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1, Report #2896
Aug 11 2000
12:00 AM
buybidwin.com fraud
This is more about fraud then ripoff. This site allows you to buy, bid or what they promise win. I have won $39.00 from them since March 3rd. The alloted waiting time is past threefold. What I get from them are excuses and reasons as to why I have not recieved these winnings. Thay tell me I have to wait 4-6 weeks after the game end. That makes the march game 16 weeks past. What a sham!
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1325712
Aug 31 2016
02:22 PM
Juvalux fraudulent practices
I fell for an online pitch about skin cream, supposedly pitched by Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg from The View. I ordered what I thought was a free sample, paying shipping only, for some skin cream and some eye cream. The catch was, a) Joy Behar has NO AFFILIATION with this company (nor does Whoopi Goldberg). And the Two Week Trial Offer was not fully explained. The customer service person explained to me that if I didn't cancel my order within the two week period, I would be charged $175. for the two products I'd already received. First thing: it's FRAUD to claim that Behar et al are participants, when they are NOT. Second, by their count, I called them up WITHIN a two week period to cancel. (My initial order for the free trial went in on the afternoon of August 17, and my call to them was in the MORNING of August 31, hence, technically within the two weeks. Mainly, though, they didn't make clear to the reader that this was a subscription deal in the first place. And more importantly, the only reason I looked at all was because of the Behar/Goldberg connection, which DOESN'T EXIST. There should be a class action lawsuit about this. I would think Joy Behar, and all the other celebrities I saw on the marketing deal, would want to SUE THIS COMPANY. Anyway, I would gladly join in on a class action suit.      
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1322237
Aug 12 2016
07:40 PM
pkgeneralstore Forgery Internet
 I purchased a signed photo of Nirvana on eBay including all three authographs of the band members including Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. I tried several attempts to have the photo authenticated from psa/dna, with the results not genuine. I then asked several collectors that only deal with nirvana memobelia and the results were always not genuine. I contacted the seller and he explained that unfortunately I cannot do anything.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #136998
Mar 30 2005
11:07 PM
Dirty SMC Tricks Shameless Chatsworth California
The dirty lies of SMC! The dirty lies of Abe Levine's daughter on the SMC infomercial! The dirty lies that Kerry Cox tells about SMC! The dirty lies that the SMC infomercial tells! The dirty lies Tom Bosley tells about SMC! The dirty lies Tom Bosley tells about making Thousands. The dirty lies Tom Bosley tells about making Millions. The dirty way SMC competes against their members. The dirty way SMC tricks people into their snare! The dirty way SMC treats the members they already have! The dirty tricks SMC plays on people when they call! The dirty tricks SMC steals from your bank account! The dirty lies about selling SMC products at huge prices! The dirty lies about others making $50,000 dollars! The dirty way SMC advertises on sites members try to utilize! The dirty way SMC conducts business. The dirty way SMC steals and lies about low start-up costs! The dirty way SMC gets away with not going to jail for fraud! The dirty way SMC rips unsuspecting elderly folks of money! The original owner, Abe Levine would roll over in his grave if he was still around to see what a whore company his daughter, Kerry Cox, and Tom Bosley have made of a once good company! SMC is nothing more than a pack-of-pig money-grubbers! Don't believe the dirty SMC lies! You're a dirty liar Tom Bosley! Michael Garden Grove, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chatsworth, California
5, Report #14754
Feb 21 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #451783
May 14 2009
09:25 AM
Career Network Bogus Jobs Flordia Nationwide
I have been unemployed now for a few months, and I have registered with a few job searching sites. One day I got a offer from a web site http://career-network.com I applied for the job, something did seem fishy about the whole process, but I continued to submit my information and resume, a few days later the site contacted me via email and asked for me to update my education status, I did and then never heard back from the site. A few days later I got the same email offering me the job, I didn't understand I just applied for this job, I emailed http://career-network.com and to this day they have never replied back to my request asking if this company I applied to was legitimate, I applied to another job through them and got a email address of the employees of the employee who extended me this job, I emailed him a few days later saying that I was following up to see what the status of the job was and I didn't get any response, about a week later I got the same job offer again in my email. In my opinion this company is doing something fishy, I don't know if they are just mining for personal information or what, but I do know one thing, never give your social security # out, nor any personal information that might come back to haunt you. If there is anyone else out there that is having the same issues with http://career-network.com or similar issues, I urge you to file a rip off report, because the more individuals that come forward about this company then a patter will start to appear if there is some thing going on that should not be with http://career-network.com. In my opinion their who process that http://career-network.com uses to suppository get people jobs isn't worth anyone giving them personal information. Also the type of job you are looking for, look on legitimate sites if similar jobs are not posted on them are they are on http://career-network.com the most there's something wrong. Anonymous Allentown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #469013
Jul 13 2009
09:51 AM
Arnold Layne Ebay Scam Internet
In April 2009 I was trying to buy a ticket for Michael Jackson's This Is It concert in London. I checked ebay.com and found a posting from an ebay user named '0150_cat', that offered 2 tickets for very good seats. The user had great ratings and a long history in ebay so I had a good feeling about him. I contacted the user asking if I could only buy 1 ticket. He said no, but he had another single ticket for an even better seat. He sent me an invoice through paypal (now that I think about it, I should have insisted that he posts that ticket on ebay!), and I paid the bill ($ 380 !!!). He was very nice, answered my emails with a few hours and was always available. Early June I contacted him asking for an update. A week later, not having received a response, I filed a dispute. I had a bad feeling. He immediately contacted me asking why I filed a dispute. I canceled the dispute, but still had a bad feeling. When Michael Jackson (unfortunately) passed away, I contacted him asking when he can refund my money. No response. I emailed again (to both of his email address) - both emails bounced back as undeliverable. So he either closed those accounts or he blocked me. I filed a dispute with my credit company, but seriously doubt they'd be able to get in touch with him. In the meantime, I tried to contact him on ebay, but he is still ignoring me. I never thought this would happen to me, and I've never been this stupid before, but you live you learn, I guess. I want to warm anybody using Ebay about ARNOLD LAYNE (email addresses rarefootage@hotmail.com, tomtomcardsuk@gmail.com) that he will steal your money and you will never see it again! Jweber1311 Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #413718
Jan 19 2009
06:25 AM
MileyWorld.com; Cheating & Lying Internet
I purchased a MileyWorld.com membership last year in hopes of getting advanced tickets. Well, so much for that, because they were sold out in 45 seconds. I read most of the terms and conditions because I have been taken more than once and thought I knew everything I needed to know. I did not receive an e-mail from mileyworld as they are claiming that I should have gotten. When I contacted them, via e-mail because there is no phone number listed, I told them to call me, don't send me an e-mail. They did in fact call me, but told me basically, I'm totally out of luck. I agreed to their terms and conditions even though they didn't follow through with their part. I called my credit card company and put in a request to fight this. They came back and said I had to pay it because I had initially agreed. So, I paid the CC company and closed my account. So, I e-mailed Miley World back and 1. asked them to get me the userid and password since we hadn't used it other than to get tickets and 2. send me the membership packet that supposedly was sent within 14 days. Well, I got no response for either of my requests. I put in another request today and if I don't hear from them in 48-72 hours (as they say I should), I will be putting a complaint in with the BBB. The fee of $29.95 is not that big a deal, but it's my money, not theirs. They can spare it more than I can and if you add that up to the many, many thousands of people that fell for it like I did, then it adds up to a lot of money. I don't like to be taken and I will do what I need to do to fix it. MLS Manassas, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #435228
Mar 17 2009
08:11 PM
M.G.R. sleezy, lazey, sluggish Upland California
MGR is slugish, very slow to respond, has criminals working for them, and is now abondoning some if not all of their propertys. For someone who has not so good credit it beats moving into one of those section eight type places where the amount you can afford to hand off is your rent. They would tell there customers that they will be there for many years to come then when you are in a place that needs work they want to get out. They would be just dandy by showing off the place, but then you find out how much of a rat trap you are living in while the rent is being collected. Its like buying a car at one of those places that use to exist when they would sell you a car then run off someplace. They dont have a very good track record as for sticking with what they promise, so its now buyer beware for sure. concerned citizen Chino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Upland, California
10, Report #955046
Oct 15 2012
05:06 AM
Pyschic Matt Fraser Fake unknown
Matt Fraser is a total Fraud!!!  I had a reading with him a month ago and he didnt get anything right.  He asked me a bunch of questions that were NOT True such as Do you know a little boy that died in a fire? Did a friend of yours die in an car accident? Did someone on your moms side of the family die from cancer?  No of those has ever happened in my life.  He uses the old school reading technique of cold reading where he just ask you a few questions and guess the rest.  Save your money.  He is just a overly hyped up FRAUD and got nothing right!
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #288607
Dec 03 2007
01:22 PM
IMDb MAJOR RIPOFF!!! Crestone Colorado
I logged into and registered with IMDb because I wanted to get a celebrity address. The site made me put up a resume. It said I had a 14 day FREE TRIAL, but they charged my 54.95 for a year's subscription. Plus, they charged me $12.95 for a month's subscription. They were NOT supposed to charge me a cent until my trial subscription was up (and there was NOTHING about being charged $54.95!!!!!!) I just signed up yesterday, and already they are reaming me. They have totally screwed up my finances, and REFUSE to get back to me. They only have email to contact them, which they don't answer. I HIGHLY recommend you stay away from this fraudulent company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Debra Crestone, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1136905
Apr 07 2014
09:35 AM
EQUINOX/RVTL Complete Scam Internet
As with all the others, I fell for this scam because of the reviews and the trusted Dr.Oz references.  I did read the small print and looked for hidden charges several times before ordering.   First of all the product DOES NOT WORK and secondly the terms and conditions are cleverly deceiptful, and hidden charges are well hidden.  I was charged twice for $95 and am currently protesting those charges with my bank.  Bottom line......don't get suckered by this bunch of thieves.
Entity: Sparks , Nevada
13, Report #1325503
Aug 30 2016
03:55 PM
14, Report #1331425
Oct 03 2016
04:08 PM
Greatskin Houston Texas
 I received a free trial aide skin cream. I never ordered more. I never agreed to be put on a list to receive further products. My checking account was debited $84.75. I did not authorize this
Entity: Houston , Texas
15, Report #1338444
Nov 16 2016
11:38 AM
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1314807
Jul 02 2016
07:16 PM
Songcast Rip off's Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Internet
Songcast is a rip off I have spent over $ 1000.00 dollars and bought my own music just to see if it wotks and havent received a dime. Tried to cancele and CANT have to cancele my credit card to keep from being riped off any more. No one to call the only way out si to stop the money flow. Do NOT use this service.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1343410
Dec 15 2016
10:35 AM
rejuvacomplex Ripped Off with Free Trial Santa Ana Internet
I ordered a free trial after hearing about Angeilie Jolie skin care product.  I thought was only ordering a free trial.  Did not see any informaiton regarding the regular price.  The email receipt also did not provide this details.  A few weels thereafter I was charged for both a facial cream for $98.00 and an eye cream for $89.00  When I called the company they told me I agreed to this on the website.  Acknowledged that none of the details were sent in the receipt and that it was only online.  I went  online and could not even locate a sign on option.  They offered a 35% courtesy refund which I agreed to, but feel I should have been given a full refund.  This is an extremely shady way to do busiiness and they are intentionally misleading the public and ripping people off for significant amounts of money!  She should be ashame of herself
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1206136
Feb 02 2015
01:32 PM
19, Report #1367489
Apr 13 2017
10:04 AM
Ilumaderm ilumaderm.org injection free solutions Internet
saw this item onn facebook Read clear thru the tiny print Did not see where they would charge after 14 days, how do you know if a product is good if you do not get a full opportunity to try it Customer service when I called was extremely rude and hung up on me!!!!! Just another scam to take peoples money and no refund DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1383532
Jul 06 2017
11:03 AM
Glamour serum Glamour cream Nationwide
 Ordered a trial size serum and also a cream for minimal shipping.Then i was charged full amount cuople of weeks later.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1409350
Oct 29 2017
07:43 PM
Radiant Revive  Nationwide
I just read the report regarding ordering trial bottles (2) of Radiant Revive products from Rachel Ray.   I experienced the same scam in which I was not to be charged for the products but will only pay shipping charges.  Two weeks later I was charged nearly $200 on two separate transactions a day apart.  I called the number (which I found on a report on your site) and they said I agreed to pay for this if I did not cancel this within 14 days.  There was no language regarding this and I did not select a box to allow any charges other than this one time shipping charge.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #8383
Nov 30 2001
12:00 AM
google search raylene van worth rip-off
Hi I recently received another mail from this Raylene van worth and was just about to send off the 20.00 that she requested ,when my husband ran a Google search on the net. I was shocked at what I have read about her . this woman should be jailed at least for fraud, intimidation, and the exploitation of vulnerable people. Theresa Macgregor Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Raylene Van Worth
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #215785
Oct 14 2006
02:32 PM
Youth Full Essence ripoff Des Moines Iowa
This company is stealing return mailing fees. I ordered the product three months ago Round mid June. I gave specific instruction that this was a one time order and if I liked the product then I would reorder. Of course they did not listen. They with drew funds from my account twice. I called and cancelled the order and now after the package has been returned over 2weeks ago They only want to pay me 39.95 and whant me to give them 5.95 for shipping and handeling on a product that I did not authorize and certainly do not want. Yet after acting like a pure D fool they finally agreed to refund the total amount as of this date I have not yet received. They say will have to wait at least four weeks. I would not recommend this product to any-one just because of poor customer service. Nicole Chesapeake, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Des Moines, Iowa
24, Report #374722
Sep 20 2008
08:14 PM
Chris Dufresne PHONY PSYCHIC READING!! Campbell California
I would like to warn everyone about chris dufresne and his phony psychic ability. I'd rather get a psychic reading from one of those weirdos with a crystal ball! I cant believe i paid $500 for a phony psychic reading! One of the main reasons why I wanted a reading from him was because his mother(the real psychic) has a waiting list for 8 years, which seems nearly impossible to get a reading with her at this point. I wanted to find out what career path i should take and he told me the medical field or real estate. When he told me I should pursue a career in the medical field I knew he was full of B.S. I am currently in the military medical field and I HATE MY JOB. I would rather commit suicide before i would EVER pursue a career in the medical field, no offense to anyone but its just not for me, im a creative genius and the medical field just isnt my style! I also asked him what my ethnic background is and he told me im a heinz 57 and that im indian,irish,italian, and african american. I asked him that question because i already know my ethnic background. He never once mentioned that im spanish and thats what my dominant ethnicity is. He was right about me part native american but he didnt mention portuguese or french either. Sure it may be possible that i can be those other things too but if you would take one look at me you would laugh at his phony answer because I have very strong spanish features and you dont even have to be psychic to know that im a spanish. The main reason why im so upset was that he insisted that i pursue a career in the medical field after i blatantly told him that I hated my job and I know in my heart its just not for me. He gives psychics a bad name and obviously doesnt have his mothers psychic ability. He should pursue a career in comedy because this guy is a clown!!! I lost $500 but I got a good laugh from his phony reading! Please save your hard earned cash and save yourself from getting ripped off from this wanna be psychic! Ambitious albuquerque, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: California
25, Report #373732
Sep 17 2008
08:53 AM
CCNNutra Unauthorized Charge and Fraudulent Advertising Phoenix Arizona
I tried to purchase a two week trial bottle for only $3.95 of Acai Pure and my bank account was charged several times. I contacted them and they did remove those charges. I told them I wanted to cancel the entire order. The gentleman told me that he would only charge me $1.95 for the bottle and I told him I did not want any other charges coming out of my account without my authorization. Told him I would call back to reorder if I wanted more. Today, 9/17/08, I noticed that $39.95 was taken out of my account. I contacted them and the girl I spoke with yelled at me on the phone, was extremely rude, told me that the bottle went to a P.O Box that was closed last April. She said that was the address I used; however, I know it was not. I would have given my new address to have the product shipped in August of this year. I knew the PO Box was closed in April so why in the hect would I give that address? She told me that I did not read the advertisement correctly and that I should read all the details before I ordered. I read everything that was there and it says risk free trial for only $3.95. No where does it say on the ad that you will be billed the rest later. Looking back at the site, it does have terms of policy in very small print at the bottom of the page but not in the ad. Anyway, they refuse to refund my money. I am going to contact a manager. I also contacted my bank and they are going to dispute the charge. I also closed that debit card account so they can never do this to me again. Please be careful to these very rude people! Their customer service people are extremely rude and need some serious training. I hire people with my company for customer service, and I would never hire one of them! I am certainly not going to call for assistance and get yelled at. I was extremely nice while she was extremely rude!!! Deb Birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona, Nationwide

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