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1, Report #1395649
Aug 25 2017
05:52 PM
Central Security Group Central Security Attempted Billing After Contract Was Fulfilled Tulsa Nationwide
Complaint Description:Central Security is attempting to bill after an account has been closed and paid. Saying that a contract was extended when indeed it was not. I was approached by a sales person to add in home security to my home through Central Security group. I agreed and indeed did business with this company for appx 5 years. The term of the contract was three. In 2017 I left the residence to relocate to Sydney Australia a move that was required by my employer. I contacted Central Security group to close my account. All of my past years payments had been paid and on time. They sent me a final bill of $157.96 which I paid as my final bill. The house that the system was installed was given over to a new resident. The system was physically removed from the home and no further services were to be rendered and none were utilized. On 08/25/17 I came back int the US to discover that I had received a bill form monitoring service from Central Security in the amount of $78.89. I contacted the company to advise them of their error only to be told that they had extended my contract via Docusign on a date that I was not even in the State and it appears that this document was coerced into signature by a 17 year old minor over the telephone. (My Granddaughter) I have not and did not at any time extend a contract that I would have no use of knowing that I would not be residing at this address. I tried in good faith to contact the company and advise them of their error only to be met with snide remarks and verbal abuse. As a senior citizen I feel that this company is trying to intimidate me into pay money that is not owed. I paid them on time faithfully for the entire term of their contract. Apparently, that was not enough and they are attempting to use bullying techniques on an elderly person to further line their pockets. I advised the company that I had done as I was asked. I paid all the amounts I was request to pay prior to moving. I will not pay for a service that I have not had for months and have not used. This speaks to the very heart of the problems in America today. Abuse of the elderly and infirm to line the pockets of large corporations. I Want:No further charges. No further contact by this company. No attempt to place a derogatory remark on my credit file.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1064458
Jul 04 2013
02:58 PM
Central Security Group AKA CSG NationwideCenter Security Group - Nationwide, Inc. Liars Tulsa Oklahoma
 After being told by Central Security in Dec. 2012 that they have cellular device for home alarm system that would work if no landline available, I discontinued my landline in early Feb. 2013. Contacted Central Security to get set-up with the cellular system. Took 2 weeks or more to get the specific person (apparently only 1 person could help) on the phone. Was told there was a $200 charge for the device + I had to agree to additional 2 year contract + additonal $12 per month. Was asked to send email agreeing to terms. Through negotiation, the $200 was waived. I sent the email. No one contacted me to set-up installation. After 2 months of waiting I began calling again. Was told someone would get back to me to set-up installation. No one called. Finally in April 2013, I stopped the automatic payments from my checking account. Within 2 weeks someone called to inquire about the payments. I informed them that I had been paying for 3 months with no service, it appeared that they had no device for cellular so they breached contract by not providing the service. Since then I had not heard from anyone by phone. Have only received invoices in the mail for the months since I discontinued the auto payments. These folks are Ripoff artists! They claim to provide services that they do not have! Unbelievable!!
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
3, Report #668909
Dec 07 2010
10:31 AM
Central Security Group Cheaper, but read the fine print before signing Tulsa, Oklahoma
Central Security Monitoring is cheaper than its competitors, but beware that you are required to sign a 3 year contract that in the fine print is automatically renewable after the 35th month.  There is no notice given by them that your contract if about to expire, so if you miss that date, even by a few days, or try to cancel by phone, the company ignores the request and the monthly billing continues for the next year, even though you may have moved in the meantime, your equipment is inoperable and needs to be replaced or have other reasons for canceling the service. The equipment they install is unreliable and very expensive to repair or replace, so you might be better off going with another security company that is more open about their business practices and does not force people to pay for a service they no longer need or want. 
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
4, Report #1204620
Jan 27 2015
05:55 AM
Central Security Group Refusal to honor contract, fraudulent billing, terrible company! Tulsa Oklahoma Nationwide
This is a horrible company with no integrity.  They ripped me off for $250 and continue to bill me even though they are fully aware that they do not monitor my alarm.  When I tried to call to straighten it out, they hung up on me, put me on hold and never came back to my call several times, and then they told me the whole thing was straightened out and that they would let me out of the contract without charging me any more.  Then, they made automatic withdrawl's from my account after the service was cancelled.  And now they have completely reversed what they told me and send me bills in the mail.  They offered to buy me out of my contract to get me to switch services then stuck me with a $250 bill.  Instead, they continue to bill me an have threatened to put a judgment on my credit. I wish I was making this up but it is 100% true.  As a former customer, my opinion is that this company has no integrity (kind of important for a security company) and has business practices that border on fraud. BEWARE!
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #658118
Nov 03 2010
01:26 PM
Central Security Group Nationwide, Inc. Central Security Group, CSG Underhanded, dishonest business practices Tulsa, Oklahoma
When we signed a 3-year contract with CSG, we were not told that the contract would automatically renew for 1 year at the end of that period. We were not told you had to cancel in writing more than 30 days prior to the end of that period. We moved out of the house in June and the contract ended in July. We received no notice the contract would be automatically renewed. When CSG called about a trouble alarm when the phone was shut off (we moved, so we canceled the phone without a problem), CSG was told we wanted to cancel the service. No mention about the extra year from CSG during that call. We continued to receive bills. I called again and was finally told (after talking to 2 people) that the only way I could now get out of the remainder of the contract was to pay $100. Very dishonest, underhanded practices by this company. DO NOT use them for your security needs.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
6, Report #733600
May 26 2011
02:27 PM
Central Security Group - Nationwide INC Guardian Security Systems Fraudulent Billing, they will not close your account! Tulsa, Oklahoma
My issue is when I decided to no no longer use Central Security Group for our alarm monitoring. I called their office and told them that I needed to cancel my account. The told me that I needed  to send a letter in writing to do so. I did. They continued to bill me. We called back and found out that they automatically renew your account whether you want to or not and they do not give you notice that it is occurring. After calling them again we were notified that we have to pay our bill in full for the renewed contract and then it would be closed. At that point I prepaid the final months of the account and they told me it would be closed at that point. 4 months later and they have billed me again. I call again and the guy tells me there was an error and that they would take care of it and assures me that the account is closed. All of this is leading up to today, a month later, and they have now renewed my account and charged me a full month. Again, I call and now they will not allow me to speak to anyone in their accounting department unless we can tell them our pass code which we no longer have. I ask to speak to a manager and they would not allow anyone to speak to a supervisor unless they can verify our code. I ask to speak to the accounting department like I have the past 3 calls and the again tell me they will not allow me to speak to anyone without verifying the code.  At this point I am now continuing to be billed for security monitoring that I do not even have in my home after being assured that our account has been closed 3 separate times. I strongly advise that you do not do business with  this company as you can never find a way to stop paying if you decide to stop using their service.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
7, Report #750163
Jul 07 2011
11:44 AM
Central Security Group Guardian Refuses to terminate contract of deceased, keeps making withdrawals, Internet
A family member recently passed who had service with Central Security Group.  When calling to terminate service, we were asked to provide multiple legal documents, such as a death certificate, copy of the will, probate letters, etc.  After these were sent, CSG continued to make automatic withdrawals from the deceased's bank account.  Now that they have ran out of documents to request, they state that by contract, the only way out is to buy out the remainder of the contract, which is a substantial amount by their reckoning.  However, they won't supply the contract to prove it.  This issue will be going to the Oklahoma Attorney General for starters, and other legal action assessed from that point.
Entity: Tulsa, OK 74137, Internet
8, Report #203300
Jul 27 2006
09:00 PM
Central Security Group Nationwide, CSG Fraudulent billing, incompetent installers, refusing to accept cancellation Tulsa Oklahoma
In may 2005 we signed up with Central Security Group for a year. the contract said $ 19.95 a month and we had to commit for 12 months. The first 3 or 4 months the system wasn't working correctly, false alarms, non working motion sensors, etc, etc. in some cases it took 6 weeks until someone showed up and the technicians installed used, faulty components that had to be replaced again. It was a nightmare. Then they started to bill us add'l $ 12,- a month for a cell backup that we had purchased and installed on our own for $ 200,- after the technician advised us that the regular CSG system is not safe because it does not detect when someone cuts the phone wire. the contract did not talk about $ 12,- extra per month if we would install a cell back up. the systems from other companies detect automatically when there is something wrong with the phone line and call the customer. we disputed the additional charges and asked the accountant where it was written in the contract that we would have to pay an add'l $ 12,- per month if we would install a cell backup system by our own. her anwer was: I am going to look that up and call you back It never happened. Instead, CSG started to charge us late fees and never removed the charges that we had never agreed to. in june 2006 we cancelled the account and were advised to send them an email with our cancellation notice. We subnitted the notice on 6/28 and never rcd. a cancellation confirmation notice from them. Instead, CSG gave our account to collections and billed us also for july and august. we strongly recommend to avoid this company. they are not honest and only look for ways to rip you off ! Steve Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
9, Report #1207602
Feb 08 2015
01:19 PM
Central Security Group Threatening tone when attempts to cancel. Attempted to extort money for services not received. Tulsa, Oklahoma
When my credit card for my account with them expired, I decided not to renew my contract which I had had for 13 years - so any of their hardware had been paid for many times over.  The original contract was about 3 yrs.  When I cancelled by phone, they continues to dun me with bills.  When I called again, she  found that I had called and cancelled in my file , but Oh you have to write to us.  I wrote, I emailed.  Still the bills came. Finally,  I received a call from a woman who said that I could not cancel without paying for a year's worth of service which would be end in September of 2015.  This made no sense to me.  Then she said that if I found someone else to take over my account, they would waive those charges.  I told her to get a lawyer, that I was not paying. They also told me in all three calls that I would then have no fire alarms  I checked ith my local fire department and found that also not true. These people  play hard ball.  I would not deal with them again.
Entity: Tulsa, , Oklahoma
10, Report #1219230
Mar 30 2015
04:06 PM
Central Security Group Poke me in the eye on my way out the door! Tulsa Oklahoma
 After using Central Security Systems for 8 years, I decided to give another more technologically savy company my business. When my new company came to install, the installer showed me that all of the window and door contacts contain batteries and had never been serviced.  All of the batteries had leaked and the units were full of corrosion to the point that they would have not worked in the event my home was broken into...which defeats the purpose of having a home security system.     When I called to notify Central Security System to terminate... they morphed into a monster! Their attitude is that you are going to leave anyway so let us poke you in the eye all the way out the door!!! I notified them verbally, in writing and via email of my decision and that is just the begining.  Apparently, after a 3 year period your contract is converted to an annual contract leaving you obgliated to pay for services until the anniversary date with them.  Lucky for me, I only had 2 months left.  During the 8 years I paid for servcice (which didn't work for who knows how long) I never received so much a a post card or an email notifying me that my contract was renewing.  After 8 years, I had no idea what the fine print was in their initial contract.    I notified Central Security Group both verbally and in writing that they would no longer be able to direct bill my bank account and any closing statements must be mailed to me (my new company offered to pay the last bill).  I received a bill and called to confirm that this would be the final bill and was assured that it was.  Today I received an additional bill which included a 10.00 fee because they were not able to get paid directly through my bank account.  I spent 45 minutes on the phone, being placed on hold several times and transfered to several departments only to end up with a very smug and arrogant individual who basically lied through her rotton teeth.  My new security company said to just send them the bill and they would reimburse me for the new bill as well.  They said that this common with Central Security and  can see from rading the other post concerning this company that is very true.     I pay my bills on time nad have excellent credit.  I am very offended at a company that threatens to report you to the Credit bureau in an attempt to extort a final extra bit of money from them.  My time is worth way more than that.    I will definately pout them on blast with my personal contacts and post anywhere I can to try and warn people about them.  When told the billing Supervisor that I would be very vocal about the HORRIBLE experience I had with them, she really didn't care.  She smugly told me to have a noice day. They do this because they can.  They are a good company to be with...unless you have to actually deal with them,  between the total lack of customer service and the defective old rotting and non functional equipment in my home...they extorted an additional 50 bucks from me - but in retrospect, to get rid of them...it was the best 50 bucks I've ever spent!   
Entity: Tulsa , Oklahoma
11, Report #833270
Feb 03 2012
08:46 AM
Central Security Group - Nationwide INC Guardian Security Systems They will not stop drafting your bank account after you have your security system turned off! Tulsa Oklahoma
Tulsa, Ok We requested over the phone to have our system turned off prior to moving out of state. They told me they would take care off it and thanked me for the past two years of service and timely payments.They continued to draft my bank account for 5 months. After several attempts to once again cancel my account, they made me write in and fax in a written statement requesting cancellation. They then drafted my account one more time the following month, knowing my system was inactive!! 6 months of payments with an inactive service and refused to pay us back or refund us any money!
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
12, Report #684476
Jan 19 2011
04:24 PM
Central Security Group - Nationwide, Inc. Force you to pay for their alarm service even if you move out of an area where they have service Tulsa, Oklahoma
I will have paid for 1.5 years for security service at a house I sold. I am paying $37.26 per month even though they do not offer their service in the state where I was transferred by my company. If they offered their services in Washington state I would have transferred service. They simply don't care they you are forced to pay for service at a residence you longer reside.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
13, Report #1125274
Feb 20 2014
08:08 PM
Central Security Central AlarmGuardian CSG Dishonest deceptive Tulsa Oklahoma
Where do I start. I had signed a 2 year contract with Central Security Alarm company out of Tulsa Oklahoma and was not pleased with their service from the start. I never received information regarding the status of my alarm like my previous alarm co.I later decided that it would benefit my family to move our keypad from one location of the home to a more convienent one, and they refused to send someone out to move it stating that there would be a ridiculous fee associated with the service call and it required a new keypad.I cancelled my land line service and went cell phones only, trying to save money. They informed me that the wireless system required to operate my security system was much more than the other quotes that I received from other competitors. I waited out my 2 year contract and when I called to cancel my service, I spoke with a very rude customer service agent.She informed me that my contract had been extended for an additional year without notification. I was tempted to cancel my card so that I would not be charged monthly through my automatic withdrawal I had set up with them through my bank. I spoke with Central Security today and they requested that I send them a letter requesting termination of my service or E-mail them with my request.They also want me to write my life story and include all kinds of information before they will cancel. I am glad I wrote down the physical address along with the E-mail address, because trying to get to the proper department to file the letter is nearly impossible, there is not a link.So wish me luck on this last attempt before things get ugly...   PS:  Thats Some Shizz!!     
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
14, Report #1261244
Oct 14 2015
10:45 AM
Central Security Services Burglarized While Central Security Company Was Monitoring My Home Sarasota Florida
I was burglarized , while Central Security Services were monitoring my home. The system did not go off , although it was set in the proper mode. Initially, they stated that couldn't figure it out . After , an investigation, they determined that it was the equipment.  They installed the equipment and after , the burglary  the tech told us that the system was operable. ( In fact- it was not)! The owner was aware of this , yet delayed notifying us. They are now, pointing the blame at the DSC manufacturer. They are not accepting any responsibility. The attitude is sorry , but you should take this up with the manufacturer. I have wriiten letters letters to my neighbors in my development, to test their system and call the company. I want everyone to be aware.  I questioned the owner, about all the other people that may have the same equipment. He now knows that the equipment may not be functional or reliable, yet I haven't heard of him notifying his exsisting customers.  BE AWARE, that you may may be under a false sense of security with this company.  I don't want anyone to suffer the same violation of a burglary.    
Entity: Sarasota , Florida
15, Report #797279
Nov 11 2011
09:09 PM
Odona Central Security Incorporated Odona Security unprofessional violating the law owned by the chinese cant write english correctly Monterey Park, California
This company is owned by Chinese people that are clueless. They lack professionalism and it shows. When you go to the website and you click on vision, you will see a memo written by the Security Chief. It had grammatical errors assuming that a Security Guard is always a he and even another error that calls Security Guards Securties. The lack of professionalism does not stop there. I had an opportunity to see a Security Guard that works for this company. After I woke him up from sleeping on a bench in the lobby of the building that he was supposed to be guarding, I noticed that he looked terrible. He was a walking business and professions code violation. He was not wearing patches with the name of the security company and stating private security. The security Guard was also wearing an un-authorized and therefore illegal 7 pointed star badge on his belt. The law states that badges must be worn on the upper left breast of the uniform and that the badge shall be of a design approved by the (state licensing board), and shall bear on its face a distinctive word indicating the name of the licensee and an employee number by which the person may be identified by the licensee. The law that I am talking about is business and professions code 7582.26 and 7582.28 and can be seen at this link: http://www.bsis.ca.gov/forms_pubs/guardgd.pdf and this is a liability for both the security company as well as any place that a security guard is working at. I have reported these violations to the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs Compliance Division. These violations carry a $250 fine. I also reported these things to the security company and they seemingly don't care. All security companies in the state of California are required to employ a person known as the Qualified Manager. This is the person that is licensed by the state that works for the company that is supposed to be responsible for insuring that the company and it's employees are following all of the state laws. Most security companies charge about the same price for security services. So why not pick a company that has security guards that are not a liability. Why not hire a company that doesn't have grammatical errors on it's website. Why not hire a company that uses off-duty or retired Police Officers. This all would assure you to have no problems. It might also be nice to hire a security company that is run by Americans. One that does not put writing in Chinese on their signage. This companies state license number is PPO 9213 and the Presidents name and some others can be seen here: http://www2.dca.ca.gov/pls/wllpub/WLLQRYNA$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=9213&P_LTE_ID=653
Entity: Monterey Park, California
16, Report #1251238
Aug 27 2015
10:26 AM
Entity: poughkeepsie , New York
17, Report #1336615
Nov 04 2016
01:21 PM
Central Motor Group Gross negligence Plainfield Connecticut
 On Sept. 29 2016 I went to a central motor group Ford service dept. I informed the service representative that I needed a trailer brake which I had installed in my 2004 F 150 Truck. I advised her that I was leaving on vacation on Oct 6th towing a trailer. I needed it installed and working by no later than boom that day. The Rep. told me after conferring with their mechanic that I needed to order a 28 dollar wiring harness to complete the job. They ordered the part and said the would call when it arrived. On the following Tuesday in received a call stating that all the necessary parts were and to bring the truck in for service on Thursday Oct 6 early am. On Oct 6 at 8 am I dropped of the truck really confirming that I needed the truck done by and the brake working by 2pm. I returned at 1pm after receiving a call saying they were almost done. When I got there the rear 7 prong plug was hanging off the bumper and the inside control was on the floor. The mechanic stated he was never told he had to complete the job. He then zipped tied the plug to the bumper and gave me to screws to install the rake unit to the dashboard. I asked if it was workinh. The mechanic stated that it was all hooked up but to hook it all up at home and make sure that all the lights worked. I finished up and we left for vacation. During our travels I noticed that it was a real strain for the truck to stop I became suspicious when my brake began to some shortly before we arrived at our location. On our way back an incident occurred the caused my rear brakes to smoke profusely. I called the dealership and told them something was not working right and I needed to return. I returned on Friday Nov 5th they took the truck in. I was in the waiting room for 15 minutes when the service rep. Came out with a sheet of paper that looked like a wiring schematic. She stated that I needed to pay 383 dollars to get the brake to work. Flabbergasted I asked her did they realize this the first time I came in , and she said yes. I asked did I not tell you to do what ever it took to install the brake unit and get it to work so I could town my trailer on vacation and she said yes. She said I thought you just wanted it installed. I asked so you let me drive out of your shop to go on vacation towing a trailer thinking that it was all hooked up, when you knew it still needed additional parts. No answer. This dealership is grossly neglegent in their actions and could have been responsible for my wife and I sustaining serious damage and injuries or possibly killing someone else. This issue needs to be addressed.
Entity: Plainfield, Connecticut
18, Report #1111420
Dec 29 2013
08:37 AM
Central Security Group Central Security Group - Nationwide, INC Central Security Group - Possible Scam Tulsa Oklahoma
We hired Central Security Group (CSG-Guardian) to monitor our house. After few mistakes that were not noticed by the company we perfomred some tests, where we triggered the alarm pursposefully and waited to see if they will notice. Only one out of 4 times did someone call and check on us.We contacted them on 12/5/2012 and cancelled the service as they were not prividing the monitoring we contracted for. They continued to charge our credit cards fraudulantly and continued to send invoices.Their equipment has been disconnected for over a year now, and they continue to harrass us with invoices and phone calls. This business is not a respectable business and feels more like a scam.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
19, Report #1060844
Jun 20 2013
06:12 PM
Redfield Group Security Redfield Group Security...NOTHING SECURE ABOUT THEM! Scarborough Ontario
I registered online with Redfield in order to complete the academic requirements prior to applying for a Private Investigators license. The cost of the online course was $229 + applicable taxes. The course is 50 hours in duration. Once I completed the 50 hours they were to contact me, providing me with a completion number from the Ministry in order to allow me to write my exam. I had to call them EVERYDAY for over a week to get them to even acknowledge that I was, in fact, a student of theirs and one that had completed the necessary hours.They said there was a glitch in their system and it showed that I had only completed 46/50 hours. Frustrated, I logged on again for another 4 hours.  I called them again..and again..and again. They said that their system still showed I had only done 48 hours but they would push my application through anyways.I had contacted them on several occasions via phone and email and I've been getting the run around. Still no completion number and still no way for me to write my exam without it. Speaking with Andrew if that is even his name..has become TEDIOUS. He gives me an answer to silence me for the day..just to go off and do the exact opposite of what he said he would do. For instance, yesterday he emailed me saying that the Ministry assured me I will get the numbers tomorrow. Did I get a phone call or an email today with my completion number? OF COURSE NOT. Whether this is a SCAM or just plain unprofessionalism on their part - there is NOTHING secure about Redfield Security. They will not give me a refund for my $229 (plus taxes) and they have not issued a completion number. I HAVE BEEN WAITING ALMOST 3 WEEKS NOW.NOTE: Their office is a shared virtual office - INTELLIGENT OFFICE - who is, sadly, known for housing scam and unethical companies like these (I used to work for Intelligent Office so I know). I had attempted to meet with them face to face and they were always busy but not to worry, everything is in the works. I had looked Redfield up on this site (RIPOFFREPORT) and didn't find anything on them so I thought it was legitamate. WELL, there you have it...MY rip off report!
Entity: Scarborough, Ontario
20, Report #173064
Jan 24 2006
12:18 PM
Safety Central Sold me overpriced goods with no returns accepted. ripoff Ukiah California
The merchandise I bought was priced far above most competitors (50% to 100%). There is no mention of a no returns unless defective policy, but that turns out to be the case. The company's advertising was not misleading. It was my own fault I ordered from them before looking further. I just think other consumers need to be careful and do their comparison shopping before ordering from Safety Central. If the merchandise I bought (safety candles) is any indication of Safety Central's general pricing policies, you will most likely do better buying elsewhere. Samuel Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Ukiah, California
21, Report #574297
Feb 24 2010
11:57 AM
Tactical Security Training Group refund PORTSMOUTH, Virginia
Entity: PORTSMOUTH, Virginia
22, Report #1164421
Jul 23 2014
02:15 PM
Central Security Group Deceiving and tricking the customer with unkept promises League City TX
  As many people clearly state here, this company is really a HORRIBLE and deceiving company that consumers should never trust. I typically do not write negative reviews or complaints about a company unless I have seen an intentional deception. This company will do anything to get you into a long term contract by painting a very rosy picture and make you feel so comfortable to sign up with them. Once you are into that contract, they suddenly become a different company with no regard for their customers. After my initial 5 months service, I needed to move to a new home. They told me that moving my service to a new location will not cost me anything. This was a total lie. They charged me the lump sum of the 7 months (rest of the first year of contract) plus still charging every month for the same period. I understand that it is their policy but the problem is that they never told me that and they misled me to believe that lump sum was good for 7 months in the new location. Now I end up paying double payments for each month for 7 months. I had the option to leave my service at the old location and transfer the service to the new owner. But their offer for the free move sounded acceptable to me and I chose that option. Unfortunately, since they thought they can also get the new owner sign a new contract, they simply lied to me to keep my existing contract with a free move option. When you call them about getting a new service, you are directly connected to a sales person right away with no wait time. However, the minimum hold time for any other issue is 20-25 minutes. If they say they will call you back, do not believe them. They will not call. I had ADT for 6 years with a slightly higher price but the customer service and the response time were excellent. I wish I never switched to Central Security for a few bucks cheaper service. Do not consider Central Security for any of their services. You will really regret it in long term.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1209899
Feb 18 2015
08:10 AM
Secure Net Central Alarm security system Tulsa Oklahoma
This sompany is not professional! This is the worst company ever! My alarm system has issues monthly and requires someone to come out at 30.00 a trip to fix the same thing over and over. When you price the 39.95 a month be sure to add 30.00 for the monthly repair bills! If you want a system like this go to Radio Shack and buy one to put in yourself, the quality will actually be better. If you want a real alarm company with real service and professional equipment call ADT. If I can get out of my contract believe me I will!!!!!!  BUYER BEWARE THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
24, Report #1152381
Jun 05 2014
10:55 AM
CSG CENTRAL SECURITY GROUP Dishonest Terms - wants to receive payment for services that have been cancelled Tulsa Oklahoma
When I called to cancel, I was told my 3 year contract had been renewed without my knowledge for another 3 years or one year?  When I signed up over 3 years ago, it was to be for services of at least 3 years, but no mention of an automatic renewal for extended periods after the initial term.My bank account was closed, so they cannot get payment for service not rendered.  They now bill me for months that they have not provided security service for and there is no phone line or equipment for them to be able to provide service.I was told to email my cancellation notice, which I did, and they continue to bill me for no service.We are not asking for them to provide any additional service or compensation for their non-compliance.  However, if they do continue to harass for payment not due, I will request compensation for my inconvenience.i paid the entire amount, even though it was higher than most security services, and will pay no additional
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
25, Report #896268
Jun 12 2012
08:09 AM
SECURITY ELITE GROUP S.E.G suspicious company in Manhattan, New York
I find it very suspicious that when they place a classified ad in a newspaper, OR in the internet  , for in example , CRAIGSLIST OR INDEED , they Never  mention their company name, only the name of an indiviual officer THEY POST A NEW CLASSIFIED AD EVERYDAY , JUST SO PEOPLE LIKE YOU COULD GET CAUGHT  . I find it suspicious that they have no business cards to give out or on display at their office. I find it suspicious that their company name is not displayed anywhere in their office except on their simplified application , that they never allow no one to take it home  or a copy or anything , nor on their door or any plaque on the wall when you exit the elevator. I find it suspicious that the guards in the main lobby of the building have no idea what the name of the company is on floor 12, suite 1202,  THATS JUST TOO MUCH SUSPICIOUS FOR YOUR NOT TO GO INTO THEIR OFFICE AND LET ALL YOUR FRIENDS KNOW ABOUT THIS COMPANY,   A LADY IN THEIR NAME MS MATTHEW IS THE BIGGEST LIAR ,  WATCH OUT WITH THIS COMPANY THEY ARE ALL OVER THE INTERNET POSTING ADS EVERYDAY , TELLING PEOPLE THAT THEY ARE GONNA GET PAY LIKE 15 DOLLARS AN HOUR IF YOU  FINISH THE COURSE THAT THEY WANT YOU TO TAKE  SECURITY ELITE GROUP
Entity: Manhattan, New York

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