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1, Report #1395899
Aug 27 2017
10:14 AM
Charter Communication corp. Cable,phone and internet Spectrum Credit Monsters Covington Nationwide
 I have proved and faxed and gotten the surety that a cable collection would be taken off of my credit reports by Charter after proving that I was only 9 years old or so when I was supposedly having an account with Charter and here 6 months later it is still on my credit report, I even sent my birth certificate to them. It saddens me to have to do so much unnecessary inquiries for them to get this very simple thing done but nope, here I am having to write this so that everybody should be aware of this hold back of Charters fraud being so lazy or uncaring of a younger, new person trying to start their life and career, it shouldn't be like this, I have so much work to do in school already so adding the dispute with Charter that I DID NOT have an account when I was nine, the thing of it is that Charter has committed a crime allowing my social security number to be used at all at the age nine but they allowed it and are probably still letting it happen to this day . Their is a law that will be enforced against them if they don't take this off of my credit reports immediately, I've done everything to resolve and keep this civil. ANYWAY IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU YOU CAN SURELY SUE THEM FOR ALLOWING A CHILD'S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TO BE USED, THEY ARE AUTOMATICALLY ACCOMPLISHES IN THE CRIME AND SHALL BE HUGELY LIABLE.
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #299617
Jan 13 2008
10:36 AM
Charter Communication Look, it is Charter Miscommunication Walworth Wisconsin
I have been a Charter subscriber for 23 years. Notice how we are now referred to as a numerical value subscriber so to be counted like sheep. The idea of customer relationship is now a foreign concept. I'm not going to rant like other and just get to the point. The decay in connection speed consistency rate and the increase counts of dropped signals have increased proportionally with subscriber increase. Bandwidth speed increase is not an added feature to benefit the subscriber, you see the bandwidth aka frequency is a fixed value due to federal licensing limits. Speed increase is a system requirement in order to maintain network function as system loading increases and subscribers are added. This supposed upgraded benefit to the subscriber as an increase of connection speed ( at additional cost ) is actually necessary to keep the system network functioning. You can only fit so many x and 0s through the existing infrastructure ( that wire hanging from the pole) with limited bandwidth. I believe the new fix is bandwidth allocation (prioritization). The end result is sloped service delivery. In other words, the page loading rate will be 3meg now and drop to 800k in ten minutes then return to 3meg maybe fifteen minutes later. Charter does disclose this in their advertising as Connection rates may vary. Guess no one can really grasp this concept until the contract is signed and the connection is made. The issues I've experienced over the past 3 years in being provided with consistent service have gone unresolved. The boys have been out several times and there is always a different reason for the problem. Here are my current experiences with actual service; off hours 9pm to 6:30 am Monday thru Friday, no problems. Between 6:30am and 7:45am the page file loading becomes painfully slow. Most of the time between 7:50am and 8:10am the download just times out (no download) or drops connection (skewed bandwidth allocation). This coincidentally occurs about the same time commercial customers like a banks go online. Filing a complaint with the PSC yields the same results as urinating on a forest fire. The aforementioned is my opinion and based in my experience as master certified auto technetium trained in the advanced automotive application of multiplex communication, my experience with computers (my first was an IBM 8086), conversations I have held with a very experienced computer technetium that deals with these issues, my observations in using the internet service, and finally ( I can think ). David Elkhorn, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Walworth, Wisconsin
3, Report #894170
Jun 07 2012
09:01 AM
Charter Communication CUT SERVICE Tarrant, Alabama
Okay on May 28th, I had charter Internet, Home, and Cable service installed.  Everything worked great on May 29th.  I arrived home from work and everything was cut off.  I paid the tech for the fee to install upfront so it wouldn't be on my first bill.  I used my cell phone and called charter customer service line after being on the phone with them for 2 hours.  They come back with we are sorry the people that lived in the home before you has a 585.28 outstanding balance and if you with for your service to be turned on the balance for that house must be paid.  I'm thinking to my self what are you talking about the bill should follow the person not stay with the property.  So I ask to speak to the manager.  A man by the name or Tommy gets on the phone and I go through the whole order with him again.  He says hold on he comes back and says I have an outstanding balance for 585.28 with them from the house I have been in and they cut it off on me.  I told him that isn't what the lady just told me and asked him how I could have a balance I just bought this house and this is my first time doing business with them.  He told me he said that I had service with them back in December or 2011 at my current location and they had to come cut off the service and I wouldn't return the equipment.  I told him I just moved in last week and never had service with them.  So I asked for the corporate number he refused to give it to me and hung up the phone.  After searching online I found the corporate phone number so on May 30th.  I gave them a call went through the whole order again with them.  They told me that the balance of such a high amount will stay attached to the property until it is paid.  They records show I was there in December 2011.  So today 6/7/2012 I received a bill in my name now for 689.13.  The 585.28 that was left by the previous owners and the amount I owe for my month of service which I haven't been able to use.  I call the billing department and have been on the phone with them 2 hours now.  They saying that is my balance.  I'm ready to get a lawyer and sue charter unless anyone else can tell me what I need to do. Thanks
Entity: Tarrant, Alabama
4, Report #281099
Oct 26 2007
01:50 PM
Charter Communication False One Month Offer Reno Nevada
I got a call from Taylor Johnson from Charter in my message box. In the past that name was always connected to a billing problem. When I called and said that I had paid my bill, a guy said thare was no billing problem and said I would receive all channels and high speed internet upgrade for free for one month. I received a bill at the month which was much higher than usual. I called and they said that there was no record of a free offer. I was transferred to the promotional department and they said the same thing and tried to sell me telephone service as an add on. I wen to the Charter office and talked to a supervisor named Stephanie. She said that she would check into it and probably call me the next day. It has been a week and no call. You can't reach them by a local number since they transferred to a 866 service number in Vancouver so I will have to go to the office again which is far away. Jay reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Reno, Nevada
5, Report #1303458
May 03 2016
05:23 PM
charter financial Charter Financial Corp. sent bill for services Internet
CHARTER FINACIAL sent me an email asking me if I was happy with there service. I do not or have i ever used them. Then they send me another one with part of an invoice in it, It said I owed them $349,75 notice the comma not a period. THE INVOICE NUMBER 9679877 DATE DUE IS 5/5/2016     There was a place to click on to view the whole invoice. I did not, I replied saying I was going to report them
Entity: Internet
6, Report #337156
Jun 04 2008
03:40 PM
Charter Communication Charter communications need help??? Sweetwater Tennessee
Here is the short... It is confirmed Charter communications once had service at our address. The bill was left unpaid. We moved in to the home trying to get cable and they tell us our property is unserviceable??? They removed the tap apparently. They will not install a new one, we have to pay $1,000 to have their service??? Does anyone know anything about the law where In exchage for being allowed to conduct business one a monopoly basis, cable companies are REQUIRED by law to offer cable to everyone who lives in the certain designated areas. If your house had cable before, they are required to provide it again.. I need it to shove in their face so that I do not have to pay for their services. Kimberly Sweetwater, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Sweetwater, Tennessee
7, Report #650520
Oct 13 2010
12:55 PM
charter communication charter lousy service and customer service St Louis, Montana
I have internet service with this place. There have been at least 3 outages during the last 3 years.  when I called the tollfree number. yes, the endless voice menu, before I even reach a live person.  who is no help at all.  we're aware of the issue & the crew is working on remediating the issue & we have not ETA at this time.  the last occurence was according to them, the DNS servers are down.  haven't they heard of multiple secondary name servers, how about redundancy, clustering or High-availability! what a bunch of idiots.  the company is supposely started by Paul Allen, so all their equipment is probably running 'windozeon 4/6/2010, I got a Final Notice before dis-connect & will be reported to credit bureau as deliquent account & reconnection and late fee .....This is ridiculous, since I have automatic payment setup, which has worked fine for the past 3 years.  after I relay this to the customer service, we apologize for the inconvenience & it's a mistake & will make note in your file & this shouldn't happen in the first place.  so tell me, I ask why did this happen.  so more gibberish, but no clear explanation.too bad, I live too far from the central office (I can only get 128K via DSL).  i would switch instantly from this lousy company.
Entity: St Louis, Montana
8, Report #376619
Sep 27 2008
07:27 PM
Charter Communication service in South Fort Worth is very poor. Fort Worth, Texas
The service has been all but good. I have call several times to have service on internet running slow, tv cable box not functioning (turns off suddenlY). The claim to get the problem done and never do. They have began to lie and say that they have followed on a service order but have not as the gates are locked. No one knows who is responsible when questioned. Even the supervisors are failing to make service calls as requested on the service order. Uriel Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
9, Report #454772
May 23 2009
04:06 PM
Charter Communication I work for them Moundsville West Virginia
I work for charter communications, and i hate it. i have to answer calls from customer that are having any and all kind of issues with their phone. it never gets fixed for good, just for a while. Charter doesnt give a f*ck, plain and simple. Prissilla1984 Wheeling, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Moundsville, West Virginia
10, Report #408333
Jan 05 2009
04:46 PM
Charter Communication Failed to Provide Basic Services Pasadena California
In October I asked Charter Communications to install a cable package with Internet. They used heavy sales tactics to entice me to also use their VOIP phone service but I was already happt with Vonage. Since installation, every time I try to use my phone while on-line my entire Internet system crashes. Charter has tried to fic the problem three times and their only solution seems to be that I cancel Vonage and switch to their service. This all seems very suspicious to me. Sterilecheck Eagle Rock, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pasadena, California
11, Report #234438
Feb 05 2007
09:58 AM
Charter Communication bad record keeping, annoyance, never ending nightmare monthly calls. Madison Wisconsin
first started with high speed internet was not bad at first. then decided to get basic cable,then moved up to the full package with the moxi box and high def channels. had many problems with high def reception. terrible recorded programs on the high def. called and complained. with internet connection and cable tv. finally had enough. returned the moxi box in and cable modem. kepted just cable tv. few weeks later i get a bill in the mail saying i own for unreturned items. i called and asked what it was they said it was my moxi box. which i said i had returned. they said well maybe its your digital receiver? i laughed and said you don't know? they ask if i had a receipt. i said yes. they ask if i could bring it in. i said what about you records you should have it on file. they said we have to see the receipt. so i said i have to travel a long distance. i said well if i have to come in i will cancel every thing. so i went in took every thing and complained again. i asked at that time is every thing ok and is every thing returned and cancel the auto pay on this account. they said yes every thing will be canceled. well one month has gone by i got another call from them saying i have not returned my internet modem. i told them that was returned on the first visit to the office. after them searching there records they were still in question i said what do i have to come in again get your records straight. they said no we will clear it now sorry for the trouble it will not happen again i laughed and said yes thats what you said the last 3 months lets wait till next month. thats what brought me to this web site Steven middleton, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
12, Report #219529
Nov 07 2006
06:47 PM
i'm a single mom and had lost my job from a company i had work at for 10 years-back ground information. In july i seen a advertisment for telephone,cable and internet for $110.00 a month. I called and signed up for this service.I was told someone would come out a hook everything up, that someone would be here between 8-1, someone came around 6:oopm that night. I was okay with that, the person came in and did what they had to do. Later on I was having computer problems and ran into the same problem. We will be there sometime in between 8-5 never saw them in the meantime, I keep getting bills from bellsouth. Well since I sign with charter, I was not going to pay Bellsouth. One day when I came home while looking for a job and my phone was disconnected. I called Charter and they said that they never hook up my phone line. Which I couldn't understand because I was paying over $110.00 a month. So, I paid Bellsouth and got hook back up until charter could come out and get my phone going which I thought had been going since July. In the meantime I got a job. Well, when they came out they messed up my cable. Well, when they came to fix the cable, my cat got missing, I called Animal Control and talked to one of there officer. (if you need his name i've got it). well in the meantime I got another bill from bellsouth I e-mail them that I had already told them I was with charter, that my phone didn't work. Saturday after i came home from work got out of my car I heard a sick meow. I start looking and open up the lock on the door under my house. My cat had been under there for 6 days are so without food.It was about dead. There had not been no one else around my house. maybe it wasn't the cable people maybe a fairy did that to my cat. It was Halloween when I talk to a cusomter service rep. for charter. His name was William Howard and about as much help as putting out a fire with gasoline. well, On Saturday night about 2:30 the power went out. I went for my 9mm and to call 911. Guess what???? my phone don't work. So, for 30 min i stay in the closet with my weapon pulled. My cell was in the living room. I finally went after it and called 911. I have tried to reach the ceo of charter and no one will let me. I wouldn't buy stock in charter, they think they can treat people however, that they have the market corner. I never have felt so used,violated and screwed and it wasn't with my permission thats why i fell like i've been raped. If you are not careful you could be the next victim! why is the goverment letting Charter Communication be a monoply? Angela easley, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Easley, South Carolina
13, Report #1335052
Oct 25 2016
06:29 PM
Charter spectrum communication Unfair marketing and faluare to notify. Nationwide
 I received my first cable bill since the change over to spectrum from time warner , and noticed a dramatic increase in monthly charges. I called the main number to billing and customer service. I spoke to them regarding my bill and they informed me that there was another increase next month which my bill was going from 179.00 to 224.00. And this was due to spectrum was not honoring TWC discounts. The next conversation was I asked what they could do for me regarding my bill they stated they could keep it almost the same but it cost me 34.00 to have a tech come change my equipment. So I stated that we're is all of this written and why was I not informed, they had no answer. My next conversation was when I requested a supervisor needless to say the response was the same, but I then asked to lower my bill by removing features an he stated the cost would be at a higher price and that my choice was the triple play and pay 34.00 or let my bill go to 224.00 as the result if I pay the 34.00 and take a day off work without pay all in all will cost me a hole lot more. The advertising done on television is a fraud it only applies to new customers.
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #239959
Mar 20 2007
08:02 PM
Charter Communication ripoff disrespectful unorganized and confused customer service lying to customer loss of customer information fradulent billing Long Beach California
Charter communications is the only cable company available in my area that alone gives the complany incentive to treat customers with no concern. I have been paying this company for over three years, they claimed I did not pay for thr single month of january's bill, and proceeded to disconnect my service without anything in writting, including the bill suggestiing that I owed $228. I have received three different DVR boxes friom the compay witin the past 6 months none of them have consistently worked, the internet has not consistently worked as well. They have only compensated me with $25. Furthermore, when the cable was switched to my new address in November of 2006 thehy left a panel on the side of my duplex wide open, which eventually lead to a bird it's nest of new babies who could be heard scratching the walls throughout the interior wall of my home. Being that they are such a large monopoly nothing is ever done to help the customer and compensate them anymore, hopefully someone can help me. Asha long beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
15, Report #61741
Jun 24 2003
08:57 PM
Charter One Bank ripoff, high fees, rude customer service, misleading advertising Cleveland (Corp HQ) Ohio
On the recommendation of Gomez, I opened an account with Charter One Bank in February. I was looking for an online bank with a higher yield on my savings, and have found the exact opposite. This hasn't been my main bank account, and I wanted to evalaute the online bill payment and other features before completely switching banks. To date, I have paid $51 in service fees. These fees included an 2-month inactivity fee, which when applied triggered a below $2,500 minimum balance fee. I have put another $1,000 in the account since hitting the $2,500 minimum and had one POS withdrawl of $3 - but still was hit with a minimum balance fee - I'm trying to get the details of how they calculate an average daily balance which is used to assess this fee. In the short time that I've banked with Charter One, I've also been charge fees to talk to a live person about these service charges. Statements and the online information is very vague and do not specifically mention what the fee is for, only Service Charge irregardless of what it was for. At this point I am ready to close this account and run as fast away from this them as possible. However, there is one final catch, another fee. Accounts closed within 120 days are charged $75. I've gotten past 120 calendar days, but knowing how bad this bank wants my money, I have a feeling this is based on 120 business days (minus holidays). With all that said I will take Gomez recommendations for banks, credit cards, whatever else you rate with a grain of salt. However, I do agree with the GOmez ranking for Charles Schwab, but to me Charter One ranks down there with Bally Total Fitness. I do not know what criteria was used on Charter One, or how much Gomez received to polish this turd of a bank - but if other people are having the same issues with this institution, it is not reflecting well upon your them when the Gomez logo is emblazened on Charter One's home page next to it's Free* checking account offering. Robbed medinah, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland (Corp HQ), Ohio
16, Report #340985
Jun 17 2008
07:36 AM
TMP Communication Corp Never received payment for my cell phone Brooklyn New York
Sent TMP my phone via their website I was promised a $30 check after the my phone was received and qualified. Both occured within several weeks of me sending the phone, yet it's 7 months later and I have yet to receive my $30 check. I have reported this company to BBB. I'd like my phone back if they are not going to pay me! KDG Jacksonville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
17, Report #956285
Oct 17 2012
02:33 PM
Charter Loans Services Chartered Capital Credit Services, Chartered Capital Credit Solutions, Charter Financial Corp. Almost fell for loan scam -- saved by reading other reports on Ripoff about this company! Internet
Found Charter Loans Services in USA Today. Offered good rates on loans even with bad credit. Sent e-mail to e-mail address in paper. Never heard anything. Called the phone number and was told they could take application over phone or online. Gave me Website and I applied online. Talked with a Kathy Baker over the phone. Said she would have answer in two hours and to call back. In two hours I was approved for a $10,000 loan and she e-mailed me terms and signature pages. Loan looked Great!! seven percent interest for four years and payments did not start til 2013. Signed papers and faxed voided check for direct deposit of loan funds. Pages also listed a loan premium fee of $957.84, to be paid upfront. Sounded OK to me. Once I faxed signed papers, Kathy called and told me to get a MoneyGram or Western Union money and send the loan fee to Mr. Dominick Jamison, Orlando, Fl. I asked about more address info for him. she said that was enough. After I sent money via Western Union I was to call her and funds would be in my accoutn in 2-4 hours. Western Union sent up red flag for me, so I started googling and came up with the reports on this site. It now appears what I am being offered is the same scam. I have put a fraud alert on my credit report, but LifeLock tells me they can't do anything about the fact that I've given them my SS# and bank accoutn number because I gave it out willingly. Thank God I found this site before I sent the money. I am NOT out any funds, but I am very concerned about other info they have. LifeLock rep said Western Union was a dead giveaway for a scam. Please don't try for a loan with this company.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #384029
Oct 23 2008
06:30 AM
American Charter Finicial there a bank from ny. that took 5000 of my money then i tracked them to gorgia but police say i have to sue them there is no business who do u sue New York
they gave me home loan and took off with my down payment. they were suposally out of N.Y. but i track them down to Gorgia there not even a bank. i filled report with the police and they said it was a civail matter and that i was gonna have to sue them. Well my question is who do u sue. and were can i go to find help before they get more people like me Btrayboss marlette, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: New York
19, Report #221522
Jun 25 2007
10:46 PM
This is my letter I wrote to President/CEO after their local company is ripping me off! November 9, 2006 To: Charter Communications From: Dennis R. Findly Acct number-200112076606-2020002 To whom it may concern: I have had a problem going on 6 months now with cable TV. I have lost complete reception now for the last 3 days. I have had bad or no reception for approx. 6 months. I have called many times. I have been on hold for 30/40 min only to have it hang up on me. I couldn't even get thru to you today-busy signal for hours. I have complained in person at the Riverside office, asked for refund or free service for compensation and have been turned down by your people. I have returned my equipment and changed it out to see if that was the problem. Nope. I have had your service people come out and they said there is no problem with my connection. But they did say you have been working on the lines for a long time. So the problem has been you guys since I have been complaining. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of your customers that have had the same problems. I'm done pleading with you guys. I want my current bill free and next months bill free. Or refund me for 2 months of the last 6 months I've already paid you. This is a simple request to resolve this without litigation. Thank you, Charter Communication may be in bad shape all over now that I've read some of these complaints. I have now decided to file a complaint with the city of Riverside but would really like to get this resolved. If not a Class Action Lawsuit will do! Dennis riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
20, Report #38717
Dec 19 2002
10:57 AM, Orbit Communication Corp ripoff, Rude and uncaring customer service, the business that doesnt give a dam Framingham Massachusetts
I bought a christmas present from them for my brother. They shipped me defective equiptment. When I called up to resolve it they told me it was not their fault it was broken and I should contact the manufacturer. They said they would exchange it for me, but they would charge me a 35% restocking fee. What are they restocking a broken unit so they can send it out to someone else. And rip them off. I would not do business with them. And I will tell everyone who will listen the same. Chris Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Framingham, Massachusetts
21, Report #416318
Jan 26 2009
11:56 AM , TMP Communication Corp, Sent my phones, but never received my money-No phone number given on website Brooklyn New York
After completing the on-line component, sent me a confirmation email giving me details on where to send my phones. They also stated if I had any questions to contact them via email at No phone number was given. I mailed my phones on 10/27/07 and never received payment. I emailed them at the given address in November '07, December '07 and January '08 to find out where my money was. I never received any response or money! Anonymous Concord, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
22, Report #1391676
Aug 09 2017
11:19 PM
spectrum charter communication never no service,always out or not working albertville Alabama
charter communication charges a lot of money on monthly bill and we never have service
Entity: albertville, Alabama
23, Report #724875
May 03 2011
06:31 AM
Gary S Blonder Sawgrass Ind Corp., Yacht Charter Group, World Automotive Group,, Gary Blonde, Gary Blonder, Delray Yacht Charter Group, World Group d/b/a yacht charter group d/b/a sawgrass ind yacht charterer, boat designer, boat builder, real estate dealings, COPY OF GOVERNMENT PRESS REPLEASE, Internet
FOR FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PR-119-2002 (3-11-2002) Media Contact: Samuel Holland (202-416-2912) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Inspector General Gaston L. Gianni, Jr., has announced that Gary S. Blonder and Laura Z. Schwartz of West Hartford, CT, were indicted on October 31 by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut on charges related to concealing assets from the FDIC and making false statements to the U.S. government. This case was investigated by the FDIC Office of Inspector General. Blonder is charged with a total of five counts - one for concealing assets from the FDIC and four for making false statements to the government. Schwartz is charged with aiding and assisting Blonder in concealing the assets. According to the indictment, Blonder owes the FDIC $2.714 million as part of an order of restitution entered by the U.S. District Court in Hartford in connection with a 1996 criminal conviction. The single count of concealing assets from the FDIC alleges that between June 1999 and August 2002, Blonder -- aided and abetted by Schwartz -- conducted four real estate transactions so that all financial and land records would show Schwartz as the sole owner. In reality, Blonder allegedly arranged the purchase and financing of the properties and used money from his privately held businesses to finance and improve the properties. The indictment further alleges that upon the sale of two of these properties, Blonder shared in the profits and concealed this money from the FDIC. Blonder is also charged with making false statements concerning material facts to different U.S. government representatives. One count alleges that on December 8, 2000, Blonder provided a false written statement to the U.S. Attorney's office in Connecticut in connection with an attempt by that office to collect the money owed to the FDIC. In that statement, Blonder stated that he had sold a $100,000 U.S. Treasury bond received as part of a divorce settlement when, in fact, he still owned the bond and was holding it in a brokerage account in one of his business names. Three counts allege that Blonder made false statements to his probation office regarding his financial dealings and the operation of his solely owned businesses. If convicted, Blonder faces up to five years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine on each count. Schwartz, if convicted, faces up to five years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. ###Congress created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in 1933 to restore public confidence in the nation's banking system. The FDIC insures deposits at the nation's 9,480 banks and savings associations and it promotes the safety and soundness of these institutions by identifying, monitoring and addressing risks to which they are exposed. The FDIC receives no federal tax dollars - insured financial institutions fund its operations. FDIC press releases and other information are available on the Internet at or through the FDIC's Public Information Center (800-276-6003 or (703) 562-2200)
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #375620
Sep 24 2008
07:56 AM
Charter Communications Texas Misrepresentation! Their Customer Service is extremely bad, no communication between their people in the field: dispatch, installers, etc. Customer service tells you one thing, orders dispatched messed up! St. Louis Missouri
Are you aware that customer service is what makes or breaks your business? I do not even know where to begin. I am extremely angry and disappointed with Charter Communications. As a matter of fact, the word communications should not even be in their name! (apt. 302)In 12/07 I ordered and setup a bundle pkg that was supposed to be $79.99 for wireless internet, cable, and telephone. Even before I had any of the services installed there was a problem. I waited for the installer, took a day off of work, and no one showed up. I claled Charter and was told the order had been cancelled. I did not cancel anything. This is where the nightmare begins...Another appt. was made and finally, wehn the installer came to my address the order was incorrect. I had ordered wireless internet and he di not have that on his work order. He phoned Charter and was on the phone for 45 minutes! On 4/11/08 I was hospitalized for 3 mos due to surgery and injuries to my feet and legs from an accident. A couple of days after that and 3 calls to their customer service I explained my situation and asked that my service be disconnected. I also requested that someone come out to pick up the equipment. I did not receive a response for several weeks, finally a contractor that works for Charter came and picked up all of the equipment. When the contractor came out and I asked for a receipt she began checking serial numbers on the equipment and one of them did not match. (they billed me for this later and without having an itemization of the amount of the bill I went ahead and paid a little over $300.00 to payoff the apt. #302 acct.) On August 22nd I phoned to payoff the outstanding balance with them and to have wireless internet and cable at the apt. I had been moved to downstairs due to the serious personal injuries I sustained. I asked the CSR to please change the apt. # I gave the CSR all of the new information including my new phone numbers. He took the payment off of my bankcard of $304.98, told me that an installer ould callme one hour prior to coming to my house. (no installer calls you it is a voice automated response system). Being that I have worked in this type of business before I made sure to confirm not only the order but the new updated information as well. I also mentioned to him more than once that I had no equipment and that it would have to be an installation and not a reconnect. I took Saturday, Aug 23rd off from wk and waited two hours for an installer at the time confirmed, no one showed up. at 2 p.m. I called Charter to make sure someone was going to come. When I phoned I was told the order was complete! I was on the phone for 50 minutes. The CSR finally put me through to a supervisor. He assured me he had spoken with Dispatch and that someone would be out today! While I was waiting for an installer to show up, I went to check my mailbox. At the mailbox the perosn that now lives in my old apt. #202 handed me a dark yellow piece of paper that was a copy of the work order! For Me! On the work order (which I sent to Charter twice already, and a letter explaining all of the problems I am having!) showing that it was a reconnect not an install. But, more importantly Charter had given the wrong address and phone numbers to the contractor who came out and did the job! I immediately called Charter again and after another hour of explaining I reached Keith another supervisor and explained the problem. He again assured me that he would look into this matter and return my call. Also, that he would look into this matter and return my call. And, that he would call Dispatch and have them come out and install my services today. Keith called me a few minutes later to tell me that the installation could not be done as he told me that it would be the next day between 8 and noon, tomorrow (Sunday, August 24th). 2008 I spent the wholde day off, without pay. I just got out of the hospital recently, have major health problems this is not what I needed to deal with. The reason I am so upset is obvious! This is NOT the first time anything like this has occured. The whole time I have delath with Charter has been extremely bad. I do not believe anything I am told by anyone from Charter, including supervisors. The saga continues... I decided Sunday at 7:57 AM to call to confirm an installer would be out here. I took a half a day off, which now is a whole day) just to be at my apt between the time they told me they would be here. Again, Charter LIED to me! The CSR told me nothing had been scheduled for today and that neither Keith, or the other supervisor, or the CSR's I had spoken with the latter part of the day before FAILED to put any notes on me being rescheduled for TODAY! At this point, I felt sick. the CSR put me on hold for over 20 minutes (without even coming back, like a CSR should very few minutes) to tell me her supervisor Robert had called Dispatch again and assured me that my install would happen before 5 PM today. The work order NO. 6840730. Here it is Sunday, August 24th, at 1 PM and I have been on hold with a CSR trying to get a supervisor to speak with me, AGAIN. This time I was told no one was going to come out until tomorrow, Monday between 3-5 PM. I was not even asked if this appt. was okay with me. The other 2 supervisors told me (and, obviously someone was lying) that someone would be out no later than 5 pm TODAY. Prior to that it was 8 AM to 12 noon on Sunday. I believe there are definite problems between their CSR's, supervisors, and the Dispatch people. And, NOW another day, MONDAY. At 1 PM Sunday I decided to call to make sure AGAIN that an installer would be coming out before 5 PM I finally spoke with someone named Lynn, Supervisor. After being ON HOLD on my cell phone for 1 (ONE) hour, 25 MINUTES and her reviewing my reocrds she told me she could see several dispatch orders and could not believe what I had been going thru since Friday! She gave me her contact information and direct extension. she told me she could only schedule me for tomorrow. Agina, I have had to take a THIRD day off from work! I do not understand how something as simple could be so messed up! In my area, Charter is the only company we can use. I have spoken with the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and my neighbors. Charter does not seem to get anyone's bill right. A month ago, I end up receiving a bill for apt. #302! Again, yesterday Sept 22, 2008 I receive another bill for over $370.00 for that address! I called and spoke to a CSR and after being on hold for a very long time I hung up. I have not only called, but written to Charter many times. I only recieved one letter from them way in the beginning apologizing for misrepresentation. I have not received anything but bills for my present apt. and then the bill mentioned above, something must be done to straighten out this company! I do not know how they can possibly still be in business ripping people off! Anonymous Azle, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Charter Communications
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
25, Report #200778
Jul 13 2006
02:25 AM
Charter Communication ripoff Glendale California
I'm having a serious issue with Charter Cable.I'm only one of millions of customers who suffer the same problem caused by Charter.We call it Spam. I pay well over $120.00 a month for cable tv as well as high speed internet.I have a free email service from yahoo that has the best spam protection that you can get for free. I've spoken with charter many times and they will do nothing to help their customers from recieving all the spam anyone wants to send you.What this really means is that I'm buying all the spam I can get for $120.00 a month.If yahoo and Google which are free services can afford to give their customers free spam protection why can't charter Who charges an arm and legg for everything you pay for help their customers by stopping the spammers? It's not that they can't.IT'S BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO.I was told by their customer service that charter offers Free AVG.Since I don't want to download something that doesn't work very well and it's free for anyone who wants it,then they tell me that It's my own problem. I prefer Mcafee online protection that I pay for yearly.It is none of Charters business which virus protection I use because the problem isn't a virus. It's SPAM! This problem is not just a problem in California.It's National and something needs to be done ASAP.I'm recieving over 500 spam emails each day. Tommy Glendale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California

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