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1, Report #1251410
Aug 28 2015
12:04 AM
Centura College online Excessive loan debt, no assistance with placement Virginia Beach Virginia
 The people in financial aid are total bafoons, they are completely unknowledgeable about financial aid. They filed for 7 loans for me instead of renewing my existing loans. So now I owe $57,000 Tha I can't pay because I can't get a job. I have been.looking for two years so my loans are in deferral and continue to gain interest I have called for placement assistance and was told that because online went out of business there was nothing they could do to help me. So now I have a degree and.a.loan and they are both worthless.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #1325573
Aug 30 2016
11:37 PM
Centura College Online scammed me , west virginia internet
i enroll to centura college online for network management i started off good making honor roll then all of sudden i was getting medical books and medical supplies.  they changed my degree course to medical for some reason without me knowing how can they change what i wanna get a degree in to something im not interrested in  so now im $22,000 in debt and no degree and to find out they dont offer online anymore i feel like they took my money and ran
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1285133
Feb 04 2016
03:45 PM
Centura college online Furthering my education turned into a SCAM Virginia beach Virginia
 I had just had my first child and I was seeing how tough things can be without a college education. I decided while I was at home with my newborn I would take advantage of online schooling. I searched a few checked out reviews and got accepted to centura. Well 6 months down the road I got a letter saying inhad to pay so much or my loans would be cancelled. I contacted my loan vender at the time was Sallie Mae my debt had already reached the full 46k for all years of schooling in 6 months when you can legally only go after 1 year of schooling once started. And this course was only suppose to be 9k per year with everything included. So now almost 6 years later I can't go back to college because of the debt and the debt increases every year and they still are scamming people taking there money for a diploma or certificate you'll never see
Entity: Virginia beach, Virginia
4, Report #1163587
Jul 20 2014
04:44 PM
Centura College midlothian campus fraud scam school richmond Virginia
i too was a victim to this schools scam i signed up for the massage therapy program and they told me my all books and table were all included in my tuition along with my 1st pair of scrubs. well they lied about all of it except for the 1st pair of scrubs.  when i was signing up they told me i had to take out a loan for $7,000 just a a precausion incase all my books dont get covered in my tuition, and my tuition was $28,000 mind you so how could my books and table not get covered with that much money? about half way thru schooling every time it was time to order books for the next mod i would look at my reciept and it shows how much of my loan money is left and not a single bit of my tuition was going up or down when i ordered my books or more scrubs, and i questioned finacial aid several times about it and they would brick wall me every time i asked and feed me the same bs that it was suppose to come from the loan they forced me to take out. in the beginning i didnt think about it i was just too excited to start school doing the thing i loved and had a hobby for.  the teachings were pretty good i learned alot but they dont teach you squat whats on the exam, the certification exam is so different than the tests your given in school half the questions i had never even herd of and are worded so differently that it makes you question when you learned and i toke the NCBTMB 4 times and failed ALL 4 TIMES and they sent me back for knowledge recap but that didnt even help and i never even got to take it again they lied about that too. Pearson Vue the test place gives you a letter stating to go back and get 100hrs of recap and you would be allowed to take it again but that was a lie too at least not with out pay again i had to pay then 3 times just to fail it. so iv been out of school for 4 years now i went there in 2010-2011 and i never filed a lawsuit against them would it be too late to even do that being that i had to go back to school all together reenroll at a different school just to regain all the knowledge i lost that i could get just by reading/studing out my book bc it was too much money to keep taking the exam what should i do?
Entity: richmond , Virginia
5, Report #1267667
Nov 12 2015
10:53 PM
Centura College Rip Off Newport News Virginia
I went to Centura College to get a Medical Coding degree. Four days into the classes, we were told that they will be teaching us Medisoft, but  medical offices  do not use that software any longer, but don't worry because this will give us some idea of how to make appointments. It was too late to withdraw. I was called all kinds of names from the students in the class. Stupid white bi**ch  to name one and the instructor pretened like she did not hear that. Students would come in drunk and pee in their pants. The tests we were given were a joke. We would get points for dressing up so we could pass our tests. I then signed up to get an associates degree in bussiness because no other college would take my credits I had earned before. That was a bigger joke. I will say some of the teachers seem to care, but they really could not teach too much with some of the students we had in our class. They would come in and fall asleep,come in high.  My friend going there for her computer degree had to teach her classes because te teacher never came. After all of that, no one will hire me coming from that school. I feel like such an idiot for going there because now I am 42,000 in debt and I can not get a job nor can I get into a school to get my bachelor's degree because no school will except the credits. I have to start over. After five years from when I started, I just got a bill from them saying I owe them 2,800.00. No explanation, just a bill. I tried to call to find out why after five years am I getting a bill. Noone knows. Save yourself a bunch of money and head and heart ache and go to another school. They need to hang their heads in shame for even calling themselves an institution.   
Entity: Newport News , Virginia
6, Report #1401428
Sep 20 2017
07:50 PM
Centura College Full of Crap COLUMBIA South Carolina
I started school here in 2009 and I was excited about attending school for medical assisting and I was called to the financial offices more than once. I wanted to know if I was qualified for the financial aid but to learn that they was giving me student loans, I know I asked for a pell grants for the courses that I was taking but to learn that throughout my modules of learning that I was taking advantage of and given subsidized and unsubsidized loans. After completing the courses and passing, I heard that everyone even the students were talking that we was supposed to get money like $1,500 for completetion but no money was giving my way at all. So I graduated and thinking that with this field, I could apply at the hospitals, clinical, pediatrics, medical offices and no luck! Now, at this point, I felt like I was being ripped off of my learning and knowledge. I now hold a title of NRCMA but nothing to show for, I didn't have a job placement after I graduated, I felt as I was used and abused. I learned that a year or so back that this school had a class action lawsuit but this lawyer needed $150 for them to get started on the case. I'm like at this point, with no job and nothing to give this lawyer and thinking that if he could just take the case and IF we won he would take his $150 and his cut of the money for the case, and it didn't work that way. I let my license go for my NRCMA title at the end of my name because I felt it wasn't no use and no one was or isn't going to hire me because for 1 this school wasn't accredited by the state of South Carolina and for 2 this school is a rip off. I also feel like that I took my time on those long study nights and lost a few sleep of studying of what I needed to passed that module. I'm afraid to go to another school to become a nurse because the loans will pile up on me. I feel that I shouldn't have a student loan from Sallie Mae at the time when the school was just ripping people off, I feel that Sallie Mae which is now Navient should be deleted and make Centura College pay for the lies and deciets!! A person such as myself felt used and rushed into something without no understanding!!
Entity: COLUMBIA, South Carolina
7, Report #1413702
Nov 27 2017
02:18 PM
Centura college Was not able to teach correctly Charleston South Carolina
The teachers could not even pass the certification test to be certified as a coder they read answers off the computer no one could pass i dont feel i should pay for something when i was not taught correctly and cant even work in the field i went to school for Centura college has been shut down they should pay for misleading all of us
Entity: Charleston, South Carolina
8, Report #1285693
Feb 06 2016
07:07 PM
Centura College Centura College is a scam NOT medically accredited in any way North Charleston South Carolina
Centura College of Charleston SC, and Centura College in general is a scam. A blatant rip-off. I went to classes for Medical Coding. I made the mistake of, and take resposnibility for, listening to the recruiter (who was out the door in less than a month) and not doing extensive research on this school. I am finding out now however, that I am one of many who got screwed by this school. Not to mention the countless people who are not speaking out.Initially I was led to believe that after 9 months of classes I would be able to get a job in the Medical Coding field. As the months went on, I began to realise that everyone employed there was incompetent. In reading other reports here and elsewhere, I agree with everything being said. In my case, I graduated with a 3.67 and perfect attendance awards but due to thier lack of career services, and the lies they told, I was unable to get a job in the field. We were told externships would be in place towards the end of our course so that we could gain the necessary experience to get hired. No one will hire a medical coder with no experience...especially from this school. The externships never came. I'm confindent to say they probably tell everyone that each year. I come from a military family and told them from day 1 I wanted to work at the VA. I was told they had a contact there and it would be arranged. But every time I followed up, I was put off, lied to, sent to someone else ect. Finally in the last few weeks I was told that their contact had left and it would be 6-8 weeks before anything could happen. I was about to graduate at that point.Yes, we were tought an outdated system called Medisoft that is no longer in use. The last 6 week course was for certification prep, and the very incompetent teacher went to Egypt for 3 weeks to meet her online boyfiend. The substitute was a RN who had just started working there (instuctors came and went with the wind) and knew absolutely 0 about coding. We were supposed to be schedulled for our AAPC certification within 2 weeks of finishing school...however it was months before we could take our exam. So with incompetent instructors, yes, passing failing students as I've read, no support from career services, and not being prepared for the exam, I tried to gain entry level employment in the field. I did have interviews based on my past experience and GPA perhaps, but everone needed to know what accreditation the school had. Some required AMA or RHIA there were others as well but I found out way to late that they are not accredited by any medical association at all. Only a trade school accreditation. So I have a completely useless piece of paper and a ton of debt. Their corporate office will not return my countless phone calls, and Monday i am sending a certified letter to them. They had us take out a loan through them to cover what federal aid would not. They were supposed to pay the interest untill we obtained a job. I was unemployed for months after finishing school and could not pay. They want their money, but do not want to speak to me. I am writing this in hopes of warning others to steer very clear of this school. Do your research and don't listen to them. I could go on and on, but like I said, what I have read is true...from instructors not showing up to no other schools accepting credits...it's all true. More people need to speak up. I had to fall back on my previous career as did others in my class and it's not because we failed out or didn't show up. Just Stay Away from this school and any of its locations and affiliates.
Entity: North Charleston, South Carolina
9, Report #1310807
Jun 11 2016
08:54 AM
Centura College Online Tidewater Tech So call college is a ripoff my degrees means nothing just printed papers on my wall. Virginia Beach Virginia
 First of all I attended Centura College online back in 2008 for Medical Assistance degree well I did receive my degree in 2010, I was happy about getting my associates degree so I went back to get my Bachelor's in Business Management finish that in 2012. After all the work and late nights studying to be successful in life I decided to go to one of my local doctor office to volunteer to gain experience thinking that I might get a job in the Healthcare field. Well that didn't happen for me sad but true come to find out my degrees are no good whatsoever. Now I decided to call Centura to ask them some questions and their response was they don't have a clue what I was talking about. So I said why is it so hard for me to get a job I have not one but two degree with this college and this is the thanks I get. After I said what I needed to say the person on the phone going to tell me that someone will give me a call to help me on finding a job in my location like really never received a call from no one. Anyway now this is 2016 and still don't have a job in for which I went to school for in the first place and student loans over 64,000 yeah 64,000 this is crazy makes no sense for me to have to paid back this kind of money. If I knew what I know now I wouldn't never have made this mistake no more online college for me, I can't even go back to school for nursing on the count of my crazy outrageous loans and my credit score is poor on the count of this place. I thought this was an accredited school but it's not just a ripoff to take people's money so take it from me don't lose any money are your time on this so call college. I hope that one day and soon that someone will take some action and resolve this mess cause 64,619.81 is a hold lot of money to pay back for two print sheets of paper that doesn't means anything to you. Come on someone let's make a difference and fight for our rights who is down with me.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #736111
Jun 02 2011
02:48 PM
The administrative staff seemed open, helpful and friendly initially. I was made to believe they would provide an internship and job placement assistance. I was told I would be taught by people who worked in the industry and that all their graduates are able to find jobs in the industry they have chosen. My Medical Billing and Coding class of 5 was started off in classes out of order, being taught a virtual office class by a Medical Assistant who in her own words hated billing and coding. We were expected to and graded on coding diagnoses' and procedures with NO PRIOR CLASS TO INTRODUCE US TO THE USE OF AN ICD-9 OR CPT MANUAL. When in the 3rd week of this class, myself and 2 other students complained about the lack of proper order of instruction, we were lied to and told there weren't enough of us for them to schedule the instructional class first (why was 5 enough to schedule one class and not another?). We later learned they had no instructor on site for the introductory class that particular module (a slip of the tongue directly from the instructor herself) We were taught a class of medical office billing software by, once again, a Medical Assistant, who had never taught the class before and in her own words would learn it right along with us. This same instrustor also told us she didn't know why they taught this program because it was not what the offices are using nowadays Other modules were taught by an instructor who gave us class assignments and homework but was too lazy to check these assignments, tests and exams in a timely manner. Our final exam in her anatomy class was to label 12 bones on a skeleton figure (less work for her to have to check) The day before the last day of different module, she returned our books to us saying she doesn't know what is wrong with us, none of us got it right. We had to hurriedly correct 4 weeks of work and return it to her by the end of the next night because she was taking the rest of the week off for her birthday and had to have the grades turned in before she could go out of town. Further complaints only incited more and more lies, side-stepping, I'll have to check with Ms. So-and-so, disagreeable attitudes from the administrative staff and offers to walk out the door if we weren't happy but that we couldn't get any money back. We reached the point where our only objective became getting out with the highest GPA we could because the loans and monies were already committed. The staff behaved worse than elementary school students, disrupting classes with loud chatter and laughter in the hallways, gossiping-always with the he said, she said game. We watched with dismay as the competent teachers who truly knew how and what to teach resigned left and right. I graduated, with a 4.0 GPA and passed the national certification exam that Centura College arranged. I have now learned that the registry that Centura College has chosen for it's students to test through is NOT RECOGNIZED BY EMPLOYERS, potential employers can't even reach the registry by phone to question them about credentialing! Do I feel ripped-off? You bet! I would just love to go sit in their parking lot and warn every potential future student of their mismanagement, idiocy and deception...hopefully, their future prey is more computer savvy than I was and will read mine and others reports and RUN THE OTHER WAY!
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
11, Report #1006026
Jan 30 2013
09:58 AM
Centura College (online) Tidewater Tech Online School lied about credentials for profit Virginia Beach Virginia
Everyone from the Admissions Representative to the Dean lied about their schools credentials for profit.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
12, Report #1394103
Aug 20 2017
09:55 AM
Centura College certifications are a joke. complete waste of time/money North Charleston South Carolina
I was so proud of myself-I was finally able to go back to school So I made the biggest mistake of my life. I enrolled at Centura College in North Charleston, SC. First-no scholarships were allowed-although the scholarships that they don't me were scholarships were actually discounts from them. I drove 35 miles one way a day to go to school- I missed only 2 days of college and made a 4.0 gpa...I was told all the way through school that their certifications were genuine and if I passed the test I would be able to get a job anywhere- I studied in the Medical Assistant programming and listened to the lies and dreams that they told us about working in a doctors office or a hospital-depending on where we went. I was so excited. When I got ready to do my externship-I was told that I would have to find my own externship and I started calling different doctors offices and found out quickly that when I mentioned Centura-the response was normally a no and click. My gut told me that something didn't seem right-but I perservered- I started applying to locals hospitals and doctors offices-I was a CMA- found out the acredations were not recognized by any doctors office or hospital in our area. Come to find out-it was not recognized by any medical field I could find-  Now the career councellor quit and a new one was hired-a joke-kept calling me every day asking if I found a job-when I said no-keep looking he said. After two years-I finally gave up on my dream and went to work in a different field. Please don't waste your time or money.
Entity: North Charleston, South Carolina
13, Report #625107
May 11 2011
01:53 PM
Beta Tech - Centura College Centura College I attened Beta Tech for Computer Administrative Specialist for a year. The teachers and I were learning together. The classes aren't accreditted. I'm left with a 6,000 loan and certificate that means Internet
I advise anyone seeking a College to further their education not to go to Beta Tech ( Centura College) they are a complete ripoff. The certificate you received is not worth the paper they have it on. I attended Beta Tech and now left paying on a $6,000 student loan. No other colleges recognize the credits to transfer over. Jobs barely recognoze the lil certificate. So, I did was waste money. The Instructors that taught did not know anything it's as though we were learning together. In most cases I knew more than they did. Please save yourself. Dont fall for this ripoff!
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1335028
Oct 25 2016
03:41 PM
TideWater Tech/ Centura College I thought they were accredited school. They charge me for my last three credits when I did not attend. I tried to go to another online school and they said those credits were no good that was the words from University of Phoenix. University of Phoenix said that Centura college was a uncredited school Virginia Beach Virginia
In 2007, I signed up with what then was Tidewater Tech, now Centura College. I was doing online classes hoping to get my Associates Degree in Business Management. I went through 2009, I lacked three credits. It was then that I learned that they were an unaccredited school so therefore I quit. They charged me for my last three classes when I didn't even attend them.. I started looking into other colleges that I knew were accredited and they could not use my credits which were 50 credits because they simply were no good.. So now here I am eight-years later owing 60,000 in student loans. I simply do not have the money to pay back those loans and also am getting threatened on the phone that they are going to start garnishee and my husband's check.. She could not answer the question who was paying the loan until 2010 because I have not ever paid a dime. I am my mother of a disabled child my husband works 80 hours a month if that and also have two other children. I feel I was being frauded by being lied too through those years.. I feel like I honestly do not owe that money because I was being lied to and I would never have been able to use that Associates Degree.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
15, Report #517369
Oct 30 2009
11:05 AM
Beta Tech - Centura College beware of this school, they do not tell the truth to you about your classes you will not receive them like they promise!!!!! Columbia, South Carolina
centura college did not give the classes like they told me that they were going to be giving me I did not get my EKG hands on, Transcripting and diction, Keyboarding, Carrer Development classes, Computer training, Software for medisoft, and this is just the begining of what they said they would do and didn't Columbia,South Carolina.    
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
16, Report #1044302
Apr 18 2013
06:43 PM
Centura online college tide water tech Lied about sending me email notifications and threatened to drop me from school for not noticing emails that they never sent me reguarding my financial aid. Internet
I was recently blocked from my online classes at Centura online college. Whenever I called concerning the issue I was told I needed to send in some documents about a month ago. I was told that I was sent several messages about it via email several weeks. It was all a lie because I checked my email everyday and nothing was there. They are now threatening to drop me from their college because I didn't get my papers turned in on time. I think they just want free money. It is obviously not my fault that they didn't get in contact with me when they should have. As much as I call Centura College they never informed me about trying to get in contact with me about needed documents during the time they said they were sending messages. I don't recommend this college for anyone. It is not legit at all. It even has a message board where several students are complaining about financial scams. Justice needs to be served. I worked too hard to earn a 3.6 GPA and be dropped for something that is not my fault.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1220059
Apr 02 2015
06:34 PM
Centura College Tidewater Tech This school is money hungry. It was not accredited when I attended, but it took all the federal loan money and they shouldnt be allowed to do that Virginia Beach Virginia
When I attended Centura College but back in 2007-2008 in was call Tidewater Tech. I applied for student loans that Im still paying off. About half way through, I ask one of the professor would this be a real degree and they said yes. I have been paying on this loan for seven years. When I went to another college to try and pursue a nursing certificate I was told my degree was useless. I basically have to take all my classes over just to get a two year degree form this other college. I was also told Tidewater Tech was not an accredited college. The classes were not their regular 4 credit hours they were 2 or 3 and other colleges will not take any of those classes. After I was finish at that school the following year they changed the name and offered 4 credit hour classes. This school has really caused me hardship over the years.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
18, Report #1413429
Nov 25 2017
12:00 PM
Centura college VA Beac, VA They took my grant money and gave me a old desktop computer with no drive. Virginia
In 2010/2011 I was looking for to furthering my education and at the time I was down on my Luck and I found this school in a classified ad I went through their processes and they approved me and what caught my eye they said they would give me a computer if I didn’t have one. I got the first computer they sent me and at the time I didn’t see they charged me out of my grant money they charged me 2,000 for a old dell desktop computer and it did not last me a month. After it broke I fought hard with the tech support people at the school to send me another one and I would send them the broken one. When I received the computer it had no hard drive in it. I called back and ask them where they joking or they just were out of their minds they told me I had to install the hard drive myself. They sent the hard drive and it was a old one that didn’t even go to the computer. After all this I gave up on Centura College. I looked up where they also scammed others like me so I left it alone but through the years I have been getting collection notices for almost 6,000 dollars ever once and a while and I signed up with credit karma and other credit score sites and I seen that they have ruined my credit with this supposed to be amount of money I am supposed to owe them. Today is November 25, 2017 and I received a collection letter from Jackson Capital Systems LLC saying that I owe them approx. 5,890.21. I went to an online school before and I never had problems like this in fact I got my money back when so went to the other and I never seen a cent from Centura!
Entity: Virginia
19, Report #1246235
Aug 04 2015
07:54 AM
Centura college I attended centura college when it was know as TideWater Tech. This school is a scam after so call graduating I tried to go to another university and was told my last classes was not worth anything because the credits were a rip off they were only three and colleges take four and one of the professor told me at that tidewater tech was accredited when it wasn't now I'm stuck with this loan that I think this school should pay back waste of my time and money. Don't go there Virginia Beach Virginia
When I attended this school is was own as TIDEATER Tech, and I ask a teacher of this school was it accredited and I was told yes by the medical professor. One year later I attempted to go back to school and I was told I had to take all my classes over because to be accredited the school had to be accredited and Tidewater Tech wasn't but since the school name has been changed to Centura College it has been accredited. I can't go back and have any of my classes count because of the accreditation this school took my money and now I'm paying off this high loan with no degree this school is a scam. They should pay off my loan that they receive from me.
20, Report #1311239
Jun 14 2016
07:34 AM
Centura College Online Student loan and financial aid fraudsters Virginia Beach Virginia
I took Centura's online course for AAS degree in Paralegal Law from 2010-2012.Three months after finishing the course and receiving my degree, these scam-bags sent me a bill for $5,800 dollars.I thought it was a mistake since every semester they told me that student loans+financial aid covered everything. Their financial aid department told me that I had a graduation balance because my financial aid didn't cover all of the 2nd semester.(For some reason it took them two years to discover that).So I requested a full accounting and no one in their financial aid department could explain to me exactly what I owed $5,800 for. I had someone from the State Council For Higher Learning contact them because I was tired of the runaround with these people.They went back-and- forth with this lady for two months playing phone tag and faxing her irrelevant information.She gave up and I couldn't deal with the games anymore.So they sent my graduation balance to collections. Now I am $38,000 in debt from student loans,my credit is ruined and I'm stuck with 60 non transferable credits because upon applying to a 4yr university,I was told that Centura is a non-accredited school! These scam-bags got rich off my AAS degree,& I Still have to go back to a community college and start all over again. Do not be deceived.This school is a rip off! They will never send you a dime of your financial aid until the end of your final semester,& if you get a scholarship,they apply it to your loans. No one in their financial aid department knows how to count and I doubt they even have a calculator in there. Someone has to be held accountable for this level of fraud,& I am pretty sure I am not the only former student that has experienced this.I am pissed off and I want my debt to be forgiven.They can have this degree back.It's not worth the paper it's printed on.  
Entity: Internet
21, Report #470009
May 11 2011
01:52 PM
Beta Tech - Centura College --School Is A TOTAL RIP-OFF Put in debt of $13,000 in student loans! They are not accredited! They Suck!! Columbia South Carolina
Beta Tech is a total scam! I decided to further my education in Medical Assisting. I chose Beta Tech because the Admission Counselor told me many good things about the program. At the time, I thought was good things. After I signed for the student loans and started the program I found out they were all lies. By this time, I could not back out of the loans. Financial Aid told me that I qualify for a pell grant. About two months later, the contacted me and stated they made a keying error and that I did not get the pell grant and I needed to get another loan. They also told me if I were to drop out I will still have to pay the loan back in full. Beta Tech assured us that they program was better then any other school in the area and that employers pick their students over the others. Come to find out employers don't even acknowleged the certification. Also, other schools won't even accept the so-call credits. I was promise that I will be able to transfer with these credits. I was also promise that they were accredited, which they are not! I was promise job placement, which till this day (Since Sept07) I have not worked a day as a Medical Assistant. The teachers there was horrible. Tyhe didn't care about the students or the program. I am now up to about $13,000.00 in student loans and a certification that is useless. I searching now to see if I can take legal action against this school. Sheena Camden, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
22, Report #1062976
Jun 28 2013
06:43 PM
Centura Institute Scam and fraud Orlando Florida
This man is selling everything; this man is a scam artist. He takes advantage of our war hero’s. He also has multiple schools that he has incompetent people running them. At multiple schools he had his admissions department enrolling students till the last minute knowing that he was selling. He did this so he could have the students pull financial aid and take out loans. Now these people are left with the uncertainty of their future. Who will hire them, will they be able to sit for their state license? Will they even be able to finish? Unfortunately these people don't know what their future holds. Forget about the employees, they were told that he was thinking about selling and the next day they were let go. How can you do this to people, how can he sleep at night. He as committed fraud in my option with the government, he knew what he was doing months ago yet he still was allowing open enrollment. I thought this is why the GOP was in affect to protect. I will be calling the department of education to see what can be done for these students. Yes, I was an employee at one of these schools but I took my job seriously and I feel for them. This could have been one of my children or could have been one of your own. Do not help him continue on making billions.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
23, Report #132450
Feb 23 2005
07:20 AM
RBC Centura unethical, ripoff, dishonest, misleading, errors not uncorrected, excessive fees result of error, financial strain Orlando Florida
We went to RBC Centura, believing it to be a hometown style bank where we could get better service than some of those bigger banks. We moved our checking accounts there, and already having a home-equity line of credit with them, we went back to increase the limit because we are renovating a historic home in downtown Orlando. When we began the process, we had plenty of time (6 weeks) before we needed the money to give to our contractor. We were told it would be done within 2 weeks. We submitted the request for 100% of the current property value and were assured that based on the numbers and credit scores there would not be any problem. Days turned into weeks, and after EIGHT weeks the loan was finally approved BUT for only 95% LTV, which left us $20,000 short of what we needed. During the time our loan was in process, the bank's policy changed to only go as high as 95%. This explains why it took so long! We had several bank employees appeal to the decision-maker (located in NC -- so much for hometown) that we should be grandfathered in, but nothing was done. Unfortunately however, during these days of ups and downs, we did receive a phone call from our lender stating that we WERE approved for the full amount and to go ahead, so we did. In the end we were left scrambling for money by draining our savings and taking cash advances (with those extremely high fees). There wasn't time to go to another bank to try to refinance the equity loan, we were completely screwed. For several weeks their website still reflected they would allow up to 100% LTV. It wasn't until I made a nasty call to the mortgage department after another 2 weeks that it was finally changed. In the mean time, after switching my checking account to RBC, I have been using my checkcard and the web banking to keep track of purchases on a daily basis. Two weeks ago, while still in the shortfall of this debacle, my checking account was depleted after my mortgage payment came out. Instead of rejecting my checkcard at the terminal when funds were not available, they allowed it to go through. And another, and another, and another. Because I check my account online at least every other day, if not everyday, I rely on this information to alert me if there is a problem, like a forgotten transaction, and I need to transfer funds (because unlike most banks, RBC doesn't have an auto-transfer functionality, or so I was told.) Not only did RBC charge me an over-draft fee ($32) for each item they allowed to go through, but also some reentry fee ($6) for each item. They KNOWINGLY allowed transactions to occur on an account with a negative balance, with the sole purpose of collecting those outrageous fees. When I went to the bank to explain the situation, the only person working in the downtown branch was a young kid who had been there for two months, by the name of Justin. He listened to my story and agreed with me that what happened was wrong. He said he didn't have the authority to reverse the fees but he would go check with someone. He left the room for less than 5 seconds and came back with a big cheesy smile that nope, they didn't make an error so they weren't removing the fees. He also said that he personally doesn't rely on web banking and that I should use the phone service to check my account. Even as I check my account today, it is still not reflecting some of the transactions that occured 3 business days ago. This is not helpful, and actually is deceitful. While at the branch yesterday, I learned that several people have left the bank in the past few weeks, including all of the people we dealt with when trying to secure the equity line. This is a big red flag as well. I believe that people need to know that doing business with RBC Centura will be painful at best, and will probably cost you a LOT of money. I am not finished with my fight for what is right. Carie orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
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Jan 04 2008
05:06 PM
RBC CENTURA BANK Checking account being ripped off after closing account for months BEWARE Theodore Alabama
Four months ago I closed my checking account with RBC. I was not happy with the way I was treated when they bought out Amsouth Bank. I was traveling on business and when I returned I did not have access to ANY of my Amsouth bank records since RBC had bought them out. The Rip off is this. A month after closing my checking account I got another bill from RBC for low balance fees and service charges. I went back to the branch and was assured that the account was now closed and all fees had been cleared. The next month, I get another bill for low balance fees and more service charges. Another trip to the bank and I am assured again that this is taken care of. Today I got another bill from the bank for and OVER DRAFT on this account that was now closed for over 90 days that someone tried to draft my account so they REOPENED my closed account and charged me a $35.00 overdraft fee. They had no idea who had tried to draft my account but they said there was nothing I could do but pay them. Beware of this bank,NEVER do any business with them. If someone wants to they can write checks or attempt to draft money from your closed bank account causing them to reopen it without your permission and the charges can add up to thousands and this bank could destroy your credit. I suggest that you boycott them because of this Horrible business practice! Sandfella1 mobile, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Theodore, Alabama
25, Report #1176584
Sep 13 2014
01:16 PM
Centura college Tidewatertech online they put me in debt outrageous loans they put in for. they reported they disbursed over $7000.00 in Pell grants to me I never saw a dime! they stole my money and put me in debt Virginia Beach Virginia
I took paralegal law through tidewatertech online.  The loans were outrageous,  I went to apply to another university and saw my student loan report Tidewater indicated I received over $7000.in pell grants from them. I never received it nor did it apply to the federal loans.  They ripped me off, ruined my credit and possibly damaged my chances of getting federal aid for ever.... Heather Lafayette georgia
Entity: Internet

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