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1, Report #711055
Mar 28 2011
10:13 AM
The Classic Chassis: Brian Clark Classic 2 Customs Conscienseless, Amoral Mustang Rip-off Scammer Fayetteville, North Carolina
I have read with great interest and familiarity the number of ultra-negative reports on Brian Clark and The Classic Chassis. I am the foremost victim of this immoral, unprincipaled, unethical, lying crook. My story involves being scammed over three classic Mustangs and out of over $100, 000!The story is of lies, misrepresentations, thievery,slander, and shoddy work that a normal person would find unimaginable: only if one had dealt with Clark would they understand that, for him, this is business as usual.This is for those of you who have been wronged by Clark and wish to do something about it. The Attorney General Of the State of North Carolina is looking into Mr. Clark's operations. You can do something to help them and, at the same time, help yourself. File a complaint with them! It's easy and can be done online: 1) Go to 2) Click Consumer on bar 3) Go down to File a Complaint 4) Scroll down to For Automotive Complaints
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
2, Report #613279
Jun 11 2010
08:59 PM
Brian Clark of The Classic Chassis Ripped me off on my 71 Torino Fayetteville, North Carolina
Apparently I am another person that had been ripped off by Brian Clark of the Classic Chassis in Fayetteville, NC. I was overseas in Iraq when I had my car taken to his shop to be worked on. I paid him a total of $8,500 he says I only paid $6,500. My 71 Torino was suppose to have new engine wiring work, complete blast and prime, and sheet metal repair. My doors, hood, trunk and front end only got blasted and primed. The roof and quarter panels didnt. He took my ignition switch out and didnt replace it so I had to start my car with a screw driver, I also had to open my trunk with a screwdriver since he took the lock out and didnt replace or put the old one back in. My door is no longer sitting on the hinges properly, the trunk isnt lined up right. He didnt even put my license plate mount back on so I drove all the way home with no license plate. Needless to say I got screwed on the work that he supposedly had done. I just want to know if anyone else has had a proplem with this guy. He needs to be put out of business screwing people over like this.
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
3, Report #654643
Oct 24 2010
03:05 PM
Classic Chassis brian Clark Brian Clark is a horrible business man and needs to be stopped. fayetteville, North Carolina
I Took my 1969 Mercury Cougar to Brian's shop for repair work on damage that incurred from a wreck.  I was promised to get the car back in two months. At the end of two months he stated he needed more time so it went to 4 months. 15 months and $9000. later I finally got my car back. He did a horrible job on the car and I am having to pay someone else money to get the car painted correctly. The man does not need to be in business at all. We took the car to him thinking he cared about classic cars,,Well I was wrong.  I would be happy to help in shutting him down so that no more people are taken advantaged of.
Entity: fayetteville, North Carolina
4, Report #750729
Jul 08 2011
02:59 PM
The Classic Chassis cheated me out of $18,000 for a restoration that was never done Fayetteville, North Carolina
Brian Clark, who owned the now closed business, The Classic Chassis, has cheated me out of $18,000.  I hadn't heard any progress for 2 months, since April, 2011.  I went today to personally check on this progress, and my car is nowhere to be found on the lot.  I paid $18,000 to Brian Clarke in full for a complete restoration of a 1965 Mustang in 2008.  As part of my restoration, I purchased a donor 1966 Mustang to make the restoration work.  During periodic visits, I have been shown a 1966 Mustang each time.  When I saw the car in April, it was nearly ready for final assembly and painting.  Today, my car is nowhere to be found.  The new company has been very honest about the situation, and I am waiting on the courses of action that they offer, but in the meantime, I am out the entire amount of money that I invested in good faith to someone that seems to have been used for purposes OTHER than the restoration of my vehicle.  The contract that I have indicated that the parts were in stock and the work was complete in almost all cases, but now the parts don't exist and the work doesn't appear to have been done at all.I am curious whether anyone is pursuing legal action or class action against Brian Clarke, The Classic Chassis, or other.  I have read suggestions that there is an escrow from which I can possibly recover all, or at least some, of the money that I have lost.  I would ask for any help or assistance from anyone who has had success in such actions.  I am also interested in joining any actions that might help the many individuals, many of whom are likely to be military personnel, in getting our money back or pursuing some sort of solution to this problem.
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
5, Report #653780
Oct 21 2010
04:32 PM
Classic Chassis Brian Clark Brian Clark is a lair, thief and Con-man Fayetteville, North Carolina
Brian Clark stole over $50,000.00 from my son and daughter-in-law on work he was supposed to do on a 66 Chevelle they had restored as a gift for me. He lied about what he had done to the car and did extremely shoddy work. We had to spend another $20,000.00 plus to fix the crap that he did to the car. This guy needs to locked up for ever.
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
6, Report #723293
Apr 28 2011
02:59 PM
Classic Chassis...Brian Clark Brian Clark Con Artist and Fraudulent Business Fayetteville, North Carolina
I took my 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo to Classic Chassis to have it painted, engine work, exhaust, Heating/AC installation and other restoration items done.  Brian Clark assured me that though it was known for Mustang Restoration that his shop and workers were more than able/capbale to restore my Chevy.  I notified him that I was deploying for 15 months and would like to have the vehicle completely restored upon my redeployment.  He told me the work would take about 6 months max.  The car was dropped off November 2007, and Brian informed me that he would start after Thanksgiving Break.  I set up an automatic payment through Bill Pay to Classic Chassis each month after paying $3500 deposit.  Over the course of my deployment Brian led me to believe my car was being worked on via email.  Upon return for R&R (July 2008) I stopped by Classic Chassis unnanounced to find out that my car was sitting untouched!!  At this time, Brian had received approximately $10,000 from me.  I discussed my displeasure but had to go back to Iraq a few days later.  Upon redeployment in November 2008, I called Brian about my car, informing him that I would stop by the shop at which time he informed me the shop was closing for the holidays and his crew had a car show to attend and would not be available until  after the New Year 2009.  Due to the fact, I had surgery and recovery I did not make it to the shop until May 2009, in which I was scheduled to pick up the vehicle.  Upon arrival the car I immediately noticed the car was in the same condition as it was when I dropped it off.  Upset, I told Brian I wanted a full refund and that I would be back the very next morning with a trailer to tow the car.  I went back the next morning to find the entire interior of the car removed!   This was clearly to keep me from being able to move the vehicle!!!  I video taped the incident and immediately asked to speak to Brian who was conveniently unavailable.  I left the shop very upset and told Dave (asst manager) to contact Brian and have him call me asap.  I called Brian's personal cell to no success.  After waiting at the shop for nearly 2 hours Brian never arrived nor returned my phone call until days later.  During this time they began working on the vehicle.  I went back several times to pick up the vehicle during the time Brian assured me the vehicle would be short it was never complete.  Finally, September 2009, I again told Brian I wanted my car and a refund for any incomplete work.  Approximately 30 OCT 2009, I picked up my vehicle and asked for our agreed warranty paperwork for the work he completed.  It was never given to me.  He told me to call if I had any problems and they would fix any problems.   I called Brian several times to fix several things I found.  The first thing was my exhaust on one side of the car was rubbing my tire.  After getting the run around I end of paying Meneke Muffler on Yadkin Road to repair the exhaust.  I took the vehicle back o/a FEB 2010 for an inoperable Heating/AC in which they unprofessionally rigged the wiring and put a switch under the dash to turn the unit on/off. I also took the vehicle for a gas leak off the carburetor.  Though I only put approximately 300 miles on the car since I picked it up, the newly installed engine began knocking OCT 2010, I called Brian he informed me that he was going out of town but he would call me to take a look at the car.  I called over 10 times for him to check my engine and in short, I haven't been able to get in touch with Brian nor to get my engine examined nor fixed per the warranty agreement.  I just re-purchased a new 350 short block engine and had it installed 15 April 2011, in which the mechanic pointed out a plethora of issues with Brian/Classic Chassis work.  There are parts missing from the classic installed engine and several other mechanical issues that I paid for but not completed.  To date, Brian has not complied with the agreement, warranty nor called back.  I've since had to pay additional money to fix my include a new engine!  The list goes on and on in regards to the unprofessional, unethical work of Brian Clark and his business, The classic chassis.  I initally thought the issues of me getting my car restored after paying thousands of dollars was attributed to me being deployed and a female but to find out he has done so many folks wrong is very concerning.  Please don't hesitate to contact me for a class action law suit! 
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
7, Report #739979
Jun 12 2011
10:13 PM
Brian Clark The Classic Chassis Brian Clark took all my new parts and money! Fayetteville, North Carolina
COMPLAINT:I have a 1966 Mustang that I got when I was 15. In 2004, I startedhaving it restored by a friend. I bought all new sheet metal fromNational Part Depot. All new fenders, door skins, quarter panels, hood,trunk, front and rear valance, and inter-trunk. I had the items put onthe car. In June 2006 Paul, at National Parts Depot, told me about TheClassic Chassis in Fayettville NC. They took make car and told me itwould be done in 6 months. He kept it 3 years. My car was left in therain in parts. I had to make threats of lawsuits to get any work done onmy car. I got it backin Nov.2009 with all my new parts and otheroriginal parts missing. The stuff was covered with new paints andundercoating paint to cover up everything up. It is now peeling off.It's a 66 mustang, I got it back with 65 seats. Mine are gone. Brian hadPaul give me seat covers for the front seats. I must pay to have themput on these old seats. I was suposed to get new disc brakes, but I gotused stuff out of a junk yard. My new fuel system leaks gas. My newsuspension system is just painted old shocks. Brian took my car and toldme he would do all the stuff I wanted for the price he quoted. After twoyears he started charging me for the things that he had agreed to do. Mycar was in parts, I couldn't argue with him. I feel that this is abigger issue. I found out there is a, Good Ol' Boys group that istaking place. I think Paul at N.P.D. sends new parts (customers) toBrian in exchange for having his cars media blasted by Brian. My lawyersaid there was little I could do to get back the $15,000 have givenBrian. I was going to file a Federal Fraud report with the DMV, but Ineed to do that in Fayetteville. I found out that Brian's brother-in-lawworks at the DMV and The Classic Chassis. Brian himself told me that hewas untouchable. EFFORT:They kept my car for three years. I got my car back. My new parts weregone, replaces with 30 year old stuff. No communication about it. Thecar was painted, but the paint was bad, chipping off , and rusting. Iwanted my new parts. He said he would get me new parts, but he wantedhis painted parts back. I asked for $8300 I paid for paint and bodywork. He refused. He said he would take my car back, he had done this toa guy named Greg (Ripoff Report: Brian Clark Of The Classic Chassis TheClassic...) . Brian takes your car back to his shop and kepts itforever. Then he tries charging more. If you don't pay, he files for thetitle of your car. Greg almost lost his car. Brian actually tried tosell me this guys car. I don't want that to happen to me. He had my car3 years and couldn't get it right. Now he says he can do it in a month.I just want some of my money back to fix his problems. $8,900. He hasstolen from me, and I don't trust him with my car again. I have pictureof all the parts and steps with car.
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
8, Report #804169
Dec 02 2011
12:25 PM
American Car Restoration Classic Chassis American Car Restoration/Classic Chassis To Be Auctioned Off Soon Fayetteville, North Carolina
All,I am a victim of Clark's shady business dealings. I have been told from an inside source that ACCR/Classic Chassis, will be auctioned off before the first of the year. Grosslight apparently took over the lease from Clark and is now planning to auction off all the vehicles that remain on the property. The business, as you can imagine, is not making money the way Grosslight expected. He is alledgedly planning to auction off all the vehicles on the property whose owners have not shown proof of owernership. If you have a vehicle on the property, it would behove you to contact Lt. Mackey from the Fayetteville DMV and send him your proof of ownership, and make plans to have your car removed ASAP. Grosslight will shamelessly try and smooth talk you to have you pay his crew to retrieve your parts. This is the bottom line, YOU DON'THAVE TO PAY HIM SQUAT. The civil magistrate will tell you that if you take your vehicle off the property, after Lt. Mackey has verified proof of ownership, then it is a civil matter and that will be between you and Grosslight. If you refuse to pay, Grosslight will have to take you to small claims court to try and retrieve the money he claims you owe him. YOU ARE A VICTIM. Call his bluff and force him to take you to small claims court to prove you owe him. If everyone does this, it will cause Grosslight to think of another way to try and convince you to pay him. Grosslight will try and dazzle you with words, but I assure you, he is completely transparent and it is easy to recognize. Grosslight is apparently planning to keep all profits from the auction and you will be forced to deal with the civil matter against Clark to be reimbursed any monies you are trying to recover. Don't let him auction your vehicle.
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
9, Report #1090875
Oct 10 2013
07:23 AM
Brian Clark Classic Chassis North Carolina DMV is investigating Brian Clark and Classic Chassis Fayetteville North Carolina
Brian Clark who owned and operated the Classic Chassis classic car restoration company is now being investigated by the North Carolina, DMV criminal investigation branch.  Please contact the lead investigator, R.M. Ashley @ 919-934-3188 if you had any dealings with Brian Clark and the Classic Chassis company.  It is important to contact the NC DMV quickly as they are trying to complete their investigation soon.
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
10, Report #947594
Sep 27 2012
03:47 PM
Brian Clark- The Classic Chassis Brian Clark - The Classic Chassis Agreeded to restore my 1972 240Z for a price of $8,000. Only replace the floor pans and sanded and prime the car. I want the engine and trann/clutch and other parts back which they kept. I did recove Fayetteville Internet, North Carolina
Brian Clark agreed to restore my 1972 240Z Datsun for a price of $8,000.00. The floor pans were replaced an inside fender weld was repaired.  The car body was sand and poorly primed.  When I picked up the car at James Grosslight shop in Lillington, NC, The only thing that was there was the body, no engine, transmission, clutch and many other parts were missing.  I don't know where the part are I have contacted James several times about getting my parts back especially the engine and transmission, he has not responded to my request.  I hope I can get my engine, transmission, clutch, drive shaft and fuel tank so I can walk away from this nightmare.
Entity: FayettevilleInternet, North Carolina
11, Report #743333
Jun 21 2011
06:47 AM
Brian Clark Classic Chassis Fayetteville North Carolina Con man that should be held legally accountable for shoddy business practices. He deserves jail time. Fayetteville, North Carolina
I contacted Brian Clark in March of 2009. He said his trained staff could restore my vehicle within 12 to 18 months. I initially paid an upfront cost so that they could get started. It has now been more than 2 years and all I have gotten from Brian is a complete run around and many conflicting stories and excuses. Most recently, he said he was going on his honeymoon and that he would be out of the shop for an extended period of time. After waiting for the time to pass, I called him back and he says that he has broken his honeymoon into two parts and would be out an additional two weeks. I called and left a message with Brian in mid June 2011 and told him I needed my car completed and that I would come in July 2011 to pick it up. Brain returned my call today, June 21, 2011 @ 6:09 central standard and told me that his company was sold in April of 2011 and that the new owners would need a picture ID and a title in order to release my car to me. He said he was going through a divorce and that he had to file bankruptcy in order to prevent losing everything. I am wondering how a person simutaneously gets divorced and goes on a honeymoon. He gave me a number to call the new owner which apparently resides in Raleigh. I have called the number but, no one has returned my call. My automobile is in pieces and I have pictures that were taken in September 2010 that shows the condition the car was in after 18 months of being in Brian's shop. Brian had the audacity to tell me that he can still complete my restoration, but that I would have to make arrangements with the new owners to do so. Upon viewing all the ripoff reports made by others against Brian Clark, it appears he has swindled several hard working people for thousands and he needs to be held legally accountable.   
Entity: Fayetteville, North Carolina
12, Report #648890
Oct 08 2010
11:47 AM
brian clark classic chassis 1948 gmc truck restoration nightmare fayetteville, North Carolina
i have had a contract with brian clark for the last 8 years to completely restore my 1948 gmc pickup-  I have had nothing but disappointment and lies since I became involved with brian.  here I stand 8 years later and $30,000 dollars poorer with nothing to show for it.  He has failed to complete the project  and continues to falsify his ability to complete this truck-  i visited the shop today 10/8/10 for what was supposed to be the  day he was to have completed the metal work- i found  2 employees  placing 2 rusted  dented fenders on the vehicle where 2 new fenders were supposed to be.  the truck remains in complete disarray and there are no signs that it will ever be completed.  if you are contimplating a restoration project or have one in progress from this individual i encourage you to run away or suffer the same fate that i and others have suffered.  i hate to do it but i am left with no other recourse but to seek legal action- i have little hope of recovering my losses but i will continue to work to see he no longer is able to continue to take advantage of other customers as he has done with me. joel, fayetteville, nc
Entity: fayetteville, North Carolina
13, Report #732292
May 23 2011
03:29 PM
brian clark classic chassis ex worker lets u on the inside fayetteville, North Carolina
As a former employee of brain clark i figured i would give you guys the inside veiw on what really goes on at classic chassis....while working there fresh out of school, i noticed some shady thing being done to customers...this is what your car or truck goes thru when you take it to this shop.. step 1: take a bunch of pics step2: send the pics to you so it seems we are working on it step 3: do one part of your car i.e. fenders doors and such step4: take a bunch of pics and send them to you step 5: push your car back outside untill brian gets another check or payment from you step 6: let the weeds grow through your car step 7: do another small part of your car step 8: take a bunch of pics again to make you think work is really being done step 9:repeat steps i would also like to add that this shop makes practice of switching vin numbers (highly illegal) so you think you have the original frame and body of your car, which in most cases you dont.. to add on to this dave summers is just as crooked as brian they are both con men and if you bring your car to them you are begging for disappointment.. feel free to email me for more info id love to see these guys under a jail somewhere they give auto restoration and custom shops a bad name in general
Entity: fayetteville, North Carolina
14, Report #1272689
Dec 07 2015
07:58 PM
Entity: Sherman Oaks , California
15, Report #369930
Sep 04 2008
09:44 PM
Workhorse Custom Chassis Corporation Workhorse chassis brake failures Union City Indiana
Workhorse Custom Chassis Corporation has manufactured 24,000 pound class A motorhomes since 2001 with dangerous sub-standard service brakes. There are numerous informal and formal reports to NHTSA regarding these failures causing loss of all braking power and in some cases fires and near loss of life due to dragging or non-function brakes. These are recreational family oriented pleasure vehicles and in some cases permanent homesteads for people from all walks of life. This manufacture needs to step up to the plate and admit fault, provide a final fix for all owners, and stop all new manufacturing before all problems are addressed. Abarkl Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Union City, Indiana
16, Report #1315589
Jul 07 2016
01:56 PM
jr's classy chassis James D Register What a Cheat!! St Marys Georgia
On June 6th 2016 I dropped a cab spoiler off for my truck. I asked them to color match it to my trucks paint code and got a price of 125$ To do the work. they gave me a timeline of about two weeks and I stated that's fine I'm not in a great rush. Didn't need it Till mid July. This piece was ready for paint out of the box by EGR PRODUCTS, A reputable supplier. Ten days after i dropped it off i called and said if they hadn't painted it yet wait one more day because i was expecting another part that needed painted. The next day I took the new part over then ended up taking it back with me to prep a few holes for sensors. The following day it was dropped off. Now they had both pieces. A rear roll pan and rear cab spoiler. I was told a few days and they would have them ready. A few days later I popped in. Was told they had been painted but there was problems with the paint on the roll pan. Explicit directions were left from roll pan supplier(street scene products. In business since 96. Making the same products)on how to prep and paint. They blamed the primer on the bumper. It needed to be stripped and reshot. Please come back in two more days. Two days later. There's problems with the spoiler. There's D.A. Marks on the spoiler and there claiming its from the manufacture like that and they want to paint the underside in a flat color to hide it vs properly prepping and spraying it. Come back tomorrow. I come back the following day. It's not quite ready. Come back tomorrow at noon. Next day at 2:30. They just have to put a hand glaze on it. Hang and we'll get it ready. I left for an hour and returned again. Only to see the D.A. Sanding marks are still there. Still visible. And JR wanted to call this a finished product acceptable to put on my truck. I assured him it in fact was not acceptable. His claim is that i brought that in there and asked for it to be painted and not including any prep it needed to make it acceptable.( it didn't need any prep. But they did so anyways and scored the part) this is an unacceptable business practice. I gave him the option to return his charge of the 125 for the work done on the spoiler. I paid 325 in all for the work. The roll pan is not acceptable either. They asked me to install the part and bring it back to finish cutting it in while on the vehicle. They will not be permitted to do so as they are not trustworthy. Filling in small claims against them in the next week for the full amount or whatever the charge will be for another shop to correct their work.
Entity: St Marys , Georgia
17, Report #457380
Jun 01 2009
02:08 PM
Chassis Auto Service Sells Accident Cars Accident cars Wreck car front end damage not reported lies to customers Streetsville Ontario
I purchased a car from Chassis Auto Service that was supposed to be Accident free. The owner of the shop, his name is M. Naseem, even went as far as to say that they never sell accident cars. I paid Johnny's Auto Centre Inc. to look at the car and they told me the bumper had been repainted but that was it. When I was changing my air filter I noticed there has been major front end damage to the car. The driver's side light had been broken and reattached with a metal bar and some epoxy and there is a dent in the hood. Stay away from both of these places, Either Johnny's Auto Center purposely did not tell me about this damage, or they just did a horrible job at checking out this car. Now I'm stuck with this car and it will cost me thousands of dollars to have repairs done. Kyle Mississauga, OntarioCanada
Entity: Streetsville, Ontario
18, Report #731319
May 19 2011
10:06 PM
Workhorse chassis Workhorse puts out a recall notice, but when you take your vehicle in major problems are reported & you pay for it Union city, Indiana
Workhorse puts out a recall on your brakes, but when you take it in to do the recall, major problems are found with your vechicle brakes and they are not covered by their warranty. I seems so common that when the recall is done  that is when the problems are found. and they blame you for the problem. they say that you shpuld have your brakes inspected every year at your own expense. If you didn't then it becomes your problem. You pay large amount of monies for that work. It seems like workhorse and the dealers are together in judging that it is your problem.
Entity: Union city, Indiana
19, Report #152327
Aug 03 2005
09:20 AM
Workhorse Custom Chassis Ripoff Breach of Warranty; Lack of Customer Support; Defective Parts Highland Park Illinois
Workhorse Custom Chassis manufactured the chassis and related components for my Winnebago motorhome. Since the vehicle is 4 months old with only 5,000 miles they have failed to provide adequate service to repair a defect in the dashboard air conditioning unit. Last year a service center, Cassell GMC in Patchogue, trashed my vehicle while it was in their shop for over 3 weeks. To date the vehicle has 12,000 miles and is 18 months old and attempts to repair the same defect total 7, with visits to 3 different shops. In addition, there have been several unrelated repairs made that should have fallen under the warranty but I have been charged upwards of $300. One of these repairs involved bolts falling out of the swaybar, and replacement of engine belts without my authorization. Workhorse representatives in Michigan have provided me with ZERO customer support and at this point in time it looks like I will be left with no alternative but litigation if they continue to breach the terms of their own warranty. I will NEVER purchase another Workhorse or GM product again. I hope this report helps prevent any future fiascos for other unsuspecting consumers like myself. Ellie Long Island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Highland Park, Illinois
20, Report #748395
Sep 30 2011
07:00 PM
Classic Chassis Brian Clark Mustang Restoration and Repair Internet
WRAL TV 5 Needs your help!!!!! They are trying to do a follow up story on Brian Clark and the new crooks on the block James Grosslight and his new company playing the same ole tricks called American Classic Car Restorations. Please read the email I got from them WRAL and give them a call and help put Brian Clark in the slammer I also posted an update on my car.(This is an update on my car the 1965 Carolina Blue Mustang)I took the car to some guys that I can put you in touch with with that actually finish cars and they look amazing! They are just finishing up on a 1956 Chevy and it looks stunning! They will only work on your car if they think it is worth restoring and they do not take a wad of cash up front. They do it the right way. My car has been torn back apart and is getting ready to go through the whole process again. The one good thing right now is that I will not have to buy as many new parts because I already had most all the parts needed. I did have to buy some parts again since Brian said he lost them. I doubt that is true. I think he has been selling our parts for some quick cash. I have some people out there watching to see if some special items come up that I know are mine. This has been a hard lesson! If you ever decide to get a car restored please ask around! There are so many cars that just get torn apart and never ever get restored! There are so many crooks out there! Brian Clark and James Grosslight are just a few that I can think of. James Grosslight tries to push you around because he thinks he is some rich wise guy that is better than you. Just read some of Mr. Grosslight's responses on here. The guy is just as bad as Brian Clark! Why else would these two be doing business together and he has Brian Clark on his payroll! (This is the email I got from WRAL)Good Morning, Im contacting you because you previously complained to us about Brian Clark and The Classic Chassis. Im sure most if not all of you are aware that back in April, the business was bought by James Grosslight and renamed American Car Restoration. http://www.accrestoration.comFor some and possibly all of you, this makes no difference because you have your cars back and will still have to go after Brian for any money you have paid him for work thats not complete. For those of you whose cars are still there, Id like to know if you have had the new company do any work and what your dealings with them have been so far. Good or bad. Im trying to get an overall feel for how things are going.   Im going to speak with the new owner for his take on things, so I want to have as much info as possible before I do that.  From what I can tell, Brian has not filed bankruptcy yet. He did file in 2009 naming himself and the company, but did not follow the payment conditions, so his case was dismissed about a year ago.Id like to do a final follow-up on this, so Id appreciate your updates.  Thanks for your help.     Lori Lair, ProducerWRAL 5 On Your Side
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #1166418
Jul 31 2014
11:40 AM
Entity: MISSISSAUGA ON, Ontario
22, Report #15726
Mar 04 2002
12:00 AM
Classic Nissan Orlando Florida communication problem
this dealership is not serious, after I purchsed my viacle they applied my down payment not twards the payment of the trade in but against the value of the new viacle. They admited there was a Communication problem so after 2 months they asked for more money to cover their mistake. After 2 months!! These people put you in a viacle, they say Everything is fine and they!! 2 months later they harass you on the phone for more money Need more information Rebuttal Entered: 2/18/2002 Modified: 3/3/2002 First of all the phrase down payment would tell me that the money was used to reduce the price of the purchase. You wouldn't use a down payment for a trade-in. Regardless, I would like to hear about your specific problem and try to resolve it. Please! Give me a break Update Entered: 3/3/2002 Modified: 3/3/2002 I'm tired of your stupid jokes about how much you want to help and you can sit there in your chairs and read trough the phrase! If I didn't explain in well enuf for you why don't you look in my file! ..You will have all the info you need... The truth is I came in your shop telling you what I had and that I was a serious buyer and didn't whant to play games! I made it clear that if what I had was not enuf then that was fine! But you sed yea no problem ..... put me in a new car and 2 months later came asking for more than 200 dollars. Now I came and sat down with you people and the only answer I got was We can't do anything! I payed the amount for you but I will not buy a car from you again and make sure I will tell everyone I know about you! You think you can sit there and do whatever you whant and come back months later to your customers after you put them in a car asking for money! I will make you suffer for this I will make sure you will have the worst pubblicity ever! Joseph
Entity: Orlando, Florida
23, Report #6945
Oct 04 2001
12:00 AM
Classic Tube ripoff false promises
This company makes custom and matching original brake lines for a variety of autos and trucks. I split a brake line on my truck recently, and it was in such a place, that I would like to not have to worry about it splitting again. I phoned Classic Tube for a new set of matching original lines. They said they did not have any lines for my vehicle at that time, but if I would like to send them my original lines, they could make new ones from my patterns. I got my old lines out, and although pretty rusted, I managed to tape and keep them together pretty good. I shipped my lines in a long box to them on Sept 18,2001. I recieved a phone message when I got home from work on friday the 21st, there was a message from Tom stating that they recieved my lines and wanted to discuss business concerning them. Since it was late on friday when I got the message, I waited till monday morning to call him back. On monday the 24th when I called, Tom said to do the lines how I wanted would be $xxx.xx. I asked if that was taking into account that I had sent the lines for a pattern and they had told me my lines would be done for a discounted price. Tom asked who I spoke to earlier about that. I didnt have the information on me at the time, so he took my work number and said he would call back shortly. I asked about using my lines as a pattern, and he assured me that they could. About a half hour went by and Tom phoned back, saying that the price was not negotiable. Since they had my lines and I had no pattern to make new ones, I agreed in order to get my truck back on the road. I recieved my lines on the 28th and they only fit so-so. I thought about checking theyre web site to see if they have lines for my vehicle now that they had my patterns. They did not. I have a 1990 Chevrolet 3/4 ton 4x4 - and I sent the last two parts of the front to rear lines (rear most parts) and the two rear lines. The rear most part of the front to rear line is what split, but the center (longest) piece was rusted badly. They did use my lines, because theyre off just slightly. I got my lines, but not break for supplying them my patterns. If you need lines, I would suggest one of the other two companies that do this - not classic tube.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #393115
Nov 19 2008
11:09 PM
Classic Closeouts - Unauthorized Charges Internet
This company charged me three times $69.99, $69.99 and $59.99. I never made any purchase from, so I totally have no idea what they are. I tried to call this company. However, no one pick up the phone and no one call back even I left the message. I disputed those charges by my credit card company. Later classiccloseouts sent a letter to my cc company saying they charged me because of signing up for some membership on I NEVER did it!!!!!! I already close my account to avoid this fraud. Wayne Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #384684
Oct 25 2008
06:34 AM
Classic Closeouts , Fraudulent Charges . . Nationwide
Classic Closeouts has posted two charges to my account over the past three months. Unfortunately, my wife had purchased something from this company three years ago and they must have kept my credit card information. I have contested the charges with my credit card company. I tried to contact Classic Closeouts via phone, internet, and mail but they have refused to return these contacts. You cannot get someone to answer the phone so you have to leave messages that go unreturned. The charges are small enough that it is not worth getting a lawyer, but large enough not to dismiss. This is definitely a pain in the butt. I have had to have my account closed and transferred and am now working with my credit card company and Visa to get this resolved. Please do not order anything from this company, as you may find yourself in the same boat. Jeff Columbus, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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