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26, Report #1090139
Oct 07 2013
02:10 PM
colonial life DECEPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY columbia South Carolina
I have had disability with Colonial Life insurance since 2002. I have been of work 11 1/2 months and have had trouble with this company the whole time. they constantly want information, over and over, the same information. Customer Service Reps are rude, do not know what they are doing, and honestly do not care. I have a condition that will me require me to be off of work for the rest of my life. My insurance with them is only good for 1 year. It has been a TERRIBLE YEAR. There should be a law against the pressure they have placed on me and my Physician. Actually my physician laughs when he hears their name. Said in 30 years he has not dealt with a company so stupid. They do not want to pay out what they are required to period. They charge you $20.00 to overnight your check when it is never a full check. I have been placed on monthly checks three times to only turn around and receive a partial check due to the fact that they need more information. They have stolen money from me due to the fact that often I have to pay three times to receive a monthly check as their records state. I know that they do not pay $20.00 each time they send fedex. My policy states $800.00 per month. I usually receive a check for 2-3 weeks. My doctor has sent all info they requested. He placed me off of work thru the rest of this year. Now they want to go thru all of my medical records since 2002. I feel this is discrimination and also illegal, they have no right to my medical records that do not pertain to my back. I am filing complaint with the department of Insurance. I would like to find other people that this has happened to and file a class action lawsuit. Please if you have been treated terrible by this company reply. I am petitioning the State that my husband works for to drop them from the avaiable insurance companies. This company does not deserve to be in business, They are theifs who are going thru my entire medical record, which has personal information that does not concern them. Again. You will hear 3-4 different stories in one conversation. Please reply if his has happened to you.!!!!! If we work togother, we can shut down crooks like this. Being disabled is enough let alone going thru what This company has put me thru. I think they have damaged my mental health
Entity: columbia, South Carolina
27, Report #1083506
Sep 10 2013
11:07 PM
Banker's Life & Casualty Colonial Penn Bankers Lies about possible income and Over recruits Agents essentially causing their market to be over saturated. Chatsworth California
 Bankers is constantly recruiting new agents. the goal is to reach 200 or more agents And North Hollywood Offices. Their primary market is described to be the Baby Boomers. Every Day 12,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age. What Bankers neglects to tell is that of 12,000 Baby Boomers only 34 can actually be contacted by the two offices. There is 12,000 baby Boomers, 2000 of them live in California. Of that 2000, 667 live in Los Angeles. 90% of these people are listed on the Do Not Call Registry leaving only 67 to call. The two offices cannot contact all of LA only about 50% of these people. That leaves 34 with a chance to call.Every other day the agents in the Office are required to make calls. Anyone who has a license is encouraged to make calls. The goal is 300 calls per agent per day. Each agent is given a list of numbers to call. These were  people from 65 to 89 years old. 200 agents making 300 calls per day equals 60,000 calls per day. Some days more some days less. Each agent is expected to get 6 to 8 appointments from this calling. Rarely do the agents make that many appointments.The people who are not on the do not call registry can expect to receive 12 to 15 calls per month. Most of the people either are not home or do not answer. The phone areas reached by the agents have been overmined to the point that the people know the scripts almost as well as the agents.We were told that the average agent makes $5000 to $6000 per month. In Actuality. the average agent earns a lot less. For the Month of august the 1290 Office had $207,000 in commissions earned by 146 agents. this works out to $1467.00 per agent. At least 10% of the agents did not sell any thing and then there are the agents making calls that are not assigned by Banker's yet. For the agents who wrote business their sales averaged under $18.000 per year. Bankers runs agents through their offices, hiring ten to 15 new agents per week because the they lose almost that number each week because as Saeid Khadivian the Manager in charge says they have bills to pay. Bankers has overworked its territory so badly that it is impossible for any agent to make a living.  The stated goal is to increase the number of agents to 200 in both the Chatsworth and North Hollywood Offices.
Entity: Chatsworth , California
28, Report #1321491
Aug 09 2016
08:12 AM
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company * Terry Claims Specialist LIars, and miscommunications Nationwide
The Colonial Penn Company are liars and cheaters of the elderly, the mentally ill and do not honor their words.  You would think that a company that supposedly helps the elderly would do right by them.  However, my sister had a life insurance policy that she has had  since 2012.  Due to her mental state, I had to step in and take over paying her bills.  She did let the policy lapse for 4 months and when I called to get the policy going again, I was told that just send in the full year's premium with the application and she would be reinstated.  All of that was done, Colonial Penn cashed the check and my sister died unexpectedly 1 month later.  I was told the policy was reinstated on June 22, 2016.  She passed way on July 2, 2016.  All of a sudden the policy is no good.  Terry, the claims specialist told me that it was being sent to the contestable department and would be assigned an agent.  That never happened.  After repeated calls and speaking with Terry again on July 19, 2016, she informed me that it was pending being assigned to a specialist.  On August 1, 2016, I was informed by Terry that a letter dated July 19 was sent to my deceased sister stating that her coverage was denied. There was no such letter sent as of this writing. See a pattern?I informed Terry that it's amazing that the date of the letter and the date that we spoke are the same.  Seems to me like they are only covering their backs and could care less about consumers.  She would not send me a copy of the application and I know for a fact that my sister had me down for HIPPA purposes.  Terry denied that and stated that they do not have that on the application- really?  I guess my deceased sister is a liar and I saw my name with my own eyes.  Alex Trebek should be ashamed to represent this company and I am sick that I allowed my sister to be taken advantaged of by this bogus company.  I am patiently waiting for a copy of the letter that was sent out to deny the coverage.  I am sure that I will never receive it, just like my sister never had any coverage.  I asked to speak with her boss and of course she stated that he doesn't take calls.  All of this lying and denying for a $10,000 policy by a company who I am sure has millions.  Buyer beware....go for a reputable company if you need life insurance.  Colonial Penn is not it.
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #1073466
Jan 20 2014
02:46 PM
Colonial life and accident insurance Colonial penn cheated us out of my fathers life insurance! Columbia South Carolina
HhThis goes back to 1985 and evertime I see alex kerbeck on that colonial penn commercial it reminds me of what that company did to my father. We worked at the same company and when colonials agent came out and talked to us we signed up for the accident and my dad signed up for life insurance. We were told no physical required and you could not be denied. My dad took out 10,000 dollar life ins. policy and premiums taken out of his pay because of group plan. My dad passed away and I notified colonial immediately and they sent me 1,000 dollars right away to help with some owf the expenses. After funeral I filled out paper work for my dads policy. I received letter from colonial telling me the policy had been denied because the application was not filled out properly and they were sending paid premiums back with the letter. I called and of course no one could help me. If the policy was denied why did it come at the time of his death and not at the time the application was received and why did they send me 1,000 dollars to help with expenses? I just want other people to be aware of this. If you have life insurance thru this company to help your family you wont know if they went thru the same thing I did because you won't be here. Everytime I see Alex kerbeck and that commercial I wonder rhow thos e people at colonial can sleep!
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
30, Report #1374579
May 22 2017
10:56 AM
Colonial Life Insurance Company LIARS AND RIP OFFS Nationwide
 I obtained this insurance through my work on 3/19/16. I was diagnosed with the need for L4-L5, L5-S1 spinal fusion at the end of 2016 and had surgery on 1/31/17. Despite all the appropriate forms being completed by my physicians and HR department, this company has not paid me a dime citing the possibility of a pre-existing condition. All forms have been submitted and they continue to deny that fact. This company lies to get your money and lies so they do not have to pay you. They NEVER disclosed to me that any claim made within 12 months would be investigated. I searched and reread the papers I was given on 3/19/16. There is nothing about the first 12 months. I had to request a copy of my policy from the company. I did not receive it for several weeks. I asked during one of my many customer service calls, Are you telling me if I pushed my surgery out another 6 weeks, no questions would be asked and I would receive my benefits? The answer was Yes. If I didn't have a husband and son who live with me to pay the mortgage, the house would be in forclosure and I would be alone and on the street all thanks to Colonial Life. BEWARE!!!! This company is in the business of taking and making money, and will go to any length to NOT pay benefits due.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #1112356
Jan 02 2014
02:32 PM
Colonial Penn Life Insurance Colonial Penn Life This company deceived me!!! Be aware!!! They don't care!!! New Smyrna Beach Florida
Please be aware of colonial life insurance!! They only want your money!! Never gave me all of the policy Information in the beginning, and when my father passed they blamed him for losing it. But it was never in his possessions  because they only had my address for all the paper work. They deceived us! I signed documents thinking they were giving me all the information but the day a filed a claim thats when they gave me, apparently the right information. When I asked why wasn't I told this in the beginning they just blamed my deceased father, and I was only untitled to a little over $900 on a 12unit policey that I have been paying for. Please be careful!!! They are rip offs!!! My dad decerved better than what they offered!!! at the end of it all, all they can say is well Im sorry you were not told the correct information but thats our policey even though you didnt recieve it and you have our condolences
Entity: New Smyrna Beach, Florida
32, Report #997573
Jan 15 2013
08:36 PM
Colonial Life Term Insurance, failure to inform, misinformation., California
Im disabled for a few years. I have a term life with Colonial. I havent been smoking for 9 years, about two months after I signed the forms when I was still working. I called lately to ask about it and to have myself re-rated. The thing is that since Im disabled they wont reissue the policy under the lower rate, nor will they return monies that I overpaid for 8 years or so while under the smoking rating. It was never mentioned to me by the agent and never does it state anywhere that if I quit, to call them and I would get a lower rating.  To me this smacks of dont ask dont tell.  Maybe I should have inquired but Im too busy working  to give it much thought. They could have sent a memo every couple of years saying something like Stopped Smoking Call and we will redo your policy for lower rates.   This should have been a courtesy that they never mentioned They wont even refund monies for the time that I was working and not smoking. This is where the pull the snooze you loose excuse. If I was due for lower rate during the time I was working then it shouldn't matter that I bring it up now and they use my disability to hold me hostage to current rates or cancel. I wont do business and pay them money to the point where I will have funded about 25 percent of my policy and I could use the money to pay off more of my bills. Screw Em.
Entity:, California
33, Report #1388157
Jul 25 2017
04:45 PM
Colonial Penn life, I work for ford motor company, I pay this company for a short term disability policy in the event I cannot work ,it is a 3 month limit for 2500 a month, New york Nationwide
 I work for Ford motor company , Every month I pay for a short term disability insurance through Colonial Penn life,The limit is 3 months by $2500 a month ,April 3rd I went in for surgery not being able to return to work I feel doubtful of the proper paperwork ,Every week they send a letter Requested more information from myself from my doctor More authorisations and now they want all my medical records ,My doctor did a hand written letter explaining the procedure as well as the reasons why the surgery was necessary they have now requested more paperwork more authorizations this is the end of July I have still not received a dollar , my house MORTGAGE is behind 4 months, they have started foreclosures on my house,I don't know what to do, I have reported this to human resources in my company to wear over 800 people will be looking for a new Carrier,But in the meantime I need this money desperately I counted on it considering I pay the premiums ,As far as I'm concerned they are not a reputable company and this is all a scam they are doing everything they can not to pay me and I am forced to seek an attorney
Entity: Nationwide
34, Report #1293932
Mar 15 2016
08:42 PM
Colonial life insurance Colonial life turned there back on us in our time of need... Stockton California
 A Colonial Life agent came to my mother's work and was selling life insurance , she had a county job at the time. She purchased a policy on my father to take the burden off of me in case of his passing. They were divorced at this time and she explained that to the agent and he assured her that was not a problem. My mother has been paying on a life insurance policy, one on her and one on my father for over 9 years. My father had recently passed late 2015 . We called Colonial Life and informed them my dad had passed. They said the check would be mailed out within a couple of days so we can have him put to rest. We did not receive anything for a couple of weeks. We called to see what was the hold up . They said needed more paper work. We mailed them what they asked. 2 more weeks went by , we called back and they wanted more paper work. So after 6 weeks go by after my father's passing, Colonial Life does not want to pay the claim because the agent put down hus in relation spot. They said the policy should have never been written. They said they will pay back my mothers premiums and the are sorry for the mistake. Even though the policy says they have 2 years to cancel policy and after that it takes effect.It's only a $5000 policy. It's only purpose is to take care of my father's remains. 3 months have gone by and Colonial life has not tried to send back my mothers premiums she had paid over the last 9 years. But in fact are still taking the premiums out for my father's policy which they declined and they know he has passed. Just shows us how Colonial life is only about taking money from people, even after they die continue taking money. My mother is disgusted and devistated about the whole situation. I took care of my fathers cremation as i should . I had to rush to get the money together so my father's body didn't sit at the hospital for 6 weeks while Colonial life decided not to pay the policy. We talked to a lawyer and he said that we are 100% in the right, but due to the size of the policy its not worth it to him to pursue the case. I'm sure Colonial life figures the same, that we will give up and they will keep the premiums and the $5000 . But they are mistaken. It is more about the principal at this point and we will take every available Avenue to get the word out of the horible business practices of a major national company such as Colonial life. We would appreciate any help from any party to help our situation against this company , from a lawsuit for breaking the contract of the policy to putting our story on tv to let people know what that company can do to you in your darkest time. It still brings my mother to tears. ..
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #1281018
Jan 19 2016
02:49 PM
 Upon 1/2/2014, my mom and I contracted Colonialpenn, my mom was in good health with only high blood pressure and thyroid which was on a recorded line. I stated that with the sale representative, I further, asked her if my mom pass away tomorrow will this claim be paid yes she replied. My mom pass on 7/16/2015, I was order to file paper with the court to have my mom medical history records release by the this company, I did. On 1/13/2016, I received a letter denial the claim saying my mom was taking medical for coronary artery disease (amlodipine,atenolol,lisnopril) dates 2/15/2011, 9/06/2012, and 2/14/13 which is the same medication use to treat high blood pressure and thyroid. They said, she had chronic kidney disease stage3, 12/09/13 medical amlodipine, losartan, which is also use to treat high blood pressure . They sent me a check for 365.41 that include $2.35 interest. This was ONLY a 10,000 policy. I'm a single parent of four a son in college and I had to make payment arrangements with half the deposit up front. I was fool by the commercial and mis-lead by the sale represented. I'm seeking and Attoney if you have someone in mind please give my information .
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #1178766
Sep 23 2014
01:37 PM
Colonial Life Refuses to pay claim for disability claim, Columbia South Carolina
This horrible insurance company led me to believe that I will be paid for being out of work under their short term disability insurance.  I missed a couple of weeks of work due to an appedectomy and i thought I would be covered under this insurance that i've been paying on for more than a year.  Now that the time has come for me to file my claim, a representative is telling me that my claim is invalid, because I wasn't out of work long enough.  This is after a previous representative had told me something totally different.  Not to mention the fact that the day I got home from the hospital I called to order claim forms and they were never sent, albeit that forms can be downloaded.  It doesn't take away from the shady work practices, that have no doubt been taught and passed on.  I will no longer continue to do business with this company.  I wanted to get this insurance through A****, but it was not offered through my employer.  I never had to use my A**** insurance for myself but even when my kids were hurt or sick my claims were answered in a timely manner and my money was in the mail.  I only wish i did my due diligence before hand and read the ripoff report before I signed up for this.  I feel bad for people whose claims are a lot greater than my own and was really counting on this fraudulent company.
Entity: Nationwide
37, Report #1010842
Feb 08 2013
09:37 AM
Colonial Life mis-representation of policy Columbia, South Carolina
On July 26th of 2011 I met with Marlean Dozier an agent with Colonial Life out of Columbia SC. I agreed to buy a short term disability policy. During a lengthy discussion about the policy I walked away believing that I had just signed up for a 6 month disability policy. A co worker who also signed up had an issue which put him out of work and he filed a claim and was told his benefits were only for 3 months. After hearing this I looked at my policy and found that after paying for this policy since July of 2011 and thinking all along it was for a 6 month benefit period it is actually only a 3 month policy ! I also learned that you must have an accident to collect this benefit and anything else would have to reviewed by the company to see if it was eligible for benefit. Again I'm feeling deceived, as I was under the impression that if you were out of work with any kind of medical issue you would be able to collect this benefit. l have never had to file a claim with this company and will as I have canceled the policy as of this morning. In addition I have filed a report with the SC Attorney General's Office Dept of Consumer Affairs.  
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
38, Report #1316258
Jul 11 2016
02:21 PM
colonial Penn life insurance 2 checks got loan on policy never received, since May this year. Internet
 May 2016 I applied for loan against both life insurance policies. Penn claimed they mailed them 26 of may. I never received them after several weeks and was told a stop would be put on checks. Here it is July and I learned they put stop on checks July 6 2016. No one can give me answers, each week they claim we are putting a rush on sending new checks out. I call every single week and they keep putting me off or repeat same old lies we are putting a rush on them. I have no checks. I just got off phone and was told her supervisor called me. That was another lie no one from that company have called me. Month of June I was told give them 14 days to redo checks and that's there procedure. I did that and each week told something different or we are sending your claim to proper department to put rush on. They are not allowed to give information on department that write checks. Something is very wrong here and I cannot get truth about anything. This company need audit. Something is very wrong. Most times I speak with representatives I jamacia and can't understand them. Often I have asked them to transfer me american in USA. Alex trebec represents a company that is dishonest.
Entity: Internet
39, Report #466750
Jul 01 2009
09:35 AM
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company does not pay claims South Carolina nationwide
Colonial Life insurance has represented my company since 1991. They sold cancer, sickness, disability, accident and life polices. We have paid over $150,000.00 in premiums. We have filed only 2 claims. One was a employee that received a liver transplant and was out of work over 6 months. The other was a employee that had his bicept detatch from his arm and was out of work 2 months. They never received one penny. They also never received any writtten corespondence from Colonials main office. As a business we have no choice but going to another company to protect our vauable employees and there loved ones. Bill abbeville, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
40, Report #588111
Mar 31 2010
10:06 PM
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company Sneaky, Unreliable, and Deceptive Columbia, South Carolina
Colonial Life Insurance Company gives nothing but bad service and excuses. You claim does not meet the requirements of the policy Would someone define an accident policy? Accidental injury resulting from your own actions or that of another person where an injury results. Well unless you have the current daily definition, your claim is denied. Hospital surgery policy-unless your doctor is not also licensed as an anesthesiologist and on their list your claim is denied.If you file an accident claim, surgery claim, and disability claim on one form be very careful. If the doctor did not indicate your hospitalization/surgery was due to an accident, your accident claim will be denied. If the doctor also administers the anesthesiology as for a colonoscopy or other procedure, claim is have to be filed numerous times. Consumers have to be the squeaky wheel to get service.  Their internet site does not work. We were even provided information on another Colonial Life customer. Sounds like a HIPPA violation.All consumers should turn them in to the Attorney general for their state. A class action suit should be filed on behave of all consumers of Colonial Life Insurance Company. They make a lot of money and provide very little return.A Colonial Life customer has to be persistent, contact their local district office and keep a paper copy.PatCurrently disabled but not brain dead as Colonial wants to believe.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
41, Report #920094
Jul 31 2012
06:23 AM
Colonial Life Insurance Co. Abandoned When I Needed Them Most - My Benefits Did NOT Count Detroit, Michigan
I still cannot believe it.  Colonial Life Insurance Company who took premiums from me since 1994, will not honor a disability claim for severe arthritis in my knees and severe lumbar stenosis.  I was in a terrible car accident in 2009 and was off a year due to pain, physical therapy and mental anquish.  Colonial paid the claim, however, told me if I was to be off any longer, I needed to file for disability.  I went back to work.  Over the course of the last 2 years, I have had to stop working twice due to pain from the accident.  In March 2012, Colonial Representative who came to the high school to service clients and possibly gain new customers, told me my policy was outdated and I needed to change the disability (accident) to also include (sickness).  Well I changed my policy indicating that I may need to be off again for surgery.  The representative assured me that if that happens, Colonial would pay me under the old policy.  In April 2012, I had to be off again.  The pain meds I could not function at work with the pain meds and I was still in a lot of pain.  I signed myself into a hospital to be taken off the meds and since I had a medical bridge to cover me $1000 in the instance of a 24 hour hospital stay, filed a claim.  It was denied saying phychological is not covered.  OK, fine.  Because I was now off the meds, the pain I was experiencing when I left the hospital was staggering.  The doctor sent me for x-rays to the knees because I was having a lot of pain in my left knee.  The diagnosis was severe arthritis in one knee and moderate in the other.  Severe Lumbar Stenosis L4 and L5.  I would be off for a while and determined to go through with the Lumbar surgery.  I am being treated for the arthritis and stenosis by specialist.  The Lumbar surgeon says it is imperative that I have surgery and I am risking paralysis by not doing so.  In walks Colonial Life:  Denies my claim says the knees is pre-existing.  Denies my claim says the accident is pre-existing although they paid a year 2009-2010 when I was off previously.  Denies my claim again after quoting dates the doctor saw me for knees and the doctor faxed information clarifying that the dates in question were not for the knees.  Colonial informs me that my policy is cancelled because the employer stopped making payments when I went out on illness leave.  So the upgraded policy in March that I have had for almost 10 years is CANCELLED????  Where is the letter saying payment was due?  Where is the letter I sent saying I wanted to continue coverage and would pay premiums myself that I received no response to???  This is an outrage!  I am entitled to the $1800 per month disability.  I'm tired and have sent them claim forms, notes from doctor, medical records, etc.  Another insurance company that I have disability insurance for two accounts at the credit union, requested medical records to rule out pre-existing conditions and paid the problem.  Colonial is giving me the run-around because they do not want to pay this claim that I am entitled to.  I feel like I was ripped off, lied to and ridiculed.  There has to be someone who can help me.  I am tired, frustrated and cannot get myself prepared for surgery because I am worried about how the rent, car payment, etc. will be paid.  I paid into this policy to be there when I needed it.  I trusted Colonial to be there when I needed them.  Their moto is Making Benefits Count.  What about mine?  What a callous, mean, underhanded way to treat a 10 year customer. 
Entity: Detroit, Michigan
42, Report #1391227
Aug 11 2017
06:37 AM
colonial penn alex trebek payment will never go up.I started at 45.00 up to 62.00 up to 95,00. this is very misleading ad by trebek and coloniaL penn.want all money from 45.00 to be all payment so far so i should have a refund. I am on a fixed income when I bought colonial penn ,akex trebej, said $45.00 will never go up went to $62.00 now up to $96.00 this as is a lie and I want compensated for it . philadelphia,pa  Pennsylvania Nationwide
I bought colonial penn life insurance 11 years ago from alex trebeks ad on tv. $45.00 a month never to fo up. I am on a fixed income the whole time and my payment has gone up to $62.00 and now to $96.00. Trebek is lying and so is colonial penn, I want compensation for this and my payment to go to $45.00 til death. This has caused a problem paying for medical tests and monthly payments. I would appeciate some compensation, and how to get in touch with Trebek. Thank You
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #844311
Feb 24 2012
07:19 PM
colonial life horrible!! Internet
 I filled a accident claim with colonial life and surprise they said that my premiums were not up to date so they couldnt pay out. this is the second time ive had this issue with colonial previously i had surgery to remove an ovary and they said it was a prexhisting condition which it was not. however i gave them another chance and continued coverage. after hearing that my premiums were  not up to date i phoned my payroll dept and they informed me that all were up to date. i was sooooo angry i canceled my life ins and my accident insurance policies, and of course they canceled the accident claim right away and when i called to ask about my life ins cancellation they said that was a different department that handled that cancellation, bull, they just dont want to pay me back for my premiums or my accident claim, and the phone support is comical, they are idiots! i will be pursuing this matter with the attn general in my state. beware they are crooks!
Entity: , Internet
44, Report #827242
Feb 24 2012
08:47 PM
Colonial Life Insurance Check your Policies! Dublin, Ohio, Internet
Important information if you have a policy on your child.   I feel the need to express to others the fraud that I have experienced after viewing my claim on line due to a recent illness claim I had filed.  To my amazement, my daughter was sill on my accident claim that was taken out in 1995 when she was 15 years old with and ending date when she turned 19 years old.   I was not happy and had to prove that my daughter was not going on 32 years old and they still were taking money from my paycheck for 13 years when she was not even eligible?    With that said, reporting their business/extortion practices within our state and relentless attempts to retrieve my money they took paid off and they returned over $900+ to me with interest and closed the complaint.   When I had complained about them issuing a check for my most recent illness claim in a timely fashion, they all of a sudden brought up nonsense about a policy I upgraded a few years back (when their own agent told me my daughter was not on my policy anymore) yet Colonial insisted my daughter has an extended policy. This is a new policy so beware, I had all the paperwork to back up my claim! They have tried to harass me to explain their reasoning/extortion, I have no desire to speak or listen to them.  As long as they do not take any more money from my paycheck they can keep my daughter on my policy until she is 40,50,60+ years old!    Buyer Beware Tip: Please check your policies periodically if you have grown children that are not eligible as they will never inform you of this scam. It may be just a couple of dollars although over years adds up as you can see!   
Entity: Dublin, Ohio, Internet
45, Report #1035453
Mar 17 2013
10:39 AM
Colonial Life Cancer Insurance Horrible service. Can't get in touch with anyone that will help us. Tried and can't even get a copy of my policy. They keep increasing rates and decreasing benefits without alerting us. Internet
Horrible service. Call customer service and they pass you to a rep in the field that doesn't exist. Tried multiple times. Called Customer Service again and again they were not helpful insisting I deal with a field rep. I explained there were none in my area and they could of cared less. They raise their rates and lower benefits without alerting us. I can't believe we paid them all this money over the years and now they turn their back on us. Maybe it's because we are older now and more likely to need their services that they want us gone and accomplish this by ignoring us.
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #940377
Sep 13 2012
07:13 AM
Bankers Life Colonial Penn / The company was formerly known as Conseco, Inc. and changed its name to CNO Financial Group Weak and ignorant Management, Lies and misdeeds...Churn and burn... Atlanta, Georgia
This operations motto is churn and burn them.  The Management has no interest in what is best for their agents, nor their Clients.. they will switch out policy's just to make more money. They mislead clients with low quality Fixed annuity's. They will deny most claims and often increase their Premiums clients must pay. If the clients don't pay they will charge the cost against the agent. When an agent leaves they reassign and rewrite the policy so they can make more money and still have a charge sent to the former agent.  Stay FAR away form this Boiler Room....
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
47, Report #1275384
Dec 20 2015
11:21 AM
Colonial Penn Life insurance Company. Cancelled But ! Forgotten! Philadelphia Pennsylvania
 In November 2015. My husband and I cancelled our life insurance policies with Colonial Penn. Being we paid on the 3rd if the month. We found another Family Life insurance company. Which was suggested by by our family members. We emailed colonial Penn ( 3)- times in November . And even called many times. Spoke to a couple representatives telling them we are cancelling before our 30- days are over. Needless to say. We sent my husbands policy, a hand written letter as suggested by their respresentives. And I had a policy number. But NO! Policy! Being I was guaranteed acceptance. All I had to do was cancel without no questions ask. But my husband was covered in Term life policy. But the commercial stated if we cancel before our 30- days was up? We would be reimburse our first payment. Which was (49.75) for me. And 40.82 for my husbands policy. But after sending in all the paper work they ask of us. On December 18th 2025. We received a letter from Colonial Penn stating they wanted us to reconsider the cancellation. Almost a month later after we cancelled in November. Look! I am not going to sugar coat this ridiculous action. Colonial Penn had No intentions on returning our money. Regardless if we cancelled on time or not!! Rather if it was in 30- days or Not!! What they did was act like they did not receive our cancelation at all. Put the money towards our cancelled premiums. And still consider us Colonial Penns! Customers! Not!!! At! All. And besides. We do not want to be apart of a company who is playing God!! We don't know when God is going to call us home! And whoever made that policy? I wonder? Do they fear God?? We are all sick un one wat it another. And my husband and I are no different. But one thing for sure. And two things for certain! Colonial Penn of Philadelphia Pa! Need prayer! And need to return our money in the same respect we sent it! No more cancellation notices because they have all the paper work we have. It's sad they have to be such a unfair company. But if keeping this money from us. So be ur. But they will never proper as long as they are treating people like us. I am Disabled. And so is my husband. We will keep them un our prayers. Thank Rip- off report for letting me share this sad. But True, and Honest story. Ms. Gigi B.
Entity: Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
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Oct 18 2012
02:25 PM
Bankers Life CNO - Conseco, Colonial Worst Company I've ever worked for. Atlanta, Georgia
Bankers Life was by far the worst company I've ever worked for.    I've been in the insurance field for over 20 years and Bankers is no more than a boiler room operation with a management team full of lying, no good common criminals.    A common practice that this company does is bury contractual charges  in the contract that you sign with them.. When you leave they will  switch out the clients policy and hit you for a Charge back on commissions that you were paid.  In addition, they will keep charging you for E & O Premiums, and find a way to charge you for the so- called leads that they Provide.   AS a board member of NAIFA, I am embarrassed to have had anything to do with this operation.  I would suggest that anyone who is serious about their career to stay as far away as possible frorm this insurance company.    
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
49, Report #659904
Nov 09 2010
07:13 PM
colonial life & accident insurance company collects premiums but doesn't pay claim columbia, South Carolina
I have been with this company for over five years. Last December I became disabled and went through hell to get the benefits for the 6 month period. The benefits ended last July 2010. This past September I fell and hurt mysef pretty bad. Under Colonial I have both accident & disability coverage. I was out of work for 45 days & filed a claim with Colonial, paying premiums for the coverage. Today they tell me that because I am still out of work for my disability I am not covered, as they put the accident injury under my COPD disability they covered me for from 12/09 to 7/10! This is an accident claim, my claim for COPD disability ended 7/10! Under my accident policy I am covered for disability from the date of injury, yet they tell me that they are placing it under my old disability claim which was a medical, not accident claim! Clearly they are looking at how to not pay this. How can they put this under a claim they closed out back in July? They claim I would have to return to work, pay the premium for 6 months before a new claim could be entered! Are they nuts? I'm fighting this one all the way, any suggestions?  
Entity: columbia, South Carolina
50, Report #424110
Feb 26 2009
01:13 PM
Colonial Life Insurance Company Miss lead you to take your money and don't want to pay out when it comes time Columbia South Carolina
I work in a nursing home and when I started there 5 years ago a man from colonial life can in and offered us insurance it was life, accident , and short term dissabitly. I paid the premuims for all 3 of the above April 2008 I increased my coverage. I got sick in Dec. 2008 I was off work from 11-29-08 until 1-3-09 my coverage was increased to 200.00 a week but they don't pay you for the first 7 days you are off, so that leaves about 3 weeks or more that they should have to pay me for. this has been going on since 11-29-08 and todays date is 2-14-09 I have been waiting for my money today I looked on the computer and they finially have it done they are sending me a check for 26.66. I have been paying them almost 60.00 every 2 weeks since april 2008 and before that it was 50.00 for 4 years my old coverage paid me when sick 100.00 a week and my new coverage was supposed to pay 200.00 a week, they did not have a problem taking money from me but they do not want to pay out. And now this gets even better they want me to pay my prem. I do Not want this. I cannot see paying them a whole lotta of money and you don't get anything back if you need to collect on it Everthing they tell you is lies, they passify you They tell you one thing when they are tring to get you to sign up for this you are treated like a crimmial Mary saginaw, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina

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