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1, Report #429523
Feb 28 2009
07:12 PM
Chase Bank Chase Bank Defrauds Taxpayers Wilmington Delaware
We are the victims of what I believe are predatory lending practices by Chase Bank. This scenario is suspiciously similar to the Sub-Prime Mortgage scandal wreaking havoc across the country and costing many people their homes. Chase offered high credit limits and low interest rates for the life of the loan. Because of this, we and many others were enticed to borrow substantial amounts of money. Now that the economy is in trouble, they have radically altered the terms in order to maintain profitability. These radically and arbitrarily altered terms include increased minimum payments and interest rates, shortened turn-around times, and demands for loans to be repaid within two years under threat of greatly increased interest rates (18.99-19.99%). I fear that this will force many people to default on their loans. Of course what Chase really wants is to have as many customer defaults as possible. They can then run to the government claiming they need a bailout. However, they will still demand payment from us, of course at substantially increased default interest rates (29.99%?) and exorbitant service charges. Chase will then be repaid by the government, and again by us. And with the usurious interest rates they will charge, they will receive many times the amount of the original loan. This country is in the midst of a great economic crisis. Yet, rather than trying to help their customers weather these stormy times, Chase prefers to try to cash in. I am hoping this letter will prompt an inquiry into these outrageous business practices. We are a hard working family simply trying to keep our heads above water.The time has come for the government to step in and put a stop to these unethical, unscrupulous, and unpatriotic policies. William Pensacola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
2, Report #414349
Jan 21 2009
09:44 AM
CHASE BANK FRAUDULENT FEES I, too, have been a victim of CHASE BANK and its fraudulent bank fees. I have evidence showing that they charge NSF fees on cash withdrawals, after they gave me the withdrawal at the local bank branch and there was no other reason for a NSF charge! In addition, they stopped a state direct deposit reversal on my account, in order to scam more fees from me. I have filed a complaint with the COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY, who regulates federal banks, and have given copies to BART STUPAK'S OFFICE. If you are a victim, file a complaint with the COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY online. My Complaint # with the Comptroller of the Currency is #827984 MO Harbor Springs, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
3, Report #281571
Oct 29 2007
10:01 AM
Chase Bank ,Chase Bank Fee's Outrageous Addison Illinois
I've had an account with chase for about two years now. It has been great, only now I am thinking seriously about closing my account with chase. Now I understand Every bank has Fee's for any over draft. Some more than others. Chase Bank's standard overdraft Fee is 35.00 per over-draft, which of coarse is outrageous. I do Keep a check register and for a very long time never really had any problems other than a random Service Fee in my paperless statement saying I owe money. Every time I've taken this Service Fee up to customer service at any branch, I no sooner begin telling them about it they say I'll go ahead and waive that fee. My current Problem with Chase is simple to understand. I am a college student and a new dad and don't live with my parents. Just so you understand I have very many bills to pay. Just from being stressed out, The other day being human I made the mistake of not writing down a charge to my account. I had near 15 dollars in my account and I charged about 13.99. So I then thereafter forgetting about those purchases made a few very small purchases at different places. A couple dollars at MacDonalds, a couple dollars at jewel, then another small purchase from a gas station. I also felt like If I was over-drafting, I have Chase's Over draft protection service. Turns out I do not have overdraft protection when I set up my account. Which I was told I did when I opened my account. If you do the hard math like I did, all in all I would owe chase near 20 dollars for what they actually ended up paying these places I made charges to. Problem is, when I checked my online account status, somehow I owe hundreds of dollars. for one and two dollar purchases. Is this fair at all? I need every penny of my pay check and now I need to pay chase such an excessive amount of money for 20 dollars. not to mention the fee they charge for being in the red every two days. Its just ...outrageous and unimaginable that they could do this to a person. Its sneaky and a definite ripoff. So the problem I am now faced with is do I pay the ever-increasing charges to my account that just keep adding up and not have any food on the table or do I just let it go and have chase ruin my credit for years? I do not feel as I am responsible for the now today total of over 300 dollars for this. I've gone into a local branch to talk to customer service and all they really did was print out copy's of my purchases, which I have, just to tell me that Yes, you have over drafted this many times, we are charging this much and you never had overdraft protection. Its all going to keep adding up. It was also to my understanding when I opened the account that the fee for an overdraft was 35.00 one time for getting in the red, then the 5.00 late fee every few days. if that was true for my account I'd surly owe less than 50 dollars fee money to chase. I'd be willing to pay it too. Where the communication problem is where its actually 35 dollars per over-draft. I would have never opened an account with chase in that case. The worst part of this is feeling helpless as Chase claims no responsibility and is unwilling to waive these fee's that have multiplied. Anonymous Wood Dale, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Addison, Illinois
4, Report #1298993
Apr 10 2016
08:10 PM
chase bank/mortgage Chase Manhattan bank Nationwide
 I had Chase Manhattan bank for 11 years til feb of 2016.In 2008 i gotten divorced after 20 years of marriage and joint owners of a house.My ex took me to court in 2012 trying to get our family home in his name and the judge denied him. So this February he refinanced the mortgage from Chase to another bank i assume because Chase bank refuses to fgive me any information on this process.Even thou my name has been a joint on the acct for the last 11 years?When i contacted chase soon as i found out from one of my children i asked how could this happen with out my knowledge or signatures?Something?They refused to give me anything i evem told them i just noticed my credit was affected because they posted it as a closed account on my credit report!How when they used my ssi number for 11 years could they do this?How many other people do they use there identity and they not know or ever know?Chase is a predatory lender that breaches privacy acts and have worst customer service ever!!They need to be investagated by federal goverment to see all the illegal acts being done by this banking and lending facility!!!Don't trust Chase Manhattan and dont let your family or children get involved with these crooks.Beware!!!
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1272785
Dec 08 2015
09:54 AM
Chase Bank Chase Bank Holds Money Hostage Nationwide
For the past 10 years I have had a business account with Chase Bank. On October 21st, 2015 I reported my ATM card lost.  After 2 weeks I went into my branch to try to get a replacement card. I was told I could not do so because they had no record of me being a business(despite 10 years of deposits and withdrawals with business name, Chase issued checks with my business name ) . So I drove 2 hours away to get a copy of DBA brought it to the branch and was told this was being researched and I could not have an ATM until the research was done.  On November 30th I spoke with Valerie from the Executive Office for nearly 2 hrs and she assured me she would call me by the end of the day Now on Dec 8th she still has not called back and I was told Mauel from the Executive Office would call today.  Not hopeful.  I work a fully imd job and have no access to my own money !  Chase is incredibly incompetent and devious. I am concerned that they lost a DBA Certificate and I could be subject to identity theft.  How could they lose a company's DBA certificate?  Where did it go? Who has it now?? I have spent over 18 hours on the phone, in the branch and in the county clerk's office getting replacement paperwork and trying to ersolve this problem.  The solution I was given today was that they would write me a bank chck and I could either open a new account at CHase or go elsewhere.  This is idiotic and more than inconvenient.  I am sitting here watingt for a return call on yet another day off from my primary job.  Chase has done nothing to resolve this over the apst 2 months!!  
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #671633
Dec 14 2010
08:49 PM
chase bank didn't dispute fraud Internet
I was logging onto and I notice that on May there was some paypal fraud charges that I notice on my/mothers shared checking account. I haven't used that checking account for paypal in months. I tried to contact paypal to dispute. So there was some disputes that were open on paypal and later it was closed because paypal thought the charges were real. I was mad so I contacted the bank without making a selection on the phone, then I later got connected to someone. I didn't give them my account information or anything, I just explained to the representative whats going on. The reply I got was that nothing could be done and to contact paypal. I sent paypal messages and they were no help. So I gave up, then in July I got the idea to talk to the account manager and he said he would talk to a claims specialist but the specialist said they couldn't help that it was over 60 days to dispute. But sometime in July before or after the talk with the manager I got a dispute going by either online or by phone. So I got a temporary credit on July 28 which was way over my 60 days time frame. Then on Auguest 4 the temporary credit was reversed back onto me.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #703000
Mar 05 2011
10:34 AM
Chase Bank LOAN RIP OFF, Internet
DONT DO IT!! We were offered  and excepted a rate reduction for our loan on a property in Texas. After agreeing to a rate reduction and a good faith offer we paid an application fee of $395.00 and a closing fee of about $450.00 after the the loan was approved.  We signed all the closing docs with a Notary and had a date to start the new loan a month later. Then all hell broke loose. To make a long story short our loan officer and Chase bank in San Diego were not authorized to make loans for Texas properties. Our officer was still in training and didn't know he couldn't sell a Loan Mod for a Texas Property.  We did not look for this loan, they called us! They wanted to start all over again with a new higher rate that was not exceptable to us. We said that we weren't interested in a  new rate and wanted a refund. They said they would not refund the App. fee and then charged us $175.00 for the  for the Notary! WTF??? This is their fault and they want me to pay for their mistake!!!! We are going to  be suing in small claims but this is a joke. They won't even return our calls. We have been a Chase customer with no late or missed payments for about 5 years. I will be looking to refi with someone else. Chase is a Rippoff...    Dont say you haven't been warned!!!
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #189032
Apr 28 2006
08:35 AM
Chase Bank ripoff Wilminton Delaware
Like many others, I received my bill with the interest jacked up from 10.99% to 29.99% without any warning. This is totally absurd. They are to be compared with the big greedy oil companies. I have never been late and nothing has changed on my credit report except, for my auto being paid off. What a bunch of theives. I called them this morning and closed the account so I can pay them off at the lower rate. GOOD RIDDENS!!!! Any one else experiencing this should talk to a supervisor at Chase. Melissa Festus, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
9, Report #173825
Jan 29 2006
05:36 PM
Chase Bank ripoff Columbus Ohio
We paid off our home mortgage on Oct. 31st, 2005. There was on overpayment of $886.92. We have contacted the bank on several occasions just to be told that the check is in the mail. On Jan. the 10th we did receive a check, however when we took it into the bank to cash there had been a stop payment put on the check. We have a P. O. Box number for our mail because we live in a rual area and cannot receive mail at our home address. Each time we have spoken to the bank we have given them our P. O. Box number. They say the check is in the mail and that it takes 7-10 business days for the mail to come from Columbus, Ohio. We have waited much more than this and still have not received the check. Do you feel that you will be able to help us, we are at our witts end. Wayne Paulden, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #273855
Sep 11 2007
08:48 AM
Chase Bank fees Louisville Kentucky
My bank accounts were purchased from a small local bank by the bloodsucking asshats at Chase Manhattan. I had overdraft protection tied to my savings account and transfers were free. Shortly after taking over my local bank Chase started to charge fees for all kinds of things, including transferring my money from my savings to cover the occasional overdraft in my checking account. I never agreed to this in any way. They would credit the fees back upon request but recently discontinued this. I also had a credit card with them for a while. I ran the balance up until it was within $30.00 of the limit and they charged a $35.00 over the limit fee to push it over. They refused to refund this fee as well. It appears to be common practice now. I have transfered my balance to a credit card from my Credit Union. It has a fixed rate that does not creep up as the old card did and no fees. I moved everything else to a credit union as well and suggest everyone else do the same.I have paid my last fee to a greedy bank. Adobe Murphy, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
11, Report #99943
Jul 21 2004
02:01 PM
Chase Bank ripoff Tempe Arizona
I've been ripped of by chase after four years of service they fire me cause of my pregnancy. I come back from being a few minutes late from my break and they fire me I tell them we all no that I'm 8 months and cant move as fast as before. Still Im escorted and walked out the building 4 years months away from being fully vested my pension my benefits my whole life has changed. My pregnancy was suppose to be a great happening. Now its a scary one. Even though i was on fmla and pregnant they still fired me if anybody can help please advise me on were to get help were to go to take action.This is in humane to do to me and my child chase Why just why 3months maternity leave the bill you just didnt like me just tell me why you left me and my baby in the cold. I was a a+ employee. Can these big banks get away with this. Please send any advice or help. Tee az, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
12, Report #1376897
Jun 03 2017
09:56 AM
Chase Bank NO PrePay Penalty Lies Louisville Kentucky
Purchased a Truck from a Dealer. Dealer stated that loan has no prepay penalty. Got my account info and payment info and set up online payments. Chase website would not let me pay more than $5000. I called Chase. The guy I spoke to stated that there is no pre pay penalty BUT that online the limit is $5000. per day.  and if you go into a Chase Bank the limit is $9000. perday.  THIS IS A PENALTY !! THIS IS DESIGNED SO CHASE MAKES INTEREST OFF OF THE CONSUMER. NO PREPAY PENALTY MEANS THAT I SHOULD BE ABLE TO PREPAY OR PAY THE LOAN OFF WHEN EVER I WANT OR THE AMOUNT I WANT. CHASE BANK IS A HORRIBLE BANK AND HAS FIGURED OUT A PLAY ON WORDS TO SCAM AND RIPP OFF THE CONSUMER. HOW THE GOVERNMENT ALLOWS THIS I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT IF ANY LAWYERS OUT THERE WANT TO CONTACT ME. 
13, Report #413108
Jan 16 2009
08:54 PM
Chase Bank - JP Morgan Chase Chase Renegs on Deceptive Bargain Rate for Life Wilmington Delaware
Chase deceives it's customers into signing up for their bargain rate until balancce is paid off and then changes the terms once the consumer makes a commitment to them. I had two offers active and they pulled the plug on the terms six months into the too good to be true 3.99% until balance was paid off offer. They increased the minimum payment from 2% of the remaining balance to 5% and tacked on a $10 per month service charge, which basically negates the lower rate, especially after paying the upfront transfer fee of 3%. So, when I called to complain they made me a different offer at 7.99% with no $10 monthly fee and a return to the 2% minimum payment. Very interesting tactic, if not fraudulent. Needless to say I will be paying these off, since their is no longer a benefit to maintaining a relationship with such a deceptive organization. They claim these actions are due to market conditions, but I have other Chase accounts where they did not do this. Of course those accounts have no outstanding balance. Ibet if Chase did this to every credit card account they have issued, they would eliminate over half of the client base and those would most likely be their good customers. Here is the kicker, they are borrowing the money from the fed at no cost and they have received billions of our money to supposedly bail them out, and this is how they are paying us back, with fraudulent deceptive offers. It will be interesting to see how much longer they are around as I and my other low risk customers will no longer do business with them. Fortunately we still have many decent options available to us with more stable and honest institutuions. I wonder how long it will be before a class action is filed against Chase for fraud and deception. ChaseVictim Chase, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
14, Report #450323
May 09 2009
08:31 PM
Chase Bank (wamu) chase frozen debt rude Nationwide
Ill keep this short and to the point, I was denied using my atm card and i knew there were funds, and i just so happened to be in a shopping center with a chase branch so i walked over to find out the problem. I find someone to help and he looks up my account and says, this account was closed today. I say wow, why? it was open yesterday and has $ in it and i did not close it. He calls into chase and finds out that there was a debt from 2001 (8 years ago) that i owed wamu. I supposedly owed them 120$ from an account closed with a negative balance. I said ok thats odd since i have been a customer for 8 years since then and this is the first i have heard of it. I say to him, i seriously doubt i have a debt and if i did, id think that wamu would have notified me when i opened my next account with them and require me to pay it. After about 90 minutes of him on the phone and them making up excuse after excuse for what they are doing i said ok fine and left. I went to my local branch (formerly wamu) where i do regular banking and had someone help me again. After him calling and seeing that the account was locked/frozen and scheduled to close and figuring that this was an error that slipped through the cracks, he says well this should be a simple fix. I agree, i say i have $ in my account to cover this magic debt from 8 years ago.. whatever just pay it so we can unlock my accounts and move on. He talks to the person on the phone and is basically saying to them why cant we just clear this debt now, the customer is here and has funds to cover it and wants to clear this up now, why cant we clear it now. The answer he relayed to me from the person he was speaking to shocked me. We wont clear it now because its not the customers choice anymore, its ours. The proceeded to say my account was scheduled for closure in 2 weeks and they will deduct the debt from my balance and mail me a check for the remainder. After that all accounts i have are closed and i am no longer a chase customer. Now to me this is VERY BAD customer service, and i feel im not the only one who feels this way. First of all this is a BANK ERROR for 8.5 years ago that i was never notified about. I was treated like a thief by chase and not even given the time of day. All of this over $120 debt. not only that, this could be easily fixed by just making the payment. Even if chase doesn't want me as a customer thats fine... make the payment here, and now, and cut me a check for my remaining balance. Nope.. chase does not care about me, does not care that this whole situation was not my fault and i actually had no idea at all there was a problem, and they dont care about me being a customer with wamu for the last 8 years. Im sure this is walking the fine line of being legal, but even if they are 100% in the right to treat me like this, why would they? This is probably the WORST customer service i have ever received. What makes it worse is i was generally happy with wamu. Im sure im not the only one that has been treated this way and im sure im not the last that will. I will NEVER AGAIN put $.01 into a chase bank and i hope this way of treating customers comes back one day and bites them in the a**. Drunknbass los angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #175135
Feb 07 2006
10:25 AM
Chase Bank Chase Credit Cards - Beware! Everytown USA
I've had a Chase Visa since 2001 and the credit limit was $14,000. I have excellent credit, own a nine room home in Florida and a beautiful 14 room Victorian home in the Cincinnati area. I'm a very consentience, responsible person who pays his bills on time and always try to do the right thing. When I originally received my VISA credit card from Chase Visa in 2001, my interest rate was 7.9%. If it were any higher, I would not have signed up to use there credit card services. In October, 2005, I forgot to make a payment Chase Visa. In December of 2005, I received a notice from Chase indicating that they were raising my interest from 7.9 % to 24%! What an outrage.. after 4 years of never missing a payment, I miss ONE payment and they are raising my interest to 24 %! It's like they were waiting for me to miss a payment so they could raise my interest! I saw a report about this type of behavior on the National News once about how this has happened to other people but NEVER thought it would happen to me. I now feel that Chase Bank and their Chase Credit Cards SUCKS! Their conduct is equivalent to that of racketeers and gangsters. They are pulling a bate and switch by reeling you in with low interests with every intention of raising your interest to an OUTRAGEOUS rate if you make a mistake. I'm not taking this without a fight and I want the WORLD to know what scoundrels Chase Bank and their Chase Credit Cards are. I'm filing complaints to my Attorney Generals Office, The Federal Trade Commission, The Better Business Bureau, my Congressmen and anyplace else that will bring HEAT onto Chase Bank / Chase Credit Cards CHASE BANK SUCKS!!!! Bob Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1034820
Sep 10 2007
09:54 AM
Chase Bank Chase interest rip-off Wilmington Delaware
Chase Bank screwed me too. I had opened the account years ago with Bank One. When Chase took over my minimum monthly payment doubled. I had just lost my job but was still making all of my payments on time. I called them up to ask if there was anything they could do to work with me; they had some sort of hardship program they enrolled me in where my monthly payments went back to what they were and the interest rate was fixed at 12.9% for a 1 year period. Once the 1 year was up I received notice that I had successully completed the program and my account would now return to prior status. The only problem is that they jacked my interest rate to 29.9%. When I called to inquiry they told me that due to my enrolling in that program I was now considered a high risk, even though I had never defaulted on the payments. I re-read the terms of this agreement and there was absolutely nothing stating I would be subject to a higher interest rate. The good news is that my only other credit card is with Capital One with a fixed rate of 8.9%; in the 7 years I've had an account with them they have never changed my interest rate. They were more than happy to transfer the balance from my Chase card whom I will NEVER do business with again. I've made sure my family and friends are aware of how Chase does business as I do not want to see anyone else fall for this scam. Djgirl Liverpool, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
17, Report #558532
Jan 22 2010
12:14 PM
Chase Bank USA NA Chase bank USA CHASE BANK RUNAROUND Internet
I applied for a  loan modification through chase bank back in October 2009, as many individuals in these trying times, I find it harder and harder to make my payments. I've never been late!, always on time.I've sacrificed necessitates simply to pay the mortgage, I'm self employed and  find that might have been  the one issue i was turned down for modification.Within the process of dealing with Chase bank has been extremely bumpy, I submitted all the forms required, they keptasking for documents I already sent, two, three  four times.When contacting chase via telephone (several times) the conversation starts out friendly, but ends up in a vicious cycle going nowhere, when requesting  to speak to a supervisor,  one is never available, and then asking for a return call from a supervisorASAP, the call is never returned. Three times I was  hung up on by Chase bank.Now nearly four long gurgling months later, I've been turned down.I'm not asking for a free ride, simply a little help to stay in my home.$75 BILLION DOLLARS was dedicated from the US government to help people like me in my situation, yet Chase bank slapped me and my family right in the face.I guess Chase bank  would rather let my home go into foreclosure then lend a hand.Anyone with similar circumstances with any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #1239863
Jul 05 2015
07:15 PM
JP Morgan Chase Bank Chase Bank Chase Bank Name Virus Milwaukie and Portland Oregon
I have had a couple of accounts with Chase for 10 years now with no significant complaints.  When my wife was looking for a new bank, I recommended she set up her account with Chase.Then this year we made a mistake of opening up a savings account, and that is when the name on the account problems happened.  My dad and I have the exact same name, except my name has a Jr on the end, which is a simple common issue.  It used to be a simple issue with Chase.  Even the clerk who opened the account asked to make sure I still wanted the account with Jr on it, and of course, I said yes, and advised her of the legal issues why I wanted the name on my account in my legal name.  She said no problem and assured me the new account was set-up that way.From that time on, it's been a constant problem trying to getting the accounts back into my legal name that for the past 10-years hasn't been such an impossible task for Chase to do.  It's a simple fix, you say?  Not with Chase.First I fired off an email inquiry to have it fixed.  Apparently the rep in India had trouble reading as they said they looked over all my accounts and they are exactly as they have always been.  Honestly?  I have statements in English all the way back to 2005 that says otherwise!  I then picked up the phone and called and another rep then said that I needed to go to a branch and show my picture ID--again, seems ridiculous to have to walk in person with picture ID to have it simply changed back to what it has always been.Needless to say I went to a different branch then the first one that started this problem, and I'll be darn if I showed my ID and got it fixed and even verified it online, only to find out the next day that it was changed back to the wrong name again.Long story short, after having to go in not once but twice to show picture ID, it has switched back and forth 5 times now over the space of 4 weeks.  At first I thought some bored bank employee was screwing around, but after a month of this it's obvious they have a virus in their computer system to keep changing my name to the wrong name.  They cannot even explain why I have to have picture ID in person to have it changed back to the same name it's always been, but they don't need picture ID or my permission to change it to the wrong name.  I also don't like the idea that my Dad could walk in and show picture ID and walk off with $45K of our money.  Even a executive complaint went no where with nothing fixed.  Oh--it gets worst.  A few weeks later my credit card statement shows up and yes, it's in the wrong name also even though it was never discussed or touched in any of our discussions....yes, the Chase name virus has struck again.So I'm off to find a new bank to transfer all of our accounts that has the capability to not only have some decent customer service but can put a person's legal name on an account and keep it that way for another 10-years.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #413817
Jan 19 2009
12:56 PM
Chase Business Credit Cards, Chase Business Credit Cards /Chase Bank, Chase Induces Company Credit cards through fraud Garland Texas
After being solicited by a Chase banker, we moved our corporation's checking accounts to Chase Bank in Garland TX. At the time the corporation's accounts were opened under the corporation's tax id, the Chase banker told us that the account came with a $10000 credit card with a zero percent interest balance transfer and asked if we would like to pay off any of the business' debt using this 12 month grace period. We agreed, and the Chase banker prepared and completed all documentation on his computer at his desk, including the balance transfer information. (At no other time were any other charges made on this card). A monthly payment was scheduled from the corporation's Chase bank account to pay this balance. Credit cards were issued and mailed to the corporation's officers, with the cards and correspondence all stating the name and the corporation name immediately below the name. In June 2008, the corporation was forced to close due to ecomomic conditions. In December 2008, a phone call was received at the shareholder's home stating that the account was 120 days past due and reported on the officer's personal credit report as an individual credit card. The liability of the individual was contested in light of the fact that the card was issued to the corporation in connection with the corporation's bank account, and no personal guaranty was signed. When I contacted the Chase banker, he assured me that he had set up the card as a business card. When I pushed him to investigate, he was told by Chase that they did not issue corporate credit cards to corporations earning less than $3.5 million per year. His response was that he had never been told this by Chase. I personally attempted to contact Chase and was simply passed about from one credit collection department to another and despite an assurance by a very rude and condescending employee named Robin ID #CRE02N in the business lending department, that I would receive a call from her supervisor Melissa within 24-49 hours no call ever came. We were mislead by Chase and its employees to believe that the card was being issued to the corporation. Cards, correspondence and billing all indicate that the cards were issued to a representative of a corporation, but now we cannot even get contact information for their legal department to contest the liability. In the meantime, our personal credit is being slandered by Chase in an effort to force us to personally pay this account. Its time to investigate if these deceptive trade practices are continuing, especially for Texas companies, if not others nationwide. Not only was the inducement of this credit card deceptive, but fraudulent as well. The Chase banker has apologized that he had no idea, other than the fact that it was set up by him as a business account. This however does nothing to remove this libelous information from our credit report. P.S. I find it ironic that if we personally guaranteed this card, or if it was set up as an individual account, why Chase doesn't have our home information on file to send billing to us. Sue Garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Garland, Texas
20, Report #531160
Nov 30 2009
09:26 PM
Chase Bank Card bank OUTRAGOUES FEES Internet
I really liked chase bank at first i went in to sign up for a new account and all was going fine I decided to try Leisure rewards. My personal banker and i discussed the fees for leisure rewards and we agreed that Chase wouldsend a reminder letter when the fee would be charged because i wasnt making much money and needed to know when the fee would be charged.I recently lost my job and that same month Chase decided to charge the fee no notice at all ok I understood its a huge bank my personal banker obviously didnt do his job but I went in to deposit 20 dollars to cover the $1.16 that I was now negative, well as soon as i deposited it i was told that that same morning i was charged another fee of 50 dollars for being delinquent. So now i am delinquent about 32 bucks I have no job have two children and a high mortgage I couldnt pay it then cause 30 bucks is milk eggs and then I decided to come back and pay it a few days later... today I get a letter stating that I am now being charged 87 dollars for being $1.16 negative. I know its not unusual but I think its ridiculous that they knew my account balance and WITHOUT the agreed upon WARNING  still charged the fee. If they wouldnt have charged that fee or would have atleast reminded me like planned I wouldnt be paying almost 100 hundred dollars for this! I could have jus deposited money before the fee was charged.Chase is completely ridiculous! Maybe its not them maybe it was my personal banker they assigned me but either way he represents the company!!!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #509264
Oct 14 2009
02:11 PM
Chase - JPMorgan - Chase Bank Chase Bank believes liar Baton Rouge, Louisiana
P.S Today I did call chase bank back to see if they did get my $600 back. Well they did more or less Chase Bank is calling me a liar and I did get my services that Estrela did. Well I did not get nothing from Estre4la Marketing Solution. And the owner to Estrela marketing solution told Chase that they did. I have never seen anything at my web\Site from Estrela. My business is were I make candles and I have been trying to sell them. I thought It would be better to go with a company that I thought was real but was not. I am still on S.S.I until my busines takes off. I have a bad heart. If Chase would of stop this tranaction when I told Chase Bank I would not be going though this. I just want to tell anyone not to do business with Estrela marketing solution. Because they are a bad company! And dont sign no papers with them. Estrela will tell one thing and do another! And for Chase I use to feel safe with them but not no more! They told me that they would put the money for me. And they have fax me papers telling that they would put back my $600 But now they chance their minds. Will I still have the papers and I will take this as far as I can. So dont do business with chase either. I needed to let others know so they wont make the same mistake like I did in dealing with these to company.
Entity: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
22, Report #531733
Dec 01 2009
06:17 PM
Chase - JPMorgan - Chase Bank Chase Bank GUILTY OF FRAUD, THEFT, DEBIT CARD FRAUD, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! Wilmington, Delaware
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
23, Report #577593
Mar 03 2010
05:46 PM
Chase Auto Finance ,JP Morgan Chase Bank, Chase Bank Liars and Deceivers Internet, Nationwide
 I   Mario C had made several attempt weeks before the charge off date 1/27/10 to get a pay-off amount from Pamela Lundy. First I was told that it would be faxed, and then I was told it would be mailed neither happen. I made call and faxed my request upon doing this I was told by there recovery person to stop contacting their client and the also left Erika Garrett a message on her phone telling her that what I was doing was against the law and what I was trying to do thing was just going to make trouble for her. How trying to pay-off an account is making trouble I dont know. If you would like a copy of this voice mail please provide me with an email and I will send it to you. After all these attempts to get my pay-off from Pamela I finally received it from  Mark Washburn who told me that it had not charge off yet and after payment was suppose to fax a paid in full letter which I never received and so I contacted him about this and he said he mailed it. It still has not been received to date. The account was paid in full 1/29/10. Had Pamela Lundy done her job we would have had this account paid off well before the charge off date and I am asking that this be remove. Mark claims that he took care of this but it is being reported as a paid after charge off on mine and an unpaid charge off on Erikas. gravely hurting our credit and I dont feel we should have to pay for there mistakes if you can help us let me know I have receipts of over $11,000, credit reports, fax confirmations, voice mails and phone records  As I stated before all I would like is for it to show paid closed not as a charge off or remove the account from our credit. Erika also made attempts to contact the corporate office to handle this with out filling a complaint and just got the run around from Josephine Martinez who I set several pieces of information and have copies and phone records for that, who then gave my case to Sonya Peralt who Erika has a voice mail from that know little to nothing of the issues I was having and made it seem as if she did not care to know. She told Erika to call Andy Sulfted who was very rude and made false claims that we were 120 days late and thats why it charged off. Though we were late it was only 90 days as of 1/25/10 I have payment receipts for every month since we bought the car Erika and myself informed him that I would be filing a complaint he stated go ahead the get complaints all the time. As I stated before all I am asking is that our credit reflect as it would had they given use a pay off amount before it charge off or deleted it.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
24, Report #477318
Aug 07 2009
06:27 AM
Chase Bank - Formerly Washington Mutual Bank Chase Bank What's Next? Wilmington Delaware
Chase Bank bought the former Washington Mutual Bank. Have our mortgage and a credit card with WaMu and a credit card with Chase. Chase, 'after careful consideration' decided to close our credit card account. After we carefully considered a decision between an increase to the finance charges and full use of the account versus keeping the low finance charge and closing the account, we opted to accept the increased finance charge, made a $2000 payment on the account, and they closed it at the higher interest rate. What's next Chase? Are you going to force us out of our negative amortization mortgage as well? Mikeb Meriden, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
25, Report #452251
May 15 2009
12:46 PM
Chase Bank Chase Banks invests in WAMU to Rip Off America Nationwide
I banked with WAMU until they were taken over by Chase. I paid my WAMU card every month and tried to be a faithful and responsible user of the card. I never had a problem with WAMU. I noticed the moment I got my first credit statement from Chase that they had jacked my interest rate up to 27%. I called them to find out why they would do something as underhanded and anti-American as this especially in light of what was happening to this country and with the huge financial demands that the banks are already putting on the hard working, debt paying, responsible people of America. They were not of course interested in anything I had to say. I refused to get angry with the poor guy that was just trying to make a buck so I decided to close my account which he did without argument or any attempt to keep me as a customer. I paid of the account in four payments. One payment a week. When it came to the last payment. I called to get the amount of my final payment so that it would be the last interaction I would have to have with them. They refused to give me a pay off amount. You heard me right. They refused to give me a pay-off amount. I asked to speak to the supervisor which they call an Adviser but every time I was transferred to an Adviser they claimed they could not hear me and for me to call back. I played this game four times. Each time I called I got a rep that that could hear me just fine with no problem but the moment I was connected with an Adviser, suddenly the phones were malfunctioning or they just went deaf. Chase Bank is a predator and their only goal is to rape the American people of everything that they own and to keep us enslaved or indentured to them for our entire lifetime. If you bank with Chase I strongly suggest that you take your business elsewhere. Chase is an enemy to America and the American people. The are worse then traitors. They are the enemy because their goal is the destruction of the American people. Bank with your Credit Union. Stop giving these vultures the weapons to destroy you and America. Misslynda North Lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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