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26, Report #379163
Oct 07 2008
06:19 PM
CashNetUSA - NETCASH, This Company is a 100% Ripoff - BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE Chicago Illinois
Everyone, BEWARE of this company. They took money out of my account months after it was paid off. They said You still owe us money. People are calling me saying that they own the account now from: 1-620-665-8721. One person says, so you wanna be a deadbeat all of your life and not pay your bills? and we're gonna get our money one way or the other and you're gonna have to pay the fees. I informed them that I owed CashNetUSA nothing and they tried to grill me with questions. I told them that i was ending the conversation and not to call me anymore, but they called back a couple hours later. Nevertheless the rep says he doesnt know how my number was dialed. He also says that they don't harass, but just try to collect what is theirs. Hopefully there is a Class Action Lawsuit against them. Since they were so mean to me, if there is not one, I'm sure there will be one soon. Oh, they are using multiple names too. Borrowers please BEWARE. One more thing, they call you and email you with different names and addresses to try and get updated information. I had to close my checking account. They also go by NETCASH. Cynthia LAKELAND, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
27, Report #456834
May 30 2009
09:34 AM,CashNetUsa, May not be scams--check your back! Chicago Illinois
I received a letter from Cash Net Usa stating that my loan is severely past due and if I did not make my payment that I would be turned over to a collection agency. Well, I KNOW that I had not taken out any loans with this company so I proceeded to call. I was skeptical so did not give them my full SSN, I gave them the account number listed on the invoice. The gal on the phone pulled up my file, I gave her my name and last 4 digits of my SSN. She was able to tell me when the loan(s) were taken out and for how much. I asked her what phone number they had on file, because I never received any warning calls or anything, and she listed off a number with an area code that I never lived in! I asked her to repeat it so I could write it down to add to my police report and she would not repeat it so that I would not call them. My point is, check your back!!! I put a fraud alert on my credit and printed out a copy of my credit report and found that someone indeed has my info and had been trying to open up lines of credit under my name and took out this loan fraudulently! Don't just write off that this company is a fraud! Make sure that no one out there is trying to steal your identity!! Janimal Belgrade, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
28, Report #431550
Mar 06 2009
03:48 PM
CashNetUSA Customer Service Is A JOKE And RUDE And All That Other Bad Stuff Rude, Deceptive Chicago Illinois
My complaint here is pretty simple. I have taken out several loans from this company, . I just wanted to share my experiences with them. Customer service is a JOKE and extremely rude. They DO NOT have the best interest of the customer at heart. Like they say they do. Instead they try to find each and every way to get as much money out of you as they can. If they feel like they can get more they will go after it. When i first started taking loans from them everything was ok... Until that first time i called in to customer service. The customer service rep was totally not trying to help me, instead he was pretty much laughing at me telling me this and that...but basically just trying to get off the phone with me. I have NEVER been late on any payments or payoffs to cashnetusa and they still treat me like a dog with no respect. I don't know about you, but i dont want to do business with a company like that. You would think that they would treat the people (expecially the ones that actually pay off the loans timely) with a little respect. Ever since i made the loan app I have been getting offers from SEVERAL different companies. So what that tells me is they SELL your information also. So be aware of that also! Also the use deceptive business practices. They have this reward program for people that take certain amount of loans out. Not $ values but like after your 5th loan you get 10% off....10 loan = 20% all the way to after the 15th loan you get 30% off. BE REAL CLEAR here: You must apply the loan yourself. I guess they use advanced computers to figure the loans and such to cut down the paperwork and their idiot involvement...but the computers are not smart enough to apply a discount code. IT IS DECEPTIVE. but what it also is is just a way for them to bilk you outta more money. There are plenty of reputable companies that do these types of loans. My recommendation is deal with some tha are local to your area. I can all but guarantee you will have better luck and respect with a local company. Companies like cashnetusa are NOTHING BUT A TRAP FOR PEOPLE IN A HARD TIME. AND WHAT MAKES IT EVEN WORSE: CASHNETUSA HELPS THEM OUT THEM SCREWS THEM OVER IF THEY ARE NOT CAREFUL. John Doe somewhere, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
29, Report #595040
Apr 20 2010
06:37 PM
CashNetUsa They tacked out outrageous fees which they never told me about Internet
I orignally took out a loan through cashnetusa for 400.00. With interest the amount came up to 501.00. I gave them my parent's account information so they could direct deposit the money into their account. When it came time to pay some of the loan they took out 101.00 from my parent's account. When I called them april 19th, I talked to a supervisor named Francisco. He told me that the only way to get my parent's account information off of my account for the loan was to transfer it to collections, so I did. When I recieved the email confirmation of the changes to the account they were still charging me the full amount of the loan which was 501.00. Event though they already recieved 101.00. I called again and spoke to a representative there and they told me that they were charging me another 100.00 for an extension. When I talked to Francisco the supervisor there, he never told me that there was going to be an extension and that they were going to charge me another 100.00. All they told me was that they were sending it to collections so I could make the payments and that they wouldnt' be taking any more money out of my parent's account. They never explained to me that they were going to be charging me another 100.00 for doing so. They never told me that there was going to be an additional charge or an extension.
Entity: Internet, Internet
30, Report #562277
Jan 30 2010
01:08 PM
CashnetUSA Claiming I owe money on a loan I never applied for!!! Internet, Arizona
I had previously taken out a loan with CashnetUSA over two years ago and had payed them off back in the summer of 08.  Now I receive a phone call from my mother stating she had a lawyer on the phone stating they were going to issue a warrant for my arrest for check fraud.  Needless to say I was in total shock I had payed them off and have not taken out a loan since. First why did they call my mother who is in another state and how did they get her number and why was I not called.  Second of all I know this is a scam due to I had issues with other companies calling my place of business and my cell phone over a year ago claiming I owed them money as well.  Now I am noticing there are other individuals who are experiencing the same thing.  Whatever you do do not take out a loan with this company they are a scam and will try to scare you into paying them money you do not owe them.  Do your research and don't take their word for it!!!!!!
Entity: Internet, Arizona
31, Report #951388
Oct 05 2012
04:05 PM
Cashnetusa Press charges for fraud- report me to FBI, etc. notify my management of what I've done , Internet
I had been notified via my email address that cashnetusa was suing me, and they are going to have me arrested for fraud, report me to the FBI and they were going to notify my managers at my job what I have done. These companies are unscrupulous, cruel, and above all harassing.The government really needs to step in and close these companies down. I have never had a loan with cashnetusa if I did I would remember it. I have notified the FTC . Plus I will be speaking with a civil guts attorney. People need to get some real jobs and stop harassing American people who are already strapped. I will no longer ignore these unscrupulous people.People need o know their rights. Cashnetusa did not even offer a phone # in their email. It has to stop.
Entity: Internet, Internet
32, Report #1169191
Aug 12 2014
06:06 AM
This company is a total scam. They get all of your information ie social security number address phone. Tell you that you are approved then later they decline you. I have a credit score of 730 no reason to deny me at all. All they are doing is gathering information to do with whatever they choose. signed The Truth.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #978149
Dec 04 2012
10:56 PM
cashnetUSA I was also asked to buy a green dot cash card to get the loan Internet
I applied for a loan at CashNetUSA and was told if I bought a green dot cash card I would get the loan in an hour. I never did as I can't understand why they would want you to do that. It sounded odd to me unless they had a way to take your cash off the card once they got all the numbers off it like a credit card. Thank you for sharing your experence with everyone.  I was aked to buy a $200 money card. I would like to know if anyone had this happen to them and they got the loan they were offered. I hope everything worked out for you and this company in the end.  Thank you for your time.
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #1185162
Oct 27 2014
09:53 AM
CashNetUSA Usury, 100% Interest, Worse than a Mob loan Shark chicago Illinois
CashNetUSA is an Online Loan service. If you pay on a bi monthly schedule you will pay 100% interest in addition to the original loan amount. I borrowed $1000 and asked many different ways what my highest service fee/Interest would be...Over and over again they said the max would be 25%...Turns out you pay a 25% service fee for each if you pay the 1000 off immediatly then approx 25% of the 1000 or 250...I you have trouble and need to adhere to the automatice bi-monthly you pay 25% each in my casee I paid nearly $1000 to borrow $1000...Beware...This is an amazing example of modern day Usury and I am surprised the governmnet has let these evil loan sharks exist. They of course point to the fine print in the terms when confronted...Horrible, evil people!
Entity: chicago, Illinois
35, Report #1044740
Jul 03 2017
11:24 AM
Like the others, I too was in a bind and needed fast cash so I got a Payday loan from CashNetUSA.  I realize that these are a short term fix and more times than not once you start getting these types of loans it is hard to climb back out of debt.  I received an email from CashNetUSA saying because I was a 'preferred customer' I now qualified for a line of credit.  I thought great!  It will help me get back on my feet again and get in the green.  Wrong!!!!  Do not fall for this!  Do not get money from CashNetUSA using their line of credit.  I will give you an example.  I borrowed less than $400.00 which was to be paid back in monthly payments, which they will not disclose the amount to you until a payment is due and then be sure you are sitting down.  My last statement (just received) has a minimum payment due of $154.37.  Of this $154.37 $92.76 is interest and they are charging a $20.00 transaction fee.  After loading on 2 months of interest at 299% the interest and fees charged are almost the amount of money that I borrowed and my balance, although paying huge monthly payments, hasn't gone down.  It goes up. The amount I now owe exceeds what my line of credit was.  Very little of the payment goes towards paying down the principal.  Almost all of the money goes towards paying an ungodly amount of interest and their fees.  This is the second billing statement and last months was almost identical with $16.00 of my $135.47 payment going towards the principal balance.  At this rate it will not take long before I owe CashNetUsa $1000 in nothing more than interest and fees.  I am disabled and on Social Security Disability.  This has put a real hardship on me.  I will go to my family and borrow the money to pay off this loan before it gets so large I can not get out from under it.  There really should be laws to keep companies like this from taking advantage of people who need to borrow fast cash but there isn't.  Apparently it is legal and they can charge any amount of interest and fees that they choose. DO NOT under any circumstances get a Cash Advance loan from CashNetUSA unless you have a large cash settlement coming in a month or two or you plan on winning the lottery and you have the means to pay them off in a hurry.  Otherwise they will bankrupt you and clean out your bank account.  
Entity: , Internet
36, Report #1066873
Jul 14 2013
07:03 AM
CashNetUSA; NOT THE REAL ONE I CHECKED all indian speaking; vanilla reload cards never received loan Internet
 I received a call from 773-455-4908 stating I was approved for a loan of up to $5,000. I agreed for $2,000 over 10 month repayment terms. I first had to buy a vanilla reload voucher and put $100 on it; then they said because of my credit I needed to send another voucher with $260. After that, the funds were not deposited as they said and then told me if I paid $120 on another voucher they would western union the money to me refunding the $260 deposit. They became very rude and were yelling at me when I continued to call and inquire about my money. They told me they did not care if I got a lawyer and thought they were a scam. After about 10 hours of phone calls, they then stated that I would not even be able to receive it via western union the same day and would have to wait until next Friday for it to be sent. They tried having my buy another voucher to have it deposited into a bank account instead in which I declined. I want/need all of my money back as soon as possible and will do anything to get it back and make this right. For all the vouchers to be purchased, I had to withdraw moneyusing my debit card and pay for it in cash.
Entity: unknown, Select State/Province
37, Report #1078139
Aug 22 2013
12:34 PM
Albert Spiller CashnetUSA Demanding Money or Court Action N/A Florida
Albert Spiller has sent me numerous emails claiming I owe money to CashNetUSA and that I can only make payment this Friday with a moneycard and if I don't I will face court action. He is asking for over $500.00
Entity: Select State/Province
38, Report #1188694
Nov 13 2014
01:34 PM
39, Report #1227704
May 08 2015
08:50 AM
CashNetUSA Is a Breeding Ground for Identity Thieves: Gives Loans Based On Limited Info Then Immediately Sells to Collectors Internet
My identity was stolen when someone who knew my name, birthday, and social security number applied for an online loan (all information that is available to anyone who takes a job application) EVEN THOUGH the other information was incorrect (my occupation was listed as a NURSE--a certification I do NOT have and have never even attempted to get--and my bank account was listed as Wells Fargo when I have been with Chase my entire life. I was told they are an online lender and don't do traditional credit checks, but that they verified my information... AKA they checked to make sure name matched Social Security number. Now they will not even look into the fraud until I go to the police department and file a claim of identity theft and fax (yes, FAX--as if it is 1997) the information to them. This company is an absolute BREEDING ground for conmen and identity thieves, not bothering to verify anything beyond basic information widely available to many people, and giving people loans based on an online profile they fill out without ever speaking to them. Please help me in my attempt to make CashNetUSA recognize the fault in their lending practices by letting everyone know how poor their security is--we are ALL at risk as long as companies like this exist. They then sold to the loan (originally $650) to a collections agency called National Credit Adjusters for $844.50--almost a two hundred dollar profit.  They passed it on to a collections agency called CDR who found my phone number by skip trace, called me telling me I owed money, quoted me my SS number, then when I accused them of being scammers yelled that if anyone was a scammer it was me.   I contacted all three of these organizations, all three of which are requiring me to file a police report.  From reading other stories on Ripoff Report, I am betting that all of these companies are related and are making money scamming people who are insecure enough to believe that they will be prosecuted by the law if they do not pay the money.  I know that is not possible, not when the loan was given ONLINE with no signatures, no background check, no face to face contact, with only a name and Social Security number to prove who the person is--no judge in the world would side with them.  However, I am sure there are plenty of people out there who they can pressure into paying, who would not hang up on the company when they try and accuse me of breaking a law or running a scam.
Entity: Internet
40, Report #1176317
Sep 12 2014
08:31 AM
CashNetUSA David Smith Phone harrassement about applying for a pay day loan Nationwide
I am constantly receiving several unwanted phone calls from CashNetUsa about applying for a pay day loan. I have told them several times over and over again that I am not interested.  They start calling me early in the morning and throughout the day.  When I ask to speak to a supervisor they hang up the phone. They even have gone as far as claimimg to be a bank representative from my bank working with the faud department by the name of David Smith with an heavy indian accent trying to get me to confirm my private information.  When I realize that they were lying, I immediately hung up the phone and conatacted my bank. I was told that they have no one by the name of David Smith working for the fraud department at any of the bank locations.  they also stated that they keep track of all phone calls related to their customers, and no one has called me from the fraud department of the bank.  I had to close my bank acct and open a new acct to be on the safe side.  These people are con-aritist.  They were trying to deposit a loan in my acct which I did not apporve or ask for. I also receive phone calls from them for differnet phone numbers and area codes that are bogus numbers.  I have stop answering my phone if I see a number that I do not know.  Now they are leaving me automated phone messeges on my phone and email.  I have blocked there emails.  this is crazy.  They do not get the message that I am not interested in a cash advance loan.
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #1273338
Jul 19 2016
12:34 PM
If you get a call from any one with a foreign accent saying they are with cashnetusa...HANGUP..IT'S A SCAM !!! they claim to have american names but their accent gives them away.. i was told i was approved for a loan of 1,500 and all i had to do was go to Dollar General and purchase some type of verification card for 150.00...Well needless to say that threw up a huge red flag for me.. the number that I was told to callback in is 1-773-765-4981 ext 110 and ask for Alex Cooper.....
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1261995
Oct 17 2015
08:34 PM
CashNetUsa SCAMMED! 175 West Jackson, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60604 Chicago, IL
This is about CashNetUsa, and for the past 6 years I have been trying to get them off my back! They claim that back in July 2009, they loaned me $850.00. That is really weird because I didn't start an account with America First Credit Union until August 26, 2009. So how could they put $850.00 in an account that didn't exist? I have tried to get this mess taken care of, but no one will listen. My credit union has looked through my bank account statements and there is nothing where $850.00 was taken out. This is really effecting me emotionally and physically. Please, what can I do!
Entity: Illinois
43, Report #502487
Oct 01 2009
05:10 AM
cashnetusa and united cash loans cashnetusa and united cash loans Stealing from people who are in desparate circumstances. Will not help you. Internet
I recently took 2 payday loans on the internet. I am a single mom with no one to help me at all. I am in survival mode juggling bills, I try hard because I have a wonderful fourteen year old son who excels in school.I let them know that funds would not be available, but they put debits through five or six times. I have hundreds of dollars in fees, and at this point I dont even have food after tomorrow. I called them and said I want to pay what I borrowed, but they say they cant stop the debits. I told them if they stop causing fees I could pay a reasonable amount monthly.One loan was a 440 dollar loan. I had three debits for 155 dollars each. Come to find out only 50 dollars of each payment went to the loan. Now I owe almost 600 dollars not counting 200 dollars in bank fees. Please to everyone never take payday lans no matter how desparate you are. I feel like I can never get out of this and they are torturing me! I work hard with special needs children! If anyone has been through this please tell me your advice.Do I close my bank account? I feel like I can never get through this. Read the fine print everyone. people who take these loans are people who are in dier circumstances. Please pass the word on. Never take payday loans especially from cashnetusa, and unitedcash loans. They will not work with you they are cruel, I could lose my apartment and end up on the streets.
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #1040540
Apr 04 2013
03:47 AM
CashNetUSA ENOVA, Enova International, CNU of Kansas, LLC (CashNetUSA) APR is what a Payday Loan in Virginia is but calls it an Open-End Line of Credit Chicago, Ohio
How can a Mortgage Company have a business licesne for an Open-End Line of Credit with an APR of 299% which would be what a payday loan APR is in the state of Virginia and go as high as 300%? According to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act this is what I asked for: 1- Amount of original debt 2-Manner in which amount stated was determined 3-Interest/fees applied to original debt 4-Any penalties associated with the original debt and reason(s) for these charges 5-Proof that any interest charges does not exceed that allowed by law in the state of Virginia 6-If they turned it over to a collections agency and the debt has been assigned the debt to provide their state of Ohio license number 7-Proof of license to lend and operate a payday loan business in the state of Virginia and provide state license number Do not contact me except by email or contact employer, friends, aquaintences, family, or contact numbers. That this was to serve as written notification that any notification that authorized ACH withdrawals from my bank account and any agreement of wage assignment were revoked. As receipt of this communication all forms of collection activity cease until debt has been validated in accordance with the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act. If their office provided all requested information within 30 days I would proceed forward with all actions that is deemed necessary or appropriate. If they failed to provide the information to validate this request within 30 days from receipt of this communication, all references to this account must be deleted from my credit files and a copy of such deletion be forwarded to me immediately. Email was sent on January 9, 2013 with no reply, so it was repeated on January 116, 2013  which I got a reply the same day that it had been received.  Meanwhile, I had other debts mounting that I have been trying to catch up for the last 7 months and haven't succeeded. Because of there withdrawals my debts owed amount to $2000 in bank fees and unpaid bills.  Timothy Ho, President responded first with a copy of the contract I signed that I wasn't aware of giving any authorization to do ACH withdrawals from my bank account. Also provided by him was statements on my account.  This was on January 18, 2013, but didn't fulfil all requested information. This came from Enova International of 200 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, Il 60606.  The address on the statements were PO Box 643990, Cincinati, Ohio 42564- 3990 with the caption at the top Make Anyday Payday with the name CashNetUSA. The 2nd to respond came from ENOVA, 200 W Jackson Blvd, Suite 500, Chicago, Il 60606 from someone called Season Wolfe with the words Compliance/Legal under his name.  The letter that came with the material had on the stationary with 773-357-3634,, and Fax: 312-212-1657.  Enclosed was a Business License for Kansas, Office of the State Bank Commision, Consumer and Morgage Lending Division, Supervised Loan License. Also a copy of all my statements and the contract was included which was sent onJanuary 29, 2013. If the statements said Payday on them then this is not an Open-End line of Credit, but a payday loan with an APR of 299%. I checked with the Federal Trade Commission, Who informed me they were not licensed to do business as a payday loan business in the state of Virginia. The Better Business Bureau had 143 complaints listed against them about bad collection practices and handling of accounts. The Attorney General's Office had no complaints against CashNetUSA. The Consumer Protection Agency said when I explained what I had sounded like a payday loan. The ad online had the caption CashNetUSA Payday and when you open the website you see the question How much would you Like to borrow?  Their ad did say they did Cash Advances, but nothing about lines of credit. I also checked online for other companies that did Open-End Line of Credit but could not find one that charged over 18% APR. This is clearly a payday loan and I'm sending the Consumer Protection Agency a copy of all the material I receiveived, which did not include the proof that the interest charged did not exceed that allowed by law. I'm also thinking Season Wolfe sounds like an alias and that I've been took for a very expensive ride.
Entity: Chicago, Ohio
45, Report #465309
Jun 26 2009
02:07 PM Unfair Collections Pratice File A Report treats Internet
The FTC and the state allege the companies violated the law by using unfair and deceptive collection tactics, including falsely threatening consumers with arrest or imprisonment, falsely claiming that consumers are legally obligated to pay the debts, threatening to take legal action they cannot take, repeatedly calling consumers at work and using abusive and profane language; and disclosing consumers' purported debts to co-workers, employers and other third parties. They also allegedly violated the U.S. Truth in Lending Act and federal Regulation Z by failing to make required written disclosures about key terms including the amount financed, itemization of the amount financed, the finance charge, the annual percentage rate, the payment schedule, the total number of payments and any late payment fees. Go to your attorney generals Office and file a complaint against Cahnetusa this is illegal and we most put a stop against them Someone las vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
46, Report #1085817
Oct 05 2013
08:33 AM
CashNetUSA Kelly Tilt, Willam Jones, John Mascaranes CashNetUSA may not be trying to fraud you, but someone, somewhere is...... Who Knows!!! UNK
So last Monday while at work, I recieved a call from a lady name Kelly Tilts 972-210-2556 stating that she had been retained that morning in order to find an address of my work or residence in order to serve me documents on a claim that was being filed on me. Stated that I have one  chance to contact the mediation firm that was hired to handle my claim. She left a call back of 1866-441-9405, said that I had officially been notified. Strange thing was, she never left the name of a company she was repersenting or anything. So being curios as to what she was talking about I called back. Now, keep in mind, she was an american. So I called back, and the person who picked said Goldstien & Associates, I gave her the claim number and she put me on hold, I got a guy, then he sent me to this Kelly Tilt. She began stating that I had a claim against me for a loan I had recieved back in November of last year with CashNetUSA. I told her I have never had a loan with them, and I know this because they always turned me down. So then she stated another company name and it did sound familuar so I said ok. She then went on to say that I owed $700, I told her now because I had never taken that much money from any payday lender. She then said that she could ask for a lower amount. So she put me on hold and came back stating that she talked to them and they said that they would settle for 500. So I said I guess, and she said that they could take it by breaking it up on several payments. So I gave her my debit card info. they gave me a confirmation number, and I went on with my work day. Something was not sitting right with me on that and I kept listening to the message over and over again. Because I was at 0 balance on my debit card, even if they were going to wipe me out, LOL good luck. So that friday afternoon, about the same time, I recieved a call from a forign accent guy, 281-738-4455 who left a message stating that he had a claim against me and my SSN#, and I was to call them back immediately and to give my attorney name so that they could proceed with the legal action. So as I was listening to the message a third time because I could barley understand Mr. Mascaranas who was with the Houston Law firm they were calling back again. So I answered and I got the same guy who stated that he needed my retained attonerys name and info, or that I needed to go to my local jail and turn myself in. I was like so, who is filing the claim against me, so he put me on hold and sent me to James Brown who again sounded like Apu from the Quicky Mart, who told me the same crap, but also stated that it was from CASHNETUSA!!!! i was in shock... So you mean to tell me that they are retaining multiply companies to retain the same information from the same people on the same debt??? Hell NO.... I was like I tell you what you tell the cops, FBI or whoever you got, the can come get me, because they will have something waiting for them they come knocking on this door... He got mad and told me that I was stupid, and I need to go to court on Monday morning so that I could get sentenced, I told him, I would see him there, and that he obviously didnt know much about a American laws, because he would know that 1)law firms dont call you to collect debts, 2)there is a process to the legal system and you dont just walk into the courtroom and you get sentenced and 3) I was recording that call and was being montiterd by the police and he didnt have to worry about me because he was the one who needed to be worried. James hung up. So I did a bit more investagation on the Americans who called me. I went this site, then looked on my back phone search, as well as BBB. There is a Goldstien & Associates, and there were several people who were stating the same thing, and they replied, stating that they had no record of these people and they do not contract or work with CashNetUSA. I recalled the numbers and the lady Kelly who origannally called, turns out that Dallas area code number, was a verizon cell phone who was unavaiable. Called back the 866 and it picked as Goldstien & Asso. So I called my bank after about 2 hours of reserching and cancelled my debit card. They stated that they had recieved several complaints about this and they were taking it very seriously. So today, the supposed payday curtisy call, Get a call from William Jones from Goldstien & Associates stating that he was calling me to remind me of my payment, and left a number of 866-258-2185, funny thats not the orriginal number I was given.Watch out for these people, they are getting us because they figure they are americans, and who would question that right...??? Listen to your gut. If it tells you it aint right, it probaley aint!!!!I havent called back Mr. Willams Jones just yet, but I will. But they will be highly upset when that payment kicks back with a big AINT NOBODY GOT TIME 4 DAT LOL!!! IDIOTS
Entity: Select State/Province
47, Report #960172
Oct 25 2012
04:57 PM
Kevin Rogers -alleged rep of CashNetUSA CashNetUSA Kevin Rogers phoned me (came up as unknown number), said I had been approved for loan with CashNetUSA. Long conversation Miami, Florida
Received call from unknown number saying I qualified for $5000 loan. Gave name of Kevin Rogers with CashNetUSA...told him I was not interested in any payday or title loans as the interest is ridiculous. Kevin assured me this was not one of those and that I qualified for straight loan. When I asked the APR, he said between 8 and 10%. Sounded I asked how much the payment would be on a six month or one year loan. He gave me figures and after assuring me that the payments were principal and interest and the loan would be fully paid after the agreed term, I was interested so I asked for him to email me the loan contract for my approval. Seems that is not possible until I have gone to WalMart or CVS or grocery to fund a money pac card with $450. Then I was to call him and read the number off to him so they could verify that I could pay this loan but they would not take any of the money out, only for verification purposes that I had sufficient income to handle the payments. After one to two hours, I would then see $5000 in my bank account. I continued to insist on seeing the contract which he assured me would be sent as soon as they verified my ability to repay the loan by purchasing and funding the money-pac card. I told him that really would not prove any income. He told me they have an A+ rating at the BBB, which while talking to him, I was checking, told him I could not locate any such business in Florida. I began to truly see this was squirrely so I pulled up RipOff Report and found many complaints, however seemed con artists were using CashNetUSA name but in no way connected. I found Kevin's name to be prominent in some of the reports. I mentioned this to him and he told me there are so many scams out there that now, we have been issued our private number so scammers would not be able to pass themselves off as the true CashNetUSA. I asked him how would I know he was not one of the scammers. Of course, he reassured me but I ended the conversation saying if I were interested I would call him back. I found the Chicago Ca$hNetUSA and a phone number and called. They assured me this was not their application or representative, as they do not operate in my State, nor do they operate in Florida and never ask for applicants to purchase money-pac cards and call them with the information. Then she transferred me to fraud department, where I left my name and phone number. Always contact the company they say they represent to see if that is true.
Entity: Miami, Florida
48, Report #390952
Nov 13 2008
02:43 PM
CASHNETUSA This Company just call me with an extortion voicemail and when I questioned him he said never call be again at the number he left on my voicemail Internet
I just received a voicemail from a man named (Eric Harbor) that spoke with an accent from India. He told me that I needed to return his call right away. When I called him back to ask who he was, and what is the nature of his call he became forceful with his tone and said that court papers have been filed against me to repay a loan that I know nothing about. He also yells at me and tells me that I will also have to pay the court cost and all other fines. Then hung up on me. I called right back asked to speak with Eric again and I was placed on hold for a total of 15 minutes. Between hold periods I asked another person that picked up the line the company name. He told me he was from National something and the line went dead. When someone came back to the line I asked again the company name and was transferred over to Eric Harbor. I asked what company are you calling from. He tells me he is calling on behalf of CASHNETUSA. I told him I had no dealings with this company he called me a lie and said I needed to pay my debit. I then informed him the the phone call was being taped he became upset and told me to never call him at the number 949-528-2410 which he gave me again. This is really for the birds. If anyone is taking action to stop these people please contact me. Mil Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #496268
Sep 17 2009
09:08 AM
CashNetUSA sent us money 3 days after we cancelled our loan, and received conformation from them that the loan was cancelled. Internet
On or about August 10th, 2009 my wife applied for a $500.00 payday loan with CashNetUSA, Chicago Il.  We then decided we did not need the loan and contacted the company to cancel the loan. We received conformation that the loan was cancelled on Aug.14th, 2009.  On Aig 17th, 2009 the amount of the loan was deposited into our bank account.We tried several times (at least 6 times) to contact CashNetUSa to resolve the situation, offering to give back  $450.00, but that we would not pay interest or loan fees because we had cancelled the loan BEFORE the funds were dispersed, and their unauthorized deposit costed us a $50.00 direct deposit advance fee that was not in our budget at the time.The only responses we got back from CashNetUSA were computer generated emails, or emails that stated a manager was looking into our issue and would contact us.Again, the only responses we received after that were computer generated. We have kept hard copies of all communications including the notice from CashNetUSA that the loan was cancelled.Needless to say, this caused much frustration, and I started searching for information on what our rights were.I discovered that the state of Colorado has an Unsolicited Goods Statute, section 6-6-101, that states: Under the statute, an unsolicited good means a contractual obligations or other tangible or intangible property or services delivered to a person who has not ordered, solicited, or agreed to purchase them, but shall not include tangible or intangible goods or services which are misdirected, misdelivered, or offered in good faith in substitution for goods solicited by the recipient. If you receive an unsolicited good, you have the right to refuse to accept delivery of the goods and you are not bound to return such goods to the sender. If they are addressed to you, such an unsolicited good shall be deemed a gift to you and you may use it or dispose of it in any manner you see fit without any obligation to the sender. It is illegal for the sender of an unsolicited good to attempt to bill you or collect for that unsolicited good.This is the same type of situation as if you took a car to a shop, and they did repairs that you did not authorize.  You are not responsible for paying for those repairs.The moment we cancelled the loan and CashNetUSA confirmed the cancellation, we had no contract or agreement with CashNetUSA, and the funds should not have been sent.They (CashNetUSA) are now saying our loan is delinquent.  We put a stop payment order into effect at our bank, which costed us $29.00, and CashNetUSA circumvented the banks protocols and accessed our account without authorization, for an amount that was different from the original loan agreement which was cancelled in the first place that we did not agree to.My next step is to contact an attorney and see if we can sue CashNetUSA for the unauthorized account access, the amount of money their actions costed us,  and harassment, because they have already threatened to turn us over to a collection agency.Under the Colorado Statutes there are also penalties to the company if they try to collect payment on unsolicited goods.We would be interested in joining any class action suit against this company that is relevant to our situation.
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #471710
Jul 20 2009
05:40 PM
CashNetUSA, Federal Legislation For Unsecured Loans, Ronnie Cooper, Dan Wilson Bullied, threatened. called repeatedly while I was in a class, told me I had 30 minutes to fax an apology letter Internet
I received multiple threatening calls today by men identifying themselves as Dan Wilson and Ronnie Cooper. Dan said he was an attorney for Cashnet and would be suing me in court tomorrow. He later conferenced me via phone with Ronnie and they told me my final payment on a loan had been declined by my bank. When I told them there had to be a mistake of some kind of clerical effort, they told me they needed $1235 by the end of the day. I knew I only owed about $438 at the most and began to ask several questions, thinking this was some kind of identity scam. They held a short conversation with one another, pretending like I wasn't on the line and said they would accept new debit information. I told them the bank had sent me a new card, but the checking account information was the same. I had assumed they would draw a final payment as a check. They told me I was a cheater and a liar and I repeatedly asked for names and contact phone numbers. They told me not to ask questions, that they were the only ones who could ask questions. They said I should run to the nearest fax machine and I had 30 minutes before my life would be turned upside down. I kept asking for someone to speak English because I could not understand the mumbling and the accents. They seemed Asian or something. They kept talking about the letter of apology and I asked what time it was in California and they told me not to worry about the time, just to run and do what had to be done or else. I told them I did not understand why they were treating me so horribly when I had been a good customer and the day's mistake and final payment was something clerical on their end or my bank's. I told them I had tried to call my bank, but it had gone to voice mail. I would have to try tomorrow. They said tomorrow would be too late and I would have to pay $800 in fees to stay out of court. I asked them how I knew they were for real and they began to recite my personal information to me. I told them I could pay the $438 in an installment of $250 today and $188 tomorrow so that my debit card would not be flagged. I stopped at an office in a neighboring town on my way back from a class out of town. They graciously faxed the letter of apology for me. Within seconds, my phone was ringing again saying the card had been declined. I told them that was not possible. They then asked me for my zip code information and they had apparently transposed it themselves all along. Ronnie Cooper kept asking me how I intended to pay the rest of the money. I told him I did not know what he was talking about. He said I should pay them something for their trouble. Again, I told him I must be having a hard time understanding them, but that I knew $438 was all I owed. He then said how about I add on another $100. I mentioned that my son worked for an attorney and that the son of a friend worked for my state's attorney general. Ronnie then said I could pay the $438 and be done with it; however, they hoped I would be a returning customer and that I would refer others, as well. He said he need a gold stamp letter from the post office tomorrow. I could use the same letter and just send it again. I kept asking what he meant by gold stamp and authorization...He said to do it at the post office and they would know. I finally asked if he meant notarized and he said yes. I never did understand why I had to send the letter twice. He did say that in the original letter I had called him Lonnie and should change it to Ronnie with an R like in Romeo. He again said he had done me repeated favors by not charging my hundreds of dollars in legal feels and court costs to avoid further action. All in all, I had two hours of phone calls from these people who did nothing but badger and belittle me for what apparently was their mistake all along in transposing some numbers. The day was not over and my loan was due today. I gave them the updated debit information and thought all was well. I will never do something so silly as to do a payday loan online again. I am just worried now about protecting my bank account, my credit and my overall finances. When I went to the ATM to check my balance tonight on the way home, I discovered the balance was considerably off. I will go to the bank tomorrow to check on what has been authorized as payment. Jennifer in Missouri Aurora, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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