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1, Report #1401440
Sep 20 2017
10:45 PM
Certified Fulfillment This scam artist company charges your credit card $77.21 for supposed free trial! Tampa Florida
This company, Certified Fullfillment, which doesn't even sound like a company name but a department within a company, is ripping people off. They falsely claim they will send you a free sample of Premium Blend CBD Gummies providing you pay for the shipping of $9.95. After receiving my shipment about a week and half later, I opened the package with the bottle of gummies and carefully looked at the packing slip, which correctly showed the price of $0.00  under the product description and then a $9.95 shipping charge. Good thing I saved the shipment package. A few days later I suddenly see a $77.21 charge on my bank statement from this company. I did not order any other shipments of this product and did not approve this kind of charge. Why on earth would I pay $77.00 for a bottle of  30 CBD gummies? Now I can't even find the website I ordered from. I printed out my order and it only says Wellness CBD on the top. But the shipment address or company name is not listed on the print out nor is there a website address. Beware of this company!
Entity: Tampa, Florida
2, Report #1398152
Sep 06 2017
08:07 AM
certified fulfillment send me a product I didnt sign up for tampa florida Internet
I did not order a subscription of gummi bears with medicine in them. I ordered a sample. This is a scam.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1401739
Sep 22 2017
10:20 AM
certified fulfillment ordered a free sample. rec'd a full bottle to the tune of $77.21 tampa Florida
i ordered a sample of the product. I was to pay shipping only for $5.95. instead i rec'd a full bottle to the tune of $77.21. i live on SS. no way i can afford this. now i see on kine that this guy is a rip off artist. 
Entity: tampa, Florida
4, Report #1155721
Jun 18 2014
10:32 AM
Alberta Certified Landscapers Lack of Fulfillment of Contract Sherwood Park, Alberta
This contractor responded to a tender to provide parking lot sweeping and grass cutting services to 22 properties in this property manangement portfolio. This contractor won the bid based upon pricing, expected services and expected time frame to complete those services. The contractor started, but never finished. Attempts to contact the contractor by phone and e-mail have been unsuccessful. Now we have to pay more for other contractors to come in after the fact, out of season, and not usually available to finish providing services this contractor promised to deliver.  
Entity: Sherwood Park, Alberta
5, Report #1394536
Aug 22 2017
06:20 AM
Certified Fulfillment Responded to Free Sample ad, Paid Free Shipping, billed 2 times for $77.21 Tampa Florida
When I responded to the addfor free gummies I did not know Certified Fulfillment has received an F rating from BBB. Certified Fulfillment is located in Tampa, Florida. Certified Fulfillment was registered with the Better Business Bureau on 3/20/2017 and has a BBB rating of F. Principal: Mr. Anthony Read is listed as the only contact.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
6, Report #253683
Jun 11 2007
12:05 PM
UltraLife PM FulFillment Or Strategy Health & CJW Holdings Refuses to honor discontinue requests, returnes & Certified Letters South Jordan Utah
I have continously returned the supplies of Hoodia sent to me. I have returned them on open, with a note in the envelope, and in aCertified Return Receipt Package. they have refused to cancel & have ignored my letters. I have contacted my charge account company. They have refunded me the recent charges. They've told me that they can't bar this company from charging to my account. I've asked for a new number, & I'm told that it can't be done. Elizabeth Williamsburg, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: South Jordan, Utah
7, Report #1395234
Aug 24 2017
10:46 AM
certified fulfillment 2 18 e bears ave #381 tampa fl 33613 offers samples and if you respond you will get your order and then your credit card is charged 77.21 for something you didn't order or sign up for. very deceitful advertising on the companies part tampa florida 33613 Florida
 i ordered a sample of gummie bear cbd. i received them. i did not sign for a subscription program or anything. next thing my credit card gets charged for approx. 80.00.  the card company doen't refund very easily because they don't think this a scam.    only wanted and received sample.  i didn't want anything else .  the have no method of returning this product.
Entity: tampa, Florida
8, Report #1401513
Sep 21 2017
09:45 AM
CERTIFIED FULFILLMENT natures healthy remedyslimforskolidiettimelessforsk ordered Free Trial of CBD,Got alergic Reaction,No phone# in Pkg sent me another bottle,No phone# to call them,Returned both bottles Insured,they received pkg 07/26/17, wont refund the (2) $87.21 charges made on my Bank of America Credit Card nor send me one tampa ,fl Nationwide (internet)
this Certified Fulfillment ,uses several business names Natures Healty Remedy, sells and adverties CBD  pills for pain in Joints ,and on the credit card statement has Natures Healthy Remedy and SlimForskolindiet  and TimelssForskolin, the 1st bottle is to be Free charges $4.95 shipping and does Not include No information Or phone#in package to be able to Cancel  and to call them,then send another Package and charge (2) $87.21 on a persons crediit card,  Even tho a person returned both Bottles to them, by US Post office with tracking #, when a person complains and Disputes the charges to the Credit card company, Certified Fulfullment sends them a copy of some letters saying , I didnt follow directions and didnt call them,before sending it back, and Bank of America Credit Card will not take charges off, even tho give them the tracking # from the post office, says have to get refund from compmany,  I finally got the phone #  looking on BBB which Icalled the Company 1 866 895 1743 and they said have to get it refunded from  Bank of America,and Bank of America will Not take charges off, This is a Ripoff 
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1401611
Sep 21 2017
04:34 PM
Wellness CBD- Certified Fulfillment ignores cancellation notice and keeps charging and sending Tampa Florida
I ordered CBD from Wellness CBD and received bottle for shipping of $9.95.  My wife did not want to use it.    I called and waited for 15 minutes until it said I was first in line.  Its then turns into a busy signal or hangs up  after saying I was next in line.  This happenned four or five times before I tried to email to use the email they had in the message on their supposed phone number.  The end of the email is difficult to understand so would not go through.  Determined, I looked up what I thought was the email and finally found support@cbdwellnessbit.com and cancelled on August 22, 2017.  On September 9 they sent email that were sending me another order.  Tried to call again...hold as 5th caller, stepped down to next caller... they hung up.  Familiar pattern.  Oh, and charged me $71.  I did not open package because I knew I had not ordered anything new. They are very illegitimate.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1304200
May 07 2016
10:38 AM
National Fulfillment Advisors I Recieved a certified letter stating that i had won two million dollars. In order to recieve my two million dollar check, i must send cash check or money order to verify my and recieve my entitlement. New York
 I sent this National Fulfillment Advisors twelve dollars for a processing and verification fee for a two million dollar cash prize. They sent me a certified letter in the mail stating I won. They just needed twelve dollars for verification fees and processing fees. It seemed legit. If possible can I get my money back? Thank You for you'r time in reading this. Sincearly, Kenny E Yost
Entity: Internet
11, Report #373731
Sep 17 2008
08:51 AM
Fulfillment, Fulfillment, Ripped Off and Angry Davie Florida
I responded to an online ad from FRS which is endorsed by Lance Armstrong. I tried a free sample pkg. of his prdts before and this ad was for Acai Berry, an extreme antioxidant. On the same page was an ad from Fulfillment for trial sizes of Colon Cure and Green Tea Extract for $3.99 shipping. I cancelled the FRS order within the 14 day period and had no problems. Unfortunately, with the Fulfillment product I did not read terms and agreement and it wasn't until 7-28-08 that I noticed a $91 overdraft in my checking account. Additionally, of course I was charged $32 to cover overdraft fee. I tried to cancel order and was informed the company had already mailed me a 30 day supply and charged my account $91 which covered product + S&H. I immediately canceled my account and returned the product by writing refused and taking it to post office for return to Florida. Little did I realize that Fulfillment was a front or middle-man for the company which handles refunds, etcetera is located in state of Utah. I've made countless calls to the company in Utah seeking my refund. I always was polite as I didn't want to get company too upset and not return my refund. Company claims they received my returned products on 8-21-08 but didn't do anything until they heard from me again on 8-25 when I requested a refund. They promised a refund and said it would take 7-10 business days to take care of. On 9-08-08, my credit card was supposedly credited but by 9-12, nothing had happened. On 9-16-08, I was informed my account was credited on 9-8-08. I then called my bank and asked them to look through my credits. Nothing was there. I called company again on 9-16 at 5:30 PM and spoke to a clerk who basically told me same thing as previous clerk said. When I informed her of what my bank stated she then spoke to her supervisor who stated my 9-8-08 credit 'kicked out' of the system but he would put it through again as of close of business day and I should allow up to 3 business days for credit to appear. That's when I decided to contact the better business bureau of SW FLorida and report the company who advertised on the internet. I am also filing a report with the IL Attorney General's office. I have since found that I can purchase any of these online products at my local vitamin stores at substantially lower prices and no hassles like this company has caused. I also learned that many consumers won't complain or file a report when they realize how much work is involved in filing complaints. But being a senior and concerned citizen on a very limited budget, I will fight this as long as it takes. Earlyburd Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Davie, Florida
12, Report #55422
May 02 2003
11:41 AM
Fulfillment International ripoff Michigan Internet
I also fell for the phone call claiming I had won a great holiday and ubfortunately fell for it hook line and sinker. I had a phone call one evening last September and got a little overwhelmed. Stupidly I gave my details including my credit card details. As soon as the call was over I got concerned and decided I'd done something stupid so I contacted my credit card company to stop the transaction and the money had already gone from my account. I waited for delivery of the 'free' gifts and had had found out how much I would be looking at spending on this great holiday, and it no longer looked so great. When the stuff arrived I checked it out and there was information on cancelling the deal. Immediately I was on it and returned the stuff. I have e-mailed them a number of times and have received very pleasant responses finishing with have a nice day, but I have as yet still not received a full refund, although in March I did get a partial refund. I am aware that what I did was stupid and have been informed by them that they are awaiting refunds from the hotels involved, and apparently I was informed on the phone call that the money was non refundable. However I do not remember them telling me that and there was no mention of it with the cancellation instructions which arrived with th free gifts. My advice to anyone considering taking them up on their offer is if you're going to make a stupid mistake make it a cheap one. Grant BucksUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fulfillment International Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fulfillment International
Entity: Internet
13, Report #121771
Dec 07 2004
09:23 PM
Fulfillment International ripoff Coldwater Michigan
On 11 December 03 i too was misled by this fraudulent company. The day after I found this web site whilst looking for them on the net. I was worried that I too had fallen for the trap. I contacted them via email (which I no longer have a record of) and the responded and after phone calls and emails I received my luggage so I thought it was all legitimate but now that it's time to extend my holiday I am unable to contact them. Every phone number I have is either disconnected, belongs to someone else or has a recorded message saying they will return my call... and of course that doesn't happen. I have sent numerous emails to the numerous email addresses i have gained through this website and through the documentation they sent me and I get no reply. The web address they gave me used to work when they first sent their documents to me and now it is up for sale so you can't access the site. I only have a few days left to extend the holiday or I lose my money. I am obviously nieve or other wise I wouldn't have fallen into their trap but I need help as to who to contact urgently to try and resolve this issue. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME ASAP. A year ago when I first thought it was suspicious I contacted Dept of fair trading australia and was told that there is nothing they can do as it is an international company and when I spoke to the phone company to try and trace the call they said their was nothing they could do either. Please someone help me. And to everyone else... please be careful of these horribly nasty heartless people. I don't have the email addresses and phone numbers with me today but I will update this report asap and post all the information I have so that hopefully it will help others. Jordan DaptoAustralia Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fulfillment International
Entity: Coldwater, Michigan
14, Report #31248
Sep 27 2002
01:53 AM
Fulfillment International Bahamas Scam Michigan
Hi, I recieved a phonecall from Fulfillment International but was unavailable to take the call so my flatmate took a message. She took down all the company details and then I decided to research them on the web before they were due to call back the following day. Luckily I found all this information. The holiday they were offering me was worth $4,500 and I had to pay a promotional fee of 450 (I'm in Ireland). I politely told them what they could do with their offer! Susie Dublin
Entity: Michigan, Nationwide
15, Report #341241
Jun 17 2008
03:57 PM
Elite Fulfillment Stealing Money Internet
This company offers male enhancement products, including a patch. They only accept Paypal or a bank account info. I used Paypal and never received my product or any response from their customer service department. They claim to be a BBB member, but this is false. I am luckily only out a minimal amount, but be wary of this company. Whiteboy7777777 Oklahoma City, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1249794
Aug 20 2015
12:20 PM
garcinia fulfillment huge scam Nationwide
 I tried the garcinia weight loss ad that was on the internet. It was free to try you just had to pay shipping costs of $4.95 I think it was. I got my pills to try and decided that they were not working so I discontinued taking them. A month later I received another bottle, then the following month another bottle. I then looked at my bank statement (I rarely ever do) and realized that they have been charging me every month for these pills. $26.77 for the one and $15.90 for the other one. I have not been able to locate that website again and I have no receipts from them when I get the pills. I have no way of getting ahold of them because they withhold all that information from you. I have no number to call them, no email for them, nothing. I have no way to cancel or stop them from charging me every month. This is such a scam and rip off and I want my money back for something that does not work.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #1277422
Jan 01 2016
02:38 PM
Fulfillment Center scammers Scottsdale Arizona
I made the mistake of agreeing to a trial product for shipping and handling only.  There was no mention of a repeat order   . Six weeks later, with no notice and no way to contact the company, I received another shipment with and invoice that had no prices and no way to contact them.  Obviously a scam and I am going to reverse the charges and tell my bank to not approve another charge from them!!  I will also cnotinue to try to find a way to contact them and will contact the attorney general for my state and complain to them!
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
18, Report #1261937
Oct 21 2015
03:49 PM
Fulfillment Center , Aurora lColorado
I ordered a free trial on the internet, approximately 15 minutes later I tried to contact the company and all that showed on the internet was a porn site. I was unable to contact them. I was charged shipping for 3 items which I never ordered and had to close my credit card account due to them recharging for these items.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1363945
Mar 25 2017
12:42 PM
Fulfillment 9187 clairemont mesa blvd California
 Garcinia slim supplements are constantly being sent to my house and I tried to cancel my so called subscriptions so I wouldn't be charged
Entity: California
20, Report #1347229
Jan 02 2017
10:20 PM
Ticket Fulfillment I don't know Internet
 I was charged over $250 for 2 dead and company at Folsom Field tix and didn't receive them or any info
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1423692
Jan 17 2018
08:13 PM
fulfillment house asendia bought sample
got sample they withdraw every month rip off had no idea that was approved'  
22, Report #56523
May 11 2003
04:54 PM
Fulfillment International Corporation consumer fraud ripoff Coldwater Michigan
I too am a foolish victim of Fulfillment International Corporation. It sounded great when they phoned me in early November 2002, and they were very persuasive and plausible. I took the bait and gave them my credit card number. Before the products travel package arrived I had decided to cancel so I e-mailed them and returned the products package on December 4th, 2002. They received them on January 23rd 2003. Since then I have been sending e-mails asking for my refund. When I cancelled the package and returned the goods they told me that they 'would be more then happy to refund the purchase price less shipping and handling fees'. I am still waiting for my money to be returned to me. Still sending e-mails and being fobbed off. What, if anything, can we do to get our money back? I would be grateful for any ideas. Vicky AngleseyUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Fulfillment International
Entity: Coldwater, Michigan
23, Report #136037
Mar 22 2005
03:09 PM
Ultralife PM Fulfillment ripoff Midval Utah
The company asked you to cancel online or by phone. Well at the time i did not have the phone number but i did have the e-mail well, i have email the lady kallie Ashby ad asked her to not to charge me my account due to the fact that i was not happy with the product becase it the pills gave me the runns a real messy bowel problem so i no longer can coniune this product and he unused propotion i can send back. I was contacted by phone and stated that it would do that until your system get use to the product so i stated that i can't used this so please don't charge me so kallie stated that the bottle i tried was free and they would ot shipped ny more product out they would cancel. Well, today they charge me 44.95 for this product and they stated that they did not recieve my email and no one talk with me over the phone. Well when i tried to email the company again after the statement the e-mail was sent bak unknown recietpant so i email kallie again she recieved my email. the company states that they don't have to refund me my money back and if they do i have to sned the bottle back when i recived it. I feel like i shouldn't have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for a refund that shouldn't even took place in the first place Adrannia Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Midval, Utah
24, Report #125727
Jan 04 2005
12:59 PM
Fulfillment International Corporation ripoff! Coldwater Michigan
An agent from Fulfillment International Corportation contacted me in Feb. 2002, his name was Roy Wynn employee Number #0614. I was very ill at the time and was a little disoriented with the medication. He tried to convince me to buy into the travel package they were offering. I kept saying that I wasn't interested but he kept pursuing it. He then passed me to his manager, Bill Barone employee #0235, who told me that the package deal would be extended for me for 2 years because I was ill. He gave me double the vacation time plus the bonus of being able to extend it for when I got better. Anyhow, I was told that I could cancel the minute I got the package. I have tried to contact them over and over with no avail. I then contacted the credit company that took the money at 1-888-357-2727 and spoke to Rick. Rick said they would refund my money within 7-10 days because it was their mistake. They assured people that they refunded the money if a company was fraudulent. I waited for over a month for the refund, but it never came through so I called again. This time I spoke to Pauline who also confirmed that my money would be refunded. She also told me to wait 7-10 days for the refund. My refund never came through. I then proceeded to call again and spoke to a person who said he was the manager. He told me that he wasn't going to refund me, because the company did not exist. I was explaining the fact that their company promises full refund for any circumstances. The manager then said that they didn't get the money for my purchase, which made no sense to me. If they dealt with my credit card then they would be the ones to receive the money. Anyhow, I never got my money refunded. Because my health has not really improved, I am still paying for this non existent trip. I am totally surprised by the run around I got from the credit company for over 3 months, even after they discovered that the company was non-existent. Angela Calgary, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Coldwater, Michigan
25, Report #120421
Nov 30 2004
06:42 AM
Fulfillment International Corp ripoff Coldwater Michigan
I was contacted by this company telling me I had won a trip to the States a a very reasonable price including cruise aso. After making the final arrangements for the travel for two persons, and them asking me additional money for the extra's they ended up charging me 1360 USD on top of the basic package of 990 USD. The day of the withdrawal of the money via my Visa Card, in the evening of the Friday, they announced me by mail, after being unavailable for quite a few days (I tried to contact them but with no success) that their company was declared in rupture of payment and that as such could not provide me with the tickets I had been charged for. The offered me to book via one of their sister company...with of course extra-charge. I had to cancel with short notice at some expense my Delta flight to Orlando on top of it.... This kind of insovent trading shoud be stoppped. You can introduce a claim at the Attorney General of the State of Michigan https://www.ag.state.mi.us:cp_division:w3cp_c01_new.asp denise Genval/BelgiumBelgium CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Coldwater, Michigan

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