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1, Report #1403080
Sep 29 2017
06:55 AM
 Promised $100 gift card sent 3 stores to purchase $100 worth of products from jewelry store tool store sunglass store received nothing. $59.00 was removed from my social security debit card. I don't even no who CFP MY CASH FLO IS MUCH LESS GAVE THESE PEOPLE PERMISSION TO YAKE MONEY OFF MY CARD.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #828218
Jan 30 2012
06:27 AM
Dyno-flo Inc Scot Slotten Rip Off, Threatened, Insulted, Belittled Internet
I ordered a rotating assembly for a small block chevy and did not receive it in the timeframe indicated by Scott at Dynoflo. I called to inquire about a tracking number and he stated he did not use a tracking system and a tracking number could not be provided. He put me on hold and came back online and requested my email address and stated a tracking number would be included in my email. I questioned this and he began using profanity and hung up on me. I called back and he again started with the profanity and stated for me to go buy my product elsewhere and he was refunding my money in full and hung up on me again. I called back and he immediately started with the profanity and threatened me to not call back again. I'm out $1634.00. I filed a BBB complaint #90067637. I would not recommend using this business to anyone.
Entity: , Internet
3, Report #1120406
Feb 03 2014
08:50 AM
Al Rubio Air Flo Did no properly install furnances furnaces in my house Friendswood Texas
Al Rubio installed two brand new 3 ton Amana furnaces in my two-story house. He could not get the furnaces to stay on for more than 30 minutes. After 4 attempts, Al gave up and told me to go online and figured it ou myself. I paid $4000. I called Amana tech support they told me to contact Weeks their authorized dealer for my area. They came out and within 1 hour had figured out that Al did not properly install the furnaces. They charged me $244 for their service call. I called Al and told him that he should pay me, but he has ignored my calls. Al also did not install the outside units to Texas Windstorm Insurance codes. He used a plastic slab and did not bolt the units down. The code requires cement slabs be used and units be bolted down for hurricane protection.  Weeks gave me an estimate of $2000 to reinstall the outside units to code.
Entity: Friendswood, Texas
4, Report #1134488
Apr 24 2014
09:42 PM
Metlife Matthew Ravech, JD, LLM, CFP® Matthew Ravech, JD, LLM, CFP®MetLife-Law Department Matthew Revech of Metlife is a con-artist and a drop out of promisses. Dont put your trust in him nor his firm boston Massachusetts
Mathew Ravech is not a man of his word. If he tells you he will do something or his firm they wont follow through nor complete their promised word. He asked us to perform services for him. The services were started and were to be completed the same day. We also were expecting payment from Matthew Ravech and his firm Metlife in Boston, MA and of course he did not follow through and he dropped out of the deal after he got what he wanted. We sent him the paperwork and he dissapeard and would not answer our calls. Matther Ravech is not a person whom you would want to do business with because he lies and says he will complete his end of the bargain and than drop out at the last miniute. He puts all the blame on excuses and tries to come up with a reason as to why not to complete his end of the bargain. I would stay away from Matther Ravech and not do any business with such a man nor company even as a last resort. Watch out what you do for him because he will give you a nightmare and you will definely be dissapointed. My name is Richard and this guy is sham and a scam.
Entity: boston, Massachusetts
5, Report #571106
Feb 19 2010
07:27 AM
Dyno-flo Performance BELITTLEMENT Henderson, Nevada
     I ordered 1500.00 worth of car parts (a stroker kit to be precise) I put my kit on my vehicle and after 6 long months of trying to figure out why I am having a horrible, very unsafe vibration while driving, I called the Dyno-Flo office.  I spoke with Scott, who was the Neanderthal of the Dyno-Flo head office, I was expecting to get some technical support and some insights to my problem when i was confronted with the rudest person I have EVER come across.  Here I am using his business which was recommended by someone who knows several people in a local car club with over 1100 people and to BOTH of our surprise Scott was so rude and belittled us both to where we felt ignorant; and we are not ignorant people as we own our own shop.  The point of the matter is that even though you think your getting a better deal with cheaper parts you don't always come out ahead, it has been 7 months now and the vehicle still sits in the garage and my girlfriend still complains about it.  The funniest part of the whole situation is my girlfriend is always saying scott is such a mean person due to the fact that the good lord shorted him right where it counts and he hates the world, this is of course only after she read all of his lovely fan mail.  I have already displayed my strong dislike for this company and the horrible treatment I received.  I strongly advised ANYONE male or female to pay the few extra bucks and get someone who actually cares about and will back their product!
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
6, Report #549528
Jan 04 2010
12:21 PM
Dyno-flo Performance Very Poor Engine Building Henderson, Nevada
Saw their ad on ebay and thought I would try one of their 383 chevy small blocks for a 69 camaro SS that I would be pulling the original engine out of. Wanted the 383 for some fun power. Had a set of AFR heads setting around and a full comp solid roller valve train. Got the short block and upon inspection noticed that no assembly lubricant was used anywhere. Totally dry. Put it on a stand and rotated it to discover that the block had not been clearanced very well and the crank struck the block when rotated and locked. Decided to take this one apart as it looked like a diaster in the making. Rings were dry and had zero oil as did the cylinders. Rod and main bearings were totally dry. Pistons were pressed pin units but their shop put bushed pin rods and the bushings were alreading coming out of the rod ends. I have never seen such sloppy work. Contacted Scot (owner) and he basically told me that I did not know what I was talking about. I dropped the engine off at my local machine shop of 30 years in business to see if I could salvage anything because of the hassle of trying to ship it back to Dyno-Flo. Cylinders were found to be out of round and taper was .003-.005 out of round. Rods were ruined as were the pistons and the block would have had to be bored another .010 to get the cylinders round. This is the worst work I have seen. Sent the block back to Dyno-Flo and Scot denied any fault and said that the engine was just fine, haha. He was very insulting but finally agreed to refund my money. I left accurate feedback to warn others. Hopefully, you will do your homework before dealing with this company.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
7, Report #733999
May 27 2011
10:57 AM
Pro-Flo , manufacturer's representative and distributor of oil and natural gas products and pipeline solutions Internet, Texas
Used Pro-Flo (DBA for my pipeling transmission and metering. Very unhappy with their performance and the sales team totally over charged after giving an initial estimate that beat out a competitor.  This fake estimate put me in the position of over paying them and keeping my project on time, or going back to the competitor and delaying the project- a lose, lose.   I would stay away from ANYONE of the Pro-Flo sales team as they are NOT HONEST.
Entity: Internet, Texas
8, Report #1173586
Aug 31 2014
06:54 PM
aqua flo direct did not ship payed for product internet 
We purchased a part of their website for or hot tub in the month of july. The part was never sent but the money was taken out of our account. We have mad several attempts to contact the company but they wont respond. We just want our money back or recieve the part we payed for. 
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1377002
Jun 03 2017
07:54 PM
Flo Mendez-Beatty Cherry Creek Properties SCAM - ILLEGAL DRONE VIDEO Pueblo Colorado
This company hires ILLEGAL Drone Pilots. Devin Madrill is a criminal. He doesn't have an FAA License to fly his drone commercially. What does this say about the company that doesn't verify who they hire? Shame on you Flo! There is no excuse, took me 10sec to search for LEGAL drone companies in Pueblo, there are several.
Entity: Pueblo, Colorado
10, Report #1149433
May 24 2014
04:57 PM
Ameriprise Financial Michael Olson Tracey Larsen I paid for a financial plan and advice from a CFP/CPA instead I got a brochure advertising there products from an unqualified dimwit who is attempting to steal my money. Minneapolis, MN Internet
Ameriprise Financial Planning- I was told I would be working with a CFP/CPA to create a financial plan they misrepresented the planners (Michael Olson) qualifications and provided me with a brochure with inaccurate numbers. Instead of giving solid financial advice the entire brochure/financial plan advertised there services and made recommendations to switch my current banking to theirs for less interest. I paid $200 for the plan and an additional $25 for a ripoff. On March 24th 2014 Tracey Larsen the Client Support Associate at Ameriprise told me I would be working with a Michael Olson and represented him as a CFP/CPA to create a financial plan with specific details on taxation, etc. I purchased this plan for $200 and agreed to pay $25 a month after the plan was finalized for future consultation. After sending my financial information to them they repeatedly asked I invest my money in low interest CD's and MM savings with Ameriprise not taking into account my personal financial goals. This conflict of interest defeated the purpose of paying for a financial plan. After a month of waiting and phone interviews in which they tried to sell me on their brokerage services, mutual funds, IRA's, etc. I told them it would be a conflict on interest to purchase investment products from them since they are doing my plan. They dumped the plan off in my Ameriprise documents section and never took the time to go over it with me. I sent questions to my advisor who never responded to my emails 6 days later. I printed out the Financial Plan and took it to my broker who couldn't believe how inaccurate the figures were, the entire financial plan was inaccurate and therefore useless. The financial planner used old interest rates to calculate his projections, and didn't keep good communication with me.  After I filed a complaint with there office and the BBB they are still refusing to give back my hard earned money they are low lifes. Here is my response to them denying me a refund:Adam Speer/Jay ChristmanFirst and foremost I didn’t “alledge” anything unlike your organization I don’t have a track record a mile long of class action lawsuits into the millions of dollars. Tracey Larsen did present him as a CFP/CPA that could help me with solve my financial issues, once again they are lying, whoever is reading this you can either believe me or them check their credentials on google they are terrible. I have no reason to lie I was seeking financial planning and taxation advice from a qualified individual, why would anyone pay to get advice from someone who lacks any I emphasize ANY credentials, I would be better off getting advice from a neighbor there is no difference. Your company has a history of screwing people out of their hard earned money, including its own employees and maybe that’s the reason it was forced into changing its name. The financial plan provided by Michael Olson was completely inaccurate based off the figures I provided him with, I don’t see how you had him verify the accuracy of the data considering he isn’t qualified in anything and he is the one who wrote it. On the other hand I did your job for you and took his financial plan to an actual CFP/CPA and the figures were grossly inaccurate with the data I provided him with. Not only did he not get the amounts correct, but the growth over time was severely inaccurate based on historical figures. Michael did not do any research, he plugged in numbers using a cookie cutter template and the CFP/CPA I showed to easily figured out how inaccurate it was. Michael was provided with all the information he needed to put together a financial plan including phone conversations and data sent electronically. I mentioned I was interested in purchasing a house and a vehicle and growing my current investment and retirement accounts. That was completely ignored the focus instead was handing all of my money to him an unqualified broker.After taking on a major class action lawsuit for creating financial plans that posed a “conflict of interest” and losing millions of dollars you would think the thickheaded morons in charge would have figured out not to do business like that but I guess not. The worst part is instead of getting a financial plan I got a brochure, the entire thing filled with advertisements from Ameriprise, the “plan” advocated to take all my money in other accounts and move it to them, it was so ridiculous they wanted me to invest in high risk mutual funds 80/20 all the while borrowing off them all so they can bleed me for everything I have. The more sales Michael Olson the unqualified thief makes the more money the company makes and the bigger bonuses he gets, meanwhile my dream of owning a home goes down the tubes. What does Michael Olson care if all my money is tied up for years, he was telling me to put some of my money into Ameriprise CD’s which pay less than my current savings account all so he can get a kickback.I agreed to pay $199 for a financial plan that would mainly solve some taxation questions I had from a qualified CFP/CPA. I was never told it would be $474 and I would be making payments, I was told $199 then a service fee that can be cancelled at any time of $25. In fact in this statement you wrote you contradict yourself, you talk about a balance to be paid in installments of $25 per month then you talk about monthly billings as if it were a service, well which lie is it? I can provide a deposition from more than one financial planner who is qualified as a CFP/CPA that the plan is not accurate based on both historical data and the projections made and the figures do not reflect current assets that were provided to Michael Olson, and the plan provided doesn’t take into account my personal goals, and overall is worthless. When this is all said and done you are going to be begging to give back the money you stole!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #928721
Aug 19 2012
04:34 PM
Dalton CFP Exam Review Dalton Review Dalton Gets You Again and Again! Internet
Dalton claims to have a Free Retake policy. They say that this is because they trust their students and educators. (HTTP:// This is a lie. If you are forced to retake the exam, you will have to pay another $295 for materials. And the exam changes constantly will have to buy more materials. The Materials are not free.  Notice how the implication in the above website compares Dalton to other CFP courses and asks the question why do the other courses not offer free Retakes and venerates Dalton for having the Trust in their system/students/teachers in order to offer FREE retakes. Buyer beware, if you are forced to take the exam a second time, you will be paying an extra $295 on top of the $1,300+ you paid to start with for the course. This is not due to the expense of the materials either. They have an on line platform that they could freely post documents that would be readily accessible to the students that take the course (similar to what other CFP prep courses do). No this is an attempt at making more money off of a poor unfortunate soul who was suckered into believing they had free retakes, from what they were seeing from Dalton's own website, and were part of the 50-55% of exam takers who fail on the first try. This is a money making scheme if I ever saw one. Not only are they sticking it to you with an outrageous price (compared to what you get), they stick 50% of their folks on the return trip. I do not believe the websites claim of 70-80% pass rate, either! I bet they count retakes in that number! So if you are in the need of an exam review, go use someone other than Dalton Exam Review, at least you will know what you are getting. Or, Dalton can stand up and honor their original commitment, and actually have faith in their students/system/teachers. 
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #150178
May 29 2006
10:07 AM
Wealthworks ripoff,ruin hardworking people, steal, crooks, frauds, dishonest, untrustworthy, cheats, ruined everything for my family after we sent them $706 of our hardworking money Etobicoke Ontario
This company took my wifes and my hard earned money($706)three years ago and it still burns us to this day,because of them we had to move in with my inlaws and had to move from a place where we were trying to start a new life for ourselves and children. We Western Unioned the money to a Phil Cole or Alex Richards with the promise of an unsecured loan for $3000,repeated attempts to get back our hardworking money ended in failure and we were left very disapointed and heartbroken. Although its been three years since this horrible ordeal and two kids later we still could use the money badly.We still have the Wester Union papers that we used to send the money,and the received money papers where we went everyday to see if they had wired any funds to us yet. Anything that can be done to stop these people from doing what they do needs to be done as I'm sure they do this a lot,lets stand up to this company together and stop the lying and deceit. Tonya Arnold, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Etobicoke, Ontario
13, Report #452256
May 15 2009
04:24 PM
MRI, Legal Independance, Capital FinanceMRI Overseas Property, Bought property as investment with rental agreement then refused mortgage, scraped together money to avoid loosing deposit and now we have found that the 3 year rental agreement has fallen through Hotel Gatwick Airport internet
We are in a similar situation. We travelled to Bourgas to view the properties. We were looking for an investment and we were told the following by MRI 1 That all the developers that they worked with had been over years so were trusted 2 That we should buy a Studio apartment as this was the most suitable for rental agreements 3 They advised us that we would have no problem getting a mortgage with our financial circumstances. 4 That Legal independance would look after us and our interests. Infact we were told that they would completely look after us. After we paid the deposit we were told that we did not qualify for a mortgage and that we had to find the money some other way so we did to avoid loosing the 40% deposit we had already paid. We have just been told that the rental agreement has not been paid and we need to pay 1000 euros to start the proceedings + 4% of the claim if successful. We are trying to talk to them but we are just getting the brush off. We are absolutely devastated we would never had bought the apartment without the 3 year rental agreement. I feel like crying everytime I think about how all they have been able to just rip us off Please if anyone is going to take any sort of legal action then we would be interested in joining in as there is no way we could afford to pursue this alone Nick LindfieldUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
14, Report #472669
Jan 24 2013
05:05 AM
MRI, CFP, MacAnthony Realty, Legal Independence FRAUD.... THEFT.... CONNED... LIES.... DECEIT... Edificio Las Golondrinas Avda. Severo Ochoa 26, Planta Baja Marbella ,Malaga 29600 - Spain Internet
Are these guy's beyond the law....?? It seems so because there doesn't seem to be any solicitor out there with the know how on taking this Business Demon Mac and it's little Angels, down... I guess it has reached the top of the Government chain and found itself a niche to hide in. Any Government in any country in their right mind would have this company arrested. One reason why this company is still going is because they know there is too much paperwork involved and it will take years to find an end. This means that if you join the Mac team now... You can defraud people and never get caught because the time taken to find you will expire under some law that Mac has written with whatever Government it is paying off. It is too big for one person to take on. It knows this. There is always someone new to your file. Never a set person to continue with your purchase. Our Law team were a disaster. Careless and Lazy. We signed on their advice that these contracts were O.K. and that at worst we would lose our deposits. Now Mac wants the completion money. Best of luck getting it...!! Where is our European Law System.... What exactly will the LISBON TREATY do for people like Mac... If prominent European Countries Justice Systems along with their Governments don't bother with people like this then how in Gods name do they expect to achieve a strong economic presence in Europe ??? I'm stunned by this..??? !! The fact that Mac is unregulated and still operating today leaves me no choice but to presume that it has these governments in it's hand. It is beyond the Law and as long as it is in business then people will be defrauded out of their properties. Congratulations, you bring a whole new meaning to Con Artist. It is becoming a criminals world for sure... LEGAL DEFRAUD really exists !! All replies are welcome. Kindest Regards, Disgusted Fellow European Justice for bad property transactions Bad Boy's TownIreland
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1131686
Mar 18 2014
06:43 PM
FTD I wanted to order flowers from FTD and had enough COKE REWARDS credits (675) to get $30 in credit for flowers from FTD. When I went to there site prior to reward redemption, I could order less expensive flowers. When I utilized the rewards points, the flo Floral Delivery/my coke rewards deals/higher delivery fees downers grove Illinois
I have MY COKE REWARDS points and redeemed 675 of them to have flowers delivered. It was understood that I would have a $30 credit toward flowers. I researched the prices of flowers and saw some great deals for approximately $30. After I entered my rewards points, the flowers were suddenly more expensive and the service fees and delivery charges were $16.99~ thrilling to see that my toal came to almost $50! I not only wasted 675 rewards points but never ordered the flowers.I am not happy! I planned to send flowers for a birthday and could not do so! Not interested in dealing with FTD after this! Shame on you!
Entity: downers grove, Illinois
16, Report #826962
Jan 23 2012
06:57 AM
David Walter Hinson CFP CPA CLU Legacy Financial Services Inc. Legacy Insurance Services Inc. David W. Hinson Certified Public Accountant. Fraud, unethical sales practices, forgery, misrepresentation, tax fraud, perjury. Internet, Oregon
I was the personal assistant for David Walter Hinson for more then two years and learned of his erratic and tyrannical behavior directed towards everyone in his life, E.G. clients, employees, family members. etc.  David W. Hinson, practices draconian leadership style, demanding blind obiediance by employees of his firms, he rules with intimidation, hissy fits and abusive tactics, this flys directly in the face of existing securities laws and acceptable sales practices. Mr. Hinson is a professional Bully' and an academic snob, that speaks with the soft, harmonious voice of a professional witness and with deceptive, short, calculated, incomplete answers, that omit material facts. During my employment with Mr. Hinson, myself and his other assistants were directed to ammend critical financial documents after they were signed by clients on a massive scale. I allege that these are serious acts of forgery, as these forms disclosed high annual fees that were not disclosed to clients. Mr. Hinson demanded that SEC rules concerning rights of accumulation on the purchase of mutual fund shares be ignored placing elderly clients in Mutual Funds without regard to existing assets, causing inflated commissions paid directly to David Walter Hinson. When I quit, Mr. Hinson quickly misrepresented the facts to all his clients and directed his staff to do the same or be terminated. David Walter Hinson has since filed multiple lawsuit,s making wild claims against me for trying to correct the misrepresentations and for filing FINRA required regulatory complaints against him. David Walter Hinson also has sued the former manager of his insurance business when he would not comply with Mr. Hinson's unlawful wishes, like myself Mr. Hinson persued him with frivolus litagation, a high dollar trial attorney and an unlimited budget vowing to make sure he never works in this town again.
Entity: Internet, Oregon
17, Report #477949
Aug 09 2009
09:00 PM
Flo Rd door to door salesman selling magazines. paid 1/2 and mailed a check for the other half. now finding out it was a scam Del Ray Florida
a young man came to the door selling magazines. we paid 1/2 up front and then mailed a check for the balance. the check was cashed and we have not gotten our magazine. we searched the company we wrote the check to and all the information we can find is that it is a scam. so now we are out $50.00 Lisa springer, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Del Ray, Florida
18, Report #186368
Apr 12 2006
08:01 PM
Glen Flo, Ron Floyd, I paid $200 to ron floyd for the Junk Email Program and never heard from him again Las Vegas Nevada
No Website - No Advertising No Selling or Recruiting - No Downlines, Nothing! Just 30-60 minutes a day is all it takes to start making thousands weekly doing simple and basic Internet Research! Dear Friend First thanks for responding to my advertisment on how you can start making thousands weekly doing simple and basic Internet Research. As you can tell from my email previously sent that I am a straight shooter. No exaggerated testimonials. No dog and pony shows. No smoke blowing and hype. Just the facts. The only reason I sent you a picture of one my paypal statements is to prove that you can actually make the type of money I claim for doing simple research. To be honest you don't even need 30-60 minutes a day. You can really do it working only 15 minutes. I am a greedy person and spend about 10-15 hours a day. That is how I generate so much money. I also do it for more than one company. I have created a secret system that will enable you to be able to do it for one company and get paid from 10 more without doing any extra work! So instead of getting paid $500 from one you can get paid $500 from 10! If you are motivated like myself and can spend 15 hours a day doing this your income can literally go through the roof. In case you misplaced the email here is a photo of the paypal statement again I didn't create this out of thin air. The money is real and every penny was earned doing the very same thing I am going to reveal to you in my report. And unlike other offers I'm going to tell you exactly what you will be doing before you send your money. How's that for a change? You expected me to just nibble around the edges, reveal a few things and withhold the meat and potatoes. Afterall you wouldn't buy a car without driving it first. You wouldn't work a job without knowing what was expected of you beforehand. Why should this be any different? You will go to a search engine and enter for example beauty products. You will go to the link for Supplies. You will go to 100 or more sites selling supplies and write down the url, the contact owner address, a few sentences about the site, the website page it can be found on. You will repeat this 100 more time. You will then go on to the next cateogory and so on. Can you do this? If so, take a look at the paypal statement again. You will soon be getting a lot of them! Finally, a real opportunity to make thousands of dollars without the hype & false promises! I have written a special report that will show you how to do what myself and many others do on a regular basis everyday. By following my instructions and with my personal assistance you will be able to easily make several thousand a week. You will be able to kiss the days of dragging yourself out of bed and being stuck in rush hour traffic goodbye. No more having to take crap off people. No more robbing Peter to pay Paul. You will soon know what true financial freedom is about. Forget about all the other junk you see being advertised on the Internet. Let me put you in on a secret. Approximately 99% of the programs you see being advertised won't work for the average man or woman. Why? Because they require you to do something that is literally impossible to do...sell! How many times have you received the same thing from the same person? How many solo ad blasts or targetted emailings have you done promoting the latest and greatest mlm that has made you a lot of money? Here's another secret. The only people making money on the Interent are the people providing a service not promoting a sales opportunity! You will be providing a service for as many companies as you can handle. So you don't have to worry about whether you will make money. You will. You won't have to spend hours responding to emails on this or that program only to find out it's the same program only in a different dress. I am going to end all that nonsense. If you ignore this opportunity and continue to spend your money on the other programs you have no one to blame but yourself. I am giving you the only true and legitimate way to make a lot of money fast without jumping through the usual hoops. It's upto you to grab it. Can you imagine how good it will feel going from zero in your account one day, to thousands the next week and the next week and the next week after that. This can easily happen for you when you use what I am going to show you. Again this is no joke! The income you can generate doing this basic research in incredible. You're going think you died and went to heavan. I will be on your Christmas list for life. I don't believe in b.s. You can take my word when I say you will make a lot of money doing this. I don't care if you're unemployed, underemployed, a professional, a janitor, a minister, skinny, fat, old, in a doesn't matter! If you can follow simple instructions you're just days away from making the fastest and easiest money you ever made. Within 24 hours of downloading my report you will start making money. I have set the price at $100 to keep it affordable for those people who need it most and to weed out the curious from the serious. So don't email me complaining about the price. If I told you that you could buy a four story home in the nicest part of town valued at $100,000 and all you had to pay was $100. Would you find the $100? This is the same thing. The money is literally guaranteed. I would mow lawns, panhandle on the freeway, sell aluminum cans or whatever else I had to do. Guarantee! The information you are going to get from this information will make you a lot of money. I'm going to show you exactly how to make thousands of dollars performing simple and basic Internet Research. I'm so confident of this, that if you don't make money from what I show you, I will refund your purchase price without hesitation. I know you're tired of sifting through the ton of email you get daily on the latest moneymaking program. I know you're sick and tired of being sick and tired. If so then it's time to stop the nonsense. It's time to stop doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. You can't become a professional looker. There are no free lunches. Sooner or later you have to get off the porch and run in the weeds with the big dogs. I am going to take you by the hand and if necessary do your first few assignments for you. You have absolutely no excuse to pass this up. No excuse at all. SPECIAL BONUS IF YOU RESPOND WITHIN THE NEXT 24 HOURS WHILE SUPPLIES LAST I WILL SEND YOU A VOUCHER THAT YOU CAN REDEEM WITH A TENNESSEE PHILANTROPIC GROUP FOR $1000 IN EMERGENCY CASH! THIS ISNOT A PAY DAY LOAN. NOT A GOVT GRANT. NOT A LOAN BY MAIL. SPECIAL ONE TIME PROGRAM DESIGNED TO HELP ANYONE IN NEED. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SEND IN THE VOUCHER AND RECEIVE A $1000 CHECK. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. I'm done preaching. It's time to act. Fill out the form below and email back to me today. Then make your one time payment of $100. Upon reciept I will send you the link and you can start making money immediately. Included with the report will be my special phone and email address that you can use should you need it. My goal is for everyone receiving this informaiton to make a minimum of $500 their first week if not first day. So far I'm batting 100%. It's your turn to step upto the plate and hit a home run. Warmest Regards Glen Name__________Email________ Make payment of $100 via the method below. Egold_________(Account 2989234) Mail____________(Send to address below) For payment via Western Union or mail please email me for address. Email back to Beur wrote: TURN $100 INTO $1000 IN 24 HOURS! Easiest money you will ever make! email (rf12good subj $100 April san jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
19, Report #334643
Jul 06 2012
08:07 PM
Consolidated Treatment Systems-Multi-Flo Wastewater Treatment Systems Supposedly Environmentally-Friendly sewage treatment system constantly overflows, spewing sewage into my back yard! Franklin Ohio
It took only two weeks after moving into my BRAND NEW HOUSE for this brand new self-contained septic-type system to overflow into my back yard, covering my kids' toys in poo water and foam. Supposedly, it treats all wastewater and then lets it leach out under my lawn. This is a joke. Approximately every three-four months the alarm goes off and it spews crap all over the place. So disgusting. The man who installed it for us comes out to empty it, by shoveling the shit foam out and DUMPING IT IN THE WOODS BEHIND MY HOUSE. Apparenty it is partially treated or something??? It bothers me anyway.... He warned us to be careful about using certain types and amounts of soaps, and not flushing anything other than toilet paper, and we follow his advice, but it still happens. We've had to pay $185 three times during the last 11 months alone just to have the huge truck come out to pump the entire thing. My husband and I have on numerous occasions had to shovel the top of the thing out ourselves because a professional was not available. The company has been no help at all. They swear that the 500 gallon capacity is more than big enough for our family of 5 and that we should just be careful not to do more than two loads of laundry per day or run the dishwasher while someone showers. We follow their advice to a T. The company reps were not concerned upon hearing that our service provider just chucks the waste into the trees and bushes. They were also not willing to provide a new system, or a bigger system for our 4-bedroom house. My friends with regular septic systems only have to have theirs pumped once every year and a half or so, and nothing spews out into the environment before the pump truck gets there. I hope others thinking about installing a system like this will think twice. It's a terrible waste of money and causes a lot of nasty pollution. Right now I'm pissed because we were supposed to be on a 6-month pumping schedule to avoid the overflow, and it hasn't even been 5 months yet and the overflow happened again last night. Brown sludge is cascading through our yard and down the hill, past the neighbor's house and into the wilderness. We can't flush our toilets, do the wash, or take showers until the thing is pumped out for another $185. It's Saturday, and thankfully my hero Craig from a local septic service is here to handle this situation. The health department will be my next call. Has anyone else had trouble with this type of system??? Tired of the Crap Lake County, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Franklin, Ohio
20, Report #1147296
May 16 2014
12:39 PM
My Cash Now My Cash Now litigation scam Internet
1-210-762-6590  I received a VM from a Michael Donohue of Pre Trial Intervention. He gave this number. The message said this is Michael Donahue with pre-trial intervention. He said I had a pending case in his office that demands my immediate attention. He said he need to speak with me or my attorney of record today. His number is 210-762-6590. If he does not hear form either me or my attorney he will document that I avoid my right to counsel and submit my case. Then he said...govern yourself accordingly. I dialed *69 and it gave the number 205-328-3288. I called that number and went to the voice mail of Perry Stevens of American Helping Hands. I then called the original number and spoke with a lady from Litigation Services. Said she had an affidavit uploaded to her office. Something about felony charges being filed by My Cash Now. I have never dealt with that company. Checked internet for My Cash Now and found many scam reports. I have had these calls before and have even reported them to FBI Cyber Crimes, My states attorney and local and county sheriff. All have told me these are scams and to not deal with them. 
Entity: Internet
21, Report #924581
Aug 08 2012
08:40 PM
My cash guardian Took Taneytown, Maryland
Took money and did not have permission want it back
Entity: Taneytown, Maryland
22, Report #951132
Oct 05 2012
06:39 AM
My Cash Guardian Ripoff/Fraud Com Internet
I woke today (my birthday) to find a transfer of $29.95 from my checking account.  Upon review I noticed that this transfer went to My Cash Guardine.  I was unfamiliar with this company, so I did some investigation.  I found that this company has done the same thing to several people.  There were nearly a dozen fraud/ ripoff reports on the internet; some of which where entered within the last month.  I did not authorize any transactions with this company.  I tried logging into this site, of course with no password.  When I requested a password, they ask for my email address.  I entered the information to recieve an email saying my password was my phone number.  I would never use my phone number as my password.  Using my phone number would be stupid.  I tried calling them this morning and they were not open.  I will call them again now.   I just called.  The greeting said that there was a high call wait time and that if you were looking for a refund the representative would be directing you to  Now how fishy is that. Come on.  I will wait on the line for a representative. 
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #944933
Sep 21 2012
07:06 PM
my cash guardian truly a scam burbank, California
I am traveling and just had a chance to check my bank account and there was a charge for $29.95 cleared on 9/20 for some sort of advance application fee made on 9/12. Since I had not applied for any cash advance of any sort in the past six months or so, I was a little surprised. First I called the company number listed on the bank charge and found out they are  only open from 8 am to 5 pm eastern standard time according to the message. Since they are listed with a California address (I looked on line) I find this odd. I called my bank (BofA) and it took 25 minutes but I am disputing the charge and and they put the money temporarily back into my account. Since I have never had to do this (in 25 yrs with my bank). I told them that if they took it back out and gave it to these people that would be the end of me and BofA. I have had ups and downs but nobody and I mean nobody should allow this to happen to them. If BofA takes the money back out, then it will be goodbye and I have never had an overdraft in 25 yrs. Report my cash guardian to anybody and everybody who wants to listen.
Entity: burbank, California
24, Report #933982
Aug 28 2012
06:13 PM
my cash guardian Disgusting , Internet
I think that it is appauling that this company keeps getting away with the same thing. I was down to my last dime and did a pay day loan. I never received any cash from this company and did not give them permission to deduct any money from my bank account, yet when I looked at my statement I see 29.95 deducted. I just can not believe that this company had done this so many times and yet nothing has been done by our government to stop these thieves.
Entity: Internet, Internet
25, Report #931721
Aug 23 2012
05:16 PM
My Cash Guardian Mother of all Scamsites, Internet
I, like SO many others have found out this site is creating ACH's that are NOT authorized. I'm having trouble getting through to their phone #, & it's costing me my time, $, and aggrevation. They have created a snowball affect to my Checking account creating Overdrafts & multipule Phone calls & trips to my bank.   Someone needs to shut them down!! & find out what host site is allowing them to access accounts without authorization & shut them down too!!! 
Entity: , Internet

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