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51, Report #526471
Nov 20 2009
02:35 PM
Chase - JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. - Marathon Master Card Chase is the WORST Internet
Chase in singularly the WORST BANK on the planet, bar none. I have had one of their cards for years. 6 mos. ago I got a notice saying they were raising my rate from 7.99% to 12.99%. Now I am not one to carry a balance, or at least much of one at all...but I have HIGH FICO score (over 800), never late, all that stuff. I called them, told them I was a long-time customer and they DID NOT CARE. Simply told me I can close the account if I want. Well I didn't, out of convenience sake and knowing that I carry so little balance I figued I'd close it on my terms. And I had another Chase card which I hadn't used in years so I called them to cancel it and they talked me out of it, suggesting I keep it. I said fine, why not. Then 3 mos. later I get another love letter from Chase. Guess what? THEY canceled that card for non-use! They do things strictly on their terms, with utter disregard for their customers. CHASE SUCKS. But what irks me is, when I go in person to pay my bill at a branch (yes I still do that, I prefer this that way I get a receipt showing time of payment) they ALWAYS ask me to sign up for another card, open an account, etc. Of course I lay the why I hate Chase story on them and they seem amazed. Sometimes they relent, other times I get challenged. I've had teller-types and bottom-feeding, blueshirt manager-types alike imply I must somehow be a credit risk or something, as if I'm lying. Go ahead say it, why don't I just close the account? As I said it was a convenience thing, all my auto-payments are set up for this card. So in part this is my fault, to be sure. I've been lazy about it. I'll cop to that. But CHASE STILL SUCKS. NOW yesterday I get another terms notice. It's going to a variable, currently over 15%. Now to be sure, I will never ever have a balance on that card nor will I do business with Chase. I would advise anyone considering doing business with Chase to think otherwise! Oh yeah I did get a Simmons card, the rate is great and customer service has been very good! I recommend Simmons. They are picky and selective, but if you can qualify I recommend looking into their cards. Yes Simmons customer service is in the US, Arkansas I think. Chase CS in my experience is in India, regardless of what lies are told by the dimwits on the phone.
Entity: , Internet
52, Report #1152686
Jun 06 2014
12:58 PM
Chase Bank, USA Chase USA Financial Services, Chase USA, Chase Financial Services Harassing phone calls Elgin Illinois
 This company has been harassing me since March 23d with phone calls 2-3 times a day. I had a stroke and my cell phone is only used for my family to contact me on. I'm on the DONOTCALL registry. My wife called them in March and asked what they wanted.  They asked for my social security number and when she refused to give it to them, they asked if we had an account with them.  She told them no.  Then they asked if we would like to apply for their credit card and proceeded to tell her about it.  She stopped them and told them to take us off their list. We don't have one of their cards, never have had one and don't want one. (They really pushed us to get one). For about a week or two I had some peace.Then in April they began to call again. My wife got me on the DONOT CALL registry and called them again on April the 11th. Again they tried to get us to get a card. Again, they agreed to take my phone number off their list and put it as do not call.Later in April once again it started up. My wife called them around May 8th. They claimed they didn't know how it got back on their list. Again they promised to not call. My wife threatened them with the BBB, attorney general, and the DONOT CALL REGISTRY and a lawyer for harassment and told them I was ill. They told her to not be upset they'd stop the calls.Then they started up again at the end of May but not with just the one number. In March, April and May they called from 847-426-9209. Then on June 6th they began to call 3-4x a day from 3 different numbers. All these numbers use the name of Chase Card but in different ways. One says Chase USA, another says Chase Financial Services and the other says Chase Card USA Services. The numbers used 847-426-9209, 847-488-6000, 321-403-2389. The last one claims to be their collections. I have never had an account with them, no credit card with them, and I don't want one and don't owe them anything. My wife called again today and got the same run around. Well, I see it 'was' taken off our list. I don't know who put it back on. I see you've called several times. Was what the lady named Theresa claimed.  Then she claimed my number belonged to a client from 2010. I've had my phone number since May 2010. More than two years. They have to stop harassing people to take their cards!!!
Entity: Elgin, Illinois
53, Report #821967
Jan 12 2012
06:43 PM
Chase Bank Evanston Joy Gilbert Chase bank Evanston, Illinois
I was approached by a customer at my work.... a woman named Joy Gilbert from Chase bank in Evanston, Illinois.... FORCING me to sign up for a new credit card. I refused 30 times. She shows up to my work with a cake which was strange. Then she tell me she found my info in her system (mind you i NEVER gave her any personal information other than my name) She ended up calling me on my cell which was creepy. Then after i declined her... i get an email from Chase saying Congratulations on signing up for your new card, it should arrive in the mail in a few weeks. WHO GAVE THIS LADY PERMISSION TO RUN MY CREDIT AND SIGN ME UP FOR A CARD I DID NOT ASK FOR?????? CHASE BANK - 1900 Central St Evanston, IL 60201 - 847-866-5690  I reported this with Chase Bank
Entity: Evanston, Illinois
54, Report #774155
Sep 07 2011
08:20 PM
Chase Bank JP Morgan Chase Bank refused to release lien on my preoperly Wilmington, Delaware
I am a soldier JP Morgan Chase has been taking advantage of due to the fact that I was deployed, unable to represent myself in court.  I was sued on a $4,500 credit card by an Atlanta attorney represented Chase bank. I could not make any payment at the time because I lost my job. As things starting to change financially I was making payments to the law firm but never got any credit. I was deployed overseas when I came back I found out Chase banks lawyer was awarded a judgment against me and placed a lien on my property. When I contacted them to pay for the judgment, the law firm had filed for bankruptcy, no surprise.  They were ripping people off. I contacted chase and settled.  They agreed to release the lien. However I am getting a run around a non-working fax number with a busy status is given to send the documents. The phone number for that department (Released of lien) is a voice mail. They never called back. I sent them a certified mailed requesting a released of lien. They acknowledge they received my request over a month and half ago yet they said the process takes 30 days. Chase has the worst customer service in world. I am frustrated I dont know what else to do.  I would never do business with them again. 
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
55, Report #651791
Oct 16 2010
05:25 PM
Chase Bank Chase Bank processed loan check twice, refused to correct mistake New York, New York
My wife sent a check for a car loan to Chase Bank, which processed it on Sept. 30, for $700. They also processed it again on Oct. 1, withdrawing another $700 from my wife's account. My wife was on the phone to them for well over an hour trying to get through to a human. When she did, they kept transferring her back to customer service, through another automated phone system, only eventually to wind up with the same people who kept transferring to customer service again.They said for her to get her money back, they would have send affidavits for her to fill out and sign and then send back, so they could investigate and maybe eventually send a check. They didn't see a problem, since they said she didn't owe any more payments until December. She kept asking to talk to someone who could solve the problem, and they hung up on her. She was lucky enough to have enough money in her bank account so her other checks didn't bounce. She tried talking to her own bank (Citizens, in the Boston area), they said they couldn't do anything.
Entity: New York, New York
56, Report #741859
Jun 17 2011
06:03 AM
Chase Bank JP MORGAN CHASE BANK Ripped me off big time Atlanta, Georgia
 This is what Chase Bank did to me I even opened a web sight to shame them please take a look at what they did to me! Gina W
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
57, Report #911136
Jul 12 2012
02:21 PM
Chase Bank JP Morgan Chase Bank Rude, Untrustworthy Thieves Indianapolis, Indiana
After having checks and my atm stolen, I dispute charges that suddenly arise within the next few days. I get a letter stating that the money's back in the account, cool. I pay my utility bills and next thing I know I have 0 dollars in the account. I call them up, they're saying they've moved the money. (Hello? Did you ask the person whose money it was for their permission? No) So now i'm broke. I dispute the action and they said it's to their fraud department. I stated I got a letter stating that the charges were indeed unauthorized after being investigated. I also state that Chase Bank needs to start cleaning up its own mess. -She hangs up on me-  Rude, unprofessional lying thieves. Never again will I do business with them.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
58, Report #323157
Apr 02 2008
01:23 PM
Chase Bank Business Credit Card Dept. How does Chase Bank stay in business??? Wilmington Delaware
I really feel for everyone in their situations with Chase bank. Someone stole my personal information and opened a Chase account at a store and maxed it out the same day without having the card. Of course I denied the actions as being mine and the issue went into investigation. Well, Chase decided to close out my business accounts too! For no reason! After talking to the representatives I'm 100% sure they are hiring their customer support staff out of the alleys in Detroit and these people hate their job and they hate the world in general. I don't think they will open the accounts again, but I'm waiting to hear back. I'm sure my account fate is at the discression of some half-baked screw up. Well, since I'm heavily involved in the new business startup and financing industry I will certainly make news of who NOT to do business with! How can they stay in business?? I'm baffled! Scott Rochester Hills, MichiganU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
59, Report #303320
Jan 25 2008
12:10 PM
Chevy Chase Bank Chevy Chase Bank Charges JUNK fees ! HORRIBLE & RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE ! Bethesda Maryland
While after holding my home equity for more than 3 years I shouldn't had been charged anything, I was charged a closure fee of $15 anyway. I actually would've kept my home equity with this bank, but despite holding over 100k in equity, having an A credit, and never being ever late on any bills, I was granted only 10k with prime + 0.5%. While my local credit union granted me 30k with prime - 0.5. Chevy chase was exteremely slow with any response. It took me multiple phone calls to make them close my account and send the closure letter to my local credit union. I was even told that I should pay them another $15 to send that letter. Chevy Chase customer service is one of the most horrible ever ! Multiple disconnection, multiple transfers to nowhere. Once while I was holding on the line I've heard phone sex advertising, like for $1.99 a minute you can talk with a hot baby by calling... I couldn't believe what I heard ! Was this a joke, an insult or a negligent mistake made during the transferring? Whatever it is it doesn't put a good face on Chevy Chase ! Sergiu Bellevue, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Bethesda, Maryland
60, Report #1061269
Jun 22 2013
01:02 PM
Chase Bank Chase Bank Credit Card Misleads Estate Executor Damaging Credit Status Internet
After my father died in late 2008 I became executor of his estate. There was a Chase Bank credit card held by the estate with a balance of $2,500. One month into managing the estate I was contacted by a Chase Credit Card account manager who wanted to make me a special offer. This was when the economy was just beginning to fail. Credit card companies were taking big hits and they were just beginning to take drastic measures. This account rep told me that he wanted to make me a special offer.  He said they would write off some of the card debt if we would pay the balance in full. I offered 50% and they jumped at it. The deal was done and everyone was happy. Now, in 2013, I discover that the Chase Account Rep posted a memo to our public credit file that I personally had defrauded Chase and as a result they had to write off $2,500 that was owed them. That is a lie. I was acting as the executor of the estate and accepting an offer that Chase made, not an offer that I sought out. That is the only negative in a credit history that spans 35 years. We will be closing our Chase accounts and going to Wells Fargo.  Beware of Chase. They will lie and to you defraud you to get what they want.  If I can find the name of that account rep I will post it here. He is probably the head of the division by now as he is cut throat and dishonest enough to make it to the top of Chase Bank Management.
Entity: Internet
61, Report #1209877
Feb 18 2015
06:30 AM
Chase bank Deposing money at chase bank atm then it was stock . Brooklyn New York
It was my first time using chase atm for depositing money . It was $ 6,000 I start placing the money in the Atm first set went in then I continue depositing for about 3 times then suddenly it stop and sign me off . I check the balance the money was not there they ask me to call for a claim I did at the same time . They gave me temporally credit of the money I claim of $1700.00 and an amount of $1560.00Then ask for help to deposit the rest of the money. A month later they send me a letter saying they didn't find any money in the atm so they will remove the credit from my account . I couldnt do any thing I went to the bank aso then to check the cameras they said they can't . I call again and again and still nothing change so basically I lost that amount of money and I cant do any thing about it . 
Entity: Nationwide
62, Report #1383084
Jul 04 2017
12:58 PM
Chase Bank Pathological LIARS describe Management at CHASE Bank, I'm a VIP customer Las Vegas Nevada
Chase at 6001 Spring Mountain Road & Red Rock Street has treated me, a VIP Chase Bank designated customer who accordingto Chase rules should have been given a personal banker like absolute GARBAGE. I have NEVER incurred a late fee or missed a payment. I have a checking, savings, and Visa credit card at Chase, all tied in together and everything is on automatic payments. My credit card was ALWAYS at ZERO balance. After a large dental charge following last minute emergency surgery I walked into the bank and asked the teller to pay off the charge 100% with the plentiful $$$ in my savings account. I was REFUSED. This 2 minute service had previously been done for me at Chase multiple times. It is extremely easy for Chase to do, and is a very normal bank transaction. The teller kept telling me there was absolutely NO need as I had just deposited a pay check into my checking account. Yes she was that clueless.I then asked to speak to the bank manager over and over and over again. She ignored me, saying I didn't need to talk to the bank manager at all as she had solved the issue. I told her that I needed to use the credit card for emergency antibiotics, and that I had a doctor's appointment the early the next morning as I was in extreme pain and could in fact barely talk. Finally I got another teller to assist who also refused to do the simple, 2 minute transaction but agreed to let me speak to the bank manager.Bank manager agreed the request was a simple, normal transaction. He agreed to do it. Use $$ in my savings (there was about 20 times the amount of $$$ needed) to pay offf my credit card, bring the balance back down to zero, so I could buy emergency antibiotics and pay for my doctor's appointment as well.  Bank Manager was given my celll number. He PROMISED over a dozen times that he would call me as soon as he completed the super simple transaction. He also promised he would call me IF he had any issues or problems. PATHOLOGICAL LIAR = Chase Bank Manager, as he DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Calling him would be a waste as he NEVER answers his phone, nor does anyone else at the bank. He does not have voice mail. Also he REFUSED to give me his business card, or even his name, EVER. I asked. What Bank Manager NEVER hands out a business card and does NOT have them available forVIP Customers PROMISED in writing by Chase Bank records? What Bank Manager NEVER gives out his name to customers?PATHOLOGICAL LIAR = Chase Executive Branch/Head of Operations, USA  Why? After hours and hours and hours of trying to make a complaint with Chase online banking I finally got to the Executive Branch/Head office. Only 1 (one) of my many complaints, all made with Chase online banking MANAGERS ever got escalated. All others were lost, The result?CHASE EXECUTIVE BRANCH/HEAD OF OPERATIONS, USA - STATED CHASE BRANCH MANAGER DIDN'T KNOW THAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO CALL YOU. Then why did I give him my phone number? and Why didn't he at least complete the 2 minute transaction as he had repeatedly promised over a dozen times?  NO ANSWER at all.Yes I had called that same evening after waiting in the pharmacist's office for hours to the 800 #. I had spent hours and hours and had finally gotten through to an online manager who PROMISED to immediately pay off my Visa bill so I could use it at my emergency doctor's appointment the next morning. NOTHING WAS DONE. Nor was it done the very next night when I repeated the procedure with another online Chase manager. In fact it took weeks for the bill to be paid off as it was on automatic payments already. 2)  July 3, 2017 was my attempt to close ALL of my Chase accounts. Branch Manager LIED to dozens and dozens and dozens of customers in front of me. He told everyone the system had been down for less than 1 hour. I corrected him and told all customers I had been there waiting for over 3 (THREE) hours, and that the system was already walked in the branch. I told them NOT to waste their time waiting around as it was clear the Branch Manager would only continue to LIE to all of them.LYING Branch Manager also told every single customer to call him personally before coming back to the bank to make sure the system was back on and operating. LYING Branch Manager NEVER answers his phone. LYING Branch Manager knows that absolutely NO ONE at Chase ever answers their phone. LYING Branch Manager knows that NO ONE at Chase has voicemail. LYING Branch Manager knows that he NEVER returns email messages. LYING Branch Manager did NOT give a single customer his business card, his name, his phone number. What branch manager of a bank REFUSES to give out his name? CROOK. His eyes prove he is a coke/heavy duty drug addict. Most branch managers have their names on a placque at his desk. This Branch Manager has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
63, Report #139086
Apr 16 2005
12:54 PM
Chase Bank Chase IS affiliated with ripoff NewSub Magazines and is allowing misrepresentation in their mailings Wilmington Delaware
NewSub Magazines IS affiliated with Chase... they have enclosed mailers in the Chase billing statements for years! Both are engaged in deceptive marketing practices, but Chase tries to cover itself by putting in a disclaimer in fine print... which is a lie. NewSub misleads potential customers with the rewards points for magazine descriptions... nowhere on the mailer is the TRUE annual cost stated, only the teaser of an extra three months at no cost. Chase Bank should be held accountable for allowing this misleading company access to their mailings. I urge anyone filing complaints with NewSub to also file complaints against Chase so that they STOP doing business with NewSub. Chase should be held accountable for choosing to do business with this disreputable and misleading company. Chase should stop inserting NewSub Magazine mailings into their monthly bills. They are promoting sleazy business practices.. and when an unwary customer gets billed, Chase benefits directly. LMB Lynn, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
64, Report #106322
Aug 31 2004
12:33 PM
Chase Manhattan Bank - JP Morgan Chase Convenience check interest rate ripoff Wilmington Delaware
I was a Chase credit card customer for more than two years. I never missed a payment and occasionally requested charge reversals on charge from merchants who tried to rip me off. Never did I imagine that Chase would try to rip me off. I received the periodic convenience checks for balance transfer. Most of the time I simply discarded the checks. I attempted to use one in July 2004 to pay off another credit card balance. Unbeknownst to me, Chase decided to run a credit report on me earlier this year. I am certain that another credit card bank had reported my failure to pay a small balance over a merchant dispute. My position is simple: I do not pay for goods or services that are not as advertised. NO exceptions. If a credit card bank will not support me, I send in all but what the disputed amount is and I close the account. Chase took a 3.9% offer that they extended to me and converted it to a 25% interest rate without informing me that the 3.9% rate was not valid. Chase claims that their agreement with me allows them to do so. I don't care about the agreement. Chase should NEVER have sent me the convenience checks or extended the offer if it was not valid, particularly since a number of months had elapsed since they decided that I was not worthy of the 3.9% rate. I sent them a final payment, with the interest rate re-computed at 3.9% and subtracted their transaction fee. Their credit card, cut into four pieces, accompanied my account closure letter. I also invited them to take me to court, because only a judge can compel me to pay the difference. I continue to file these reports and hope that government or private agencies decide to intervene. If Chase did this to me, they are doing it to others. This is also potential mail fraud and the Postal Inspectors should investigate this predatory practice. Harry Oxford, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
65, Report #334465
May 23 2008
10:15 AM
CHASE BANK CHASE in association with TLG*SHOPPERADV charges your credit Wilminghton Delaware
CHASE in association with TLG*SHOPPERADV charges your credit card account $89.99 for shopping membership without your consent. I notified the company (TLG) and inquired as to why I was charged and who authorized this. I was told that I cashed a $2.50 check, which authorized the service, but they would not provide any proof of this phantom check. I did not receive or cash this check but suddenly my account was charged for this service. I fear that many people with accounts associated with CHASE may have been charged fraudulently for this bogus service, with the intent of ripping off their (CHASE) customers. I cannot believe that CHASE would allow a company to do this to their customers and am concerned with their ability to manage my credit card and checking accounts. ILONA Brooklyn, New York U.S.A. Ilonacapone brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Wilminghton, Delaware
66, Report #461974
Jun 15 2009
10:07 PM
Chase Bank Wamu / Chase Takeover Customer Rip Off... Seattle Washington
I have been a customer of Washington Mutual Bank for the past 5 years. I am a simple working class guy in Seattle not a Techno Millionaire. My paychecks are automatically deposited I have not had a lapse in employment since I have been with Wamu. Recently Chase Bank took over Wamu in Washington and I had some reservations and almosted closed my checking and savings acconts prior to the acquisition but I did not. This issue took a few months to manifest before I realized what had happened by then it was too late. I have two credit cards with Wamu along with my checking and savings. I am a techno guy and I travel a great deal for my job so I do not really do snail mail. I see my mail once a month if I am lucky. I have all of my credit cards on Auto Pay for the simple idea that I will not miss a payment. Now here comes the fun part. Chase's IT department moved the credit card portion of the Wamu site first which I did not worry about but I should have. What they did was break the auto pay that was setup under the Wamu site so my payment did not get made. I was never contacted I have scoured through over 1200 emails looking for some notification but no luck. Consequently Chase raised the interest rate on one of the cards. The one of course with the highest balance to 29.99 percent. On a 6,000.00 balance I am now paying 155.00 a month just in interest. I of course called Chase as soon as I found out the payment was missed elaspsed time 15 days and I was so kindly told by the person on the end of the line. If you paid your bills you would not have this problem. I spent over 2 hours on the first call and 4+ on the subsequent calls. No luck. I am not looking for someone to fix this obviously no one cares. But I do need to vent and hopefully warn others to beware of this new practice. I am sure there are other victims out there former Wamu customers that this has happened to. My next steps are to get out of Chase all together and put my money somewhere else but in the meantime they will be collecting good money on the next few payments from me. I am now paying for something I did not do. Anyone can look at my records and see that up until the website move I never missed a payment and also paid at least 30% more than the minimum but sorry Chase I cannot afford to pay on the principal now. I am open to suggestions. Good luck in the new world of banking... Beat down Woodinville, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
67, Report #407565
Jan 03 2009
11:50 AM
BP Oil/ Chase Bank - Check Those Statements BP Chase Fees Louisville Kentucky
After having a BP gas card for over 20 years (back when it was an Amoco Card), Chase Bank has decided to charge me $25 a year for the privilege of filling up my car with BP gas. If I convert it to a BP VISA then there is no annual fee. An annual fee on a gas card?!? Dumbest thing I have ever heard. Not only have you lost a credit customer of 20+ years, but our family will not be obtaining gas at any BP ever again, not to mention the frequent stops for drinks/snacks. I hope the fee was worth it. CHECK THOSE STATEMENTS IF YOU HAVE A PLAIN OL GAS CARD!!! Vicki Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
68, Report #414188
Jan 20 2009
06:22 PM
Without notification I am being assessed A Service Charge of $10.00 monthly until I pay off a low interest balance with Chase. Since I was informed by customer service that this is due to market conditions. I guess that they did not receive enough TARP money. Chase's need to nickel & dime their customers, unless you are willing to sign up for higher interest rate is a sad comment on their business practices! I want to thank congress for the fact that they made it easy for Chase to do this by not making the recent legislation effective immediately that credit card companies would have to apply payments to the highest interest rate first. I guess it's money for nothing! Uwant2know Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: P.O. BOX 15298, Delaware
69, Report #415727
Jan 24 2009
02:18 PM
Chase Bank Chase Paycard Consumer Deception New York New York
I just want to complain about J.P. Morgan Chase who has my paycard and also has the Rush Baby Phat cards. I feel that they are very fraudulent to the public because they have no office in the U.S. Their office is located in India where they have no clue as to what is going on here in the U.S. I feel that for the charges that are applied to each transaction we as Americans have a right to be able to talk with someone here in America instead of someone in another country regarding our account. Also I feel that they should have more than one number to reach them. My complaint is this: They feel the we are second class citizens because we don't have a checking account and use the pay card as our so call checking account. Regardless of who we are we are consumers and we have rights. I would like to see what type of legal ramifications I have and if anyone else feels the way I do. Toni **** Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
70, Report #658921
Nov 05 2010
05:38 PM
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Chase Custom Finance Unauthorized credit check Kennesaw, Georgia
Received a letter from these JPMorgan Chase today denying a loan application for an auto.  Apparently these people will run a credit report from anyone without authorization.  I have never applied for applied for an auto loan with them or a dealership that uses them.  In fact I am not even looking to buy a car.  Suspect they are conduits for identity theft.
Entity: Kennesaw, Georgia
71, Report #742070
Jun 17 2011
11:46 AM
Chase Bank Beward of Chase scams Columbus, Ohio
Chase asked that I refinance my mortgage. Since it made economic sense, I did in April 2011. At that time, the agent suggested I make automatic payments through a Chase account. The previous summer (2010), I had two business and a personal account. These accounts were closed when Chase could not get wiring money right after two tries and I was stranded in Guatemala without personal and foundation funds.  In April, the agent said I had an open account we could use and it would save $.86 per month by using this account. It was a small amount, but the agent was trying to be helpful I thought. In June, I discovered that Chase was charging $12 per month to use this previously closed / empty account. From Summer 2010 to April, this CHase account did not have fees- I was never billed. The agent did not mention that there would be fees in the future as a result of using the account to pay the mortgage. So to save 86 cents per month, they charged $12 on this previously free account.  Interesting that the helpful agent forgot to mention this little change.... Does Chase really think clients are fooled by their cons / lies? Not for long.   Ive been ripped off again by Chase.  
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
72, Report #177979
Feb 24 2006
07:35 PM
Chase, Chase Bank USA Raised APR from 9.9% to 21.24% ripoff Wilmington Delaware
It is unconscionable to allow credit card companies to apply penalty or universal default rate hikes to existing balances on the cardholder's account at the time of the rate increase. Chase says they mailed me a letter last October notifying me that my APR was going from 9.99% to 21.24% based on my credit report. I had until December 1st to opt out (meaning, keep the current rate, but close the account). Well, I never got the letter and this month was shocked to see the minimum payment at $316 (up from $225). $202 of that is the finance charge, up from $80 when it was at 9.99%. Not only did the finance charges more than double, but Chase implemented the new minimum payment rule so my minimums went from $220 to $316. Of course when calling they told me there was no other rate available to me. I told them that was baloney beause if I had some debt counseling company contact them on my behalf, they'd reduce the rate and we wouldn't be having this conversation. I got transferred around and ended up talking to someone who was actually sympathetic. He helped me apply over the phone for a hardship loan, thus closing the account, reducing the APR to 6%, my payments are $228 and this debt will be paid off in five years (the same thing they offer those going through the debt counselor programs). So for those who are in over their heads, don't take no for an answer from these people. Keep asking questions! Write your representatives about The Loan Shark Prevention Act (H.R.1619) which would amend the Truth in Lending Act to cap the annual percentage rate on any extension of credit, and the amount of any fee or charge that a creditor may impose under the terms of a credit transaction. Rep. Bernard Sanders of Vermont introduced this bill on 4/13/2005. It is now pending before the House Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit. Boycott Chase; cancel all your cards and then we'll see how much further in debt they'll get. They can't use their customers to pay off what they owe and this is exactly what they are doing. Debra Fishers, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
73, Report #324110
Apr 06 2008
03:36 PM
On approximately Jan. 22 a loan was requested from J.B, Morgan bank, the branch office was contacted for approval of the loan requested. After about a week of trying to find out if the loan had been approved, the loan officer requested the bankruptcy file in order to process our loan. After waiting for an answer, the loan officer explained that the loan had been denied. Since our loan had been denied, we requested our bankruptcy file be returned to us. The loan officer explained that he had misplaced the file and needed extra time to locate the folder. This cycle went on for about two months, it was not until March when the truth finally appeared. The bankruptcy file was never put away, it was delivered to the bank branch manager's desk for review and left on top of the desk. The branch manager is assuming the file was shredded. With identity thief at it's highest, we were asking for a memo or letter stating that they had misplaced our documents. All the family members social security numbers, bank accounts numbers, date of births, and other vital information was inside that folder. If proof was needed in the future that our information had been lost we could have a document. The letter was denied. With all the lies and mistrust we are now left wondering if the file was indeed shredded as stated or in the hands of a stranger waiting to take advantage of our personal information. Armando LAREDO, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: LAREDO, Texas
74, Report #238620
Mar 08 2007
10:19 PM
Chase Bank Don't accept Chase Visa balance transfer offer! Glorified pawn shop! ripoff Wilmington, Delaware
I made the mistake of accepting a 0% interest rate offer to transfer a cc balance to Chase Visa, and quickly had the rate increased to 29% after mail problems in getting my first bill. (I had transfered the balance from a card that had a 10% rate.) I was able to pay the balance off before Chase Pawn Shop ripped me off too badly, but I quickly regretted what I now think was a bait and switch offer. Chase seemed to be looking for an opportunity to raise the rate to an exhorbitant level immediately, and did so before I even was able to get my first bill. I mostly use Bank of America; and they have never done anything like that. Unless your interest rate is over 30%, stay away from Chase. Jim McDonough, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Wilmington, Delaware
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Aug 05 2007
08:28 AM
Chase Bank ripoff Ambiguous NSF Policy Costing Chase Customers Hundreds New Orleans Louisiana
Chase Bank has a confusing policy on check holds that has cost me about $1,500. When you deposit a check of significant amount (over $500), Chase issues a Deposit Hold letter which states long as the deposit is paid, we will be happy to refund any NSF charges. Bold letters. I received this letter and was charged for four NSF charges. I went to the bank to see how happy they would be to credit these NSF charges. The branch manager said, the letters says 'any' not 'all' and we, at the branch level, have the right to pick and choose which charges, if any, to refund. And we only choose to refund you two of your charges. We feel you should be more responsible! Although the letter from HQ states that THEY would be happy to refund those charges, the truth is you have to plead your case with the branch manager every time. I went back through my account and found many instances where NSF charges we made while they held a deposit, over $1,500 worth over 4 years. I am now planning to sue Chase in small claims. Turns out that ambiuguity in contracts goes against the maker of the contract - in this instance Chase. I would love to start a class action, but don't know how many others are out there. Matt New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana

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