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1, Report #1060783
Jun 20 2013
02:44 PM
Comcast F*** Comcast Internet
These guys are scam artitist. I left the (((REDACTED))) because they refused to rehook my DSL modem they wanted me to sighn up the $100 a month deal internet phone and TV. So I went with comcast thinking it would be better. They advertised Internet + Phone for $64 a month which wasnt bad $30 a month for high speed internet was great. Now they raised their fees the c*** s****** for no apperant reason less than a year bill went to a $100 a month. WTf is this If I wanted to pay 100 a month I would get cable as well. HOw the f*** does this work F*** people over lie and get away with it. Rip offs.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #557677
Jan 20 2010
10:37 PM
comcast scammed me Chicago, Internet
Originally I have Comcast Home Internet. On December 2nd 2009 via Comcast online chat I sign up/switch my account to Comcast High speed 2 go metro plan which is $49.99 with Home internet service and mobile internet service. Before I make the decision to switch to this new plan I specifically asked the online chat agent if my current account is qualify for this high speed 2 go metro plan and I was told yes.When my first bill comes I notice I am being charge $69.99 for my service. Comcast charged me separately for the home internet service and the mobile internet service. Since then I have spend hours talking to Comcast trying to resolve this issue. Per Comcast's request I have faxed in the online transaction log which show/prove that I have sign up for the $49.99 plan. Base on all the data I have showed Comcast, Comcast admitted the online representive did misinformed me. All they can do is say sorry and not willing to change my account.The way Comcast perform their business is misleading and false advertising. Base on the poor service Comcast provide I am unwilling to do any business with them. I have to pay $100 cancellation fee and I have canceled my service with Comcast.STAY AWAY from COMCAST they have ZERO Customer service, when you call they will just make you run in circle.
Entity: Chicago, Internet
3, Report #557591
Jan 20 2010
07:40 PM
COMCAST CABLE, COMCAST DIGITAL PHONE, COMCAST HIGH SPEED INTERNET Comcast Digital Comcast Never Works Correctly!!! Alexandria, Virginia
I have had Comcast for about a year. The picture is often blurry or broken up. The channels often never come in, and there are too many repeats to mention. It is expensive. The basic is $30 per month and the exteneded with HBO blah blah is almost $79 per month!  The problem is the signals are constantly going down and I have to call the CS line to have it fixed. This takes about 45 minutes. I then had the technician over about twice, because blocks of channels did not come in. The billing office only takes off a $1 per day to refund you for the problem. I am thinking of cancelling it soon.
Entity: Alexandria, Virginia
4, Report #75873
Dec 26 2003
08:30 AM
Comcast Comcast, cable pig, Denver Colorado
To start, I loved AT&T Cable/Broadband, for the most part their employees where nice and always tried to help. Comcast bought out the cable and broadband of AT&T here in Denver a year or two ago and ever since then everything has gone down the shitter. My wife and I have ordered digital cable and broadband internet with no major problems, to have the internet broadband installed we had to pay a $50 deposit on the cable modem (KEEP THIS IN MIND). Last month we decided to move to a new city (outside of Denver). We checked to see if Digital Cable and Broadband where available, which they where of course. This is where all hell broke loss. When we called to have our service transfered, we where told that our bill was over $600 and we couldnt transfer it until we paid it. My wife started asking questions to why our bill was over $600 (if she hadnt asked, they didnt plan on telling). Come to found out an NHL Hockey Packaged had been added which put our bill up so high. The service rep for Comcast explained that the ONLY way for this package to be added was for one of to call in, this was due to the cost of the package. My wife looked at me and ask if I ordered it (since I like hockey and she doesnt). I of course responded, NO?! My wife tried to explain that we did not order this package and we wanted it removed. The service rep agreed to remove the package but we would still have to pay for it. My wife, very upset at this point told the service rep a few choice words and hung up the phone. After awhile (so we could both relax) she called back, this time talking to a very nice person. My wife explained the problem to this rep and after waitting on hold for about 20 minutes and talking to a superviser the rep was able to remove the package from our bill and service. Since things where looking better she decided to ask to transfer our service and keep what we had with comcast. We had decided to downgrade our cable packages but keep the broadband internet. The service rep told us she could transfer the cable tv with no problem but we would have to pay a $50 deposit on the broadband modem. My wife explained we had already paid a $50 deposit the first time they came out and we still had that modem. The service rep explained that the $50 deposit we where thinking of went to our installation not our deposit for our modem. She then asked did we put a deposit on the modem in the first place. The service rep never gave us an answer to this question and changed the subject. After trying to get a straight answer from comcast for a few days we gave up and decided to just return the equipment we had. Of course, we had asked comcast if it was ok if we could return their equipment to any comcast storefront, they told us NO it must be this one (one 45mins away from where we lived). In the end, we told comcast to kiss our @ss and returned their equipment to the storefront closest to us. We are now with DishNetwork for cable, we are paying less and their customer service reps are alot better. As for the internet with limited option, had to go with something that I am wishing I had found this website before making the choice to us QWest MSN DSL. Just Tired of the Cable Pig Jason Brighton, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
5, Report #114645
Oct 26 2004
09:19 AM
Comcast Comcast mailer bombardments! Philadelphia PA
U.S. Mail - Being continually bombarded with advertisements from Comcast! Tried calling/mailing to contact this company, to no avail, information to do this is not readily available for Comcast. Only information they give you is to sign up for their service or for their current customer issues. Finally, I found a phone number via the internet (215) 665-1700 or (866) 281-2100). I requested to be taken off of Comcast's mailing list. The girl said she would contact the appropriate dept. (She would not give me the information to write to them). Approximately 3 weeks later I received a letter from the Comcast 'Customer Service Group' - No identifiable name as to whom I might speak and no phone number. My request to have my address taken off their mailing list was answered with this response: They gave the 'DMA' addresses for 'Opting Out' for phone, mail, email and credit bureaus. Did/do they not understand the request I have made? I've been signed up with the DMA for over 1.5 years! This is not what I requested. DAH! What good is it if these companies do not abide by the 'DO NOT Call/Mail or E-mail'! And, what recourse do we (the consumer) have for our request of opting out or be taken off of their mailing lists? They do not have appropriate information for consumers to deal with these issues readily and easily without an Act of Congress. Sandra Culver City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #452194
May 15 2009
10:46 AM
Comcast Comcast Rip-Off Artist Houston Texas
I am being thoroughly ripped-off from Day one by this company. A sales rep in full uniform came to my apartments. Offered a great deal to have all 3 of my bedrooms hooked up. I had to wait due to the fact that I was transferring apartments. If had only knew then what I know now I would have told that little sales rep to go to hell. I waited a month and had the service installed if that's what you want to call it. The tech could not drill any holes in my walls, even though I was in the same apartment complex that the sales rep told me I could. So I have 2 dvrs (seeing as he was one receiver short because the phone rep mesed that up)and a modem sitting in my living room hooked up to absolutley nothing. I am a physically ill woman so I could not lift a tv or our desktop to the livingroom to confirm if the services even worked. The tech wouldn't move anything because he didn't want to be liable for dropping and breaking anything. All the tech could do was confirm my phone worked and left. I don't blame him because he technically did his job. Yet I had equipment sitting on my floor in my livingroom literally collecting dust and not being used. You think that kept Comcast from charging me for it? Even though I called numerous times to inform them to please not charge me for equipment not being physically used. After 3 additional techs I finally was fed up and just requested the service be terminated. Only to be knee-jerked into keeping the service with false promises that a tech could in fact hook up my rooms. I was given misinformation by several phone reps and ofcourse they would tell me one thing and notate another. Leaving out their false promises of credits for my trouble and the fact I asked for the service to be terminated twice by then. I also got a phone rep with surreal nasty attitude as if I owed her the bill personally. Who told me if I didnt pay the bill before the past due date that it would be turned off. Not Suspended, turned off as I wished in the first place. This was 2/20 only to find out it wasn't actually terminated physically due to lack of payment on 3/30. No one asked for equipment or payment, they just turned it off and kept on about their day. Coincedentally I spoke to a phone rep that day who didn't bother to inform it was turned off only that I should return the equipment. She notated I agreed to return the equipment which was lie because I told her due to ailments I could not leave the house or drive. I asked her if the company picked up the equipment and she said We don't do that. Which turned out to be a ploy to continue to charge me for receivers obviously not in use. Then a knock on my door on 5/6 proved her wrong and made her little plot to continue billing me painfully clear. a nice young man showed up to pick up the equipment and to let me know they were still charging me for as if I was using it to that day. I'm not oblivious to the fact that I do owe them something but not 800.00 for a bunch of b.s and lies and false notations on top of that. What sane person would pay that after, 5 technicians, atleast 7 phone reps, 4 supervisors and 1 head supervisor. Whom I aked shouldn't it ring any bells of obvious problems after so many conversations with so many people?? Yet I'm still being ripped-off. I don't find it fair that I am being held liable for their misinformation and that of alleged supervisors who neglected to inform me of the same. Had I known, I would have asked someone to drop their crappy receivers off to them. Yet I have an bill almost $800.00 for a terrible service I have had problems with since Day One. Luckylady houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
7, Report #471569
Jul 20 2009
12:36 PM
Comcast comcast is a joke Houston Texas
This company is a rip off I canceled my service with them a year ago, but I have the main cable box to the neighborhood in my back yard and have a behive that has made a nest in it and I have called comcast 3 times this last week to come out and take care of it and they won't. First of all it is their property and if I was to go out and digg out the box from my back yard I would go to jail for destruction of public property. Dont order comcast ever direct tv is so much better. I refuse to order comcast cable ever again no matter where I move to. I have also told them that I have a 2 year old that I can not even take outside cause of the hive. lost in houston Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
8, Report #405494
Dec 28 2008
11:20 AM
Comcast Misleading practices by Comcast Towson Maryland
I set up an account for my daughter back in 2007 for Cable and Internet Service only, for her first apartment at school. I was told the monthly bill would come to $79.00 plus one time installation of around $40.00 and taxes. Which would be added to her first bill. Since the account was set up in her name and bills sent to her I never saw them. Fast forward a year to late August 2008, and the addition of room mate to share costs. Her new roommate reports that based on her monthly bill of $120.00 ($60 each) she should have a landline included in that monthly fee. So my daughter calls Comcast and asked why am I paying for a (triple play) when I don't even have a landline? When she explained she never had the phone service and requested a refund for a years worth of over payments based on their billing, they offered to give her a phone number and credit her account $20.00 a month for 1 year. So she took the offer. I mailed her a spare phone I had here back in Mid September. By early October her phone no number no longer worked, nor did her cable reception or internet. When she called Comcast and was told someone would come out to fix the problem no one showed up. Admittedly she did have to run downstairs to a laundry room during this time so they may have showed up then, but never left a note saying they were there or tried to reach her by her cell number which was on the contact info. In any event she called yet again and just wanted the bills and the refund for her years worth of overpayments. However once again she was offered a deal, two additional converter boxes free for one year in addition to the initial offer. The phone service was restored immediately and within days the FREE boxes arrived. FINE all was put right and life moved forward. WRONG! Now comes the November bill due December 3rd and not only is the phone still not working but neither is the cable or the internet, all this for a whopping $160 bucks a month! Now I get involved explain the entire thing from day one when service was started by me, and explain what I had contracted for. Initial all I asked for was Cable and Internet only, she was already in a family cell phone plan and I wanted to keep her costs down. I was told during this call by customer service that she was put on a promotional plan and since it was now over after 1 year of service her rates went up. I explained she never had the phone until a little over a month ago and the boxes were just recently installed weeks earlier; there was nothing to justify this huge price increase. I also went into what she was told in earlier calls. Apparently she was now being charged for the additional boxes and the phone services as if she had them all from day one! After spending some time with them they supposedly corrected the bill took off the additional boxes and added the phone credit back bring the bill down to $114.00 a month including taxes. I was told she could just send in that amount with her December bill and the adjustments would show up on the next billing cycle. However I failed to get a credit for the 3 weeks she had no service at all. But I was willing to settle this just so we could all move on with our lives. Now comes December 08 and her bill is here again. Only this time it's a whopping $180.00!!!! NOTHING HAS BEEN CHANGED, in fact it's up almost $30.00 more then the previous bill. It looks as if the unpaid balance from last months bill has rolled over to the new statement and nothing has been credited at all. She is still being charged for the phone and the boxes. So yet again in a conference all with Comcast my daughter and I over the holidays we had to go through this dog and pony show yet again. While the first customer service agent was helpful, he had to transfer me to a higher authority who basically told me I could cancel my service if I was that unhappy with it. I told her I wanted the bill adjusted and they could take the two boxes out, and reduce the bill. They would be happy to do that but it would cost $11.00 for someone to come out and remove the boxes. WHAT THE ***K? Instead we opted to return them to their center, which costs nothing. Lets hope they don't charge her for something else in the mean time. The bill currently is back down to $114.00 per month, however Comcast has managed to rip us off for 11 months worth of service for which we never agreed nor wanted; yet paid for. No phone credit gone, no extra boxes, gone. We shall see what the next bill looks like. I can hardly wait! Comcast customer service at the level I needed for results was rude, ineffective, and condescending and even implied that I was lying to them, by saying Comcast would never provide free services to anyone. Then Comcast should refund the overpayments that were made for over a year. I know they like most places, document all calls in your client history this women swore to me there were no notes made about anything free or any phone calls indicating that all that was ever ordered was the basics! No doubt their sales reps make commission on these packages, which is why my request went from a simple basic request to an actual promotional plan. Is it any wonder there isn't a note somewhere in her client history! What Comcast doesn't know is I too take notes whenever I engage in new services so my notes from June 2007 clearly indicate otherwise. However only their notes and terms are considered valid and any notes their customers may take about conversations with them are irrelevant. After all we're just paying customers right? It's unfortunate that the local cable company has such a monopoly on the market. Comcast's billing practices are horrendous and very unfair to the very people they serve. They don't even put due dates on their bills unless your payment reaches them by the print date of the next bill. So you run the risk of never knowing when the bill is due if your payment gets there after the bills are printed but before their due date. In additional since they do that if your next payment once again crosses in the mail, their system will automatically assess you a late fee since now, according to them, you are 30 days late with your bill. I am familiar with this practice because I travel a lot and don't always have a change to sit down and get bills mailed before the next print date. Comcast is the only company I know of that does not include a due date when this happens. They are also difficult to reach and could care less about their customers. Think first before you get sucked into one of their deals, or assume they are working with you on fixing any problems. Comcast owes my daughter about $40 for the 12-month period she over paid for services she never received ($480.00). I have no doubt neither she nor I will ever see it even if we have proof they owe her. Buyer beware! Genie Lusby, MarylandU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on ComCast
Entity: Towson, Maryland
9, Report #912794
Jul 16 2012
12:23 PM
Comcast Comcast NOT REFUNDING MONEY Woodstock, Georgia
In a phone call to Comcast in March of 2012 regarding an unrelated issue to this claim I was told by the Customer Service Agent that I was being charged for an extra On Demand Box which I did not have.  I only had one On Demand Box included in my package and did not ask for another at any time during my service with Comcast.  I had been charged an additional $9.99/mo since July 2009 until March 2012.  That amounts to about $320.00! During this conversation, I was told that the Customer Service Agent created a ticket number to allow for an investigation to begin to locate this piece of equipment and to be sure I did not have it.  The agent also sent a signal to the equipment which did verify that it was not in my home.  He said I would be contacted in 3-5 weeks. After no phone call was received I called Comcast again on May 21, 2012.  I  spoke with a Customer Service Agent and was told that my ticket number was invalid due to some error on their end.  She then created another ticket number and told me I would be contacted within 24 hours. I was not contacted as promised so I called again a couple of days later at which time I spoke with a Customer Service Agent from India and could not understand her clearly at all and I had a hard time making her understand my issue.  Eventually, she said my ticket number was not updated so she could give me no information. I called back a couple of days later and spoke with a Customer Service Agent in St. Louis (only after I pressed the button to allow a customer service rep to call me to get feedback on my call, however,  I never received this call).  During this conversation, I was told by the very sympathetic CSA that she would DEFINITELY call me back in two days.  Not surprising I never received a call. After researching online, I am finding that I am not the only one with this problem with Comcast.  On July 16, I found the number for the Executive Offices in Philadelphia, PA and placed a call to them.  I spoke with a lady who said I would be contacted by the end of business today (after holding for about 10 minutes). I am awaiting that call as I type but I am not hopeful this will be resolved.  I also sent an email directly to Rick Germano, Senior Vice President of Customer Operations about this issue. Do not use Comcast. They have been the worst service company I have ever had to deal with.
Entity: Woodstock, Georgia
10, Report #292506
Dec 18 2007
10:26 AM
Comcast Comcast cable service Miami Florida
Comcast cable company took over our area in The Falls, Miami 33176 over a year ago and they promise to give us hundreds of free movies on demand and we will have tons of things to watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. First they double billed us for months while they could not figure out how to make the cable here work and then they decided to change us to their channel line up (I could never figure this one out either) so they can start charging us around $34 more each month with less channels. The video on demand doesn't work every other day. So, every other day I am on the phone 2-3 times before someone can simply send us a signal to turn the video on demand back on. I have called Mel Brown at the local Comcast office here in Miami at 305-770-5313 but she is no help despite the promises she made of helping solve our problem. I do not know why but no matter what the problem with our cable we must make an appointment for a service call or they will not try to help us at all. The cable repairmen show up 10% of the time. Every time I have a cable repair appointment I have friends come to my house and sit with me so I can prove that they do not show up. When the cable repairmen do not show up my appointment in the system disappear and I then am told I didn't have one. I call the Corporate office weekly and that has not helped either. They have the same Mel Brown that doesn't help me here call me again and I am back at square one. Beware anyone signing up for is not worth it. Yourinfopro MIAMI, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
11, Report #964254
Nov 03 2012
02:45 PM
comcast Comcast rips off customers Internet
I signed up for the comcast triple play package, which includes TV, voice and internet services, and accidentally found out that I was being billed for the individual services, which was adding about $50/month to my bill. The reason I say accidentally is because comcast doesn't display packages and pricing on their web site if you're using comcast internet. I've talked to several people in comcast about it, including a couple of people who claimed they represented Rick Germano, SVP of Customer Operations, and was told that there was nothing that could be done about not showing customers pricing because that was a marketing decision and nobody could change it, obviously a sleazy business practice. Further, I was told that nothing could be done about the over billing unless I had documented my interactions with comcast. I then went to the comcast customer forums to see if others had the same problem. I got a response from another customer that could have only come from within comcast, so I responded that they were obviously a comcast employee using guerrilla marketing tactics. I assume you are familiar with guerrilla marketing but just in case you're not, it refers to the practice of marketing folks getting on these sites, pretending to be customers, and talking about how great their experience has been with their company/product/service, another sleazy business practice. My post was immediately taken down and I was barred from the thread. 1. Comcast is obviously using sleazy business practices and needs to stop immediately. Since they are apparently coming from the marketing department, David Juliano, EVP of cable marketing for comcast, should be replaced with someone who has the integrity and talent to lead a marketing department to provide good marketing for comcast without resorting to deceit.  2. By law, comcast must keep records of their customer interaction. Instead of accessing those records they use the knowledge that most individual do not keep logs of their phone calls to avoid resolving issues when it is in comcast's favor to do so. I doubt that this is illegal, but it is certainly a deceptive business practice and if comcast is going to use this tactic they should inform customers and prospective customers in writing that comcast will NOT address an issue unless the customer has kept detailed records of their interactions with comcast including date, time, name, and details of a conversation. Also the same disclaimer should be prominently displayed on their web site.  3. CUSTOMER forums should be for CUSTOMERS to exchange information with other CUSTOMERS, not as a playground for administrators and marketing personnel to censor information they don't happen to like and to use as a marketing tool. This is another practice that should be stopped immediately. 
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1197467
Dec 24 2014
10:00 AM
Comcast Comcast X1 Install rip-off Nationwide
I spoke to a Comcast Rep about upgrading to the new X1 system, and was assured that if I switched over, that I would not be charged the 'Technician' fee. I get my bill this month, and it was included in my bill. I called their billing dept and was told that 'no-one' is authorized to offer the Tech fee waiver at Comcast, and that they cannot do anything to take that fee off. Well, how is it that I read about this 'rip-off' in so many forums, and postings - that customers are being told that they will have the Tech fee waived, only to find out that they are being billed for it.  That is classic bait and switch.  How does Comcast get away with this?  
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1044379
Apr 18 2013
02:31 PM
Comcast xfinity by comcast deception memphis, Tennessee
Comcast double billing its customers, my services were installed on03/12/2013 .I received my first bill 04/05/2013 137.02 15 days later I received another bill in the amount of139.17 due on04/20/2013 .The customer service reps told me that I was being billed in advanced for services that I have not yet used. when I requested services no one informed me that Comcast is a pre paid service provider. they only informed me after 30 day money back guarantee was up... the company has deceived me and lied to me on several occasions the services are over priced if anyone is thinking of coming to Comcast from direct tv don't do it. worst mistake I have made in a while, pre paid cable service I see why they have to trick their customers into signing up nut if you trick your customers you won't keep them long...  
Entity: memphis, Tennessee
14, Report #1147585
May 17 2014
05:01 PM
Comcast Comcast Business Service SUCKS DENVER Nationwide
Comcast Business Service sucks - 9 hour outage - 2 missed appointments and their response is simply, I'm sorry.  They promise 2 hrs appointment windows and 4 hour response time - when they can't meet it, they say, we are doing our best.  Asked for a manager and as soon as I said that I was recording the call, they said they did not consent to that and immediately hung up.  Guess they know that they are not providing quality support. Guess their best REALLY sucks.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1135377
Apr 01 2014
11:16 AM
Comcast Bait and Switch with Comcast Chicago Nationwide
I had a very disturbing checkout experience with the New Comcast, I had submitted my order and was ready to checkout when all of the sudden I received a screenpop informing me that I had to complete a session with an analyst to make sure my order was correct (read upsell). So it began: chat id : 71e11235-46f5-4e7b-a1a1-81f684f0e05aProblem : Order InformationDhruv > Hello RYAN, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Dhruv. Please give me one moment to review your information.Dhruv > I see you are interested in adding Comcast services. It's my pleasure to process your order and answer any questions you may have. How are you doing today?RYAN > I think we are good, the change is service is desired, etc - no other services (tv/phone) are desired at this time. TYRYAN > I will await a service tech on Monday, April 7thRYAN > is there anything else we need to cover before ending this chat?Dhruv > Sure, Ryan , no need to worry I will do my best for you.RYAN > ok - please submit the order for Extreme 105 Internet Only service and that will workDhruv > Ryan, I see that you are interested in our Extreme 105 at CHICAGO, IL, 60624, is this correct?RYAN > the address, etc - on the unit is all correct as this account is currentRYAN > you need only approveDhruv > Thank you for confirming.Dhruv > That's a great value! It shouldn't take very long to process this order for you. I'll be asking you just a few questions to make sure you get the best deal.Dhruv > After I complete your order, we will go over all of the charges and the installation process to make sure you don't have any questions.Sound good?RYAN > I understand the charges completelyRYAN > $39.95 installationRYAN > and $89.99 monthly for the promoRYAN > I want no other deal/servicesDhruv > Wonderful!Dhruv > For verification of the account, could you please verify the last 4 digits of the Social Security Number on the account?RYAN > Dhruv > Thank you for providing the social security number.Dhruv > I would like to inform you that as the installation charge you have selected $39.95 is for services install charge, to install the Extreme 105 installation is $50.Dhruv > You have opened a window for Comcast Support and I don't want to miss an opportunity to support you. Are we still connected?RYAN > so $89.95 installation?Dhruv > No installation is $50.RYAN > I'm reading very clearly $39.95 one time charge for extreme 105 and $89.95 monthlyRYAN > so why is it different then what is advertisedDhruv > Package price is $89.99/mo for first 12 months and one time installation is charge is $50 instead of $39.95.RYAN > why?RYAN > why is it different then the price advertisedRYAN > I have an order here that clearly states $39.95 and $89.99RYAN > now you are informing me of some magical changeRYAN > which of course is in your companies favorRYAN > just process the order as advertisedDhruv > I apologize for the same, however, $39.95 installation is for service install To install Extreme 105 the installation is $249.95, however for you it is $50.RYAN > it says right here $39.95RYAN > now you act like your doing me a favor making it $50 from $249? this is like mafiaDhruv > Ryan, Extreme 105 installation is $249.95, and to make it $50 I will raise a ticket for you to our support team.RYAN > if you want to charge $50 then make that reflect what you advertiseRYAN > but don't raise the price then act like it's a favor because your discounting it from another imaginary numberRYAN > what is your first and last nameRYAN > as well as position with teh companyDhruv > Ryan, seriously it is for $249.95 if you don't belive it you call to our toll free number they will also say it is for $249.95.Dhruv > I apologize we don't have rights to provide you the such information, My first name is Dhruv.RYAN > do you have an employee IDRYAN > this is for the FTC complaintRYAN > for deceptive marketingRYAN > I will pay the $50 as I have no choice, however I will make sure to lodge a complaint with the federal trade commissionDhruv > Ryan, If you wish to get a copy of this transcript, you can do so by clicking the Transcript button. You will have the option to print this information.RYAN > you may note to your supervisor that FTC complaint 52569919 has been filedRYAN > please process the order for $50 since I have no choice and consider a position where you don't have to lie/deceive people for a living, might as well be a criminalDhruv > Sure.Dhruv > I have set the install date as per your request on 04/07/2014 between 10A-12P.RYAN > are we completed at this point?Dhruv > Yes, I have added Extreme 105 for $89.99/mo for first 12 months and I will raise a ticket for you to make the install charge for $50.Dhruv > Your satisfaction is my priority. Is there anything else I can assist you with? I am more than glad to help you out further.RYAN > oh wait - so your charing me $250?RYAN > not $50?RYAN > *chargingRYAN > and I have to now rely on a ticket that I have no visibility to to make it $50?Dhruv > No it will $50 not $250.RYAN > okDhruv > Thank you.Dhruv > If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to chat with us (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Comcast also offers great FAQ and Help forums located at to help you solve many issues on your own.Dhruv > Bye! Have a great and fruitful time ahead. Take care.Dhruv > You may now click the END SESSION button to properly close our chat.Dhruv > Analyst has closed chat and left the room
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #1325611
Aug 31 2016
08:11 AM
Comcast comcast complaint philadelphia Pennsylvania
I had comcast for 9 months. Service has went out each and every day .   trying to keep up with my business (  )    17 service technicians have come out and they do nothing... literally nothing.      Buyer beware!
Entity: philadelphia , Pennsylvania
17, Report #1279903
Jan 13 2016
04:15 PM
Comcast Xfinity, Comcast cable Inaccurate billing Houston Nationwide
I have been a Comcast Cable user for years, mainly because they have the areas where I live cornered and ther is no option if I want to have Internet service. My main complaint is their inaccurate billing practices. I have 5 consecutive bills that are not updated, poorly explained and overcharged.Every time I call, when I get through, I receive different information from different people. It never reflects the actual amount due and there should be a law against this. On top of that, when I requested to talk to a native English speaker I was told I would have to go to a physical location because over the phone that is not possible!!!Has anyone else experienced this issue. We are entitled to have accurate and updated information on our bills.
Entity: Nationwide
18, Report #1279192
Jan 10 2016
06:15 AM
Comcast Business Avoid Comcast Business Seattle Washington
Beware.  These people are crooks!  We moved our business to a temporary location for 10 months while we were forced to close because of a large construction project.  As we were moving back and wanting to discontinue our service we were told that we had signed a two year contract and could not cancel.  No amount of talking (to four different people) did any good.  We are still paying.  We threatened to cancel our home service which we have had for over 25 years and we were told Do what you think you need to do.  Apparently there is no connection between Comcast Business and the service we have at home.  We will NEVER have anything to do with Comcast Business again.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1161588
Jul 12 2014
05:11 PM
Comcast Liars in comcast Texas Illinois
 I have chosen comcast xfinity internet for my new home. I couldn't get connected to the internet in 6 days so I called comcast company and told them what was happening. Then they said we will send you a technologist in Saturday July 12 th 2014. I didnt have a work to do so I stayed my home in whole Saturday . But no one come over my house . Then I. called back and asked why didnt any technologist didn't come over my home, they said they apologize that and we will send you the technologist next Friday which is july 18th 2014. I told them I can't wait no longer but they didn't have another schedule for me so I had to accept it. I was thinking of why they are telling different things aren't they one company 
Entity: Select State/Province
20, Report #1160642
Jul 09 2014
06:59 AM
Comcast xfinity Comcast GIFT CARD SCAM Nationwide
I signed up for Comcast service in my home on Oct 4th 2013.   I was promised a $100.00 Comcast gift card after 16 weeks of service.   I did not receive this card after the allotted time.   I called on the following dates; January 16 2014, April 8th 2014, April 28th 2014, May 9th 2014 and each time I was assured that the card had just been reissued and I would receive it in no more than 6 weeks. (ticket # 021987566)   The last time I called I was guaranteed to receive my gift card by the end of June at the latest.  Needless to say, it never came. I am at my wits end to know what to do now.  I get NO SATISFACTION when calling Comcast, just a runaround.  I am forced now to believe that this is a scam. hard to believe a big successful company like Comcast is allowed to get away with this repeatedly. It seems that this is very common that people do not get their promised gift cards from comcast.  this should not be allowed to happen.  
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1240582
Jul 08 2015
03:37 PM
comcast comcast/xfinity phantom billing seaTTLE Nationwide
I paid my internet/cable bill in full (double play) of $139.91.  I received a text the next day saying thank you for your partial payment of $57.00.  I checked with my bank, and the $139.91 had been withdrawn and paid to Comcast.  I then checked the Comcast website, to see if the text was in error.  No, they still want 87.91 to be paid, after receiving 'partial payment'  I called Comcast, spoke to a rep and a supervisior, who spoke english as a second language, and were hard if not impossible to understand completley.  They say? I think that when I ordered double play, I had a bill and my payment was creditied toward that.  I paid a $100. equipment deposit when I ordered the double play.  No where on the current or past bills, does it show a past due amount, and there is no tracking showing that the $87. was paid toward something else,  it is reflected no where on the on line billing.  They can not just take part of a payment, and send it off to lala land, and not show it was paid.   When I first moved back to Seattle, a year ago, after living in Dever for four years, and having an account in good standing in Denver, they made me pay bills for my address in Seattle for other people who had lived at the address and not pay the bill, plus a huge deposit.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1395910
Aug 27 2017
10:34 AM
Comcast Comcast overcharged. chicago Illinois
Comcast says my internet is 20 dollars a month. They keep raising the price each week it went to 65, 84, 160. They are charging me for cable tv and i don't get it. I tod them I want it lowered, but they won't and I told them they are over charging me and I don't have TV just Internet and they don't care and won't help me.
Entity: chicago, Illinois
23, Report #603142
May 13 2010
08:27 PM
Comcast - Comcast Cable Comcast, what a rip off. Internet
I'm not sure if anyone else is having the same problems with Comcast that I am but here are a few of my issues.1. I called and asked comcast to keep my billing address and my service address separate and to not give out my billing address, I have recorded phone calls, e-mails, and live convo's with their reps where they specifically indicate to me that they CANNOT promise that my information is safe in their hands.2. I have an HD receiver that I purchased off craigslist ... and you guys are telling me that you WON'T allow me to use it with my service, instead you are insisting that I rent new equipment. So what you are really trying to tell me is that you are not interested in customer satisfaction, you are only interested in my money. That says quite a lot to me, and it should say a lot to everyone else. (You don't offer the ability to buy HD receivers, or anything, you force people to rent, which is highly against the customer.) But instead, I have this HD receiver that I purchased that I can't do anything with because comcast sucks.3. Why is run by an affiliate? Isn't that like Google being run by Yahoo or some shit? It doesn't make sense.4. Your prices are absurd. I created this report today because comcast, you really do suck. You rip people off, you are incredibly rude to your customers, you steal information and hand it out to whomever asks for it ... I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR MONOPOLY IN COLORADO IS DONE, ... so we the people can get rid of you and go with a company that is actually interested in growing. Wal-Mart didn't make it to the #1 spot by being rude to their customers and ripping people off. Google didn't make it to where it is by being rude to their customers and ripping people off. Comcast, .. you may be the only provider in this area for now ... but rest assured, once you've got a competitor (google, most likely), you will lose most of your customers because all of them hate you.
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #561309
Jan 28 2010
12:49 PM
Comcast Cable Bait & Switch Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I signed a contract six weeks ago (12-11-09) to upgrade from our Basic to the Digital Preferred channel lineup Comcast detailed in an attachment to their November bill. When I called to order the upgrade, I was told by a Comcast sales staffer that a number of the listed channels had been dropped in the intervening weeks, but agreed to the remaining offered channels anyway. Comcast mailed me an undated letter about a week ago claiming that a recent audit of our system shows have been receiving channels that are not compatible with your level of service. The letter reads that I will lose channels 101-607 on February 4, 2010, unless I upgrade for $40 for six months, then $76.94/month thereafter, which is a complete violation of the channel lineup they offered and the rate I agreed to pay in our agreement 12-11-09. I called to complain, and a Comcast Retention Dept. supervisor named Gloria informed me that Comcast had no choice but to send me this letter requiring this abrupt change in terms because the Federal Communications Commission controls the channels Comcast offers and therefore there is nothing they can do. She explained that FCC has changed their boundaries and therefore I am unable to get the 60 channels that were agreed to from my previous conversation with Comcast sales staffer Margo on 12-9-2009. Gloria said that I have to agree to the escalated charges in the letter or drop down to the service I had prior to 12-11-09.  The claim that the FCC sets prices and content for a cable operators customers is so ridiculous that it doesnt even pass the straight-face test, so I filed complaints with both the FCC and Federal Trade Commission.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
25, Report #1045328
Apr 22 2013
05:09 PM
Comcast Comcast comcast, rip off, redmond, Internet
Basically a crap firm. Lie Lie Lie and then takes weeks to get out to your home.
Entity: redmond, Internet

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