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1, Report #131056
Feb 11 2005
03:53 PM
date 2-11-05 trying to collect $377.00 for at&t bill whitch they can't prove. tried to get documents from them, have't herd anything their thert ninmy credit report i'm dropping att miles Miles GALT, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: AUSTIN, Texas
2, Report #127775
Jan 17 2005
08:39 PM
Palisades Collection ripoff Internet
I paid Palisades Collections and nevered recieved any confirmation other then a credit to my checking account. Marterry philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #182172
Mar 20 2006
09:06 AM
Palisades Collection ripoff Chicago Illinois
A collection notice was mailed to me stating that I owed Applied Income Sciences, Palisades collections, or Merchants'Credit Guide Co. $136.33! I have never made any type of purchases with these companies or collection agencies. After sending a letter to dispute the claim, I was never responded back to, so I called and the collection's agency representative told me that I was no longer in her files and the the claim had been deleted. She said she was not sure what happend to the outstanding balance and the she was not sure if she recieved my letter of dipute. She told me that I would have to contact someone from Palisdes to get further information. That is when I started to research the company and found I could not believe what I was reading. I am so shocked! Latrice Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
4, Report #180277
Mar 09 2006
04:02 PM
Collection Experts -David Ford ripoff collection company Brookfield Wisconsin
This company has filed an erroneous entry in our credit report although they have been sent the proper information and they realize that it disputed! Steve Arlington, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Brookfield, Wisconsin
5, Report #1098479
Nov 11 2013
11:50 AM
franklin collection agency Franklin Collection Tupelo Mississippi
 These are nasty Mean horrible people that speak to you in a demeaning horrible waythey need to get some skills on how to treat people with respect and to be nicer when speaking to them on the phone   they did all they could to get me to pay a bill that they was already taking the money from my account the woman so called manager treated melike every nasty and she had a very bad aditude. 
Entity: Tupelo, Mississippi
6, Report #1215459
Mar 13 2015
09:08 AM
RPM Collection Agency RPM Collection Agancy Nationwide
 This company is a total scam. They said I owed Sprint a balance and if it wasnt paid right then it will go on my credit. $460. My bank told me it came through as a fradulent charge, suspected fraud, and so they denied the payment. Thank god. Turns out it was all a scam. Do NOT trust this company. Call the direct collector instead. If there even is one! I can't believe I fell for this.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #126534
Jan 08 2005
09:51 PM
American Agencies ripoff Torrance California
While looking over my credit report I noticed I had a charge of $417.00 from a collection agency called American Agencies. Apparently this was for a old phone bill from Pac Bell. Ok red lights because: 1. Ive NEVER had a phone account. Wireless or Home that I activated or payed for. 2. The date they say it was opened 7/27/2002 I was living in San Bernardino Ca. with someone else as my phone provider. Once again an account NOT in my name and still very active to this day. This is a bogus charge and I will be filing reports on them. If you see this on your credit report I advise you to do your research before just paying this company anything. Messiah Crestline, CaliforniaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Torrance, California
8, Report #127159
Jan 13 2005
12:03 AM
I checked my credit report to find 2 accounts from American Agencies regarding old SBC phone bills. The original bills were $287 and $93. American Agencies claim I owe them $400 and $128 for late fees. I had just sent out the payments to 2 other collection agencies who were reporting these same accounts on my credit report. When I called them to find out if they received my payment, they told me that the money order was sent back to SBC because SBC took the accounts back. SBC verified that they did receive my money order and American Agencies has no interest in this account. American Agencies insist that i owe them a total of $528 for both accounts. This is fraud! They are illegally attemtping to collect on a debt that is not theirs and that has been settlee with the original creditor. I will file my claim with the San Francisco FTC tomorrow. I have sent a debt validation letter and they have not responded. From the looks of things, this company is using scandaloud collection practices. Meldisha Fairfield, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: TORRANCE, California
9, Report #148428
Jul 04 2005
07:05 AM
Palisades Collection, AT&T ripoff Englewood New Jersey
I first learned of Palisades Collections when I received a copy of my credit report in January. I currently have an account with At&t, however, the account listed on the credit report was different from the one I opened and currently pay. I contacted At&t regarding this matter and after being transfered to numerous people/departments, I find out there was a cell phone account opened in my name and someone elses name (that I didn't know) with a mailing address that I never lived at. At&t refused to give me copies of the paperwork they claim I filled out to open this account. After numerous phone calls and arguements with At&t they finally said they would write the account off. That was October 2004, it still shows up on my credit report. I have filed disputes with all 3 credit bureaus which said the collection will remain. I filed a complaint with the FTC on Palisades and At&t. I'm stuck with another year to go on my contract with At&t, but I will be switching cellular service once it expires. Anne Lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, New Jersey
10, Report #178944
Mar 02 2006
11:34 AM
Palisades Collection ripoff Englewood New Jersey
i have never had a bankruptcy as indicated by palisades collection agency and i do know how to get it off my credit report. Barbara carlsbad, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, New Jersey
11, Report #280324
Oct 22 2007
02:13 PM
Palisades Collection unethical collections Bethlehem Pennsylvania
I have paid Verizon once in the past for a similar bill and now I am being billed again. Not nice and not good. Markloud turners falls, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
12, Report #322184
Mar 29 2008
12:17 PM
Palisades Collection fraud collection from paradise collection for AT T Wireless Brookfield New Jersey
When I applied for home loan with my broker, she told me it was declined due to lower score on credit report. and them i review the credit report. There was a collection from Palisades Collection for AT T wireless. I was so shock. I had never opened any account from AT T and did not own any AT T cell phone. Also When I applied for home loan in year 2004, It was shown on my credit report. and I contacted AT T to clean this account already. Till today I found it still on my credit report . It harm me from obtaining my home loan. Please let me know how to solve this issue or fight agaist the fraud company. Tina Oakland Gardens, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brookfield, New Jersey
13, Report #309460
Feb 16 2008
01:01 PM
National Attorney's Collection Abusive Collection Tactics Columbus Ohio
On Feb. 13, 2008 someone from National Attorney's called me at work. I told them repeatedly not to contact me at work and hung up. On Feb. 15, 2008, someone named Brad called me from this company. I told them again not to call me at work and hung up. Within 5 minutes he called back. He told me that he spoke to my supervisor and explained why he was calling me. He also told me he was sending the marshalls out to arrest me. If I wasn't home, he would send them to my job ( I work in a school) to arrest me. I Know these tactics can't be legal. Any help? Susan corcoran, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
14, Report #296861
Jan 03 2008
10:16 PM
Franklin Collection Service, Another Victim of Franklin Collection Service, Inc. Tupelo Mississippi
In February 2007, my wife and I began to purchase a new home. A loan officer gave me a copy of my credit report that showed Franklin Collection Service listing a $498 unpaid BellSouth Telephone bill in a state that I have not lived in for approx. 14 years. I contacted them directly to show proof that this was a case of identity theft. They sent me a fraud packet which required an official police report to be filed and returned to them. I contacted my local police and they gladly completed the police report and I obtained a copy once approved by the police supervisor and attached a copy to the fraud packet with proof of my residency approx. 400 miles away and my employement during the time the alleged telephone was active in my name. I also completed online disputes with the credit bureaus and sent certified letters directly to Franklin Collection Service in Tupelo, MS to remove the derogatory collection information from all national credit bureau files. I followed up with several phone calls and they simply informed me to pay the bill and their client would be satisfied. The police officer who completed the identity theft report stated they complete numerous of these reports daily because Bellsouth accepts anyone information over the phone to open an account and sells the delinquent account to collection agencies in an effort to keep positive cash flow without really screening new accounts. This issue should be address at the national level. I saw several similar victims on the web with issues and law suits filed against Franklin Collection Services. I also didn't expect to go this far into this matter, but was necessary for the many innocent victims. Franklin should be sued over and over again until they are bankrupt or Mr. Dan Franklin, owner, is homeless. Thanks. Dwayne Jonesboro, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Tupelo, Mississippi
15, Report #449416
May 06 2009
07:21 PM
NCRS Collection Scam Davidson North Carolina
My dad received the letter and emailed the invoice number and phone #. I asked him to fax the whole letter. Just looking at it makes me wonder. At the top is the company name, address and phone #. The name is different, just NRS which is a legitimate collection agency. Same kind of letter as described, the amount is 189.99 written in. This letter doesn't look even semi professional. The name of the collection manager is Julianne, no last name. She gives an extention #, but the number given doesn't require it. I called on a saturday and she answered but couldn't hear me so I hung up. She immediately called back from a 704 NY number (the original was a 347 NC) and said she had her office calls forwarded to her so she doesn't miss them. She said she would call me back because she was out. I didn't answer her call, but instead did some research. The address given is to a different business. I found out the area code differences. I contacted NRS, the legitimate company and they asked for info on the letter that wasn't there. This all just screams scam. My next step is to report it to the police in NC, AZ, and NY and give them all the info I have. Phl Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Davidson, North Carolina
16, Report #274077
Sep 11 2007
06:50 PM
Afni COLLECTION SCAM THEFT Bloomington Illinois
I can only say that I am glad to know that I am not going crazy. A few weeks ago I also received a bogus collection notice. I did not recognize the creditor or the disconnected phone number they had listed. Upon receipt of the second notice my husband decided to call Afni. He called me with two addresses, both of which belonged to my sister-in-law in 1999. They had all of my personal information, ss#, birthday, current address. I could not remember ever having the number, nor could my sister-in-law. We decided to research the collection agency and came up with most of the same information as many other people. We were shocked that so many others had the same situation. Our balance is $270.00. It seems that most of the balances that are due are less than $500.00. Most of the people have worked hard at repairing credit in the first place. Just enough of a balance for someone to payout to get rid of it, and just enough to not make it worth the effort to seek an attorney. I am in the process of going through the correct channels to fix this problem. It is important to contact local law enforcement as well as the Federal Trade Commission, Afni, and the creditor to establish record. Wendy Copper Canyon, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bloomington, Illinois
17, Report #1190479
Nov 21 2014
09:44 AM
Fingerhut Order Collection Scam Internet
My wife got a call from Fingerhut and they were asking for me. They said there was an order made FEb 2014 and we owed them ~ $70 bucks. I have never shopped at fingerhut and haven't missed a bill payment in 20 years. Attempts to contact customer service resulted in no clarity.  They could not pull up my information based on the order number they provided in the call to my wife.  Their phone systems actually asks for the last 4 digits of your SS number...WHAT?  Then they want your name and telephone number. The call center is in another country.  There is a delay when you try to speak to them.  They do not seem to comprehend simple questions and keep asking for personal information. For example, they want a customer number...I tell them I don't have a customer number, I am calling about possible fraud.  They revert back to asking for personal information.  I provide nothing but the order number they gave my wife, and then ask me how may I help you. It's clearly a scam and fingerhut needs to either address the fraud or be put out of business. I can't imagine doing business with a company like this, and how they are not shuttered by the US law agencies, I do not know.  
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1222894
Apr 16 2015
12:26 PM
unknown Nick Dipolla Collection Agency N/A
Person called and said I authorized my bank to withdraw money for a account  and it was returned. They used an alias name that wasnt even used when opening my account so right there it tells me they are wrong. Threatened that if I didnt call to settle today they have no choice than to forward my account for further processing and I will be summoned to pay the amount due. Did not leave who he is with or what the company is seeking for money other than they couldnt get money out of a bank account that is no longer open.  
19, Report #154690
Aug 23 2005
11:29 AM
American Agencies - American Credit Agencies - American Agencies Collection Agency ripoff Is Trying To Collect On Pac Bell Debt Already Paid Off San Diego California
American Agencies is attempting to collect, on a debt that has already been paid off in 2003. I was introduced to American Agencies back in June, 2001 by way of receiving a copy of my credit report after being denied credit. Because Pac Bell didn't offer long distance, only local, during this time, I had Sprint as a long distnce carrier, Pac Bell served as a 3rd party biller to Sprint. Upon closing my residential account, Pac Bell only issues me a local closing bill and not my long distance (Sprint $114.19). Apparently Pac Bell dropped the ball in sending me Sprint's half of the bill so unknowing to me, it went unpaid and fell into collection. Sprint got their own collector and so did Pac Bell. I paid Sprint's collector off back in 2003 and notified American Agencies that they are attempting to collect twice on a debt. I was subjected to rude and nasty behavior from this collection agency. There were not willing to investigate the matter and refused to acknowledge this information. After, months, years of trying to get a copy of this final bill from Sprint/Pac Bell and AMERICAN AGENCIES, I faxed American Agencies the evidence that the debt had been paid (Aug. 8, 2005). I gave them 10 days to acknowledge and correct the problem. On Aug. 22nd, I phoned American Agencies of the outcome and they kept giving me the run around. I had to call back several times and still have not gotten feedback on the status. I called back again to get their physical address and NOBODY at this company would provide me the the address to serve legal papers. It's funny how when the tables turn and you have the evidence to clear you, how these collection agencies all of a sudden want you to work with them. To date, American Agencies claim they submitted the information to the company for validation purpose. How much more validation do you need? I provide you with THEIR (the company's bill) along with the pay off letter from the other agency and it proved how the two accounts are linked to the same debt. I may be right/wrong about this but isn't it against the law for a credit collector to backtrack and make additional contact with a company once they've bought the debt? I'm still getting the run around. If there is ANYONE out there that knows of a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, please let me know so I can jump on board. Leigh Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
20, Report #161414
Oct 20 2005
06:05 AM
American Agencies ripoff San Diego California
I have been charged with a Pac Bell bill from San Diego from 1999 that I have cancelled checks to prove were paid. American Agencies restarts the clock on this collection every time I contact them but never resolves things. I have sent letters to the credit bureaus with the same info unsuccessfully. I am sending the credit reporting agencies copies of rebuttels from this web site and have hired an attorney. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with advice. Janet Cottage Grove, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
21, Report #440754
Apr 04 2009
07:33 AM
American Agencies Very unnerving Torrance California
Identified themselves as American Agencies, a debt collector. Person was obviously a foreigner as he was difficult to understand. Called on our work phone (company owned and issued) - a number we've had for only a year or so and is used only for work. Provided a valid social security number. Claimed to be attempting to collect a debt for AT&T incurred in June 1999 for a landline phone - provided a street address but couldn't tell me what city it was in. Our credit score is currently 800 - no outstanding debt. We did not incur this debt & I told them that someone would be back in touch after we contacted local law enforcement. Asked why we had not been informed of the debt previously and why it never showed up on our credit reports as we have purchased cars, trailers, etc in the past ten years as well as cell phones. Got no response to questioning. Was told that they would discount the debt dramatically if I would pay it with a debit card immediately. I refused and said I was contacting police. They offered to discount it EVEN MORE if I would pay IMMEDIATELY with a debit card and said that if I didn't, their collections actions would escalate. I refused again and said I needed a copy of the phone bill in question to give police. Who are these people? How did they get our work phone number and more importantly, the social security number? And how could we have a 10 year old debt to AT&T that doesn't show up on our credit??? Sherri Lubbock, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Torrance, California
22, Report #88456
Apr 21 2004
12:55 PM
American Credit Agencies, Advanced Collection Systems ripoff re-aged collection did not validate verify Torrance California
American Agencies prevented me from rebuilding my credit for 3 years. They cost me many denials and have re-aged my account. They refused to validate the alleged debt, which is required by law. In addition, Equifax and Transunion have not co operated in removing their bogus derogatory info. (Experian removed). There is some very good research on American Agencies on the net, that other victims have done. Here is their unsatisfactory bbb record: And they have been suspended from doing business in California: I am beginning my lawsuit against them and will keep you posted. C Annapolis, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Torrance, California
23, Report #118341
Nov 17 2004
02:17 AM
Sprint PCS, Allied Interstate, All Collection Agencies unlAWFUL termination fees, collection reporting to CRAS, repeated harassment Washington, Nationwide
Sprint charges customers a 175 dollar early termination fee. What is the point of this fee? Oh, I know, it helps Sprint reduce their debt by 4.6 billion dollars a year. I don't know what is so damn hard about deleting an active customer from the computer system. Is that what costs 175 dollars? Can anyone tell me WHY they charge this fee? If we the customer aren't happy with Sprint, we should be given the freedom to change companies without penalty. The same goes for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cricket, and Nextel ECT. These exhorbitant fees are nothing but a ploy to make more money off of us. And the real B-S kicker is, they send you to a collection agency to retrieve that termination fee. How is this making Sprint loose money? Last time I checked, a company lost money when customers didn't pay bills. Not early termination fees. I thoroughly refuse to pay an early termination fee, and you know what pops up on all three Credit Bureaus with my info: Allied Interstate (collection/attorney) amount owed $175. I will not pay the early termination fee, they can kiss my @$$. As far as i'm concerned, I hope some hacker messes up Sprints database. I hope someone does something to the chairmen of the company who came up with the rule of this early termination fee. A bullet in the ol' head would be a very nice remedy. I am disputing this entry with all three credit bureaus. I am sending out disputes every 3 weeks. In this case, they will slip up. They will not respond within 30 days, and by law they have to remove the listing from my credit. I am also using other resources to trip Allied Interstate up. For everytime they mess up, they are fined for violating the law. So if they want to try and F with my credit, I will F with them. I will snare them in a trap, and get them for violating the FCRA. I'm gonna call them up and laugh when they get fined. I will rub their noses in it. I will wait the required 7 years for this to fall off my reports. Only since, I have 2 years left. Then I will not have to pay the debt anymore. They can't do anything at all, because the Statue of Limitations on the debt has already passed, so they can't touch me. Great thing about living in Texas, overzealous creditors can't garnish wages or seize property. I'd like to see the stupid A-Holes try. So, yea, I share the same sentiment most of you do. Sprint is a dirtbag sh!t hole of a company. Like I said, I challange someone to tell me what the purpose of a early termination fee is. I am sure there is no purpose other than to make money. They won't make that money off of me. Oh yea, over a year ago they were calling me and harassing me quite a bit (read other ripoff reports about Allied Interstate in Ohio). I turned the tide over on them though. I called them during the day using an online netphone (yahoo service) so they couldn't trace me automatically. And I breathed heavily, and hurled threats at the supervisors I got ahold of and the customer representatives. I even called in a bomb threat if they continued to harass consumers like they were doing. The rep then responded by saying well you do that you idiot, we have a right to get our money and if intimidating a$$holes like you is the only way to do it 10 times a day we will do that I then said F U b!tch and I told her never to use foul language with me or any consumer. I told her that I know about them cussing people out and I told her not to call me out on my bomb threat. I placed the microphone next to my huge subwoofer for my home theater and it made an extremely high pitched noise. I heard her reply ow! and take the head phones off. I laughed and hung up the net2phone. LMAO. We can turn the tide on them by calling them during the day, or if we can get employee information, calling them at night and breathing heavily. The war is being waged on Allied Interstate and other collection agencies. Oh, I am not using my real name or address. It is made up. I am also using a computer that will never track back to me. Jason Wheaton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Washington, Nationwide
24, Report #232839
Jan 26 2007
11:34 PM
Here are some links you might find useful Credit cards are generally considered Open Accounts. Auto loans and other installment agreements are Written Contracts. If there has already been a lawsuit resulting in a judgment, that judgment has a separate Statute Of Limitations, Statute of Limitations (SoL) listed by state and type of debt including Virgin Islands and Ontario with state civil code references. State Interest Rates & Usury Limits Find Out the Statute of limitations for JUDGEMENTS in your State P Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide, Nationwide
25, Report #138120
Apr 08 2005
05:12 PM
Viking Collection Services Harassing Collections Ripoff!Eden Prairie Minnesota
Tom Powers, ext. 2766 is supposed to be the collection manager in AZ[?] I have about $5000 in old credit card debts that I've paid on for about 9 years, but can't get ahead on. They have to learn patience - I am afraid to tell them that bankruptcy is my only current option. These people leave messages at a friend's house [I am homeless!], and don't identify themselves. I really am considering bankruptcy before Bush makes that impossible, as I have no steady employment, in spite of a teaching certificate [Music, which the Terminator has terminated as a subject in California schools...] (877)360-2826 Anyway, that's a number to call, if you hit the *, then #, you get the chance to listen to ALL of the mailboxes, at least if it is after-hours. I was lucky to get a company name... maybe it was a mailbox message, but I know now to ignore them, as I have no possibility of finding any money! I refuse to panhandle for them. Piet San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Eden Prairie, Minnesota

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