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1, Report #132844
Feb 25 2005
04:08 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex ripoff Cherry Hill New Jersey
I went to Cherry Hill Mitsubishi on Wednesday, Feb 17, 2005 and left with a new car. I traded in my 2000 Daewoo Nubira for a 2005 Mitshubishi Lancer. When i left the dealership with the new car, i was told i would have to come back in a few days to finish the paperwork. On Wednesday Feb 23, 2005 they called me and asked me to come in to finish the paperwork. I went into the dealership, and when i arrived i was called into the office of a manager named Ed, and he sat me down and said that he could no longer get me approved unless i come up with $5000 more for a downpayment. Since i told him on the 17th that i did not have that much for a down payment, it was still not possible a week later. He took the new car back and gave me back my old car back. While driving home in my old daewoo, i realized that my check engine light was now on, my break light was on, and there is a noise coming from the front end of my car. My daewoo was not in this condition when i traded it into the dealership on February 17, 2005. I left numberous messages and voice mails for the manager Ed that i has spoken with and i was not called back. I called under an alias, and finally got hold of the manager and he told me it was my fault the check engine light is on. He said any car that you have had that long (i've had it 3 years) the check engine light will come on. My check engine light is on, and I am not trying to blame it on anyone I stated that there is not 100 more miles on the car, and he replied Its not like anyone would take a daewoo for a test drive He also said that Daewoo's aren't made well and they aren't made to last anyhow He was very rude and ignorant to me, and i feel like if they are going to take away a new car that i had for a week, they should not be returning a car back to me that is in a terrible condition when they did not recieve it like this. I also did not appreciate him basically calling me a liar, after this horrible ordeal. His first name is Ed and he refused to give me his last name. I want my daewoo repaired back to the condition it was recieved by them in. This means the check engine light not on, the break light not on, and the engine not making weird noises. I do not trust that they will repair the car, as i feel i was scammed and then ignored. I want a check from them for the repair cost. I should not have to pay for the repair of the car myself. I have submitted a complaint to the BBB, but they said this will take 30 days to resolve... and i really don't have that long to drive a broken car... Rob Croydon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
2, Report #82551
Mar 02 2004
01:24 PM
Entity: CHERRY HILL, New Jersey
3, Report #115100
Oct 28 2004
03:15 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex ripoff Cherry Hill New Jersey
On october 23, 2004, I had purchased a car from cherry hill triplex. When I arrived there they came right up to me, I thought everything was ok. I had stated that I saw a ad on tv about $8,000 dollar trade for any vehicle. We found a car that we liked, after signing all papers and got home. I was looking at the papers the price of the vehicle was $17.7 on the papers it stated the price was $24.5. The $8,000 they stated was added to the price instead of being taking off the price of the vehicle. I want something done to the, I don't want this to happen to anybody else. They had got us and they are not going to get away with it. Bruce ephrata, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
4, Report #94921
Jun 15 2004
06:42 AM
Cherry Hill Triplex ripoff Cherry Hill New Jersey
I had been in an accident in 2002. i needed to get a new car. i went over to cherry hill triplex to look for an suv. the female salesperson showed me a spectra and told me it was the best deal. i told her i didn't think my oldest son, who is very heavy, would fit. she told me it would be alright to take the car and let her know. i signed the papers and took the car home. this was a saturday, holiday weekend. my son did not fit in the car comfortably. they were closed sunday & monday. i went back on tuesday and explained my situation. they said i could not return the car. i also didn't notice they changed the percentage rate from 5% to 15% interest. i also found out about 14 months later when i called the kia contact person for some information about the car that it was registered to another person. i was in fact, paying for a used car. i was told it was i new leftover. cautious anycity, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
5, Report #195718
Jun 09 2006
05:09 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex ripoff dealership Cherry Hill New Jersey
We would just like to let everyone out there know we were miss lead by this company cherry hill in new jersey bought a kia serento 2005 ticket price $24,769 was over charged by $14,000 witch included $1,500 cash down my car as trade in $10,000 and still oweing over $38,000 for a vehicle that wasnt even worth this in book value. We beleave there was alot of people out there who payed more then they thought and you can fight this to get the over charge back. My husband and I did and we are now paying the ticket price for this vehicle. we went to court and we WON!! The head manager of this company stated they can charge any amout over the ticket price they want for their kias, well guess what? They are wrong and we proved that. we were rewarded over $7,000 and because of their big mess up My husband and I took a cruise ( Thank You cherry hill Ha Ha )For those of you out there seeing there adds on TV ext.. Beware they are rip offs Not a trust worthy dealership we are liveing proof. Lori & Gerald Bushkill, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
6, Report #44157
Feb 04 2003
06:14 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex Dodge ripoff false promises New Jersey USA
Cherry Hill Dodge Triplex they advertise 8000 dollars for any car no matter the condition and no credit check on t.v. but it was a lie. consumer fraud ripoff Cherry Hill New Jersey ..... they advertised on t.v. for any trade you bring in or tow in you can get 8000 dollars cash for your car or they will pay your first two car payments and they were not doing credit checks but it was all a lie. I called first then i went down to the lot and they told me that your car has to be worth 8000 dollars and that they were doing credit checks and that was false advertising and something sholud be done about that because it not fair that i went down to n.j.and came back home in my same car when thats not what the ad said on t.v. I want everyone to know about this car dealers because its not fair to the people that have to go fair to be turned down and they were only listening to the ad that they put out for everyone to see. Chaketa Phila., PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
7, Report #95270
Jun 17 2004
09:59 AM
Cherry Hill Triplex - Jeep Dealer dishonest representation of their product Cherry Hill New Jersey
Cherry Hill Triplex sold me a new Jeep Wrangler, all the sales people told me that I was buying a new 2004 Wrangler. They actually talked me out of buying a leftover 2002 Sahara edition Jeep. The Jeep had no markings, stickers or even an owners manual as I came to find out. The final paperwork stated that is was actually a 2003 Wrangler- yes, also LEFTOVER. No one ever pointed out that it was a 2003, in fact they told me at least 6 times that it was a 2004, which of course was a lie or extreme incompetence! When I discovered the error, the salesperson said I thought the finance manager would have told you that it wasn't a 2004. So the sales person knew all along that he was lying! Earl Cherry Hill, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
8, Report #1245202
Jul 29 2015
05:38 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex Cherry Hill Dodge Unscrupulous! Couldn't tell the truth if life depened on it! Cherry Hill New Jersey
Purchased a 2013 Ford Explorer I saw online 6/24/2015. The problem arose when my temporary tag expired and was told it would be approx. 2 more weeks. I'm out of state so a personal trip back isn't easy. They gave me a worthless letter that my tag was delayed and they can't issue another temporary tag. Where does this leave me... driving illegal if I want to go to work and get paid. My vehicle could be impounded if caught driving on expired temp tag. What does the dealership do... NOTHING. Guess they expect me to sit home and not go to work while I wait for them to send me the tag I paid them for. Absolutely unacceptable business practices! They drop the ball and I'm left to deal with any consequences. Update: 37 days and the paperwork still has not been mailed out to the DMV for my tag. Just keep getting the run around and excuses. There is no reason this should not have been done by now other than the dealership not doing it. It has a clear title from paying to have a title check, they have all the information they need, I've made my car payments and paid for insurance. IMO there is no excuse for this.    
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
9, Report #142396
May 11 2005
06:10 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex / Jeep OVERPRICED by 150%!!!! I was SO stupid.... Cherry Hill New Jersey
So there I stopped at the Jeep dealership on route 70 and was met by John who seem to really want to sell me the Jeep I was eyeballing. There was no price listed on the window, but they did have the items the vehicle contained on the side window...still, no MSRP or what they were asking for it. I asked John what the price was and he said let's test drive it and then we'll get down to the numbers... K - long story short: we test drove it, I liked it. It had low mileage, was a 2003, pretty good condition but a few scratches here or there. No biggie, I liked it. I told John that I could only afford around $320 in payments. I wasn't expecting to achieve it because other dealerships had been giving $390 for Jeeps, even when leasing. Here's the break down: Trade in: Ford Explorer Sport with a blue book value of $3,700 I owed on it: $6,700 (giving a negative $3000 equity) They gave me a paper with the following breakdown (numbers in general arena): Sticker: $26995 (with WOW) written next to it Trade-in: $8000 Pay-off: $6700 Taxes, blah blah - don't remember those They came back with a $590 payment. I said no. They came back with a $490 payment, I said no. Sales manager came out and gave me the pressure stuff. We came to an agreement with $1000 down and $410 payments. It sounded good to me - heck the vehicle was $26K - and it seemed like they had eaten some of my negative equity, right? WRONG.... Looking on their website, the vehicle is listed for $18995. Additionally, Kelly Blue Book agrees with the website price. What happened? They beefed up the price by $8000 to eat up my negative equity and then some. I walked out paying a $23995 price which was $5000 more then what it was worth. And they said I was getting a steal. I'm 38... I should have known better... now I will have to pay for the next few years for the critical mistake. Use Kelly Blue Book before you ever deal with these guys. Michael King George, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
10, Report #91936
May 18 2004
11:11 AM
Cherry Hill Triplex (Mariana and Joshua) DISHONEST AND FRADULENT ADVERTISEMENTS! Rip-off! Cherry Hill New Jersey
The Cherry Hill Triplex ran an ad, stating $89 down, waiving credit checks, they lied. I heard the advertisement on the radio, I called twice to confirm that the advertisement was in fact true. The representative said yes, just bring 4 paystubs, $89 down, $89 a month. Lies!! just to get you there, don't believe their advertisements! They are big time liars and ripp off artists. Before they even ran my credit report the salesman told me I would have to put down more than a couple of thousand to get the $89 a month. Samantha Mount Holly, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
11, Report #85011
Mar 23 2004
10:15 AM
Cherry Hill Triplex Poor service, did not honor warranty Cherry Hill New Jersey
Watch the Channel 10 news on Friday, 3-26-04, at 11 pm. Tracey Davidson is doing a consumer alert on Cherry Hill Triplex. It is supposed to air this Friday and I'm in it! This dealership sold me a truck and would not honor my Chrysler Warranty. Chrysler even told me I had to take the vehicle to the dealer that sold me the truck! I have currently filed a small claims court case against Cherry Hill Triplex for damages. Here's the kicker....... They are countering with a suit claiming that I supposedly did not pay for repair services of over $900 dollars. I HAVE the receipt which shows all of the work that was done listed as WARRANTY WORK with an invoice total of $0.00 dollars owed! This is in addition to the fact that the receipt also acknowledges that fact that my problem was never fixed! Even if the work wasn't under warranty, why would I pay if it didn't fix the problem! Besides... what dealer would let you leave wit the vehicle without paying a balance due? They probably got paid for all of warranty work anyway from Chrysler and are trying to get more. Unless of course Chrysler denied the work because what they fixed wasn't bad in the first place because it didn't solve the problem! Wish me luck and tell everyone NOT to buy any type of vehicle from Cherry Hill Triplex Jim Medford, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
12, Report #112350
Oct 11 2004
07:07 AM
Cherry Hill Triplex Dodge ripoff, false advertizing out right lying! Cherry Hill New Jersey
After watching an ad on TV ( on 10/8/04) that said the first 100 callers would be approved .. I called was told to fill out a credit application on line I recieved a call in the early afternoon on 10/9/04 from Maryann telling me I have been approved for $18,000 for the purchase of a car but I had to come in that day or the following Monday. I called her back before I drove the 1 1/2 hrs there. She said YES there was no question I was approved I needed to bring 2-3 pay stubs, utility bill, drivers license and proof of insurance so I can drive my new car home. I was only in the dealership 5 minutes when I realized I was outright lied to and it was false advertizing the sales people were rude and told me it was mis communication .. I said no I was lied to I asked for the name of the owners of the dealership I was told it was a corporation and they would not give me the information I then asked for the name and # of a supervisor and they game me the # to the dealership I had just left and the name RIck whom was the salesmen I had just been Lied to by cherry hill triplex is a total rip off Janice BRICK, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
13, Report #95123
Jun 16 2004
12:36 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex nightmare experience, rude, pushy, and unprofessional! Rip-off! Cherry Hill New Jersey
To all of you looking to buy a car, ride past cherry hill triplex and keep going! Save yourself the horror of sitting for hours upon hours to buy a car that inevitably you will regret. So, have you ever had a car re-possessed prior to your first payment being due? Have you ever had possesion of a vehicle for three weeks before you find out that your loan didn't go thru? Or better yet, have you had your trade-in held hostage? If you haven't and want to experience this then Cherry Hill triplex is the place for you. The sales team and manager's lie, decieve and take advantage of you in every way possible in order to line their pockets while you get stuck with nothing but heartache and hardship. I wish I never walked through their doors or fell for their FALSE advertising. If you choose to do business with this company I suggest you #1 educate yourself prior to signing anything and #2 retain an attorney because you'll probadly need one. Ani trenton, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
14, Report #196552
Jun 15 2006
11:12 AM
Cherry Hill Triplex Dodge Mitsubishi Kia - Burlington Chrysler Dodge ripoff scam artist life ruiners Cherry Hill New Jersey
In January of 2004 I went to the Cherry Hill Triplex (Dodge) to purchase a new vehicle. I got my new vehicle and one it was over priced. It was a 2004 Dodge Intrepid, and it cost me $30,000 for one. Then they never paid off my trade in, asked for their vehicle back after not completing the insurance verification and speaking to my agent, refused to give me my money and vehicle back (claiming it was wholesaled), and reported my Intrepid stolen. Had me arrested and convicted of Theft by Deception. Which caused me to lose my government job, and struggle to provide for my family. I not only lost my car and money, but I lost my life from this dealership lying! Is there a way to help I know that The Attorney Generals office has a case against them. And I need all the help I can get to clear my name. I am also a Honorably discharged veteran of the United States Marine Corps. And all of this renders my Honorable discharge useless. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! Jamiel Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
15, Report #185731
Apr 09 2006
03:34 PM
CHERRY HILL TRIPLEX ripoff false representation misleading sales tactic CHERRY HILL New Jersey
We went to buy a jeep cheerokee but were told we could not get approaved for it since it was a 2004, but we could get a 2005 kia sedona lx. after a six hour wait they told us we needed a cosigner but we could drive home that nite and bring my parents in to sign and after 8 months the mini van would be put into our names as long as we made 8 months of payments on time. 8 months elapsed the bank told us that the triplex lied they have no plan like that since my mom put the van completely in her name she wasnt a cosigner the van stays in her name? I spoke to the salesman he had no clue on the procedure, Also we sued Kia motors for lemon law on a brand new sedona same vehicle front brakes replaced 6 times in a year and several repetative things We were awarded a settlement which basically is nothing because we still have all the same problems. I have pages of documents so im 100% accurate i have proof to show the news media im ready for the long haul we were charged $2200.00 for the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty they threw in at the last minute the van is advertised with a 10 yr 100,000 mile warranty?? Rodney PHILA, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: CHERRY HILL, New Jersey
16, Report #89428
Apr 28 2004
07:33 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex ripoff dealer rips off hard working people. sells your car doesn't pay off Cherry Hill New Jersey
My husband & I purchased our 2004 jeep liberty on 3/6/2004 and to this day we don't have our license plate, inspection, or our 2000 ford focus paid off. We were advised by the dealer we would get our license plate when we came up with the last $500 of our down payment to complete the trade in. That was 1 month ago. When we asked the dealer again when we would get our license plate, we were advised that we would now get everything when we paid our first payment to the dealer. When asked what bank we were going through we were then told we will let you know when you make the payment Excuse me? This our money we are giving out; we have the right to know where it is going to. It's like as if we weren't even really approved for a loan. How can dealers get a way with that? It's bad enough that our interest rate is 17.5% which is ridiculous. I saw this thing on 60 minutes where car dealers jack up the percentage rates to make more money from hard working people like ourselves. The worst thing? My loan with ford is ready to go in default because cherry hill hasn't paid off my car, but from my understanding the car was already sold to somebody else. All I want is to have ford motor company paid, my license plate, inspection stickers, & my interest rate lowered... if that is possible... Marie levittown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
17, Report #144048
May 26 2005
07:32 AM
Cherry Hill Triplex False Advertisement, Flat out lie, Verbally Abusive Cherry Hill New Jersey
My experience with the Cherry Hill Triplex was as followes: I was driving to work one morning and happened to hear an advertisement on the radio. The station was 96.5, a Philadelphia radio station. The advertisement was regarding The Cherry Hill Triplex's unprecedented trade in special. According to the radio advertisement, any person whom purchased a car at the Cherry Hill Triplex would be eligible to trade in their current car for the STICKER PRICE of when that car was BRAND NEW. Yes, i too thought this was too good to be true and thus decided to call the Triplex so as to find out what the catch was. I proceeded to call, and to my surprise, acording to the representative on the phone, there was no catch, this was the real deal. I of course didnt believe this, and thus decided to call home and have my mom call. She too called the triplex and was given the same responce If you buy a car worth 27,000 and your car was originally worth 25,000, then you would have to pay 2,000 dollars for your new car. According to the representative, the only catch was that the buyer must buy a car worth at least 1,000 dollars more than the trade in value of their current car. After my mom spoke to them, my father too called and was told the same information. I proceeded to call at least five more times due to the fact that the Triplex was 2 hours from my house and i did not want to make a trip for no reason. I even went so far as to tell them the EXACT car i wanted to trade in, complete with the year, mileage, and condition. My mom, father, uncle, and brother all did the same. After a minimum of ten different phone calls, we decided it was impossible for EVERYONE to be lying. My mother, father, and i all are college educated. We all decided to drive the two hours and hope for the best. When we got there ... we were told that they had lied, and that the conditions did not apply to us. They said the job of the phone people are to get us to come here, it didnt matter what they told us. They told us if we didnt like it, we should Get the hell out. My mom, dad, brother, aunt, uncle, and girlfriend, were all present. One of the saleseman even went so far as to try and physically fight me. The manager was unprofessional and verbally abusive. They outright lied to us. This was the worst experience i have ever had, i never thought a company would just straight out lie. I can understand making thigs sound better than they are, but this was a lie, there is no way around it, and in addition ... they were verbally abusive. John Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
18, Report #928459
Aug 16 2012
10:28 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex Rip off of the lifetime! cherry hill, New Jersey
To whom it may concern: My birthday was supposed to be a special day this year, but instead was a day that ultimately led to distrust and left a sour taste in my mouth.  I received a per-approval letter from Capital One stating that I had been per-approved for $30,000 towards the purchase of new/used vehicle. I was elated as I was in need of a new car and was considering my options as.  As I like to check things out, I did not do my research as well as I should have.  I did call Capital One to speak with a representative that stated the offer was like a referral for business, not a guaranteed offer.  She did say that if I did not want to go to the company on the letter I could apply directly online with Capital One and see if I would be approved.  I did that and I was denied, please keep that in mind for the rest of the letter. June 23,2012 I made an appointment with Kia Triplex of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The WORST BIRTHDAY MISTAKE I had ever made.  The sales reps were friendly bunch of snakes, I mean people upon entering.  Being a female,  I made sure to take my father with me. I sat down to talk with the reptiles, I mean sales man regarding my financial situation. I will clearly state that my credit is not in the best shape and that I was looking for a low payment with a trade in. I had all of my paperwork filled out with pay stub, etc, all the listed documents on what the per-approval offer stated to had. The reptile of sales man found two vehicles that would be somewhat in my price range, but I did not like them at all.  I was prepared to walk away, but then the found me a nice 2007 Montego that they claimed was just in. (My father looked on the web and this car had been sitting on their lot for weeks, but the sales man stated they just got it in.  LIAR!) We went for a test drive, I like the car, came back and started the negotiation process.  Basically I was told that my payments with my trade in would be $300 a month and it would be financed through Allied bank, ie I was approved.  They whipped up the paperwork and I took a temp possession of the car until that Monday when I would sign all the finalized paper work.  This all took place on a Saturday and I was told when the banks open up on Monday, they were going to try to get me better financing.  Monday night I went to finalize the paper work only to be told my payments would be $399.00 and that it would be financed through Capital One (refer to paragraph one.) I was highly upset as this was not the agreed upon payments nor the bank I was told I was approved by.  In addition, the rate was higher with a shorter term. I told the reptile that the deal was off, I wanted my trade in back and wanted to go home.  Well you can believe that the reptile got nasty and stormed out of the office. Sent in his boss the lying lizard to try to salvage the deal stating that they were doing me a favor.  The topping was they claimed they sold my car and were not sure they could get it back. Before that the reptile stated it was too dark on the lot for him to see to get my car. He was a lying sack of doo doo!  How are you going to sell something that is not yours and I did not sign the title over! Needless to say I was beyond pissed!  They made sure they got their car back, but I did not get mines back until the next day.  I am not going to justify the rest of their actions including their verbalization of their behavior to top it off.  That night I went home to check their rating, guess what they have an F with the BBB!  I felt stupid as hell for not looking at their rating and beyond pissed that Capital One would actually recommend them.  Then further research listed a website with people stating bad experiences, I got tired after reading the first 40 posts!!!  All negative I might add!! I finally got my car back the next afternoon, but the kind reptiles messed up the power steering on my car. I know my car was not the best as far as in shape, but when I gave it to them the power steering worked fine. This letter is to share my personal experience and to say that one apple does leave a rotten stench! Kia Triplex of Cherry Hill, New Jersey committed fraud in their dealing with me. How are you going to tell a customer that they are approved for financing, but I would like to get your approved for a better deal, only to end up getting me financed through a company that denied me!  I find that aspect highly suspect, especially when I applied to the same company a few days before and they did not approve me.  How is it that the deal was able to get them to finance me.  My credit did not change that much within a few day nor did my income.  Going through some of the customers complaints on the website, I found that my story correlated in a lot of aspects. To conclude I ended up going to another dealer to obtain my vehicle.  The irony is the dealer I went to knew who the dealer was that gave me such an excellent bad experience in car shopping.  How is it that Kia Triplex of Cherry Hill, NJ reputation precedes you.  To informally quote someone, they said how they are still in business is a wonder. Buyer's be ware and never go to this place, check their BBB rating, F!  This says it all loud and clear!!
Entity: cherry hill, New Jersey
19, Report #300651
Jan 16 2008
03:57 PM
Cherry Hill Tri-Plex, Cherry Hill Mitsubishi USED CAR SCAM TACTICS, Cherry Hill Mitsubishi Cherry Hill New Jersey
Wow, it is amazing that any business can still operate this way, like used car dealers from what one might have hoped were days long gone by. I walked in just to see what used inventory Cherry Hill Mitsubishi had on hand, explained exactly what type of car I was looking for and the exact price I was looking to spend, to no surprise I was told he had the exact car, a used Suzuki Grand Vitara. After walking me over to see the car, which was the price I was able to pay and had the right amount of mileage, Morris told me he couldn't sell it to me - something vague about tags and title not being in yet. But after talking to the manager (theres always a manager who knows everything, somehow the salespeople never know anything!), Morris told me he had three Outlanders that were in my price range. He showed me the 3 cars, a 2003, and two 2006 models. I was put in the manual 2006 for a test drive. As I was on my way to run other errands and hadn't planned on spending so much time there (already waiting around for about an hour), the manager John (my new best friend in the whole world!) told me he was gonna hook me up, put dealer plates on the 2003 and let me take it to do my errands for a couple of hours. The car was fine, not exactly what I was looking for, but since they kept telling me it was definitely in the $9K price range I figured what the hell. Clearly both Morris and John were very upset that I was not going to buy the car right there and then, but being a grown-up I explained to them that I would come back that Monday evening, at which time, if it was really the price they told me it was (none of the cars actually had prices on them), I would be prepared to purchase the car. Monday evening I returned, oddly enough to wait around until Morris could be found and move the 2003 Outlander to the on deck space - as if my brain would be confused by the mere fact that the car was there. So close. So tempting. Give me a break! That day I did a little research on the car, having not previously known much about it, and found that Cherry Hill Mitsubishi had the same car I was looking at listed for $12,600, more than $3K more than what I was quoted. Once the parade of staff had sufficiently filed by where I was sitting, apparently to overhear what my buddy and I were seeing - or possibly to try to smell blood in the water, another manager, this time the used car manager returned with a listing of their offer - which started with the car at $15,995, now $6K more than what I was offered! This, by the way, for a car that sold as new in 2003 for about $19K! I let him blather on for a bit before asking why he had the same car listed as $12.6K on their website, which was of course followed by looks of confusion, and a quick trip to verify this information... upon his return his answer was 'well, what do you think I'm gonna list it as on the website? I'm trying to attract customers, not chase them away.' NICE! Lie much? The game continued until enough of my time was wasted, clearly the car was never intended to be sold for anywhere within thousands of dollars of what I was told, I am fascinated but apparently this old-school mindscrew must still work with some people... please don't be one of them. Mark philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
20, Report #292056
Dec 16 2007
06:00 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex - Cherry Hill Dodge - Cherry Hill Mitsubishi - Cherry Hill Kia - Mt. Ephram Dodge Deceptive practices Frauds They will ruin your life as well as your credit!! Cherry Hill New Jersey
In 2004 I traded in my 1997 Ford Mustang for a 2004 Dodge Intrepid. First I was forced into a deal with salesman Lamar McDaniels (Yes I am dropping names!!!! And dare you to come @ me!!). First I was told that the original vehicle that I wanted (Dodge Durango), I could not get the financing on. However I was financed for over $30,000 for a car that was MSPR'd maybe tops $20,000 at the time. First off I got a base model for that year and was told that they would put in a sunroof @ their cost. So I figured that I would get that out of the deal. That night I drove the car off the lot, the only thing left to do was bring my down payment back. Well I had the car for a week, came in to drop the down payment off and was told that they needed to still verify insurance. Which they had not done the evening that I was in since it was a Saturday night. so I sat with a sales manager Marcus DeAngelis and spoke directly on speaker phone with my insurance agent. I drove off the lot that day thinking that the deal was done, all I had to do now was return to where I had been stationed in NC and sign the policy. Easier said than done. When I reached the insurance agent in NC to sign the policy, I was told by the insurance agent that the dealership called them and told her that the car had been reported stolen. Amazing huh???? It gets better. I then start getting several calls a day telling me I had to bring the car back. I then decided to get out of the deal. I told another manager who's name that I didn't get, Mr. DeAngelis, and Mr. McDaniel that if they gave me my vehicle back they would have theirs returned to them no problem. And that I would take my business elsewhere. It was then that I was told that my car was wholesaled and that I would be getting nothing in return for their vehicle. Which the sale of my vehicle now constitutes their vehicle as my vehicle. I then told them that they should refund my deposit and give me the money that they claimed that the car was sold for. And I was laughed at and told that it wuldn't happen, that they needed me to return the vehicle. I in turned told them that it wasn't happening and ended the phone call. They then proceeded to have me criminally prosicuted. Their first attempt yeilded nothing due to the fact that the judge on the first attempt dismissed the case. I was sent a letter to disregard any further contact about this situation. I figured that it was then settled. I continued with life, moved, etc. I returned to my former address to check to see if there was any mail that had not been forwarded to the new address. And the only thing that I found was a warrant for my arrest in an envelope postage stamped, but not canceled. (Strange huh?) I called the numbers listed and spoke with someone regarding the matter. And they told me that if I had gotten a letter to disregard any further contact to do just that. And I did. A year and a half later while visiting a friend and his wife where I was stationed I was pulled over for a minor traffic violation (taillight out in her car). And the warrant came up clear. You know that I was MAD!!! I was finally transported back to NJ after about 3wks including the loooooong ride in a bus that was not built for that purpose. Just to find out that they had been pressuring the prosecutors office about this matter, the case was reopened without my notification and a warrant issued. Making a long story short. I was convicted of theft by deception for properly purchasing a new automobile from a sheister of a car dealer. The day of sentencing my attorney found that this same dealership is part of an on going lawsuit for doing the samething to other consumers. However I was convicted of theft. What about my still unpaid for vehicle that I traded in that had over $5000 left in payments, what about the money that I lost as a downpayment. I guess that didn't matter to a clueless moronic jury that was stuck on the an issue of if I had insurance or not. However the evidence was clear, and the judge also scolded them for posing a question outside the scope of the evidence. I believe that if the judge said that Yes he has insurance I would have not been convicted. However the judge clowned them, and told them that he was not able to answer the question, and to use the evidence. WHICH THEY DID NOT!!! Because there was an insurance card in the evidence. In turn this caused me to lose a good job with the Dept of Homeland Security, my right to keep and bear arms, (cause it was classified as a felony), mental anguish, and the list goes on and on. All over a scheming, sheister of a car dealer trying anyway that they can to screw a consumer. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!!!!!!!! You will pay entirley too much for your vehicle, they will not service your vehicle correctly, they will beat around the bush when confronted on these matters. Does anyone know of a good lawyer I really wan to stick it to them in a civil court once my appeal is complete? Jamiel Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Dodge Auto
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
21, Report #443867
Apr 15 2009
02:28 PM
Chery Hill Triplex Complete Liars, forever have ruined my life!!! Cherry Hill New Jersey
In March 2009, my mother went here to possibly purchase a car. Well, she ended up purchasing a car, we did. They told her it would be better if my husband or myself put our names on the car to get her a better interest rate. Well my husband and I are the owners of the car, surprisingly!! They said that is the only way she could have gotten. Well being that I am an only child, I always want better for my mom, so my we signed and believed everything they said. We were very stupid because we signed the papers before we even knew what the interest rate was. They told us we had to go back the nxt day and finish signing. When we get there, the interest rate is 22%....WTF!!! They were so confusing, they had like six people talk to us and conversation that had nothing to do about the dealership.(dogs, heritage etc....????) We leave, the car has no gas in it and when I went back and asked them about it they told me I'm on my own. As I continue to go home, we put a CD in the player and here the player was broken. We had to go back and they put a whole new system in. Then 2 days after having the car, my mom was driving down 78, and her left front tire blows off. Luckily her and my 4yrs old son were not hurt. I called them immediately and they said sorry about that but they have nothing to do with it. After a battle over the phone the Manager Nick said to bring in the receipt and they would pay us back. Still no check!!! Everytime, I call they give me someone else to talk to and the Owner is never there!! All they do is push me from person to person and or never call me back. When I told them that I was going to get a lawyer involved, Dean, told me that once the word Lawyer gets involved, he has to end the conversation & hung up!! I need HELP!!!!! Heidi Easton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: CHerry Hill, New Jersey
22, Report #97922
Jul 07 2004
09:33 AM
Cherry Hill Triplex Or Cherry Hill Kia rip-off! False advertising; abusive sales personnel; refused to return trade in vehicle; fraudulent agreement. Cherry Hill, New Jersey
BEWARE! FALSE ADVERTISEMENTS! I went into this dealership as a result of its ad that claimed it would pay $8000 for your trade-in Sounded like a great deal, but in the end, the dealer simply added on the amount that I owed to the car I had planned to purchase. They also jacked up the price of that car and only gave me $2800 for a car that was really worth at least twice that. So in the end, they tried to make me pay for my car all over again, while they got the car for free and made me overpay for their car. To make matters worse, once I realized their trickery and sent them a the next morning canceling the deal, they refused to do so and KEPT my trade-in! I called the police, who advised there was not much they could do other than to advise me to file a report with the State attorney general's office. The policeman was very sympathetic and indicated there was a incident list as long as you are tall of complaints the police responded to about this dealership. The manager was verbally abusive and the salespeople laughed about the whole thing. The nightmare still continues as I now do not have a vehicle and am buried in telephone calls and headaches. DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS DEALERSHIP, OR IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU! J Willingboro, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
23, Report #156844
Sep 12 2005
08:11 PM
Cherry Hill Triplex deceptive adverstisements and lying employees lure innocent consumers to bum deal ripoff Cherry Hill New Jersey
My mother is currently looking to purchase or lease a Jeep Liberty. After hearing Cherry HIll Triplex's promotion of $89 down $89 a month my mother wanted to visit the dealership. I was very skeptical and suggested she call and inquire be fore we make the trip. She spoke with someone who gave her an appointment to come in and told her she could get a Liberty Jeep with current promotion. I was still not a believer, so I called myself to inquire. I could not believe someone could purchase a 20k vehicle for $89 a month it just doesn't add up. I called the dealership and ask to speak to a sales person and the recetionist was insistent that she could help me. I ask her was it possible to purchase a jeep liberty under the $89 promotion and she said yes. I asked her how long would the term be because I would not have a car paid off in the normal term given she said you could keep making the payments until the vehicle was paid off. We made the trip to Jersey and first I must mention that the sales people were standing at the front like crazy starved vultures. I was just waiting for one of them to jump on my car. K!@$h, a sales person approaches the passenger side and starts to talk with my mother. She told him that she was there for the $89 promotion and she wanted a Liberty Jeep. Of course he told us that promotion could not be used for the purchase of a Liberty Jeep. The vehicle had to be a certain price in order to qualify for that price. My mother only wanted that model car so she picked one after an hour of K!@$h talking our heads off. Many of the cars in the lot had an employee price tag on them. K!@$h says that promotion is over and did not know why the tags were still on the cars. She test drove the one she wanted and we went inside to work the numbers. He takes some information and comes back without numbers but he has good news. The employee pricing was still going on. Which I think he knew all along and if he didn't shame on him. Since this new news is brought to the light my mother has to pick a car that can offer the employee discount. She picks another car and he comes back with a number, by the way he has not even ran her credit. He comes back with $589/month. We were quoted previously $397/month should've jumped on that. K!@$h explains that is the worse deal possible and after checking her credit he could have a solid figure. He also goes on to explain that the majority (90%) of there clientele are serious credit risk and have bad credit. K!@$h procedes to tell my mother that the quote she received was a low ball and ask who gave that to her and she refused to disclose that information. My mother thanked K!@$h and said she was just going to go back to where she got her quote from and hope that they had another vehhicle in stock she wanted as the one she was quoted a price for had been sold. K!@$h continued to try to talk my mother into a deal after she repeatedly said no. She explained to him that she was not going to pay that much for that car and have to be inconvenienced with having to pick up tags because we our PA residence. I recently purchased a car in NJ and I had to drive out to pick up my registration and tags and I had to come home and have my car inspected. K!@$h says that was incorrect and continued on to try to sale this vehicle. I just couldn't take anymore so I grabbed my mother is rushed out of that place. This place constantly runs advertisemnts that are to good to be true. They prey on desparate people who need a car and give in many case the worst deal possible. They are best known for $8000 for your trade and I have read several stories on that bum deal. If you need a car and have credit isssues you do not have to go to these kinds of dealerships. There are good dealerships that can help your situation. Just one more thing, K!@$h mention he previoulsy worked for Dunphy they were a similar kind of dealership who preyed on credit challenged consumers. They have closed down. Tia PHILADELPHIA, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
24, Report #479532
Aug 13 2009
04:12 PM
CHERRY HILL TRIPLEX There was suppose to be rebate and instead of discounting $3,000 they added $3,000 to the sticker price, dealership lied about price. Cherry Hill New Jersey
Salesman lied to us about the price of a new vehicle.  He showed us the sticker price of $36,000 and said there was a $3,000 rebate for this vehicle.  This should have brought the price of the vehicle to $33,000.  Then you had to add 2,063 for tax and $590 for tags.  We also had to add $9,000 as we were upside down in the trade vehicle.  This should have brought the price to $44,653. When we sat down to firm up the deal, the full price with tax, tags and upside down trade was $50,400.  They meant there was $6,000 unaccounted for.  When we asked for an explanation none was provided they changed the subject.  Then we asked what the monthly payment would be.  We had told the salesman at the onset that we had no money down and were assured he could put the deal through.  We were quoted a payment of $690 per month with $12,000 down. We again explained that we had no money down, then the pressure was put on, we signed a paper stating we would make a deal with $100 down and payment of $775. Then we were told we would need $500 down and it would take an hour to get an answer.  We told them we would go home for them to call us with the payment.  We had to leave a $100 deposit before they would attempt to put the deal together. We waited at home an hour and half to get a call and be told we could have the car but need between $1,000 and $2,000 to put the deal together.  We said we didn't have the money and were then told they can't sell us the car. We had to drive back out to the dealer to get our $100 back.  We had spent six hours at the dealership, waited an hour and half and then drive back out which was another hour each way for nothing.  It cost us over $20 in gas to make these unnecessary trips when they assured us in the begining they could put the deal together. Their advertisement states no money down, bad credit, upside trades we can do it.  When push came to shove they could not deliver.  Additionally we had looked at four different vehicles and all which had to be jumped started.  None of their new vehicles could start on their own.   What kind of vehicles are they selling? Also we were a little leary of this dealership as we saw a number of consumer complaints, however we did see from the State of New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs that a settlement had been reached and that the dealership was on a watch list by the State.  Hopefully the state is watching because it appears the dealership is still up to the old bait and switch tactics. My husband is 71 years old and has been buying cars since he was 17.  He has never had the sticker price increased, it was always decreased.  They are advertising a manufacturer rebate but not giving it to the consumer.      
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
25, Report #1175368
Sep 08 2014
05:23 PM
Cherry Hill Kia Cherry Hill Triplex Poor Customer Service Cherry Hill New Jersey
The people at Cherry Hill Triplex show the worst customer service I have ever experienced.  It took me almost a week to finalize the purchase of my car.  For 2 days in a row we sat for 3 hours waiting for paperwork to finalized.  After 2 hiurs on the second night the paperwork srill was not done.  Finally when it was almost time for the dealership to close, a finance, not even our salesman asked what we were waiting for.  When we told him we were waiting to sign paperwork, he said let me go check on it.  Then when he came back he told us the paperwork was not done.  He asked us to come back again. When we returned on Saturday, not only did we have to wait for yet another hour, but the final paperwork was over $100 more per month for the monthly payment than what we agreed on previously.  When we asked if we could refuse, we were told yes, but then it go as a repo on our credit because we alreadt drove the car off the lot. As soon as we got home, we realized that the auxilary cord for the iphone was not in the glove compartment, we called, told them it was not there, and we were told, It was checked off on the sheet, it must have been there. Next, the next day I realized that there was no antenna on the car, so I immediately called, and told the salesman, and he said Someone must have stolen it.  I said no one stole it it was never there. As we all know, Kia gives you your first oil change for free.  I went there and got my first oil change with no proble.  I was also given a second oil change for free, because of all of the aggrevation I had during the purchase.  When it came time for my second oil change, I called the service department.  I was instructed that I needed to call the sales manager, to have him put in the request for the oil change so I could get it for free.  I called and left a message for the Sales Manager, and surprise...No One called back.  So that free oil change i was supposed to get for the aggrevation,turned out to be more aggrevation. Fast Forward one year later.  I went to get my oil changed, and the service station was going to rotate my tires, and they couldn't becuase there was no wheel lock key.  I didnt even know I had wheel locks....When I called the dealership, I was told it was in the glove compartment.  No It wasn't.  So they told me to waste some more of my time, and bring it to them so they could replace them and give me they key. After awhile, the excuses, and the bring it back and we will take care of it and give you a free oil chnage, just isn't enough.  These guys really need to get their acct together.  Before anyone buys a car car from this dealershio, you should heed the warnings and complaints from other consumers.  They have horrible customer service, not to mention the fact that they do not return phone calls.  Find another dealer.     
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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