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1, Report #1115253
Jul 05 2016
12:00 PM
Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company Great River New York 
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Entity: Great River, New York
2, Report #1137236
Jul 05 2016
11:59 AM
Clearette Electronic Cigarette Company Great River New York
To read other reports about this company please click the link below:
Entity: Great River, New York
3, Report #1402389
Sep 26 2017
07:12 AM
Clearette Cigarette Company Len Lombardo They took my retirement money, $115K, and ripped me off. Ronkonkoma New York
I made and investment into a e-cigarette company in 2012 with the promise of a great retirement return.  Now they can not be located with all phones turned off.  Bate and switched Me!
Entity: Ronkonkoma, New York
4, Report #1104228
Jul 05 2016
11:55 AM
clearette electronic cigarette company Lou Lombardi Great river New York
I. Have been in distribution all my life and I answere an ad for craigslist about a vending route about two weeks ago.I got a call from a Lou Lombardi , sounded like he was from new Jersey which is fine but here's were it gets funky ! This guy proceded to tell me about his career before I even got a chance to speak. He tells me that he is a millionare(but he was telemarketing )and the  one that started Snapple distribution on the east coast which is complete bullshit because I personally know the wholesaler that started the routes. But it was so comical I kept letting him speak .. Then he tells me about this electronic cigarette company that I should invest in called clearette. I then asked him about the vending route and he made up a story about me never applying for it which to me sounds like its a bait and switch. I researched this electronic cigarette deal as he sent me a lot of links that didnt even mention clearette as being a major player in the market. He said it would be 20,000 for a territory that doesn't even exist. The guy was very disrespectful when I asked him legit questions , got all pissy with me and hung up the phone after we spoke a few times. I just can't believe that company lets this Lou guy represent them the way he speaks to customers.i think it's a complete fraud so investors beware of this clearette company and this Lombardi guy electronic cigarettes is a saturated market don't believe the hype and blow your money
Entity: Great river , New York
5, Report #644408
Sep 25 2010
they cashed my echeck i should have known. i should have used a credit card at least i would have got a credit.
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #752778
Jul 14 2011
07:50 AM
prado electric cigarette unable to contact or reach company used cigarette for 9 days nad it no longer works Internet
I purchased this electronic cigarette. I started to use it on 7/5/11 and today is 7/14/11and it no longer i working. I have tried unsuccessfully to  contact prado there are no address orphone number and when you try their e- mail it tell you the info is wrong , which of course it is not.they should be taken off the internet so they can't scam any more people. 
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1063694
Jul 01 2013
08:38 PM
No Flame E-Cigarette Unprofessional,misleading,total ripoff. This company is a joke. Do not do business with them!!! Miami Beach Florida
I ordered a trial e-cig kit for $4.95 S&H. Their website is misleading and set up in a way that if you don't pay attention and click on their Terms and Conditions link you don't even know what you are getting yourself into until you get a whole bunch of charges on your credit card. I'm a little suspicious and always look for the fine prints before I complete any transaction or give my credit card info so I did find and read their Terms and Conditions which stated the following: Upon placing your first order for the Product you will be enrolled in the Company's Program. As a member in the Program, We will immediately send you a Starter Kit which includes one extended battery, one atomizer, usb charger, one pack of cartomizers and an instruction manual and all you pay for is shipping and handling at a rate of $4.95 (USD). In other words, upon  by CouponDropDown id=_GPLITA_3 href= data-mce-href=>enrollment in the Program, you authorize Company to charge your credit card $4.95 (USD). As a member in the Program, you have 14 days to try the Product (the .Trial Period.). Please note that delivery time is subtracted from your Trial Period, and will reduce the number of days allocated to your Trial Period. If the Product is not right for you, call 1-877-647-3625 during the Trial Period, as long as you return the product in accordance with the time limit described in Section 4, Company will not charge you another dollar. Otherwise, at the end of your Trial Period, as a member in the Program, your credit card will be charged $109.67 (USD) for the Product you already received. Then 30 days from your initial order of the Product (and every 30 days thereafter), you will be sent a new supply of the Product containing 2 packs of cartridges, (A total of 10 cartomizers) and your credit card will be charged $69.62 (the .Monthly Fee.). Please note that Florida residents must add sales tax.Well, I'll tell you how they do business. Order was placed 6/17/13 and card was charged $99.67 on 6/29; however, today is 7/1 and I haven't received the trial kit as of yet. I called No Flame about the charge and the first thing I was asked was if I've read their Terms and conditions to what I answered yes. I inquired on where the kit was and was told I would receive it tomorrow. I asked for it to be canceled because they charged my card before they sent me the product and allowed me at least a few days to try it out and she said that I would not be able to cancel it since it is past the 14 days trial. Are you kidding me? THIS COMPANY IS A DISGRACE!I ended up spending over 1 1/2 hour on the phone and after a long discussion she told me the best she could do was offer me to keep the product (that I haven't seen yet) for a discounted price of $74, then when I demanded a full refund, she said I could have it for $54 and then finally her best deal was $40 plus a discount on the monthly refills. I demanded a full refund and to cancel all future transactions otherwise I will be disputing the charges with my credit card so she puts me on hold and came back on the line and told me that she tracked the package again and it was showing it was delivered to my local post office on 6/23/13 and told me I need to go hunt for the package and send it back if I want a refund. The package was to be delivered to my home address not the local post office plus she has told me at first that there was a problem and I would receive tomorrow. They are rude and unprofessional. Finally, she said she was refunding my credit card in full and sending me an email confimation and immediately hung up on me. Well, she did send me a confirmation, one that includes a return authorization # to send back the package I never received and stating that if I don't return the product I'll be charged for it. What a nightmare. I will dispute the charges with my credit card and get my money back.  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SCAMMED, DISAPPOINTED, FRUSTRATED AND IN A BIG MESS.
Entity: Miami Beach, Florida
8, Report #1035612
Mar 18 2013
12:02 AM
CIGARETTE-ON-LINE.COM JOSEFINA GARAMAY scam, rip off, takes your money,bad company,they need to be shut down, Internet
I have been ordering cigarettes on line for a long time and never had a problem(until now).Most of the companies shipped slow but they always got here. So I decided to order from this company,it states (delivered in 10 days max) .They have you send money Western Union(DO-NOT,I REPEAT, DO-NOT DO IT). The prices are cheap to lure you in and it says 10 carton minimum order,all this sounds so GOOD,but what good is that if you do not have anything to show for it. And the old saying is still true,'IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE,IT GENERALLY IS', There are alot more companies on the net that are for real,and I am not going to plug them,I am writing this to inform you.They took $120.00 from me plus the Western Union fees(130.00 total),if I had plenty of money,I would not care and probably would not be writing this,but I am on a fixed income and this amount was 1/3 of my monthly income.This scam site needs to be shut down. Please,don't send that money!! You have been warned !!! Below is the email sent to me today,and it is the same sent to many others that have posted on other websites nearly 2-3 years apart (SAME EMAIL). ============================================= DEAR CUSTOMER, SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE INFORMED US THAT THEIR PARCEL HAS NOT YET ARRIVED.AS YOU KNOW,FOR REASONS OF DISCRETION WE MAIL WITHOUT TRACKING.WE HOPE THAT YOU WILL SOON RECEIVE YOUR ORDER WHICH HAS BEEN SENT.IF IT DOES NOT ARRIVE,WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE,THIS TYPE OF MERCHANDISE IS SOMETIMES DIVERTED WITHOUT US BEING ABLE TO HAVE ANY PROOF.AS MENTIONNED IN OUR CONDITIONS OF SALE(THAT YOU MAY WANT TO READ).As much as you do not have a proof that we sent,we do not have the proof that you did not reveive!!,such a purchase is based on reciprocal confidence.WE ARE VERRY SORRY AND REGRET SOMETIMES HAVING TO LOSE A CUSTOMER UNDER THESE CONDITIONS.SORRY BUT THAT MAIL WILL BE THE LAST FOR THAT PROBLEM. YOUR SINCERELY.==============================================  Maybe Anonymous can do something about this if no one else can? If this helps just one person out there,pay it forward.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #988635
Dec 29 2012
01:34 PM
vibe electrical cigarette i bought electrical cigarette for 7.99 this was not my frst i try to contact the vibe company there is no respond back to me even from shop i bought it . so i let other people knows this product in w london united kingdom
i bought electrical cigarette for 7.99 this was not my frst one i try lots of other brands  but this brands give  me horrible electric shock to my tongue and teeth . i try to contact the vibe company there is no respond back to me even from shop i bought . so i let other people knows this product in waste of money 
Entity: london, Select State/Province
10, Report #1072249
Aug 01 2013
05:48 PM
E-Cigarette This company E-Cigarette in Miami Beach Florida rip me off. They did not disclose every thing I needed to know. Then simple lied about what was said. I was given the incorrect web address, nor was I allowed to speak to a supervsor. Miami Beach Florida
 To whom it may concern,E-Cigarette located in Miami Beach, Florida needs to be shut down for the dishonset way they do business.  I was ripoff by this company and now wants to charge me for it.  Companies like this should be shut down and report to the law.  If I went out and rob a bank I would be arrested.  WHAT is happening to companies like this.  I was not allowed to speak to a supervisor nor would they give me the phone number for the main company. 
Entity: MiaBeacg, Florida
11, Report #1129640
Mar 10 2014
02:02 PM
e-cigarette Deducting about 100 dollars a month for e cigarette cartomizers after I did a survey that popped up from a company I knew. I received a free e cigarette by paying 4.95 shipping. Then I have gotten these cartomizers and billing my credit card that I gave for shipping only. Miami Beach Florida
I participated in a survey on like that popped up from a company I knew.  The offer was for free e cigarette for only the 4.95 shipping.  I have been sent and billed on my credit card every month for 2 pk of cartonmizers that are billed from $69.00 to 89.00 each month.  I have written by US mail to address on envelope to discontinue to no avail.  I am informing my credit card account to not accept charges.  
Entity: Miami Beach, Florida
12, Report #265139
Aug 03 2007
09:28 PM
Phillip Morris Cigarette Company - Marlboro Miles Division reps say they haven't received individual's age verification when individual has sent it to them numerous times and also stating that they haven't received the physical Marlboro Miles. Richmond Virginia
Representatives of Phillip Morris in dealing a promotion provided by Phillip Morris, Inc. in a contest or sweepstakes event called Marlboro Miles. Complications with representatives of PM are saying that they haven't received verification of age correct age limits when some people have sent in proof several times and have numerously either called to set them straight or either emailing them to make sure that their profile is valid and legal! Even if you have already sent in your Marlboro Miles they will then send you a letter stating that they don't have proper verification on file. It sure does seem to be a funny thing that companies many times don't receive deadline and dated sweepstakes materials and if that is not the case then they just plainly haven't received any. Cigarettes are very, very expensive and there are many that just smoke the Marlboro brand in order to qualify for sweepstake prizes. Is there any recourse??? Why can't Phillip Morris on the bahalf of their loyal and faithful customers whom have kept them in business be given the benefit of the doubt and be allowed to send in their miles even it they arrived a day or two late because of computer errors or mailing errors due to not either one's fault. Marlboro, we want to use our miles??? Please take our miles...I have thousands and thousands that I have been saving for several years. Thank you for your time. Kind Regards, Mark Kingston, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
13, Report #1107811
Dec 17 2013
06:16 PM
E-CIGARETTE Stop sending your cigarettesa to me AND STOP BILLING ME Miammi Beach Florida
 i asked for a trial of their E-cigarettes and paid the shipping.  I am not satisfied.  Every month or so I receive  two more refills.  There is nophone number or E-mail address to contact them.  I want them to stop sending me refills and stop billing my credit card. m
Entity: Miammi Beach, Florida
14, Report #995409
Jan 11 2013
06:35 PM
no flame cigarette flameless cigarette Internet, Internet
I went to their website after clicking on an ad, which advertised a starter kit with 15 refills, for only $4.95 S&H.  When I got to their site, the offer was for 5 refills.  I clicked on the small box at the bottom for details, and saw that they will charge almost $100 to your account if you dont send back unwanted stuff within 14 days, which includes the time it takes for them to send it to you.  Once enrolled, you are charged a monthly fee for refills.  It looked like cost of returning stuff would be consumer's cost to cover.  Looks like a typical get this free now, just pay S&H, but if you dont read the fine print (most people dont), you are stuck with stuff you may not want, and automatic debits to your account.  If you are not expecting these debits, they could make your account overdraw, which then leads to even more charges. It is a shame that they are allowed to con unsuspecting consumers. The lesson is, ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT FIRST, or you may get unexpected and unwanted consequences.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #580588
Mar 13 2010
01:40 PM Electronic Cigarette quit working after 4 days and company won't call me back , Internet
I purchased an electronic cigarette in an effort to quit smoking from on 3/1/10.  I received the product on 3/4/10 and immediately started using it.  While it was difficult to figure out in the beginning due to lack of proper instructions, by the third day, I had it figured out.  I did not even want a cigarette after that.  On 3/8/10, the product stopped working.  It came with two batteries and a charger but both batteries stopped charging.  I do not know if it is the charger or the batteries. I then attempted to contact the company via email.  After two attempts and no response from the company, I attempted to contact them via the phone number on their website.  The phone just rings until you are finally disconnected.  No answering machine, nothing.  So far the company has just completely ignored my requests.  I am only trying to find out what the warranty process is.  I have not been demanding or irate at all.  Just simply have made inquiries.  I recommend anyone who is thinking of trying the electronic cigarette to not do business with this company as there are many more out there.  I further recommend contacting the company before you buy to see if it is a legitimate organization who is responsive to your questions.  The electronic cigarette is the answer to my effectively quitting and I intend to purchase another but from a more reputable company.    
Entity: Internet, Internet
16, Report #672134
Dec 16 2010
06:30 AM Guobing Wang This company is a ripoff for cigarette ordering -- Putian, Other is an internet fraud operation.  Don't order ANYTHING from them.  They respond really quickly to your inquiries and emails until they have your money.  Got ripped off for over $300.  No responses to my emails, no cigarettes received.  They require you to pay for your order with a Western Union Wire Transfer and that should be the first warning!! Don't send Western Union money to anyone you don't know.  They get the wire transfer and that's the last you hear of them.  No way to get your money back from Western Union either.  Once money is picked up, they are released from any refund requests.  And no way to track your money transfer as they can pick the money up from ANY Western Union office and there is no tracking. I placed an order with back in November, wired them the money, they changed my order status on-line to pending and that's where it has been for 6 weeks.  I have emailed them on numerous occasions (at least 20), no responses.  I have threatened them and pleaded with them, no responses.  They are heartless money grabbers and will steal you blind.  Don't order ANYTHING from this website.  Spread the word
Entity: Putian, Select State/Province
17, Report #693317
Feb 09 2011
08:33 PM> cigarette company ripoff out of country, Internet
This company is a scam, do not place orders with them.  I ordered and paid in November 2010, for cigarettes from this company as they have a spiffy looking website and payment system that is intended to get you your order without violating the law.   They have not answered my many emails requesting the status of my order and it is now Feb. 2011.  Do not order from sovran-solutions, sovransolutionsor any company with a name close to this.
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #1054367
May 28 2013
11:16 AM
SAPHIRE E-CIGARETTES Online cigarette company uses SMOKESCREEN to push their product! Internet
 Responded to email for free trial offer of ther product, a smokeless cigarette, for my son who recently started smoking, on April 2013. Advertisement stated free trial offer but I had to pay a 4.95 shiiping fee which I did using my credit card. Recieved my credit card statement showing an additional charge for $49.53 which I had not allowed and proceeded to call. Took me about 5 tries and once was even hung up on! Finanly a lady answers and upon requesting a credit she states that there were additional charges under terms and conditions section and that she couldn't refund the charge. i didnt see any additional charges only the shipping for this FREE TRIAL OFFER. This sounds and feels like a RIPOFF.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1156068
Jun 19 2014
02:17 PM
Entity: MIAMI BEACH , Florida
20, Report #446063
Apr 23 2009
07:31 AM fraudulent website, does not deliver goods Internet
do not use this website to order anything, they don't deliver goods after you pay for them. No response to emails or phone calls. Dorothy Hingham, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #586051
Mar 27 2010
06:40 AM
prado electronic cigarette free smoke, Internet
this company sent me an e mail and somehow placed an order for 19.90 149.00 and now finally 69.99. they never answered a single complaint call. myteriously all calls were dropped or on hold for two hours. to the point where my phone died. my bank had to cut off my line of credit and debit in order to stop any further charges........ i fear i will have no choice but to absorb the 217.99 total for an order that was never authorized....... be weary my readers. it seems that good old greed and predatory spirit even gets those innocent folks.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #574820
Feb 25 2010
10:09 AM
Prado electronic cigarette Free 10 Day Trial Rip Off Internet
I ordered the 10 day free trial where they only charge you for shipping.  The 10 day trial starts right then and there.  I'm now currently on day 6 of my trial and I haven't even received the kit yet!  According to the Terms and Conditions, you are automatically enrolled to be billed monthly unless you cancel it.  So, I called the customer service line and spoke with Jake.  I told him I wanted to cancel this because I haven't even received it and my trial is half over.  He told me that he would cancel the monthly charge, but if they don't receive the kit back from me within 14 days of the original order, I will be charged the price for the kit.  I haven't even received it yet and when I do, I'm going to have to send it right back without even trying it! There is also a restocking fee.  So, IF I get the kit in time to return it in time, I will hopefully only be out around $50 for shipping and restocking for a free 10 day trial and I still won't be able to try it out. Not to mention they've sold my email address so I'm getting a lot of extra junk in my inbox. 
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #140434
Apr 26 2005
11:42 AM Cigarette Ripoff Switzerland
I placed an order with this company on January 13, 2005, I contacted them February 16, 2005 to say that my order was not received, they advised me that my order was returned due to new customs laws and that I would receive my new order within 5-7 days. March 1, 2005, I contacted them again, they put a trace on it in customs and said that I should receive it in 2-3 days March 14, 2005, they traced the package again and it came up lost/theft so they said they would send out a new order on March 16 and I should receive it in 10-12 days. April 5, 2005, 13 business days after my last contact with them. I asked about the location of the package and if they could not find it to refund my money. April 5, 2005 response came, they said they were tracking my order. April 6, 2005, no response, I e-mailed again, asking if they had any luck. Was told Your order is being held in Customs, we are working on having them released. April 11, 2005, I e-mailed them again, asking if they had any luck getting my order released from customs. No response. April 13, 2005, I e-mailed again, asking for an update or a refund. No response. April 18, 2005, I e-mailed again asking for an update. No response. April 26, 2005, I e-mailed asking for a refund and for someone to contact me. Still waiting for a response. I have never had a problem ordering from this company and have been ordering from them for the past year. I won't be ordering from them again. I contacted them Deborah Jersey City, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Switzerland, Internet
24, Report #1189419
Nov 17 2014
09:46 AM
e-cigarette rude Miami Florida
The customer service representative, was rude to me when I called to get the return merchandise authorization number, and she will not give me the number and I will not return it.
Entity: Miami, Florida
25, Report #711538
Mar 29 2011
02:35 PM
cigirex electronic cigarette cigirex electronic cigarette Upland, California
     Do not order any cigirex electronic cigarette, they bill me $3.95 for a trial..Then 20 days later they charge my credit card for $79.95..There was not a thing about rebilling me $79.95 a month for 6 to 12 months.      I do not smoke that many cigarettes a month...I have to send back the trial to cancel my membership and get credit on my credit card...This is a big Ripe off....      Do not buy anything on the internet for these electronic cigarettes unless you know the company...       I just want my money back. I will never buy on internet again..   
Entity: Upland, California

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