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1, Report #1329886
Sep 24 2016
10:28 AM
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
2, Report #1404245
Oct 04 2017
05:26 PM
Chris Record and Tecademics Chris Record Dark Post Profits Tecademics, TCD Affiliate, Tec Affiliates Chris Record Created Bogus $12,000 Scheme and Shuts It Down 9 Months Later
I don't usually post the online schemes and scams, but this time I was taken for $12,000 in a weird scam that worked like this.Chris Record owner of Tecademics who brags that he scammed people out of millions and then, sold his company for millions way this scam worked was this:1. Become a Founding Member in my new company and get access to pre-launch and get positioned when we launch the company.They provided products that should be hot sellers.They provided a compensation package that anyone would love.They collected MILLIONS in $12K commissions. Here's the problem - They never launched their business. 2.  They sold this $12K position using bogus affiliate software and people promoted it just to be bamboozled when they launched.When they launched, they admitted that they didn't have or they needed to upgrade using real affiliate software. So all those people who created profiles had to create NEW profiles with the NEW software. (obvsiouly that much money they can afford it) 3.  So some people didn't even create new accounts WHILE some people got their usernames hijacked when they went live.4.  We all waited for sales  funnels and offers, and nothing came. NOTHING! It's been 9 months and all the links are dead. AND now I find out that Chris Record stole all that money & then, sold the company and exited the to it right here. If you are part of this scam, please file a lawsuit against the company and report this to the attorney general.Thanks!John
3, Report #1358573
Feb 27 2017
08:32 AM
Tecademics DO NOT BUY UNTIL... Scottsdale, AZ Arizona
Do not buy anything from Tecademics untill you have read the terms and conditions!PURCHASER’S RIGHT TO CANCEL You may cancel your initial transaction, without penalty or obligation, within seven (7) business days from the date of your purchase. Sundays and national holidays are not counted as business days, but Saturdays are counted. If the 7-day rescission period has expired, you may no longer rescind your purchase. The 7-business-day rescission period begins on midnight on the day of purchase and runs until midnight of the seventh business day following the date of purchase. If you purchased T.E.C on a month-to-month basis, please be aware that Tecademics does not offer prorated refunds for partial months, so you must cancel your subscription before your next billing date to avoid future charges. If you have purchased access to T.E.C. at a discounted annual basis, you have a 7-business-day right of rescission as described above in which to cancel your order. Tecademics does not offer prorated refunds for the annual purchase.
Entity: Scottsdale, AZ, Arizona
4, Report #1287477
Feb 13 2016
02:38 PM
Chris Record Smart MemberDark Post Profits I have tried to get a refund, but I get the runaround Internet
I signed up for this course, and I paid $1000. Chris Record makes all kinds of promises about making money with Internet Marketing, but in reality, the course is much harder to learn than he says. I have never used his methods before, so it seems like an advanced course to me.ave beeI hn trying to get a refund. I sent a request to these guys 8 times already (They promise a refund within 30 days of buying the course). When they respond, some of their responses are canned, and they send the very same reply, most of the time. This reply normally consists of these guys trying to talk me into staying with their company.Other times, they reply by asking for my payment I.D.One time, the person replied by saying he would forward my request to his sales manager, but I haven't heard back from that manager yet.I just continue getting the runaround from these guys. It's just one delay tactic, after another!I believe their training is not good enough to help me become successful with Internet Marketing.I would tell everyone to beware of this company!
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1389157
Jul 29 2017
08:36 PM
 Chris Argiropoulos is a scammer. Be warned. I retained him and he failed to draft and necessary documents with the court in time. Then he didn't appear for the status hearing and my action was dismissed. He lied to me about why it was dismissed. Then he didn't appeal . Chris Argiropoulos is a moron. Do not use this lawyer unless you want to pay for an idiot to represent you in court.This idiot cost me over $20,000.00 in lost legal fees. He belongs in jail.
Entity: HAMILTON, Ontario
6, Report #1351850
Feb 09 2017
05:02 PM
Chris Robinson Chris Robninson. Chris Robinson Motivation. Chris motivation and counselling. Stand Tall. Starstruck Entertainment, int. o3 CHRIS ROBINSON 100% scammer, con artist vancouver, toronto, calgary Internet
Chris robinson has con'd me and many others. currently being screwed over in vancouver, toronto and Calgary. there is a 50 person facebook group proving he is 100% a con artist and scammer. he has screwed me out of $1000 for 4 logos i designed for him. he has mislead alot of other people hes worked with to believe he is having a show called Burger Wars Canada filmed in toronto at Julias Bistro. this is not the case. he took $5000 dollars from her and dipped out of doing the filming and production. he stole from julia. other people have been promised compensation when they havnt recieved any. and when they ask for compensation they are told to 'fuck off'.   beware of this Chris Robinson Person. he is a fraud.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1359656
Mar 03 2017
06:54 PM
Tecadenics LLC Chris Record Refuse to refund and even if one cancels still charges fees Scottdale Arizona
I see that I am not the only one that has been scammed, it is so sad to see the  theifs that this company is made of I do not recommend that anybody do business with Tecademics LLC with first hand experience, I signed up for the Entrepreneur Club and did not receive anything so I cancel my subscription on the 7th working day due to holiday's and this is in accordance to agreement.  They are now claiming that I did not respond to email that I did not get for all I know it went to my spam... So they charged me again on February 22, 2017, and now they are refusing to refund my charges of 200.00 that I have had to file a police report on them and send demand letter for paying for something that I never got any services.. They are registered as marketing educators and entertainment but it seems that all they want is your money for their own personal gain..   Don't do it.. as they are out to scam you for your hard earned money...
Entity: Scottdale, Arizona
8, Report #6119
Aug 10 2001
12:00 AM
Chris Deetz and his ego took $700 from me
I housed him, I fed him, I took care of him, and he ripped me off for $700. I got him a job, and he remains a class a ASS HOLE!!! If anyone runs into him beware.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
9, Report #1077320
Aug 20 2013
06:54 AM
Chris Eubank A pimp and fraudlent businessman London Internet
Chris Eubank, the retired boxer living in London and travelling extensively, approached us to raise funds for his charity as described on his website as SOS children's Village, I agreed and emailed eachoher a few times. I work as a freelancer in New York raising funds from high net worth individuals for charities such as Amnesty International. I flew to London for an event and thought to meet Chris and instantly he told me that he wants to supply models as hookers to my clients to try and make some money on the side for himself. He explained that being in high net worth circles myself, I had all the contacts he needed in the US, where he would love to live. I explained that this is not the way I work and then he threatened me with violence, by sending his 'boys' to find me and 'sort me out' if I spoke of our meeting with anyone and disclosed how he raises 'funds'. The truth is that Chris only does anything for himself, to raise awareness of his own name, to make money for himslef and to leech off rich people where he can. This man is messed up. Oh and he said that black people are superior to white people who are 'stupid' people that will one day become slaves to the black people....?!
Entity: Internet
10, Report #228166
Jan 01 2007
01:52 PM
Chris Stage Chris M Stage, Lloyd Towler Classic Car sale scam and fraud Bedford, Gretna Virginia
Please feel free to learn from my experiences with Chris Stage and his cohort Lloyd Towler. Advertisement that I responded to in collector car trader online for car I purchased: 1970 FORD TORINO, 1970 Torino GT Convertible. 47,000 actual miles. History and Marti Report, M-code 4 speed close ratio Toploader Trans. VERY RARE 1 of 103 built with this motor/tranny 0 miles on professionally built original motor, built to Boss 351 specs with finned alum valve covers, rare Shelby intake, forged pistons, balanced, solid cam, Shaker intake with correct hood. Hide-away lights. 9inch w/ posi Rear Power top. New power disc brakes, new suspension, Needs new top, paint, carpet and reassembly. Meduim Ivy Green metallic with white top, body is nearly rust free. Awesome car to finish! probably a 1 of 1 built car. First $7,900 Phone: (540) 586-2720 Traveled 700 miles and what I found was a car that has a myriad of rust, wrong rear end, wrong transmission, not enough parts to make a car, and later found out that the frame has issues that would cost as much to fix as it did to buy the car (assuming that any car can be fixed, no matter what). For instance, it appears that the car was run up onto a curb or something and a frame piece was bent under the engine. The piece was cut out with a saw and no mention ever made. Chris stated that 'he never got under the car to check things out To add to Chris's shell game of deceit, He never even owned the car. When I got within 100 miles of town, he gave me a different address in the middle of the woods where the car was parked in Lloyds garage. The title turned out to be in his name. Chris had said that the car was in a body shop of a friend of his and wouldn't give me his number to talk to him. His friendship with him was too important When I pointed out the wrong parts recieved, he said that he never verifed the parts and that was up to me when I got there. Apparently, Chris assumes 0 responsibilty for anything. I would be surprised if he even ever saw the car in his life. He blames it on Lloyd and visa versa. A perfect scam. Chris also insists on cash, (surprise). Here was my confirmation email: If you could send me a pic of the motor, that would be great. Also I would appreciate a picture of the car asap. To summarize the condition of the car as we discussed, I will need a top, It doesn't have stock rims, all parts are included to restore it to original condition with the exception of weather stripping and paint. The vin number is (modified for this pub) and the odometer shows 46648 original miles. Here was his reply: As for your summary, it sounds like you have a good memory. You are correct as for the condition of the car. I say the car should be complete, but you may still need to find a nut or bolt or so. I don't think you will be disappointed with the car... It will be a really awesome car when finished... I will attach a pic of the engine. Also one pic of a finished car I found online... Clearly it can never be original condition with the damage it has to it and the parts that aren't there and are wrong. Chis is a photographer in Bedford and as such is very good with camera angles, lighting, and selective photography. I have seen several other cars for sale on the internet by him and there were 31 cars on Lloyd's property at the time I was there. To conclude our experience, When we were packing up this car onto a trailer, Chris was avoiding any assistance and had to hurry to go somewhere. My son went into the garage to get his jacket, and he caught Chris doing a dance and singing Money, Money, Money!!! My son now feels it's his fault that we bought the car and cries and rages at times. I told him to take comfort, this man is the smoothest snake I have ever seen and that he completely fooled me. BEWARE!! Rich orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford, Virginia
11, Report #464351
Jun 23 2009
11:06 PM
Grubb Ellis Chris Carney Chris Carney scammer and commercial agent Phoenix Arizona
I met Chris Carney with Grubb Ellis when I was interested in some commercial office space. After negotiations broke down he was quite mean and threatened to lock me out of all Grubb Ellis space. Most of which is lower end space but nevertheless I thought it necessary to make everyoone aware. Michael Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
12, Report #757779
Jul 28 2011
03:20 PM
chris kanyaro Chris Kanyaro and Jetboarder Australia Stole PowerSki JetBoard Technology perth, Other
My name is Brad Maier and I am a managing partner of the HydroForce Group, LLC.  Its true that both PowerSki International Corp. and Bob Montgomery filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.  They were forced into bankruptcy by an organized conspiracy headed by Chris Kanyaro and Jetboarder in Australia.  Jetboarder is a fraudulent company run by thieves who stole the JetBoard technology developed and patented by the original inventor, Bob Montgomery, and the current patent holders of JetBoard technology, the HydroForce Group, LLC.Chris Kanyaro has posted on his website, that they are not linked to PowerSki in any way shape or form.  Of course they aren't linked to PowerSki because they ripped off PowerSki, its shareholders, and the HydroForce Group, LLC!  The ONLY association Chris Kanyaro, Nicholas Jones, and their associated conspirators ever had with PowerSki are the documents they signed to acquire a Distributor agreement for Australia, a Non-Disclosure agreement and a Purchase Order for 1000 Jetboards.  For proof of these signed agreements, copies are available for review on web links at   Chris Kanyaro, Nicholas Jones and their fellow conspirators signed these non-disclosure agreements and distributor agreements with PowerSki International in 2008 then had a PowerSki JetBoard reversed engineered in China and are selling this illegal product worldwide.  They claim that they are the original inventors and are manufacturing their illegal knocked-off JetBoards in Australia.  Both of these claims are totally false.They have also stolen and misappropriated the copyrighted and trademarked names, videos, photos, and marketing materials that were originally created by PowerSki International Corp.  As proof of this allegation, the HydroForce Group, LLC contacted about these conspirators airing copyright infringing videos that are the property of the HydroForce Group, LLC..  Consequently, YouTube removed all of Jetboarder's videos from their website. That action is verifiable proof that their claims of legitimacy are false.The HydroForce Group, LLC has more incontrovertible and documented evidence that proves that Chris Kanyaro and his associated conspirators are guilty of all the aforementioned criminal activity.  We are currently pursuing Jetboarder through every legal avenue available to bring Jetboarder to justice for their theft and misuse of the copyrighted and patented property created and developed by Bob Montgomery, and the HydroForce Group, LLC.For the real facts about the slanderous scam being perpetrated by Chris Kanyaro, Nicholas Jones, and, please visit the website.
Entity: perth, Select State/Province
13, Report #755735
Jul 20 2011
01:31 PM
Chris Essert Chris Essert took my money and I have no dog. Oxford, Ohio
I found an ad for a Mini Aussie on I emailed Chris Essert about this dog, Allie. I then gave her a call. I told her that I was very intere and could come on the following weekend to see her. She mentioned that she had several others interested. So I told her I would just go ahead and send her payment in full through Walmart Money Gram. She was to call me when she received it. I sent payment, she never called to say she had received it. So I emailed her, she replied that she had received it but had forgotten to call me.Within a day she emailed asking me if I could pick her up before this weekend. I said that I could not , it would be the following weekend as I told her on the phone, that was the whole point of sending her payment in full for the dog. Within a few hours I received another email demanding that I pick her up in KY at  a horse show they were attending. This was over a 4 hour drive for us. So I said fine, we would be there. She demanded I be there before noon on Sun or I forfeited the dog. On Sat night , around 11 pm I received an email from her saying not to bother coming that she was not turning the dog over to me.I told her to send my money back if she refused to give me the dog that I paid for. I have yet to see any money from this woman. She has the ad back on puppyfind. I really hope that no one else sends this woman money.This is plain out and out theft. 
Entity: Oxford, Ohio
14, Report #1217910
Mar 24 2015
03:19 PM
Chris Read CR Strategies LLC Chris Read is a lame and boring instructor Woodridge Illinois
Chris Read runs a bad business. She is a lame and boring instructor. Together with her husband Jack Read they cheat on taxes, have federal liens on their properties and would rather let it go to foreclosure than pay what’s due. Why should the Citizens of Illinois trust someone who does not have her act together?
Entity: Woodridge, Illinois
15, Report #1361493
Mar 13 2017
03:10 PM
Chris Jennings, Chris Gantor, Blue Star General Contracting Chris Gantor, Chris Jennings, Blue Star General Contracting Chris Jennings sub contracted Pro Fresh N All LLC Carpet Cleaning company and failed to pay there invoice Mckinney Texas
Chris Gantor hired Pro-Fresh Carpet Cleaning to do carpet cleaning services in the dallas area. He called us and we were always available to complete all the services and within 12-24 hours on most occasion. He failed to pay his invoice for the work we completed on behalf of his company Blue Star General Contracting.   I would just like to warn other people to not do any work with a company that cannot afford to pay for there sub contractors.    Chris Jennings or Gantor (Blue star general contracting) looks for people on craigslist and tries to say he is going to pay you after the job is complete and then will avoid each and every call. we invoiced him January 21st 2017 and he has yet to pay it is now March 13th 2017. He will block you from calling him and when you catch him from a seperate number that he hasnt blocked he will just make you think he is searching for his credit card eventually he will just hang up on you. Extremely professional of blue star general contracting. I am past my limit with this company and just want to let it be known he cant come up with $223. 
Entity: Mckinney, Texas
16, Report #457701
Jun 02 2009
10:36 AM
Chris Jones -Sports Rap-WTMY 1280 AM Major Ripoff of Small businesses!!! Sarasota Florida
Major Ripoff. I am a small Dental practice and Chris Jones came into my office with the same promotion as all the other scams. He got $5500.00 from me to get airtime and serious promotions to the Bucs players. We have recieved NOTHING!! We contacted the radio station and no help from that end. I am glad to see him in jail, but we need our money back!! Tampa dentist TAMPA, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
17, Report #1037567
Mar 24 2013
11:06 AM
Chris McCombs Rip off and scam Chris McCombs,, Chris McCombs scam, rip off, and con man will didn't deliver coaching program Internet
Chris McCombs sold me a five thousand dollar coaching program and after following up with him several times he never contacted me. Even after asking for a refund he did not give my money back like he promises on his site. I later found out that he's done with with countless other fitness trainers. I then heard that he spent all of my heard earned money on drugs, booze until his wife and kids left him. DO NOT BUY FROM CHRIS MCCOMBS. Now he's got a new blog at where he peaches all these amazing things and how he's a new man and lives right but I know he's still the same dirt bag con man rip off scammer. I'm sorry for others and myself that we had to learn the hard way that this guy is a scam artist. 
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #679901
Jan 07 2011
09:55 AM
Entity: DECATUR, Georgia
19, Report #676390
Dec 29 2010
11:15 AM
Tracy and Chris Bacon Failed to acknowledge faulty product and deceptive responses Internet
Don not buy from them as they don't give a s**t on faulty products. Please google and you will see for your self how many complaints through various boards. They try and spin it as if you had broken the item. Come on assholes, it does not take a rocket scientist to change a bulb! If your prodcut is faulty, it is faulty! Does not matter if it splits or fries after 5 min.!!! They will write paragraphs after paragraphs to Paypal and to the BBB to try and put words in your mouth, bunch of s**t heads! Do NOT BUY FROM THEM, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY, Unless you want to donate your cash on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #569585
Feb 15 2010
01:09 AM
Chris and Roberta Holmes Just to clarify a few things. . . Kent, Washington
I've cut and pasted the text from an email I exchanged with the Holmeses in Nov. 2009 after they scheduled appointments for 2 potential renters/buyers who did not show up for or call to cancel their scheduled appointments and after the 3rd potential renter/buyer did show up: Here's the one from me:Prospective tenant. . .HA! Well, at least this one showed up. He's about 18-19 years old. Limited English. I asked him if he's looking for his family. He said no, that he and 3 of his friends are looking to move out of their host family's home so they need a place. I asked him when they were hoping to move and he said, January or February maybe. He was here for 10 minutes at the most and really did not seem interested in the house at all. He did not enter the bedrooms but instead stood in the doorways for a quick glance. And since he didn't enter my room or my sister's room, he didn't even glance at the bathrooms in our rooms. He asked how much it's renting for and I told him that I believed you were asking for $1995/month. He seemed kind of shocked and then he left.   I think that maybe you should screen potential tenants a bit before you send them to see the house because last night was (again) a complete and total waste of my time. I have to give the kid kudos though because at least he showed up when he was supposed to; unlike the other two potential tenants you sent my way.   Michelle   Holmeses reply:   Michelle,You're making assumptions and commenting on things you know nothing about.  Chen's parents were looking at purchasing this home as an investment so he and his friends could live close to campus.  You're attempts to get information only put in jeopardy our ability to move this property so you can move on.  We suggest you follow the terms of the contract.  I'll restate in case you forgot.  2C of the Addendum #2:  Buyer agrees and understands Seller will be responsible for all marketing and negotiations while locating a new Buyer, as such, it will be Buyer's responsibility to show the property at any reasonable time scheduled by Seller.  You are responsible for showing the property.  If you feel you're better suited to find a Buyer, let us know.  We'll terminate our contract with you and will happily assign our contract with the Sheltons to you then you'll be free to sell, assign or sublet this property.  If this is not of interest, then just stick to your obligations as outlined in the contract and we'll do the same.Roberta   I put the email on because Chris' rebuttal said that the Holmeses had a potential buyer/renter but that they decided not to pursue this property because the tenant spoke negatively of the Holmeses to him/her. WE WANTED OUT OF DOING BUSINESS WITH THE HOLMESES, WHY WOULD WE SABOTAGE OURSELVES?!?!?!?!   We gave the Holmeses our notice in Aug. 2009 (well before the 10/31/2010 deadline) telling them that we did not want the pursue the option to buy this property and that we weren't even interested in renting this property any longer and that we would be out at the end of Nov. 2009.   They responded that we had to stay until they got someone else into the property. Well, here we are mid-Feb. 2010 and to date, the young kid is the only potential buyer/renter who ever showed up.      Yes, we will be out of this property at the end of this month. . .but only thanks to our attorney.   I also want to respond to Chris stating that his wife has been a Mortgage Broker for over 5 years. In an email from Roberta Holmes dated 9/14/08, she gives her (license number and) title as:Sales Manager/Mortgage Consultant.   I also want to share a couple of emails the Holmeses sent to us and the Sheltons just a few days ago (2/11/10):   Here's the one they sent to us:   Dear Debbi, Michelle & Arianne,   We are in receipt of your notice to vacate the home on February 28, 2010.  Please leave keys under the mat or once we inform the Sheltons they may want to pick them up from you.    The purpose of this letter is to say we are truly sorry for all that has transpired with this transaction.  Roberta and I really enjoyed meeting you guys and thought this would be a win, win situation for both familys.  Unfortunately, things turned sour.   You may not be interested in what I have to say but here we go.  Over the last 6 months Ive racked my brain to figure out why this happened and what I could have done different.  Based on how unhappy you are with me and this transaction, Ive decided to implement a better way to do business.  I will still do lease options, but I will act as the neutral 3rd party Realtor in the transactions, not the bubblehead investor.  In a nutshell I will locate a seller willing to sell on lease option terms, I will locate a buyer looking to buy on lease option terms.  I will then use standard NWMLS paperwork (not our paperwork) to write the deal.  I realize this does nothing for your situation but I wanted to let you know I have learned, I feel horrible and things will change.   I want to make a pledge to you.  Because of the Real Estate market today I along with most Realtors are struggling to pay bills.  I pledge, at some point in the future, I will return to you $6,500, which is of your consideration investment.  This will happen once I receive enough cash to bring my bills current and get somewhat ahead financially. I will give you a call and say I have $6,500 for you.  I cant say when I can pay, it may be tomorrow or it may be 10 years from now and I dont mean to be vague, but its the very best I can offer at this time.   You may remember from the $13,000 you invested, over $12,000 of that was paid in rent or consideration to the Sheltons.  So, weve made very little on this deal.  Instead of a win, win situation it turned into a lose, lose situation for all involved, for that I am sorry and hope by changing and making this offer to return $6,500 it puts us all on the road to recovery.   We wish you and yours only the very best,   Sincerely,   Chris & Roberta Holmes   And here is the one they sent the Sheltons:   Jason & Theary Shelton,   We received notice from the Christensens they will be canceling the lease option contract they have with the Holmes and vacating the property on February 28, 2010.   Please consider this our official (conditional) notice we will also be canceling our lease option contract with you on February 28, 2010.    Note: Our cancellation is based upon the Christensens following through with their cancellation.  If for whatever reason the Christensens decide to continue with the contract or if the vacate notice they provided is invalid.  Then we reserve the right to rescind this notice and continue with the lease option contract as it is.  Our cancellation is forever directly tied with the Christensens cancellation/vacating the property.  If the Christensens vacate the property and continue paying rent, then our agreement with you will still be in affect and this notice is void.   The Christensens have been asked to leave keys under the mat or contact you folks to give you the keys.    Lastly, we want to say how very sorry we are this turned bad for all involved.  It was suppose to be a win win situation for all parties.  I have sent the Christensons notice to return $6,500 of their consideration investment and told them as I tell you.  I will take off my investor hat, maybe forever and put on my Realtor hat.  This will allow me to still do lease options but be the neutral 3rd party Realtor helping sellers sell their homes under lease option terms and helping buyers find homes under lease option terms.  As I wrote to the Christensens, this will do nothing for our situation.  But I want to let everyone know I have learned, I feel horrible and I will make changes.   Please give Jason our best and we wish you and your family the very best,   Sincerely,   Chris & Roberta   It's awefully nice of the Holmeses to offer to pay back 1/2 of the consideration money we paid them, don't you think? Especially when the contract says that they will refund all $13,000. . .And isn't it nice that they are conditionally breaking their agreement with the Sheltons?    And the final thing that I will note for now is the blatant lie in the email addressed to us stating that they paid the Sheltons over $12,000 (of our $13,000 consideration money). I've seen the contract that the Holmeses have with the Sheltons. . .The Sheltons were paid $1,000 of the consideration money and the first months rent.   
Entity: Kent, Washington
21, Report #713924
Apr 05 2011
07:05 AM
Angela And Chris Arundel A.C.A Languages The Snooping Landlords from hell ! durham, Nationwide
I rented a house from Angela And Chris Arundel for over four years and had suspicion of something wrong for a while. During the time i was in the house items went missing or were moved to the wrong place, these included jewellery, bills money, general mail and clothing. I assumed that my son had moved them or accidently thrown them out but he hadn't !. I put cameras in my house to keep an eye on the babysitter as i work full time and discovered that my landlords were entering my house without even letting me know. I kept the cameras going for two weeks and Angela Arundel entered without letting me know she was turning up or that she had been there      15 TIMES  !!!!!!! while everyone was out but only once while my son was in and i saw her running out when he shouted to see if it was me.  She looked at my mail, picked up my money and a neclace i had taken off, lifted up and tried my perfume, tried on my cardigan,       WHAT THE HELL GAVE HER THE INPRESSION THAT SHE HAD THE RIGHT TO DO THAT. I confronted her with the evidence and she denied that it was her !. Avoid these people, her husband was a dodgy workman and never did the jobs to a good tandard so oi had to have someone re do them at my cost several times but his wife needs locking up. She's not a landlord just a snoop and a thief.
Entity: durham, Nationwide
22, Report #1107921
Dec 18 2013
09:03 AM
Chris Paris Construction and Landscape Run the other way Hurst Texas
Please do not use this person for business services. We had a horrid experience. Not trust worthy.
Entity: Hurst, Texas
23, Report #1409349
Oct 29 2017
07:42 PM
Leslie and Chris tuttle Beware of slum lords Waldorf Maryland
Leslie and Chris Tuttle are slum lords and liars! Yes I was late on paying my rent by the 3rd but it was paid! However, in July they decided to take me to court because they didn't want to wait on state portion of my rental assistance that hey shouldn't of received since they didn't stick to the contract! Anyhow, they lied to me and stated they had to be out of their apartment by August 15 because their landlord was selling their home! Which I found out after I willingly moved on he 3rd that it was a scheme to get me out of their home ! Hey told me they had to move back into their home and it was a lie to get me out and they kept my security deposit! They need money very bad and use the money from the home to pay their rent and around the 28th of the month Leslie will blow your phone up to find out if you will pay on time! They need money from the rent to make their rent! If not they hound you and threaten to kick you out or even lie to get you out! They sued one lady for failure to pay rent and hey always ask for the max allowable ! I also found out from previous tenant what happened with her as well and this a repetitive pattern
Entity: Alexandria, Virginia
24, Report #1200912
Jan 11 2015
02:10 PM
Chris Ripley Dishonest horse trainer and seller liar and disrespectful individual Vermontville Michigan
Chris Ripley is a liar and is dishonest as they come! Upon our visit to see horses that were not at all what he had listed in the his selling ads. We found the horse in dream,equinenow and also equinhits.he is rude to us when  we asked questions about the horse. We went out to see the horse to ride. Much to our surprise the horse was unruly and very disobedient .This was supposed to be a beginner safe horse and trail safe! Clearly he misrepresented the horse and lied to us after driving some hundred miles to view the horse .i would not recommend this man if your buying a horse. He is very rude and is an aggressive rider. All he wants is to make a quick buck off a what he calls trained beginner safe horses! If not already he is going to get someone badly hurt or even killed! Please be safe when horse buying from this man.After reading many complains from others he is exactly what they are saying I would not recommend buying from him at all! Buyers beware!!!!
Entity: Vermontville, Michigan
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Dec 17 2014
07:01 PM
Chris Larocco and Endeavor America Loan Services Mortgage Broker Fraud, Illegal Lending Practices, Bait and Switch Shorewood ILLINOIS
My wife and I went to Chris Larocco of Endeavor America after reading his glowing reviews online - all later determined to be fake, when buying our first home. To be frank, Chris Larocco was nothing but a mortgage con artist. Without even running our credit or even listening to us describe our financial situation, we was promising us the moon. Beware, Chris Larocco is a at least good at one thing - running his mouth and making you believe him. Well, shame on us, we bought Chrs Larocco's lies - Im not sure he can tell the truth. Anyways, we were approved for what we believed was a great mortgage we could afford. low and behold, when we appear at the closing, we find out that Chris Larocco completely scammed us. He and his cohorts at Endeavor America are two bit mortgage fraudsters. Our interest rate was a point higher, are closing fees were double, our points were double what we were told by Chris Larocco. Don't believe the hype - Chris Larocco puts his own reviews online to deceive and fool his customers. Run far, far away from him, Chris Larocco is nothing but a scammer. 
Entity: Nationwide

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