beyond the most ridiculous thing I've ever had a loan company sat or request of me. the don't accept emails, can't perform outbound calls concerning guys should really post those major set backs on your websitePatience Burns: basically all your company did was hijack all my personal information and ran with itPatience Burns: you demanded the routing and account number, my personal information set me up with a fake account and then said its block for no lawful reasonPatience Burns: my information is in your system. my SSN and telephone and your company can't provide me a call. That is a violationEugene: I do apologize about the inconveinece, however if you would like to know why you are declined from taking out an advance you will have to write the letter. Is there anything else I can help you with today?Patience Burns: yesPatience Burns: you can tell me how I can erase my personal information from your systemPatience Burns: so that I can protect my banking informationEugene: I do apologize however CashNetUSA cannot honor your request to delete your personal information from our database. We are required by federal and state laws to retain and keep a record of any customer information submitted to us. Please see the CashNetUSA Privacy Policy for more details regarding the collection and use of customer data. Each CashNetUSA customer acknowledges that he/she has read and consented to the terms of the Privacy Policy prior to completing any transaction on our website.Patience Burns: scammers! I be sure to let the public online know how shabby the company is. this company should never be trusted with important or personal information. good day!Eugene: I have not heard from you in a while. Can I ask if you are still with me? If I do not receive a response from you, I may have to close this conversation to assist another customer.Eugene: I do apologize that we were unable to satisfy your needs, if you would like to know the reason you are declined you are welcome to write the letter to the address above.Eugene: Is there anything else I can help you with today?Patience Burns: I will also be sure to post this entire conversation as proof to the company's nonsense. no I don't need anymore help EugeneEugene: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.Eugene: I'll be right with you.Eugene: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.There may be a problem communicating with Eugene. Please wait while your chat is transferred to another
Entity: CHICAGO, Illinois
10, Report #1127115
Feb 27 2014
06:01 PM
CASHNETUSA Identity Theft Case Chicago Illinois
 On June 13th of 2013 Cashnetusa sent me an email stating that my loan was approved. I told them i did not apply for a loan as the account the loan would of been put in is closed. They said they would reverse the charges and i would not have to worry about it. Well for the last year i have recieved numerous emails from them that i owed them 255.00 and i would email them back each time to tell them the account was closed. They eventually asked for me to send them an email with a bank statement showing that the account is closed. After i did that they told me that the account number on the statement was not the one they put the money in and i emailed them back and told them that is the correct account as it was the only one i had open with that bank and i did not open a new one. They then told me i needed to file a police report. I filed a police report on February 25 of the this year and then i emailed them a copy of it. I just recieved an email from them today the 27th of February stating that i still owed them the money. I called them on the phone and the lady i talked to checked and she saw my email and she said that they would send the police report to the identity theft unit and they would investigate it and check to see who did this and they would let me know if i would have to pay them or not. Well if there is a police report filed i should not have to pay them anything. I told them hopefully they could find out who did this and that they would let me know or my local police station so that this person would be having to face criminal charges and the lady stated she does not know what they do. She did not even give me a phone number to speak to someone from the identity theft agents there. 
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
11, Report #1182194
Oct 10 2014
10:54 AM
cashnetusa Rip off don't fall for it Internet
The called me and said I was approved for a loan. After  over 200$ later cause they said there were fees an they needed the 1st months payment upfront, I Finaly caught on I was being scammed and ended the conversation. I couldn't get my money back anyways I thought. Well they called me back an said I could get my money back but I had to pay a small fee. I have a lot of their numbers they called me so much and continuously sent documents that were supposed loan documents but you could tell they were fake. I just recently got an email saying they were the office attorney lol with a gmail address lol but they were taking me to court for a loan I never received n all these threats in this email. But they gave me a number I could call so I did out of curiosity an it was one of them on an answering machine. They are scammers who uses empty threats as another way to scare you to give them money. There's more like they impersonate western union with fake eft's numbers. Dont fall for it  
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1214018
Mar 07 2015
08:56 AM
CashnetUSA Interest and Finance Charges Chicago Illinois
I borrowed $1700 of a $2000 Line of Credit and $423 was debited from my account. At the end of that month I borrowed the remainder of the $300 and the next month $698 was deducted from my account and the following month $648 was withdrawn. This is what I don't understand--when I checked my balance I owe $2100. Now I have already paid $2000 and I still owe $2100? I do believe that I have truly been Ripped Off!
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
13, Report #481240
Aug 17 2009
02:38 PM
CashnetUSA Double Bills Causing Bank Fees White Lake, Michigan
I've had several loans with CashNetUSA and have never had problems with them.  They had low fees and I was even a platinum member.  Their customer service, however, leaves much to be desired.  My last loan with them was for $600 and I requested to pay back the $660 by 3 payments.  The checking account I used was  couple dollars short and my payment was returned.  I tried to get them to take it from my other checking accout, which is quicker to fund, but they ran it through again on he old account before finally doing it on the new one.  Thinking I was fine until the next payment, I noticed my account was in default and I have to pay the $440 off.  I did a Western Union Quick Collect (costing $12.99) on Friday and called Collection to notify them.  On Monday, they sent the $440 through my checking account.  I called to clear it up and was told I'd have to put a stop payment on the check, costing another $35.  Their lack of service and slow response has cost me plenty of money.  I'm just glad I'm done with them forever.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
14, Report #465306
Jun 26 2009
01:55 PM
Cashnetusa fraud, fraud do not do business with them Internet
I also had taken out a small loan with this company I had paid them 134.00 and my balance did not go down when I called the lady told me it did not go towards what I owed them and it was just for a extension which is Illegal, I than got a statement from them the interest rate was like 300 percent which again is illegal. I have no problem with paying what I owe them and nothing more and nothing less now I am not going to. They have also threaten me and today tops it off I got a call from a person with a heavy accent who told me they wish the best for my kids which was a treat. I have had to change my bank account information for they where going to take 234.00 out of my account and still not going towards the loan again no clue what the money goes for except for them. I have a business online and you can not take money out of someones account because you want to with out it going for a payment. This is not a business with a good reputation should not operate. This is not right and if I did this with my company I would be shut down. Collections can not threaten you or your family with jail etc. This is against the law. I think some payday loans might be ok this was the 1st time I had used one and my last time. I don't have a problem with paying what I owe which after what I have paid them the 134.00 my loan is now 400 and some if it does not go towards the loan than I see them in court for you CAN NOT DO THIS CASHNETUSA we need to file a class action lawsuit against them and no threats and by the way a collection company including them can't call before 8am or after 9pm this is a violation of the FTC and I have been keeping a log on my computer of the calls they make after those times and my advice is everyone needs to maybe a small loan like this might be a big lawsuit. I am not a sue happy person but this is not right. CASHNET FRAUD STAY AWAY from total rip off Someone las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #410572
Jan 10 2009
05:45 PM
CashNEtUSA rasing up amount owe without permission Chicago Illinois
I took a loan out from them In Oct of 2008 for 400.00. By the time I was to pay them it went up without my permission to 600.00. They told me everytime I ask for an extension I have to pay a 100.00 service charge. I asked for this to be sent to me in black and white, they would not. Several amounts have been made and all are different, now we are up to 525.00 and last week it was 225.00. I want to have them closed down asap and stop this illegal action against people who are trying to get help. Phil Lancaster, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
16, Report #268704
Aug 19 2007
11:02 PM
Cashnetusa And Omega Whatever ripoff artists Internet
i took a loan with cashnetusa to help because i was behind in a car payment. well, while that helped the aftermath wasn't so good. they took $128 out of my account every two weeks. i got the loan at the end of may, it's now towards the end of august, and even though they said it could only be refi. 4 times, it's gone past that. now they want to take out almost 700 on my paydate to pay it off. aside from that, i did one from omega for 200 to help out with groceries, etc. next thing i know 3 other lenders put money in my account the next day, totaling $800!! i applied for one other company but my wireless lost signal so before i signed anything, so i thought nothing of it. and when i tried to find out who deposited the money i can't figure it out except for the omega. but i can't afford the $240 in charges from the $800 and the 700 from cashnet, what do i do? do i just put a stop payment on the 3 unknowns and wait for a call to handle it? advice please, i can't afford all this crap and i'm considering stopping all but the omega, and just paying it off and letting the others call. if they harass me i can put a cease and desist order on them, i have intention to pay it all back even though i recieved money w/o asking for it, but not all at one time!!! i have a baby due in 4 weeks, and i'm the only one working. help me!!! Flawpunk victoria, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #339817
Jun 12 2008
08:15 PM
CashNetUSA Watch out for forced extensions Chicago Illinois
Chris and others, sorry that my post is so long after yours, hopefully you are still checking this site. I recently received a loan from CashNet USA my scheduled payment was to come out on June 6, 2008, it was suppose to be fee and amount taken in full which would close my account. The morning after filing for the loan, another company Cash USA went into my account and took money. After 3 days of investigated that situation I found that they are a company that gives shopping credit cards, something that most of us do not apply for, and they were taking money out of my account for fees to open this card. I ended having to close my account and open a new one. Upon closing my account I aurthorized my bank to pay CashNetUSA the amount that I owed on the date that I owed it. A day before the debit was to go through, I received another email stating that I was approved for an extension, something else I did not apply for. I called the company immediately and informed them that I was not interested in an extension and I would like to have the full amount deducted on the 6th. I was assured that this was taken care of. ON the 9th, they tried to pull the money and my bank declined because I had not aurthorized it for this day. On the 6th, the day they were suppose to take the amount in for they only deducted the amount of the fee. Now I am being hit will fee after fee. This money we I woke up the fee was $25 now after talking will several different people today, in several separate phone call, totaling several hours, they have increased my fee to $75. CashNetUSA is the negligent party here. They did not take their money when they were suppose to so that they could charge me more money. When you call you get the run around. It is poor business practices that I am sure they have used on many others. I am sure it is not a coincidence that the company that started pulling money from my account has practically the same name as CashNetUSA and they just happen to get my bank information the same day I applied for a loan through CashNetUSA. It is a total scam, they prey on people at the worst of times, when they are hurting for money, not that there is ever a good time to prey on people. This whole situation has put me in a bind with my other bills and will probably start to hurt my credit due to the fact that they claim I owe them something I do not. Something has to be done. Lisa Brookville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
18, Report #1173286
Aug 29 2014
04:55 PM
I applied for a loan at I received an email from Mr. Kevin Johnson indicating that my loan was approved and a list of options on how I could repay my loan. He called me and said I was approved for up to 7,000.00. I agreed to 3,000.00 loan. He said I had to go to the CVS and purchase a greendot money pak card and put 10% of the loan amount on the card to verify I had funds to afford the loan and I repeatedly asked him why and that it didn't sound legitimate. He said because they were not allowed to verify funds on my bank account. He stated that once they verified the funds my loan would be funded with an hour and I would see it in my bank account. I did as instructed and of course no loan! When I called back to tell them I didn't want the loan, they took my 300.00 and laughed at me and said it was gone. If I wanted it back I would have to put another 230.00 money pak card to get my 300.00 back. I have pasted the approval letter they sent me.    Hello  Tamara, Thank you for showing your interest in the Loan with our company FASTCASH and this is the confirmation e-mail to let you know that the loan application you applied for has been approved.Your loan has been approved for the maximum of $6000 and the minimum is $1000, and your Loan Account Number is SB0110547 Please call us back on our number or reply to this e-mail so that we can call you and explain you the terms and condition of this loan.Also we have mentioned below the monthly installment plan for the loan of amount from which you can choose any of the following you are comfortable with and you can pay up your loan back with easy monthly installments.For $2000 Loan, Total Pay back $2190, Monthly Installment $ 91.25  for 24 MonthsFor $2000 Loan, Total Pay back $2190, Monthly Installment $121.66 for 18 MonthsFor $2000 Loan, Total Pay back $2190, Monthly Installment $182.50 for 12 MonthsFor $2000 Loan, Total Pay back $2190, Monthly Installment $219.00 for 10 Months To know more about monthly installment plans for this loan amount please call us back on the number below.Furthermore, we would like to share that once the loan is transferred into your account the first monthly installment will be due within the first 30 days on the date you will give the authorization for.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1092680
Oct 17 2013
02:07 PM
cashnetUSA fraud no funds deposited to my account miami Florida
CashnetUSA had a guy could not speak english call my workplace.  I agreed for a 200.00 loan but explained to the guy I could not be called at a call center, he called several times.  I told him to forget the loan and he said they could not put funds on my prepaid HR Block card.   I said good I didnt want to deal him anymore anyway --stop calling before I get fired.  No money was ever deposited I forgot all about it,  now 3 some years later they are calling my relatives, my ex-husband and his wife, and my home saying I have commited a felony.  That I received the loan and never paid it back.   Pure BS.  Hire people that speak english.  I never received funds the guy wanted a different number because it couldnt be deposited on a prepaid card that started with a 5, I said nevermind no money changed hands.  If they want to continue this I will fight it all the way ---great scam!!
Entity: Florida
20, Report #1067189
Jul 15 2013
02:01 PM
cashnetusa cash net usa Greendot card scam no loan unknown Nationwide
 I currently do have a loan out with CashNetUSA.  The Website is  That is a legitimate loan company licensed to many states across the nation.  Recently I had tried to apply for another loan through a bunch of third party companies but my phone number got sent out to hundreds of companies all that are foreign.One number that keeps popping up is from San Deigo Area according to the area code.  This guy had asked about getting me a loan and like most of you, mentioned the green dot card.  This is the 10th time I had talked to someone and they brought this card up.  I always said no thanks I will pass.  This time I questioned him.I asked how putting $200 onto a card will verify that I have an income or money to pay back this loan.  I let him know to verify it I would send my paystub.  This guy they said sorry he could not help me and hung up.3 days later, same company Cashnetusa is calling again and he gives me a different name but it clearly the same guy.  I did the same questioning with him and he got upset about this.  He then said F You you B.  I asked him why he is cussing at me.  I let him know that normally its the customer swearing, not the worker.  He then got very very upset and kept calling me a mother effer and a b***h then hung up. I called the number back and every time it goes right to the guy. I sure had alot of fun calling this number back and upsetting him.However I can not get a company website for this group or is LEGIT when doing it online and going through their numbers.A company that has foreign people calling you claiming to be from cashnetusa or cashnowusa, which ever, and ask for a green dot card is FALSEDo NOT fall into thatIf you need help, seek online legal lenders and find out if they are legal and licensed in your state.  The link below is a great way to learn about lenders and how to find out if they are legal, not legal or licensed.  You can save a lot of money by doing so.  I found it out 2 months ago.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1075838
Aug 14 2013
01:30 PM
Cashnetusa Forcing a larger loan amount Chicago Internet
I had a loan last year with cashnet for 2600.00 I was in a bothering which I paid it off within three moths vs a year. I refuseparty the them all of that intereSt rate. So I'm in a bit of a pickle again so I went back to them wanting 2600 again, they're refusing and says I can only retake out 3400, yet old them I don't need that much. They said that's all they ca give me. I was like why can't I take less...they said I can't. They suggested that I take the loan as is, are turn 800 of it right away, and they will adjusts the ammoritization schedule on the end of the loan. I was like that doesn't help me because I Won't keep they loan full term anyway. They refuse to let me take less although their website clearly states California mx loan is 2600 and I live in california...go figure. I said so you mean to tell me you rather not accept my request and rather lose a customer you Weill make money off. They told me I did so well with my last loan they know I can afford to pay it and I'm a god customer. Wtf?
Entity: Chicago, Internet
22, Report #1255822
Sep 18 2015
04:40 PM
cashnetusa loaned me money without my approval Internet
I was contacted by Cashnetusa and told the woman that I could not afford the pmts. They deposit the money any way. Took me days to get the money sent back and the account cancelled. This company is a total rip off. The pmts were over $200 a month for a $850 loan. Be aware.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1316107
Jul 10 2016
08:36 PM
CashNetUSA Asked for bank account ID and Pin number Nationwide
I applied for loan, they said I needed to supply my internet banking ID and pin number for verification i became supicious and bega to investigate and got sent here anso othhers had same issue. I know that this is ano no so I was not going to give it to them. Here I also learned it is against the law because against privecy act.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1174172
Sep 03 2014
12:06 PM
Cashnetusa Www.Cashnetusa.Com Approved for direct deposit Chicago Illinois
These guys are scammers who are from or of Pakistan decent they asked me for money to fund my loan than asked for more money and when I declined they asked for nude pictures so I sent random porn pics than they talked down to me for sending the pics and said I wasn't going to get anything back and we are all just stupid Americans.  I hope that there is someone capable of helping catch these guys espe if they do operate from within the US to me this is a national security matter. 
Entity: Chicago , Illinois
25, Report #1237994
Jun 25 2015
02:54 PM
cashnetusa cashnetusa stole money from me and swears it's my fault Chicago, Illinois Internet
 I am struggling financially and needed to get a loan so I called around and searched onlineand the best deal I found was cashnetusa so I got a call from then telling me I was approved. Then they said I needed insurance due to bad credit. I sent them $140 via western union and was told no obstacles should stop them from sending my money. Then they said it was a wire transfer and my routing number was wrong. I got the correct info and they said the money is in route to my account. Once I waited and saw the money was not there I let them know that I haven't received it. They claimed I was lying and later told me that due to my debts I need to send $200 more and they will reimburse that with my loan. This is where I stopped it. I am not paying more money to get money. It was wrong the first time but not gonna happen a second time. I requested they refund the money I already paid but insist I pay the $200 because that's all that was left to do. I even spoke to the finance manager who told me the same thing. This company is apparently a scam and I don't understand how they can stay in business when no one is getting their money. I have now, after the fact found a story of someone else going through the same thing except they paid $700. Someone please help me get my money back. Thanks to this scam I might be losing the house I just moved into. I was desperate and thought this was my way out of trouble and it's only put me in more trouble. My car insurance it's overdue, car payment is overdue and rent will be short. I can't trust any companies anymore, especially if they ask for money up front. Please don't give money up front to a loan company if you don't want this to be you.
Entity: Internet

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