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1, Report #1397652
Sep 03 2017
12:23 PM
Channel BPO Channel BPO will have your brand in discount stores Oswego Internet
At first you might think that having Channel BPO or similar  brand enforcement companies online is better for your brand but you will realize after it is too late it will ruin the perceived value more than anything when your brand and items are at TJ Maxx , Nordstrom Rack , DSW Shoes,  Goodwill stores, Dollar tree and all other discount stores.  An overwhelmingly Huge majority of the small resellers on amazon & ebay that have a few of your shoes/items/SKUS are NOT selling counterfeits. Amazon themselves is very serious about enforcing this without any charge contrary to the 1 or 2 smear articles that hit the internet news. If one customer says it is counterfeit the seller gets warned or suspened. If 2 or more say it then that seller will never be able to sell again most likely. The shoes/ items are overstocks ( alsmost always last seasons styles) that are new  and 100% authentic almost always. If you do not let them to be sold on amazon / eBay as fast as possible to get them off the market they will be wholesaled to every discount store across the USA which is the worst thing possible. Channe BPO does absolutely nothing to stop real counterfeiters. They only get rid of small sellers with authentic items that pose zero impact to your brand value.    
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1389767
Aug 01 2017
03:39 PM
Channel BPO Unethical company that lies and forces you out of business Charlotte NC, North Carolina
This company uses abusive tactics to get small mom & pop sellers like myself to get our accounts suspended and shut down for doing nothing wrong. We do not sell many items online to cause any damage to any major brand and use the extra income to supplement our income at our old age.  If you just email and ask nicely to take down a listing all sellers would listen. You do not need to report us and put us out of business over a pair of shoes from 3 seasons ago that are not found in stores anymore.  TO ANY POTENTIAL BRANDS OR COMPANIES THAT WANT TO USE THEIR SERVICE: Do not waste your money and send an email for free to the seller if you ever have an issue .     
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1393555
Aug 17 2017
03:28 PM
Channel BPO Complete waste of money. Any brand or seller can do what they do for free Nashville Internet
All this company does for brand protection and their Rouge sellers enforcement is send out an email to the seller and is running an unneccassary scam to waste your money when it can easily be done for free.  Allowing small sellers to sell one or two shoes a year will not impact any multi million dollar brand name. Bad sellers get shut down on amazon constantly and policing the listings accomplishes nothing but waste time and money. Concentrate on brand development and improving your listings. Channel BPO is taking advantage of the amazon bubble with all new companies thinking channel BPO is a bunch of experts but they are simply entry level interns charginging you an arm and leg for services you dont need. We hired this company but realized it was not worth the money at all and our sales are in the 10+ million dollar range now and growing.    
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1389666
Aug 01 2017
08:58 AM
Channel BPO Scams Brand owners into thinking they can control 3rd party sellers It is practically impossible to stop 3rd party sellers from selling your products online. In fact, why stop them? Certain customers would only buy at discounts anyway so let them find each other. Regular customers will purchase as they normally would. The whole system Channel BPO has set up is absolutely ridiculous and does not ultimately help anybody in any way. So they kick off a few sellers on Amazon from listing 3 items - we carry hundreds of different items and a couple dozen sales on Amazon does not matter! They truly are a scam job and I highly recommend all brands to fire them immediately. Charlotte Internet
The company lures big brands into thinking they need their services, this is definitely not true.  Kicking off a few family-owned 3rd party sellers on Amazon does not affect your bottom line.  They would only sell a couple dozen pieces anyway and if they were counterfeit, Amazon gets notified by the customer and Amazon handles the seller immediately- without anything required from you.   Most big brands know this, that is why they let the marketplaces be what they are.  Customers who would not normally buy your product at retail, who are looking for discounts can find the item sometimes at a discount by the 3rd party seller.  You gain a customer!  Let the marketplace be what it is.  Customers who normally buy from retail will continue to do so.  If you got brainwashed into paying Channel BPO, or are considering them- please reconsider.  It is absolutely unneccessary for your company.  Amazon handles all counterfeits very easily and quickly.  Focus on your main business, not Protecting your brand as they claim they can do.  It is a monster task and for no value at all. Let it all be as it is and focus on your main business.  A small seller with a couple pieces of your clothing looking to make an honest living (it is honest actually, no matter what channel bpo likes to say) should not be your target. We are a private label brand, and we support the marketplace sellers now after careful thought.  We got scammed by Channel BPO but it was our decision ultimately so the blame is on us. 
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1261718
Oct 16 2015
10:39 AM
BPO Fulfillment Solutionstar BPO Vendor Management SolutionStar Non Payment for Completed BPO Orders Moon Township Pennsylvania
The following orders were completed for BPO Fulfillment SolutionStar and have not been paid. 3941921, 3953705, 3977227, 4073073.  Several emails were sent to company requesting payment for completed orders with no payment made on their part.  Their only response was irrelevent correspondence requesting information that they already have on record regarding my account payment information.   No payments sent from this company for  completed work that was requested by this company.   
Entity: Moon Township, Pennsylvania
6, Report #1116383
Jan 17 2014
01:38 PM
MRS BPO Screwed Over Cherry Hill New Jersey
My son was contacted by MRS BPO because of his student loan.  They offered him a settlement, he was to pay $465 for one year and the loan would be forgiven.  This was on a $12,000 balance (originally $4,000, but due to interest and penalties it tripled).  After six months of continual payments, his loan was sold to another collection agency.  He now owes this collection agency a little over $9,000.  The lady at the new collection agency was very nice and understanding and basically said my son was screwed.   If you ever get contacted my this collection agency, DO NOT MAKE ANY DEALS, they are horrible and dishonest!    
Entity: Select State/Province
7, Report #1111694
May 28 2014
05:58 PM
Nationwide BPO Timothy Bagnall Do NOT accept BPO assignments! THEY DO NOT PAY! Austin Texas
I was contacted on 10/10/2013 by Timothy Bragall, President of Nationwide BPOs, to provide to RUSH interior BPO reports in East Orange, NJ.  They were due back the following day.  I was assured by Timothy that they pay their invoices in 30 days.  After 60 days came and went, I started sending emails to Timothy, which were never responded to.  Several calls to his office have gone un-returned.  There is no secretary - only voice mail.   I will be filing theft of services and theft by deception charges, if I do not hear from him by Friday, 01/03/2014.  I will also file suit against him and report him to the Texas Banking Commission. People like him need to be OUT of this business.
Entity: Austin, Texas
8, Report #966940
Nov 09 2012
12:53 PM
BPO REO Masters Done for you BPO Promised to register me with 20 BPO companies each month. After 8 months, and only registered 13 total Internet
I signed up for Robb Krzyston's Done for you BPO's program. They promise to register you with 20 BPO companies each month. During the first month, I recieved a few emails from them indicating that I had been registered for about 7 companies. The second month, I recieved a few more. After that nothing....8 months later, I was registered with a total of 13 companies.....not the 160 they promised. When I tried to bring this to their attention, they stopped responding to any of my communications.  I just wanted to make this info know, as I tried to research them prior to joining, but could not find much about them.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #945370
Sep 23 2012
08:50 AM
Moonlight BPO - Brenda Grigsby Bait & Switch of Employment Bend, Oregon
Beware of this company! Owner hires you for one job, cuts your pay in under a month and tries to force you to do another job you have no training for. Horrible place to work, fear based culture. The Oregon Trail circa 2011 When you move to Bend, Oregon with a great job offer, plus relocation, you would think its a good thing, especially in this economy. But that is not what happened for two families. One is from Missouri, the other, California. The funny thing about this is, the two familys heads of households went to work for the same employer, after flying to Bend for in-person interviews, and ended up in the very same predicament. The family from Missouri was promised a nice salary with the position of Production Manager, and was told on the first day of work that they were to be a machine operator. The family from California was promised a position of General Manager with a great salary. Both families were offered relocation expenses of $3000.00 each. They were told to report to work on a specific date, and they did as promised. What happens next is the most unexpected twist of the employment laws one could ever witness. The employee from Missouri reported for duty as a Production Manager and was promptly told that he would be a machine operator instead. Unfortunately, this poor fellow is disabled with only one arm and one good leg. Granted, he has a prosthetic arm, but the particular machinery he was told he would be running requires standing for very long periods of time and the use of two hands. He kept making errors, was suspended without pay numerous times, and was eventually fired. You all take note here: he was given a 90 day probationary period, which is customary, and he had to start that over if he was to receive the relocation funds as promised. He kept coming to work, 6 days a week 13 to 16 hours a day, unless the employer suspended him. As his second probationary period was coming to a close, he was let go. He never received the funds for relocation as he was promised; instead he got a letter from the employers attorney stating that if he did not sue them he could have the $3000.00. He signed it and they are now in the process of moving back to Missouri, back to family and friends. Three months later, the employee from California arrives as the General Manager, never receives a probationary period of 90 days, and is demoted in 29 days to an IT/Data Processing position with less than half of the pay. He had the employer pay the relocation of $3000.00 up front to the moving company, which was smart. The kicker here is that the day after the demotion, his wife was offered a job for the same rate of pay as his demoted pay. So this employer was going to try to get 2 employees for the price of one. When this did not work as planned, because the wife did not want to work for that employer, this poor guy was hassled and hassled, minute by minute, by the employer and his new manager. The new manager was the guy he was supposed to get rid of when he was the General Manager, according to the employer at the time of the interview, go figure! Being harassed daily by his new manager, this employee started taking notes on what was said. When the new manager finally said something lewd about his wife, the employee immediately went to human resources and reported it. An investigation went underway and the new manager was promptly fired. Then 3 days later the same new manager is back as a contract employee and no one was allowed to speak to him, according to the employer. This was the final straw for the employee; he resigned after speaking to an attorney about his options, and followed the attorneys advice. Both families sold their possessions to come to Bend to start a new life. Both families are now penniless because of this employer and the promises that were broken. Why does Brenda Grigsby and her company Moonlight BOP keep getting away with this?
Entity: Bend, Oregon
10, Report #1338428
Nov 16 2016
09:42 AM
Moonlight BPO - Brenda Grigsby Bullying and fear based work place bend Oregon
This is not a nice place to work.  They hire you with all these great expectations that you are told will happen.  You start to work and there is no training.  You get 5 minutes here and there for training and then told to figure it out.  If you make a mistake however, even though you are not trained you will get written and talke down to about it.   I worked there for one month.  I got little to no training and harassed and belittled anytime  I made an error.  I complained about the lack of training and was told I would get training.  Brenda would ask other people to train but then call them away immediately to do something else, then yell at you for not getting the training you need.    Impossible place to work for and be sane.  I have been working for over 45 years and I have never encountered such a negative and fear based place to work.  Anytime Brenda comes in the room, everyone is in fear of getting talked down to or reprimanded in front of other employees.   She pays well but you have to put up with no respect and harassment and bullying tactics.  I would rather work fast food then to work for Brenda Grigsby.  The company has an incredible turn over and now I know why.
Entity: bend, Oregon
11, Report #811321
Dec 19 2011
11:52 AM
Evaluation Solutions BPO Evaluation Solutions BPO asks agents to falsify reports and doesn't pay for BPO's...Agent, Brokers, and Mortgage Holders beware... Internet
Evaluation Solutions has yet to pay for a BPO completed over a month ago. More recently, they asked us to falsify a BPO based on incorrect square footage, bedroom, and bathroom information they provided. We pointed out the errors, sent them Tax Record and MLS Infomation with the correct information and they responding via email telling us to do the BPO based on the false information.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1413559
Nov 26 2017
07:18 PM
BPO American New Prospect Contact Center run by Ken Wills, Ken Wills is hiding New Prospect with new company BPO American Greer South Carolina
This company is corrupt and they will hire anyone.  The turnover is horrible and they are hiding it by changing their name to BPO American because they hired people like Donnie Betenbaugh. hire felons who handle sensitive customer information.
Entity: Greer, South Carolina
13, Report #1124742
Feb 19 2014
10:41 AM
Hans Kasper / Sky Max Communications / BPO Global Networks Hans KasperSky Max Communications GroupBPO Global Networks call center, customer service, customer support, telephone sales, Dominican Republic Call Center, Dominicana BPO, offshore bpo, off shore call center, Dominicana Call center roswell, Georgia
Hans Kasper and his band of shady companies operating out of Georgia, The Dominican Republic (and other areas) should be avoided at all costs.  His staff is comprised of people who might have 1st grade educations.  Hans, himself fits this category.  Their technology is severely outdated (note the aol email address) and despite huge promises they simply do not have the ability, talent or capital to service your business.  If you value your business, your ability to service customers or your brand... run from Hans Kasper and his pyramid of shoddy businesses operating out of the Dominican Republic and the US.
Entity: roswell, Georgia
14, Report #1067221
Jul 15 2013
03:09 PM
MRS. BPO L.L.C You dont own my loan to collect on! Cherry Hill New Jersey
 Today is 7/15/2013 and I have recieved a second notice for collection on a student loan. I have tried to contact this company and am asked alot of personal questions. When I will not give my S.S.N they get angry and start screaming or hang up, I block my number when calling and they continue to try and get a number for me. The problem is I have told them they are trying to get a settlement on a loan that I am currently paying with a differant company. MRS BPO company says on the paperwork they send they are authorized to settle,  but ASA says they are not. They also say they do not report to credit agencies but they are showing up on my credit report. Luckily they don't have my number, cause if they where calling me nonstop, I would have bigger problems. Is there anything I can do to get them off my credit report and to stop sending letters?
Entity: Cherry Hill , New Jersey
15, Report #1124779
Feb 19 2014
07:46 PM
MRS BPO LLC Collection (fishing) for a debt that doesn't exist Cherry Hill New Jersey
Received a solicitation from this company at my UPS Store mailing address, addressed to my former partner who hasn't used this address since we separated THREE YEARS AGO. Seemed very fishy so I called the number on the request. I explained to the operator that the whole thing seemed strange because (1) he has no debt, and (2) he hasn't used this mailing address for three years and so if he did have a debt with this (major credit card) company they would have certainly mailed a statement to him at his forwarding address. And, they certainly would have pursued this a lot sooner than three years later. The operator said she couldn't discuss it with me (because I'm not the individual listed on the correspondence) but she was glad that I let them know that the address wasn't correct and she would remove it from their files. She apologized for the inconvenience. It was all so bizarre. I am not even sure how to explain why my former partner would have received this but I am sure it is not legitimate  because none of it makes sense. 
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
16, Report #1256265
Apr 13 2016
01:54 PM
MRS BPO They are in direct violation of Fair Debt Collections Practices Act 15 U.S. Code § 1692g - Validation of debts. Cherry Hill New Jersey
MRS BPO place something on my credit report without notifying me first.  They are in violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act 15 U.S. Code § 1692g - Validation of debts.   I have my phone records which prove I never spoke to them.  I challenge them to provide me with a certified mail reciept showing they ever sent something to home.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
17, Report #1120343
Feb 02 2014
08:24 PM
i apid an old at@t account in 2013. i have prrof of payment. mrs bpo llc came out of nowhere and reported the same debt to the credit bureau they reported this account as deinquent and called it major derogatory i am a 67 year old retired person on fixed income. i do not want sympathy, i want justice.
Entity: CHERRY HILL, New Jersey
18, Report #1265348
Nov 03 2015
10:35 AM
Channel Advisor Channel Advisor's False Claims Morrisville Florida
Channel Advisor called us for 36 months and we Buy DMi Inc. decided to give them a shot. They made us many promises and claims that were never upheld. We also extended several chances to Channel Advisor to uphold good ethical business practices and stay true to the words of what we were sold. Salesman Sean Droese and his sales team states that if you are not happy with our service you can cancel anytime. When we canceled due to Channel Advisor's inability to perform professional advertising duties they initiated a $52,426.67 debt collection through Transworld Systems Inc. Transworld Systems Inc. Andrew Hardin advised us to settle. We disputed the debt with Channel Advisor and Transworld Inc. backed up by email correspondence and chronological dates summarizing all email correspondence. We are waiting for a response from Transworld who works directly for Channel Advisor. 1) Channel Advisor could not provide a valid tracking pixel that would allow for accurate clicks and sales reporting. This was a two month process while Channel Advisor collected $10,000. This was a simple process that was a two month complication that was a waste of time, money, and resources. 2) We were promised we would have a report which would include products that were advertised and clicked on that did not convert to online sales. This report would help identify product or website issues allowing us to make proper adjustments. This never happened. 3) We were promised that if a specific item was searched for and clicked on multiple times without conversion to sales that item would be excluded from advertising so we did not continue to spend money advertising it. This never happened. 4) The sales team stated that Channel Advisor had a state of the art software system that can determine product runs without conversions. Not true. 5)We were promised accurate reporting with real data. We received reports with just zeros. Reporting was inconclusive. 5) When we finally received a report Channel Advisor felt was valid they claimed our existing business as their own. 4/15/2015 Buy DMi Inc. signed a contract with Channel Advisor to advertise our product based webstore. 4/22/2015 Buy DMi Inc. emailed Channel Advisor as we did not have a valid tracking pixel used for creating reports and sales. 4/27/2015 Buy DMi Inc.  emailed Channel Advisor as we still did not have a valid tracking pixel. 4/28/2015 Buy DMi Inc.  emailed again asking for additional tracking pixel support. 4/29/2015 Buy DMi Inc.  received support from Channel Advisor advising us to use a link on their website. The link provided tracking pixel information that was out of date to our current webstore. 4/29/2015 Channel Advisor confirms that their link provided to us is incomplete information and they apologize for any confusion. 4/30/2015 Channel Advisor sends us new links to assist us with implementation of a tracking pixel. 5/01/2015 With Channel Advisor’s tracking pixel implemented, Channel Advisor has all the information needed to track clicks and sales from our webstore. 5/04/2015 Channel Advisor runs test orders through and finds that the tracking pixel provided by Channel Advisor does not work. 05/06/2015 Channel Advisor attempts to makes changes to the code of the tracking pixel. 05/08/2015 Buy DMi Inc. submits a formal written complaint to Channel Advisor as there was not a solution to track clicks and sales provided by Channel Advisor’s advertising team. 5/11/2015 Channel Advisor responds that they are still trying to fix the tracking pixel. 5/15/2015 Channel Advisor sends us an altered tracking pixel and again the tracking for test clicks and sales fail. 5/26/2015 Channel Advisor goes live with advertising our product based webstore. 06/02/2015 We reiterate from the initial sales process to Channel Advisor that we need to know where all clicks on our webstore are going so we can determine if any changes to the webstore or an individual product need to be made. 6/07/2015 Channel Advisor sends us our first click and sales report followed up with a sales meeting. This report is inconclusive and did not offer the information that we required. This report did not offer information on what item was clicked on, reported existing Buy DMi Inc. business as their own, and enough information to determine why customers leave without purchasing. We were very disappointed in the report that we received and stress this to Channel Advisor. 06/14/2015 We receive a second report that again is inconclusive. Again this report did not offer the information that we required. 06/17/2015 We stress our frustrations via email and demand that Channel Advisor compensate us or terminate the contract. 6/24/2015 We did not receive a written response with the compensation or termination request. Again the same weekly inconclusive sales report and meeting is scheduled. 07/06/2015 We received a call from sales executive Sean Durosey. He states that things have gone sideways.
Entity: Morrisville, Florida
19, Report #1189678
Nov 18 2014
10:04 AM
Liquidation Channel LC HORRIBLE! Austin Internet
Buyers beware.  I watched a new home shopping channel called Liquidation Channel where they showed beautiful jewelry, some with supposed real gemstones and supposed real gold and silver.  Everthing was beautiful and authentic looking on tv but not so when I received the items I ordered. I was a bit hesitant to order because they don't allow refunds for items under $200 but I thought I'd take a chance because everything was so beautiful on tv with dirt cheap prices.  I ordered but changed my mind the next day because I had a bad feeling about it.  When I contacted customer service via e-mail, they said they dont cancel orders.  I couldn't get my money back even though nothing had shipped out to me. They basically told me my order was coming regardless and I had to keep everything.  ??? So I was stuck with the items.  I ordered 2 necklaces supposed to be stainless steel with gold overlay.  They were NOT!  They were tarnished, cheap, old and flimsy.  I've seen better at the dollar store and I couldn't believe they charged me $12.99 a piece with $3.00 shipping each although all items were sent in same package. I also order a necklace supposed to be made of real shell but was some cheap plastic material for shells that were strung together with regular sewing thread.  AWFUL!!   They don't have a physical address.  When u call customer service, a recording always say that you have a wait time of 20 minutes or more.  I think they try to discourage you into hangining up so they don't have to deal with the complaints.  You can only contact them via e-mail and cross your fingers for a response. Good luck with that.  They only post good comments from a handful of customers on their website and there is no place to leave a review.  They good comments must be made up by the staff because I can't imagine aanyone being satisfied with the merchandise.   The cable companies should not allow Liquidation Channel to sell to the unsuspecting public like this.  Isn't what thet're doing against the law?  They show you beautiful products on tv and online but that is NOT what you get.  It's false advertising.  So beware if you plan on buying because you are NOT going to get what you think you will and you WON'T get a refund.  I'm sure all their customers are first time buyers only who will never shop there again.  In Texas, it's channel 399.    
Entity: Internet
20, Report #934424
Aug 29 2012
03:17 PM
cartel,, first valuation walter coats, brandy coats may artel,, first valuation walter coats, brandy coats may, do noy pay anyone BPO, Colorado
walter coats and his daughter brand (coats) may decide who get paid, if anyone, they order do not pay, promise,promise promise the resposnible parties and pssible contacts to assist with my collection. Walter Coats 303-991-9919 or 303-419-2244, brandy (coats) May 303-991-9919 or 303-637-0202 contact bbb, at least a response 995 Alkire Street Golden, Colorado 80401 or 8700 Turnpike Drive Suite 300 Westminster, Co 80033
Entity: BPO, Colorado
21, Report #779592
Sep 21 2011
02:41 PM evalonline BPO company that does not pay it's field agents Internet
Attention all Realtors!!!! There is a company called Evalonline... They DO NOT pay field agents for the work that they do for this company. I have not been paid for the work I did for them since June of this year. There are a BPO, that's Broker Price Opinion for real estate.They target Realtors, they go into an area, and tell you that they will pay you a fee for a particular property in an area, they ask you to give your opinion based on your local knowledge about a property. I will now say, there are several companies that also do this legitimately and respect your time and knowledge. EVALONLINE IS NOT ONE OF THEM. When you go on line, there are several people that are now speaking up about this company. Do not do business with them, they do not pay.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #800773
Nov 22 2011
10:27 AM
Ohio RIPOFF!!! Does not pay for BPO reports Jacksonville, Florida
Evaluation Solutions is a joke. They expect real estate agents to complete their reports within 24 hours and it takes them 1 1/2 years to pay for these reports. We have tried several times to contact this company with a couple of times of getting your check is in the mail. The most recent was their accounting department is behind......1 1/2 years behind....really?!?!? The processor would not give me a name of a supervisor, manager, or president of the company. She claimed that email is the best communication which is also a joke. They don't respond to that either only to say that your account is being reconciled or your check will be in the mail next week. We have outstanding reports from June 2010 for a total of $1357.00. Everyone should stop accepting their reports, then it might get the attention of the 'incognito' accounting department or president of the company.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
23, Report #792402
Oct 26 2011
01:11 PM
evaluation solutions eValuation Solutions Deadbeat BPO company Jacksonville, Florida
More of the same as I have been reading on here.  We have open unpaid invoices dating back to March 2011, and all attempts at tyring to reach anyone at the company go ignored.  We have mailed them letters and they get sent back undeliverable.  We send emails and they get no repsonse.  Yet, from time to time, they send out blast emails looking for realtors to do BPO's for them in certain areas.  I have tried to answer them, just to get a response from the, and they still ignore us.  This company is a complete sham.  AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
24, Report #814759
Dec 28 2011
09:44 AM
Evaulation Solutions BPO company Evaulation solutions rip off Internet
BPO company Evaulation Solutions has withheld 5 payments since October 19th and prior to that 6 payments for a 5 month time frame.  They have no phone number to call and emails to the company just state they will look into it.   Its like chasing a short sale to be paid on this.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #971947
Nov 20 2012
02:23 PM
Evaluation Solutions Non payment multiple bpo assignments Jacksonville, Florida
Like all the others, I have done a number of bpos for Evaluation Solutions in Jacksonville Florida and received no payment.  I do not hear from them anymore. As like the other complaints they tell you that it will be escalated and nothing ever happens.  I believe all of the people that have complained on this site should get together and contact legal council as they are still operating and currently contacting other agents to steal time and gas from.  If anyone is willing to join me in the activity please contact me through this repoart. Thank you. 
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida

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