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1, Report #1384722
Jul 11 2017
12:44 PM
cio bulletin 340 s. lemon ave, walnut, calawrence armstong 99% a SCAM walnut California
If you are ever told you won an award and you just have to pay a little money to be on the list- RUN!!  Yes, they have a list of winners - it's the gullible companies that paid them!  And they post the list on an internet site.  But other than that this is 100% phoney - a scam. And if you are ever contacted by a media company, ask if you can see their BPA audit report.   BPAWW.COM is used by all reputable media companies.  It's an outside firm that audits how many readers they really have.   If they can't give you these numbers, they are just putting up a web page and calling it a media company.
Entity: walnut, California
2, Report #953791
Oct 11 2012
10:47 AM
CIO ASAP JOHN KABUGI KINUTHIA consulting houston, Texas
CIO ASAP (John Kabugi Kinuthia) Very Dishonest!! Internet Company (FRAUD) Beware of doing Business with this company or The owner 
Entity: houston, Texas
3, Report #250367
May 25 2007
11:48 AM
Smithdistributors SCAM ARTIST! BE VERY CAREFUL Cio Michigan
April 15, 2007 I Placed an order that exceeded $150.00 I was told that I would have the shipment in 30 days. To this date ( May 25, 2007) I have not received any merchandise from this Owen Smith. When I used his live help feature I was told that we never placed an order with his site. And I was accused of being some one I an not. I provided all the information from the Pay Pal Transaction he said I was lying, I asked if I could fax over the receipt I printed from the Pay Pal web site. I was told he did not have a Fax line. I did file a dispute with pay pal. (Still waiting for the response back). Smith keeps harping at He did not see my order in his database. (Weird) Buyers Be aware of this company. Mark flint, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Cio, Michigan
4, Report #136498
Mar 26 2005
07:36 PM
AFL-CIO SCAMMERS, ripoff, RENEGADE LOCAL with no support for victims of the 277 Rochester New York
I've been trying to contact officials about a renegade union fraud tied to the Office and Professional Employees International for months now with no results. I've called, e-mailed, left pages, written letters (certified) and nothing is being done. I am convinced that there is no accountability between locals within this union to conform to standard union practices. There is a local 277 that claims to be part of this union but try to find any information about them. There are no union stewards or grievance forms or arbitrations. There are no phone numbers or addresses on the fake union cards. The only real part is they take your money. There are no benefits at all. When I asked the boss about the union steward he said we are all union stewards. I want accountability and will be writing congressmen and senators soon. The only ddress I was able to find is in Fort Worth Texas where nothing is done. There is a big MLM pyramid scam running where they claim to be union members who are actually out committing frauds against real union members. Try other searches here for some of their scam companies with no union benefits. Some of the are American Income, National Income, Local 277 AFL-CIO, Torchmark. They give real union members and unions a bad name and I would like to see them taken out of their standing with the AFL-CIO. They have been sued and are under investigation now from the NYS Insurance Department. Why won't the heads of the National AFL-CIO look into these complaints and do something about it. Can anyone open up their own local do what ever they want and have no accountability from the rest of the AFL-CIO? How much does it cost to start a fake union? Can a union charge what ever they want for dues and give the members nothing in return? They are some real bad apples that will tarnish the name of the AFL-CIO when the stories break that the private investigators and attorneys are working on now. Jimmie B. Rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York,, New York
5, Report #219028
Nov 03 2006
07:23 PM
Smith Distributors, does not ship items as promise. ripoff Cio Michigan
in April 2006, I placed a order from and paid via paypal,it is now Nov 3, 2006. and still nothing I contacted the conpany several times and was accused of being this Robert person and that he had no orders from me, I even said I would fax him a copy of my Paypal transcation, he said that is fraud and i can go to jail. I am like whatever and he hung up.(I found his site on a search engine). On OCt I contacted the Genesee County Register for business registraion and was told they had no DBA on file for his company, and all companies in Genesee county had to register if they was not a corporation. So I contacted the state of Michigan and they had no such artiles of corpoation on file for this company. I was only put $29.95 but it was his rude unprofessional attitude I did not like. So be warned about Tamara SAN DIEGO, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cio, Michigan
6, Report #1277139
Dec 30 2015
04:57 PM
Capital Release Bulletin Cash Prize Winner Notification Wantagh New York
I sent my $20 money order assuming i had won a cash prize only to get on the internet to see that this has been reported numerous times. At first I thought it was real until I read a little longer and tried to see if i could find the place and the first thing pop up was RipOff Report so i havent gave them time to respond. I just want my money back so it dont have to go any further, thank you.
Entity: Wantagh, New York
7, Report #121157
Jul 13 2012
02:25 PM
AFL-CIO Local 277 AIL ripoff Can't find information on filing a grievence for a union that does not show up on AFL-CIO web site, Many promises are being broken at these companies and the union is doing nothing about it. Fort Worth TexasRip-off Report Investigation: American Income Life / National Income Life join Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program and submit to independent investigation. American Income Life / National Income Life pledges to resolve all legitimate complaints and address any issues from the past, present and in the future. Waco Texas, Nationwide
I can't find information on filing a grievence for this union and wonder if they really exist.Why don't they have a web site and why are they not listed under the main AFL-CIO web site? Why is there address listed as a non commercial building? Where can I get in touch with a union stewart? What are my rights as a card carrying paying member? Why are the members not notified on how to get in touch with there union stewarts and why are we pressured to donate to the Democrats who voted for NAFTA, eliminating many union jobs? Why are there no contact phone numbers or web sites on my union card? Is the real AFL-CIO watching the practices of American Income Life Insurance and National Income Life Insurance Companies?Can anyone make a new local AFL-CIO local and have almost no way to contact anyone in it? If so, how much does it cost? Do the founders keep the dues or are they split between the real AFL-CIO? Could we charge whatever dues we see fit? The least the AFL-CIO could do is make this information available to all the local 277 members paying dues. Many promises are being broken at these companies and the union is doing nothing about it.Homero Rochester, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
8, Report #1244644
Jul 27 2015
03:23 PM
Capital Release Bulletin They said I won $1,242,451.00 and they are wanting $20 Wantagh New York
 The Capital Release Bulletin said I am a cash prize winner and that I have won $1,242,451.00 they said they want a enclose of $20 for documentation fee for immediate release its a crock of crap!!!
Entity: Wantagh, New York
9, Report #1246179
Aug 04 2015
06:01 AM
Capital Release Bulletin Thomas J Speilmier They said I was a gauranteed cash prize winner. Wantagh New York
 At first you are made to believe that you have won the big money, but it is just an opportunity to win. But the letter says I am a cash prize winner. That's right. It states only selected people are eligible to win and you are one of them. The cash prize you won is between $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $20, $10, $5, or $1 with odds of winning for each one with the odds for $1 is 1 in 1. It also says the prizes are randomly chosen. That means that everyone receiving this notice has won at least a dollar, and for the price of $20 you gat a chance to win up to $1000, plus a publication (a list) of other sweepstakes that you can enter into. So I sent in my $20 money order, and I never have received a list, or even my $1 gauranteed cash prize. The only thing I received from them was more letters wanting me to send more $20. . I received my first letter dated June 12, 2015 from a United Notification Center with an address of 3280 sunrise Hwy PMB 61 Wantagh, NY 11793, which is the one I sent my $20 back from, and one month later on July 13, 2015, I received another one. It had the same prize amount, and exactly the same wording. The company name was different , (Capital Release Bulletin). The signature was different, the ID holder # was different, and the color was different. I also received one on July 15, 17, 20, two for the 22, 23, 24, 27, 29, and 31. All for different amounts with different ID numbers, and signatures. There was one I received on the 22nd that was an identical match to the first one from June 12, but the company name was Capital Release Bulletin not United Notification Center, and the ID holder # was different, but it was the same signature Saz? It seems to me if if law enforcement was to watch the PMB sooner or later someone is gonna open that box #120 and lock them up.
Entity: Wantagh, New York
10, Report #1261783
Oct 16 2015
02:13 PM
capital release bulletin talking i won 1,242,451.00,but send $20 to get it Wantagh New York
 Filed matter. Declaration Of Awards. Top prize amount now scheduled for payment. 10 day receiver reply. No hooks,catches,or gimmicks. The cash prize is mine,but $20,to be enclosed for documentation fee. Failure to respond in time,forfeits the claim and cash. Then says,the office is aware of this matter,and on lookout for my response.Signature is scribbley....SAZ,is what it looks like.
Entity: Wantagh, New York
11, Report #1261838
Oct 16 2015
07:00 PM
Capital release bulletin They said I won 1242451 but all I had to do is send them 20 Wantagh Ny
 I was send this letter saying that I won all this money but all I had to do was send them 20$ back. Nope it's a.Scam don't do people just looking at the papers it's fake
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1269162
Nov 20 2015
11:27 AM
Capital Release Bulletin They said I won 1.242,451.00 And that required $20 fee for immediate release Want agh, New York
 This is to inform that this company capital release bulletin, said that I won a 1,242,451.00, and they ask for $20 documentation fee, and previously I sended $20,this company's should be stop, taking people money
Entity: Want agh, , New York
13, Report #1042691
Apr 12 2013
07:15 AM
CrimShield, Inc CIO Being Dressed Down And Talked Down To For Talking About Laser Sight For CIO & Body Guard When Entire It Departmrent Is In A War Zone Mesa, Arizona
ALL: Here you see a totally confusing off the wall comment from the CEO/President talking down to me the CIO about firearms in North/West Mindanao Philippines in the mountains close to the Ampatuan massacre site and we are even building a office there at this time too. This is relevant as I think he has a memory problem and over time I was being accused of things that were in his imagination only. This is one good example of a serious break in reality and childish comments too like he isn't all there. So, when talking about one subject and while in that thread with Denny the company lawyer David Pickron had a example of a memory loss/break in reality and to me is totally out of touch in this email. Here is his reply out of the thread and below further down after my answer to the insane answer from David Pickron. His answer is even childish and mentally off. DAVID PICKRON: It does not help your cause.  When you talk guns and other stuff he says we can not have this.  I am constantly defending you and your situation.  I'm done defending. It was like he was in some other dimension or suffering from a break which just seemed to get worse as time went on and all the way up to his total loss of reality when he had the lawyer write up my termination. It was total fantasy. He would always apologize on a call or reply to say oh I understand so I put up with this. I need to show this as it a pattern of a person who isn't in-touch with reality when they know about something they are acting like I'm doing something wrong. It happened here too but I was fired and my pay cut clean. Then they went after my wife and her outsourcing office in another mental break thinking they can steal an investors investment(s) since 2009 for my wife and mine since 2005. Please see the links to the docs below and the attached images of emails over this machine gun which started over asking about a green laser. He knows about it but is having some break and actually telling me he cannot back me up anymore because I'm bringing firearms into work that is located in a war zone and he helped me buy a machine gun and pays for the body guards.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTALLY CRAZY EMAIL KNOWING HE PURCHASED MACHINE GUNS FOR ME AND PAID FOR BODY GUARDS TO USE ON THE JOB   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Earl Herr <> 2/25/11 Subject: really disappoint?ed to hear this to David Pickron, Denny Dobbins  David,   There is a serious misunderstanding of where the company is and the situation. I cannot be in denial like you and Denny. If the fact I work in a area that needs military escorts and body guards bothers him he should have spoke up long ago as you should. This is a very serious operation and think there some misunderstanding of what dangers I've been working in.    I'm sorry but he is in need of a reality check if he cannot understand the office is in the territory of Islamic terrorist and communist revolutionaries. This is a third world country on the edge of Islamic overthrow in Mindanao MOA. I can pull up emails that point out we are in the middle of it. I should be getting more support for this not denial that I need machine guns and body guards.   I'm really disappointed to hear this. Maybe these ignorant comments from others here shouldn't be shared with me.   Sorry .. Earl On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 12:06 PM, David Pickron <> wrote: It does not help your cause.  When you talk guns and other stuff he says we can not have this.  I am constantly defending you and your situation.  I'm done defending. Sent from my CrimShield iPhone --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLICK LINKS BELOW CEO/PRESIDENT WAS AWARE OF FIREARMS AND NEED FOR THEM AT WORK IN THE PHILIPPINES:  (click here) 1- (click here)  2- (click here)  3- 4- Security Plan as it got very much more dangerous. The regular body guard and machine gun wasn't enough.  (click here) (click here) His answers are mind blowing childish and mentally off. It was like he was in some other world or suffering from a childish mental break.  1- CrimShield CEO had been paying for body guards  2- CrimShield CEO already helped me purchase a M16 full-auto Machine Gun  3- CrimShield CEO helped me pay for some of the costs of the Military Agent permit so I could carry while working
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
14, Report #1042244
Apr 10 2013
02:27 PM
CrimShield CrimShield, Inc CrimShield, Inc - AAA Landlord CEO and Lawyer Steals CIO Investments And Try to Discredit CIO When He Insist On Recognition for Him and His Wife Outsourcing Office Mesa, Arizona
CEO David Pickron and Company Lawyer Denny Dobbins go on a campaign of lies and when CIO and wife ask or their cash, computer hardware invested in the company, outsourcing investment used for years in the Philippines be reimbursed, and as well the retirement house replaced as its not safe anymore and the CEO said in the first year he would get them another house as the Outsourcing office was a blessing and worth it. The office was opened in the war torn area of the southern Philippines. The CEO didn't care as long as he could get software at a discount and what appears lie to my wife and I that he would repay us. You can get more information and links to other ripoffreports at In the end David started to say my contract included my wife, because she was my wife and as the Arizona labor board said that not possible. A wife isn't something that becomes part of a employment contract just due to marriage. They have yet to repay either of us for 4 years of investment or my intellectual property in the company I developed since 2005 with hardware to make its first online assets. Like common criminals, gangsters they have intimidated, threatened and actually went to the town (Feb 2013) where my retirement home is and the office and made me look so bad like we were the bad ones closing the office when it was David I will never be safe there again. They haven't paid back one dime of our investment, being short in my salary in 2009 through late 2010 either. Its a nightmare. They told so many lies to the lawyer there and people it was disgusting.  What I did get was terminated and accused of outrageous lies I had to defend myself against when asking for recognition for my wife and I as I was promised. A normal company would just say its not working out and cash-out the investors, here they file suits or try in the Philippines against my wife a Filipino and now threatening me with lies. - soon after visit to the states for shoulder rotator cup surgery and return to the Philippines to continue to develop the team of graduates in JSP and Web Services programming for the company and my wife for almost 2 years 7 days a week deal with the outsourcing office in her name the CEO start telling customers they would have software and projects done before talking to me or anyone in the IT department. That started the take over of the CIO position and would seem to get better, then worse always hoping for the best.  As the debates got worse to keep the IT department normal and functional with productive happy workers I would get comments like this. The CEO took over the IT department in 2010 and let the workers do things and  allow security breaches and not take my advice to get a Sr Developer there to review their code and work in production.  The Network Engineer was AWOL and negligent. Please read the attached images and links to documents. This company is dysfunctional and not safe to manage and store your workers sensitive consumer information. It got to the point he wanted me to hide the fact we had programmers in the Philippines to hide the fact he was breaking laws in California as the consumer data was being managed, seen, copied over, emailed and spread around in various was in a chaotic rush to get applications in at any cost. On Aug 25, 2012 2:30 PM, Earl Herr <> wrote: we need full disclosure and you as the president needs to write up an explanation of how we do business. because it this is true we have a storm coming our way and it'll be much more than just over the YouTube videos  dictated voice to text android phone please excuse any typos  --------- On Aug 25, 2012 2:07 PM, David Pickron <> wrote: Sounds good. I really need a favor that is causing me some legal issues right now. I need all you tube videos that mention CrimShield gone. This new California law has an Attorney on my back named Devin Fok. Feel free to google him. He is threatening to sue us because he believes Amwrcan information is going overseas. Please please please take these down. It's going to cost me a fortune. This is my 5th request.  After arguments I would get things like this sent to me. 1- On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 12:35 PM, David <> wrote: Not sure we have a choice my friend. We are both deep into this project. Can't wait to write the book about the building of crimshield. I am going to have a whole chapter on my buddy Earl. :0)  On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 1:09 PM, David Pickron <> wrote: Certainly is crazy. I am glad to see you back in Phillipines with the group. Sent from my CrimShield iPhone Text Message he is sorry its been do hard on us and not sure what to say about the house On Feb 6 2013 3:00 PM, wrote I have made some mistakes and so have you. The problem I have now is some comments you made about the Phillipines not being safe. As well as these links you might need to copy and past into your browser. 1- Security Plan as it got very much more dangerous. The regular body guard and machine gun wasn't enough. 2- Travel Warnings for the area the office was in ** Network Firewalls and IPS left disabled, unmanaged, and no DMZ for years and I the CIO demanded we do something before we are hacked and ruin the company, and my reputation as CIO who is supposed to be responsible for this. The same for our problem with the company emailing sensitive information from gmail, yahoo and hotmail and clients workers consumer information being sent to the same by using POP and email aliases. Here are links to documents that list only a minor part of our investment and one where David talks about our 15,000 usd in computers as if its nothing because he has spent more. He admits its our investment but doesn't pay it back not anything else. We are in over a half million dollars in losses over the 4 years there in the Philippines which includes the loss of our retirement home. see attached email screenshots for email security issues. I have so much evidence Its hard to decide what to post. I try to keep crimwall updated too. OTHER RIPOFF REPORTS ON CRIMSHIELD: 1- Complaint Review: CrimShield, David Pickron CrimShield Philippines rips off investors since 2005 - CIO's wife's investment in outsourcing office in the Philippines - Report: #1037272 2- CrimShield, Inc CrimShield Lawyer Make False Statements and Threats - Breaking News - Former Employee Whistle Blower Mesa, Arizona - Report: #1042031 3- CrimShield, Inc Breaking News Emails from Clients with Social Security Card, Driver License, DOB's Are Aliased To Workers Gmail - Hotmail - Yahoo Personal Emails Accounts Mesa, Arizona - Report: #1038757 4- CrimShield, Inc CrimShield, Crimmy, CrimShield Philippines, Mindanao Software, Crimmy Foundation Breaking News - CrimShield Exposes USA Consuer Information in Third World Countries After Lawyer Warns Them Mesa, Arizona - Report: #1036063 5- CrimShield, Inc Mindanao Software Philippines, facebook CrimShield Philippines MS. Stole Intellectual Property, cut paycheck as CIO as he knew tired and just had been in the hospital in December 2012, crating such a hostile work environment during that time. Also, lied to the compan Mesa, Arizona - Report: #1035911
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
15, Report #1243022
Jul 20 2015
11:10 AM
Capital Release Bulletin Alex Lenny Can not read it well Notice were sent for prizes along with entrance into drawings for over a million dollars,from the same scammer Wantagh New York
    Over a period of two months since the entry into Publisher's Clearing House I have had several request for monies to be sent.  Finally over the weekend of July 18th had recieved two more, with the same address of return. On this occasion the address had been different in only the number 1 being dropped off the envelope. Clearly a company can make billions of dollars Pan Handling from consumers who are already in short supply of needed funds. We trust that the government will protect us from the theives that are out at night with no one around, but these folks are sending these through our paid U.S.boxes and we supply the address and everything to you that you need.  These bogus groups very well could be the ones hacking our bank accounts and personal information. The notices ask for 20,25,30 dollars plus that adds up, my first one was for the amount of twelve dollars, before realizing the mailing was the same. I did copy all the checks that they had in print on the back of the notices said would not be returned. I can't believe we are falling for this, its crazy.
Entity: Wantagh , New York
16, Report #1268033
Nov 14 2015
08:49 PM
Capital Release Bulletin They say you have won 1,242,451.00 All you need to do is send them 20.00! They make it look very official, it's not! Please don't send money throw it away!! Wantagh New York
 This company Capital Release Bulletin says you have won 1,241,451.00 All you need to do is send them 20.00! Please don't do this. You have won nothing! It looks very official, it's just a full rip off!!!
Entity: Wantagh , New York
17, Report #640760
Sep 15 2010
08:28 AM
City of San Antonio, Texas Report of Aggrevated/Subornation of Perjury by CIO Varn and City Attorney Klein San Antonio, Texas
FRAUD UPON THE COURT   A REPORT CONCERNING THE AGGREVATED PERJURY/SUBORNATION OF PERJURY BY CITY OF SAN ANTONIOS CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER RICHARD J. H. VARN, CITY ATTORNEY DEBORAH KLEIN AND OTHERS        ADDITIONAL REPORTS:  BOGUS TIME REPORT SCHEME / THEFT OF $200,000 city IT Manager and vendor                   ENTITY:      THE CITY OF SAN ANTONIO                               ITSD - (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES DEPARTMENT)                             Chief Information Officer Richard J. H. Varn        IT Director Hugh Miller            LOCATION:   CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS     FACT:   CIO RICHARD VARN, CITY ATTORNEY DEBORAH KLEIN AND OTHERS CONSPIRED TO PRESENT A FRAUD UPON THE COURT WHEN THEY OFFERED FALSE/ FABRICATED TESTIMONY UNDER OATH IN AN EFFORT TO HIDE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY BY CITY EMPLOYEES INCLUDING THEFT, FRAUD, GRANT FRAUD, RETALIATION AND FALSIFICATION OF OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS.   IMPACT:  THE ILLEGAL SCHEME TO PRESENT A TOTAL FABRICATION TO THE COURT CAUSED THE COURT TO BE DEFRAUDED.  THE FALSE TESTIMONY HID FROM THE COURT AND FROM OUR CITIZENS THE FACT THAT PUBLIC AND GRANT FUNDS HAD BEEN STOLEN, MISUSED AND MISAPPROPRIATED FOR DECADES.  THE FALSE TESTIMONY LAID THE FOUNDATION FOR OTHER CITY WITNESSES TO PRESENT THEIR FRAUDULANT TESTIMONY IN SUPPORT OF THE FABRICATED WORK OF FICTION OFFERED TO THE COURT BY CITY ATTORNEY KLEIN AND CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER VARN TO HIDE THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.     This is one of many reports that will be published detailing the numerous illegal schemes devised by corrupt city employees/officials to embezzle public/grant funds and to hide the criminal activity. The City Attorneys Office has conspired with corrupt city officials/employees and law enforcement officers to cover up decades of theft, fraud, falsification of government records, retaliation, etc.  This report proving aggravated perjury, subornation of perjury and obstruction is but a single example of the many instances of criminal behavior undertaken to hide the crimes against our government and our citizens.     Citizens Against Public Corruption, Waste, Fraud and Abuse 9650 Limestone Pond     San Antonio, TX  78254 OVERVIEW   City of San Antonio, Texas Chief Information Officer Richard J. H. Varn  testified under oath in a court of law that in 2005 he understood the internal billing account commonly referred to as the telephone variable, investigated the use of the account, found that the variable was created to help balance the budget / make requests for additional funds/pay for pop-up expenses/make adjustments to the budget, contacted Washington and found that  there was no grant fraud and  found nothing illegal concerning the use of the variable.   Page 23 line # 10 Varn states They had to have some way of balancing their budget and serving their needs.  They had something calledsome kind of variable in the telephone system.   Page 25 lines 22-25    Varn states Well, I want to be very specific, and theres nothing illegal about it. It does not violate any city policies, rules, or ordinance. It doesnt violate Texas law.   Page # 41 line # 17 Varn replies I understood the telecom variable cause thats the one that seemed to be the largest one that was used to adjust the budgets.   Page #45 line # 14 Varn again broke in replying- I have actually visited with a number of federal officials in Washington asking them about   With his fabricated testimony and false statements CIO Richard J. H. Varn  of Des Moines, Iowa ( yes, he resides in Iowa) set the stage to facilitate the presentation of a fraud upon the court inside the Bexar County Courthouse in the case of Foddrill v City of San Antonio -2006 CI 06702- in February 2009. Varn told the critical lies used to hide decades of criminal activity including but not limited to theft of public funds, State and Federal grant fraud, falsification of government documents, threats to keep quiet, retaliation and aggravated perjury inside the Citys IT Department and with the assistance of City Attorney Deborah Klein and other city witnesses presented a work of fiction- a total fabrication- to the court- and to our citizens.   SUMMARY   I.  INTRODUCTION - Chief Information Officer Richard Varns fabricated testimony was created in an effort to conceal decades of fraud, theft of public funds, grant fraud, falsification of documents, fraudulent audits, fake reports, doctored financial books, threats to keep quiet and many other crimes. The criminal activity centered on the illegal manipulation of an internal telephone billing account the variable- created on January 4, 1982 with the publication of Administrative Directive 6.12 signed by Purchasing Director Brooks and City Manager Huebner.  Corrupt City officials, Municipal Integrity officials/investigators, City attorneys including Deborah Klein, IT officials including CIO Varn/IT Director Miller/Fiscal Manager Segovia, the SAPD and others would have us believe that AD 6.12 and other publications regulating the use of public and grant funds do not exist and no illegal acts were ever committed by city employees and others.  Their lies are exposed in this report.         II. CHRONOLOGY OF THE SCHEME TO HIDE THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY -  In the summer and fall of 2005 City officials, City employees, the Office of Municipal Integrity, the San Antonio Police Department, the IT Department,  the City Attorneys Office, etc. began efforts to cover up the criminal activity almost immediately after the crimes were exposed.  These efforts continue to the present day. Corrupt city officials, attorneys, witnesses and employees violate the law in their efforts to hide decades of criminal activity inside the Citys IT Department. Law enforcement officials, State/Federal auditors/investigators and many elected officials turn a blind eye to the decades of criminal activity and the ongoing illegal cover-up.     III. THE VARIABLE - METHODOLOGY EMPLOYED TO GAIN ILLEGAL ACCESS TO PUBLIC/GRANT FUNDS - For decades corrupt City employees manipulated an internal billing account the telephone variable to illegally and secretly gain access to over $ 3 million a year in funds set aside by law in the form of grant rules, OMB regulations, budgets, local government code, ordinances, bonds, etc. for telecommunications support and used the money for other than its intended purpose and in many instances to support illegal schemes in an effort to funnel the ill-gotten funds to accomplices and co-conspirators.   IV.  FRAUD UPON THE COURT  - As early as 2005 the City Attorneys Office  and others embarked upon a scheme to conceal documents, falsify audits/reports, suborn false testimony. etc.  in an effort to defraud citizens, grantors and the courts. CIO Richard Varn lied under oath in a court of law fulfilling his part in the deliberate scheme to defraud the judicial process while all the attorneys present in the courtroom (Klein, Gaul and most probably Kosanovich.) had intimate knowledge of Varns 2007 sworn deposition, documents including AD 6.12 and other publications that directly contradicted his entire testimony and proved beyond a doubt that he was lying under oath in a court of law.  The fraud perpetrated upon our courts by Varns coached, false testimony coupled with the criminal acts of the attorneys presenting the case rose the level of fraud upon the court.   V.  CITY PERSONNEL CONSPIRED TO COVER UP THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND THE COMMISSION OF AGGREVATED PERJURY, SUBORNATION OF PERJURY AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE Every effort has been made to cover up the decades of criminal activity.  The Office of Municipal Integrity, the City Attorneys Office, District Attorney Reeds Office, SAPD, the Bexar County Sheriffs Office, Mayor Castro, City Manager Sculley, City Council members and others have either taken steps to hide the crimes or deliberately look away allowing the criminal cover-up to continue. DPS Texas Ranger Captain Hank Whitman lied under oath in support of Varns fabricated testimony and FBI Special Agent Brown of the local San Antonio field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation published a fraudulent document stating that three separate meetings had taken place and the violations of law had been investigated. Everyone involved in the illegal cover-up makes a mockery of Freedom of Information laws via the constant denial of access to public documents that prove their involvement in the illegal cover-up of numerous violations of law.     VI. CITY, STATE, FEDERAL AND LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS WERE ALERTED TO THE FRAUD AND ASSULT UPON THE INTEGRITY OF OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM City officials, the San Antonio Police department, the Bexar County Sheriffs Department, the Bexar County District Attorney, the Texas Rangers, the FBI, State Auditor Keel, Attorney General Abbott, Governor Perry, numerous elected officials,  HUD OIG officials/agents especially Agent Victoria  ( I dont care, I dont care, I dont care) Marquez and others were made aware of the criminal activity including the theft of public/grant funds  and of the fraud upon the court. HUD OIG case # 10-0465 was opened and closed while HUD OIG officials REFUSED to interview the Telecommunications Manager who along with another citizen convinced Congressman Lamar Smith to open the investigation into the fraud and the theft of our money.     VII. STATUTES APPLICABLE TO THE COMMISSION OF THE CRIMES- Penal Code- Title 8- Offenses against Public Administration Chapter 37 Perjury and other Falsifications    Federal statutes may apply as Varn, several attorneys and others conspired to hide violations of federal law   VIII. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS Code of Criminal Procedure- Chapter 12 Limitation.  Aggravated Perjury/Subornation of Perjury - three years from the date of the commission of the offense. Chief Information Officer Varn is also an accomplice/co-conspirator in the commission of other crimes as he has conspired to assist offenders avoid apprehension and prosecution.  Some of these crimes can be prosecuted up to ten years after the fact.    IX. CONCLUSION - The testimony that Chief Information Officer Richard Varn presented in the Bexar County Courthouse on February 10, 2009 was a fabrication concocted by City Attorney Deborah Klein and others.  Klein coached Varn during his presentation of known false testimony while the opposing attorney Malinda Gaul sat idly by.  Gaul knew the testimony was entirely false but raised no objections and refused to enter Varns 2007 deposition, Administrative Directives 6.12, 1.6, 2.1, 2.2 and other documents into evidence.  Attorneys Klein and Gaul were present at Varns  2007 deposition when he stated I dont know what that is when asked about the variable and they also had knowledge of City documents proving Varn and others to be lying under oath about the legal use of the variable (especially AD 6.12) but allowed the fraud to continue.  The court was never allowed to know of Varns 2007 deposition or the City, State and Federal documents that directly contradicted his fraudulent/fabricated courtroom testimony. The attorneys, Varn and others presented a fraud upon the court. After presenting a fraud upon the court to win the Whistleblower lawsuit city attorney Deborah Klein stated to the press- I think the city is interested in fixing things when things arent right and I think we showed that.  The City is indeed interested in fixing things.  They are interested in fixing trials, police reports, Municipal Integrity investigations, etc. to hide the decades of criminal activity inside the City.  If fixing things means violating the law, committing aggravated perjury/ official oppression, etc. - so be it.   X. APPENDIX detailed list follows      REPORT IN FULL   I.  INTRODUCTION   Chief Information Officer Richard Varns fabricated testimony was created in an effort to conceal decades of fraud, theft of public funds, grant fraud, falsification of documents, fraudulent audits, fake reports, doctored financial books, threats to keep quiet and many other crimes. The criminal activity centered on the illegal manipulation of an internal telephone billing account the variable.   When deposed in 2007 Chief Information Officer Richard Varn admitted that he didnt even recognize the term variable, had no knowledge of any such account, didnt know how departments obtained funding when their money ran out and handed over all responsibility as CIO by July 11, 2005 to incoming CIO Armstrong. The City has stated that there are no documents in existence concerning Varns review/investigation of the variable in 2005.  There is no mention of Varns ever looking into the variable by any witness testifying in the 2005 Municipal Integrity investigation.  Incoming CIO Mickey Armstrong states in an email of November 29, 2005 that the existence of variable accounts came as a surprise to him.    In court under oath in 2009 Chief Information Officer Varn presents a fabricated fairytale concocted by corrupt city attorneys and IT employees to hide decades of criminal activity.  In 2009 under oath in court Varn now falsely states that in 2005 he understood the variable, investigated the billing account, contacted Washington, discovered that the account was created to help balance the budget and pay for pop up costs, found that nothing illegal had transpired, etc.  He lied and all the attorneys were aware that he was lying as they were present at his 2007 deposition and were aware of numerous binders of documents proving the existence of City, State and Federal regulations, rules and laws governing the use of the telecommunications funds.  The court never saw the 2007 deposition or the binders. With the assistance of city attorney Deborah Klein and with attorney Malinda Gaul looking away CIO Richard Varn presented a fraud upon the court.       II. CHRONOLOGY OF THE SCHEME TO HIDE THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY    In the summer of 2005 City officials, attorneys and employees began efforts to cover up the criminal activity almost immediately after the crimes were exposed.  By October 2005 Municipal Integrity investigator Steve Harrison and Manager Virginia Quinn prematurely halted an internal investigation, published a fraudulent investigation report declaring that no wrongdoing was found, no rules or laws were broken and that there were no rules or laws regulating the variable-a lie. This lie implying that AD 6.12, AD 2.1, AD 2.2, Local Government Codes, OMB regulations, budgets, etc. do not exist formed the central theme of every effort by corrupt city officials/employees to hide the criminal activity for the past five years and is the basis for Varns fabricated, fraudulent  testimony.  In November 2005 the City Attorneys Office illegally denied FOIA access to the MI report and an internal contract audit performed by the now defunct Contract Services Department so as to hide the crimes. The Telecommunications Manager who refused to go along with the criminal cover-up of the criminal activity was illegally terminated in February 2006. His Whistleblower trial took place in February 2009 in the Bexar County Courthouse.  The City Attorneys Office continued to violate the law in an effort to hide decades of criminal activity.  City Attorney Deborah Klein with the assistance of hired help Mark Kosanovich suborned perjury from numerous city witnesses including CIO Richard Varn who told the critical lies central to the fraud upon the court.  Each witness was provided with a false, fabricated testimony that they were to present to the court. The jury found for the City answering NO to the first question Did the Telecom Manager make a good faith report basing their decision on fabricated, false testimony concocted by the City attorney and presented to the court and our citizens by CIO Richard Varn and other corrupt city employees with the assistance of city attorney Deborah Klein and others.         III. THE VARIABLE - METHODOLOGY EMPLOYED TO GAIN ILLEGAL ACCESS TO PUBLIC/GRANT FUNDS   For decades corrupt City employees manipulated an internal billing account the telephone variable to gain access to over $ 3 million a year of funds set aside by law for telecommunications support and used the money for other than its intended purpose and in many instances to support illegal schemes to funnel the funds to accomplices and co-conspirators.   Numerous schemes to defraud the government centered on the corrupt employees abilities to gain access to millions of dollars a year behind the backs of City Council, auditors, grantors, citizens, etc.  The Telephone Variable Billing Account created by City Administrative Directive 6.12 was clandestinely and illegally used to pilfer tens of millions of dollars from telecommunications budgets of every city department and every grant awarded the City of San Antonio, Texas since 1982.  The annual cost of City Centrex services is less than $ 2 million. Official transfer requests for the Finance Dept.  to move funds from department and grant telephone budgets to ITSD were clandestinely and illegally inflated by $ 3 million a year or more and consequently the telephone variable account swelled to an annual cost to grantors and citizens of over $5.2 MILLION more than twice the real cost of Centrex services described in AD 6.12.    If a grant or department had a telecommunications budget it was drained of funding via fraudulent monthly bills totaling well over $ 3 MILLION a year for decades. The illegal manipulation of this monthly telephone billing account commonly referred to as the Variable provided corrupt city employees with the funds to use as they wished as if they were given a blank check to run the IT department or any other scheme they could envision.  Internal City documents describe this slush fund they created as a bottomless pit of money.  The billing account that over the years grew to $ 5.2 million was fraudulently described in audits, billing statements, etc. as Telephone Centrex costs when in fact the funding was used for whatever the IT Managers and their cronies wished to use the money for. The funding never ran out and had no limits set via city ordinance. Corrupt IT Managers ran the Information Technology - Communications Department like a private fiefdom or family-owned business rather than as a publicly funded municipal division of the City of San Antonio.  They and their friends operated under the radar for decades with no accountability or overview by City Council, auditors, regulators, grantors, etc.  They operated outside of the law as if there were no annual budgets, Administrative Directives, City Charter provisions, City ordinances, State Local Government Codes, State Uniform Grant management Regulations, Federal OMB regulations, State/Federal penal Codes, etc.  They ignored City Administrative Directives (especially AD 6.12), Local Government Codes, City ordinances, City budgets, OMG regulations, etc.  IT managers including Jose Medina, Mike Mitchell and Victor Perez and their accomplices altered invoices, caused to be created false and fraudulent statements in the books and records of the City, concealed the true and accurate disposition of department and grant resources and used funding set aside by city ordinance and state/federal grants as they wished and not for their intended purposes. They misused, misappropriated, embezzled, etc. funding set aside by law for telecommunications support.  They violated open-bidding regulations as they never followed the law and requested the funding via city council approval/ordinances but simply purchased goods and services and dumped the bill into the telecommunications variable account to be paid with telephone funds from city and grant phone budgets. They stole money from every city department/program including Fire, SAPD, Library, Aviation, Health, WIC, Public Works, Community Initiatives, Housing and Community Development, Parks, etc. and every grant awarded each of these departments that contained provisions for telephone support.    Their illegal slush fund created as is described by an internal city document a means for ITSD (Citys Information Technology Services Department) to balance its own books internally.  The slush fund was used to tap a bottomless pit of money totaling in the millions of dollars.  The internal contract billing process is compromised to the extent that departments were billed for an untold amount of goods and services from which their department received no benefit.   State/Federal grants administered by every city department were billed for goods and services from which they received no benefit as well due to the fact that this illegal scheme plundered city department telephone budgets and grant telephone budgets alike.     IV. FRAUD UPON THE COURT    Chief Information Officer Richard J H Varn presented the critical lies to the court and with the assistance of City Attorney Deborah Klein constructed the fraudulent foundation upon which the other city liars could place their blocks of false testimony in an effort to build a house of fraud, falsehoods, fabricated testimony and outright lies.  Varns courtroom testimony centers on his tenure as the Citys Interim CIO in the summer of 2005.    A.      Varns testimony focused on his investigation of the variable and budget issues in 2005. His statements under oath conveyed the message that in 2005 Varn investigated the variable billing account and other billing problems, contacted Washington DC concerning the issue of grant fraud, found everything legal and turned over the billing problems to the incoming CIO Mickey Armstrong.    On February 10, 2009 under oath in a court of law the Citys current Chief Information Officer Richard Varn declared that there was nothing illegal about the telephone variable. In the trial transcripts on page 25 lines 22-25 he states Well, I want to be very specific, and theres nothing illegal about it. It does not violate any city policies, rules, or ordinance. It doesnt violate Texas law.    On pages 22 24 Varn describes how cost/budget overruns are addressed and presented the court with his knowledge of how the city budget process operated in 2005.  He falsely testifies that the variable was created to help balance the budget and pay for pop up costs.  On page 23 line # 10 Varn states They had to have some way of balancing their budget and serving their needs.  They had something calledsome kind of variable in the telephone system.  They were using the the allegation was that was being illegally used, which Im very sensitive to. If anybodys illegally using money or inappropriately using money, were going to stop now and were going to figure out a way to fix it. So I went in and looked at that.  What I found was it was an accounting mess.  Varn went on to state on page 25 line # 7 We needed to be direct and honest with the departments about how we were billing them and exactly what the money was being used for. Varn goes on to explain how he investigated the variable, called people in Washington, etc.   Page # 41 line # 4 Question- in talking to Mr. Foddrill, you learned about this variable account; is that correct?  Page # 41 line # 7 Varn replies- Thats correct. Page # 41 line # 11 Varn states I just knew they had some things they used to adjust charges. Page # 41 line # 17 Varn replies- I understood the telecom variable cause thats the one that seemed to be the largest one that was used to adjust the budgets.   Page # 41 line # 22 Question- Now, you said that you looked into the issues that Mr. Foddrill brought to you; is that correct? Page # 41 line # 24 Varn replies- I did the best to my ability, Maam, yes.   Page # 43 line # 6-12 Varn explains- As long as you have a fair way doing it, its done uniformly, you can charge everybody the same way, then its okay to do that method.   Page #43 line # 20 Question- Okay. So did you look into that to make sure this variable was not violating those federal--- Page # 43  line # 22 Varn cuts in and replies-   Yeah, I did, and I didnt think it wasyou know, it did get done the same way for everybody, so it was a commonly confusing way of doing it, you know.   Page #44 line # 1 Varn explains everyone had equal access to come in and make a plea to the department director to say, I have a problem this year, or I have an issue with this financing, or the department director would say this ended up being more expensive than we thought. We would have to figure out how to cover the costs. Allocating it by any common way probably would fallwould get accepted by federal auditors.  Theyre really looking for somebody whos dumping bunches of costs onto Medicaid and other contracts to try to solve their budget problems. Thats not what the City was doing. The City was trying to allocate costs that it really did have.   Page # 45 line # 7 -  Varn states that it is acceptable and legal to use grant funds to purchase the IT trophy case If its legal to spend the moneyeven if its a dumb thing to spend money on, if its legal to spend money on, its not to my knowledge violating the federal audit rules.   Page #45 line # 11 Question- Did you ask the feds about whether they thought it was okay to buy trophy cases and remodel the ITSD  Page #45 line # 14 - Varn again broke in replying- I have actually visited with a number of federal officials in Washington asking them about   Page #45 line # 25 and page 46 line # 1 Question- Did you stop the process of the variable when you found out about it in 05? Page # 46 line # 2 Varn replies- No. There was no alternative. I did ask them to start developing an alternative billing process, and I left it on my list, you know.  It was like handing off the bible over to Michael Armstrong saying, heres a big list of things.  Im sorry. You have to fix your billing system.   Varns testimony provides a systematic, clear outline of his actions in 2005 after he was informed during a meeting of June 16, 2005 by the Telecommunications Manger of billing issues and threats to keep quiet or provide auditors with bogus information. His testimony provides a detailed accounting of how as the Citys senior Information Technology Guru he responded to serious allegations of violence in the workplace and fraud.  This internationally recognized expert and leader in information technology, privacy, identity security, public policy, and digital government, former State of Iowa  Representative, former State of Iowa Senator,   Senior Fellow with the Center for Digital Government, Technology Policy Advisor to the National Retail Federation, Director of the Coalition for Sensible Public Records Access,  Board of Trustees member for the Educational Testing Service, holder of a juris doctorate law degree and self- proclaimed author of Whistleblower law testified under oath in a court of law  that in 2005 he immediately addressed the serious allegations,  investigated the variable and budget irregularities, contacted Washington DC concerning the issue of grant fraud, found no wrongdoing or violations of law and turned over the whole accounting mess to his successor- incoming CIO Mickey Armstrong ( current CIO for Corpus Christi, Texas).    Chief Information Officer Richard J H Varns courtroom testimony presents a very powerful narrative, a white-paper like review of exactly what type of actions are to be taken to address serious allegations of  fraud, workplace violence and the theft of public and grant funds by corrupt public employees.  One could easily be just as impressed as the jury and judge were in 2009 when they listened to IT Guru Varns words of wisdom and City Attorney Kleins descriptive, informative and supportive statements to the court.    Anyone, just as in the case of the judge and jury, could easily be impressed not knowing that Varns sworn testimony was a cleverly crafted lie, a fable, a fairy tale, a fabrication, a work of fiction, a typical South-Texas novella-a soap opera, a totally untrue account that was intentionally represented as true by Varn, Klein and the other conspirators in the fraud upon our court. Anyone would be impressed until they heard the truth- the truth that the judge and jury were prohibited from hearing by the attorneys in the courtroom and others behind the scenes at the City Attorneys Office and City Hall.   B.     In direct contradiction to Varns fabricated testimony under oath in court his sworn deposition of August 15, 2007 (that was intentionally concealed from the court), official city documents, sworn statements and other evidence prove that Varn, Klein and others conspired to present a fraud upon the court in an effort to hide violations of law committed by city employees and others.  The subornation of perjury by an attorney and/or the intentional concealment of documents by an attorney are actions which constitute extrinsic fraud and directly contributed to a   grave miscarriage of justice inside the Bexar County Courtroom of Judge Antonia Arteaga.   Excerpts from Varns August 15, 2007 deposition follow:   When questioned about how city departments obtained more money if they ran out of funds Varn responded that he didnt know how that worked as follows.     Page  # 12 line # 9  - Question During the 2005 time period that you were employed by the City, if a department was allocated money under the budget and ran out of money, what was the process for obtaining more money during the budget year ?   Page # 12 line # 13 Varn replies Gosh, Im not really sure how that worked. I dont really know how a department requested something to be changed about their allocation for money in their budget.   When questioned about the telephone variable billing account he admitted that he didnt even recognize the term and knew nothing of any such account as follows.   Page # 38 line # 17 Question have you ever heard of an account in that telecommunications department that was called the variable account? Page # 38 line # 20 Varn asks Variable   Page # 38 line # 21 Attorney Gaul reiterates- Variable   Page # 38 line # 22 Varn replies- No. Were there any other names for it?   Page # 23 Line # 23 Gaul states- No. Thats the only one weve had it called so far.   Page # 38 line # 25 Varn states I DONT KNOW WHAT THAT IS.   Page # 39 line # 8 Varn goes on to say IF THERES AN ACOUNT THAT GOES TO COVER THAT, IM NOTI DONT KNOW THAT THERES A SEPARATE ACCOUNT. I DONT HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF THAT.    Page # 39 line # 20 Varn again states IF THERES AN ACCOUNT FOR THAT, I JUST DONT KNOW.   When deposed in August 2007 Chief Information Officer Richard Varn admitted that he knew nothing of the telephone variable account, didnt recognize the term variable and did not know how city departments received funding if their money ran out.  City responses to FOIA requests, the 2005 Municipal Integrity investigation, sworn statements and city documents support this fact.  Varn knew nothing of the variable.  
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
18, Report #1259310
Oct 05 2015
02:49 PM
International Union of Police Associations IUPA, AFL-CIO misleading solicitation Sarasota Florida
I was solicited by phone to donate money to the IUPA.  The money was innumerated as being used for the nationwide funding of law enforcement agencies.  The money was specifically to be used for better equipment, more police staff and death benefit funding for the financial assistance for survivor's families.   After sending in my donation, I got curious and looked-up the IUPA on line.  I found that there was a class action lawsuit filed against the organization, in 2013, alleging misleading solicitations for this organization. The suit alleged that only 0.5% of all money collected was used for the stated purposes.  The rest went to paying the solicitors and their private companies!  (And perhaps AFL-CIO donations)?   I hope to save any future victims from falling into this TRAP.  Had I been told that VERY LITTLE of my money would actually be allocated for its stated purpose, I would NOT have donated anything to this solicitation! 
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
19, Report #1188254
Nov 11 2014
04:42 PM
Jason Holt - Handyman Services Used Church Bulletin to Advertise his SCAM business!! Columbus Georgia
In May 2013 we were referrred to a church flyer that adverstise lawn services.  We met with Jason Holt at our rental property and he provided an estimate.  He agreed to meet back with us in a few days to receive a deposit to purchase supplies and said he would provide a receipt.  Well, he had a story as to why he couldn't give us the receipt but said when we stop by he would have it.  After repeated attempts to call him it was apparent that he took our money and ran.   Jason Holt and his wife, Nellie Holt, continued to adverstise on Craigslist for handyman services and other things such as sewing and babysitting.  They moved twice in Georgia and we eventually tracked him down in Alabama.  We filed a police report and he was arrested almost one year later for Theft of services.  He went to court and we waited to hear what happened.   Apparently he skipped town - AGAIN.  We found out he was arrested around the time we paid him a deposit for driving on a suspended license and switching license plates.  He was also previously arrested in Washington state for child abuse.  Recently, we have found out that he moved to Louisiana and was arrested for child sexual abuse.   Now his wife is on Gofundme asking for $$ because she is homeless and their kids are in foster care.  I do not know how involved she was in his scams.  I did find another post on here about Jason Holt scamming people in Louisianna.   We never got our $$ back from him and from what I have read, we never will. 
Entity: Columbus , Georgia
20, Report #1272706
Dec 07 2015
09:14 PM Public bulletin board for consumer complaints that tries to charge $499 via PayPal to remove postings Internet
Poses as a consumer complaint watchdog when in fact anyone can post a negative business review whether  true or not. When the targeted business tries to have false information removed the site offers to do so for a $499 fee. There is a free complaint removal option buried in fine print. Non paid complaint removal requests go unanswered.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #913448
Jul 17 2012
04:54 PM
Gulf Resources Insurance. 2012 | All Rights Reserved Palm Strip Jumeira, P.O. Box 64493, Jumeira, Dubai UAE Subramanyam S. Yalavarthi. CIO Performance Bond scam Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Salam,My team has also gone through your document and I wish to inform you that we are willing to fund you.We would fund you as a debt financing at 4% ROI for duration of 6-7 years provided that the owner would have a good security to act as the collateral for the funding.Once it is accepted by you we would commence funding modalities and initiate a date for a face to face meeting for closure.Allah Bless Mr. Subramanyam  S. YalavarthiSalam,Thank you for the email.Please provide the below details so I issue you our term sheet;1. Company Name and Registered office address 2. Name of CEO 3. Amount requiredI will get back to you on the insurance bond after I discuss with them tomorrowAllah blessSalaam,Attached is the draft term sheet, sign and return.In terms of the insurance bond it has to be procured from the United Arab Emirates insurance,you would need to provide the following details below .(1)YOUR COMPANY INCORPORATION CERTIFICATE(2)YOUR COMPANY TAX CLEARANCE(3)YOUR COMPANY UTILITY BILL(4)COPY OF YOUR PASSPORT(5)YOUR COMPANY SHARE HOLDING LISTOnce this is reviewed the insurance would come back to you and issue you the bond application form , the standard practice is that the insurance application and underwriting fee is at $36,000 and the premium is at 3% so this is the estimated cost of procuring the insurance bond.This would be once the review your papers and confirm you eligible.Salam,Attached is the Performance Bond Application Form, fill and return immediately.Repayment will be according to your schedule (if you wish to repay annually or at the end of the term) and the transfer process and timing will be within 72hours after Performance bond is ready. Bond No: OMB 654322/12 LOGO DOES NOT COPY, IT IS WHAT WE GET: Gulf Resources Insurance. 2012 | All Rights Reserved Palm Strip Jumeira, P.O. Box 64493, Jumeira, Dubai UAE SKYPE SCAM THEY USE: subramanyan.yalavarthi Hello  
Entity: Dubai, Select State/Province
22, Report #1065238
Jul 08 2013
12:05 PM
Managed CIO, Scott Stephan, Managed CIO Sucks and President/CEO practices bad business ethics. Baltimore, Perry Hall, Nottingham, White Marsh Maryland
I would highly caution any person that is having a problem with their computers around Perry Hall, Maryland to AVOID Managed CIO, which is owned and operated by Scott Patrick Stephan. His website is He was previously the VP of Anaylsys in Parkville, MD. before he got fired by their CEO Steve Kolbe. From what I was told, he was trying to pull the company out from under Steve and was extremely rude to the employees that worked under him. Once fired (again from what I was advised ), Steve merged with Konica Minolta Business Solutions and got out of the business. Scott was then subsequently shut down from what we learned. Before being fired, Scott was involved in a class action suit that Premium of America filed against him and many others. I believe it had to do with computer fraud. You can see the case here: He also went into a company server and changed information and operation which caused a company to then pay for repairs! What a convenient way to generate revenue, at least from the company we can prove this happened to! Comcast SECURITY also was contacted since Scott was interfering with a certain company through their system. Comcast would of course confirm this if ordered by a court.Please Caution Yourself before using Managed CIO in Perry Hall, Maryland (Scott works from home as his address shown is nothing other than a UPS and FedEx mail center office located in the Weis Shopping Center in Perry Hall) His real work address is 7536 Marks Avenue Baltimore, MD 21236 which is his girlfriend’s/fiancé/wife’s address.Truth is an absolute defense.
Entity: Baltimore, Perry Hall, Nottingham, White Marsh, Maryland
23, Report #1415521
Dec 07 2017
07:08 AM
Asia Pacific Investment House Pierre Moerland (Director; CIO) takes large sums +$75K USD under the guise of raising Investment Capital for projects Singapore Central Singapore Community Development
Pierre Moerland, Chief Investment Officer and Director of Asia Pacific Investment House, registered in Hong Kong with its operational office in Singapore, scams unsuspecting entrepreneurs out of large upfront fees under the guise that his firm has private investors that he is able to raise investment capital with to fund multi-million dollar projects.  Pierre has scammed several other clients that I personally know of and whom will also be posting their own reports for large fees while raising zero capital and refunding no money to these clients.   Pierre has clients wire transfer these funds to his personal bank accounts at HSBC; OCBC or Catalonia bank.  Pierre Moerland is a UK resident that is of Dutch descent.  I recently found out that he was previously sanctioned by the Financial Conduct Authority - UK for operating an unregistered and subsequently blacklisted company called Hong Kong - Shanghai Investment House which was closed in 2013.  That is when Pierre open APIH and continued on with his scamming of unsuspecting investors.  Beware also of his co-Director Marco Di biase who is involved in these scams as well.
Entity: Singapore, Central Singapore Community Development
24, Report #74769
Dec 11 2003
02:58 PM
Barter Works/Laurie Dancer Unethical - I decided not to join. Charged a $300.00 cancelation fee for putting my name in bulletin once! Phoenix Arizona
The company charges a $395.00 annual fee and a $10.00 monthly fee to join. I gave my credit card and agreed to have the monthly fee deducted for 2 months and then join. I decided I did not have the money to join and knew that the $20.00 I paid would be gone and that was fine. The owner of this company sent me an e-mail that she was charging me a $300.00 cancellation fee since she had put my name in her bulletin and that was all she felt she had to do. She now refuses to return my phone calls. One of her ex-employees called to let me know how unethical her business practices are. I have also found out the person who referred me has had problems as well and has taken her off of his radio show. Jean Scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
25, Report #70142
Oct 26 2003
04:03 PM
Sunland Ford advertises in the Daily Bulletin they will match any advertised price they will not Victorville California
I saw Sunland Fords advertisement to match any other Ford dealers advertised price in the newspaper the Daily Bulletin. I went down there, and was told by salesman, Johnnie P, that they would not match Fairview Ford, San Bernadinos price since no one can sell it that low. He also would not give me a test drive since my wife of 34 years was not with me. He stated he only makes $ 75.00 if he sales me a 203 Ford Expedition. I told him if I left I would buy at Fairview Ford at 6:30pm. He stated, they will not sell it. I left. I purchased the 2003 Ford Expedition at Fairview Ford in San Bernardino. They not only honored the sale price they were fantastic to me. I have purchased 20 + new vehicles and have NEVER had to have my wife with me. I am a retired 53 year old who can buy any car I wish. I will NEVER buy from Sunland Ford in Victorville, Ca. I have told all of my friends, and anyone else who will listen. I contacted Sunland Ford Customer service and management. I do not believe they care that they lost a good long term customer. Ron Apple Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Victorville, California

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