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1, Report #914477
Jul 19 2012
01:19 PM
Colonial Penn Bankers Life Deceptive scoundrels Atlanta, Georgia
Colonial Penn and Bankers Life are part of the old Conseco.  Conseco's bankruptcy was the third-largest U.S. Chapter 11 filing so they changed their name to CNO. This company is a scam. The entire organization is filled with scoundrels and with people who would sell their mother for a buck. Their agents are unprofessional, the training is laughable, the so called leads are 2 years old and have been called a hundred times, the Management team is a joke, the policy's are expensive and the company will do anything to get out of paying a claim. They raise premiums every 3 months... who want's to go work for a company like that?   Who would do business with a company like that ?
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
2, Report #1361299
Mar 12 2017
07:26 PM
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Philadelphia Pennsylvania
 Colonial Penn offers Life Ins. And State that you will not be turned down! They turned me down. They are FALSELY Advertising ( Also my mother in laws policy was $ 6,000.... we only received $ 900
Entity: Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
3, Report #1401277
Sep 20 2017
10:57 AM
Colonial Penn Life insurance called non stop from 8:30 am till...... Nationwide
Colonial Penn Life Insurance called non stop from 8:30 am till, I called back th number...I requested them to take me off there calling list, and said they were a scam-to call and not leave any kind of mesages ...agent did as I ask.....I stated if you was a true great'd not harrases people........Will wait to see if was taken off he calling list...
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1366667
Apr 08 2017
07:12 PM
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Ax person Kim Green, underwriting supervisor Philadelphia Pennsylvania
 I applied two weeks ago for life insurance for myself. The TV ads state guaranteed acceptance. I thought that since I did not have a terminal illness, and their ads catered to senior citizens, I would be accepted for a $10,000 policy which would be used to bury me when I die. I received a flat denial letter from Kim Green today, who indicated she is the underwriting supervisor. She left the reason blank, but said I was denied due to an answer on the application. The question was have I been treated for diabetes. I checked yes. Today's date is April 8, 2017. I use insulin to control my diabetes. I have not had any amputations, hospitalizations in years, and being denied based on being diabetic is discrimination. I do not know very many senior citizens who do not have a pre-existing health problem. I'm 64, have custody of a five year old, a seven year old and home school both. Colonial Penn is nothing else but a scam preying on senior citizens.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5, Report #1260535
Oct 10 2015
06:47 PM
Colonial Penn Life Insurance To expensive Nationwide
This report is for the Life Insurance advertised on TV. To make it short there are at least 2 other insurance companys that offer more coverage for 30% less in my bracket @66. Shop around first.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1040753
Apr 04 2013
04:19 PM
Bankers Life / Colonial Penn Scam Internet, Nationwide
Date Occurred: 02/29/2013 If you attend a job fair or are offered a 'job' by Banker's Life Insurance, STAY AWAY ! What they do, is pull in 20-30 people (anyone who is breathing), tell you that they will get you licensed to sell final expense life insurance AND that they will provide you leads.  Here's what you'll go through: 1) an 'interview' with about 30 people. This is actually a lecture, not an interview. 2) you'll get called back for a 2nd interview 3) if you're  called back for a 3rd interview you have the dubious honor of having been'selected ' and 'hired'. It will cost you between $300 and $400 to get trained to take your state's insurance exam. 4) After you pass your exam you'll have to sit through 5 days of 'sales training'. The purpose it to teach you to be a telemarketer and cold call people who have NOT requested any information. FURTHER, IT'S BAIT AND SWITCH. They will teach you to say ' hi, I'm XXX calling from Banker's Life (or Colonial Penn) and I want to set up an appointment with you to discuss the recent changes to Medicare.' You book the appointment. Usually the people are not home. If you get into someone's house, you have about 5 different insurance applications with you and you don't discuss Medicare, you sell them everything / anything under the sun !!! 5) the sales pressure is intense. If you don't sell so much in 3 months you get fired. Their object is to get  agents to sell some policies, but it's in your contract that if you leave or they fire you they don't have to pay you, you also don't get the renewal fees, as a matter in fact they come after the agents for the advances . STAY CLEAR. It's a scam and bait and switch. LBaccash SBID #859cf30a80 Posted 02/29/2013
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
7, Report #1279052
Jan 09 2016
07:02 AM
Colonial Penn Life delays,nonresponsive call center, meaningless condolences Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I am waiting for the check following my Mother's death.   The first time I called, they said they had all of the required documents – everything was in order, and it would take 3 weeks.  I called in three weeks - and they said it takes 6 weeks.  I have a feeling I am NEVER going to see a check.  They were rude and condescending on the phone.   They market to vulnerable senior citizens and tell them that they would help take care of their loved ones after they pass.  LIES!  All they care about is collecting monthly premiums for units of coverage.  If they can - they scare people into buying another policy.  My Mom had two policies with a combined $3000 death benefit.  Not worth the money she paid - or the stamps used to send the checks.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8, Report #1004557
Jan 27 2013
11:26 PM
Bankers Life / Colonial Penn Conseco Inside Edition investigates BankersLife & Colonial Penn, scam Atlanta, Georgia
INSIDE EDITION Investigates Sales Tactics of Bankers Life 11, 2010 You need them almost in tears. Okay? You need them almost in tears, Marvin Davis told his class of future Bankers Life and Casualty ... Chris Markowski on Inside Edition - YouTube? 7:13? 31, 2010 - Uploaded by WatchdogOnWallstreet BANKERS? LIFE ANd  CASUALTY IS A SCAM. ... I don't know where Inside Edition came up with this crap? or ...More videos for inside edition bankers life and casualty Bankers Life and Casualty - Inside Edition 2004 on Bankers Life and ...bankers-life-and-casualty- company (((link redacted)))...Apr 6, 2011 This company says it was established in 1879. Compared to one of their 'competitors' is outrageous - I quote: INSIDE EDITION Investigates Sales Tactics of Some Bankers Life INSIDE EDITION Investigates Sales Tactics of Some Bankers Life and Casualty Agents Inside Edition Website ^ | Airdate: 6/11/2010 | Inside Edition. Posted oCLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
9, Report #1239066
Jun 30 2015
11:26 PM
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Co. not paying life insurance beneficiary Philadelphia Pennsylvania
 Beneficiary on a life insurance policy with Colonial Penn is getting the run around. Were initially told check would be sent in 7 to 21 days and didn't need anything from him. Now two month later are saying they need the social security number of the deceased. How in the world would someone know that information if not realted ?? and if no how would you ever get it. Is making it impossible to collect.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
10, Report #1246100
Aug 03 2015
03:49 PM
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company Over Charging Policyholder Every Month Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19181 Nationwide
The Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company has been ripping me off for the last five years. I am on a fixed income and pay my payment policy faithfully every month. When I call to talk to a representative from Colonial Penn they forever saying I owe them pervious months payments. This time I wanted to start paying my payment online but for some reason the representative told me I couldn't due to back payments. I have tried to ask can I get all my money back for the last five years because I am tired of Colonial Penn ripping me off with back payments that I don't even owe. Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company is not good with customer services and when I have a problem I can't never get to talk to a supervisor. This Company need to stop advertising because it just a rip off.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1039874
Apr 01 2013
08:51 PM
Bankers Life / Colonial Penn CNO Financial / Conseco Untrustworthy and no integrity at all Macon, Georgia
I had my share with some honest managers with this company. If you want to lie to people this is the place for you.  I quit and went to the Ins. Dept. (GA)  and they just ignored me, so  I changed gears. I prepared a sort of press release and literally black mailed the insurance company (compliance) and after that the Ins. Dept. started to look into what Bankers was doing to the elderly. They NEVER pay an agent who leaves the 10 % Hold back account. With all of the past history that this company has ( inside Edition, Largest bankruptcy in U.S history etc..) They dont want publicity from clean record agents. Oscar
Entity: Macon, Georgia
12, Report #1381485
Jun 26 2017
06:30 PM
Coloni al penn life insurance cancel her policy when she tured 81 after she paid on it for over 18 years. never missed a payment. they said you are nolonger covered. She lost all her money. they also go up every 4 years. They rip off the old.When you get to the age of 80 its all over with and they no you cant do a damn thing about it.   Thanks
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1390267
Aug 03 2017
04:51 PM
colonial penn insurance refused payment on claim philadelphia pennsylvania
   I had life ins on my husband through Colonial Penn for a few years. He passed away in March '17. The claim was filed & a copy of the death certificate submitted. They have refused the claim (it is only $10,000) because they say I lied when we got the insurance. They guarantee acceptance so there would be no reason to lie. They ask a few questions & the answers were no. My husband did have a few things medically wrong but not the questions they asked. I don't think I was supposed to volunteer other additional info than what was asked. When he died years later the death certificate clearly shows the cause of death was from 4 days earlier & 3 underlying causes were from weeks. So there is NO legitimate reason to deny the claim. If I was going to lie I probably would've got more than $10,000 in insurance. And obviously by the death certificate he did not die from anything that he had when the insurance was purchased. It's nice how they can take premium payments for yrs & then deny a claim & I am just out. It isn't worth hiring an atty because that would cost more than I'd get & they know that & that is how they get away with this. I'm quite sure I'm not the 1st & won't be the last!!
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #934423
Aug 29 2012
03:11 PM
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #954650
Oct 13 2012
06:16 PM
Bankers Life Colonial Penn Bankers LIfe, Conseco, Inc. Insurance fraud, twisting, churning, insurance agent nightmare, dual agent application scam, fraudlent activity, senior abuse, customer abuse jacksonville, Florida
I worked for this agency in 2009. During that time I saw every abuse and criminal activity one only hears about in insurance agent training. They claim as a new agent you'll work with a seasoned veteran during training and share in that agent's commissions. In reality, new agents get screwed out of the promised income because they let the field trainers work the appointments they expect to write policies on after dropping off the trainees back at the agency. Standard agency practices include twisting and churning. I personally witnessed agents rewriting policies after a trainee left the employment of the agency. The clever dual agent signing page allows the corrupt Jacksonville, FL agency I worked for add another agents name to the application after the fact. Keven Stephens of Liberty National (an ex Banker's hit man) told me he personally rewrote hundreds of policies every year during his employment with Banker's of Jacksonville to screw new agents out of commissions earned in order to redirect the commissions to newly hired agents. This agency is totally corrupt. You can do far better starting with an agency that is not predatory against both customers and agents. It's a dead end job. There is a reason Banker's Life and Casaulty Jacksonville Florida agency is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Keven Jeffries and his henchman Frank Fowler both demonstrate criminally intent. I remember one meeting where we were ordered to write guaranteed issue policies only due to it being the last week of the month. The training director Frank Fowler fielded a question by a trainee agent who inquired why he couldn't write fully underwritten policies to save the prospect hundreds of dollar a year in premiums. Frank replied do you want to write a policy that will pay you in 2 weeks guaranteed or one that may never pay you a dime?
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
16, Report #677208
Dec 31 2010
08:54 AM
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company This company lied to me, did not record premiums sent in and cheated me and did not return my money Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dear community: If you are looking for an honestlife insurance to maintain, properly manage and pay off in full at the time your policy goes into full force from a policyyou pay on every single monthto bury your loved ones, Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company at 399 Market Street, Philadelphia PA 19181 is a company you do not want to trust with your money. They lied to me, collected my premiums and did not correctly record the receipt of the premiums.Their incompetent, rude, nasty agentssplit up my correct amounts due for two policies incorrectly recorded what I ent in at another premiums rate because they incorrectly recorded the age, date of birth and accused me of cheating them. Who will help this widow's child? Because of my thirty years as a respected buisness woman now retired I was kind enough,to call and tellColonial Penn and write letters complaining about customer service and alert themtheir ignorant employees could not transfer the correct information from our applications to the original initial policypaperwork. This begin a fraudulent premium amount being requested by them which I ignored as I tried toget them to acknowledge and correct their date of birth, age and sexmistakes. Their employeescalculated the premium amount due with their incorrectly recorded informtion, ignored my calls, kept lying saying thank you for alerting us we will fix it but they were recording and sendingout invoices withthe incorrect premium amounts due for months and months andfinally sent a letter telling me I was paid up a year in advance! Instead of keeping quiet and taking advantage of their employees stupidity and incompetence I called and conviced thememployee error was happeningand our files weretampered with ccovering the errors and promising me notations were being made I had no part in any erros which was a lie. Employees removed the money orderreceipt of my correct payment, split it up to reflect the incorrectamount due and put in the short amount they were incorrectly invoicing me for which added up to payments recorded howing I was paid a year in advance,. I never paid them theseshort premium amounts duebut they wrote down I did to cover their asses. Then I was promised by phone they would note all the invoice errors were their mistakes alone and I had nothing to do with any of it and did not.Then when I adked for my money back under their money back in full gaurantee theytried tolie accusing me of not paying in full using the incorrect informtion recorded they never took out and forgotI may actually be intelligent enough to have receipts for the money orders Ipaid in full every month.Theysaid that was their story and they were sticking to ituntil they realized I hadcopies of each and every money order sent. Then they tried to ay I shorted them for the first eleven months only. I sent proof that was a lie then they said I was not in full force and they lost money waiting for me to send reinstatement paperwork and did not pay during this period, which was lie. They kept my money using this lie the third and best lie to hide behind. I called repeatedly and saved them the money, had to argue twith brain dead employees who hung up on me, smart talked me, down and I persisted until I was able toconvince them their ignorant employees could not even record, and transfer the correct date of birth, age, and thereforecreated a different premium amount due and sent incorrect invoices to me repeatedly while I kept sending in the correct amount which thwey split into the incorrect invoice amount, and wrot that in our files making it appear I shorted them for eleven months. I kept sending the correct amounts for the two policies and their employees split up my payments, did not recordthe correctpremium amountI sent in, then accused meof shorting them anddestroyed the money orders I sent in. The last straw was when the "in full force date came at the two year mark they refused to honor it after receiving each and every premium amount due. Then the VicePresident who I had been sending letters of complaints toasked for reinsatement with no cause,received but did not recordmy payments sent in for months to make it appear I had not paid, charged me late and penalty fees,virtually setting me back to day one, meaning they did not have to pay my family back the full policy amount $25,000, for myself and 10,000 for my dad if one of us died. This is a trickbag, butthey forgot I may have copies of each and every money order sent. Iproved they were wrong, asked for all mymoney back and even wrote the Philadelphia Elder Watch Division of the Attorney General's office,the Michigan Governor's office/ Consumer Assistance Divisionand could not get allmy money back. It's not their money, they will pick all the groceries, medicineneeded each month. I have a serious Strep skin infection and insurance cuts does not pay forthecream I have to haveanymore and it costs 50.00 for two ounces and I have two different kinds to stop the spread of the infection andopen lesions. This is what I am beingdeprived of by them keepingmoney that is not theirs. They sent a little over half back like they were doing me a favor and took my money home and fed their kids and dog with stolen money from an elderly woman who has worked over thirty years, never taken anything that was not mine and I have spent most of my adult life volunteering, with Boys and Girls Club, Domestic Violence advocate, tithing atchurch in good times, opening our home feeding anyone in need, caring and housingwomenand their children run out in the nightby violent husbands. We were raised by a wonderful woman now deceased who walked and talked fellowship and honesty byencouraging, loaning money, feedinganyone who needed a helping hand withoutexpecting anything in return, and I live this waywith honor byhelping the community as neighborhood watch captain for years, advocating for peace, tolerance and civility in our communities and this is how I got treated and no government entity really cares. The extra thousand may not seem like a big deal but it was my money not theirs, plain and simple. They are liar, thugs and they kept over $1000.00of my retirement money Ilive on, barely. Iwas paying for my dad, and my policies to cover burial expenses which I now know they never intended to pay off because they invalidated the contract by incorrectly recording the date of birth and age on two policies and did not know untilI called and pointed it out,creating the wrong premium amount due, collecting money and not recordingit properly,literally stealing my money bycollecting it and notproperly recording each and every money orderI sent in. I am so upsetand the governor's office did absolutelynothing after I sent them proof of the money ordersCol Penn removed from our files and kept my money. Do not give these people your money unless youjust want your relatives to not havemoney to bury you after your death and be treated like you are guilty of something as you ask for your money promised by contract. I was lied to,acted in their behalf and gave them back a year's worth of money some ass of an employee was giving away to me, and they did not even have the decency to just give me the money back Ipaid each month to bury myself and my dad. They are new age grave robbers and God is watching and I have prayed that what has gone around to me by them will come back around and await their family in their time of need. Someone will be waiting to disrespect, and steal, lie, and covet them as they now covet my family, keeping money they know is not theirs coveting their neighbor now. The prayer has been sealed and sent to havethemdisrespected exactly like they have disrespected me, in their time ofneed,when they areon a fixed income some thin lying lipped, shiny suit executiveswill come along and steal the pennies from their dinner table, medicine desperately needed for infected skin healing,money for taxes to be paid on their home and money to take care of my elderly father. I hope every single penny is paid back to God fromeach person's life who was involved in cheating my family. Ipray under the blood of Christ,and ask in solemn prayerChirst our God almightypunishes them as the bible dictates he punished theives, liars and oppressors of the poor. Hear these words friends and neighbors and avoid the clutches of Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company of Philadelphia, PA.The new commercial they have running makes me physically ill; it is like they are mocking the fact they can trick and trap the elderly and poor, pretending to care and thenact like you are the crazy oneas they tamper with your file, take in premium money, not record it, just take it home to care for their familyand say you never paid, then ignore every call asking for anexplanation as they hide behind lies. God Bless and Protect Us All From Harm.Every single line of this complaint is true and I am of sound mind and healthy, still kind hearted in spite of them and like my momma said "do not hold a grudgebecause that is like drinking poison and expecting them to die". Do better Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company, you are on the advocacy watch radar. Respectfully, A neighbor coveted by Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
17, Report #1380059
Jun 20 2017
06:22 AM
colonial Penn insurance company I was starting my daughters life insurance back up because we moved from where we were so i had a post office box for my mail Internet
 i was waiting to hear back from colonial Penn so i could start it back up so they said they sent it to the post office and the post office returned it back to Colonial Penn they said she was approved that was back in the 2016 i had been trying to get it started back up every time i send back what they sent me they say they never got it back i started this insurance back in 2010 i believe ive done everything they asked me to do to get it reinstated they even sent me a letter saying I've paid everything i was suppose to pay all i needed to do was to make her monthly payment which was $8.45 i believe and then they sent another letter saying i didn't send them something so they refunded my money back so im reporting them 
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1279204
Jan 10 2016
06:44 AM
Colonial Penn Company ignoring repeated request via email and regular mail Orlando, Florida Nationwide
Mom is 82 and  signed up for a policy with Colonial Penn with automatic withdrawal from her checking account.  We have contacted Colonial Penn repeatedly asking why she has 3 separate policies and withdrawals as well as a monthly invoice mailed to the residence.  They have repeatedly sent us a useless general document indicating nothing about these policies and have ignored our request to desist making the withdrawals.  I have noconfidence that they will pay off any claims when the time comes.  Thanks Alex Trebeck, you may want to get your name off this rip off scan.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1278676
Jan 07 2016
02:50 PM
Colonial Penn misrepresentation of policy, double dipping payments Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Colonial Penn conned an elderly woman into buying several policies and led her to believe these policies would pay out about 20K to her children to cover funeral and burial expenses. In her seventies with declining health the agent sold these policies to her knowing that there is no way this woman would live another 50 years to reach the maximum payout which would still only be about 7k.  Not only did they decieve the elderly person they were double charging on at least one of the policies and from what could be found had been doing this for about 6 months.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20, Report #1398918
Sep 09 2017
01:15 PM
colonial penn they took out two payments for the same month philadelphia Pennsylvania
they sent me a new debit card that i switch to check auto payment.they took two payments out for the same month. they wont put in back in my checking account.
Entity: philadelphia, Pennsylvania
21, Report #852594
Mar 12 2012
12:36 PM
colonial life, colonial life & accident insurance company colonial life is a SCAM columbia, South Carolina
I was a sergeant at a state prison here in Florida when i took out a short term disability policy with colonial life. i paid my premiums faithfully for well over four years and when i need the money they WON'T just pay me the money I'm due. Without jumping thru a million different hoops. They already have all the documentation they could possibly ever want and or need from my doctors and oncologists. Like i don't already have enough to worry about terminal brain cancer these people want my family and i to go homeless and not be able to eat or be able to pay for my insurance or medication. I wish they were in my position then they could feel my frustration and anger with them. Then they would know what it's like to look into your families eyes and know that the blanket you bought to help in the event of an emergency wasn't there and it was out of your control!!! My family and I haven't received a check from them in over 6 months and in that time if it had not been for the love and support of our families we would be homeless and split up and who knows what else.  These people need to be stopped by someone or something. these people give the mob a good name and reputation. I hope all if any that took the time to read this cancel their policies with colonial before you join the long list of unsuspecting individuals that SCAMED by colonial FRAUD life.
Entity: columbia, South Carolina
22, Report #1106212
Dec 11 2013
03:35 PM
Banker's Life and Casualty Banker's Life, Colonial Penn, CNO Financial, Conseco Run, don't walk away from this company! Overpriced products/Unethical Agents Chicago Illinois
Wow! If you have morals and ethics...Don't work for this company. They will promise you great things and then when it's time to collect in comes the fine print! They market to senior citizens with policies that are some of the highest in the industry! Manager's never talk about doing things in the client's best interest, only about how to sell them additional policies. They have a term called The Perfect Client and how you continually go back over a period of time and sell them over and over and how much money you make off them!An Insurance Agent should give honest and credible advice in the best interest of the client...especially when dealing with seniors mostly living on limited fixed income! At no time did I ever hear any Banker's Manager adopt this philosophy. When you leave you'll get notified that most of your clients cancelled their policies and you owe back commissions. I got charged back for commissions to clients of other agents! The knowledgeble folks in the home office can't tell you anything if you challenge this, they are brain dead finally told me I was probably right but she had no idea and was just doing as directed!If you want to find out about Bankers just Google them and you'll see all the various class action lawsuits from them not paying claims(there are suits in multiple states) and the Inside Edition hidden camera investigation!If you want to sell insurance there are many ethical and reputable firms out there...Banker's isn't one of them. I work for one such firm who insists that the client's best interest must be first...always! We honestly help folks find the policy or plan they choose from a host of companies at the lowest cost...that is such a blessing for most seniors on a fixed income. Banker's doesn't want clients or agents to know about other companies since their policies are extremely high! The manager makes a big cut off everything new agents do, so they'll push you to sell everything you can to line their pockets!If you're a prospective your homework and look around at several companies and treat every client with respect! If you're a policyholder shop around! Be smart, make an informed decision.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
23, Report #1199459
Jan 05 2015
11:46 AM
Colonial Penn Just Saying Internet
My mother just passed, Dec. 15, 2015. She had 4 life insurances with colonial penn that she started paying since 2007. Because she missed payment back in 2013, probably because she was in her 80's and very limited in physical movement and mental awareness. Colonial Penn denied, did not honor her with what she has been paying up to 2013... A single penny! I bet they are banking Off of situations like this. Thanks for nothing!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1090139
Oct 07 2013
02:10 PM
colonial life DECEPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY columbia South Carolina
I have had disability with Colonial Life insurance since 2002. I have been of work 11 1/2 months and have had trouble with this company the whole time. they constantly want information, over and over, the same information. Customer Service Reps are rude, do not know what they are doing, and honestly do not care. I have a condition that will me require me to be off of work for the rest of my life. My insurance with them is only good for 1 year. It has been a TERRIBLE YEAR. There should be a law against the pressure they have placed on me and my Physician. Actually my physician laughs when he hears their name. Said in 30 years he has not dealt with a company so stupid. They do not want to pay out what they are required to period. They charge you $20.00 to overnight your check when it is never a full check. I have been placed on monthly checks three times to only turn around and receive a partial check due to the fact that they need more information. They have stolen money from me due to the fact that often I have to pay three times to receive a monthly check as their records state. I know that they do not pay $20.00 each time they send fedex. My policy states $800.00 per month. I usually receive a check for 2-3 weeks. My doctor has sent all info they requested. He placed me off of work thru the rest of this year. Now they want to go thru all of my medical records since 2002. I feel this is discrimination and also illegal, they have no right to my medical records that do not pertain to my back. I am filing complaint with the department of Insurance. I would like to find other people that this has happened to and file a class action lawsuit. Please if you have been treated terrible by this company reply. I am petitioning the State that my husband works for to drop them from the avaiable insurance companies. This company does not deserve to be in business, They are theifs who are going thru my entire medical record, which has personal information that does not concern them. Again. You will hear 3-4 different stories in one conversation. Please reply if his has happened to you.!!!!! If we work togother, we can shut down crooks like this. Being disabled is enough let alone going thru what This company has put me thru. I think they have damaged my mental health
Entity: columbia, South Carolina
25, Report #1083506
Sep 10 2013
11:07 PM
Banker's Life & Casualty Colonial Penn Bankers Lies about possible income and Over recruits Agents essentially causing their market to be over saturated. Chatsworth California
 Bankers is constantly recruiting new agents. the goal is to reach 200 or more agents And North Hollywood Offices. Their primary market is described to be the Baby Boomers. Every Day 12,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age. What Bankers neglects to tell is that of 12,000 Baby Boomers only 34 can actually be contacted by the two offices. There is 12,000 baby Boomers, 2000 of them live in California. Of that 2000, 667 live in Los Angeles. 90% of these people are listed on the Do Not Call Registry leaving only 67 to call. The two offices cannot contact all of LA only about 50% of these people. That leaves 34 with a chance to call.Every other day the agents in the Office are required to make calls. Anyone who has a license is encouraged to make calls. The goal is 300 calls per agent per day. Each agent is given a list of numbers to call. These were  people from 65 to 89 years old. 200 agents making 300 calls per day equals 60,000 calls per day. Some days more some days less. Each agent is expected to get 6 to 8 appointments from this calling. Rarely do the agents make that many appointments.The people who are not on the do not call registry can expect to receive 12 to 15 calls per month. Most of the people either are not home or do not answer. The phone areas reached by the agents have been overmined to the point that the people know the scripts almost as well as the agents.We were told that the average agent makes $5000 to $6000 per month. In Actuality. the average agent earns a lot less. For the Month of august the 1290 Office had $207,000 in commissions earned by 146 agents. this works out to $1467.00 per agent. At least 10% of the agents did not sell any thing and then there are the agents making calls that are not assigned by Banker's yet. For the agents who wrote business their sales averaged under $18.000 per year. Bankers runs agents through their offices, hiring ten to 15 new agents per week because the they lose almost that number each week because as Saeid Khadivian the Manager in charge says they have bills to pay. Bankers has overworked its territory so badly that it is impossible for any agent to make a living.  The stated goal is to increase the number of agents to 200 in both the Chatsworth and North Hollywood Offices.
Entity: Chatsworth , California

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