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1, Report #1401513
Sep 21 2017
09:45 AM
CERTIFIED FULFILLMENT natures healthy remedyslimforskolidiettimelessforsk ordered Free Trial of CBD,Got alergic Reaction,No phone# in Pkg sent me another bottle,No phone# to call them,Returned both bottles Insured,they received pkg 07/26/17, wont refund the (2) $87.21 charges made on my Bank of America Credit Card nor send me one tampa ,fl Nationwide (internet)
this Certified Fulfillment ,uses several business names Natures Healty Remedy, sells and adverties CBD  pills for pain in Joints ,and on the credit card statement has Natures Healthy Remedy and SlimForskolindiet  and TimelssForskolin, the 1st bottle is to be Free charges $4.95 shipping and does Not include No information Or phone#in package to be able to Cancel  and to call them,then send another Package and charge (2) $87.21 on a persons crediit card,  Even tho a person returned both Bottles to them, by US Post office with tracking #, when a person complains and Disputes the charges to the Credit card company, Certified Fulfullment sends them a copy of some letters saying , I didnt follow directions and didnt call them,before sending it back, and Bank of America Credit Card will not take charges off, even tho give them the tracking # from the post office, says have to get refund from compmany,  I finally got the phone #  looking on BBB which Icalled the Company 1 866 895 1743 and they said have to get it refunded from  Bank of America,and Bank of America will Not take charges off, This is a Ripoff 
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #439883
Apr 01 2009
12:49 PM
NUTRA FOODS I ordered a free trial size bottle of Acai Berry Detox instead they sent me and charged me for a pkg over $100.00. I called several times complaining and either got the run around or could not even speek to a representative. Middletown Delaware
I ordered a free trial size bottle of AcaiBerry Detox. After giving all my information and clicking the send button, I was informed that I would be getting a pkg worth much more and was charged over $100.00 from my acct. I called the company immediately to complain about what had happened but could not reach anyone, so I e-mailed. After a few of trying to get someone on the phone, I finally got to speak with representative at the Nutra Foods Co. I told them what had happened and they said they would check into it and get back to me. Needless to say I never heard from them again. The last time I spoke with someone at that company, a manager by the name of Anu, employee #62, who would not give me her last name, rudely told me that I could seek any legal assistance I wanted to but I was not getting my money back. I am disappointed to have my first negative experience on the internet with this company. A very dissatisfied consumer. Sue Booneville Arkansas Dissatisfied consumer Booneville, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: MIDDLEWOTN, DELAWARE, Nationwide
3, Report #220921
Feb 03 2007
06:16 PM
Skystone And Silver, rick Sindeband, recieved and cashed certified postal money-orders..... never sent order Ripoff Pueblo Colorado
i sent rick sindeband (skystoneand silver jewelry, pueblo co.) $70- for a $65 peace-sign ring listed and pictured on his online catalogue...i mailed it in certified-mail mid janurary this year (2005) it still hadn't arrived by march so i sent an added $10 also certified postal m.o. which he also signed for (i have the cert. mail rcpts.) i have contacted him by mail and e-mail and telephone and though seems like a nice enough guy somehow continues not responding.....i finally did send copies of all my documents considering this order to better business bureau yet he seems to be ignoring them too....i really am sorry that i hadn't consulted w/ b.b.b. befor i trusted this company... it's been almost 10-months now?????? it was only $80 tho' for petes sake it (the ring) was/is supposed to represent symbolic of something i believe in. happy holidays all. -r River kelso, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Pueblo, Colorado
4, Report #1280013
Jan 14 2016
09:56 AM
Skin logic skin care Ordered their trial & told them not to send me another order. Just received another order. No paperwork inside pkg & no way of contacting them. They did not e-mail me notifying they were sending. I do not want to receive anything from them Santa Ana Ca 92799-5380. P.o. Box 25380 Cal 92799-5380
 I ordered a trial sample of skin logic and eye tensile on the Internet. I asked them to not send additional product. I received another pkg. cannot find how to contact them as there is no paper work in the package. I do not want anything from them.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #101757
Sep 04 2004
07:16 PM
Berkley Premium Neutricuticals ripoff can't find web site & no one answers the tele# that was given by the rep onthe phone in order to cancel the product. Berkley California
The diet product is unsafe for me and I was told by the representative on the phone when I ordered it that I would have to cancel my perscription either by phone or on the site: www.askberkley.com. No one answers the phone and the site does not exist. Linda Fayetteville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1416283
Dec 11 2017
01:47 PM
RAD FULFILLMENT Growmax I paid $4.95 for a free trial of CGD Oil for 30 days, 1 week later they took $100.10 out of my account for another bottle, I sent it back and on December 8 they took another $100.10 out of my account and I have no product they sent me. I have called them numerous times and they don't answer the phone. I cannot afford this money being taken out. Tampa Florida
On October 23,2017 NaturesNaturals took $4.95 out of my account for a free tiral of CBD Oil and on November 7,2017 they took $100.10 out for another bottle. I sent the bottle back and have been calling them every day since. They will not answer the phone. On December 11,2017, they took another $100.10 out of my account which put me $130.10 in the hole. I just got another bottle and am going to return it also. I do not have the money to pay for this and I want my $200.20 back.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
7, Report #492914
Sep 10 2009
02:27 PM
XM Labs got my free tial- Canceled right away.then received another pkg a week later- Refused it-they received pkg & still charged me 139.97Disputed 2 CC company-got cr 4 only $76.97disputed bal$63 & no good. I'm always a smart Shopper but I have to admit that foolishly I fell for this one, What a rip off! Hollywood, Florida
I kick myself in the butt for falling into this scam. I signed up for a free trial with XM Labs for their Acai pills for weight loss. As soon as received it, I had a bad feeling and decided not to use it and called them for cancelations and they never gave ma any confirmation # or anything.  That was only a day after I got it and I believe I had like a 10 days within my trial period to cancel.   Few days later to my surprise I found online that I got charged for $139.97 on my credit card. I went crazy that they charged me for the next shipment that wasn't supposed to be shipped right away till especially during my trial period.  I called my Credit Card company and disputed the charges. A week later I received the unauthorized second shippment via UPS and I refused it, and it went back to them.A couple of weeks later or so, I found that I got credit for only $76.97. Again, I called my credit card company right a way and they re-opened the dispute again for the balance of $63. ]To my shocking surprise today, I received a letter from my credit card company informing me that the XM Labs claims that they charged me a 45% restocking fee.  They suggested that Direct discussions with merchants can sometimes influence decisions/negotiations in consumer's favorAre you kidding me! Not with this rip off company.. I think this is how they make money ripping off people.. I never heard of a 45% restocking fee.  I never read on their ad on their website of this restocking fee. Besides I only signed up for the free tiral and only paid $1 which was in my case for shipping. So, I never authorized any further payments especially that I canceled already withing the first day I got it.Upon my credit card company's recommendation, I decided today to call them again.They told me that I was lucky to get my refund back.. I said but I didn't get my refund back only partial and you owe me still $63. They explained the rediculous restocking fee rip off business and they said that I didn't cancel it within 10 days.. I said I did cancel within 1 day from receiving it. but I guess this is their game.. They send you the product after 10 days so there's no way you can cancel. I'm also filling a claim with the BBB.
Entity: Hollywood, Florida
8, Report #780861
Sep 24 2011
01:39 PM
NXCESSSALES Fax: 888- 713-9733 I ordered April 12,2011 and it is now almost October 2011,I got a phone call from them and they said it will be here any day it is almost a month pass,still no pkg Internet, Internet
A guy came to my door and was trying to get points for selling products. I bought my baby's some book's to help him out,I bought them April 12,2011 it is now almost October 2011. I have emailed them 2 times and they said your order should arrive in 120 day's, it is well pass that. I got a call almost a month ago saying your order was shipped and you will receive any day now,still no pkg. I went to their website today and they had all order's are halted because of scams,and if you ordered before Aug. you should receive your order.       
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #39478
Jan 03 2003
01:26 AM
RAMAMDA PLAZA RESORTS ripoff Ft. Lauderdale Florida *Consumer Suggestion ..You CAN get your money back!
In October 2002, I received a little flyer in the mail from Ramada Plaza Resorts offering a great trip, a trip of a lifetime. I was curious but my husband said If it sounds to good to be true...... I have a terminal illness and I have always wanted to go on a cruise, so I called the given number to see what it was about. The starting price was around $3200.00. I nearly choked. I said there is absolutely no way I will do this and put this much on my credit card. More pressure came when I told her I needed to discuss this with my husband. She said that each caller was only allowed one phone to activate it this. The more I declined the more she came up with a differet plan. She even went and got her supervisor and she to kept on begging until she had the price down to $598.00 (total for two people). By this time I'm a little apprehensive but I go ahead and give them the credit card number (which they processed immediately). They assured me I would receive a video and all necessry information in the mail shortly, which I did. My husband and I were going to take this dream vacation for our fifteenth wedding anniversary in December 2003, but after reading these scam reports, I think we will plan our own vacation. So today, I will start trying to get my money back. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Beverly Mobile, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
10, Report #686648
Jan 25 2011
01:57 PM
I ordered this free 14 day supply of supplement, looked in my bank and there was 78$ charge, can't even figure out it was, a couple of days later, a box came with just my name. I refused it, because I didn't know what it was,, mailman said I couldn't do that, I would have to send it on my own. Opened it to get a return label, nothing inside but some pkg peanuts, and 2 bottles. I had to go on internet to find it, everyone I email to, says I am not in their files, I am still have the junk, and they still have my monies. I had to change my credit card, hoping they don't get in to my acct. Do NOT fall for this, I think a few companies working with them to hide the mother company,.
Entity: TORRENCE, California
11, Report #285145
Dec 05 2007
01:13 PM
Nutritional Fulfillment Center - Rio-Slim This Diet Pill does not work! No one ever answers the phone and they automatically send you refills after you have tried cancelling. Fort Lauderdale Florida
When I saw the information for Rio Slim, I thought this seemed legit! Was I ever wrong. I ordered a 60 day supply and got no results. So I called 1-800-951-4201 and left a message for a Customer Service Rep to call me. No one called! I placed another call and to my Surprise I received a bottle in the mail. This inferiated me so I called again and sent the package back! It's been 3 weeks and I have heard nothing and Today another $34.95 has been deducted from my checking account again! I have called the Customer Service line told them I was going to report the Company to the Who ever will listen. This is my First stop. I want my money REFUNDED immediately! I think if you are going to offer a product there should be an Email address or A Customer Service Rep to answer the phone. Thank you for nothing but taking my money. Jessica Orrington, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
12, Report #215560
Oct 13 2006
10:54 PM
Ramada - Imperial Majesty Cruise ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
In August 2005 we were approached with what seemed like a wonderful offer and we receive a letter stating congratulations on your smart decision to travel with Imperial Majesty Cruise Vacations, we are delighted to welcome you into our travel family - too good to be true, it has been a nightmare since. We live in South Africa, and the trip to the USA would have been our first. They offered us Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Theme parks, Disney, Sea World and even Universal, there was a car from Alamo and an optional cruise, plus a freedom certificate. We paid over $998 and received no receipt. We had enough time to select the period we wanted to travel on and we also decided that we should not do the trip alone but invite our friends along. We confirmed the bookings for January 2007 and todate we have not received any confirmation of our fax message. We also decided that whilst we were there, we might as well take the Jules PretoriaSouth Africa Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ramada
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
13, Report #496142
Sep 17 2009
12:08 AM
Global Tea Direct, Tea Francais I got the trail $2.00 pkg. And within 2 days I received another pkg with 2 more 3oz bags of tea.I called them told them to cancel mymembership They nailed my credit card for 8 pkgs at $39.95 Got the 1st pkg w/2-3.0z bags, tryed it. IT WAS AWFULL.Called told them NOT to send any more.I got moreon Evenston , Illinois
I got suckered in by an e-mail Your Free Dell Laptop is waiting for you, We need a shipping address. My Grand daughter needs a laptop for school . So then you have to except at least 4 of the adds. One of them was TEA FRANCAIS,  FREE a trail offer. $2.00 for S/H . So I gave them my credit card # for the S/H .We drink alot of tea so I sent for it. I got the 1st. pkg.with 2  3oz bag of tea in it. It was AWFULL. The next day I received another pkg. with 2 more 3 oz  bags of tea. I called them told them we did not like the tea and to please cancel our further orders. She ask for my name and acct. #  in a nasty tone she said OK. Well they never stopped!!!  Every time I got a pkg. I refused it and put RETURN TO SENDER. I got orders on Aug.11-14-17-20-23-26-29th. & Sept.1st. My credit card was charged for 8 orders @ $38.95= $ 311.60 as of today. I called my credit card told them. They are looking in to it for me. Good God ! I'm 70 years old & live on SS, I need this money for my RX's as I'm on my 5th pacemaker & need brain surgery. I hope this report helps me and others. Barbara, Okeechobee.Fl.    (((ROR redacted)))  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Evenston, Illinois
14, Report #1390696
Aug 05 2017
06:08 PM
Pure Healthy Real Nutrition, many other unrelated to health Called for Free Offer to try CBD oil, just pay postage and handling May 23, 2017, total $5.95. Gave debit card number to receive, they got paid immediately. Checked account on 6/5/17 and they had put in $79.95 which debit paid on 6/6/17. I NEVER authorized any such payment not for any future anything. It was a FREE SAMPLE very .5oz small bottle with dropper. I reported to Las Vegas state attorney, no response, reported to Florida State attorney who advised to return bottle certified mail, with advise to not send anything else. I returned 6/10/17 and have never received money not acknowledgement. They are still in operation scamming the elderly with so called FREE SAMPLES or merchandise. Many phone numbers same suite number. They returned state attorney's mail. They are STILL saying FREE CBD OIL SAMPLE and nowhere does it say they will remove monies from credit or debit cards. Seems Las Vegas NV State attorney is oblivious of 256 complaints at the address. Las Vegas Nevada
 I wrote all already*Called for Free Offer to try CBD oil, just pay postage and handling May 23, 2017, total $5.95. Gave debit card number to receive, they got paid immediately. Checked account on 6/5/17 and they had put in $79.95 which debit paid on 6/6/17. I NEVER authorized any such payment not for any future anything. It was a FREE SAMPLE very .5oz small bottle with dropper. I reported to Las Vegas state attorney, no response, reported to Florida State attorney who advised to return bottle certified mail, with advise to not send anything else. I returned 6/10/17 and have never received money not acknowledgement. They are still in operation scamming the elderly with so called FREE SAMPLES or merchandise. Many phone numbers same suite number. They returned state attorney's mail. They are STILL saying FREE CBD OIL SAMPLE and nowhere does it say they will remove monies from credit or debit cards. Seems Las Vegas NV State attorney is oblivious of 256 complaints at the address.*
Entity: Las Vegas , Nevada
15, Report #1358915
Feb 28 2017
02:37 PM
Fulfillment Center TEST X CORE i ordered one free sample $4.95 shipping. they sent me two bottle of pills one has not been open, the other i have a bad allergic reaction to it. Tried calling no one ever answer you call. i want to send it back for a refund of $160.00 + Aururo Colorado
I payed $4.95 for shipping for a free bottle of Test X Core, i recieved two bottles and i order one and they billed me twice, i never open one, i had a bad allergic reaction to the pills. So i been calling this number 1-855-606-0956 to set up a return product, they keep you on hold, one day i waited for 20minutes still no one came to my sevice. they billed my Card $180.00 + dollars which am very pissed about. they want even takes calls.
Entity: Aururo, Colorado
16, Report #712249
Apr 02 2011
10:16 AM
Radialabs Used credit card for $75 before 30 days, before I called to cancel future shipments. , Internet
Ordered the free sample for $3.95 on 2/7/11.  Was deducted from debit acct 2/10/11.  Was supposed to have 30 days to cancel.  They deducted $74.95 for 2/26/11 on 3/1/11.  I called and thought I had cancelled anymore orders.  I just looked at my account on line tonight ad discovered the deduction 3/1/11.  They're closed tonite, but will call them tomorrow 9-6 EST to request a refund.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #463224
Jun 20 2009
09:31 AM
Etourandtravel bought a pkg from them in 2002 called to cancel next day, no credit ever. today they call to sell me another??guy gets argumene when I call him on the no credit thing Orlando internet
in 2002 purchased by phone a vacation for $498.00 called next day to cancel. never received a credit. chalked it up to never buy on phone..lesson learned..today they call again saying they will give me a credit and upgrade for another 298 bucks... tell the guy no felt it was a rip off before... he gets angry and argumentive still no credit immediately offered as i told him he should do if reputable...says ok go to our website and check us out we are a travel agency.... go there and up pops no such site surprised NO ... so first thought was right .... a big ripoff well not getting me again... and by the way we cancelled our credit card after they did not credit within 60 days... so they can no longer use that number.... Amy Billings, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
18, Report #1358338
Feb 25 2017
12:51 PM
Gloss Motive CBD Oil Ordered 4 bottles of CBD Oil.....should have been charged 148.00.....they charged me $198.00. Was supposed to be a Rebate form in order..not! Called Customer Service got no satisfaction. Las Vegas Nevada
I ordered 4 bottles of CBD Oil.  The online price was $148.00...my bank statement showed they took #198.00 out.  There was supposed to be a Rebate of $50.00....the form was not in my order. I called them twice with the same results....could not understand the person on the other end...bad language barrier.   Sent a letter...returned to me.  Had no luck with their email address.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
19, Report #1364002
Mar 25 2017
08:35 PM
Hydroluxe Misinformation, fraud Downsview, Ontario, Canada Internet
 This ad showed up on Facebook and because I live in the province where's these two young ladies supposedly developed this product and it was on Dragons Den I thought it would be OK To order. After all it was supported by Dragon's Den! I placed my order for the two samples and refused all of the other offers. The website said that I could order two samples if I paid a second shipping fee so I did. I get an email notice that the samples were shipped and I would be receiving them on March 23, 2017. They did not arrive until the 24th and when I opened the bos there was only 1 sample. There was an instruction sheet enclosed with a customer service contact number which I phoned to ask why they charged me for two shipments and I only received one. I was advised that a full size product shipment was on its way and that my VISA was charged the full amount. I did not authorize this shipment and when I said that to the service person she advised me that I had agreed to their terms and conditions which stated that I agree to monthly shipments. That was not what I had read. I read the terms and conditions and understood them to be that if I liked the product I would then order the full size product with the option to cancel at any time. Her attitude was very condescending and it wasn't until I accused the company of misrepresentation and fraud that she advised that she could help me resolve this problem. To resolve the problem I would have to accept delivery of the product and then send it back to them using return memo numbers. She would immediately credit my account $50.00 now and the balance when I advised them that the package was on its way back to them. I advised her that I would be contacting my bank to cancel the transaction authorization and she replied that all the banks were aware of them and implied that they were fully approved by the banks. I contacted my bank and reported them as frauds and when I explained that I had spoken to the company and they would not refund me until I accepted the shipment and returned it, my bank advised me not to accept anything and that they would not approve the amount and would make sure that it would be refunded to my account. I feel really ripped off because no where did it state that the product was in US dollars!! This as well was fraud because it was shipped out of North York, Ontario, Canada and was to be returned to Downsview, Ontario, Canada and I was charged inUS dollars, not Canadian dollars! What a rip off!
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1391669
Aug 09 2017
09:40 PM
The Beauty within I ordered their Forskolin and cleanse for $4.99 each with no strings attached and just received a second set of them through the mail. When I called the company to complain they said it was in the website that there would be automatic shipments but I remember nothing of that and when I try to find their website to prove it wasn't on there I cannot find it. They are taking out over $150 for those two bottles on which the writing is so small I cannot read it even with my glasses on Provo Utah
 I ordered the Beauty Withins Forskolin and cleanse for $4.99 each with no strings attached. I had not even started them when last week I received another shipment of each. When I called the number the representative said it was stated on the agreement that there would be automatic shipments. When I tried to find the company's advertisement again it had been pulled so ,of course, I could not prove that it did not mention automatic shipments. Now I am out over $150 for something I did not want!
Entity: Provo, Utah
21, Report #834360
Feb 09 2012
01:44 PM
Healthy Back Institute Ordered a trial bottle of Heal-n-Soothe and have been receiving bottles ever since in spite of my requested they discontinue sending them. I returned several bottles requesting credit. Internet
I requested a trial bottle of Heal-n-SOOTHE from The Healthy Back Institute. I did not want to receive more. They continued sending them. I returned several requesting credit. Instead they continue sending the product.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #271880
Sep 01 2007
10:37 PM
IP-Natures Supplem Steel Bridge Medical The ad showed Oprah's image declaring she took Lipoplex to lose her weight. It said pills were free- pay only for 5.95 postage, I ordered them and received a bottle of 60 pills, one week later I recieved 2more bottles 60 pills each and a $99.99 UNAUTHORIZED withdrawal from my account. Both deliveries came without packing slips enclosed Las Vegas Nevada
i saw the ad for hoodia diet pills on the internet that showed Oprah's image and that of her trainer mr. green stating this is what she used to lose weight. they said i could order a bottle of hoodia diet pills for free just pay the $5.95 postage it sounded good so i ordered them . i recieved one bottle of 60 pills and no packing slip. one week later i recieved an unauthorized order of two more bottles of hoodia diet pills and again no packing slip. and there was an unauthorized charge of $99.99 to my account. Maddy Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
24, Report #1051939
May 18 2013
11:17 AM
Aura Vie Free trial, no mention of 12 day period of trial in pkg, now billing $98 each month Internet 
responded to a free trial offer.  Pay shipping and handling and get a free trial of Aura Vie facial/anti aging products.  Read the ad carefully so as not to have them direct bill any further shipments and could not find anything about restrictions as to number of days until billing would occur.  12 days later I was billed 2 cents under $98 dollars.  I wrote to the company stating that I did not want the product and would return any product I received.  I expected to receive the package and would have returned it.  I did not recieve any package so assumed that they had stopped the shipment. I never was refunded the initial $98 charge. Today I opened my banking page and low and behold I have been billed again for product I never received.I will attempt to call the service department and cancel this today - again.  This is really a rip off and I would recommend that anyone interested in this type of product not deal with this company.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1201069
Jan 12 2015
11:16 AM
skin logic tryskinlogic.com ordered trial sample for $4.95..was sent a pkg. another pkg. and was charged $89.95 cancelled.charged $94.90 next month internet
I ordered skin logics trial sample for $4.95..I admit I did not read fine print..I received a (30ml) sized jar in the mail..tried it, wasn't happy with it, it burned..then I received a jar (15ml) sized and was charged $89.95 on my Visa. I called their Customer Service # (888) 959-6072, and was sent an e-mail confirming my cancellation and stating that my status was updated and that any ongoing or all future chargs have been cancelled as per my request. The next month I was charged $94.90 on my Visa Card and I did not receive any product from them. I tried calling the Customer Service and couldn't get past an auromated voice that said my cancellation had been filed. I tried to send an e-mail to them through their from address on my e-mail..Customer Service an it won't deliver  ...the address comes back as''''\''Customer Service
Entity: Internet

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