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1, Report #349467
Jul 09 2008
10:44 PM
Colorado Technical University Colorado Technical University is not good. Chicago Colorado
As a former employee who left because of my conscience. I can say that I would never recommend anyone to go to this school and I have sleepless nights at the thought of students I have enrolled and are now deeply in debt. The one thing that cannot be argued by anyone who is pro CTU on this website ,who by the way are mostly management personal posing as pleasant students, is the fact that their retention rate from associates to bachelor degrees is atrocious. Its an enormous drop off, most students dont last six months, that didnt happen when I went to college. These poor students are treated great and are cared about by most advisors, but after the enrollment process is complete and everyone stands around and claps that you enrolled another sucker and have a job for another month the student is treated like a pinball by financial aid, student managers and anyone else who can get them to get through that crucial first week and the school can get their money. In theory its a great idea to have online schooling, but sadly the reality is that most students I enrolled were calling rather quickly after school had started at the joke their classes were and a majority of the time instructors were not even showing up to teach the class. Customer Service is talked about non stop at employee meetings, its just never applied because most management personal are young who have obtained their positions by either sleeping with someone higher up or having a few good months of enrollments themselves which somehow translates into them being good management material and thus they have the job. The problem starts at the top. Its a corporate job, but noone has any corporate training. Most advisors telling you to go to school do not even have a degree themselves and are working for a temp agency with a three month probation period where they have to get their numbers to be hired full time. I would guarantee that if you do enroll with an advisor that he or she will not be at the job six months down the road, that speaks volumes. Its either their conscience or a bad month of not getting enrollments and they are gone and a fresh batch of advisors out of training who are pumped up come in and fill the need till they to are burned out. Its a vicious cycle. A student shouldnt have to be pressured into going to college, I wasnt, I simply had the desire and completed my degree. My days as an advisor were calling a student that had shown the slightest interest up to three times a day until they picked up the phone and I could read a script as to how to overcome their objections. They hate the word telemarketing there, but that simply is what it is. I was no different than a guy calling you and trying to sell you seamless gutters. The difference here is that this was a costly education and serious decision in their life. A pressure sale is not the way that should be done. I do apologize to the students that I enrolled over a two year period in Chicago, I often wonder how they are and how deeply in debt my words caused..... Jonathan Sioux City, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Colorado Technical University, Colorado
2, Report #1262470
Apr 18 2016
05:29 PM
Colorado Technical University Online Colorado Technical University (The Paper Mill) Colorado Nationwide
 If you enjoy wasting your money then sign up with Colorado technical mental institution AKA Colorado Technical University, it's absolutely one of the worst school you would ever imagine, not just from education point view, From the financial point view also. The reason I call it the Paper Mill is because they issues degrees to anyone as long as they get paid tuition and they specially thrive of the GI bill recipients. I remember some times 2012 I was speaking with a student who was getting her PHD at CTI, and I had asked her where did she get her AA, BS, MA she had told me that she got them all from CTI online and the she finished all in three years and now she is going for her PHD, she had stated the she never not once had opened CTI books or any books related to CTI, she had goggled the assignment through all her schooling at CTI, now you understand why I call it the paper mill, now a day’s most student's don't care if they learn or not as long as they get that diploma or certificate then they are happy, and CTI knows that that's why they keep milking students out there.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #219837
Nov 09 2006
04:12 PM
Colorado Technical University definate ripoff since Colorado Springs colorado
how about this one I was not eligable for any grants in 2006, so the school took out sally mae loans without my knowledge or permission. I only found out when Sally Mae notified me, congradulating me for taking out loans with them. sending $1600 a month to CTU in Colorado Springs. I jumped down their throat and demanded the money be returned. The school returned all but $50, keeping the account open. I had to jump further down their throat to get the account closed. I am on the GI Bill and don't need the loans. This was just one of many f** ups by this f** up school. Charging lab fees when there are no labs, not having the required number of full time instructors to maintain accredidation. even having a disfunctional student senate that is run by a faculty member spending the fees on golf tourniments. passing failing students to keep them enrolled. I could go on for days. Bottom line, go to a state school, these private schools are a ripoff. Kevin Calhan, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Colorado Springs, District of Columbia
4, Report #263986
Jul 29 2007
12:04 PM
Colorado Technical University Online college Ripoff Colorado Springs Colorado
Colorado Tech is more of a business then a school. What they do is lure you in with what ever promise it would take to get you to go to there school and then once you are a student they act like they don't know what your talking about once you bring up what was promised. My experience was one dramatic episode after another, starting with the constant phone calls pressuring you to attend there school as if they were bill collectors aggressively trying to get you to pay a bill. Once i finally completed all the hoops they had me jump threw to become a student they send you software and your book to begin classes. Once i downloaded the software, that was supposed to make it easier for me to do my class work while at CTU my computer crashed. This all happened about 2 weeks before the April 8, 2007 session. So i called and told them there would be no way i would be able to attend classes due to my computer problems. So my adviser at that time Carrie Johnson ext. 68754 told me that there was a way that i can put a computer into my tuition and get that money before school started and confirmed by calling Financial Aide on three way call so that all three of us, myself, Carrie and the Financial Aide officer Jose ext 68714 were all on the phone at the same time and he also told me to be expecting some additional funding in the amount of $2500 payable in 3 installments the first one being 8 to 12 weeks from the date i fill out the additional request form. In other words i would have to find another computer to do my work on for about 8 weeks until my request for additional funding was seasoned which was not a problem until when i went to log on i was no loner a student and that stopped the proses of my additional request because you must be a student for that 8 to 12 week period. So i called and asked what had happened with my enrollment and i was told that the Financial Aide officer as well as Carrie, my admissions adviser had disciplinary action taken against them for lying to a student and would not go into it anymore and i just assumed that the student was me until i talked to my new admissions adviser D'andre at ext 68687 who gave me the same promise after i explained to him what happened. I enrolled again thinking that they may have dropped me because of the two employee's who lied to another student but what they told me had to be true because here is some one totally different telling me the same thing. I checked all my p's and q's with the additional funding and attended my first class and passed with an A. But starting the next session i went to inquire about my additional funding because, being a single father i cant keep taking off of work early to go to the library to do my work in California my Rent is due every month, and they told me that i didn't fill out the additional request form and that if i did i would only qualify for $42 which first off is not enough for a computer and second was about $2458 shy of what they told me i qualified for in the first place before i was a student. They knew how much there tuition was and they new how the financial aide process worked being that they are financial aide workers. That has me upset because i could have went to another school that could have helped me at that time and been happy in school right now. Instead i am upset because i had to drop my classes and the school is claiming that the student loans that i accumulated while there will get sent back to the lender but i have a letter form salle mae saying other wise. Then i stumble on to this web page and find out that they doing this to more than just me. I have even talked to CTU employees that don't even work form the state were the school is so i ask how they regulate what these TELEMARKETERS tell potential students that find the convenience of a 100% online courses appalling because of there job or children or whatever the case may be. This has cost me time money, and motivation because i currently have an F in my classes now and they folks in administration really don't give a damn!!! There is a hole lot more to this story but i fell that it doesn't matter they got my money and what can i do to get it back. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is now the reason why i would never trust an online school again. AND THE IRONIC THING ABOUT THIS IS WHILE I WAS TYPING THIS COMPLAINT THE COMMERCIAL. FOR CTU CAME ON A TOTAL OF THREE TIMES Peter pomona, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on College Funding
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
5, Report #1057054
Jun 06 2013
04:43 PM
Colorado Technical University Disabled Veteran ripped off Colorado Springs Colorado
As a disabled, U.S. Navy veteran, I am quite upset about this whole process from CTU online.  Had I read all the reviews about this online school, I would never signed up with them.  From one of the reports from your site, I read that one student said that once the Admissions person gets you to sign onto their virtual website that they can officially say a person started classes.  If anyone knows what person can do, who is on disability and cannot afford to hire an attorney about the tactics this school uses to lure people in; please let me know.  After one report I filed online here, the Admissions person contacted me saying that I should not talk to others not associated with the University because it is confusing me.  My family will be highly upset because if this school accesses my bank account in August of this year (2013) for $811 and $811 per month thereafter, I could end up homeless.  All because I wanted to further my education.  If other reports on this site are true, how is it that the Ombudsmen programs and the Attorney General cannot help put a stop to all of this?  No one should be strong-armed into attending any college.  If a student decides to withdrawn, then they should be able to with no strings attached. Anyone attending college does not need the added stress of financial threats hanging over their heads.  The VRAP program that the President of the United States signed for for those of us veterans who were not injured during our military career, needs to have something added to their paperwork that would help stop these colleges from intimidating prospective students.  We served our country Honorably and we need our government to help facilitate how these type of college programs are run. My friends and family suggested some things to do about this situation; but if my story helps someone decide to not sign up for this college, then my suffering will have been worth the fight.  Also, I found out that the credits from this college do not transfer other places; well that is a shame because the current school I am attending has accepted almost all of my other credits from other schools.  I also do not know if the college trolls this site or not; but no one should have to live in fear of who is calling them after they have told the school to withdraw them.  This is not just some random complaint because I have been happy at other schools.  Thanks and God bless everyone who reads it.            
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
6, Report #1341925
Dec 07 2016
12:59 PM
Colorado Technical University /CTU misrepresentation/misleading/fraud Colorado Springs Colorado
Started the Paralegal Science program in November of 2008. Graduated in March of 2010.  Before registration was told what an excellent success this program was having.  Was promised internship placement and help with job placement upon graduation.  NEVER happened. Right after graduation, I frequently called and inquired about internship openings near me and what kind of job placement was available in my area.  I spoke to people that bounced my calls from person to person. One person requested to see my resume so I sent it. Their response was that it needed to be tweeked?  A friend called about 6 months after I graduated and was told that the Paralegal Science program was cancelled/discontinued.  I have loans that I have put into hardship forebarence because I am unable to pay them back.  I have never been able to find a position within the field due to no experience in a law firm or without any intership qualifications. 
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
7, Report #1431098
Feb 25 2018
10:05 AM
Colorado Technical University Promise of Employment after graduation Colorado Springs Colorado
Basically I have been graduated for quiet some time and have had to juggle and worry about loans from this school, and even had credit issues because of them. They had promised me once I finished all my degree studies, and let me tell you they are convincing. So I began while active duty and then finished after retirement from the Navy. They told me I would get employment help, and they would guarantee with their degree programs I would find work in my closed field. To this day and having more than one degree from them I can’t find a job. I had to go back to school and earn a different degree to find stable work. Now I have seen that the school has already been named in a lawsuit. I need some help and direction because plainly I can see they basically put me in debt, and I don’t have anything to show for it. Plus they have denied my transcript request because they say that aside from a mountain of student debt that I also owe them over $3000 not covered by Student loans.
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
8, Report #522588
Nov 11 2009
01:53 PM
Colorado Technical University Online CTU Online CTU is a Rip Off Internet, Colorado
After reading a post on this website by Ying of Bellevue, Washington I wanted to write my horrible experience with this school. I think that CTU has an excellent program and their online campus is easy to use. The length of their terms is great and the work and professors I had were very knowledgeable about what they were teaching. However, the support offices of CTU suck. I attended for 5 months and everything was fine until I had to take a programming class. I was studying system security and i had to take 3 programming classes. After the first week in the class I realized I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing. The instructor wasn't a help and the book didn't go into detail. I figured that I would have to drop the class and do some reading on JAVA programming on the side and then re-enroll in the class at a later date. I called the school to drop the class and see about re-arranging the class order so that I could take the 3 programming classes as my last classes for my degree. the lady I talked with actually sounded shocked at the idea. she said Sir, due to prerequisites, you aren't able to do that. I looked at all 3 of the programming classes and none of them have prerequisites, not even for each other! So since they wouldn't let me do that, I finished the other class I was taking and was going to say See ya to the school. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be the case. Since I sent them an e-mail to drop my course on the first day of week 2 of the class, I wasn't eligible for a refund. I should have sent it during the first week of class to get the refund. So I was stuck paying the bill for the class which was just under $1000. The company I work for pays for my schooling. CTU just send them a bill and I'm not even involved. So because I dropped the class, CTU doesn't include it on the invoice they send my company... meaning I'm supposed to pay it. I get back on the phone with them and tell them to submit the bill for the class to my company and they will pay it and then take a little bit out of each of my paychecks (which is better than paying it all at once). A month goes by and then Susanne starts calling me saying I owe them money. I got pissed the first time and hung up on her. The second time she called, the following week, I tried to explain it to her, but her response was your company won't pay it because you dropped the class. YES THEY WILL, you Idiot. Then they started getting nasty and calling my house at 6am and calling me at work.... after about 3 weeks of it I finally managed to contact the head of the finance department and TOLD him to submit the invoice to my company and see what happens. Well, he did and they got paid. The sheer stupidity of the support staff there astounds me. I received a phone call today from them asking if I wanted to re-enroll with them. Poor Steven, I went off on him. Sorry.
Entity: Internet, Colorado
9, Report #514908
Oct 26 2009
08:48 AM
CTU Online - Colorado Technical University Online lazy Spring, Colorado
I am going to ctu I 've been going there going on four months and I have not gotten a refund yet. I keep getting the run around they say that it is processing all I see that it is sitting in my account they got their part that got that soon as they got it but I have to wait why can any body help me please.
Entity: Spring, Colorado
10, Report #1316794
Jul 13 2016
09:36 PM
Colorado Technical University CTU Online Overcharging for Financial Aid Colorado Springs Colorado
 I have been with this University for 1 year now. I have yet to receive additional funds. They give me the run around when I contact them, leave messages, or email the Financial Aid Department. During enrollment, it was clear that my finance would be enough, after starting school it was totally different. I was put in courses without confirmation, and charged extra for the course. I have notice several misuse activities on my student account and yet I'm still without answers to why. I'm transferring soon. I wouldn't recommend this University to anyone.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #456894
May 30 2009
01:15 PM
Colorado Technical University Interested Colorado Technical University Students Buyer Beware!! Colorado Springs Colorado
If you are interested in attending Colorado Technical University I recommend you exercise extreme caution. Their enrollment agreement contract is worded in such a way that they have two highly misleading clauses. Firstly IF YOU ENROLL AT CTU regardless of if you attend class or not they can BILL YOU and per the arbitration clause although you can dispute the billing in court THEY CAN HOLD OFF FROM RESPONDING INDEFINITELY! This means that if you enroll in CTU you may be billed regardless of attendance, and if you pursue legal action they have up to ten years in most jurisdiction in which to respond. MEANING they may file your account with a collection agency and hold negative credit over your head. Their arbitration agreement is so protective in light of the lawsuits they have been through that it even states that they will not agree to pay punitive or legal fees. CTU is a diploma mill. You get what you pay for and sometimes not even that. Caveat emptor!!!!!! Sean Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
12, Report #394492
Nov 24 2008
12:35 PM
I was attending ctu online for medical coding and billing that is until it came to the medical terminology class... what they were passing of as medical terminology is medical assiting work. I have been in the medical field for many years and i wanted nothing more than to advance my career... big mistake choosing this school. when confronted i confronted them with my problem i got soo many different answers, and was told i could put my classes on hold for a month to give them time to work out the problem, guess what that person lied to me.. thankfully i wasnt that far into the program, i have looked into some other schools at this point and from what i have found you actually get an education from them, not whatever ctu is passing off as an education. i couldnt belive what they actually wanted for assignments not one of them had anything to do with the books they made you buy, just a horrible rip off school. i am so glad i found out before i spent to much money. now its just a waiting game to see how long it will take them to refund my 2000 dollars that i am owed. Gratefulsmiles BRIDGEPORT, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #264901
Aug 02 2007
04:09 PM
Colorado Technical University Don't Sign Enrollment Agreement!! Ripoff Hoffman Estates Internet
Colorado Technical University asks you to sign an enrollment agreement that gives you a 72 hour window to cancel the agreement. Problem is, I have spent 2 days and 2 nights making phone calls, leaving messages, and sending emails trying to get someone(especially my advisor) to cancel my agreement, and am convinced no one will answer my request because they want the 72 hours to pass because they think I will thereby be obligated to pay them for courses I'm not even going to take!! So my advice to others is to stay away from Colorado Technical University!!! John Clinton, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1051297
May 15 2013
09:53 PM
Colorado Technical University Online Stealing Federal Aid calling it education Internet
This school will hound you to sign up. They will be nice and courteos until they convince you that they are right for you. Once you agree they hit you with a $50 application fee they fail to mention until you are already done giving them all your persona;l information.    Once they have you sign contracts they avoid any talk of financial aid. If you inquire like I did their TRUE COLORS come out. They will get furious and imply you are doing something sneaky. But they are the snakes. They will KEEP ALL OF YOUR GRANT AND LOAN MONEY!! and say that your school supplies are taken care of!!! Doubt me? ASK THEM THIS!: DOES THE PRICE OF YOUR TUITION INCLUDE TEXT BOOKS AND MATERIALS???? THIS MEANS THAT THEY SUPPLY ALL THAT YOUR ALLOWED TO SPEND YOUR FINANCIAL AID ON SO WHY SHOULD YOU GET A DIME?? THAT is why they cost $60,000 dollars! They are scamming you and the government you are going to be responsible for paying for these huge LOANS! LOOK AT THEIR GRADUATION SUCCESS ITS ONLY10% !!! STAY AWAY!I called the DEPT of EDU. and sadly what this school does is legal or at least not regulated. so BEWARE of this school and ones like it!
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #1378831
Jun 13 2017
11:33 AM
Colorado technical university CTU ONLINE Ripoff Internet
 I got two degrees from this raggedy school. And i have a job but not because of those degrees. They aren't worth the paper they are printed on. I am so frustrated. I graduated with a Frachelors degree. ( fake bachelor) in February. And they have been calling non stop saying that I owe $10,000. I was like how? They kept all my financial aid including my Pell Grant. So how in the hell? I never received a dividend or refund. I got a ctu card in case I had money coming to me but never received a dime during my bachelor degree. I am pissed. She told me today 06/13/2017 that I have to set up payment arrangements or my account will be sent to collections. Huh? They took every cent of my pell grants. I got over$ 10,000 in those. Then she got rude, she said we are giving you a discount by not adding interest to it. I was like what? Interest? Why would there be interest? And I thought I had 6 months to pay this off. She said no that's for the school loans. I was taken for a fool. The healthcare management course is a joke. The associate degree was so completely easy I graduated with honors. Which doesn't mean anything in Atlanta where I live I absolutely hate this school. I hope an attorney looks over this and realizes this should be closed down.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1056298
Jun 04 2013
11:18 AM
CTU Online - Colorado Technical University ... This is not a university, it is a money making mill! Colorado Springs Colorado
 I am a current student who has wasted 2 years with this school. I am withdrawing at the end of this “session” because the school has gone continually downhill since I began in 2011. I would like to point out that the majority of the “I’m content/happy with the school” reports are from years ago. I wish a few of those who were happy with the school had a chance to go back now and see what has been done because I am confident that they would change their opinions. Instructors: although there have been a few I really enjoyed the majority seem to either be disgruntled employees or just plain hate students. I think someone has already mentioned this but there are also a large number of instructors who can barely speak English. I, myself, have had more than a few instructors who I absolutely could not listen to their lectures live. I had to listen to the recorded version because I would have to listen to sections over and over to try and figure out what is being said. I thought, “Maybe it’s just me?” at first and had a few coworkers and friends listen as well and none of them could understand the first go-round. They all had to listen at least twice through sections to understand a portion of what was being said. Sometimes they want you to be verbose and sometimes they don’t but you don’t know that until they grade you down for it or point out that you could have included more information regardless of the word count. Assignments: You have 2 discussion board postings due the first Wednesday of each term for each class (no matter if you are in one class or two, and classes start on Sunday). Monday is when the first “Individual Paper” is due and is almost always supposed to be between 400 – 600 words (but see my comment above about grading and the word counts). Live chats are usually twice per week (one to cover the discussion board posting and one to cover the individual post), but there have been some classes where the information to be covered in our “Individual Paper’s” isn’t covered until the day the posting is due. Example: It is Monday at 2 p.m. and the instructor holds the live chat for that day but is covering the topics due that very evening (11:59 p.m. Eastern) so you have 10 hours to do the work as long as you were able to attend the live chat at 2 p.m. and as long as you have nothing on your plate but school. Add in kids, a spouse, a job and you’re pretty much not going to get the paper done on time (and if you do manage it is going to be of a very poor quality). They stress APA formatting and even seem to cram it down your throat at the beginning but if you pay any attention at all you will see that there are more students who do not follow the formatting than who do (even in higher level classes) and they are still getting decent grades on these assignments. I have only had one teacher (and that is this session) who is stressing the APA format or get a bad grade. Financial Aid: ha, I don’t know who they are “aiding” because it certainly isn’t the student. They used to be open about disbursement times. You got a statement letter in your documents that showed you the dates of disbursement for the entire year. Now, there is just a total of what you are receiving in financial aid and total of what your tuition for the year is going to cost. They used to say, “We are allowed 14 days from the disbursement date to apply the loans/grants and if there is a leftover amount, disburse the stipend to you.” Now, since they don’t seem to even go by the disbursement date on the FAFSA website you don’t have a clue as to when they are going to disburse everything and don’t even think about calling or emailing financial aid to ask because you will either get (a) the complete runaround or (b) a nasty and rude employee who doesn’t seem to want to lift a finger to even look anything up. This isn’t even an isolated incident with just me. There is a post on “Get Satisfaction” (their official “support site” now) dedicated to the frustrations many, many of the students (all CTUO) are experiencing with financial aid right now (and have been experiencing for months now). One student was told his stipend would be allotted in April and is now being told the end of June before his loans are applied. Tuition: the amount they charge has increased significantly in just the 2 years I have been there. Many students I have had a chance to “talk” to have commented that they are horrified at the increase in tuition rates. Overall Impression: CTUO is too worried about making a buck and not worried enough about the student body. Their motto, “Students First” should be changed to “Stockholders First, Students Somewhere Down at the Bottom!”
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
17, Report #775873
Sep 12 2011
04:47 PM
Colorado Technical University Colorado Technical University Colorado Springs Takes advantage of military members Internet, Internet
This is a warning to all military members and possible students, that are thinking about joining Colorodo Technical University to better themselves educationally. I have been fighting with this school for about six years, the fight is to remove fraudualant charges. I was in the Army and right after serving in a war, I decided to better myself by finishing my degree. I called and a nice person name Morlene Wilson asisted me by enrolling me into this school. This was 2005, the school website never worked, but she made sure that I was logging into the class page from time to time, even though I told her it was not working. She encoruage me to ask the Professor to make up assignments. The class was already underway. I spoke with my chain of command at the time, and they advised me to cease all contact with the school. I have writted the school and the collection agency several times through out the years. The collection agency will inform me that I was not finically responsible. A year later I would recieve a repeated call, with another person stating that I owe CTU money. Point is do not waste your time, the advisors are headhunters. Get you in and even though you tell them you are not interested, they will charge you . Heads up! for everyone in the military or students thinking about attending the school I will continue to fight this till the day I leave this Earth. It will be done!
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #702430
Mar 03 2011
09:51 PM
Colorado Technical University Online Career Education Corporation Colorado Technical University Online For-Profit School, Worthless Degrees Chicago, Illinois
I am currently a professor at Colorado Technical University Online.  The online division is administered by the Career Education Corporation.  I do not plan to continue on with the school and I am deeply sorry that I became involved with them.  I have worked in traditional educational environments for years and I feel compelled to warn potential students about the dangers of online, for-profit educational institutions.  The assignments given to students in this open-enrollment university are not even comparable to the assignments given to my son and niece in public junior high school.  The quality of the majority of students that I have encountered in my tenure here is absolutely abyssmal.  They are being taken advantage of by the for-profit machine.  I am not saying this to be cruel, it is the God's honest truth.  If you cannot meet the admission standards to enter a traditional institution of higher learning, there is no short cut to success.  Please, please investigate your local community colleges and for God's sake, if you are going to take out a student loan, spend that money at a traditional on-ground institution of higher learning.  Don't believe the TV commercials; a degree from a for-profit online university will sink you into a level of debt you never dreamed possible and your degree will not be viewed as equivalent to that of a traditional university or community college.  Tuition at for-profit institutions is very high.  (Hence the for-profit part folks.)  They target individuals who do not qualify to enter traditional educational institutions and who may be vulnerable to slick advertising and high-pressure sales people.  (Oh sorry, I meant to say, admissions counselors.) Now a word to potential employees of online, for-profit universities- don't fill out that application, I am begging you!  I have been in higher learning since the 90's and have three degrees from traditional state universities.  Do you want to feel like a cubicle hack at a corporation?  If so, apply away.  I am called Professor or Doctor at the traditional university for which I work.  I am an instructor and a team member at Colorado Technical University Online.  Myself, and many of my colleagues, took a position there part-time to supplement our incomes a bit.  Most of us came from traditional backgrounds and in speaking with a number of my colleagues over the years, we underestimated the severity of the climate in which we found ourselves.  Let me paint a picture.  Over the years, the professors in my department have been supervised by a string of Quality Assurance corporate types that probably couldn't pull C's in our classes at traditional universities.  Over the past years, I have seen a rise in the number of current and former CTUO graduates hired as employees and instructors.  They treat us like cubicle workers and they are SO poorly educated, God only knows how they were hired, let alone why they are allowed to ride herd over professors.  Here's a little sumpin' sumpin' for you to mull over, potential employees.  My two most recent supervisors had a terrible command of the English language.  My current supervisor says things like, They had did... and What she had make... in department meetings.  This woman, oh my God, is also an English instructor at CTUO.  My previous supervisors were just as poorly educated.  I hope this will serve as a warning to potential students and employees of these institutions.  Just steer clear folks. 
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
19, Report #741977
Jun 17 2011
09:11 AM
colorado technical university career education partners theft embezzlement racketeering thieves colorado springs, Colorado
I have solid proof that this company is stealing money all I had to do was bring up the issue of them stealing my money and sit back and watch them attempt to explain themselves. I have many incriminating documents/emails of ctu explaining first how they sent my grants back,then how I never had one,and finally how I never qualified which a all blatant lies. They are stealing our money folks! Let me give you one of their scams. At the beginning of the year the school takes the students names that qualify for grants and turns them in. The school receives the grants in one lump sum for the student at the start of the year,now here's where thing get funky. The purposely lower your grade or fail you so they don't have to give you the grant which they keep in their pockets. So they use students names to make money and I have very solid proof and I'm guessing they know it because the president of the school contacted me personally. LoL He only said more incriminating to bury ctu even deeper. These folks are thieves but not smart enough to remember their last lie or cover their tracks. I have started an investigation and a classaction will be started soon so if your interested in standing up for your rights get in touch with me @(((REDACTED))) Thanks for reading.  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: colorado springs, Colorado
20, Report #1140027
Apr 18 2014
09:33 PM
Colorado Technical university nice at first, the number's they gave for technical suport were out of servic the program's gave vires Springs Colorado
Knowlege is a gift it is not to be taken from you' with hidden kindness, Ilove to grow I speak for all those that- Colorado Technical university has no remorse, ecatione is power.They have have robebed maney poeple; as if thir eyes were closed.My computer shut down! from the the program's that that the atvisser instructucted me to down load. It was sure that my lab top began to have problum's, the internet view not want to open up' Colorado Technical university quickly stated that my lab top was having problum's and it was not on their part I stayed quite. a day whent by I spoke to the advisser and responded to them that I alway's keep my lab top up to date with repaires, having no vires. I hane a personal technion that keep's my lab top up to date. they want to charg me for classes that I have not even even been able to get in to. I would call the avisser for help no anwer' ring' ring' ring' but at first for inrollment the phone is clear. the responce is good after that they left me confused. when It came time to listen to the professer's they were unaviable they would say oh it's the time zone. Told me the time zone and I made sure I met time scegule, and for of this thay want to charg me $ 4000 dallor's  for  classes i was not able to do. they have alo saide to me we are  going to give you a pro rate we are not going to charge you 36000 since I am a new studendt thier classes are a rip off they called me countless of times. 
Entity: Sping's, Colorado
21, Report #212921
Sep 26 2006
08:10 PM
CTUonline, Colorado Technical University Online ripoff due to undisclosed billing practices about early withdrawl of program Colorado Springs Colorado, Chicago Illinois
I aggressively recruited into a one year program through CTUonline to get my BS for business management. I had completed my A.A. and was assured that my company was a co-education partner and could be enrolled with ease and they were very insistant in obtaining student financing. I was told that there would be no problem if I had a problem and couldn't complete the program with no penalty for withdrawing. I had my own financing due to employee reimbursment so I declined any student loans. I was given a payment schedule and was told it was for each of the classes I was taken. That was fine and I completed half of the required classes and needed to take off a term. I was going to be traveling out of the country and would not be able to access a computer. I finished each of my classes with a B or better and began discussing my needing the next term off with my academic advisor over a period of a couple of months. At no time was there any mention of a continued debt of finishing to a certain period of time. There was a constant change of acedemic advisors over the eight months I was enrolled in the business program. They continued to pressure me into continuing in the program and when I finally made the decision that I would not be able to take the new term they then informed me that I had to withdraw from the program and there would be a charge for the next term whether or not I completed it. Of course my employee reimbursement will not cover any costs of a course I did not complete. I feel this is a form of extortion and unfair billing practices. I was very apprehensive because of all the rip off colleges reported by the media. However, --- endoresed it after they turned me down for ---, Santa Maria CA. and I was reasured that CTU was fully acredited. I specifically wanted to have assurance that if something would come up and I would not be able to continue with the program there would be no adverse consequences and was told there would be no problems. Now they want to sue me for $2350.29. My employer has told me that they are not responsible for this program and it is outsourced to a nonpartisan group. Donita Oceano, CaliforniaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
22, Report #544525
Dec 23 2009
01:32 PM
Colorado Technical University Online - CTUO Took the money and won't transfer credits to another school Colorado Springs Colorado
I took four classes at CTU Online, am now responsible to pay the Department of Education $6334.00, and don't get any credit for these courses that I passed. I took four classes at CTU, but until an Instructor wouldn't answer questions about an assignment, and left the entire class Online for two extra hours due to his poor Internet connection, I withdrew. I was already on the edge of withdrawing because everything had to be in APA format, even the discussion boards. Then I had an Algebra and Programming class where the answers had to be in English Comp format. Can you imagine doing an Algebra class without mathematical expressions? Well, after I withdrew, I got an email stating that I owed them money. I tried to file a grievance with their ombudsman, but that person never answers emails or phone calls! So, I contacted the Department of Higher Education, but they tell me that I have to go through the grievance process first?! Now, this school worked the student aid funds and has me owing $6334.00, and I do NOT get any credit for it. They tell me that transcripts have to go from school to school, and they fail to take responsibility. They made me responsible for $6334.00, but they say I owe them money. How could I owe them any money when they get the money sent to them and I have an EFC of 0? Doesn't make much sense, does it? But the University of Phoenix Online did the same thing! They got $3750.00 for two classes. Someone needs to investigate these Online schools! I've contacted the Department of Education. They told me to contact the Department of Higher Education, but where do you go from here?
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
23, Report #768672
Aug 23 2011
10:08 AM
Colorado Technical University Online CTU Online AIU Online Attempt to collect a nonexistent debt Colorado Springs, Colorado
In 2006 I attended CTU Online, seeking a B.S. in software engineering.  In November of that year I was academically dismissed due to poor progress.  An out-of-pocket tuition debt was incurred by my dismissal, which I paid in full in early 2007.  When I later applied to another university in my hometown, CTU Online released my transcripts to that university. In May of this year I was contacted by a collection agency that identified itself as calling on behalf of CTU Online.  It said it was trying to collect a debt of approximately five thousand dollars that I allegedly owed to CTU.  Not having attended CTU since Fall of 2006, I challenged this debt and retained an attorney at my present school.  The attorney contacted the collection agency with an order to turn over all evidence of the debt that I owed.  The collection agency never replied.  The attorney then recommended that I contact a credit agency such as Trans Union to see if the debt was recorded on my credit report, and I found that it was.  The attorney contacted Trans Union, challenging the debt.  In July I received a letter from Trans Union saying that the claim had been deleted from my credit report. This was the consequence for my having attended CTU Online.  I hope this helps if you are thinking about attending this online college.
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
24, Report #909904
Jul 10 2012
09:49 PM
Colorado Technical University Why is the college not informing students of the correct procedures, and why cant we get our FA, or stipends? Colorado springs, Colorado
I have been attending Colorado Technical Institute Online since 9/2010. I have graduates with my ASHAS and have been very grateful for the educational opportunity.  The last two months, it seems as though financial aid is not operating as a help to the students, only giving excuses why they cannot approve any Financial aid packages. There has been extreme cases of paper shuffling and telling students myself certain papers are needed when the IRS wont even give you specific things, even when traveling to any of their locations.  I had been told to send transcripts, and these were rejected because they said i needed a copy of a 1040x. Well my account had been out on hold, i argued with them about it, and the hold was taken off. Then i was contacted by a woman who was very helpful and told me how to resolve the situation. Financial aid sent me an email that as of 7-15-2012, the only verification they will accept is transcripts from the IRS, but my guess is they will still reject them, if they are not time stamped by the IRS, and signed by the person they belong to. it has been a very hard road, dealing with all the rude people in FA office, and hearing all the stories I have heard from them. I could have already had mine approved, but now since they made me sign a payment agreement, in lieu of staying in till FA was approved, i feel as though the payment agreement i signed wont be deleted like they said it would when all my paper work was turned in.  I till date am still waiting for my file to be taken care of, they have all their papers, and i dont know what to do to get my stipend. I wish they would keep their stories straight, and help the students instead of trying to charge them 800.00 per month, they know we cant afford. Our Financial aid should have been finished, as i started in April, right after graduating in March. This is not right, and i feel they have no business lying about the paperwork we have to have to complete our file. Even the lady from the IRS said I just cant sign anything you want me too, and the 1040x papers have not even been scanned into our systems yet. She told me a stamped signed copy of transcripts is what everyone gets for FA verification. Will somebody please step in and find out why they are keeping our money and lying to us at the same time. I have not done anything to make anybody mad in that office, just stuck up for what is mine. Thank you.
Entity: Colorado springs, Colorado
25, Report #1113062
Jan 05 2014
10:45 AM
Colorado Technical University CTU High pressure sales tactics, sneaky persuasion and flattery,misleading info, should not be accredited, no real tests, Colorado Springs Colorado
Several years ago, I decided to go back to school. I'd attended college, with success, in several degree capacities. I made the mistake of calling CTU. They used high pressure sales tactics to lure me into the school. My financial aid info. was unavailable to them, so they said, until I'd been in school for a while.After a time, I got money back each semester, and ended up oweing over fifteen thousand dollars for school. Every time I wanted to just get a BA degree, they encouraged a BS. When in the BS program, they encouraged a MS. Tuition rates kept going up, according tho the level progam... Classes were a joke. Few students attended, yet group papers were due in evey course. I literally had to write other students' parts of their papers so that I would be able to keep my average up. Speaking of averages, there are no tests that are proctored... I could have been anyone, writing papers, doing homework... I am very dissatisfied, not because I am a bad student, I had a 3.85 plus each semester. I had to pick up other students' slack, and a professor actually told me to whom much is given, much is aexpected... In other words, if I was the only one with enough sense in my group, I had to rewrite everyone else's work and hand it in!The experience with other students and instructors was extremely stressful. I was surprised that many of these students had graduated high school, let alone work as college students. The professors seemed complacent, bored, apethetic. It was very fishy that the educational environment was such!!!All in all, I ended up running out of financial aid money, have no degree, owe serious money for financil aid. All for naught :( I cannot afford to go back to school, owe CTU money, and cannot get a job...
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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