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1, Report #1034109
Jun 20 2007
11:47 AM
Charter Communications Another dissatisfaction with Charter Communications Internet
This is more dissatisfacton with Charter Communications! I have written before. After having trouble since last night accessing drafts on Charter, I called their help about 12;30 P.M. today. The tech. asked me many questions (I assume to acertain that I knew what I was doing to try to get drafts) He then got my password so that he could see for himself (when I click drafts, and then click on the draft I want, a message comes up in red that says error ,last command couldn't be preformed, try later. I assume the tech saw all this. Then after more ramblings, he said the system had some problems, they were working on it, and should be up later (he could not tell me when). Why didn't he tell me in the first place, instead of all the mumbo-jumbo?? Is it even true??? I want a cable internet server, and the only one available to me is Charter, otherwise I would never have them!!! Gen Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #13373
Feb 05 2002
12:00 AM
Charter Communications Cable-horrible everything!!! Hoover Alabama
First of all, I pay almost fifty dollars per month for basic cable, which I didn't mind until about two weeks ago. I turned on the television to watch one of the movie channels I subscribed to and saw only a yellow screen informing me that ALL movie channels would require me to upgrade to the deluxe cable package. I got no prior notification that I would stop receiving my movie channels that I pay for! Every time I try to call the customer service line, no matter what time it is, the line is busy. I cannot even cancel my service! And just five minutes ago, I got a call from a service representative inviting me to upgrade so that I can get premium service (HBO only) for a mere $66.00 a month. When I asked him why my channels had been taken away without my knowledge, he only said that he wasn't aware of any problems and suggested that I send in next month's payment! I've never been so upset over something so stupid in my life! So anyone who is thinking about subscribing to Charter Communications, think again! Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Charter Communications
Entity: Hoover, Alabama
3, Report #213297
Sep 29 2006
03:45 AM
CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS ripoff Lawrenceville Georgia
I had my cable service turned off so I could switch to Directv. I called on Aug 22nd, on Sept 12th I get a bill online for $102. 95, I call charter and am told that there was a mistake and I am owed $2. On Sept 16th I get a paper bill for $47, once again I call Charter and on hold for 15min, I finally e-mail charter and get an e-mail back that states there was never any workorder for disconnection, and that I owe 102.95. Later that day I get an e-mail that states there is a work order for disconnection on Aug 30th and that I will get a pro-rated bill in the mail which will be my final bill. I call charter and am hung up on and,call back and finally connected to the service dept who some jacka** says that the workorder was cancelled due to a cancelled check. Instead of turning service off for non-payment this idiot tells me I have to keep service for nonpayment. In the meantime I get a courtesy call telling me my service is going to be interupted for nonpayment plus an e-mail that saYs they are more than willing to help solve this problem I only have to chat on line with one of their stupid customer service people. I gave up called the Fcc filed a complaint call the cable cooridinator of my area and finaly after a month got a call back from corporate who erased the bill, these people are idiots! this some (((ROR redacted competitor's name))) BULL.... your taking a chance using charter John PENDERGRASS, GeorgiaU.S.A. font color=red> sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail addressfrom this Report.
Entity: Lawrenceville, Georgia
4, Report #655753
Oct 27 2010
10:06 AM
Charter Communications Poor internet service Internet
For the past 3 months I have been having repeated interruptions with my internet service.  Charter Communications keeps sending out technicians who keep telling me there is a low signal in the area.  If that's the case; Why don't they fix it?  Service outage vary from one hour to two days and they keep sending out people who say they will refer the problem up the line.  This is not just me, everyone in the area has the same problems.  They can't fix it I guess but they sure want the bill paid on time.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #214292
Oct 05 2006
05:31 AM
Charter Communications ripoff Reno Nevada
Charter cable covers many states in teh U.S. Across the board, they seem to offer shady service and inconsistent business practices. My internet was out on many occasions, and I was told that I would be charged for a service call (by one rep) and other reps said no charge, but it was at least 6 weeks to come out to the house. Long story short, I re wired my house and it worked for a while longer. Now, I've moved out of that house, it's been four months, and Charter is sending collectors to my (previous) address to collect on payment or disconnect. I've spoken to them on several occasions, in July I said I wanted to cancel my service, they said they cannot do this, I must return my modem and then the disconnect would be automatic. it's been 4 months and I've jumped through their hoops, and I Owe 4 months worth of internet now. I guess they will have to submit to me to collections. John Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Reno, Nevada
6, Report #98541
Jul 12 2004
10:49 AM
Charter Communications Morons Smyrna Georgia
Anyone who thinks Charter is great must pull the cotton away from their eyes! I've been waiting for a refund check for an overpayment from February 2004. It's July by the way!!! I actually have been testing them on the accurancy of their information they provide the customers and everyone says something different concerning my issue! First they said it would be 6-8 weeks form Feb 13th, 2004, then I called back and it was then explained it would be 6-8 weeks form April 15th, 2004, then I called back and it was 6-8 weeks from May 15th, 2004. I just called today and the morons said they filed some inquiry to their corporate office on June 16th, 2006, so now it is 6 weeks from that date. I believe they are hoping I give up and forget! There are dealing with the wrong person! I will call everyday and leave very very negative feedback with the Better Business Bureau and campaign against signing up with this company... and for the lasy who said it isn't the reps fault... bullsh*t... t everyones responsibility at charter to give accurate/timely information and go the extra mile to do so if they have to! Excuses Excuses....that's all Charters offers....Be very aware of this company! Mike/Alpharetta,GA Michael Alpharetta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Smyrna, Georgia
7, Report #1198263
Dec 29 2014
05:19 PM
Charter Communications Early Termination Nationwide
I previously had DirecTV and for the most part it was a fine service.  But since I had a new roof put on the house, I thought that it was a good time to look at getting a different television provider, so that I wouldn't have to reinstall the dish. Charter Communications is the monopoly cable provider in my township.  For some reason, Michigan has decided that any house can only have one cable provider. Since Charter was offering to buyout the existing contracts of satalite TV contracts, up to some dollar amount around $500, I thought I would transfer my business and have them pay for the early termination fee that I would incure from DirecTV.  My early term fee was $150.00   So, I called to have my service installed, but since I don't have any need for a home telephone, I asked if I could pass on that part of the service.  The young lady on the phone had to check with her boss and left me on hold for quite some time.  Her boss said that my request would be allowed and that I would still be eligable for the early term reimbursement, without the phone line. After it is installed and I have incurred the cost at DirecTV, Charter has pulled the offer. Simple bait and switch.  
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1044077
Apr 17 2013
04:17 PM
Charter Communications Charter Communications Long Beach Charter Communications changes TV service - Rips off bulk customer Internet
In March 2013, Charter Communications modified their cable TV transmission on several channels to a digital format without appropriately notifying their customers.  Overnight, several television channels simply vanished from our bulk television service account.  After contacting Charter, and after a whopping 35 days!, I was given a quote to upgrade to their new digital standard which would cost us an additional $600 per unit to install cabling that would accommodate the digital signal.  When I asked to be placed back on the contracted services, I was ignored completely.  I have left no less than 10 messages to have a supervisor contact me and I have had no replies.  I have opened no less than three support tickets, and to date no replies. Charter has clearly made a terrible mistake in converting to a digital signal without first making sure their customers and infrastructure could handle it.  Now they are making enemies of loyal customers and seem to have nothing but contempt for customers that simply want what was agreed to.
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #337156
Jun 04 2008
03:40 PM
Charter Communication Charter communications need help??? Sweetwater Tennessee
Here is the short... It is confirmed Charter communications once had service at our address. The bill was left unpaid. We moved in to the home trying to get cable and they tell us our property is unserviceable??? They removed the tap apparently. They will not install a new one, we have to pay $1,000 to have their service??? Does anyone know anything about the law where In exchage for being allowed to conduct business one a monopoly basis, cable companies are REQUIRED by law to offer cable to everyone who lives in the certain designated areas. If your house had cable before, they are required to provide it again.. I need it to shove in their face so that I do not have to pay for their services. Kimberly Sweetwater, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Sweetwater, Tennessee
10, Report #448097
May 01 2009
02:17 PM
Charter Communications, Charter a.k.a. CROOKS ! Kingsport Tennessee
I was already sick and tired of Charter and their high rates/monopoly on the cable and internet service in this area....but this latest fiasco really has me TICKED ! We were having a rough time due to the way things are going with the economy right now and we got behind on our Charter bill for ONE month. I mean...what are we gonna the house payment and buy food, or pay Charter ? We had to have a place to live and food to eat so we let it slide. This guy in a Mustang pulls into my driveway and asks is this your residence, blah blah blah. Turns out he was from Charter and wanted to collect our money on that day. I made sure to check his ID and everything. He said if we wrote him a check for 102.00 that would pay EVERYTHING in full and take care of it. He would be able to have them turn our cable internet back on right then and there. (Our cable for TV was still on and working) and he would call to tell them we had made our payment in full. So....I did. I wrote him a check for 102.00 . He gave me a reciept. He called and had the internet turned back on. We were good to go, he said. I must have asked him 10 times if that would take care of everything and he said YES. I figured he was right, because our normal bill is around 65.00. I figured that the extra was for late fees, taxes, etc. I just got my next bill. WOAH. Online it says our balance is 111.74. It showed no payment as being made. I called. Yes, they do have our payment of 102.00 and it has been processed. There is a balance foward on my account of 40.50. There is a 25.00 fee on my account from where the guy came out to take our money that HE never mentioned. The rude lady says Your actual balance is 136.74 since we are in a new billing cycle now. I said...WAIT. I PAID 102.00 on April 24th. This is MAY 1st ! How in the H*LL do you get that there is a balance forward ?? The 102 was supposed to take care of EVERYTHING ! I asked ! She was like billing cycle for May/June now.....40 something balance foward.......25 fee....blah, blah, blah ( I was not paying attention b/c I was so mad). I said no..that 102 was to take care of EVERYTHING what is the balance forward She says Well, I'm sorry ma'am but what I am showing is that ......blah blah blah (me tuning out again). Finally I figured out what they had done to me. The dude came to get my payment on the LAST possible day. So by the time the check cleared the bank I was late another month and he never mentioned the 25.00 fee to me, so in reality I had not paid that, either. If you ask me, that is down right SHADY and they are milking customers to get every fee possible. This does not even include the rate hikes that come wayyy too often !! Well, I know that some of you will say that it is my responsibility to keep bills paid on time, but we were in a real struggle last month. I mean if I asked 10 times if that would cover everything, he should have been HONEST. Tn78 kingsport, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Kingsport, Tennessee
11, Report #266043
Aug 08 2007
08:17 AM
Charter Communications charter ripoff scheme Stockbridge Georgia
I have been a customer with charter for 2 years. about5 months ago I noticed my bill was inreased by a substantial amount. I called them and was told that packages were not available and that I would have to get into a new package that was being advertised. After negotiating with them seperatly my bottom line bill was not to be more than 85 plus tax. they sent a very confusing bill that showed credits(still confusing for I believe that money is owed to me after paying the bill that was earlier sent -the credits ended up with a bottom line to what was agread upon.) the next folowing bill always showed as confusing and bottom line of 30.00 more. this happend to me 3 times within the past 5 months. I don't appreciate the fact of being lied to over the phone by management (3times) so I cancelled my account. my account has always been in good standing with them never 30 late. my bill was paid to the time of disconnect. (tomorrow 8/09/07) they are very deceptive in their methods billings ect. It seems to me after finding this site that I don't stand alone. I am still currently connected funny that I am using thier service to file a ripoff report against them. I would like to see a class action suit brought against these tyrants for unjust enrichment and wire fraud. I2wasrippedoff stockbridge, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Stockbridge, Georgia
12, Report #1319763
Jul 30 2016
10:48 AM
Charter Communications Charter Spectrum Refused Promised buyout Newtown Connecticut
In early June, 2016:I had Dish TV service and when speaking to a Charter representative about another matter I was asked if I wanted to switch my TV service to Charter.  I told her that I had a contract with Dish and would have to pay an early termination fee if I switched.  She told me that Charter would pay the early termination fee.  She told me about the required form, where to find it online and before I approved the switch, I looked over the form and read the rules printed on the form.  ( rules state:©Charter Communications. Offer available to qualifying customers only who have not subscribed to Charter TV services within the previous 30 days and have no outstanding obligations to Charter. Forms must be received by Charter within 60 days of installation of the Charter Triple Play. Check amount will be determined by the early termination fee on   the   final    bill   from     the   previous provider, not    to   exceed $500. If  email is  not    available, forms may    be   mailed to:   Charter Communications, 11  Commerce Rd,   Newtown, CT   06470.  ATTN:  Strategic Accounts  Team. The check must be redeemed within six months from the date of issuance or be rendered null and void. Entitlement to amounts tendered is strictly conditioned upon timely presentment. Failure to present the check for payment within such period shall result in forfeiture of the amounts tendered and reversion thereof to Charter Communications.I fully qualified according to the rules printed on the buyout form so I cancelled my Dish service and was informed that the early termination fee was $120.00  I approved that only because Charter would be paying the $120.00I filled out the form, attached the final Dish form, as required and emailed it to the buyout email address; (  Several days later I was told by Charter that my buyout request was denied because I had used the buyout 2 years before. I explained that nowhere on the form did it say a word about not being eligible if I had used the service before. Their answer referred me to another completely separate and previously unmentioned site that stated the buyout could only be used once. I appealed their decision and the appeal was denied.Charter has every right to make a May be used only once rule but that rule needs to be on the buyout form and *NOT* on some other obscure website that no one knows about and is only pointed out later AFTER the request is submitted.Bottom line:  *ALL* rules should be on the form that Charter requires to be filled out to receive the buyout, not just *SOME* of the rules.
Entity: Newtown, Connecticut
13, Report #976504
Dec 01 2012
08:03 AM
Charter communications charter lying customer service rep, supervisor and manager with CHARTER Internet
I called into charter to make arrainments to pay my monthly payment on Dec 7, 2012 and talked to a young man Kassim Badge # NIN. i was told i would gt calls from charter about my account but not to worry as long as i paid my balance by my arrainment date of Dec 7,2012 then my services would not be interupted. Welll, Well today is Dec 1, 2012 and i get up to find i have no services for phone, cable or internet. thinking there is an issues with service. oh no charter has decided to disconnect my service because they have decided that until they run my to get my payment. while this is not what i was told last month. but ALL of the sudden it is OK to go back on an agreement you (CHARTER) made with a customer and cut off services. and my services will stay disconnected until i pay them. well i am not sure i am gonna pay them now or ever if they can change the rules why cant I? If they can lie and be dirty about how and what they say and do why cant I/ I can go to another service provider and get the same degree of service I had with them and might still get lied to but between the goverment and CHARTER along with a few other big named business I AM FED UP... I PAY YOUR SALARIES< I KEEP your doors OPEN AND I FED YOUR FAMILIES AND PAY YOUR BILLS same as we all do each others it is a vicious cycle that is forever stepping on the little dog and i am sick of it. If you have CHARTER and are UNHAPPY with their lies and how they do business let them know. If enough of us do this they will have to start treating us with some respect and have to start earning their money for services provided..... ALos I have spoke with supervisor named Mike Badge # nx3 AND A SO CALLED MANAMGER named Kenneth badge # HAH. One more thing Charter get ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS.....  final note to add just called back to make sure my card pre-authorization was removed from account and got a great rep named Kathy # YLQ. she has been great and fixed all the issues i had this morning and explained a new system they are using but because my arrainment was made last month they have to honor it. so she restored all my services. I went ahead and paid my bill Regards, Velvet
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #1335463
Oct 28 2016
10:44 AM
Charter Communications Charter Charter Spectrum Deceptive Billing Practices possible FCC Violation Nationwide Nationwide
Sir or Madam,My wife and I began monitoring our billing with Charter Communications approx 1 year or so ago when we added their services and left AT&T after billing issues. We signed up for a package of $150 for 3 services and to date have never received that billing amount. Today, I made adjustments to our services to minimize the billing and added other services/streaming as our choice for savings. I contacted Charter customer service as their website does not allow you to make changes to your account on your own. You have to speak with an agent on the phone or chat and chat was chosen to document the conversation. We had a Gold Package which included every single channel on TV.We were to be paying during the promotion period $150.00 plus taxes approx $30 (according to charter because texas taxes are high).... since when??We removed all premium channels and downgraded to a select package basic cable. The bill was to be $176 plus tax again $30 = $206. This was not explained until I spoke with them again when I noticed one of our child's channels was not in the lineup.I spoke with them again and they explained some package to me that made no sense and sent me a channel lineup to find the channel I was missing. However, they attempted to rush me in seconds saying I was idle and did I want to make the change?Not finding the channel in that brief moment in time provided, I asked for assistance in locating the channel. It was in the package and magically the package I needed put me back to the original amount that I was attempting to reduce.Here is the issue... ontop of the afore mentioned issue... the price I was paying was the same amount as the new price.. how can this be with removing the premiums?I have documentation of the conversation as I feel this is a major rip off and a violation of FCC trade regulations. A complaint has been filed with the FCC  
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #77803
Jan 22 2004
02:01 PM
Charter Communications poor service Montgomery Alabama
A year ago I re-married and my new wife and I moved into our new home in Montgomery. Since I had Charter Communications as my cable and internet service provider prior to marrying I decided to go with them in my new house. Shortly after the installation, which by the way took them three tries to get the order right we started having problems. The reception was terrible. Finally at what I thought at the time a pleasant young repairman from Charter came out and replaced an underground cable that seems to have solved the problem ...... or did it? It is now a year later and after 10 calls and 10 ( we'll get somebody out there this weeks) the cable is still sitting unburied in the yard. It is a major pain especially during sring and summer when I have to keep disconnecting and reconnecting the 150 foot cable to the house to cut the yard. I don't know what else to do. When I call they seem quite apologetic and promise to get someone out that week, but that is the same line I have heard for over a year. Well I guess I better get the shovel out when the ground thaws out. Just happens that it is probably the coldest winter we have had in 20 years with hard freezes every night. If you do get Charter the internet high speed is good, the cable okay, but for God's sake don't let them pull up your underground cable. You just may wind up burying it yourself. Barry Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Montgomery, Alabama
16, Report #95194
Jun 16 2004
08:10 PM
Charter Communications rip-off! Fort Worth Texas
I just got rid of Charter Cable in my home. At least I called and told them I did not want their service anymore. I will not be surprised if they keep sending me bills, however. I dumped them for (name removed) and am glad I did. Charter brags in their commercials about how cable never goes out during a storm and that the competition is a rip-off. Both are untrue. Charter cable ALWAYS goes out duting a thunderstorm and when you call them, they basically tell you to kiss off. Last year the actual cable going into my house came lose and was hanging two feet off the ground. I called and told them about it. They finally sent someone out a week later. The cable guy tried to antagonize my Rottweiler, who was in the house, and he nearly went through the window. Luckily my dog was OK but I also had to get the broken window fixed. Another $100 charge due to Charter and their moron employees. As I said, I now have (name removed). The picture is better, I have more channels and my bill is $10 less per month. For anyone living in Fort Worth, this is a no-brainer. Doug Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #48912
Mar 12 2003
11:15 AM
Charter Communications ripoff excessive installation fee charged Hoover Alabama
I moved to Alabaster in October of last year and contacted Charter Cable to set up my cable service. My first call to the company was not a pleasant experience. The woman that took my call was very short with me and not helpful at all. I asked her if I could speak with another customer service representative since we were not communicating and it seemed she was not interested in helping me. She told me that she was the only person in that office and there was no-one else that could assist me. I told her that in that case I would not be using Charter. I then called Charter Communications in Tuscaloosa, AL (the city I was moving from) and the lady there told me to call back to the Birmingham office because there were about 50 representatives in that office that could assist me. This confirmed my suspicions that the first woman lied to me. I did call back and talked with another representative who was very helpful and scheduled my installation for cable and internet connections and I thought everything was going to be okay. She told me there would be a $25.00 installation fee that I would need to pay when the installation was performed. The installer arrived on time and connected everything for me. He did tell me there would be an additional $25.00 installation fee because he had to run some type of line and I told him that would be fine. Once again, I thought everything was going to be okay. Everything was great until I received my first bill. Rather than a $25.00 additional installation fee, the fee was $125.00. I went to the Hoover office on Lorna Lane and talked with them about the charge. I went ahead and paid everything except the $100.00 excessive charge. The woman in that office was very passive and told me that she would have her Supervisor call me about the charge but it would be the following Monday before they would be able to call me. I told her that would be fine. No-one ever called me. I received my second bill with the excessive $100.00 charge still on it and I returned to the Hoover office. This time, the woman in the office was again very passive (as if I was interrupting her) but told me I had to call the Customer Service number for this type complaint. She stated that they could not help me with this problem. I called the Customer Service number (1-866-227-9655) and they told me that the local office was the only one that could help me with this. I then returned to the local office to only be told once again to call the Customer Service Number. I called the Customer Service number again and this time I lodged a complaint about the Hoover office and told them that no-one in that office would help me and that I was not going down there again. At this point, the Customer Service Rep. told me they would have a Supervisor call me within the next three days and advised me not to pay my bill until I heard from them. I waited a couple of weeks with no phone call and I called them again. I was told the same thing again - a Supervisor would have to call me and it would happen within 3 days. In January, I was frantic because my bill was past due and I could not get anyone to help me. At this point, I spoke with a very nice man who told me that the computer did not show that I had ever called. He assured me he would put it in the computer and have a Supervisor to call me within 3 days. He gave me a number that was assigned to the problem. After a couple of weeks still with no return call, I called again and asked for the same man that had been so polite and had actually gotten the problem logged in the computer. I was told that I could not speak with him but the man I talked to this time told me he would take care of it for me. He told me again that a Supervisor would call me within 3 days. Again, no phone call. I received another bill last week and I called the Customer Service number (1-866-227-9655) last Thursday, March 6th. The Representive I spoke with was very sympathetic to my problem and told me that she would have her Supervisor call me within the hour. Today is March 12th and I still have not received a phone call. I gave her three different phone numbers (home, work & cell). I have Voice Mail service for all 3 numbers and no-one has called. In the meantime, they are assessing late charges on my account. Obviously, if there was any other choice for cable service to my home, I would cancel this service but I have no choice. It is hard for me to believe that a company can stay in business with Supervisors that do not call customers when requested. I believe that the Customer Service Rep's I spoke with on the last three occasions did what they said they would do. It seems that the Supervisors are the ones that are not following through. I do not know anyone that is happy with Charter Communications. I have had cable service through the City of Dothan, AL and cable and internet service through Comcast in Tuscaloosa. Both of these were excellent services and I had no problems that were not promptly resolved. I understand that Hoover has a hotline for complaints but I have not been able to locate a number for it. Does anyone out there know the number or have any suggestions of what I can do next? This is very frustrating. Cindy Alabaster, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Hoover, Alabama
18, Report #40884
Jan 10 2003
07:14 AM
Charter Communications ripoff Au Gres Michigan
This company (Charter Communications)bought out our local cable company(Premier Cable),then gave us 9 more channel's,but doubled our monthly premium's,I hope they burn in hell! Gerry Coleman, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Au Gres, Michigan
19, Report #42612
Jan 23 2003
05:45 PM
Charter Communications rip-off dirty liars Maryville Tennessee
Called them on Dec. 17, 2002 requesting a change of service from theirDIG Leadership package to just Modem and Xpanded Basic service which would reduce my bill from $147.30 to about 60.00. They told me they would pick up the boxes the next day. They never came to pick them up. I caled twice again and each time they said they would be out the next day. They never came. Today I received a bill for $287.38. When I called them, they said pay it or we'll stop service. Since I am 72 yrs old with a 45 year old retarded and can't afford this amount, I don't know what to do. They seem to always want to sell you their services but will not acknowledge you when you want to reduce them. Joseph Seymour, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Maryville, Tennessee
20, Report #212883
Sep 26 2006
04:35 PM
Charter Communications Ripoff Monopoly Clarksville Tennessee
Why, in a city of 105,000 people. do we have only one high speed internet server . At least it's that way in my area. We get tired of paying for their service when half of the time their service stinks. We run a business and depend on the internet but some days some of it works and some of it doesn't.WE Pay $ over 100.00 a month for this?I We don't have comcast in our area and there is another company not 10 miles from us and we don't get their service either yet my sister lives in a rural area in Ky and they have it. Wild blue I think it is. My son lives in Hopkinsville, Ky and he couldn't get charter yet he's on Bell South high speed internet, And it's not available in our area either. Felicia Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Clarksville, Tennessee
21, Report #212473
Sep 23 2006
05:55 PM
Charter Communications ripoff Newtown Connecticut
Just 2 Weeks in the Life of a Charter Communications Customer 9-11-06, am Internet service suddenly slows to an unusable crawl. I call for service and despite clear evidence that Charter is experiencing some problem on their end, the rep (Courtney) insists that a technician needs to come to my house. I ask her to at least check their system and she refuses. The service call is then scheduled for Thursday, 9-14, between 8 & 12. 9-14-06 When no technician shows up by noon I call Charter and am told that my service call was changed to Friday, 9-15, between 8 & 5! The rep can offer no explanation for the change in dates or the now 9 hour window. He claims it is not Charter policy to give a 9 hour window but concedes that is EXACTLY what they have scheduled. I would have never agreed to a 9 hour window either. He tells me that someone will call me back with an explanation. No one calls me. By 5:00 pm, I call Charter for an explanation. They can give me none but reschedule my service appointment for Saturday, 9-16. 9-15-06 At approximately 10:00 am - as I was almost ready to leave my house - a Charter service technician rolls in to my driveway. I explain to him that service had been scheduled for 9-14 and was changed by Charter with no call and no explanation and that it has now been rescheduled for Saturday, 9-16. He proceeds to get nasty and storms away. He then sits in his truck in my driveway for approximately 10 minutes. I go back inside to finish what I was doing on the Internet (at the painfully slow speed they were scheduled to rectify) before I have to leave. Almost immediately I lose my Internet service completely! Not believing in any coincidence it seems clear that Charter has cut off my service as retribution for not being able to accommodate their technician's unscheduled call. I call Charter for an explanation and for once get a representative willing to check the problem on their end. After 10 minutes on hold she tells me they found a problem on their end and have corrected it. Lo and behold, I now have Internet service at the speed I am paying for proving once again that a service call to my house was unnecessary. Obviously, the service call for Saturday, 9-16 was cancelled. 9-21-06, 7:00 pm Charter calls to confirm a service appointment for Saturday, 9-23 to address my Internet service issues! I explain to the caller that a) the appointment was never scheduled for that day and b) the issue is already resolved. 9-21-06, 7:20 pm TV picture began pixelizing/tiling/banding (coincidence or retribution again?) as has happened repeatedly for over 3 years. I called Charter and was told that despite technicians many times coming to my house and finding nothing wrong inside and finding problems with the line outside that a technician would have to come to my home again. Appointment is made for Saturday, 9-23, between 1 & 5 pm. 9-22-06, 6:30 pm I RECEIVE a call from Charter's automated system. Call is EXACTLY as follows: Charter Automated: We have an important announcement about your scheduled service. Please hold... 2 minutes of silence... Charter Automated: There is no service scheduled for this account. Please hold for a representative... 2 more minutes of silence... Charter Automated: We are unable to take your call at this time. Please try your call again at a later time. Click. Disconnect Remember - their automated system called me. Not the other way around. I call Charter for an explanation and I'm told that my service appointment for Saturday, 9-23 has been cancelled. I ask why and after 10 minutes on hold the rep comes back and tells me that my service call was flagged (by Charter) as a priority. Until this moment I had never even heard of this practice. This means that when a technician apparently had some available time on 9-21 they claimed to have called my house and received no answer. First of all, I was home ALL DAY on the 21st and have an answering machine anyway. They did not call. Nevertheless, they claim that having received no answer to their call for an UNSCHEDULED visit on Wednesday they proceeded to cancel the pre-arranged service call for SATURDAY! I demand to speak to a supervisor and after another 10 minutes a supervisor by the name of Jason comes on the line and reiterates the same story I already received and now the soonest they can come out (which is still unnecessary as they have already determined on numerous occasions that the problem is not in my house) is the FOLLOWING Saturday, 9-30! This is just one example of the blatant abuse of consumers by a monopolistic utility that refuses to adequately provide the service for which they wish to be paid. I have tried every way I can over the course of YEARS to work within their system but the situation has gone from frustrating to abusive. I have called the DPUC before and they have been somewhat helpful and it looks like I'll be calling them again. If you have any alternative in your area - use it. Charter's overpriced, pathetic products and disgusting customer service will only frustrate you beyond belief. If you must use Charter - fight them. Don't let them get away with their bullshit. Call the DPUC. Call the BBB. Write your congressman. Make deductions from your bill. Do whatever it takes! Larry New Fairfield, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Newtown, Connecticut
22, Report #351139
Jul 14 2008
03:03 PM
Charter Communications Really Really bad service Owasso Michigan
We recently moved and had to go with Charter for our Cable, Internet and Phone service. It took seven different technicians to come out and finally get everything working. Apparently they sub-contract alot of their work to workers who really don't know what theyr'e doing and also don't care. Our cable has never been right. We have workers come out all the time and every now and then they fix the problem so that it stays fixed for a few weeks. But more often than not, they just do what they can to make it seem okay...then we either lose a signal on one of boxes, lose certain channels, or even lose sound! We were told that we would only have to pay $111.00 per month for the first year and yet, somehow our bills average $185.00. We can't even understand our bill so that when I call in to inquire why it's so high, I just get more and more confused. We accidentally ordered an on demand movie and called to have it removed and were told that the only reason they would give credit for a movie is if it didn't go through and even then you'd have to call within one-half hour of ordering it. We called information to get their local number because whenever we call, we end up talking to someone in the northeast who always asks what state we're calling from. The Charter operator actually gave us a number for Charter that was disconnected. We called back and were given the same number. We asked a tech how to contact the local office and he told us that Charter removed all the local phones and everything would be handled from one central location in another state. This is an example of a company that has gotten too big and has had to sacrifice good service for going big. Well, we are switching to Dish Network. Teresa Wixom, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Owasso, Michigan
23, Report #407667
Jan 03 2009
04:21 PM
Charter Communications Aarogant and rude customer service representatives Rochester Minnesota
Avoid Charter at all costs! There are many companies competing for your business, but the people at Charter apparently don't realize this anymore I had my internet and phone through Charter, and my cable through DirecTv. When my one-year promotional price was recently near it's end, I contacted both companies to see who could give me a good deal. I went to the local Charter office to see if they could offer me a decent price if I went back to them for my cable, and the young girl at the counter actually said, You've had a good deal long enough! It's time you paid the regular price! Stunned, I walked out. So, I then called a local Charter rep who I work with professionally and he was able to give me a decent promotional price. I've been with them now for only a few months and have had billing problems. My boss pays $65.00 a month toward the bill (so I can work out of my home), in a check made out directly to Charter and mailed to me on the first of every month. However, the billing cycle that Charter has set up shows the payment coming in late, even when I drop it in their drop box the same day I receive it from my boss. I've asked Charter to change their billing date to coincide with when I receive the check from my boss, but their reps are rude and arrogant and keep snapping that it's not their fault that I can't pay my bill on time. When I try to explain the situation, they could care less. The last few days have found me, once again, calling DirecTv, Qwest, Vonage, Dish, and Charter so I may explore my options. I recently spoke with a Charter rep named Tony in the Vancouver Washington office, and again received the same arrogant attitude I've been receiving all along from Charter. He actually said that because my account is delinquent (I just got my check from my boss today for $65, made out to Charter, and I only have a $39 balance), Tony wasn't going to make me any offers to keep my business. FYI....last year when I explained I was looking for a different phone service, they actually dropped my phone rate to $14.99 a month in order to keep my business!! What happened to that great service?!?! On a side note, I've had a few friends who once worked for Charter who quit because of their lack of professionalism WITHIN the company, and the unrealistic sales expectations they set for their reps. I guess it's no surprise that this attitide filters down through their reps and comes through over the phone. If intelligent, professional, courteous and caring customer service is what you are looking for, don't bother with Charter. Read additional reports here on, and you'll see that others agree. Mayjee Byron, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #369728
Sep 04 2008
11:19 AM
Charter Communications Unstable Service Long Beach California
I have been a Customer of Charter Communications for about 5 years. I had no other choice but to terminate my service on August 30, 2008 because of the rising and unstable cost of my cable bill. Over the course of the time I have had the services my bill has rose from $45.00 to 235.00. I only have basic cable and 1 cable box. I also spoke to a custer service person on August 27, 2008 in the Philipines an agreement hasd been made. On August 29, i spoke to another Custer Service Rep and she said the agreement wasn't made. I even had a Confirmation number of the request. This a lack of service on there part. I am not satisfied with the Customer Service and the rising cost of cable. I have never recieved a bill that is stable it is always a different price. I am not satisfied. other cable companies has stable pricing a excellent customer service. I feel like the cost of this cable is unstable and realize how many other customers they are ripping off. M banks Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Long Beach, California
25, Report #188598
Apr 25 2006
06:38 PM
Charter Communications Check Card RipOff Automated System Duluth Georgia
04/16/06 I called into the automated system and paid $130.00. My total bill was $253.23. The automated system told me the new balance of $123.23 and the confirmation number. 04/17/06 $1300 was withdrawn out of my checking account. I found this out on 04/21/06. I called customer service, and they told me it would take 4-6 weeks to refund my money. 04/24/06 I went to the main office of my area. They told me that they would not pay any NSF fees associated with this account. They would try to refund my money within 7-10 business days. They say that it was not their mistake, it was my mistake. Then they said that they did not have any way to tell if it was my mistake, (which I had the confirmation info to show that it was not my mistake, and I still owed a balance) but they would not pay any fees associated with the withdrawal, and they had not received any complaints that day about the automated system. 04/24/06 I received a phn call from the local branch supervisor, stating that the check card transaction would take only 4 days and it had been completed by someone else. 04/25/06 I called the corp. off. to ask about the refund of the NSF fees, and the main office left notes saying that the would not refund the money and that the $1300 was my fault. I did not enter the wrong amount. I had to listen to my new balance to get my confirmation number. This company mishandled my funds, and I believe this company needs to be investigated. This company will also try to charge fees when there cable goes out, and you have to call a technician to fix it. They don't always come when they say they will, so sometimes the problem will fix itself. Then, when the tech finally does come out, they will try to charge you for them to come out. Horrible customer service, all the way up to the supervisors. Ashuti Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Duluth, Georgia

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