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1, Report #1403989
Oct 03 2017
05:51 PM
Chris Bull of The Heli Team Orlando, Florida HQ Aviation LLC, The Heli Team INC, The Heli BULL, N30242, LLC, ORLANDO AIRCRAFT SALES, LLC, HQ AIRCRAFT SALES, LLC Chris Bull of The Heli Team Orlando, Florida Providing ENG services for WJAX/WFOX TV Jacksonville, Florida Committed Wage Theft and other Income Law Violations. Orlando Florida
Warning to anyone who goes to work for Chris Bull at The Heli Team 245 Nilson Way, Orlando, FL 32803.  Especially if you are hired as a photographer for WJAX/WFOX-TV in Jacksonville, Florida.  My first week Chris called me and used F-bombs and other vulgarity threatening to fire me for refusing to fly until a defective alternator got fixed in the helicopter that came on four times up in the air and then threaten to fire me a few days later when I reported the pilot Parker Brown's unprofessional behavior and actions detrimental that compromise the station's competitive coverage.  Chris Bull committed wage Wage Theft not paying me my last two pay checks which totaled $1,317.44. When I wrote demanding my pay check after four days or I would contact the Department Of Labor, volatile temper Chris, threaten to contact a lawyer see if he can put an injunction on me if I go to the Department of Labor. Chris accused me for breaking a little door to the hangar door is why he won't pay me. Nothing happen to the door when I open it and the last person to operate the door was Parker Brown. I reported Chris Bull to the Department of Labor. He lied to case manager Kenneth Floyd he paid me a long time ago. I forward Kenneth a PDF file attached to my he mail from the payroll person Robert Almon my pay stub for $1,095.90 and emails for hours I worked my last two days asking where to send my last check which would have been $221.54.  Kenneth said he would asked to see a canceled check. The next thing I hear from Kenneth he has a check for $580.00 and Chris had different paper work. I said, he altered the books and fabricated documents.  I refused the settlement and forward my evidence over to the IRS criminal investigation department for Violation of the Income Law with False Deductions.  Taking deductions out when I was not paid. Unsubstantiated Income.  Claiming I earn wages and never got paid.  False/Altered documents.  Department of Labor said, he had different documents from what his payroll manager sent me twice.  Unreported Income and Failure to Pay Taxes. His willful failure to pay payroll taxes and did not report my wages to unemployment or the Florida Department of Revenue. For second quarter 2017.Chris lies about having an impeccable record. His school gave a pilot license to Bruce Teitelbaum, who failed to obtain his pilot's license from two other flight schools because; his behavior was too risky. I spoke to Tom a F.A.A agent who works for Robinson Helicopters who interviewed Chris and the Heli Team.  He told me he heard bad things about Chris and his temper and only when he flashed a badge at him he cooperated.  I am not the only photographer who had an issue getting paid. A previous photographer had ruins with Chris.  When I spoke to Libby Jones at WJAX-TV the problems with Heli-Team, she said we heard similar stories from Sean the previous photographer.  We did not know it was that bad.  Really that bad and you still have a contract with The Heli Team!?  
Entity: Orlando, Florida
2, Report #472716
Jul 23 2009
03:25 PM
Street Team Chris the scammer Orlando Florida
Bought a coupon from chris smith for 20. the salon elysee didnt honor it. the name of his company is street team. he looked like a drunk i should have known better. this happened in orlando florida. watch out for this dirt bag chris smith. the salon said they will give me the 20 back. what does that tell you. Anonymous winter park, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
3, Report #1235813
Jun 15 2015
04:57 PM
ELITE Simulation Solutions Elite Flight Simulation $170,000.00 fraud. Company cancelled warranty after blackmail attempt. Oviedo Florida
On December 4th of 2014 I had entered an agreement with Elite Simulation Solutions to purchase a flight simulator in the amount of 173,000.00 USD. Prior to the purchase of the simulator, many discussions took place regarding the delivery and set-up of the simulator, from it's current location to my facility. The company requested that I send drawings/measurements of my office dimensions, and I quickly supplied them with such drawings and information. The purpose of this was to ensure the placement of the simulator would be possible within my office location, prior to purchasing the simulator. They said it would be possible, and provided me with the purchase contract, which listed exactly what was included within my purchase price. the items included were; the simulator, garmin panel mount, DELIVERY/CALIBRATION/INSTRUCTION, and a TWO YEAR (24 MONTH) WARRANTY PERIOD. I agreed to the purchase contract, and delivered it back to them (signed), and immediately wired them the purchase amount.   As promised Elite arrived at my facility with the already paid for merchandise, and assembled the simulator on site; up until now everything had run smoothly. However, after a couple months had passed, the company sent me an invoice in the amount of 3,500.00 USD along with an unfriendly e-mail demanding the amount be paid to cover to 'cost of delivery' for the simulator. They claimed it was necessary to charge this amount since they had to rent a truck, and bring it to my office... However, as stated earlier, the original purchase price had included this 'cost' of delivery, and this amount had already been provided to the company. Any charges that they would suspect to be outside of the scope of the original purchase price, should have been mentioned prior to the purchase. Furthermore, it's not lawful nor reasonable to add charges that have already been covered and paid for, and demand they be paid once more from the customer. To make matters even worse, Elite has now ended my warranty on the simulator until I pay the invented additional delivery surchage they have added to my purchase price, AFTER THE FACT. This is unlawful, threatening, and a disgusting way to conduct business from a company that sells merchandise in the large amounts of money they do. I paid my full purchase price, which included my shipping and installation costs, and lived up to my obligations of the deal. Elite has chosen to suspend my warranty, unless I allow them to RECHARGE me for a service I was promised in my purchase contract. Disgusting.  My company will now hire an attorney, and pursue monetary compensation for all contractual failures made by Elite, and all damages I have incurred resulting from such failures.  
Entity: Oviedo, Florida
4, Report #1272561
Dec 07 2015
01:09 PM
Heli Aviation and Niclas Herle Mr. Herle's Accusations Are Bizarre and Without Factual Merit Sarasota Florida
There was a LOT of discussion with Mr. Herle regarding his space available and ways that the size of the simulator (actual cockpit size of a twin engine helicopter) could be accommodated in his space.  He sent diagrams and we discussed  removing windows, walls and even installing the simulator through the roof.  The conclusion of these discussions was that the trainer would have to be disassemble and reassembled at his location as the hallways and doorways were too small.  Because of the dramatic discount he received on the simulator, I explained that I would have to charge him labor to dissassemble and reassemble the simulator and the cost would be per man hour, not to exceed $3,500.  He initially objected and I canceled the deal.  After reconsidering, he called me at home to say that he would pay for the labor on a separate invoice.  Mr. Herle confirmed this via an email to me on December 1, 2014.  I sent him a Purchase Agreement (dated December 3, 2014 with a paragraph that stated Delivery, calibration and instruction are included in this agreement. Labor costs for disassembly and re-assembly will be provided under separate invoice.  This cost will be $200 per man hour not to exceed $3,500.  This paragraph in the agreement was 2 font size points larger than the rest of the text.  So Mr. Herle agreed verbally, via email and by his signature on the Purchase Agreement.  I sent the separate invoice as agreed on 3 successive months followed up with 3 emails asking for payment on the balance.  On the last message, I informed Mr. Herle that warranty support would be suspended until his balance was paid in full.  I even offered to accept amortized payments over time if his cash flow was a problem. There is absolutely NO truth to his allegations. 
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
5, Report #1226225
May 01 2015
11:59 AM
Niclas Herle CEO Heli aviation LLC Refund my money,niclas herle!!! sarasota Florida
 Goodday,Niclas who happens to be the ceo of heli aviation llc in Florida and his secretary have been trying to avoid me .I intended to commence training with heli aviation early this year.i started making deposits by April and made a total of 14750 in three installments.on his website,he stated on the visa processing informations that his school was able to issue an i20 which I would take to the embassy for my visa. After making such amount of deposits,I then emailed him that i have decided to show him statements of account as a proof that I can pay the remaining school fees so I would be needing an i20 after that.he replied my email by saying I would have to apply for a B-2 visa which comes under a tourist or visitors visa. How on earth will I apply for a visitors visa when I am coming to study??so I lost interest in the school immediately and requested for a refund .he replied me and asked me for my wire instructions,I gave him my friends bank account details in the USA and its been two weeks now,he hasnt replied over 12 emails I have sent to him after that.his secretary who happens to be a lady is always hiding him. I make calls to their office on a daily basis and she tells me niclas is not on seat.about two days ago,she devised another means by hanging up on me whenever she hears my voice. So definitely,she is also hiding her boss but they are kidding because have worked so hard for my money and would not accept to be taken for granted by Niclas of heli aviation.i need my money to start my training in the new school I enrolled in. Please ,someone should come to my aid and help me get my funds from niclas of heliaf and the secretary that has been hiding him.
Entity: sarasota, Florida
6, Report #409949
Jan 09 2009
06:11 AM
X-Heli No way to contact after purchase City Of Industry California
I recieved a small remote helicopter for Christmas. It did not work out of the box, nor did the practice simulator that was purchased with it. My attempts to contact this company have been useless. They respond to emails saying that someone will call....never happens. Multiple emails have shown same results. Phoning is impossible as all you get is a busy signal or if you are lucky enough to connect, you are put into an endless hold loop. I am convinced that this is a one man operation by some guy named Ivan Jun Wu. there are similar complaints posted on Better Business Bureau web site. How on earth are they able to continue ripping off innocent folks. My wife has lost over $100 on this purchase which is a lot of money at this time in our history. Martello Halcottsville, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: City Of Industry, California
7, Report #861534
Mar 30 2012
01:34 PM
efloortrade John Moore Chris Moore John Moore Suing to Sweep what he did out of the spotlight Orlando, Florida
Today i got a shot across the bow from John Moore and counsel Colleen Devanney Esq. Attached is an EX PARTE TEMPORARY INJUNCTION filed March 29th 2012 with the 9th Judicial Circuit for Orange County Florida. Case No. 2012-CA-005204-o . They are going to argue there case with the Honorable Judge Mihok, and ask him to grant the EX PARTE injunction. John Moore wants to exclude me from my argument before the truth spreads too far. John Moore has a lawyer in Cincinnati Ohio asking a judge in Florida to keep the public from finding out what he did. John will do everything to sweep this all under the rug except the right thing. If he doesn't want the public to find out what he did, he shouldn't have done them.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
8, Report #863928
Apr 04 2012
03:19 PM
Chris Moore efloortrade What Lengths A Guilty Commodity Broker Will Go, To Sweep The Guilt Away Orlando, Florida
John Moore's Son Chris was my contact at efloorade. When he first called in February he said nothing about being on margin. It wasn't until i hung up the phone and looked at my statements that i noticed 199 trades in 10 days. Normal is 55/65 trades in 10 days. I called Chris back and that's when he tells me i'm on margin. This is after i told the guy a 100 times to call me if i was ever on margin. After he told me i was on margin, i asked him how much money i had left. Chris Moore told me i had $110,000.00, but when i actually got the real amount it was $70,000.00. How does an honest Commodity Broker manage to screw up so many important details? Easy, It had nothing to do with honesty. It was all greed and fraud by Chris Moore helped by his father John Moore of eflortrade. John Moore efloortrade is a piece of work. He feels he can churn and defraud me with impunity, and then he can turn around and kill the story telling about it. Ive made a big mistake, and lost a great sum of money by trusting John and Chris Moore at efloortrade. I will not compound the problem by remaining silent, and leave the public in danger of coming in contact with John Moore. This is what he did and what hes trying to do. The public best interest is served by giving this information to them.  Truth is a B**ch
Entity: Orlando, Florida
9, Report #738557
Jun 08 2011
06:09 PM
Chris Demko Fake developer, slum lord, HOA raper. SEXUAL HARASSER orlando, Florida
Chris Demko is a 6ft 4 man child.  He lives in a condo in the back of the Parc Corniche which he pretends to own. He also claims to own the Lake Buena Vista resort. His family runs the HOA at the Parc Corniche which is a condo hotel that they have been raping for years. The rooms are dirty and the bathrooms smell of urine. If you are traveling to Orlando stay away from this place. He pays his employes based on the size of their breast. If you don't have huge fake breast he will cheat you on your check come pay day.   The guy is a creepy sexual predator who is always drunk and high. This guy is a real white trash creep. 
Entity: orlando, Florida
10, Report #400052
Dec 10 2008
05:34 PM
Chris Sterns Broker Of Engel & Voelkers - Winter Park, FL Orlando Real Estate Winter Park Florida
Chris Sterns was and is the owner of, initially brought together by a character named hooman hamzehloui. Hooman is no longer involved in Real Estate and has allegedly found himself and has become a motivational speaker. See for your self at, i guess after screwing people over you look deep and become a motivational speaker. However, Hooman is another story in itself, but Hooman did bring in Chris Sterns and for a while Chris Sterns was the broker of Masters Realty. Masters Realty was owned by Hooman but Hooman didn't have his Broker license so he brought in Chris Sterns. Chris Sterns comes across as a nice old man and he is in fact on the cutting edge of technology, like his profile suggests. was started behind some of the technology ideas Chris Sterns had shown the owner of However, the owner of would never be as shady in business as Chris Sterns is, the guy in a nutshell is a chump. Chris Sterns worked an agreement with Hooman Hamzehloui, any agent of Masters Realty that sold a HotButler lead would get a 60/40 commission split. Owner of being an agent of Masters Realty received a lead from named Jason. This lead was good and the now founder, did what every realtor should do, Holding Jason and his wife's hand through the entire process. The process was really hard due to the seller going through bankruptcy, so the closing took much longer then expected. After, months of waiting and having to update Jason and his wife daily that it's still waiting it finally got to the closing table. At the closing table, Chris Sterns was getting a piece of the mortgage on this loan and the mortgage loan officer he set Jason up with didn't even show up to the closing. The loan officer wrote up the loan completely wrong Jason and his wife, giving an ARM loan instead of a fixed like they wanted. The deal almost fell apart at the closing table because the mortgage officer Chris Sterns was dealing with was an idiot. All in all, the deal got worked out and I showed up two days later at Chris Sterns office to pick up my 60% commission, something that was very well deserved. Chris Sterns the chump that he is gives me a check for 40% and says this is all you get. After speaking with a lawyer about the situation and the lawyer saying you can't get anything more, because broker's are entitled to the money and how they distribute it is up to them. The only thing left to do at that point is part ways, laugh at how much of a chump he is and blog about it! winter park, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
11, Report #1158523
Jun 30 2014
02:02 PM
Chris Maguire Vivid Funding, M-Development Ponzi scheme? Orlando Florida
I invested money with Chris Maguire and his company Vivid Funding (which later changed to M-Development) towards what he called a Proof of Funds loan.  Essentially, the way it was described, was that Chris would aggregate funds from many investors such as myself into one large cash pool.  Companies would pay a hefty fee to use those funds for short term transactions to improve their balance sheets. We did a few transactions and everything was going fine until one day he told me that his funds were frozen and he wasn't able to pay me until they were unfrozen.  Well, that was 10 months ago now and clearly this is all fabrication.  No ones accounts are frozen for 10 months.  Every investor I know who invested with him has not received their money back.  Chris supposedly hasn't done a deal since his accounts were frozen and has no other source of income that any of us know about.  However, he continues to live a lavish lifestyle renting a 10,000 Sq Ft home and driving Lamborghini's around town. There is no explanation to this other than he is using his investors money to keep up his lifestyle.  This is the definition of a ponzi scheme.  There is simply no other rational explanation.  Do not invest money with Chris Maguire or any of his realted companies.  I am still trying to resolve this issue through the court system and my team of attorneys.  But, for anyone else thinking about investing with Chris Maguire, don't fall into this trap he will take your money and spend it and you'll never see it again.    Mike Orlando, Florida
Entity: Orlando, Florida
12, Report #1164894
Jul 25 2014
07:35 AM
Chris Maguire Vivid FundingM-Development Ponzi Scheme Orlando Florida
Also a Vicitim of This B.S. Ponzi Scheme where he takes money from more people then he can pay spends at least 1/3 on Strippers, Lambo's, A Large Rented House to create the appearance that he's doing well!!! In order to get more people to invest even larger and larger amounts of money. 1/3 My guess went to payouts to keep current investors at bay and 1/3 went to uselss mobile apps, Gay tshirts and over the hill music artists in hope he would hit something big. Neither worked and he has not been able to pay any body dozens r caught up in his scam!!! He calls himself The Great Magurghini and Irish Mr Lamborghini altohugh he's nothing like the real Mr. Lamborghini who made an honest living selling tractors then went on to build one of the most famous exoctic cars on the market today.  
Entity: Orlando, Florida
13, Report #915630
Jul 22 2012
06:04 AM
Kingdom Insurance Orlando / Tony Preston Chris Centered Christian School Does not pay their bills Orlando, Florida
Tony Preston orders products with Purchase orders and does not pay his bills. do you really want to do business with someone like this. especailly some thing as important as your Insurance?
Entity: Orlando, Florida
14, Report #1142009
Apr 26 2014
05:49 PM
Chris Shuler DBA City Garage Lied & RIPPED-ME-OFF on a brake job. Charged me to 'Resurface' the front Rotors, then DEFRAUDED ME by NOT Resurfacing them. mechanic left greasy handprints 3 places on car, I have to wash it now. South Orlando Florida
I went to Chris's Auto Garage on Sat, April 26, 2014 at 5242 S. Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida. I told the Service mgr/Dwayne I was a Repeat Customer' from 2 yrs ago when Chris had installed a transmission in my other Van.I now had a white/Chrysler T & C Van.  I told him I had looked at my brakes at a shop last week and all 4 brakes needed to be Replaced.He said they would Inspect it & tell me what they found.An hour later, Service manager/Dwayne tells me the Rear brakes were in fine condition and would last another 20,000 mi, or 1 year more. (he put that in writing)He said I needed to Replace the Front Rotors and new Disc brake shoes.I told him I had the Front Rotors miced (micrometer) at Pepboys couple days ago & they said they were fine to Resurface one more time, Dwayne mumbled some lame reply, almost undecipherable.I told him I wanted the Front Rotors Resurfaced and install the metallic brake pads, to REfigure his HIGH estimate.5 minutes later, we agreed on $220 & change for Resurfacing the Front Rotors & installing Metallic brake pads.About 1.5 hrs later it was done.I paid the bill & walked out to the Van.My Van has SPOKED chrome Rims on it, u can easily see thru them & see the Rotors.I looked thru the spokes & clearly saw that they had FAILED TO RESURFACE THE ROTORS!!!!!They should have been shiny metal smooth from turning on the lathe machine, they were NOT, they still had the bead of RUST that builds up on the edge of Rotors from the Rain.I reached my fingers thru the Spokes of the Rims & 'felt the Rotors, dragging my finger across them, they DEFINITELY WERE NOT RESURFACED!!!!!(*) A CLASSIC CASE OF BAIT & SWITCH = RIP-OFF THE CUSTOMER !!!!!So, since they SCREWED ME out of that part of the job, they PROBABLY SCREWED ME ON THE 'PADS' TOO?, I.E., they probably only gave me the cheaper disc pads' (Asbestos pads) & NOT THE METALLIC PADS.I drove North a few miles thru Orlando & to the Firestone-Tire/Garage on E. Colonial Dr. & asked them to Inspect my Brakes. (*) I told them what happened & suspected the City Garage' (Chris Shuler) had SCREWED ME BIG TIME!, and, I believed my REAR BRAKES WERE NEARLY-UNSAFE in their present condition.They were very friendly & efficient.The Firstone-Brake mechanic (CSE Certified) agreed the Front ROTORS HAD NOT BEEN RESURFACED at Chris's garage (just 2 hours previous)!!!!!(*) Firestone Service mgr (Giovanni) looked at the brakes also,as well as I did look at them in the shop & we all clearly saw a LEAKING REAR WHEEL CYLINDER on the left Rear , and the Brake shoes on the same left Rear were ALMOST TOUCHING THE RIVETS!!! AN UNSAFE BRAKE & GETTING READY TO 'SCORE THE DRUM!!!If that 'scoring the drum' had taken place, it would Ruin the drum & cost me an extra $Hundred in the near-future![**] I had Firestone Service mgr (Giovanni) VERIFY IN WRITING THE HAZARDOUS COND OF THE REAR BRAKES & the fact the Front Rotors were NOT RESURFACED in the brake job done at Chri's City Garage' just a few hours earlier THE SAME DAY!!!2nd Brake Shop:  I drove to GOODYEAR-Brake shop on Goldenrod Blvd, after I left Firestone, to get a 2nd SET OF WITNESSES & IN WRITING to HOW I got DEFRAUDED & SCREWEED out of the rightful brake job I paid for; and was sent out into busy traffic with (*) VERY UNSAFE REAR BRAKES!!!!! by Chris Shuler; a very blatant RIP-OFF ARTIST!!!!!Yes, I told the manager at GOODYEAR the same set of facts (the truth of the matter) and he also found my Rear brakes in a very UNSAFE COND, which I also looked at in his shop. His brake mechanic agreed as we [all 3 of us] stood looking at the Front Rotors = they had NOT BE RESURFACED BY CHRI'S SHOP!!!, BUT, I HAD BEEN CHARGED FOR IT!!!I phoned chris Shuler at the phone number on his business card: (407) 459-1907 and told him HOW HIS CROOKED-SERVICE MGR HAD DEFRAUDED ME ON THE BRAKES, SENT ME OUT INTO BUSY TRAFFIC WITH UNSAFE REAR BRAKES & that he owed me the $220 as a Refund, that i now had to pay another shop to finish his job & still fix the Dangerous/Rear Brakes. he wasn't there of course, being 4 PM on Sat. eve, had to leave a voice msg.I will be filing every ONLINE COMPLAINT FORM I can find against Chris Shuler & HIS BLATANTLY CROOKED REPAIR GARAGE in So. Orlando, Fl.i WILL ALSO FILE VALID complaints with the Florida Consumer Affairs/Dept.Federal Trade commissionU.S. Justice Dept.Better Business BureauThe cCty License Board (that issues his license to open shop)and any other agency I can find.(*) thank u for your fine website!Josh Holliday, Orlando, Florida, April 26, 2014 
Entity: Orlando, Florida
15, Report #578343
Mar 04 2010
08:01 PM
The rodeo Bull company galaxy I have found out they dont make any of there own bulls. port charlotte , Florida
Robin at the rodeo bull company has lied to many people out there. He is telling everyone he is making his mechanical bull and he is not. He is the biggest inporter from china and the company he is buying from is china cheer. Save yourself $10,000.00 and order the same bull from chinacheer. This company will rip you off and take every pennie you have to fund his lifestyle. Buyer beware out in this company.
Entity: port charlotte, Florida
16, Report #1140465
Apr 21 2014
12:29 PM
Paint Bull Al Drostie Lied to me too about the opportunity and support. Saginaw Michigan
I had the same exact experience! They over promised and under say the least! They lied about the opportunity, they lied about the support I was suppose to receive. Once they got my money and trained me, I was left out on my own. I should have done more research. Wish I would have seen this site and the negative reviews before I signed up for the service.
Entity: Saginaw, Michigan
17, Report #772423
Sep 02 2011
03:24 PM
Chris Wise Credit Line Millionaire, Windtelen Reels One more person taken by Chris Wise Denver, Colorado
Looks like I am not the first after reading this other report here: I was also taken by Chris Wise and hope that others take notice and avoid working with Chris Wise. There are plenty of other legitimate, respectable and honorable people in this indutry that it is just not worth taking the risk of working with Chris Wise.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
18, Report #756836
Jul 26 2011
06:26 PM
Chris Forry COU of Miami Inc Chris Forry COU of MIami, COUMIAMI.NET, CUOMIAMI.COM SCAm, Chris Forry Realtor Miami scam Cou Miami, COUMIAMI.COM, Chris Forry Realtor, Chris Forry Group, The Forry Group, Miami, Florida
The Forry Group, Chris Forry RealtorChris Forry Realtor,Architect,Inspector, Scam artist. I recently used Chris Forry to do an Inspection on a building i was purchasing.Chris Forry also is a fraud he claims he is an ARCHITECT. Your not i checked with the state of florida. He came back with all kinds of violations that were needed to be resolved to get my occupancy. $5000 is what i paid him for what i thought was the violations they found. I kept asking him for the report that the violations were cleared by the county and he kept blowing me off saying dont worry about it. Its all resolved. So i pushed and went to the county to see if i could get a copy of the issues. The shock that hit me when they said their was no issues and it was all good. I called Chris Forry and he wouldnt call me back. I tracked him down to his real estate office which he works as a realtor and was not in, although his car was their.. I was taken for my $5000 i finally spoke with him and his arrogant response i took care of it with my people. Dont push it or i can have them find all kinds of issues:. What? No refund nothing|. He said he resolved it with hiscontacts|. That is all BS.. I will have my attorneys go after this fraudster;. COU OF MIAMI DORAL FLORIDA
Entity: Miami, Florida
19, Report #1336019
Nov 01 2016
11:27 AM
Chris Morris with Montgomery Morris Painting and general services Total Home Remedies and Synot Contracting. Chris owes me a refund and continues to tell me it is in the mail. Said he is closing business but had attorney release refund. Still waiting. Orlando Florida
Chris responded to a web search for a handyman and came to look at the work I needed done.  I wanted a false ceiling in my kitchen removed.  He agreed to do the work for 2000.  He worked half days and was sick one of them so the project took a little longer but he completed it.  Not the best job, kind of sloppy in some areas.  I paid 50% upfront for supplies and I was given an invoice with job description, deposit and balance due upon completion.  While he was doing this he said he could do my kitchen remodel.  Installing new cabinets, granite counter tops and new sink.  He took measurements and consulted with Tom at one to one cabinets.  Chris came back with a quote.  Showed me samples and pictures, showed me pictures of other work he did.  He gave me an invoice with the price and requested 50% to get the cabinets started.  He emailed me a design of the cabinets.  I went to the Slab depot and picked out my granite.  They taked to Chris while I was there and Chris confirmed he was working with Tom at one to one cabinets.  I have several emails back and forth with Chris that he would stop by or call and never did.  He always had something come up.  I aske again about getting it scheduled and he said his mom was sick and going into Hospice and needed a few weeks as that is all she had left.  I seriously hope that he did not lie about this too.  After 3 weeks I checked in and he  said she passed and he was playing catch up but he had a friend Monty that could help so he would get it scheduled.  He also told me serveral times that Tom from one to one cabinets would come out.  After another few weeks of failed commitments I texted him and told him if he could not get the job done in 30 days that I wanted a refund and I would find someone else.  He texted back that would work but did not clarify if he would get it done or not.  On the 30 day I texted him and he told me he was working on my refund, he was closing his business and had an attourney that was working on his insurance and taxes.  I continued to reach out to him and he told me it was being taked care of and I should have had it but he would call his attorney again.  When I continued to reach out to him for a refund or the name of his attorney he said it was Tom Rice, a bankruptcy attorney.  I have contacted an attorney to send a letter to him regarding the refund of 2041.50 he advised me that his attorney was handling it and I should not get anyone involved as his attorney was working on it.  He also told me that someone gave him a check for 6K and it bounced so he was trying to get that back.Chris Morris should be in jail.  There are other reports of his scams.  I will still have the attorney I contacted send a letter and go from there but if there is already and attorney out there handling his scam, I would be open to be part of that.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
20, Report #1388891
Jul 28 2017
01:44 PM
Law Office of Chris Brown Christopher Brown - Brown & Brown Chris Brown is the Worst Attorney in Broward Fort Lauderdale Florida
This lawyer was garbage, he failed to show up on time to two of my hearings. Then he filed a motion to withdraw from my case without any warning. Rude staff and incompetent lawyers. Don't hire attorney Chris Brown. Avoid at all costs.    
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
21, Report #998558
Jan 17 2013
01:12 PM
Matt Patton - VP Outside Sales, Patrick Davis - VP Inside Sales, Jessie Perrone - Inside Sales Team Lead  Let's start with Matt Patton - treats people worse than a dog but portray's himself as a company man. What would Matt Whiltsey will thing if he knew how his VP conducted himself so unprofessionally. Just ask Katrina - no better yet Rebecca Oh that's right they got rid of her too she knew to much  Patrick Davis - Marches to his own drummer - fire one ISM and replaces him with a looser .Great decision making .New guy lasted a month Jessie Perrone - ask all the former employees - he runs a brother hood and protects his friends. Just ask, Amanda, and Wesley and anyone that he got rid of. Preaches discipline but lets his brother and friends come and go with no write ups but if he doesn't like you you will be gone .  As for the GM - he has his girlfriend making him look good - Nice guy not bright .. How many times it was brought to him about drug use including his team leads . His moto turn the other check no confrontation. He runs the circus. As far as the merchants just go on line they are being misrepresented and ripped off . False rates .Everyone knows and the merchants are finding out quick .  Hey Mr. CEO the publicity you bargined for.......why not with those three working for you you will reep the reprocusions of there actions sooner or later 
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
22, Report #670156
Dec 10 2010
10:32 PM
Dallas Bull Dallas Bull Tampa Dallas Bull - Illegally Detains Customers and Holds Them Tampa, Florida
Was line dancing here with my girlfriend and as we walked off of the dance floor one of the bouncers (tall bald guy) walked up and demanded her ID. Which he had no right to do. She did not have a drink in her hand the entire night nor was she displaying any behavior that would prompt any suspicion of underage drinking. She was simply line dancing and even performing the moves correctly!  After taking her ID the bouncers told me to stay inside while they escorted her out of the building. At this point, I was very concerned for her safety. There was no real police officer present and they were illegally detaining her without any reason. She was perfectly sober the entire night. They even gave her a sobriety test (which she passed). After illegally holding her and keeping us separated for about 10 minutes, they asked us to leave. We had felt we had our civil rights completely violated as US citizens. We were doing nothing wrong, just dancing normally like average people and they held us apart. Keep in mind that they are in no position to detain anyone since they weren't police officers. Actually, one worker was wearing an outfit much like a police officer. It was all black and had a symbol patched on the shoulder. Basically posing as a police officer.  I am still really suspicious of the whole event that took place. Obviously, this place should be investigated immediately. 
Entity: Tampa, Florida
23, Report #374412
Sep 19 2008
12:21 PM
Career Network - Chris Sandlin Human Resources The last thing America needs is fake job agencies Orlando Florida
I was contacted by these creeps on craigslist, and lead to fill up a form to apply for a job as a graphic designer. I did notice the checkboxes for information on insurance, credit score monitoriing and other nonsense, but i decided to pass on. HOWEVER i am not an idiot and i did copied and pasted the following in google: Chris Sandlin Human Resources and the ONLY listed link was the one to the RipOff report. What a coincidence. The last thing America needs is fake and fraudulent job agencies. Work is what allows us to pay bills, mortgage and put food on the table. You are voltures that prey on the skin of innocent people whose only purpose is that of surviving in such trying times. YOU are part of the downfall of American economy and there is no way that the people will let you get away with this. Identity theft is the new meat market but this time the cattle will bite back. You have been reported, and you WILL be reported again. Eventually i'm sure as daylight that you will eventuallly end up in jail where you belong while the rest of us will get on with our HONEST lives. Fabio San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
24, Report #283025
Nov 27 2007
03:31 PM
Robert Half International - Office Team Treated very badly Orlando Florida
I was treated very badly by Pam, Morgan and Shea representing Robert Half International - Office Team. Prior to dealing with the above named individual's I had a professional status and a high rate with Robert Half International - Office Team. Upon re-activation with Robert Half International - Office Team.... The first incident I was reprimanded for asking questions. I was accused of raising my voice. I was talked over. The very last assignment I was not told the truth about the assignment. I was talked to like I was a second class citizen. In fact there was another individual working with Robert Half International - Office Team and they did her the same way. She walked out on the assignment. I do have her contact information for verification. I tried to work this particular assignment out with Robert Half International. They weren't having it. Professional's need to watch out for individual's in the Downtown Orlando office. A few of them have some serious word twisting, behavior twisting, and out right lying demeanours. People try to kill your good career status with paper and pen. Sincerely, Sheryl Sheryl Winter Park, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
25, Report #228166
Jan 01 2007
01:52 PM
Chris Stage Chris M Stage, Lloyd Towler Classic Car sale scam and fraud Bedford, Gretna Virginia
Please feel free to learn from my experiences with Chris Stage and his cohort Lloyd Towler. Advertisement that I responded to in collector car trader online for car I purchased: 1970 FORD TORINO, 1970 Torino GT Convertible. 47,000 actual miles. History and Marti Report, M-code 4 speed close ratio Toploader Trans. VERY RARE 1 of 103 built with this motor/tranny 0 miles on professionally built original motor, built to Boss 351 specs with finned alum valve covers, rare Shelby intake, forged pistons, balanced, solid cam, Shaker intake with correct hood. Hide-away lights. 9inch w/ posi Rear Power top. New power disc brakes, new suspension, Needs new top, paint, carpet and reassembly. Meduim Ivy Green metallic with white top, body is nearly rust free. Awesome car to finish! probably a 1 of 1 built car. First $7,900 Phone: (540) 586-2720 Traveled 700 miles and what I found was a car that has a myriad of rust, wrong rear end, wrong transmission, not enough parts to make a car, and later found out that the frame has issues that would cost as much to fix as it did to buy the car (assuming that any car can be fixed, no matter what). For instance, it appears that the car was run up onto a curb or something and a frame piece was bent under the engine. The piece was cut out with a saw and no mention ever made. Chris stated that 'he never got under the car to check things out To add to Chris's shell game of deceit, He never even owned the car. When I got within 100 miles of town, he gave me a different address in the middle of the woods where the car was parked in Lloyds garage. The title turned out to be in his name. Chris had said that the car was in a body shop of a friend of his and wouldn't give me his number to talk to him. His friendship with him was too important When I pointed out the wrong parts recieved, he said that he never verifed the parts and that was up to me when I got there. Apparently, Chris assumes 0 responsibilty for anything. I would be surprised if he even ever saw the car in his life. He blames it on Lloyd and visa versa. A perfect scam. Chris also insists on cash, (surprise). Here was my confirmation email: If you could send me a pic of the motor, that would be great. Also I would appreciate a picture of the car asap. To summarize the condition of the car as we discussed, I will need a top, It doesn't have stock rims, all parts are included to restore it to original condition with the exception of weather stripping and paint. The vin number is (modified for this pub) and the odometer shows 46648 original miles. Here was his reply: As for your summary, it sounds like you have a good memory. You are correct as for the condition of the car. I say the car should be complete, but you may still need to find a nut or bolt or so. I don't think you will be disappointed with the car... It will be a really awesome car when finished... I will attach a pic of the engine. Also one pic of a finished car I found online... Clearly it can never be original condition with the damage it has to it and the parts that aren't there and are wrong. Chis is a photographer in Bedford and as such is very good with camera angles, lighting, and selective photography. I have seen several other cars for sale on the internet by him and there were 31 cars on Lloyd's property at the time I was there. To conclude our experience, When we were packing up this car onto a trailer, Chris was avoiding any assistance and had to hurry to go somewhere. My son went into the garage to get his jacket, and he caught Chris doing a dance and singing Money, Money, Money!!! My son now feels it's his fault that we bought the car and cries and rages at times. I told him to take comfort, this man is the smoothest snake I have ever seen and that he completely fooled me. BEWARE!! Rich orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford, Virginia

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