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1, Report #1394411
Aug 21 2017
03:10 PM
Motocross Performance Magazine-MXP CHARLES STANCER – Publisher & Director of Sales & Marketing Motocross Performance Magazine-MXP CHARLES STANCER – Publisher & Director of Sales & Marketing are scammers Stouffville Ontario
 Motocross Performance Magazine-MXP CHARLES STANCER – Publisher & Director of Sales & Marketingare scammers. My prepaid subscription has not been delivered and the only address is a post office box. This company does not have a physical address. Beware
Entity: Stouffville, Ontario
2, Report #1392334
Aug 12 2017
09:11 PM
OLLY Shoes Fit for a Kid! - Harrison Stancer Harrison Stancer - Ecommerce Manager at OLLY Shoes - Shoes Fit for a Kid Ecommerce Manager at OLLY Shoes - Shoes Fit for a Kid is a Rip Off Toronto Ontario
OLLY Shoes Fit for a Kid! is a Rip Off . Purchased 2 pairs of shoes for a boy and a girl on line and I was charged twice for the purchase . The manager said he would reveres the extra charges and it has been two weeks and it hasn't been done.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
3, Report #1261303
Oct 23 2015
08:23 PM
Scott Kelly - Scotia Bank - Senior Manager Global Strategic Pricing Scott Kelly - Senior Manager Global Strategic Pricing – Global Transaction Banking Toronto Ontario
 Scott Kelly – fraudster and thief – Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets – Senior Manager Global Strategic Pricing – Global Transaction Banking Scott Kelly – fraudster – Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets – Senior Manager Global Strategic Pricing – Global Transaction Banking Scott Kelly engaged in a fraud on the court by posing as 1 of 2 plaintiffs in an action brought by Stancer Gossin Rose LLP . Scott Kelly swore a false affidavit that he and his co plaintiff were in agreement when in fact his alleged co plaintiff has never heard of him nor authorized any action to be brought.
Entity: Toronto , Ontario
4, Report #1295264
Apr 03 2016
04:04 PM
Am I A Victim of Jon Forrest & Charles Soludo? Jon Forrest & Charles Soludo , SCAM FRAUD Am I A Victim of Jon Forrest & Charles Soludo? Jon Forrest & Charles Soludo , SCAM FRAUD nigeria Internet
Hi Jon Forrest & Charles Soludo,   My name is Michael and I received the attached letter(s) on January 21, 2016, I answered and not surprising the N.C.S (National Courier Servie) told me I have to pay $700,000.00 so I told them a piece of my mind but about 2-3 e-mails later I received a letter from someone claiming to be FBI saying I would be arrested if I spoke to Nigerian officials in a rude manner again. (Does it sound suspicious to you too?) Then this morning I received a message from not Charles (he said his part was done and it is between me and N.C.S.) but the N.C.S. saying that I could pay half now and once I receive the money pay the rest. This is what made me do my research because it sounds like it could be true now but again I want to be safe. Please review my attachments and tell me what you think. They are similar to the ones on your webpage but it seems he's gotten better over the years because I printed these documents and they look 100% real (to me). I have been contacted by DHL (courier service) saying that a very important package will be delivered me this week, if it is a 14.7 million dollar check should I deposit it and what will happen if I did. Thank You I think what you do is very very helpful without your site a lot of people would make this man RICH.   Sincerely,   Michael   P.S. If you feel my experience will be a benefit to others please feel free to post it!!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #607237
May 25 2010
08:03 PM
MTYEDJs and Jon Cavalea terrible Internet
total rippoff. never hire. this guy has a service that takes messages and call you back. he promises the world then doesn;t deliver. he's all about the money. I hired him and paid him for photos, and the photographer never showed. just plain never showed. he will see the inside of a court room. who knows what other mishaps might befall him. 
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #8923
Dec 09 2001
12:00 AM
Jon Picard Landlord a minister and a slum-lord
Jon Picard had promised me(pregnant, and having nowhere to live) and my boyfriend an apartment in August 2000. When I had called him in July to find out exactly when he wanted us to move in, he told us the apartment wasn't ready yet. This continued for several months. Finally, it was going to be November, when I was due November 3rd. I called him, (after not having my phone calls returned) and he blew me off again. A year later he apologized for everything, saying he had another apartment rented.(He rented the other one immediately after I stopped talking to him) He told me to call him in two weeks. I called him, and he blew me off again! My friend who rents from him, has had a window broken for a year now, and he has yet to replace it. He refuses to remove lead paint from her apartment, even though she has a 6 year old, and a newborn! Please, if someone can help us, contact us! p.s. he is a minister!
Entity: Whitinsville, Massachusetts
7, Report #536889
Dec 09 2009
07:32 PM
Jon Barrett Jon Barrett Thief! Took money and never sent engine McLoud, Oklahoma
We sent Jon Barrett Hot Rod Engines over $10,000 and never received anything, not even a call.  After calling and calling I finally spoke with John Cline who just kept telling us lies after lies.  Finally got a fax stating they were having $$ issues and moving to a location by his home.  Still nothing.  Went after him we were told he had received a SBA loan but we still never saw any money or engine.  Here I sit almost 2 yrs later and he said with the economy he can not send me my money but would be willing give me an egine at 50% off.  But of course will not pick up a phone.  And by the way, he works FOR Snug Harbor and says he is Jon Barrett so do not send money in his name.  This man is not just a thief but the mayor of his town!  Crazy isn't it!?!?  I just received a call last night stating someone was going after him for embesselment and there are MANY people he has done the same exact thing to so do not send him money, you'll never get your engine.
Entity: McLoud, Oklahoma
8, Report #1235483
Jun 13 2015
09:26 PM
Jon and June Brooks Psychics Psychic help Nevada Internet
When you have a broken heart you go all the way around to find a solution. This time the hurt was immense that i cud not take the pain and was looking for help online, i have myself to blame but i hope i can help others caution atleast about this person, that they are not genuine. Jon and june brooks, claiming to be brother and sister duo. Work from nevada. Started my work of healing and taking negative energy away from, had asked for 300$ which i managed to pay by borrowing from friends. After 3 days in she says, there is another spiritial process i have to do will need 800$ more. When i said i dont have the money and u had promised me $300 to be your flat rate, furthur more ill not be able to afford it, she doesnt pick up my calls, one says im in chapel and then says i am in a family emergency. What so ever, maybe there are people who are genuine, i dont know i dint find one. but there are a zillion scammers too. Atlst with her ill say.........Plz do not go there.... I hope it helps.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #380644
Oct 12 2008
07:37 PM
Diane Jon Salon Misquoted price of service by $36.00 and required to pay Madison Wisconsin
Two appointments were set up for hair to be styled for a school dance. What style was desired was described and we were given the price of $27.00 We went and at the checkout they chaarged us $63.00 each. We told them we were quoted the lower price but they refused to accept this and made us pay the $63.00 EACH.. This was over double the quoted price. We would not have gone to this salon if quoted such a rediculous price. Ann Middleton, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
10, Report #763669
Aug 11 2011
06:59 AM
jon murray jowen ltf stole my money and never gave it back Internet
i gave jon murray 10,000 in cash for a short term loan. he never gave it back. than i give him25k for aa partnership in a home in Vegas and never heard from him has been 2 years now.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1350707
Jan 18 2017
05:16 PM
Jon Leroux Leroux Technology SolutionsLerouxTech subbed us out and did not pay Nationwide
Jon Leroux hired us to install a sound system in a new retail store. after witch he strung us along for almost 6 months with the promise of payment and we did a great job and “he is working on getting us payed” only to then try to tell us he is closing the company and will consider paying us. If you would accept a settlement amount and we can both go our separate ways no hard feelings please send me the amount and I will see about pulling a personal loan to get your account closed Red flags: no website or place of business. He screens phone calls if calling form an unknown number. It is quite clear he is skilled at ripping people off. 20/20 hindsight… 
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #695615
Feb 15 2011
11:24 AM
Elite Marketing and Investments LLC Orlando, Florida
I just want to say that we also have been scammed of Thousands of dollars from the names mentioned above. Investors beware you have been warned.  Luis Cruz, Ric Brignole and Jamey Kolka took Thousands of dollars promising high retunes on our money and never producing anything.  
Entity: Orlando, Florida
13, Report #1017735
Feb 20 2013
09:58 PM
Jon Murray - We loaned Jon Murray (Jowen) 75K to flip houses in as a partnership and he disappeared. He even Claimed personal bankruptcy but was rejected. Internet
Jon Murray is a low level ponzi scheme artist. He promises to partner up with individuals to flip houses in Arizona and Las Vegas. You put up the cash and he puts up the work. After he gets the cash from you he disappears, stops answering your phone calls etc. He has ripped off 4 individuals that I have personally met and must have done it to a dozen more people. He typically looks for 25K deals and promises to get your money back in 1 year along with returns during the year. He is in serious trouble with the AZ Securites commission at the moment and will most likely go to jail soon. Be on the look out for this low life.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1054026
May 26 2013
05:00 PM
Jon Murray - Jowen Investments Scams in Real Estate by Jon Murray of Jowen Investments Scottsdale, Arizona or Chilliwack, BC Arizona and BC
Please be aware of Real Estate scams by Jowen Investments of Chilliwack, B.C and Scottsdale, AZ.. It is a Real Estate investment company primarily owned by Jon Murray and his wife Wendy Murray. Their legal names are Jonathon James Murray and Wendy Lynn Murray. Jon Murray owns and operates,  Jowen Investments in British Columbia and True North LLC in Arizona. They encourage investors to do Joint Ventures in Arizona in their so called “Fix and Flip” deals.  If you travelled with Allegiant Air in 2012 to Arizona, you would have seen Jon Murray’s ads in their in-flight magazine. To date they have directly misappropriated $687,500.00 US Dollars in investor money. These investors have not seen a dime of their investments. Jon Murray calls himself, Mr. Creative” in his advertisements.  He is surely creative with his persuasion techniques in convincing people transfer money to his personal bank account in United States. Jon Murray would invite potential investors to Arizona and use his family as a tool to present himself as a legitimate deal maker who could make things work. He also promotes himself as a honest Christian man working for your best interest. Jon Murray also has a bankruptcy order against him in B.C. This was made against him by the people he owes money to. Total amount as of May 2012 was $630,326.78. That is a total of $1,317,826.78 Jon Murray scammed from people to live a luxurious life in Scottsdale, Arizona. This man is a disgrace to all the real estate investors out there who bend over backwards to make things work for their clients. At the moment, Jon Murray and his wife Wendy Murray are currently under investigation by Arizona Corporation Commission for violating the Securities Act. More information about this file can be obtained from The filing number with ACC is S-20883A-13-0112. If you or anyone you know who has been scammed by Jon Murray or his wife, Wendy Murray, please call the Arizona State Corporation at (602) 542-3026. The mailing address is: Arizona Corporation Commission, Securities Division 1300 W. Washington, 3rd Floor Phoenix, AZ 85007   You can also file a complaint at Port Moody Police where all the investor complaints have been filed. The contact information is: officer Budial - Port Moody RCMP - 604 461-3456, email - If you need any other information about Jon Murray and his investments, please contact me directly at:
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
15, Report #1163423
Jul 19 2014
03:47 PM
jon cheek aka evergreen security jon cheek is a theif and liar with phony business's created to rip you off! eugene Oregon
Jon Cheek contacted my business as owner of Evergreen security to sell and install security cameras at my business. He sold me cheap equpment - woth a couple of hundred dollars for several thousand dollars!! He or his friend did an aweful job of setting this system up and it was defective - broken - worthless within the first week. Jon Cheek guaranteed 24-7 tech support for life - and stopped answering his phone the second money was exchanged. After months of trying to track him down he told me he had closed his security business and was now in the spray tan business. He promised to mail me a partial refund ... but that never happened. This guy is a crook and I believe every word of the complaint written about him and his spray tan business. I literally paid him $2000 for what amounted to maybe $100-$200 worth of generic security cameras and a defective monitor. When I first met Jon Cheek I asked him if he had any clients I may know or recognize. He claimed that 6th St. Bar & Grill in downtown Eugene was a long time client. I doubt that is true at all. This guy needs to be held accountable for his theivery and deceptive tactics. I think he picked up the junk sysyem he sold me from a second hand shop or a Wal-Mart type store even though he claimed to get it all direct from his nationwide company/supplier His installation guy was an aquaintance of his from Cottage Grove who told me that he didn't work for Jon Cheek - that he just helped him out a little in his spair time. He also mentioned that he didnt think very highly of Jon Cheek as a businessman or on a personal bais. I have his cell # somewhere & will gladly share it if I find it, his home # is 541-xxx-xxxx (((REDACTED))). Lets get this crook to pay back some money and do some jail time!
Entity: eugene, Oregon
16, Report #1194437
Dec 10 2014
11:27 AM
Ibogaine University-Charles Johnston Charles Johnston Ibogaine University - Charles Johnston -Fraud and criminals Tijuana Mexico
Anne Christani Having been to Ibogaine university I would never recommend this place to anyone,The professionalism they say they have does not exist, There is no doctor to stay with you throughout your treatment just a nurse (and he was not a qualified nurse) which worried me immensely, After i got there i found out they do not use real ibogaine they use iboga, (false advertising) When i found out they did not use Ibogaine i asked for my money back so i could go to a clinic that uses real Ibogaine and was told i dont get anything back, So i went through with the treatment (i relapsed two weeks after going home, after extensive research i discovered most of their patients relapse , they will do nothing to help you, All i received was an abusive phone call from Charles Johnston. This place is a money grabbing dive that does not care about the patients just the dollar If you have any doubts you can contact me at (((Redacted))) Also it was very hard to communicate as no one spoke english
Entity: Internet
17, Report #138417
Apr 11 2005
05:23 PM
Clubwerks / Jon And Cindy Jaramilo / Jaramillo ripoff, golf, golf clubs, clubs, ebay, Temecula California
Seller entered into a contract with Buyer(me) on 03/25/2005 on (item #5963608228) to exchange the winning bid for an air conditioner. Seller refused to answer several telephone calls and emails until three weeks later when I left him a negative feedback. He suddenly began contacting me and told me via email that since I had left a negative feedback for him, he was giving my property to the Salvation Army. I offered to remove it via the Mutual Feedback Withdrawal, but he still refused. This just confirmed that the negative feedback problem was just an excuse not to sell to me. Seller has been shady and dishonest through the whole process, and refuses to enforce the contract we have entered into. I have searched other websites and posting forums and have found that he has a problem with following through with his customers. There are several independent comments on other websites where people paid him thousands of dollars and they still do not have their golf clubs. His eBay feedback profile shows this trend as well with several derogatory comments in reference to his lack of commitment, and his only excuse is that parts took a long time. He was a very coarse person to deal with as well, with rude and somewhat irritating comments, kind of like a truck stop or bar. Joseph Phelan, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Temecula, California
18, Report #437957
Mar 26 2009
02:30 PM
Jon Gravbrot And Andrew Miller DHL MacBook scam royal mail Milano, Italy Other
My husband and I were looking to buy computer and luckily my husband checked out Jon Gravbrot, and found out from this site that he has done this scam before. He has set up a bogus royalmail site to safely shipped his product and receive your money. But he's not planning on sending you the computer. And after we discovered that, we also got an similar email from Andrew Miller both emails are below.Hopefully by submitting this someone else will be protected from these two people. Here are there emails From: Jon Gravbrot Hello, I still have the macbook pro. But the thing is that I'm in Italy for my school (I have the machine with me). I hope you are still interested and we can make the deal happen right away. Obviously we need a safe way to complete this deal that will allow us to make sure we receive what we are after. I have found a way for us to complete the deal fast (3 days) and easy. The solution is a worldwide delivery company called Royal mail. Royal mail is similar to FedEx, DHL or UPS and they will provide assistance in handling the payment and delivery of the macbook pro. With this procedure you will be able to check the macbook pro before I receive the payment. Like I said, I will pay for a 2 days delivery so you will receive the macbook pro right away.Let me know what you think. Thank you! Jon Gravbrot Politecnico di Milano Campus Bovisa Via La Masa 34, 20158 Milano Italy Ph: 0039 348 212 0251 From: Ander Miller Hello, My name is Andrew and I am now in Manchester, United Kingdom.The laptop is still available and I hope you are still interested.This Macbook Pro was ordered brand new directly from Apple on March 8, 2008. The laptop works perfectly and it has never had any problems. Included in the $1400 price is everything (right down to the original box that FedEx shipped it in) with the order from Apple (manual, cleaning cloth, etc). The laptop has almost 2 years AppleCare coverage until March 2011. One important thing is that the laptop is a US version so the software is for the US and also it doesn't need a power converter. I have attached some pics with the laptop to this e-mail so you can see the condition of the laptop, and I hope we can work out a deal. Just to make sure we are on the same page, I am selling the 15 MacBook Pro, with 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4 Gb memory, 200 Gb HD for $1400 USD.Please get back to me and let me know if you like the laptop and if you are interested in buying it. Thanks, Andrew Megan Overland Park, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Via La Masa 34, Other
19, Report #832552
Feb 01 2012
07:19 PM
Revelli and Revelli Jon L Revelli Do not hire Jon L Revelli! Worcester, Massachusetts
I would not recommend hiring Jon Revelli for any legal work.  I hired him to help me with a simple legal issue after speaking with him and I gave him a retainer.  It seems that he was not familiar with the area of law I hired him for, and once he looked into my question, he advised me that he would not be able to help me after all in the manner we had discussed.  Mr. Revelli should never have taken my case and money in the first place without being familiar with the relevent laws and regulations.  My many phone calls and e-mails have gone unreturned, and Mr. Revelli has refused to return to me any portion of the retaner I paid him, despite the fact that he was not able to do any work for me on the matter.
Entity: Worcester, Massachusetts
20, Report #422997
Feb 11 2009
01:52 PM
Jon Benet - 3stepsadd They have discontinued sending me the emails, but won't stop charging me and I can't get ahold of them. Beaverton Oregon
I have spent much time trying to get in contact with someone at 3STEPSADD online and by phone and have gotten nowhere. The phone just gives the message to contact by website, and that leads nowhere. In the meantime, I have been charged about a year's worth of $19.00 charges per month, a service that I never wanted in the first place. All I wanted was to be sent the book, which I was and wasn't overly impressed with. It wasn't a very scholarly book, no real medical backing, and from what I could tell, the emails were just exerpts from the book. So I was charged double for the same information. Mr. Bennett, you are a true charlatan. If you really cared about giving people information that would help them, your company would not be set up in the way it is. Instead of helping me or my family deal with a hard situation, my son's ADD, you have added much stress to my life, wasting my time trying to stop you from stealing my money every month through my credit card. I have contacted my credit card company. But if you truly care about the trouble you cause people, you will reimburse me the entire amount, minus the original cost of the hard copy book. In the meantime, I will do all I can to warn others about you. Melanie Antioch, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Beaverton, Oregon
21, Report #573858
Feb 23 2010
03:02 PM
Dr. Jon Wilensky performed my breast augmentation and after several painful complications, refuses to fix me or pay to have somebody fix me. San Diego, California
Dr. Jon Wilensky performed my breast augmentation in January of 2009. A few months after my surgery, I started to realize my implants didn't look or feel (internally) normal. They were far apart (as time goes on, they become further apart) and every time I laid on my back the implants would slip into the arm pit of the corresponding side. At first it was only about half of the implant that would fall into my arm pit, but as time progressed, it became the entire implant. As time went on, this started to become painful, as if it was straining a muscle. It's not just when I lay on my back; if I lay on my side, or bend over to pick something up, my implants will lay literally on my collerbone. They're all over the place and this makes it VERY uncomfortable when trying to sleep or lay down. After ignoring this for a couple of months, I finally decided to see a new doctor to get his opinion. He said that my pockets were way too big for the implants and that is why there kept slipping out. He said I would need a pocket revision. He also advised me of a breast deformity that I had called Tubulor Breast Deformity. Dr. Wilensky never mentioned this or gave me any indication that I in fact had this deformity. The new doctor said because of my deformity, he would have went about the surgery completely different which would have given me the result I needed. After speaking with him, I decided to make a phone appointment with Dr. Wilenksy. I explained to him the situation and after an irritated and defensive 15 minutes on the phone, he said he'd be willing to correct me and waive all charges, or contribute $2,000 to a new physician. I decided to drive down to San Diego from Riverside so he could look at me, assuming I would be scheduling a surgery date to fix me. After explaining my complications and the pain I was experiencing, he said he changed his mind and that he didn't want to do the surgery, however, he would still pay $2,000 to a new physician. During our meeting, in my opinion, Dr. Wilensky was arrogant, very defensive, immature, unprofessional, and down right rude. It wasn't the same doctor I knew before and I had never seen this side of him. As a doctor, I think he should have genuine concern for his patients, and if one tells him they're in pain because of something he did wrong, he should agree to either fix it, or pay in FULL to have somebody else do the revision. I still have not had the revision surgery, as I can't afford it, and am still dealing with the pain.  
Entity: San Diego, California
22, Report #793075
Oct 28 2011
01:09 PM
Jon Nguyen Elayda CEO/CFO Comentum Capital Opportunities Fraud, Crook, and a Scam Artist Houston, Texas
On 04 DEC 09, I wrote Jon N. Elayda, CEO of Comentum Capital Opportunities, Inc to authorize him to liquidate my investment; Account Number HCCFR-1016 5758 and remit a check representing proceeds to my mailing address.  I estimated the balance as of 04 DEC 09 to be $49,553.37.  I expect remittance to be made within thirty (30) days of your receipt of this instruction in accordance with the terms of our contract agreement he provided, which was paragraph 4 section 4.2  I requested him to please prepare a pro-forma tax statement for me to use in estimating any tax obligations I may incur from this transaction.  I understood that a Form 1099 would be mailed to me in January 2010. I also asked him to please contact me directly if he required clarification or any additional documentation to execute this transaction.  I expected payment within 30 days. The dispute arose On 05 MAR 10, when I wrote another letter to follow up my request dated 04 DEC 09 requesting payment to me of my principal and accrued interest on the above-referenced account.  That letter constituted formal notice to him as provided in section 6.8 of the Placement Agreement executed by Elayda on 20 MAR 08  At that time it has been 60 days from his receipt of the initial request - as evidenced by the Certified Mail receipt executed by his office on December 07,2009 At this writing, he made no response regarding redemption of shares nor have I received a Form 1099 reporting earnings for 2009 from Elayda. In fact, the only statement of interest earnings I was provided was for the quarter ending December 31, 2008  Certain disclosures normally provided on a Form 1099 such as (Payors Tax Identification Number) have not been reported to me. I notified him that if I do not receive a written response to this request by March 15 (90 days from my initial request) regarding payment of principal and accrued interest, I will consider his actions to be non compliant with the terms of the Placement Agreement and will formally report your actions to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as he was a licensed broker with Investment Center of Tanglewood (CRD# 2596623) at the time the contract was executed.  I also reported his questionable tax reporting practices to the Internal Revenue Service. Again, I asked him to pleas contact me directly if he required clarification or any additional documentation to execute this transaction. If payment was not received, I will proceed with contacting FINRA, the Internal Revenue Service and/or any other forum, including the Texas State Attorney Generals Office and the Securities and Exchange Commission, to enforce payment. On15 MAR 10, (18:23:03) Elayda sent me an email and an attachment stating: Not trying to give you the idea that I am not available but have been extremely busy. Were you able to receive your year end statements as requested. As for additional information, we are working on finalizing a joint venture agreement with our partners to put our investment to a close with them. I have attached the copy of the LOI which was revised throughout our negotiating period with our advisers and investors. For your eyes only. This positions Comentum and its investors into a position of control of the new company and how the distribution of shares of the new entity will be awarded to Comentum after the operational period of five years. THis is the main result why our liquidity is enormoursly limited due to the functionof dealing with the banking regulatory involvement of closing our investment banking deal as well as the outstrech of the additional liquidity to our clients.  Regards,  Jon N. Elayda Comentum Capital Opportunities, Inc. 19 Briar Hollow Lane Ste 125 Houston, Texas 77027 Ofc: 713-465-1001 Fax: 713-532-3433 Cell: 713.449.5607   I then reported Elayda to FINRA on 23 MAR 10 (Filing ID:720968), Attorney General of Texas on 01 APR 10(ID: H337424), and the Internal Revenue Service (REF: 0855875309) for non-compliance with the terms of the Comentum Captial Opportunities Placement Agreement (Account Number HCCFR-1016 5758). On 30 JUN 10, 1130 PST, I contacted Elayda at his 713.465.1001 contact number and asked him as to when would I expect my investment.  He replied by informing me that the Investment is in the process of liquidation so that he can write me a check.    As of now he has been docking and dogding.    
Entity: Houston, Texas
23, Report #880579
May 09 2012
09:20 PM
Jon M Rosenthal Rochelle Roseenthal The Rosenthal's are Con artist and steal money Westlake Village, California
Rochelle Rosenthal and her husband Jon Double R Real Estate Associates LLC Managing Member Double RR Real Estate Investment Group, the Ranch Serrano project in Thousand Oaks. I invested with the Rosenthals in their condo project, also in Thousand Oaks. I started suspecting foul play in 2011 and asked the Rosenthals for accounting of the monies in the project and also the status. Through my own digging and not from them I finally learned recently that the project I invested in went bankrupt in 2009 - the Rosenthals never even told me! I had asked in January 2011 for my money back and they said they would look for a replacement investor to take over my share .... they were still covering-up the truth given they already lost the property. I have now found out when knowing this the Jon & Rosenthal were taking others money and already know to project at Rancho Serroano was going down. Rancho Serrano Townhomes in Thousand Oaks is open for sales, built by Southern California multiresidential boutique developer Double R Real Estate Associates LLC.
Entity: Westlake Village, California
24, Report #320728
Mar 24 2008
07:18 PM
Jon Booker man paid 50% and refuses pay balance, after the electrical work was completed Saint Albans West Virginia
On or about February 29, Jonathan Booker located at 612 Cunningham Street, Saint Albans, WV 25177, came to my place of business asked me to complete electrical in his residence. He offered to pay me, cash in hand, after the work was complete. He ignored the first day of work to be on hand to sign the work agreement. He did not show up the second day. The third, he called the inspector, had me removed from the job until I purchased the inspection and permit fees. I did and returned to work the next day. The work was completed within the week, he refused to pay until some additional work is started and completed. I told him to pay for the first work agreement andthen the additional work would be completed. he paid me 55% of the first work and said when I complete the remainder of the work he would pay the balance. I said for the first agreement, he now refuses to pay for anywork. Mullins electric co. Saint Albans, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Albans, West Virginia
25, Report #316679
Mar 10 2008
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Backstage With Jon Bon Jovi Purchased a $3000 backstage experience and did not receive what was promised Internet
As a member of the Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi Fan club I purchased a Backstage ticket package for a show in my area. As originally stated in the description your were to receive 2 Front Row Center Seats, Dinner with the Crew and 2 autographed tour programs. When we attended the show we received our autographed Tour programs and then began our backstage tour. Before going backstage we were told not to approach or disturb anyone. After spending about 15 minutes being showed a bunch of closed doors with signs on them we were lead to the catering area. We were told to fix a plate and take a seat at any empty table. When we went to sit at the table we were told not to leave and to stay put till our tour guide came back. When he returned he asked if we were done and were ready to go to our seats. So we were not able to interact with the crew at all? When we arrived at our seats they were located in the Center Section in the front row, but they were on the far left hand side. They were not center stage seats (in front of Jon) We were sitting on the side of the stage in front of Richie. I would have never paid $3000 for this expereince if I knew I would never have recieved dinner/interation with the crew. Plus if we were not going to have center seats in front of Jon himself. On the website others have purchased this package and received exactly what was promise. They had dinner with a crew member and recieved center seats right in front of Jon's Microphone. I have emailed 2 times to support and never received a response. When I posted a question on the message board the thread was deleted. Any time I post a response about my experience it is deleted also. jan pleasantville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
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